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Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City

**Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City**



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Rob Greenfield’s latest sustainable living project is to live in a DIY 100 ft² tiny house for two years while foraging and growing 100% of his own food in an urban …

How We Save Money ($1000+) On Taxes By Farming

**How We Save Money ($1000+) On Taxes By Farming**



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How can you save money on your taxes by farming? In this video from www.thisishomesteady.com I share with you the ways we save more than $1000 every year on our tax bill by running a farm business.

DISCLAIMER: I am not an accountant. I am not YOUR accountant. Get your own accountant to help you make tax decisions. This video is just to explain to you how WE save money each year, not to tell you how to do it.

One of the benefits to taking the leap from a homestead to an actual farm business is that you generally will be able to take advantage of some tax breaks.

In our state of CT, farmers get a few different tax cuts that we take advantage of. In this video we discuss 2 ways we save over $1000 every year on our tax bill because of farming.

FIRST.. We are exempt from the 6% Sales tax CT has when purchasing farm goods (feed, supplies, materials, etc). We spend a lot of money on feed, building materials, and animals supplies, so this little 6% tax savings adds up to hundreds of dollars every year!

Second… We save on our property tax through the PA 490 program.
Every acre you own is generally taxed through your state property tax program. Farmers generally get a discount on what they pay per acre owned for their properties.

If your thinking about starting your own farm business, be sure to contact an accountant to help you know where to look for tax breaks for your own farm business. The more money you get to keep in your wallet, the more you can spend on new animals and barns!

