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I am a student of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Univerity and on a journey to become debt free. By budgeting monthly and tracking my expenses I’m learning how to become debt free and live life by cash. Budgeting for beginners is mostly what you’ll find in this video so please watch and sign up to budget with me and complete a zero-based budget with me next month.

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My Debt Story: How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt Part 1

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First Budget on My Debt Free Journey


Disclaimer: Honesty is awesome, so I share numbers and dollars in this post. I trust you’ll honor my honesty. Just so we’re clear, everything written here is based on my personal experiences + opinions. Not everything I say here will work for you, but I have faith that you’ll take the information presented and apply some of it to your own finances in a new and creative way.
my channel my name is Stacy flowers and I am a student of Dave's Ramsey's Financial Peace University in on a journeys have become a hundred percent debt-free my starting debt is two hundred and eight thousand four hundred and fifty three dollars and twenty seven cents I currently work part time earning anywhere between eight hundred and one thousand dollars and I am on baby step number one to save five hundred dollars in today's video I'm going to be going over a detailed a budget check in for my February 2018 budget so if you are interested in that please keep watching so the first thing that I want to do is pull up a calculator so that we can have that for our numbers and then I want to talk a little bit about the things that have impacted my budget so far so the number one thing that's having the biggest impact on my budget is income and so I started a journal entry page here and I just want to jot down my income to date so as mentioned in the original budget video my first paycheck plus some money that I'm counting as income was six hundred and eighty nine dollars and let's get that change I believe 86 cents yes in 86 cents on the 7th of February I also received a payment from my youtube channel for three hundred and twenty seven dollars and twenty one cents and then on the 8th of February I also received a generous donation of $100 and I received that donation from DME brown on YouTube and I just wanted to publicly thank you for that very generous donation his or her comment was hi Stacy I enjoy your budgeting videos very much can you list your PayPal me link in the description below your video for anyone who would like to contribute to your financial freedom journey you're such a positive attitude to your current financial situation I would like to help with the small boost and I just want to say thank you thank you thank you I appreciate that I appreciate you supporting my work I appreciate you watching my videos I appreciate you commenting and then also to the community that helped me to earn three hundred and twenty seven dollars and 21 cents it was all of you all collectively that made that happen so I deeply deeply appreciate that because it certainly has helped because I am on the 15th of this month and my turtle earnings so far for February six eighty nine point eighty six plus three twenty seven point twenty one plus one hundred is 111 one thousand sees me one hundred one thousand one hundred and seventeen dollars and seven cents so that is the amount of income that I am working with so far and we still have fifteen days left in this month so I'm super excited about where the month of February is going so now what I want to do is go down my budget and show you exactly what I've paid so far and where these dollars and cents have been going based on my original budget that I did at the beginning of the month and I will link that video so you can see my tides were eighty dollars based on my take-home pay for my part-time job this number will increase because I would like I am going to pay tithes off of the three 2721 earnings and when I paid tithes off that that will be an additional $32 but neither of these payments have come out yet because of the place where I allocated my tide payment the big expense that has come out for the month of February so far has been the five hundred and twenty five dollars for my rent I've also paid the thirty five dollars and 82 cents for my phone bill and I paid the hundred dollars towards my CTA Pass I have also paid the my groceries which I had a budget of $35 and I want to see how much I actually spent for my food budget and the pages that you see me flipping through those are my allocated spending pages but the reason why I'm looking at my cash flow is because it has a budgeted amount and a spent amount and I wanted to write it on this page so 3511 I've spent of my grocery budget which means I'm 11 cents over my grocery budget but still doing pretty good I'm pretty I'm pretty proud of that number based on my original cash flow plan I've paid my rent I paid my cell phone bill I paid transportation and I paid a little bit of groceries and so now I want to get into where I anticipate spending the 320 or how I plan on spending the 327 that I've earned from google adsense and the hundred dollar donation so if you're looking at my allocated spending page you can see that in my next pay period that's when I intend to pay my tithes and I just in this third category I created a category for the payment of 327 21 and so what I have coming out initially is the thirty two dollars and seventy cents and the missed payment here there's not a line for taxes but I wanted to make sure that I paid my taxes on the income that I have coming in because I will be taxed and taxes are currently passed new taxes are