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Practical Ways to Save Money

**Practical Ways to Save Money**



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Lynnette Khalfani-Cox aka “The Money Coach” says you don’t have to go
extremes to save money. Check out these smart and easy ways to save cash.

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Wow let me just let's talk about some practical things that people allow you these are the extremes people are not going to do nor do they want to but but you got some good practical exactly well a lot of what they seem to be concerned with is saving money and energy resources water especially so let me tell you a couple of things that anybody can do very practical very sanitary ways as well to really save first of all here's a little device called a faucet aerator it's a very simple thing that you put on a faucet in your kitchen sink in your bathroom it's very easy you just snap it on to the faucet head it only costs you like two bucks online but here's the thing this one little device can save you over five hundred and fifty dollars in five years the reason is because it has a it makes the water pressure that come out the exact same but a reduced amount of water comes out so you're really saving money with this a faucet aerator that's a great is very easy yeah now about the toilet just please let me tell something bout the toilet yeah okay hello so we've all seen we've all seen these you know these little things inside the the toilet that you have in the top part of the basin this is called a toilet flapper again very low cost only a buck to buy but the idea is that if you don't change these and you're not flushing very often so I often you're changing the toilet flapper you're supposed to change them once a year because it's plastic so it can break down very easily and cause you a leak that can make about 200 gallons a day literally in water but what does the flapper do it actually helps your it seals in the water okay and then when you flush the toilet it opens so that the water that you flush escapes okay but you want it to stay sealed most times okay but having a new one every single year is very important again it's only a buck online in home improvement store etc it'll save you a hundred and ten dollars we'll put links on our website to where to get these products you have another one is there a couple of other things too energy is a big one right you guys are talking about saving energy go to my energy com anybody can do this they do essentially a personal audit of your consumption your electricity your energy your water uses they'll even tell you how you compare versus your neighbors etc and give you tips on ways to save energy my energy luxuries because a lot of us want to money on groceries understand you don't have to dumpster dive you can do you can use a couple of really neat apps one is called get locavore and it's an app that'll show you about in your area of places where you can get local exactly food that's fresh and healthy and frankly a lot cheaper that's a really good way to save money and the last one I was going to mention is a plate an app called grocery IQ again it's a great one you actually scan the items you want right from your own home they put it in a barcode fashion they create a list for you and they'll tell you hey there's coupons on these if it's meat produce poultry vegetables whatever it is you want you can save money literally right from your home so there everybody wants to save money but you've got to do something that's sustainable that's healthy that won't crimp your lifestyle or hurt your relationships and your potentially you know upset other people in Gregg there are a lot of people who don't like the idea of their you know as you said you're paying good money for something brand new and you've been out running around in it that's not very understandable you know I realize if I want to date someday I'm gonna have to give up someday right I'm gonna have to you know change my way significantly but for now you know it's it's hard to impress girl there really is you know I mean you you have to have nice clothes you have to have you know all these things that really should come first and that's my biggest concern is I'm the well-being of others Israel not catching something right I'm sure they're waiting you can impress girls without Bill's expensive well yeah medically are we gonna succeed unless you find a woman like me I couldn't agree more I mean yeah but it's not unfortunately come up please