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so recently I was asked on Facebook I think it's Angela felt a little different my wife says Angelia Angelia she asked me to be a little bit more specific about the certain tax cuts we get that as a farm so in this video we're going to talk specifically about the tax benefits we get as a farmer in Connecticut and then we'll give you an idea of what you might look for in your own state if you don't live in Connecticut so let's talk about taking your money back from the government because I love doing that anyway I can do that I asked my wife to not let me out of this chair until I did this paperwork not my favorite thing to do with this with self-employment or the farm business but it's a necessity if I get these tax forms all filled out right and ship them off I get some nice tax cuts so the first tax exemption that we get as farmers is off of sales tax anything that we buy for the farm whether that's building supplies feed things we need for the animals all that we don't have to pay the 6% sales tax that Connecticut usually makes you pay on that sort of thing so there are some stipulations though just calling yourself a farmer doesn't mean you're going to have your sales tax waived okay little disclaimer here I'm not giving you tax advice today talk to a counting this is just telling you what we did okay that's through let's get into the details so the first two years when I got this form it asked me to prove in the first two years as a start-up farmer that I was spending more than $2,500 on the farm business and after those first two startup years they want to see you grossing $2,500 so every year our goal is to gross more than $2,500 the way that we do that is by selling whole and half pigs to our customers in the area and if we if we gross it's an only gross you don't have to it's growth income of more than $2,500 if you do that every year you're considered legally a farm business and you will not have to pay 6% on all your sales tax so is it really worth it waving that 6% sales tax absolutely last year we spent $4,000 i'm he's here at the farm $4,000 so what is six percent of four thousand you tell me I'm not really good with math I look at if you Google six percent of four thousand they'll give you a number $240 that's two hundred and forty dollars that I didn't have to send to the government that I can keep here on my farm and reinvest into more infrastructure more animals and more feed that's not the only way that we save that's just the first way and after I finished filling out this form I'll get to the next way that we save money with tax exemptions for farmers most of this stuff today is going to apply to just you Connecticut farmers so if you're a Connecticut farmer you get a form reg – 8 R this is a renewal application for a farmer tax exemption permit they send you with a double-sided page full of instructions to help you figure out how to fill out your form I hate paperwork so bad to get that exemption you need to gross more than $2,500 in the state of Connecticut we grossed more with the help of our pigs so we're plenty good there the next way that we save money in taxes as a farmer is through PA 490 again this is a program that Connecticut has your state may have a different program but it probably will be something similar the state understands that farmers need a lot of land to do their work and so instead of making them pay the normal property tax on all their acres they give them a discount and it's more geared towards like corn farmers who have you know acres and acres maybe 300 400 acres they would save a significant amount of money for us we want saving about a thousand dollars in property taxes each year now it's not a ton of money but thousand more dollars that I can put back into my own farm instead of sending off to the government to get wasted worth every penny for me so how do you get your property tax exemption as a farmer well you have to prove that you are a farm business there is no minimum amount of money that's required to do this you just have to fill out a form go to your town hall and they give them the form the PA 490 form and in that form you tell them how much of your land you're using how you're using it what kind of production you're going to be doing on the farm they may come out and inspect your farm and see that you're actually doing it or they may not I can't tell you whether or not they're going to do that some people they want to come out for some people they don't but you do need to be a legitimate business selling things to people you can't just have a homestead or you know a couple of chickens and say hey I'm a farmer so they sold my mom a so to keep up on that every two years I have to fill out a form with my towns to reapply for that exemption and so I'm going to be doing that now and when I'm done we'll finish this video up and talk about how much I save totally and how it's all worth it back after I felt another ridiculous bureaucrat form Oh command done I hate doing taxes paperwork oh man all this stuff so here's a last little words of advice concerning all this stuff first don't let paperwork and taxes and all these things scare you from starting a business it's confusing it's frustrating find yourself an accountant Mike that you can use and somebody who can help walk you through this stuff just just deal with it it's frustrating it's annoying I usually do mine light of course I'm gonna have to pay a fee because of that but uh don't let it scare you away from doing it the second bit of advice kind of what I already said get a really good accountant if you're starting a business you can save lots of money and work things really smart if you have a counted David on YouTube just commented mentioned that he liked our videos that he really liked our style and then he went on to ask being that precise with your finances cost tax credit etc are you using a CPA so David yes I am using a CPA and the reason why is because it helps you know that you're saving all the money you can save that you're doing everything the right way that said a lot of this stuff when I first started I just figured out myself I looked into our state regulations in our town and I saw PA 490 I saw that that existed same with the sales tax and a lot of those things you can apply for either in your Town Hall or online and I just figured them out get yourself a CPA a good accountant who you can trust who understands particularly agricultural things would be nice if you're in an agricultural business so you don't miss any of those tax exemptions is it worth it all the work that you have to go through for the exemptions absolutely so on our sales tip our sales tax each year we spent you know five six ten thousand dollars a year on feed animals supplies for the animals buildings and things this year were going to be doing a lot of buildings on the farm which means we're going to be buying a lot of materials all that stuff is tax exempt so imagine spending $10,000 and getting 6% of $10,000 just waive so that would be $3,600 that you don't have to pay in sales tax I don't know how I'm so bad at math I just realized $10,000 times point zero six $600 okay so you'll save $600 I suck at math which is why you should get yourself an accountant PA for 90 getting the property tax exemption yeah there's another thousand dollars there so depending on the scale of your farm business there's a lot of money to be saved the lessons from this video don't be afraid of all the paperwork get yourself some help with a CPA it's totally worth taking the time to get your exemptions this makes this is the difference between a hobbyist and a business and entrepreneur a lot of people like growing you know farm-fresh eggs on the side and maybe sell it to their friends and family for cash but if you're serious if you really want to make a go at this this is what separates the boys from the men but instead of separating let's bring them together throw back thanks to our two question askers make sure if you have questions leave them in the comments below because a lot of times I'll tell people in the comments hey great question stay tuned for a future video on that we've made a lot of videos lately based off of people's questions so I check the questions every day I'm here to help and thanks for watching if you like this video if it helped you hit thumbs up and another thing that would be super great is if you would share it with someone if you know a friend to be starting their own business or has a farm business or whatever as thinking about it send this video to them tell them about our channel and thanks for helping us to continue to grow next time you're going to go shopping on saunders before you go to amazon go to am steady calm that's am like amazon and steady like home steady calm you'll instantly be forwarded to Amazon's website but in that millisecond that you're forwarded their Amazon will log the fact that we sent 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Guaranteed to save you money on vet bills!!!!