currently in my debt snowball so I don't want to fall behind and my 2018 taxes Oh after I take out my tithe and after I take out my 30% tax what I have left over to spend is one hundred and ninety six dollars and fourteen cents and today I'm actually going to make that payment onto my rent because if you remember in my previous budget video I learned that I am NOT current on my rent I'm actually always paying my rent during the month that I'm renting and that is the concept of being current and I want to be current so one of my primary goals was to do that and with this extra 196 14 plus the money that I anticipate putting when I get paid tomorrow on to my rant I will be much closer to my goal so let's see actually a little number so 525 minus 225 minus 196 14 that would mean that I'm a hundred dollars and 686 cents away from my total rent payment and I'm very excited about that because that I mean that really just allows me to be able to get in front of and as comment or survivor fan 30 to get out of the red so I anticipate putting the entire 196 14 towards my rent payment the hundred dollars generous donation that I received from the M Brown the way that that is allocated is I don't have anything for that hundred dollars coming out and my knee-jerk reaction was to just put that hundred dollars towards my rent and then I would only be six dollars and 86 cents over but the reality of my situation was that so that money was automatically paid through my paypal account and what I didn't know is that I had expenses coming through my PayPal account because again I'm trying to one I'm trying to have all my expenses come from one place so I'm very clear on how much money is going out but two I just didn't realize the expenses that I have so almost as soon as that money hit my PayPal account payments were going out that I was just not expecting so I'm gonna clear that up this month and that's another reason why I'm doing the budget check-in because I really now won't be overwhelmed at the end of the month trying to shift payments around to a card and blah blah blah I'll be able to put it exactly where it is so what actually came out of the hundred dollars that I received as a donation so far is fifteen dollars automatically was withdrawn for my paypal bill and I'm just going to check to see if I didn't know that I was on automatic debit there because I always call in to make the payment but maybe it's automatic maybe it's set up automatic debit if I have a balance in my PayPal account I don't know but I'm gonna follow up with that my podcasting fee was something that I forgot to consider in my earnest to get out of the red in February when I was talking about my budget so that fifteen dollars definitely came out and it's interesting because survivor fan 32 was watching the video and she was the one who pointed out that I forgot that particular payment and then two other expenses that really blew me away were and and well one didn't blow me away because survivor fan pointed it out she pointed out that I forgot to include my son's podcasting are not podcasting my son's iTunes subscription so that 1096 came out but I noticed that another 1096 came out and I was like livid because I'm like I don't if I didn't have this money what were you guys gonna do and the truth of the matter is is I realize is that when the money is not in my PayPal account these items just get declined and I think in I think I was mistaken these subscriptions for being off because the payments just weren't going through so I definitely thought that there was only one subscription for the iTunes but clearly there was too so I am I tried to dispute this charge but if I couldn't Apple was like not having it and they were like we can do this for next month so I was like all right fine so next month that will be taken off so unfortunately of the hundred are fortunately because I'm grateful but of the hundred dollars that was donated 15 – 15 – 10 69 oops $100 – 15 – 15 – ten point sixty nine – ten point 69 there's 48 dollars and sixty two cents leftover of which I'm going to put towards my rent and and it so yeah so that's that's where the budget is right now so that 48 60 – I'm going to put towards my rent leaving my overall leftover rent that I need to cover as 57 dollars and 38 cents so I wanted to do a budget check-in because I want you guys to be able to sooner see the difference between what I'm planning and how things are actually happening but I also want you guys to be able to see how I'm able to reconcile things and when I say reconcile I mean that like I'm still struggling a little bit with forgetting things that are coming out and my earnest to get things right I'm still of the mind that certain subscriptions are cut off when they are clearly active and so just different things like that but it is definitely getting better and it is getting better with your help in this community both monetarily because the Umbra was very generous but also just from a community perspective of commenting and watching and so I just want to say I deeply appreciate your support I am well on my way I am less than 50 dollars away from getting out of the red and I am super excited and super just humbled by the support and I'm just I'm just so grateful that you guys are supporting this journey and I hope that while you are watching this that you are beginning to transform your financial blueprint so that when it comes that time it'll be more than just one of us screaming I'm debt free so yeah that is it my midweek check-in if you have any questions please ask them down below I will do my budget report card on about February 27th February 28th and that's where you will get all the final numbers to see exactly where every dime went so thank you so much for watching I look forward to talking to you very soon [Applause]

