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10 Money Saving Tips for Creatives

**10 Money Saving Tips for Creatives**



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It is time to talk about one of my favorite topics in the world, angora bunnies. No! I’m kind of kidding. We’re here to talk about saving! Woot Woot woot! 

These are some ideas for you to consider when it comes to saving money! You may know some them, some of these are obvious, but hopefully some of them will be new to you so that you can save a little bit of extra cash, invest it, and hopefully it can lead to more financial freedom in your life. 

So let’s jump straight in: 

Eat before you actually go out. This one is a little obvious but with this tips, you’d probably end up spending less when you go out with friends to eat.

Buy secondhand or refurbished. My computer right here was purchased second hand. I bought it form apple’s refurbished website( where you can save a couple of hundred bucks purchasing refurbished items that works just as good as the new product. I’ve also purchased most of my camera gear second hand such as my Sony A7S II, lenses, Smallhd screen, and lights. I’ve been able to save a ton from just doing this.

Meal prep. A lot of people when they come home from work, they just feel super tired and don’t feel like cooking an entire meal. I mean don’t get me wrong I enjoy cooking but I don’t always feel like starting the whole cooking process when I feel tired. This is where meal prepping comes in handy. So when you go to the grocery store, just buy a couple of extra ingredients that you can use to cook a couple of extra meals for your week.

Wait before buying. When you’re about to make an impulse purchase, stop yourself, and ask do you really really need this. Does this add any value to your life? And this is especially for expensive items! What I recommend is making yourself wait AT LEAST 24-48 hours before making that decision.

Drive less. All I’m talking about is to try not to use your car as much. Are you having to spend a ton of cash on gas every single week? Is there public transportation available in your city?

Buy in bulk. When you buy things in bulk, the cost per unit goes down. If there are things that you tend to spend a lot of money on such as rice, beans, toilet paper, paper towels, and toothpaste then it’s best to buy them in bulk this way your cost per item goes way down.

Declutter your stuff. Marie Kondo your life baby! Dig around your room, garage, and attic and start to get rid of stuff that you haven’t used in the past year or two.

Bargain. Duh Mika that’s obvious. But I hope that this is a good reminder for you. Try not to pay the full price for anything unless it’s your only option.

Renegotiate your bills. Now this isn’t something that you can do with every single bill but I’ve been able to do this my internet bill.

Educate yourself through reading books, blogs, and watching videos of what’s worked for other people and how you could apply those methods to your life. Obviously there are thousands of ways that you could be saving money at this moment but most of the ways that I’ve discovered have been through just researching and also asking my friends what’s worked for them.
hello hello hello everybody hope you guys are doing well it is time to talk about one of my favorite topics in the world Angora bunnies nope it is about saving money these are some ideas where you can save a little bit of money in areas that you didn't think you could some of these ideas are fairly obvious and just good reminders but some of them may be new and if they are new I hope that they help you save money invested so that you can have more financial freedom in your life so let's jump straight in this may be obvious but eat before you actually go out if you're planning on eating out with some friends it may be a good idea to just eat at home and then maybe have a snack or to know when you're out with your friends so this tip may help you save a ton of money just by simply eating at home and then when you do meet up with your friends just grab a snack or a drink or something tip number two buy second-hand or refurbished now this computer right here was bought refurbished on the Apple website if you guys didn't know Apple has a page on their website where you can buy some of their refurbished equipment I will put a link below it is not an affiliate link god mica stop puttin affiliate links everywhere so on the website you can find a bunch of refurbished products where you can save a couple hundred bucks on computers or iPhones and actually save a bunch of money I've also purchased most of my camera gear refurbished so like my sony a7s – my lenses and some of my lights I've been able to save a bunch of money doing this refurbished basically means that a customer bought a product where maybe they were unhappy with the product or there was a technical problem so they send it back to the company company fixes it does all the new parts and then just puts it back in the market as a refurbished item tip number three is to meal prep a lot of people when they come home from work sometimes they just feel super lazy and tired and they don't want to cook a meal so guess what they do you go out and eat cheap food fast food or do-over eats or something and you actually spend the point more money then you could've just by cooking at home don't get me wrong I personally enjoy cooking I think it's super fun and actually therapeutic and also a good learning experience but some days I just don't feel like cooking at home that's where meal prepping comes in handy so when you do go to the grocery store just buy a couple of extra ingredients that you do enjoy eating and just make a couple of extra meals maybe just try to batch cook five meals at a time or six eight or ten challenge accepted by my fiance and I enjoy doing this because we can figure out what nights we can eat at home and then what are some other nights we can maybe go out with this you don't really save money but you also save a bunch of time meal prepping also holds you back from using services like uber eats or post mates because when you're tired you're going to try to find the easiest way to get food but if you choose to meal prep you can avoid eating junk somewhere else and eat healthier food and also save money tip number four is to wait before buying when you're about to make an impulse purchase stop yourself for a minute and ask why do you really really really really really really need this right now does this thing that you're about to buy add any value to your life and this is especially for expensive items I would recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours before you make that final decision also you don't have to apply this method to every single purchase that you have such as buying a cup of coffee or angora bunny but maybe things that are over a hundred bucks or two hundred bucks I hope this encourages you to get out of the impulse mindset and more into a relaxed in controlled mindset to where every time you're about to make a purchase you ask yourself do I really need this are there other things you could be putting that money towards such as saving and investing or giving it to someone in need those are really good questions to ask before you make that impulse purchase tip number five is to drive less I'm not talking about drive less cars but dude less driving I'm basically trying to say is to not use your car as much are you having to spend a ton money on gas every single week with owning a car you don't only have to pay for gas but you know you have to pay for your insurance and for your oil changes and tire changes and a bunch of other unexpected repairs that come up over the years from my experience I think I saved about 20 bucks a month last year just by deciding to work from home and not going to coffee shops or not going across the city to some other spot but just staying at home and getting the work done tip number six is to buy in bulk if there are things that you tend to spend a lot of money on such as toilet paper toothpaste rice and beans and angora bunnies then it's best to just buy them in bulk because the cost per unit goes down tip number seven declutter your stuff start digging around in your room garage or attic and get rid of a bunch of stuff that you haven't used in the past two years a lot of times you're just holding on to items that are just getting devalued as time goes on so it's just best to just sell it and get rid of it and save the money and then once you save that money invest it and make that money work for you there's a billion websites where you can just sell your stuff like Craigslist or Facebook marketplace and also local places like Buffalo Exchange where I've taken a bunch of my old clothes and gone cash for tip number eight is to bargain I come from a third world country so bargaining is literally woven into my DNA when you're about to buy something try not to pay the full price unless it's your only option nowadays you can just look up the price of anything online and use that to make the best decision if you're buying something on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace just try throwing a lower number and see how the seller responds a lot of times if the cell is trying to get rid of the item quickly they may just be prone to selling it at a lower price tip number nine is to negotiate your bills now this isn't something that you're able to do with every single bill but I have been able to do this with my internet bill right now at this moment you can pick up the phone call your service provider and negotiate your bill just let them know that you're gonna cancel your plan unless they come down on their price so recently my internet bill skyrocketed by like 40 bucks a month and I picked up the phone and call them and was like hey I'm gonna cancel this plane I'm not about to pay a ton of money for my internet bill and what ended up happening was that they ended up giving me a lower price and also giving me faster internet this is crazy it does work guys you should do it tip number 10 is to educate educate yourself by reading books blogs and watching videos and seeing what's worked for other people and what hasn't what are some of those methods they can incorporate into your life obviously there's a billion ways to save a bunch of money such as not buying angora bunnies in bulk but a lot of the methods that I have learned and have incorporated into my life have just been through research and through reading and blogs and videos and seeing how other people have worked towards financial freedom so like I said in the beginning of this video I hope some of these methods have been good reminders and some have been new that you can work into your life all I want for you is to save a bunch of money invest it and just have financial freedom so you can do the creative things you want to do if you enjoyed watching this video and found it helpful please comment give me some feedback like and subscribe and then share with your friends too thank you guys I really appreciate you for watching this I'll see you soon