**Guaranteed to save you money on vet bills!!!!**



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This video is fool proof ! its guaranteed to save you money,cut down on vet bills as well as give you total control over your pets health optimized
so what's up everybody we're back yo as promised I'm about to give you these websites that's gonna help you save big money on your vet bills Oh your bed don't want you to notice but you are not paying the best price I'm gonna show you where you can go to get it almost whole set up not wholesale and you can buy their bundles so if you buy lawns of patio to save money year round yo so let's get into it okay the first website imma show you is gonna be called KB vet supply so I want try to write this down as you can or you could just you know make sure make sure you give this video a thumbs up and hit that subscribe button here the notification bill because we're not falling off no more okay I had to take a little slight break but we want to get into it okay pull so uh right here we're talking about dogs cats you know I'm saying horsies lifestyle anything small pets you know like birds or whatever but today we're gonna talk about dogs okay so uh see right here we can go right here and we're gonna go to uh we're gonna go to vaccines we're gonna go right here we're gonna type in vaccine who got with me so let's try let's try dollar back since okay look at this the child is beautiful look at this um you can go over here and play with the prices as well but like say we want similar buy a whole pack see this is a 50 pack it's a 50 pack of vaccines for 311 and 98 dollars okay so you spitting at one time and you only got to spin that no more most of the time when when they wouldn't give you with your dollar shot most the time you spend it at least two hundred or a hundred and some dollars to get that one shot but they don't tell you that they buy for three hundred or so dollars so it's kind of like you know it's kind of like they hustle you know saying so here you go right here so let's try this right here one hundred and fifty dollars everybody knows that you you're hardly gonna go into the bed and come out of the bed without spinning some type of big money so let's go over to this let's say Bangor Bank was one of my favorite brands you know Co Vanguard right here it's temporarily out of stock as we speak but you know you can check it out for yourself but uh see why I chose this and it's a safe vaccine and everything you could do your own research you doing research but uh this is what it would it fight Vanguard +5 as a five way vaccine or that fight canine distemper adenovirus Kyle pepper titers are pal for influenza parvo virus it aids in protection the kennel cough for healthy dollars six weeks of age in the older you know it's all it's like a century's real good it's just like real good you know you don't have to take my word for it and you know that's not the only thing that offers like anything is for a thought I'll just let you look at the menu you got training and behavior you got treats and choose you got bones or automatic dispensers treats or you can buy dog food here clothing apparel beings in furniture crates everything ID tag so we're not gonna go too deep into it also because we're gonna be like a you know gotta put this video together for more than just dogs because I think a lot of people can benefit from it so this is the one time that I think P&C boot camp is going to step outside of just all the bullies themselves so we're gonna also do this video for like other people there wants to save money so this is our universal video so they got the cats no cat dog for everything they offer for the dog that's all for the cats or cat feeders reliably UT vaccinations and you can buy it all in bulk so just like Sam code the reason why you love the self it would be another reason why you can go here you can buy for like horses and see who who care part supplements which you gotta be careful cause a lot of a lot of supplements that horse could take dogs can take also you got the pharmacy the medicine the purse piss it's the met all medical supplies lifestyle you got Camp supplies antibiotics buckets feeders like I said a lot of people to use dogs they also use like the milk feeders for all like the livestock and all the book is in all the feeders antibiotics some antibiotics are universal they got smaller Pittsburgh Spanish fish hamsters gerbils and more that's just over all of this and they ship to the United States you know they got toll-free number everything I've been using KP vet supply personally myself ever since I was about 11 or 12 years old KP best surprise like one little things that most people don't know about but uh yeah a lot of breeders won't tell you this um a lot of veterinarians gonna tell you this but over here p jeab really can't believe this scoop okay we do our research we use cool I give you things that most other breeders don't want you to know I do think the most bet bet Gary years will a totally have something to say about it so I might have some bad comments I leave my videos um veterinarian saying all this and all that but trust me this is the same exact thing that your veterinarian is giving you and if you don't believe me you can just go to the bed get the shot get the bottle read the bottle then I want you to go in here and type in right here exactly the name that they have there and you can buy them both you can buy like two hundred shots for like 100 or something dollars