May 23, 2019 We don't see eye to eye. Frugal living at it's worst

**May 23, 2019 We don't see eye to eye. Frugal living at it's worst**



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good morning everyone it is May 23 and look at my eyebrows what is it worth it the five that I paid I paid five to get him done but I don't want I'm really bad at the eyebrows like I was telling you last night at 2 o'clock almost 2 o'clock in the morning there wasn't any customers everything was really hard was the water running around to do but today's another day another day with Sun I met that day the Sun has come out a new day so whatever must speak to did yesterday with your life your savings your food always the environment no matter what you did forget about it the Sun has come out a new day has begun so let's start a day and no today you don't have school my daughter doesn't so she's upstairs sleeping and I got woke up I woke up at 7 but didn't get out of bed till 8 o'clock so let's see what the day holds well first I won't have my coffee my second coffee then I'm gonna pick up things that are like ashtrays things around the store and that's one watch the fishes and cook like always so see you guys in a couple of hours for me a few seconds for you well extend 45 and as you can see I had my boiler here I'm boiling water or making it really really really hot I'm dumping it in my bucket to mop everything is gonna be a lot cleaner because hot water actually cuts grease and you need less detergent and we don't waste money on the water going down the drain and the sewage thing getting full and me having to pay 150 to empty it it's 2:40 and when your mate your husband your boyfriend whatever it is none of the same page with you you have to put up with it all the time like 24/7 365 days a year my husband he's not a saint HIV I'm the saver and he's the extreme extreme spender so yeah like always go is getting big fights we've been married since 1990 that's how I became extreme silver and he became an extreme spender so yeah we're not even 1% the same there are days I just want children be honest but know that ice cream it'd sure make everything better right like I was telling you guys if you don't see either I just gonna get the worst Matic of your life like I have right now it's mungus me my husband don't never saw eye to eye never I was when I was 17 when I met him he was 27 and I was always a cheap steak but I didn't have a bad habit of smoking like five six cigarettes a day then I thought since he's older he must know something better right so I was trying his ways and this peppered late the crowd late really late that his ways worth working but I was always kind of a cheap steak but his ways were never working I could see that now properly that's why we're in debt mungus I'm the kind of person that's okay I'll slope but I'm gonna have my coffee and everything in the store and once a week now or now that summer I'm not eager would see we haven't been out of a store for something like a clock P okay copy I had work go back and forth to English school or a doughnut because I'm we're always running to do something else and I don't have time but for drinka stuff like that but let's see our plan today I woke up early because he woke me up with in high school he went to his mom's I brought up a little bit later I had my coffee upstairs came down he went to his workshop where he has his wood for construction keep you around ten o'clock we got the first fight because he wanted me this that like know they were having something simple like fries eggs the second all I want because everybody knows tomorrow clicking beads might give a survey because last time I made them I don't need these my kids that me doing the work for Twitter like for four days before sharp in the garbage is that no and just one have once a whole bag of two-and-a-half pounds in the garbage a lot of apples and fresh ingredients he won a fork laughing like here with us gave three euros for that I know how much papa cause I just beat you had three four copies and I don't even know how much the cost us about the store brand and it was five years for