Budgeting Basics!

**Budgeting Basics!**



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You can check out Say It Loud at

You can take a cue from George Washington by becoming commander in chief of your finances. What budgeting strategies have worked for you?

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Do you ever feel stressed about money? Unless you’re a prince or a preschooler,
you probably said yes. For a lot of people, it always feels like
there’s not quite enough to go around. You’re constantly having to make tough decisions
about what you can forego, and it never feels like you’re really in control of your finances. Well, when you need a bit of inspiration,
look no further than the front of a one dollar bill. I’m talking about this guy: George Washington. Besides being the first president of the United
States, General George Washington was the commander of the rag-tag Continental Army during the
Revolutionary War. He must’ve felt like he never had enough
soldiers to go around, but by making a plan, he was able to lead that army to victory over
the greatest fighting force in the world. You can take a cue from George by becoming commander-in-chief of your finances. Each one of these is a soldier in your army,
and your battle plan is a budget. I know, the word “budget” makes most people
want to go AWOL. In fact, according to a 2016 Gallup poll,
only 32% of couples keep a written budget of any kind. But if you were a soldier, would you want
to follow a general who was making it up as he went along? A lot of people tend to think of budgeting
as prediction–estimating what you’ll make in future months and how you’ll want to
spend it. But the most effective budgets work exclusively
with present dollars. After all, you can’t give orders to soldiers
that don’t exist! So the size of your army is only how much
money you currently have in your bank accounts. And as general, your role is to give every
last one of those soldiers a job to do. So, if you have a total of $10,000 across
all of your accounts, you need to decide how much of that you’re going to spend this
month, and how much you’re going to set aside for savings. Before we can decide how much we want to spend,
we need to know how much we’re spending now. Print out your last 3 months of bank statements,
and put each expense into one of 5 categories: Essentials. These are the things you can’t do without. Rent, utilities, groceries, gas, car payments,
health insurance. Anything you need to live or do your job effectively. Security. These are expenses that increase your financial
stability, like building emergency funds or paying off debts. Don’t double count credit cards in this
category though! If you use a card to buy groceries, that expense
should go in “Essentials”. Goals. This is money you set aside to achieve big
life goals, like saving up to buy a house, starting your own business, or taking a special
vacation. Lifestyle. These are expenses that help you navigate
your social world. Personal grooming and apparel, gifts for friends
and family, gym memberships, even pet needs can go in here. Discretionary. This category is all about treating yourself. Going out to dinner, renting a movie, buying
a video game, or getting a massage. Everyone has their own priorities, but think
of this as a good battle plan template, with the most urgent needs at the top, and the
more flexible ones towards the bottom. Now that you know how much you generally spend
on these categories, you can start assigning your soldiers to next month’s duties. Unless you’re living paycheck to paycheck,
you probably have some money left over–but don’t let those soldiers just sit around! Decide what you’re saving them for. Is it an emergency fund or a Hawaiian vacation? Savings that have explicit purposes are a
lot harder to steal from. Congratulations! You’ve made your first month’s budget
Now how do you make it stick? Number one. Write it down. You can use a spreadsheet, an app, or good
old pencil and paper, but no general ever won a war by keeping all their strategy up here. Number two. Update it. Conditions on the ground will change, so restrategize
at the beginning of every month–and you’ll have new soldiers to deploy in next month’s
battles. Number three. Use advanced technology. Thanks to the dozens of budgeting apps you
can download for your phone, no one has to keep a checkbook longhand anymore. This can be especially helpful for discretionary
spending: now you can know right away whether you can afford that Weird Al album on vinyl. So how you do know you’re budgeting correctly? Well, the most obvious answer is that you’re
less stressed. Imagine enjoying a dinner out without worrying
about whether or not you can afford it. Imagine not holding your breath every time
you check your account balance. You’d be amazed how much you can improve
your mood just by introducing more clarity and control into your finances. Like a lot of good financial habits, the point
of budgeting isn’t to have more money… it’s to be happier with the money you have. And that’s our two cents! We want to tell you about the new PBS Digital Studios series: Say It Loud. A celebration of Black History and culture and it's impact on how we live today. Hosts Evelyn From The Internets and Azie Dungey, give you a comedic take on identity and pop culture. From Black pride movements to Black Twitter shenanigans Check out "Say It Loud" in the link in the description below.