so that's great that's the number one thing the person one I want to show you then I happen to come across these as well and now like I said over here pians you put the camp we give you what we give our dogs nothing less this is exactly what my dogs in take everything that I give you is everything that I use personally you know I'll show you these things as we go on our other these shots and I will do a video and I will show you me giving the dog a shot so this is on a levan doesn't have as much as KP that's the five way it definitely where I like well I like about this website because it gives us the option to shot my brain some people are like name-brand shoppers and they want anything that's less the name brand I'm eating one of those people per site so you know you got shot proper in if you know any of these brands on I'm unfamiliar with drum talk I'm familiar with pedicure I'm familiar with vet science and nature big things like this so if you're just one of those people just want to stick to what you know then you can definitely shop by brand here you can do a quick reorder you know you can shop by condition say like you know I had somebody on shout out the daughter of a king once again she has been one of the most active people on my channel Oh pinion see buddy can't love you we love you and you also help give me time because you're engaged and I love it um you said I remember we were talking about parasites internal outside internal and external well here's you can click on this and it'll give you all type of medicines and different shots of food and everything that you can get a get out for that are savoring see you got digestive tract and the liver liver crop you have that disinfected all say for instance y'all have a problem easy you can all go over there and you can shop by there as well so I think that's one of you kept asking me what medicine is recommended I recommend that you go on this website right here daughter of a king anyone else and you are go to shop on condition so if your dog doesn't seem to have an appetite you can go over here to one of these ears or you can click on lost appetite and it will definitely pull up everything you need to know you do not have to be an expert you do not have to be a breeder so use this website um I also shot my pet you shot my dogs you can also choose now food you use dewormer I am a personal fan of the paste in the hall so our liquid I am NOT a fan of the peels cuz it's too easy for you to like overwhelm them on those on those things but like you got some joints you got the the hoof care prescription and about you got the vaccines you got the probiotics is it's a great website this is not one that I knew of when I was younger I think this is a fairly new website but if you check it out it's a great website and you also got the option of auto-ship I'm not sure Kevin Beck gives you that option but you can also auto ship it like shot by brand they have the best sellers and stuff but like I said if you're a breeder you can go ahead and find what you need to find fairly easy if you're not a breeder they also have something for you and I would recommend using only this tab shop my condition that your knobs turn they're going through and then we're gonna give you one more this is another one that's fairly those to me are very pop and I will be using these websites I will I would even try to post videos where I talk about the customer service or some unpacking videos and things like that so this is another one that gives you more than just one category are disapper dogs they have pretty much the same thing but it's good to have two different one because you know somebody might offer something the other one doesn't or you stop price comparison if you big on saving money and getting the most bang for your buck light like I am they got cats horses other pants fish small pets lifestyle pet supplies or bows cleaning supplies doors and gates travel books training nurse and supplies I think they're surprising really something have another one I got syringes magazines flea and tick control I know when people real big on flea and tick you can shop our brand or you can shop by manufacturers oh they have a nice the video you can show here data or break a lot of things down they got shot by category your far left corner down here they got the features that's going on right here I hear a lot of people talk about this right here you say help with your dog bones yeah so basically I think that's pretty much a wrap up this video wall you know here PG like I said we try to give you the scoop right here that's what we got our designate you know whoa we-we-we specialized to keeping the books that's what we do we believe in keeping it bully and we believe it give you the school giving you the background giving you things that a lot of other breeders or gonna coat people in the paint industry in any way shape or form easier don't know or don't want to show you but uh definitely with this what I think is gonna put a lot of veteran areas on on the stuff you know like a lot of them gonna be uh a little mad about it you know Sam but uh I know you're gonna enjoy and I want you all to prosper once you oughta be able to take care your pens without going until financial struggle I want you all to know how to get things way to get things from how to do it easily and I always try to give you something it's gonna add on to your life and not take from me over here pieces really care where we keep it bully y'all have a great day





