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How to cut your electric bill in half part 2  free ideas DIY by Missouri Wind and Solar

**How to cut your electric bill in half part 2 free ideas DIY by Missouri Wind and Solar**



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Link to Part 3 How To Cut Your Electric Bill In Half MISSOURI WIND AND SOLAR WEBSITE …

HomePros: May Electric Solar provides energy & money saving tips

**HomePros: May Electric Solar provides energy & money saving tips**



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May Electric Solar Division, our passionate, highly experienced professionals are ready to help you take advantage of a high-quality, high-value solar energy system.
so let's talk power this is the Sunshine State solar power for your home should be a no-brainer but where do you even start what are the rules and regulations and can you really count on it our Tampa Bay home pro may electric solar clears it all up who knows you may be the next person living off the grid I'm happy to introduce you to home pro William may of may electric solar and there's a lot of things to dive into first congratulations on your successful business been in business about 10 years now right yes ma'am so you guys your expertise is solar panels which I think a lot of people know of and have heard of but the industry has changed a lot over the last couple of years so tell us tell people a little bit about what you guys are doing so we've been in business for a little over 10 years now we've been focusing on solar power for the last 7 years primarily installing solar for the last 3 years our main source of contracting as electrical contractor our clients are homeowners that want to save money on electricity who doesn't want to do that yeah so with raising rates each year it's the average is over 3% each year a good way to take a hold of that is to install solar electric panels on your roof which and we were talking to I think one of the best news about solar panels these days is the affordability that they have come down in price so much than what they were you know five ten years ago you even said six months ago six months ago yeah so describe the product and what it is when people are installing solar panels in their home explain what this process is most systems are roof mount we do do ground mounts and other type of arrays but most of its roof mount so the process is installing the panel's properly on your roof to be the most efficient location south is the best direction for your panels another important part is the efficiency of the panels and the inverter system that you're using we offer premium tier one panels primarily we do offer other types of tier one panels but we focus on LG panels solar world because they're the most reliable most efficient the biggest part of that is how you convert the DC power from the sunlight to usable AC voltage into your house which you say now is the best time to kind of get your full advantage of solar panels right kind of this this time period in the year yes spring is the best March April May are the best months for solar production clear skies cool weather long bright days so this is the time of year where you would produce a lot of energy that you're not necessarily using but with the net metering application the bi-directional commuter process you can spin your meter backwards and use them later on that month or even roll over into the following months to use them when the air conditioners running more in the summertime and this is interesting too because you're still working with the electric companies they obviously are kind of still an integral part on making sure this process is is good for the homeowner and for you guys right right and and when you go solar you're not off-grid you have to install our system that's legal to be installed so it's safe for linemen which is another reason why we use the inverters that we use you're still grid-tie and you the power company is your primary source of electricity you can't disconnect from them but you really don't want to they have that infinite power source that keeps your appliances running raw well with that process you have to go through the net metering application well and let's talk about affordability too and the tax credits right now because that is a big part of people can still take advantage of tax credits yeah there's a 30% tax credit right now that's a federal income tax credit against your tax liability that's good until 2019 currently and then after that it reduces to twenty six twenty two percent and then it's eliminated so right now with the pricing solar is very affordable it's the lowest I've ever seen it in the last seven eight years and with the tax credit right now is great timing to go solar which and I also want to make sure we brag about your company and that your contractors that you have on your team are your contractors you're not subcontracting these people either why is that important that's very important because I have full control as the license holder my company to oversee how these jobs are being installed so I designed each system it's certified with the state of Florida the fsec certifications on all of our systems the panel's make sure that their code compliant the safest on the market the way we run our company we have no outside sales so we're the direct contractor we don't use any subcontractors to where I can't see what's going on on your roof I mean this is a pretty invasive process it's expensive you have to have that assurance that it's being installed properly and that the warranty means something also and you do offer a lot of warranties these products that you have do 25 year warranty standard on the panels and inverters with our n phase micro inverters free lifetime monitoring so you can see exactly what the system is producing when we come out to your house and we give you a consultation and we're sizing the system for your energy needs we can reference to other people in your area we have over 600 customers throughout the state of Florida we can take our systems with their monitoring and try to figure that what the best system is for you at your location on how you use power and save you money alright so if someone is interested in solar right now why choose you and your team and why now a lot of good reasons we use quality panels the safest inverter system on the market and phase energy has free lifetime monitoring we don't use any subcontractors we oversee the entire project from start to finish from the sales rep all the way to the Installer and then follow through with a net metering application with the power company we train our sales reps we train our installers all in-house and we have classrooms we have mandatory testing for safety and for also for learning how these systems work why they work and what's best for the customer as far as customer service of how we install them from cleaning up after ourselves being respectful of customers and giving them our main focus is giving them exactly what they expect and what we sold them from what they can expect to save on energy and how the warranty is going to fall out for the next 25 years with our company and that is why we're proud to call you a home pro so thank you so much thank you for more information on May electric solar just go to our homepage WFTS calm /home prose