How to Save Money In College

**How to Save Money In College**



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This video covers the 6 tips for saving money in college. Whether you are in college now, or will be soon, it’s important to understand your personal finances and how you can optimize your savings and financial knowledge for after school. Learning how to save money in college now will be especially beneficial as you move through college and into your career.

Many college students struggle with not having enough money, overspending, and constantly feeling broke.

This video will give you a few ways you can make extra income, save money on school expenses, as well as book recommendations for personal finance.

Here is a brief overview of the 6 tips.

1. Set a budget

2. Find a part time job.

3. Avoid tempting credit card offers while in college.

4. Avoid new textbooks, and buying at your bookstore.

5. Learn the basics of financial literacy.

6. Understand your student loans.

Those were the 6 tips and make sure you stay to the end and get the bonus information we provide you on saving for retirement.
in this video I'm going to cover six tips on how you can save money while you're in college the first is to set a budget the most important part in establishing your spending plan is analyzing what your income will be per month whether it be money from your parents student loans or best yet a part-time job this should only take 20 to 30 minutes and you should do at the beginning of the semester or quarter your actual expenses might change a little for month-to-month but the most important part is that you have a general outline to follow you'll want to focus on how much you can spend on food entertainment transportation and books for the semester once you see everything together you can figure out what you can cut down on to save a certain amount if you are a freshman living in the dorms you will most likely be required to buy a dining hall meal plan and this will be creating your spending plan a little easier but one thing I watch out for is how much you go out to eat with friends because this will add up quickly when you enter into college you will finally be on your own and will be responsible for your own finances take this time in college when you have a limited income to build good habits now one great way to tackle all your spending is by using the free app and online service mint this is not a sponsored video or anything but rather something I personally used to keep track of my own finances tip number two is to find a part-time job a great way to improve your spending plan is by obtaining a part-time job while you're in college a part-time job will give you extra income to do fun things with friends go out to eat travel on the weekend eat healthier and more luxuriously than mac and cheese or Top Ramen one of the most convenient places to work at is your school on-campus jobs are perfect for students because these jobs are typically more flexible with your school schedule you can find on-campus jobs at your gym bookstore restaurants dining hall or grading for professors another option you might want to consider is becoming an RA or Resident Advisor for the doors of your school after your first year this is a great option for students looking to save money on room and board because most schools will give you free housing and exchange for being an RA which can easily save you ten thousand dollars for the year number three is to steer clear of tempting credit card offers by the banks on your campus although it is important to build credit if you're trying to finance a car or get an apartment waiting till you graduate college and having a monthly income is most likely the best decision for most students it's important to realize that credit cards are not free money whenever you spend on a credit card you will need to pay off at the end of the month the difference between a debit card and a credit card is that with a credit card you are billed at the end of the month for your spending whereas a debit card is linked to your checking account and the money comes out immediately if you use your credit cards and maybe buy a meal each month and you always pay it off then awesome you'll build credit and won't gather any fees or interest payments but many students go overboard since they don't have to pay the money back immediately tip number 4 is to not buy new textbooks and ideally don't buy it from a University's bookstore you should always rent buy used bar from a friend or find a free PDF version you can save hundreds of dollars each quarter or semester simply by renting or purchasing used textbooks which can add up to at least a thousand if not more in savings over the course of your college career just to show you an example I looked up a book called fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics a required book for mechanical engineering students at the University Bookstore I checked out it was $200 to buy used and 228 to buy new that same book sells used for 150 on Amazon and you can rent it on Amazon for $50 there's also Chegg which is a popular site to rent books a website I personally used with slug books comm all you do is type in the book you want to look up and it lists up a bunch of different websites and tells you the prices of the book at all of them and whether it's to rent it or to buy it in addition to buying used textbooks you should always wait to buy the book until you attend the first class session to see if you actually need the textbook first week of every quarter or semester is primarily used for taking attendance and going over the syllabus and with services like Amazon and Chegg they can get you a textbook in two days there's really no need to buy the textbook ahead of time unless the professor specifically tells you there will be homework due in the first week of the term lastly if you think you will very rarely need the textbook and don't want to rent or buy the book your library should have a couple copies on reserve however it is important to know that come midterms and finals week you and your classmates might be competing to check out the same book number five is to learn financial literacy begin investing in yourself and start learning the basics of financial literacy the best way to do this is through personal finance books and podcast reading for recreation is often a challenge during the school year because of the volume of reading assignments homework papers and labs so an alternative is listening to books on audible or listen to podcasts while you are walking in a class start educating yourself on the basic retirement accounts like an IRA and a 401k when I started my first job as an engineer the second day I just set up my 401k once I got to the page I needed it gave me options to invest in small cap stocks large cap stocks bond international equities and more and my boss as well as yours will not explain this to you it's all on you luckily there's often an option for you to set a year you will likely retire so for those starting out it might be a 40 year plan and they invest the money for you but if you have more experience in this then you can control where your investments go and I don't know about everyone else as an engineer no class I ever took taught me about investing stocks or bonds but luckily I taught myself a little about this before graduating if not I would have had no idea what any of these terms meant you should learn the difference between a Roth and a traditional IRA or 401k and possibly start investing when you come across some extra cash the most important part is you know the basics of financial literacy you are ready for when you graduate college three books that I found helpful and understanding the basics of personal finance include I will teach you to be rich the Total Money Makeover and money master the game just by reading these books you will pick up the basics and be prepared to be financially responsible for when you graduate college and last is to understand your student loans when planning your spending plan you want to look at how much money you will need for school one huge mistake students make is that they take out more student loans than they actually need unlike any other loan student loans stay with you forever until they are paid off you cannot declare bankruptcy on them and make them go away like you could a car loan it's important to look into which loans you qualify for know the interest rates and always know the principle balance you owe let's break this down if you have student loans at 7% interest per year and have to pay them off in 10 years here's what your monthly payments would look like and just remember how much your interest increases the total you'll pay over the 10 years so for example if you take out $40,000 in loans at 7% at the monthly payment over 10 years you'll pay fifty five thousand six hundred and eighty dollars that means you pay 39 percent more than what you took out seven percent didn't seem so bad but it's more than you probably think and look at this if you can manage to take out 30k instead and pay it off over ten years you'll pay a total of about $42,000 so look at that by taking out ten thousand dollars less than student loans you spend over thirteen thousand dollars less over the ten years so you see every scholarship every early payment taking that are a job for free room and board or renting the textbooks will seriously help to saving X amount on loans now really means you're saving more later on and just a disclaimer know that there are different types of loans out there and you will likely have many with different interest rates so make sure you know what applies to you in addition students should not take out more student loans than their projected first year annual income when you get to college is a good idea to go to your financial aid center at your school at least one to two times a year so you can stay up-to-date on information about your student loans grants you might be eligible for and scholarships if you are getting student loans you will need to apply for FAFSA every year and lastly it's important to know who your loan provider is what type of loans you're receiving and how much you are taking out every quarter or semester in conclusion it's crucial for students to implement good spending behaviors early no one is going to learn personal finance for you start with these financial tips and grow from here and as a final tip one thing that gets overlooked by young people because retirement feels so far away is that they don't start saving as soon as possible remember if you put $1,000 into a retirement account at 20 years old it will be worth around fifteen thousand dollars that retirement if the market does well doesn't seem like a lot but starting early allows that compounding interest to happen even faster this will be covered extensively in the personal finance books listed before but it is never too early to set aside money for your retirement we live in a time where retirement age is being pushed back and where social security pensions will be a thing of the past the simplest approach to personal finance and savings for retirement is using the 80/20 rule using 80% of your earnings on your bills and expenses then 10% for long term savings and 10% on yourself if you liked this video don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll see you all next time you