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hey everybody gets a family homestead I thought I would share with you today I want to the grocery store and what a good deal I got now first I need to explain if you've been following us you know that as of right now we don't produce any of our meat on our own comes down we have plans in the future is just not something that we don't get so we have purchased name for birth story i this is only the second time I've purchased mate since the beginning of this what I did where I have a grocery budget every month and if I don't spend all of it I tried to let it hold over so the next time if something goes on sale I can go five big quantity of it well a dance December a lot of the me usually the mayor in here goes on sale and November and I do a big stockpile but this year it waited till the beginning of December which was fine and I did a huge stockpile so 60 and I've had to buy some chicken boneless skinless chicken breast and some grumpy so a lot of things are on sale right now free group is getting really low so I decided to just go ahead and do it now they're trying to think it seems like there might have been one other thing that I have to buy besides that but I really don't think so I really think that that's all I bought is someone else chicken breast and ground beef so easy right I'm gonna tell you what all I got and break it down to let you never call a snack our grocery budget is $400 a month that might seem like a lot to some people and it might seem like very little with people but if you break it down weekly that's $100 WIC well I don't do it that way I go to say then I try to keep my fans budget under $200 each did that now I've cut so many products out for the household that it's easier for me to do so after that I have $200 which is $50 a week to spend at a regular grocery store and if I have extra from a Sam strip then you know it's it's there okay so anyway um this is one two three four five six seven seven packs there's two in each one of t concepts now where my regular steak heaters right here we just can't afford it we love steak but it's not something that we get a lot of I must steer we get here you know I'm cooking some steaks up out of it but when it doesn't sound I try to get it because we like it it's a good protein and it's easy it's filling so anyway we got that and then I've got two portions I got eight packs of ground beef I have a pack of chicken thighs and it's got six innings and then I have a pack of drumsticks then have six in it also both of those with a one meal for us I got two bags of the smoked pork chops mark whoopsies that's not something we've a lot needs home today two of those I got three packs of the balanced breakfast states I may go jobs now these are sodium they've got they goes so far in our house you can fry these in the morning on a biscuit you can cook them in the pan you can grill them or I mean there's so many different things you can do with them for us I stuck them I put a stuffing and I put spinach in there and that's a good way for our household to get some extra leafy greens that vegetables that they don't care they don't care at all then you might put some stuffing and a spinach and gonna egg salt pepper Parmesan cheese mix it all up take each pork chop put it in there roll it put a big spike around it usually takes a half a piece of bacon verb 1 so that goes a little further just begin it something from top of it bake it move it or you can grill it's really quick text like 20 minutes and it's good and it's filling so then I also got three packs of pork steaks now these are so big I can get eight of these you know so I'll probably get four to five meals out of these four types and then I got a hollow ball most tender loin now this this is natural gluten-free it's not organic but no artificial ingredients and I know that this stuff is more organic we can't afford that not as far as meat goes we just can't afford it so you know if you're watching this and you're like that I I praise you I wish that we can do it it's just not in our budget so hopefully one day when we get to start producing some a permanent okay and then I got a 10 pound box of bacon and now this side can its irregular pieces sometimes you get a good box sometimes she does so what I do is I pick up the best pieces for either you know wrapping these frying using whatever and I use the irregular pieces that aren't really that good for seasonings bacon bits and front cabbage that kind of stuff okay now that is just the meatman and I brought it down separately mark is the teller a Big Poppa eaters I've offered to try to make them my main but he likes these and I'm not so sure broke time I just for them to come in and grab something so I got 12 boxes of Popeyes I got three for both types of hamburger I mean I can't now here is another part of this and all of these will make several communities I used the missus wages pads or caning and a lot of things my pickle relish I used missus wages my pickles – sorry – back to those in this particular store that I went to they always carry different varieties Walmart doesn't have them any more attractive slaw doesn't care of them anymore other places I've looked at um I got two ketchup packets – pizza sauce and do pasta sauce and with all of these that will go so far I will get many many meals out of this ok so I broke it down for the prepackaged stuff which is the hotdogs this mess I spent 30 about $38 all night the rest of this was about 163 ish somewhere around there all of it together tax and all I spent about two hundred and one to two hundred and two dollars I can't remember one of them had some off change and because I've shopped at two different places two hundred and two dollars for many meals here this will last us a while I can do so many different things with it if you break it down by pound it's about a dollar a night on a pound I I'll take that any day so I just thought that I would share this view um I couldn't tell you the last time that I paid regular price for any meat um there had sometimes we're like we wanted to cook out or something like that we didn't have anything thought-out marques ran and just got some stuff other than that I don't buy it unless it's on sale it that is just the way I shop it's the way I budget it's a high two thing but because I budget this way I'm able to buy bigger quantities when it's on sale but I just wanted to share this with you I'm interested to see how other people do it that still have to you know buy other meats from the grocery stores you know lay some comments tell me some stories and if you're not doing that maybe this will give you some ideas on how to do it and I can I'll write this down the minute look so I can always go back and reference that's how I remember that it was December I wrote a dominant way I could go back and reference knowing what I spent that money you know it really helps I slack off some months don't get me wrong God don't stay to it faithfully but I try to if I can it makes my life so much easier so anyway thank you for watching if you like this video and you haven't subscribe to her Channel please do and hit the notification bell and like button or if you think somebody else might like this please share it and we'll see you next time