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Why We Don't Use Cash Envelopes & What We Do Instead

**Why We Don't Use Cash Envelopes & What We Do Instead**



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Lots of people swear by the cash envelope system but we don’t and here’s why. This video is sponsored by Fetch. Click here to learn more and start saving …

HOW MUCH I SAVED FROM NO-SPEND JANURY » REAL Numbers & Savings Goals » Frugal Living

**HOW MUCH I SAVED FROM NO-SPEND JANURY » REAL Numbers & Savings Goals » Frugal Living**



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Results of my second annual No-Spend January! Highly recommend it anyone looking for a fun financial challenge! Let me know if you’ve done one!


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are you guys and welcome back to my channel we have survived January barely but hey here we are in February I wanted to take a real quick second and follow up on the result of my January no spent challenge even with my garage burning down and insurance not covering it future video it still was a really good month long story short for the entire month of January I lived on an $80 per week budget cash envelopes that had $20 in them apiece gas grocery personal miscellaneous and I got a lot of questions about that asking are you still paying your mortgage what about your insurance your bills all of my fixed expenses were all still being paid the point of a no spent is to control your variable spending things that you have control over like going out to eat at restaurants movies entertainment etc now I know a lot of people do know spends in January because it's a brand new year to be paying off like holiday expenses but for me in my case I pay a lot of bills annually that come around in January or right around the new year mark which is still January my HOA our homeowners association fees my quarterly taxes annual insurances and a bunch of other things all just piled up in January I knew they were coming and I should have been smart and written them in my new planner I made a mental note I'd already put them on my Google Calendar so at the end of this year I know girl you better have a little extra money set aside because you're paying a lot the total cost of all these expenses paid in January totaled six thousand and eight hundred dollars hence why we did no spend January and the point of doing this no spend was to help pay off all of those bills and annual expenses without taking too much into my savings and emergency funds and as a whole this entire experience worked out great I was able to declutter things all around my house and donate items that I wasn't using that could really benefit someone else and I was also able to live out of my pantry and really clear out my stockpile of food and freezer where biggest things I learned during the no spend challenge number one want versus need do I need that nice coffee every single morning or could I make it at home number two was the power of the DIY which really means taking the time to fix something on your own rather than go out and just buy a new one for example the lining in the pockets of my winter coat they wore out so when I put my hands into my pockets I could feel like the inner lining of the entire coat so instead of going out and buying a whole new coat I pulled the pockets out stitch them up and put them back in so now I have essentially fixed my coat do ya why I'm Dale DIMM number three I learned just how much food has been sitting in my pantry and my freezer the entire first week of the no spend I think I spent $6 on staples at the grocery store and then completely made a meal plan like a weekly schedule based off of things in my pantry and my freezer so much rice so much pasta so much frozen produce and then before I learned how important it is to stick to a schedule during times that I would normally go out and shop and be leisure I would make sure I was cleaning lesson planning doing something and I would keep myself on a schedule so I wouldn't just magically end up in the shops downtown in Columbus or the shopping center or the mall so weird if you also did a no-spin January or I continued doing an O spend year let me know how it went for you if it's done or how it is currently going for you right now down below in the comments also if you have yet to subscribe I will be doing many more savings and budget videos so make sure to click that subscribe button down but for me when it comes to the total results of the January know spent taking the time and budgeting eighty dollars per week for the entire month saved me over 4200 dollars do I have that money sitting in my account right now no I don't it was used to pay off all of those annual bills fees insurances mortgages all mortgages like I have more than one just one all the fun things that came along at the beginning of the year have now completely 100% been paid off and I did not have to dig too deep into my emergency funds or my savings account I should in the next week and a half I want to say by my birthday so maybe by next Friday the 15th I should have my savings account back to where it was at the end of the year which does put me six weeks behind in savings goals but I would rather be six weeks behind in saving my own money than being in debt and paying interest to someone else ain't nobody got time for that I'm now currently debating doing another no spend in March when the time comes to buy all the things that were burnt down in my crush fire I know I say to this ones before but my insurance will not be covering this and again I will do another video on that topic in the future shameless plug just didn't wanna bring it into this video because this is supposed to be happiness about completing a no spend and not about insurance except I paid them a lot of money if you have done a no spender for or planning to do one what is your purpose or motivation are you trying to pay off dead do you want my money to travel are you saving for school like what is your inspiration because we're kind of getting to the point in the year where New Year's has faded off that motivation of new year new me is gone it's so gone so let me know down below in the comments if you were to do a no-spin tour if you have what is your motivation why are you doing it what keeps you you know budgeting out your money and seeing where things go just kind of keeping an eye on your expenses week by week but like I stated before I completed the January know spend it was awesome I highly recommend it especially at the beginning of the year when you are again motivated by the new year new me mantra and it kind of just sets your finances back in check if maybe you spent a little too much in the Christmas and a holiday season or did some New Year's travels it kind of puts everything back on track and January just kind of resets everything for you moving forward Saturday videos are still good to be about budget finance and savings because I love talking to you guys about that and it's just kind of a nice way to start off the weekend by just sitting down chatting with you guys about various topics other than that you guys thank you so much for watching this video make sure to give it a thumbs up and subscribe to notified for all future videos carry on have a great weekend continue saving and I will see you next