How to Create a Budget with a Spreadsheet

**How to Create a Budget with a Spreadsheet**



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How to Create a Budget with a Spreadsheet- Step by step tutorial for creating a budget

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hi guys it's an elephant bustle domestic and today I have the video you guys have been waiting for my how to create a budget and make it work for your family since of course this month we are doing our spending freeze and our main theme for the month of January is budget is how to start the budget make it follow it and make lasting changes for your family telly is excited so the first thing I wanted to talk about before we even get in how to make a budget is why it is so important to have a budget in the first place and so I just kind of don't see me looking down I'd write it down um a few ideas that just came to mind that I wanted to share with you so the first and foremost reason for budget is to make sure that you have enough money when we're going to create a budget you're gonna first find out how much you actually have coming in so whether that's you know your income from work whether it's your spouses or yours are both yours together if you have any other income meaning child support I don't know what other income you would have but you would include that because that's all the money that you're gonna base your monthly budget off of so knowing that you have enough money to pay for all the bills and outgoing things you have going on is a great blessing it gives you peace of mind another reason you do a budget is that it will keep you out of debt once you have created a budget you then know if you have that money to go out to eat or to buy a new TV or to you know purchase whatever you're purchasing at the store having the budget lets you know exactly what you have coming in and what you have to work with another thing is that it teaches you self-discipline if we didn't pay attention to budgets we could just you know go do whatever we wanted and spend however amount of money we wanted but if we have a budget and we know how much we have coming in how much is going out and what's left over but then really gives us an idea of what we have to work with them what we can do and it's a good thing to have self-discipline I know that some people say that you know budgets are restricting and they're not good but actually they're freeing because yes they restrict you to a certain amount of money that's left over but they keep you out of debt which debt ultimately puts you into financial bondage where now your money has to be forced to be allotted somewhere else because you're in debt and so the budget actually can be freeing because then you're keeping yourself out of debt where you're not locking down a certain amount of money every single month that you have to pay towards a creditor because you spent money you didn't have another reasons budgets are great is that they allow you to set and reach financial goals so we all should have we all their goals Oh some people have goals that we want to do and this year we're gonna really focus on setting financial goals and achieving them and so some of us are gonna have really large financial goals and some of us will have smaller ones and so this will have a mix of both so by having the budget and being able to allocate money to different categories and stuff like that we're gonna be able to reach those financial goals that we're studying and if it gives you a game plan um I guess I'd like to think of your budget as this game plan for the month and then of it is that to build your wealth so one thing I mentioned in my book living a beautiful life unless is that it's amazing how many people we work so hard for our money but very few of us pay ourselves we cut meaning we have money going to you know you might just need to flip over yeah tummy troubles for a five-month-old she can roll herself over onto her tummy and then she's like what do I do help me help me we're working on they getting you back um but so budgets can help you build your wealth again whatever about was in my book that I talk about that you know we work hard for our money and we constantly have money going out to you know our utilities doctors appointments things like that repeat all these different people but we're barely paying ourselves meaning we're not building up our own savings like we work hard for our money and we should make our money work for us meaning you know let's put it in a saving what's invested things like that and because the more that we're able to set money aside and save it well that's money that now we can use for that rainy day or through whatever those goals are that we have another thing with the budget that helps you plan for the future and that again I think goes with the setting goals is that being able to think look ahead that you know where are we going to be a year from now five years from now ten years from now and is what we're doing today getting us where we want to be tomorrow and it's a really good like checks and balance make sure that we're just being accountable for you know what we're doing let me be kind of touched on it but the lessons that it gives you peace of mind sometimes I can find you in myself that I'll be like oh it's a Christmas budget man but I forget that once I dive in like I'm happy because now I know what we have I know that our bills are getting cave and it becomes a huge blessing so I do have any disdain towards budgeting just keep an open mind and remember that we're making lasting changes this year good habits healthy habits that are gonna help us in the long run so just like we know that we can't have cupcakes every single day although they are delicious we know that our bodies work better than me see fruits and vegetables and drink a lot of water and so that's the same thing that we know that if with finances that we create a budget and we don't use those credit cards we're gonna have a healthy financial future so now that you guys kind of know that just like why we need to do budgeting I want to show you guys how to create a budget so I created a template that you guys can use in Google Drive now I was not the other folks that I was resistant my husband has been trying to get me to use Google Drive for like ever and his big thing was that Google Drive is awesome because once it's on your Google Drive you know you can on your laptop your tablet your phone as long as you are signed in to Google Drive and so that's really nice in the fact that you have access to it for multiple places so there's really no excuses you can't look at your budget and know what's going on so I created a template this is the exact template that I use for my family and of course I just made it very generic and I love it because you guys can customize it to what you needed to do for your family because it's important to have that budgets they're not like New Year's resolutions where we're going to be super into it for like a few weeks in January and then once we hit Valentine's Day we forget all about it it's something that we're going to be looking at every single week and checking ourself and things ok are we doing let me get you all done but I'm gonna have the budget linked below again that you guys can go to the link you can save a copy onto your Google Drive and you guys can put your things in a minute I'm gonna flip the camera and I'll show you the different categories oh it's the entitlements on payments on yes it's here we can take MotoGP yeah all right so if you are brand-new to budgeting or even if you were just you're not you've been doing it for a while and you just want to just have a refresher the first thing that we need to do is this on a piece of paper I want you guys to write down all of your outgoing needs to pay bills so now need to pay meaning but stuff you need to live you need a home to live in you need utilities we need water we need electricity we need food to eat we need gas for our car to get to and from work or to the different places we need to go to the bare bare necessities that we need and the idea is to write down all of those need to pay bills and find out how much that cost and then compare that to what your monthly income is now keeping your fingers crossed a bad number of the outgoing bills is going to be considerably less than what you have coming in if for some reason it is more then you need to start looking at cutting the fat from your budget and cutting the fat is going to be things like cutting the landline reducing your grocery bill shopping around for insurance you can reduce your weight seeing if you can spend less on gas meaning you know maybe you guys for a while only use one car rather than two so you're spending less on gas you know there was a time in our life when we didn't have a lot of money for guests I've mentioned it in my book and in the on the blog that when we had a van that had cost a lot to fill it up and we didn't make a lot of money so we really had to pick and choose where we traveled and we tried to combine trips and stuff like that and that was because you know we couldn't afford to go a lot of different places because the money wasn't there so that's I want you to do is to come up with what your need to pay bills are write it down on a piece of paper now don't just say I got it in my head I'm good to go no write it down on a piece of paper because when we write things down something amazing happens and it's like things click on our head and we're like oh okay so I see the numbers in black and white I just say it creates a better connection and what you're doing once you have Matt then you can look at it and then we can start inputting it into our spreadsheet now you could totally skip the paper and just put it on the spreadsheet I like it on the paper just because again writing it down helps you really focus on what you're doing and seeing those numbers and what those numbers mean bake for your budget and you know are you spending too much do you have too many commitments for your outgoing money now with the needs of people's that doesn't mean going to get your hair done what would be other things you know going out to eat those are not need to pay things those are things that if you have money in the budget absolutely we can add those in later but for the the very beginning just to get started we don't even want to focus on that now I'm going to as I talk I'm going to show you some of the