How to save money new mindset and habits

**How to save money new mindset and habits**



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Follow these six tips to learn how to save money. Start by creating a monthly budget with my free workbook A new mindset and habits are necessary to be successful.




hi everyone welcome to my channel my name is Jasmine Thomas I'm a financial coach and my goal is to help you organize your finances save money and pay off your debt that's one of my biggest dreams to become myself a hundred percent debt free and I want to help you do just that in this video I am going to share with you mindsets and habits that you need to change in order to save money if you find yourself running out of money every single month wondering where all your money is going and you're trying to save money take a pause because it's not going to work as long as you don't change things that you have here and here I'm talking about mindsets and habits so in this video I'm going to share with you some tips that will help you take steps towards saving money tip number one you must be intentional with your money and your savings a lot of us say well I'm gonna save whatever money is left at the end of the month if that's you which that used to be me believe me you're never gonna have any money left at the end of the month because we are not being intentional we have the money coming in we pay the bills we go out buy groceries go out to eat go watch a movie and before you know it your money is gone if you really want to save money you need to make the mental shift of stop just spending you need to be intentional you need to understand how much money does it really take you to leave on every single month and how much money you're actually bringing in this takes me to my second tip which is getting on a budget did you know that only about 1 out of 3 people leave on a budget yeah so most of us are not really factoring in the expenses that we have month to month and like I say we just get paid and we just spend it if you do not have a budget believe me as a financial coach I have to tell you that is foundational that's the first thing that you need to take care of today to be able to save money to be able to organize your expenses to reduce your expenses to really know where the money is going and I have good news for you because if you do not know how to do a budget you can check the description box in this video because I have created an article and a downloadable budget pad that's a tool that I created for my financial coaching clients to help them organize their income organizer expenses and really understand how much they need to live off and how much money is left that they can use to save and invest so if you are not budgeting please check the link in the description box because you can download my free tool it's for you to you see it print it out and make sure you're doing a budget every single month of the year on paper and on purpose if later on you want to use an app or maybe Excel to do your budgets that's fine but make sure that for at least six months you get used to doing it on paper because I'm gonna say something when you write down how many times you went to the store and how much money you spent at the store every single month it's gonna make you go crazy and that exercise of really writing down your expenses is what you need to understand where your money is going tip number three to be able to save money this is huge it is to get used to live below your means there are people that I have coach that make a lot of money guys and buy a lot of money I'm talking about over fifteen thousand twenty thousand or even twenty five thousand dollars per month twenty-five thousand dollars of income per month but guess what they don't have any money they are broke they have no money in savings they live paycheck to paycheck and in fact they have a lot of debt on their credit cards so that means that you have used to live on a lifestyle that's well above your means and for you if you are one of those high earning individuals that's used to spending a lot of money and because you make a lot of money you think this lifestyle is going to be sustainable I have bad news for you it's not you are one change in your finances away from a huge crisis so imagine that tomorrow you get laid off you have no savings we have a huge mortgage payment you have credit card bills you have car loans etc you have these huge lifestyle that you live because you make a lot of money but you do spend a lot of money too so in your case my advice today is get on a budget and start trying to figure out where you can cut down expenses if you're married this is going to require a huge conversation with your spouse because you both are used to living a lifestyle that's really not sustainable and believe me when I say this if you make the decision today to stop living paycheck to paycheck even though you make a lot of money you're gonna be really happy tomorrow because the money that you save with the changes and the lifestyle changes that you make today you will be able to use it to get out of that to say for your retirement to say for your kids college education it's going to be able to bring peace to your life instead of a nice lifestyle that's a hundred percent depending on your job to maintain now tip number four if you want to save money you may have the opposite problem you may tell me you know what I just simply don't make enough money and that could be the case it would be really hard for me to ask someone who doesn't make a lot of money to cut down expenses in that case what we have is not Ana spending problem like we have with the high earners that live paycheck to paycheck but we have an income problem you simply don't make enough money to maintain just a decent and normal lifestyle in your case I'm gonna ask you to be open-minded what's that going to require maybe asking your boss for a race maybe you can get a promotion maybe you've gotten so good at what you do that you're able and eligible to get a different job in the same company if that's not an option for you then we need to get creative perhaps it's time for you to move on and to look for a better paying job maybe you know a skill that you can you know a service that you can provide for others and charge them and then you start a side hustle or a side business maybe you can sell stuff whatever you can do to be able to generate an extra income that's what's gonna help you be able to save money as long as you're on a really tight income it's going to be really difficult to get any traction in your case now tip number five to be able to save money that is one of my most favorite things in life getting out of debt I know guys I know