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MINIMALIST STUDENT tips! How to be less waste and save money in College or school

**MINIMALIST STUDENT tips! How to be less waste and save money in College or school**



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These are my Minimalist student tips to be less waste and save money in College or School!

They are things that I do to simplify my study related possessions.

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if you are a student you probably know the struggle tons of books deadlines and paperwork which can be sometimes overwhelming that's why today I decided to show you some tips and tricks that I personally used to be a minimal student or at least to try to reduce my amount of stuff that is related to college or to school to university so if you're interested please keep watching so my very first tip is to use technology to your advantage you know nowadays we have access to computer to tablets or even phones that can help us out in order to reduce the amount of papers we need to carry and we need to use this is also a really cool way to be a bit more eco friendly and help the planet so I personally use my tablet to take notes in class and I wish I had a portable computer mine is actually way too heavy so that's why I went for a tablet which might not be so comfortable but it works for me and it allows me to take notes it saves a bunch of time because I don't have to transcribe everything or rewrite it and it also helps me to reduce my use of paper which is great more advantages that I can mention it's super tidy super efficient and yeah you just have really nice summaries if you decide to print them so another cool thing that I do because I sometimes do like to use paper in the paper form and whenever I need to print something or write something in paper I try to go for a recycled paper so I do have a bunch of pieces of paper that I collected through the years these pages are written on one side so I just use the other and it's one good way to recycle some materials and it helps you out to also reduce your impact so that's kind of cool so this step might be a bit controversial for some of you guys but it has really helped me out to reduce the amount of books booklets and all of that kind of stuff that involves my studying so this is what I do whenever I have to get text for a class I first tried to get it on a PDF format so sometimes I had to ask the teachers if they know if there's a digital format or PDF or whatever and if they can give me the link to it the mother triumphs I have the chance to buy the book online which is cool and sometimes what I do if I cannot get it and I don't want to have the physical book I just take pictures of the pages that I need and that I will summarize and I just pass the pictures to my tablet and kind of have access to them here so if you cannot really do anything of what I have just mentioned but you still don't want to have a bunch of booklets I recommend you to buy the book with a friend or with the classmate so this is really cool because you're gonna split the costs and also you can make a fixed schedule to see when each one is gonna have the book maybe you can even split the summary so you make half of it and he does the other half and then you save a bunch of time and you study with friends which is awesome so yeah that's another cool tip but sometimes do it whenever the text is really really expensive and there's no kind of PDF format for it I just have to get the book but I cannot afford it so I just played costs and we take turns which is something you need a bunch of communication form but you can make it work I am pretty sure also maybe you can just borrow it or get it from a library which is cool of course you won't have the chance to mark those books but you know you can work with it and you can take a good advantage of your school library so yeah that that's something cool another cool thing that I do relate it to books and booklets and all of that kind of stuff is once I have used them I resell them in my university we have a sort of cool system where you can sell your books or exchange them for other ones and that's really cool it saves a bunch of paper and it allows you to have everything at a cheaper price of course you will have to deal with some lines or marks or just reading stuff that other people did to the books but you will have them for a cheap price and you will save on a bunch of paper also I really like the fact that I don't have to own the physical books because by now I would have something like a very very very enormous amount of books which is not cool in my opinion so once I read the text i make summaries so I pretty much have all the books I read some rice into a very very little amount of space so yeah I do like to print summaries let's just clarify that but they just occupy a small amount of space so I don't really have a bunch of paper because it's just my little collection of summaries okay so my very last tip is related to food and snack and all of that kind of jazz we spend so much time in college or school that we of course need something to drink and to eat but you know you will save a bunch of money you take it from home and you stop buying little snacks that come with a lot of packaging and all that just so I personally got this little bottle which fits in my backpack and I like to prepare some tea in the morning or refill it and school with cold water if I want to which is really cool and also you can prepare some snacks but not before so that in the morning you don't have to wake up and cook or do all of that prepping which kind of takes some time so I recommend you guys to get organized get your snacks in reusable containers so that you don't spend any money and you don't make any waste with that it's so so easy and it literally literally will save you a ton of money and if you do want to buy some food you can just take your containers empty containers and you ask if they have any trouble kind of putting the foot in them so you don't grab any plastic stuff which is amazing for the planet and yeah shops are probably gonna be more than willing to do this because it will also cut costs since you're not taking the package so yeah it's a win-win okay guys so this were my tips to be a minimalist a less waste student and I hope you enjoy them and if you did please give it a thumbs up and also hit the subscribe button because I will post more videos like this so yeah until next time and please stay simple

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