spreadsheet so that you guys can see what's going on now on the spreadsheet I of course have very basic categories like cable internet car payment car insurance cell phone electricity gas I do have Netflix and Hulu listed savings and then the those are the fixed bills and the variable expenses are things like groceries clothing medical but again those are not the there's lots of options that you can do now the great thing with the spreadsheet is that you guys can customize it again because budgets are personalized for the people that are living them my budget is not going to be the same as your budget what I spent on groceries is not going to be the same that you spent on groceries and nothing's wrong with that I think that's always important that I feel like we forget in our society is that just because someone does something differently than you do it doesn't make it wrong like we're different families and so what works for your family may not work for mine and vice versa and so I think we need to give not only ourselves but each other a little bit of grace and kindness just a caveat with that is that being moms and women I just feel like women just we can be a little jerky and we can do judgmental and I'm guilty of it I know you are probably thinking I've done that a time or two I'm guilty of it is that we just need to be encouraging to one another that's one thing that I want to focus on even more this year is being encouraging that just because someone does something differently than I do again does not make it wrong and that's what anything that you see on my channel on my blog take the pieces that work for your family and make it you know change it how you need to so that it benefits your family and whatever doesn't work then don't worry about it and I think that's worth like this is just what works for my family and I share it because I want to encourage other women and other families but it's okay if it doesn't help you you're like I don't want to do this then don't do it so that's just my little hold she said sir um so let me grab the camera and I will turn it around and kind of tell you what's going on with this slideshow let me try to do this with one hand all right let's see what we can do here hold in with one hand so again you're gonna find this down below so you can see over in the left corner heads income source now you can actually edit this and put it if you have multiple income sources whether you're a to income source family or one or you know then if you get a child support or something like that or you know maybe a month that you know you get your tax return or you have a bonus check that's where you can put that income in there now this is something you're going to want to do this budget every single month and one thing is just to pick a day whether you know it's the end of the end of the month or the beginning of the month and have a time that you sit down as a family or with your spouse or solo and think about what are the things that are coming up in this month what expenses you have and things like that what inka extra income do you have I'm over here for the fix a bill now again these may not be the categories at all work for you for my family we pay tithes to our church and we pay paths offerings agains if you don't if you don't agree with it don't worry about it just skip that one delete that section and then put in what works for you but for us we do pay tithing and we give 10% to our church and that's what we feel strongly about and that's okay and then I have rent equity where you put your mortgage further now maybe cable internet your car payments you have one car insurance cell phone electricity gas Netflix Hulu and savings savings is where kind of what I was saying about paying yourself you know pick an amount that you want to pay yourself each month and say you know what you're worth that you work hard so pay yourself alright now let's see if I can okay the baby's touching the camera all done don't touch the camera baby okay down here for variable expenses I have groceries and then maybe miscellaneous house house stuff clothing medical gas homeschool car maintenance eating out gives tariff occasion so once you've done your need to pay budget if you have money left over well then you can start allocating money to these different categories but if you're not there then don't worry about it budgeting is a process going further down I have a section for debt so if you credit-card debt you have I'm school loans Oh babysit the camera again car loans that's where you can put in what your debt payments are and that's where you can then keep track of you know who you're paying it to how much it is and then how much is left on that debt so you can start seeing that number go down and it's just it's gonna make a huge difference now we're going to talk about debt later in them in the year and I'll teach you guys how to work on getting out of debt and stuff like that but for today we're just going to talk about budgeting hopefully the camera was in to shaking you guys were able to see it this little chipmunk was whacking the camera and trying to with one hand and it got a little crazy so that's the template that I have for you guys again it's linked below and so I want to challenge you for this week pick a day and sit down and make your budget for January so now and now I'm gonna actually do that today it is actually what's the date today it is January 6 and so hopefully I'm gonna get this video out to you guys today or sometime this weekend today's Friday so hopefully this weekend let's put my glasses so I can see um so I encourage you guys to sit down and do that now what I do with my budget is that again if it's a good if I'm being good as I like that because I'm human and my fix busy and things get crazy and so in the ideal month which is what I'm going for I would have for me it's Monday's I sit down and just usually after the babies in bed and just I can actually sit and focus is look at the budget what bills need to be paid what are coming up whenever I pay the bills next to where that category is so like next utilities I would put the date that it was paid whether I didn't write I checked it sending it in typically I do online banking and you guys have not done online making look into your bank and try it because going paperless things like that it just makes it easier to pay your bills and keep on top of this when I have categories like medical to eating out gifts things like that I actually have create sections below where I deduct what I've done so like right now actually in my family organization binder which I'll show in another video but I have just a piece of paper that I am subtracting what I spent on groceries so far this month and I can also do that in my spreadsheet is just create a little a little section kind of how the debt payment section is create another one that would have groceries and that I could deduct everything from the amount that I budgeted that month so it really depends on whether you prefer doing it in a spreadsheet or you want to do it in your binder on a piece of paper either way is good as long as you're recording what you're doing and you're keeping track of what you budgeted and how much you've already spent so going with that so this week you know make that budget first the need to pay and then if you have extra money talk about the other categories if you are brand brand new to budgeting though I would stick with the need to pay try that for a month or two and then try categories because you want to start off small just like with babies we know babies don't come out and we don't give mistake and say good luck try to eat it because they can't they're physically not able to do it you know miss Thalia she is just breastfed that's all that she has right now and I wouldn't give her baby food right now that's not where she's at in another month we're gonna introduce baby food and then she's gonna work her way up to eating you know bigger meteor things but it's all about baby steps and that's the same thing with budgeting is that you need to give yourself some grace and remember that is all about baby sets I'm not you are learning it's a learning curve and so you need to give yourself the grace so you can figure this out and what's gonna work for your family you me you know pick an amount for groceries and then you realize that either that was too much that was too little and that's okay because the fact is that you're trying you're working towards a goal and additions you know your new a batching remember that it's all about getting closer to those financial goals okay so just give yourself some grace please don't just if you try it once then you say it didn't work just know look at what didn't work and try to take it so that's what we're gonna do so make that budget today friends let me know if there are other things I left something out I know if I'm forgetting to maybe is fussing but I hope that this video helps you I hope you're able to use this template then it will help you and encourage you also I am giving away on my blog two copies of Kindle versions the ebooks of my book living a beautiful life unless because I'm so thankful that I'm able to have this channel in this vlog and the whole reason I have this little platform is because you guys come and you read and you follow and subscribe and stuff like that and so I want to be able to give copies of my book away which will help you guys in your journey and I am gonna try I think every single month this year is to give away a few copies of the book so that it can help then you guys and then maybe you know you can pay it forward and give the book to someone else and or share it with someone else then they can be able to get their family write on their money but so um I'll link here in the night card and below the blog post in u.s. and go and enter to win again I'm giving away two copies Kindle version ebooks of my book living a beautiful life unless which literally talks about everything I talk about on my blog so budgeting living just frugally and within your means and just being a family and spending that quality time together if you guys have any questions leave them in the comments below also you can check out blissful domestic daily for our daily blogs and if you guys are new to this channel please hit that button subscribe and I hope that you guys are just having a good day a good weekend and I'll talk to you guys later you say but can you be busy Oh guys guys