you like your cars and you like your vacations and you believe that credit cards are the way of getting prices and miles and perks and whatnot but I'm here to tell you the more money you spend every single month on payments the less money you will have to grow your wealth so if you really are committed to saving money perhaps today right now watching this video is the time to consider selling your car so let me tell you the amount that people are spending in 2019 on a car payment the average is about $500 so let's just use that example and consider the possibility of not having a car payment just say for the sake of this example that you have a $500 car payment and today you're like I have no money these car payments killing me I want to save money why would I do every single month with an extra $500 I mean that's a huge question what would you do if you had an extra $500 I mean I can think of many things but the point today is to save money okay so consider the crazy idea that you decide that you are going to sell your car and you're going to get into a really low cost car that you're gonna pay cash for I am talking about a 500 to $1,000 $2,000 car okay you're going to drive this car that's paid for so you don't have a car payment and the $500 that you were spending every single month for the rest of life an eternity because most people that have a car payment keep the car payment ongoing because they buy a new one and then they upgrade it and then they have a family and they need an SUV and so their entire lives they have car payments but imagine we decided we're not going to have a car payment you are going to say five hundred dollars every single month okay after a year you have six thousand dollars in savings six thousand dollars I mean we you went from not having any money in savings so now you have six thousand dollars in savings now if your car the $1,000 $500 car is really driving your you crazy now you have six thousand dollars of which you can use to buy a car a better car for cash and say you go ahead and you buy yourself a four or five thousand dollar car you keep driving this car for another year you have now saved another six thousand dollars you can use that car and extra money that you have now in savings and upgrade your car and you can continue doing this year after year until you buy the car that you dream of but it's paid for always all along you only used car you used cash to pay for your car so that's just one example maybe there's other things in your life that you are financing that are killing you and perhaps today it's the time to start thinking what if I solve that boat do I really need a horse I don't know I know people that have livestock that have horses and other kinds of fancy and expense save pets and their living paycheck-to-paycheck and mainly for them it's time to consider getting rid of those things that are keeping you in debt so that you can have some margin in your budget to save money and finally tip number six to start saving some money that is to make savings a habit like I said at the beginning if you're saving of what's left at the end of the month bad news you won't have any money to save because since we're not being intentional with the money the money just disappears believe me I know you've been through it I've been through it everyone but if you make it a habit you're going to make sure you're building up some savings and even better if you oughta Mize your habit I know maybe it doesn't make sense but you can autumn eyes your savings so my recommendation which is what we do we have a savings account that's attached to our checking account and check with your bank because we don't get charged any extra for this service and every single month at the beginning of the month we make an automatic transfer to savings from checking to savings every single month so I know that my budget is already considering that I don't have that much money in the budget because guess what it's gone it's gone it's not being spent it's put away very safe in savings you can try doing something like that automating your savings so at the end of the month you make sure you already saved it and not waiting on leftover money to be able to build up your savings so what do you think about these six mindset changes and habits that you really need to adapt to be able to start saving money this is something you need to do before you even consider putting the money aside because if you don't get into these habits if you don't believe that you need to cut down your expenses that perhaps you need to get a better paying job that you need to start budgeting that you need to be intentional with your money if you don't really embrace those good habits and mindset changes it's going to be really hard to build up any savings so if you are willing to do as many of those the more you do the more money you're gonna be able to save thank you guys so much for watching this video as always if you have any questions on how to improve your financial wellness you can drop them in the comments down below also don't forget that and this is something good for you to know every time I publish a video I know I share a lot of information and you might be driving or walking the dog or maybe you're doing the dishes or you're getting ready to go to work that's all the times that I'm also listening and watching videos on YouTube and so it's good for you to know that if you wanted to take notes or if you wanted to review the tips that I'm sharing with you you can always go to the description box and click on the link to read this article on my blog all my videos always have a blog article attached to them because I want to make sure that I provide the content in a written form where you can easily go back and scan and get the information that you need instead of watching the video all over which is fine if you want to do that and one more thing before I say goodbye if you want to connect with people who believe that living debt-free is a better way of living make sure you check my facebook community to ask to join the link is in the description box because I want to be able to provide more support for you guys it's really hard to pursue a debt-free lifestyle when everyone around you tells you that that's impossible that you need credit cards to survive and that you should keep your car loans it's hard I've been there that's why I created a new group where you can ask to be part of it where you can be around people who believe that becoming debt-free is for a better way of living thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications because on my next video I am going to tell you about the things that you must do to be able to take control of your finances see you later you