dumping one good thing has too many copies and was just selling it stop making money out of it he was okay to have french fries fresh bread plans with eggs he didn't like these because they were still but not the whole wrong ones it's like no I'm not gonna take 50 cents apiece for homegrown eggs my mom's chicken do not link your face he went back Nikki always this is like his regular thing Maggie he had like three or four drinks he probably went ganna say like treat him to a drink treating some sureties and around 20 either 10 15 and 20 it's mostly ten but it might be just because he's a large like always and then comes back and is like me me me me me me me it's like okay but I'm the one that stretching food thanks for English school thing for the fuel the smokes your smokes and most everything he's the spender like the extreme spender nice 57 I'm the extreme saver important so we never see eye to eye on eight when it comes to finance so we never talk about finances as if we do lovely the end of the wedding I am positive about like my way it was like yeah that and make sure you don't get anything with you this is like okay I'll go pay tomorrow I'll work tomorrow I find another job in construction and what the places you can offer your job I'm like okay it should add three customers no problem I might not happen ever want to date another weekend I'm sure when I have five ten or fifteen customers ordering a pizza hot dog or anything so that I read okay I'm gonna make not a billion dollars euros but for a village like this size with no tourists yet in a humongous crisis I'm happy with making 500 to 700 euros or dollars a month I catch a violin that they feed my daughter and pay my debts slowly but surely and the electric Bell and so on and so on and so on on the other hand when you spend too much so we have two separate accounts to separate finance I don't know wanna know how much he has and I think he wants to know how much I have but that's not all your story you know get to see that so we have separate account bank accounts and yeah that's how we keep that the whole thing family everything working but it is a struggle sometimes when we don't see eye to eye you can't kill them or plan you you can't divorce them or you can't divorce them but I love them he's not always like that so yeah I have two people that extremely different and survival that's why I became the extreme extreme extreme cheap steak and some things for Greece I am extreme even if I call drinking every night in he's the extreme extreme extreme spender a sister of both working separate jobs but this is my story that's his construction business so I don't mind what it does so the day's lesson is don't kill yourselves love with her faults don't divorce them I've had him since 1990 so it's 29 years when my saying it's 39 30th year anniversary cuz we met in April number 47 and I'm anyone ever say to you yikes our kids have all grown up like Billy's 27 Johnny's 25 Valentine is 13 going up to 14 starting high school next year so I'm sure the big ones that summer they're gonna get married so there's less pressure on me and him Valentine's gonna grow up she's gonna have to go to school and continue get a job at some point so the pressure sucks gonna start going down luckily egginess upstairs to my house it's probably gonna be empty in a couple of years if not it won't be that crowded there will be five people in the house and that's especially at a lot sometimes just don't we just have to be patient I wonder if I'm going to be having this YouTube channel of five years you mention it me keep up logging in five years yeah probably the other twenty so that is it for today even if I'm finishing early because as you guys can see I'm in a really bad mood and the flowers and the card have been outside to the ocean that garden flowers on the plane with them and they're not making me any happier so I'm just gonna continue theming cooking burn things and hoping for the best see you guys tomorrow for another for another day of 365 days of body about Google living my life must work and everything in between because yeah every day is a new day a new system up