A Day in the Life PART 2 (Frugal Family of 8!)

**A Day in the Life PART 2 (Frugal Family of 8!)**



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Here is PART 2 of A Day In The (Frugal) Life! Be sure to watch PART 1 first here:

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hey phoebs nation it's jordan page from fun cheaper free calm and today is part two of a day in the frugal life oh yeah two weeks ago you saw part one and you loved it so much I decided to come back with part two if you have not watched part one you got to go back and watch it what I do is walk you through an entire day a real day in my life but I show you all of the many many ways that my family stays organized and saves money so go back and watch that first I will link it below but I'm just gonna pick right up where we left off with part two was doing call me excessive but our house has a lot of square footage and so our power bill can be astronomical if we're not careful I have it that we have created in our helps is to turn off the lights every time you leave a room shut the doors because it traps the heat or the cool where you want it also I double check my thermostats every time I walk away just to make sure the heat or air is not still on but one thing you might want to consider too is smart thermostats our house is not new it is actually it's over 20 years old and we had didn't come in and replace all of our thermostat with smart ones and so we can set them up on a schedule certain times of day that everything turns off and on in case we forget and that has been really helpful I believe I still have a coupon code for Vivint if you want to look into it we love it it's our security system also so I will link that below as you guys have seen and our other return reef routine videos our rule which means Bubba and I is the last one to leave the bed makes it Bubba was the last one to leave the bed this morning and he made it kind of I feel like if you haven't made bed your whole room looks cleaner even though I have stuff all over the floors so I'm actually gonna take 30 seconds and make this nice it gets really cold here in Utah and our room is like all windows and so it can get really cold or really hot in here one of the things that we do is we put blackout curtains in so that in the summer it keeps it really cool in here so we don't have to run the air in the winter we have a lot of blankets on our bed so at night we stay warm yeah I'm just gonna go ahead and make this real quick make it look a little nice okay now that my bed is made I'm gonna take a few minutes and get ready for the day and I can't believe I'm showing you this but this is part of my process clothing is one thing that I love I have a lot of it I like a lot of options I'm not a capsule wardrobe person by any shape of the imagination I like a lot of options and I have the space for it but I don't want to spend a lot of money so I can't believe I'm showing you this but one thing that I do seeing is how we are transitioning from from summer into fall winter is how do I turn this darn thing around hold on I like to rotate my clothes so right now I'm going through my closet and pulling out all of my spring and summer clothes I am currently just putting them in a pile Here I am making a separate pile of all the things that I didn't wear that I need to get rid of and the way that I know whether I wore them or not is I flip my hanger around when I hang the item back up so if I grab something to wear it when I go to return it to the closet I flip the hanger so then when it comes time to rotate my closet I can look at anything that isn't flipped and know that I should probably get rid of it and give it to someone else keep pile I've got kind of a toss or donate pile going here and then this is the bin that has fall winter clothes in it and I'm taking those out and then I will replace all of my fall winter stuff with my spring summer stuff I'm always keeping tabs on what I have is it worth keeping and it feels like Paulding new wardrobe every six months or so and I really I find that it cuts down on my desire or need to go shopping very often so that is one way that I save a lot of money and then in terms of the clothes that I buy if you guys follow me on Instagram I like to share my outfits with you but most of my stuff is from TJ Maxx or Ross Amazon and then otherwise shop and that have daily deals stuff like that I'm pretty simple I do not like to spend a lot in my clothes but I like them to look nice and stainer my work block is about to start and if you guys know anything you know that I live and die by my blog schedule system I've got a video about it link below and stay tuned you guys I'm so excited for the last few months we have been working on a block schedule planner and they are coming to market so soon hopefully as early as January 2020 right in time for the new year so stay tuned and I have designed the most amazing planner for you guys to help you organize your blocks and get your to dues done during the day too okay but I'm not ready yet I made a few mistakes today number one normally I get dressed very first thing when I wake up I didn't do that today and I am NOT ready for the day yet but you know what I was filming today and everything takes longer and part of the block schedule system is being flexible so I'm going to catch up on some work stuff and while I'm reading emails or watching Marco Polo's or doing things that don't need my hands I will be doing my makeup and multitasking and it's going to be just fine there's not a lot that I'll be able to show you while I'm working but when it comes to doing my makeup I am a big believer in mixing normal like drugstore everyday makeup and name-brand more high-end makeup in fact even for my foundation I literally blend a board of Maybelline matte poreless foundation with a high-end Lancome foundation I do one little squirt of each so I literally do both ignore that basket of clothes that need to be put away at least the bed is made right one thing I'm doing I'm getting ready is setting my girls preschool up on autopay I don't like having to manually pay for something every month because then there's a chance that if I forget then I'll be slapped with a late fee and those add up if we can budget for it I like to pay for something all the way up front so I don't have payments but in this case since it's a full school year we are going to pay one month at a time so it's not such a big chunk but I am setting it up on auto pay so the first of every month it automatically drafts from my account and I can even schedule a day for the payments to end so I don't accidentally overpay by a month also if I'm drafting automatically from my bank account versus a credit card it saves me about a 6% processing fee so I'm doing all those things right now in the long run it definitely saves some coin chips cheese [Applause] hello Davey's about to head off to school you eating some good lunch okay say goodbye have a good day I said hello and goodbye to the girls I'm gonna keep working and finishing my [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it is a lunchtime I am starving and today for lunch I'm eating leftovers we went out with some friends this weekend and we had a gift card so we went to Macaroni Grill I got so full off of their free bread and bottomless soup I pretty much about to take home my whole entree so I am eating that for lunch I cannot wait I'm so hungry love is here it's not mmm but what did you do for lunch I had a business meeting and it was paid for by the person who took me out what so we're both eating out for lunch and both of us didn't have to pay anything today for it I mean I bought it at one point but her 1 kiloton ended two maybe three it'll be three nice work and now we're sitting next to each other working Oh our little hour of work aren't we cute alright I just laid McEwan down whoa whoa whoa for his afternoon nap though he's just partying in his beds I don't know if he's actually gonna sleep the kids are about to walk through the door any minute from school so we are gonna get an after school snack going and then I got a rush my daughter off to dance and then we'll do dinner and we'll go from there the calm before the storm enjoy it's the second and that didn't last for long hi Guys hi Guys hi guys so here's Priya she's getting ready for dance she's got a late night tonight so she is packing her own little dinner to eat it dance to tighten her over till she can come home we buy the big packs from Costco so we don't have to go through a drive-through show you how we keep them warm so when you have these little contigo containers whoops that we got from Costco and you just put a folded napkin or paper towel on the bottom you know what go get a second one I think that's too full if you put hot food in them it will remain hot seriously all day it's like amazing so this is how we pack leftovers or real food for lunch or dinner I just dropped Priya off at dance and I just wanted to take a quick minute to talk about extracurricular activities because my gosh they can really add up and be expensive I actually did an entire video on budgeting for and how to afford or how to know whether you can afford extracurricular activities for your kids or not so I will link that below but for me a few things that we do to save money because extracurriculars for us are really important even though we have a big family we've got six kids and another two on