Meet Jordan Page from FunCheapOrFree.com!

**Meet Jordan Page from FunCheapOrFree.com!**



View Time:1:51Minutes



Jordan Page is a blogger, family finance and frugal living expert, entrepreneur, and mom of 6 kids 8 and under. Her simple, effective, and FUN budgeting and frugal living techniques have helped hundreds of thousands of families all over the globe completely revamp their finances, get out of debt, stop fighting about money, and find room in their budgets for the fun things in life. Her wildly popular budgeting program can be found at (use the code YOUTUBE for 10% off).
She is a Utah transplant, wife to Bubba, kitchen dance party enthusiast, and lover of anything sparkly. See more at FunCheapOrFree.com.

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About me:
I’m a blogger at I have 5 kids 6 and under, live in Utah, and love talking about lifestyle, frugal living, and parenting! What would you like me to do a video on next? Leave a comment in my video and let me know!


Blog: www.FunCheapOrFree.com
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meet the so called queen of frugal hi I'm Jordan page I'm the mother of four and I'm an everyday finance and civil living expert and one hundred and twenty five dollars is much easier to track than five hundred dollars over 30 or 31 days so we started making popsicles basically we would take an ice mold or even just his bowl it went delicious make a mess in the process looking he's freaking out already so if you just frame your shopping your grocery shopping around the deals on the front page and the back page you can save half on your groceries just by doing that alone my favorite lipstick was a dollar at the dollar store so guess what combination of the two killer deal walk through your house and find something you can sell my husband sold his old calculator from high school for $50 on I'm serious fifty bucks there's always something you can sell it's a yard sale okay you're not like negotiating for a house it's a yard sale so but they who's baking pies my hands on it okay do you have the clarinet that you're not made you play back in sixth grade and salute no Anna put me to high five for the flute it was an awkward moment in my life what's with Krispy Kreme how am I gonna deal in Krispy Kreme can you sit now then let's be honest it's the hot dog we all love the hot dog oh they're everywhere they're so easy and they're great cause you get him instantly I feel like I'm walking proof that it's possible you