How-to Print Coupons in "Incognito" Mode

**How-to Print Coupons in "Incognito" Mode**



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hey y'all it's either coupon gal so I wanted to show a few people who have been asking me how to do incognito mode on Google Chrome to get more prints of the same coupon this does not work for every coupon guys only certain ones can you get more than two prints per computer but for this particular coupon it works now this is the way I did it I'm not sure if you have to go to incognito or not if you could just use different email addresses I'm not sure but I want to err on the side of caution so that I can use my email addresses to get two prints per email address okay so let me show you how that works to get the Scott coupon that's for CBS's deal and if you get a rain check I suggest waiting until you're going to redeem the rain check before you print the coupon because the expiration date is not super super long on it so what I did is I went to southern savers com coupon database you type in Scott okay and then down here is the dollar 25 off the bath tissue and it's a printable okay now there is an option to get the paper towels as well and I'll show you that in a second so you click on that link okay then it takes you to this the Scott brand comm offers and program overview now this is a part of the kimberly clark website even though it says scott brand so if you already have a kimberly clark profile from signing up for say depends or Huggies or poise pad coupons you're gonna want to use a new email address other than the one that you've already signed up for what you're gonna do is you're gonna copy the link okay and then if you go over here to this little icon that used to be the wrench icon so that you can open up an incognito window right here new incognito window tap on that and as you can see what this means is there's no cookies or tracking inside this window so you have your cursor right here you're going to want to paste the link since you've already copied it you're going to want to pay it there it is hit return no that is john frieda why did it do that okay so that's not right let's copy again mm-hmm sorry all all right and then we're gonna paste okay there we go I must have copied the john frieda link and then I just forgot to copy it again so you definitely want to copy it from southern savers click on the link go to that link copy it go to incognito paste it ok so then it tells you you have to sign up and then you get to pick your coupons okay so you're gonna click over here to sign up and then you're gonna enter all this in all right so I'm gonna enter in and this is very hard to do with just one hand but I'm gonna enter in my email address okay then I'm going to create a password which should just be you know very basic reenter the password oops that's not right it's probably gonna be wrong it is crap hmm this is so hard with one hand okay um you gotta fill this crap out too I'm trying to do this in real time so everybody can see exactly how to do it okay and your last name all right I am female whoops you can I see I'm female my birthday is not important my zip code shouldn't be important either but I'm not sure if that's like an issue so I'm gonna go ahead and enter those things in okay so then it asks you if you want to sign up you have to agree where's my cursor at you're gonna want to agree with the full rules okay then you go and you type these verification codes and and I always have such a hard time trying to figure out what these letters actually are I always have a hard time does that look right guys I surely hope so is docked right we're gonna see all right so let's sign up okay so then it's gonna say thank you for signing up with Scott shared values you can collect your coupon excuse me for 75 cents off Scott bath tissue or 75 cents up the towels or you can share it with three of your friends and get a dollar 25 coupon okay so that's what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna share and excuse me for own momento I'm gonna put in three friends names or you can share it on your social media I'm choosing not not to what just happened hmm that's weird okay I don't know what just happened but the first email address I put in didn't want to take so I'm just going to retype it no it's not allowing me I'm sorry guys I didn't realize how long this would take to add there's three friends that I want to share this with so silly okay so then we'll share it now once you click share after you enter in either three emails or select to share from Facebook or Twitter or whatever it'll say thanks for sharing the value click either of the buttons below to receive your coupon I'm gonna go with the bath tissue okay so you click on that and it says click to print there's your coupon now this gets a little bit tricky because it's going to come up as if it's a PDF file but it is not a PDF file you can only print this coupon one time because it is only for I'm sorry it is only a one-time use unique code up here okay so I'm gonna hit print at one page okay you can hear my wireless printer okay hmm yeah it's a little slow so it's done printing normally I would go over to my printer and turn the page upside down so that I could have two coupons per printer or per page but to save some time I'm just gonna click print again okay and it says look it's a PDF but it's not so you're gonna hit okay now it's printing the coupon but now it's going to show up after your two coupons print it's gonna say exceeded print limits however both of those coupons are going to have a unique code and let me show you very quickly okay so there's that unique code 9 e 2 6 e 9 e 2 6 G okay now I don't know if this is your IP address up here but they are definitely unique code so you do not want to print it as if it's a PDF file so then what you do next is because we're still in incognito mode we are going to X out okay you have to X out of incognito now here we are back at our regular browser with the Scott brands we're going to copy that link again okay then you're going to go back over to the incognito over here new incognito window now you're in incognito mode paste your link and press ok all right and I'm not gonna go through the whole thing again but you're gonna want to press sign up again and you're gonna fill out all this information with a different email address and I promise you it will work because this is like the fifth set of coupons if not more that I've printed from this computer within the past four days five days so you will be good take my word for it now hopefully this was helpful again you cannot do this with every coupon I guess it's kind of like a trial and error you can try it with different coupons but you definitely cannot do this from my coupon calm it doesn't work like that you can do this with like the Rite Aid email coupons etc etc Laurel at extreme coupons exposed explains it a lot better in her blog post on the clam underrated printable coupon she explains how to go in and out of incognito mode to get multiple prints from the same computer so reference that if this wasn't helpful but I hope it was thanks for watching let me know if you have any questions and I'll see in the next one

Frugal Living Tip #1 by Chrystie Corns

**Frugal Living Tip #1 by Chrystie Corns**



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Tune in to the premiere episode of The Daily Frugal – Frugal Living Tips by Chrystie Corns of I Love To Gossip
hey what's up it's kristy with i love to gossip column and today i'm here to give you a frugal living tip i want you to stop paying your bills kinda i want you to stop paying your bills by writing out a check putting it in an envelope and putting on a stamp and nailing it off you can save so much money by paying your bills online check with your bank or check with the companies that you're paying for to see if they have a pay online option that way you can save yourself the price of a stamp over and over again

4x4 S10 Blazer Budget V8 Swap (Ep.2)

**4×4 S10 Blazer Budget V8 Swap (Ep.2)**



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Blood, sweat, tears, and a Small Block Chevy. Join us as the venerable S10 Blazer gets a Chevy 350 in place of the 4.3L, there are lots of trials along the way …