the way we feel like we don't want the size of our family to hinder our kids abilities to develop their talents and to do and try the things that they want to do and try all of my kids do their activities at the same place so any of my kids who want to dance we chose one studio and they all dance their each sibling gets a discount on their class each month so the first sibling is full price but then each subsequent siblings are discounted we also save up throughout the year and then pay for the full year in advance for classes and costumes which is a big chunk of money up front but then we get a big discount we hand our dance shoes or as many dance items down as possible or we go buy them used from a place like kid to kid where you can get sporting equipment that's used and then otherwise I have a lot of chips in that video that I will link below now it's time to head home and get to the crazy time to get it dinner wrong it is 4:30 I've got my chicken it was cooked I shredded it up and then I'm basically going to divide it into ooh fourths depending on how much I need two servings for the two casseroles tonight and then one or two servings for the freezer we'll see how far I can stretch it one of the things that we have done to cut down on extracurricular costs is we canceled all of our music lessons because the piano lessons we're getting astronomical because they were like 30 dollars per lesson for a 30-minute lesson per kid for a week it was just it was crazy instead we found a couple music apps one of them is called simply piano and it's $10 per month and it teaches the kids how to play piano with the iPad and it has been great and then there's one called use ition like y-o-u and that one you can actually have other instruments and Priya likes to use it to do voice lessons because she loves to sing we have saved a ton of money this year not doing lessons it's a temporary fix I do think they will need to do lessons when they're a little bit older but for right now it would just really helped us cut down on stuff almost everything you see in this room including the piano itself with all secondhand globes from a yard sale the piano we bought throughs and lots of eyes these were wedding gifts that's above as old guitar from high school right which one at a trade show for tech companies you know people do an easy contest where it's like you drop your business card in a bowl but but I had to like take a picture playing air guitar tweet it you did you like five steps and he was one of the only people who did it and got a really nice guitar these are all secondhand our Halloween decor was purchased after Halloween's to a grocery store actually and they had all of their Halloween stuff on clearance because it was already November and then otherwise a lot of them were like I said from yard sales but I just went shopping in our basement we have a cold storage or cold yeah cold storage cold room in our basement if you build a house make sure they build a cold storage room it's usually like under a deck or a front door or a garage that's normally wasted space and then it stays nice and cold concrete walls and you can store food in there we like to buy extras of things so when I go to the store if pastas on sale I would buy one for now and at least two for later or as many as I can afford depending on how good the sale is and what my budget is that week and it slowly built a stockpile also we will stock up during case lot sales which is where grocery stores will have like a week where instead of buying per can or per package or per bottle you can buy a whole case of usually between 6 or more cans or containers and you get a big discount on that stock up drink a slot sales and keep our own little store in the baseline so everything I need for dinner tonight I did not derive to the store for I like to keep a stash of disposable baking pans I like having various sizes but this 9 by 13 is typically what I use these are also really good for taking dinners to people or for pies or cornbread things like that they are pretty inexpensive you can get them pretty much at any grocery store or in bulk on Amazon so then when I double a meal I can freeze it in something that isn't glass this is kind of a funny frugal tip but one nonetheless is I like to keep little mini spatulas on hand of various shapes and sizes because then when you have a can of something you can get in there and scrape every drop out again sometimes you think those little pennies don't add up but they do you paid for your using it scrape every drum I have another tip for bulk food if you've got a big container of sour cream or cottage cheese turn the container upside down once it's been opened it helps create a better airtight seal on the lid and it helps it last longer and then of course like I mentioned earlier once you get about halfway down the container you're going to want to put it in a smaller container it will make it last longer dinner is done and in the oven I've got two bags of shredded cooked chicken that are ready for the freezer that I can then pull out to make an easy meal in the future I have got my second chicken spaghetti meal ready to go for the freezer I am feeling pretty good about life and the best part is with this meal it only dirtied one pot and one slow cooker so all things considered it was very simple for veggies I have not been to the grocery store today later tonight I'm actually gonna sit down and order my groceries to do a grocery pickup tomorrow the easiest way for me to keep track of my budget because then as I add things to my cart I can make sure I'm within my $200 a week budget the budget recommendation I have for families as $100 per person in your family per month so for my family that would be $800 a month and then you just divide it by week now if you only have one or two of you in your family you would want to start at 300 dollars go up from there so tonight I'm gonna sit down and order my groceries to pick up tomorrow I didn't have time to do that today I'm a little skimpy on fresh veggies so I'm gonna do some frozen peas some frozen corn and then some leftover salad from the other night we're gonna call it a day are you boys up to over here what fixing it yourself instead of taking it to a shop okay so you bought these lights at Walmart and he's teaching how to do it installing in themselves and Hutch finished his mandatory chores or obligations if you will today and so he's been working with Bubba for about an hour so he is earning allowance our kids have daily like mandatory things they have to do that's on their clipboards you kind of have seen our clipboard system I will link that below and then above and beyond that day can earn allowance so he gets a couple bucks for working for an hour with dad so there you go nice work kay dinner's ready another random little frugal tip is at night we give each of our kids a different colored plate Priya's not here which is why we only have four but I make sure there are different colors so that if somebody doesn't finish their there's like a pile of food sitting on someone's plate we know whose it is and we can wrap it up and save it for them for later if they don't get any snacks but they're welcome to reheat their dinner and finish that later if they want a little tip for your parents another frugal thing we do which is kind of funny is if we get takeout or order pizza or whatever and it comes with napkins instead of throwing them away because we hate that it's wasteful we actually keep them and hold on to them we just have this little pile of perfectly good but to shovelled napkin for dinner or whatever it is this was from catering that we ordered for an event they left behind all the napkins and all of the silverware so we reuse these and give them to our kids right $3.99 we actually have our kids shower together I have my three little kids in a shower until they get old enough that it's inappropriate but they're all young and so and we keep an eye on them but it consolidates water then they're in and out in like a couple of minutes and all of them are clean at once they even can help brush each other's hair and wash each other off and it's really great so that's actually something we do otherwise if we were doing six individual shower actually eight individual showers every single night our water mellowed be through the roof and that's a lot of ways so call us crazy ones what we do that's pretty much a day in the life nothing too exciting now got home from Dan Smith Priya cut her some dinner put her to bed Bev and I cleaned up a bit and now we are headed to bed because we are pooped so hopefully that was helpful to show you some of the ways that we save money day to day one of the things I didn't get to today was grocery shopping and I figured I wouldn't so I am going to get ready for bed and then lay in bed and order my groceries on my phone just for grocery pick up at Walmart tomorrow because it doesn't cost anything extra as long as your order is $30 or more which mine will be drop my kids off at school swing by a Walmart they'll load up my groceries and I'm done hopefully that was helpful if it was will you give it a thumbs up please leave a comment below I'm curious to know you do any of these same frugal things or what frugal things you do on a day to day basis now if you guys don't mind I gotta get to bed I'm pooped frugal mama oh hi guys you're supposed to be sleeping you should be sleeping remember say I love you





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I am a student of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Univerity and on a journey to become debt free. By budgeting monthly and tracking my expenses I’m learning how to become debt free and live life by cash. Budgeting for beginners is mostly what you’ll find in this video so please watch and sign up to budget with me and complete a zero-based budget with me next month.

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My Debt Story: How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt Part 1

My Money Story: How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt Part 2

First Budget on My Debt Free Journey


Disclaimer: Honesty is awesome, so I share numbers and dollars in this post. I trust you’ll honor my honesty. Just so we’re clear, everything written here is based on my personal experiences + opinions. Not everything I say here will work for you, but I have faith that you’ll take the information presented and apply some of it to your own finances in a new and creative way.
my channel my name is Stacy flowers and I am a student of Dave's Ramsey's Financial Peace University in on a journeys have become a hundred percent debt-free my starting debt is two hundred and eight thousand four hundred and fifty three dollars and twenty seven cents I currently work part time earning anywhere between eight hundred and one thousand dollars and I am on baby step number one to save five hundred dollars in today's video I'm going to be going over a detailed a budget check in for my February 2018 budget so if you are interested in that please keep watching so the first thing that I want to do is pull up a calculator so that we can have that for our numbers and then I want to talk a little bit about the things that have impacted my budget so far so the number one thing that's having the biggest impact on my budget is income and so I started a journal entry page here and I just want to jot down my income to date so as mentioned in the original budget video my first paycheck plus some money that I'm counting as income was six hundred and eighty nine dollars and let's get that change I believe 86 cents yes in 86 cents on the 7th of February I also received a payment from my youtube channel for three hundred and twenty seven dollars and twenty one cents and then on the 8th of February I also received a generous donation of $100 and I received that donation from DME brown on YouTube and I just wanted to publicly thank you for that very generous donation his or her comment was hi Stacy I enjoy your budgeting videos very much can you list your PayPal me link in the description below your video for anyone who would like to contribute to your financial freedom journey you're such a positive attitude to your current financial situation I would like to help with the small boost and I just want to say thank you thank you thank you I appreciate that I appreciate you supporting my work I appreciate you watching my videos I appreciate you commenting and then also to the community that helped me to earn three hundred and twenty seven dollars and 21 cents it was all of you all collectively that made that happen so I deeply deeply appreciate that because it certainly has helped because I am on the 15th of this month and my turtle earnings so far for February six eighty nine point eighty six plus three twenty seven point twenty one plus one hundred is 111 one thousand sees me one hundred one thousand one hundred and seventeen dollars and seven cents so that is the amount of income that I am working with so far and we still have fifteen days left in this month so I'm super excited about where the month of February is going so now what I want to do is go down my budget and show you exactly what I've paid so far and where these dollars and cents have been going based on my original budget that I did at the beginning of the month and I will link that video so you can see my tides were eighty dollars based on my take-home pay for my part-time job this number will increase because I would like I am going to pay tithes off of the three 2721 earnings and when I paid tithes off that that will be an additional $32 but neither of these payments have come out yet because of the place where I allocated my tide payment the big expense that has come out for the month of February so far has been the five hundred and twenty five dollars for my rent I've also paid the thirty five dollars and 82 cents for my phone bill and I paid the hundred dollars towards my CTA Pass I have also paid the my groceries which I had a budget of $35 and I want to see how much I actually spent for my food budget and the pages that you see me flipping through those are my allocated spending pages but the reason why I'm looking at my cash flow is because it has a budgeted amount and a spent amount and I wanted to write it on this page so 3511 I've spent of my grocery budget which means I'm 11 cents over my grocery budget but still doing pretty good I'm pretty I'm pretty proud of that number based on my original cash flow plan I've paid my rent I paid my cell phone bill I paid transportation and I paid a little bit of groceries and so now I want to get into where I anticipate spending the 320 or how I plan on spending the 327 that I've earned from google adsense and the hundred dollar donation so if you're looking at my allocated spending page you can see that in my next pay period that's when I intend to pay my tithes and I just in this third category I created a category for the payment of 327 21 and so what I have coming out initially is the thirty two dollars and seventy cents and the missed payment here there's not a line for taxes but I wanted to make sure that I paid my taxes on the income that I have coming in because I will be taxed and taxes are currently passed new taxes are currently in my debt snowball so I don't want to fall behind and my 2018 taxes Oh after I take out my tithe and after I take out my 30% tax what I have left over to spend is one hundred and ninety six dollars and fourteen cents and today I'm actually going to make that payment onto my rent because if you remember in my previous budget video I learned that I am NOT current on my rent I'm actually always paying my rent during the month that I'm renting and that is the concept of being current and I want to be current so one of my primary goals was to do that and with this extra 196 14 plus the money that I anticipate putting when I get paid tomorrow on to my rant I will be much closer to my goal so let's see actually a little number so 525 minus 225 minus 196 14 that would mean that I'm a hundred dollars and 686 cents away from my total rent payment and I'm very excited about that because that I mean that really just allows me to be able to get in front of and as comment or survivor fan 30 to get out of the red so I anticipate putting the entire 196 14 towards my rent payment the hundred dollars generous donation that I received from the M Brown the way that that is allocated is I don't have anything for that hundred dollars coming out and my knee-jerk reaction was to just put that hundred dollars towards my rent and then I would only be six dollars and 86 cents over but the reality of my situation was that so that money was automatically paid through my paypal account and what I didn't know is that I had expenses coming through my PayPal account because again I'm trying to one I'm trying to have all my expenses come from one place so I'm very clear on how much money is going out but two I just didn't realize the expenses that I have so almost as soon as that money hit my PayPal account payments were going out that I was just not expecting so I'm gonna clear that up this month and that's another reason why I'm doing the budget check-in because I really now won't be overwhelmed at the end of the month trying to shift payments around to a card and blah blah blah I'll be able to put it exactly where it is so what actually came out of the hundred dollars that I received as a donation so far is fifteen dollars automatically was withdrawn for my paypal bill and I'm just going to check to see if I didn't know that I was on automatic debit there because I always call in to make the payment but maybe it's automatic maybe it's set up automatic debit if I have a balance in my PayPal account I don't know but I'm gonna follow up with that my podcasting fee was something that I forgot to consider in my earnest to get out of the red in February when I was talking about my budget so that fifteen dollars definitely came out and it's interesting because survivor fan 32 was watching the video and she was the one who pointed out that I forgot that particular payment and then two other expenses that really blew me away were and and well one didn't blow me away because survivor fan pointed it out she pointed out that I forgot to include my son's podcasting are not podcasting my son's iTunes subscription so that 1096 came out but I noticed that another 1096 came out and I was like livid because I'm like I don't if I didn't have this money what were you guys gonna do and the truth of the matter is is I realize is that when the money is not in my PayPal account these items just get declined and I think in I think I was mistaken these subscriptions for being off because the payments just weren't going through so I definitely thought that there was only one subscription for the iTunes but clearly there was too so I am I tried to dispute this charge but if I couldn't Apple was like not having it and they were like we can do this for next month so I was like all right fine so next month that will be taken off so unfortunately of the hundred are fortunately because I'm grateful but of the hundred dollars that was donated 15 – 15 – 10 69 oops $100 – 15 – 15 – ten point sixty nine – ten point 69 there's 48 dollars and sixty two cents leftover of which I'm going to put towards my rent and and it so yeah so that's that's where the budget is right now so that 48 60 – I'm going to put towards my rent leaving my overall leftover rent that I need to cover as 57 dollars and 38 cents so I wanted to do a budget check-in because I want you guys to be able to sooner see the difference between what I'm planning and how things are actually happening but I also want you guys to be able to see how I'm able to reconcile things and when I say reconcile I mean that like I'm still struggling a little bit with forgetting things that are coming out and my earnest to get things right I'm still of the mind that certain subscriptions are cut off when they are clearly active and so just different things like that but it is definitely getting better and it is getting better with your help in this community both monetarily because the Umbra was very generous but also just from a community perspective of commenting and watching and so I just want to say I deeply appreciate your support I am well on my way I am less than 50 dollars away from getting out of the red and I am super excited and super just humbled by the support and I'm just I'm just so grateful that you guys are supporting this journey and I hope that while you are watching this that you are beginning to transform your financial blueprint so that when it comes that time it'll be more than just one of us screaming I'm debt free so yeah that is it my midweek check-in if you have any questions please ask them down below I will do my budget report card on about February 27th February 28th and that's where you will get all the final numbers to see exactly where every dime went so thank you so much for watching I look forward to talking to you very soon [Applause]