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FREE ENERGY. FREE ELECTRICITY. How to lower your electric BILL. (DIY – Do It Yourself)
Stopping of the electricity meter (Electricity Meter hack live)

►Neodymium magnet to stop the meter – and here –

Free energy. Free electricity. How to lower your electric bill.
Stop Power Meters (without the magnet)
It is REALLY Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill / electrical meter control tips (electric meter slow down) & How to save electricity ,at home,how to save money,degital meter slow,not hack,only save

Video is for informational purposes only and is not a call to action. The author of the video is not responsible for the application in real life

how to stop digital electric meter reading
Wiring diagram at the end of the video. digital counter circuit . electrical counter stop. electrical meter control tips
How to save electricity ,at home,how to save money,digital meter slow,not hack,only save (In this video show How To Slow Your Electric Meter )
Electric Meter Hack- (Get Free Electricity without Magnet)
Free electricity without magnet(electric meter hack) electric bill saving Here is the way to save electricity bill with simple method

It uses wire to slow down the running of meter hence cutting the electricity cost results save bill

Electric meter hack is very Simple and can be done anytime to cut electricity bill and cost for saving your money

What are modern ways to stop the electronic meters and how they can be detected? NO !

How to Slow Down Energy Metre and Save Electricity bill Simple Step

Here is a simple method to temporarily stop or slow down the spinning rotor disk in a …

If you can find a way to remotely slow down the
meter electricity, then it’s also possible to “slow” your power … kilowatt-hour meter to induce eddy currents or to effect the retarding magnets …
Don’t Try This – it’s ILLEGAL.

Free electricity and Free energy. Stop meter(Stop Power Meter)
How to get Real Free Electricity
How to Make Free Energy(No Magnet)
How to lower your electric bill
Hacking Electrical Meters / electric meter hack
This method of stopping the counter, I call “KREOSAN”

Cheat the Electric Company Out of Power!
All counters can be stopped. Including electric meter, water meter and gas meter

Elecricity Meter Tempering
Electricity Meter Hacking
How To Hack Electric Meter Power theft

How to make free energy without generator – Easy Experiments at home
Electric meter reading & all information (including stop meter)

Остановка счетчика электричества. Как остановить счетчик (электроэнергии) В том числе обойти антимагнитную пломбу

free electricity (free energy)

спрете брояч
da zaustavi pulta
hogy ne a számláló
να σταματήσει ο μετρητής
כדי להפסיק את הדלפק
como detener el contador de luz
zatrzymać licznik
para parar a contagem (como parar un contador de )
durdurmak için sayaç
arreter compteur
zaustavi brojilo
stoppa räknaren genom att
How to Fishing At cambodia (Amazing fishing)
ब‌िजली चोरी का ऐसा हाईटेक तरीका, चकरा गई न‌िगम की टीम
How to Hack Electricity Meter And How it is Work Explained!!
Electric Meter Hack! How To Cut Your Electricity Bill (NO opening an electric meter (very interesting)

And Also NO “How to make EMP Jammer”
Cheat the Electric Company Out of Power!!!
Elecricity Meter Tempering Electricity Meter Hacking How To Hack Electric Meter Power theft

Ways To Reduce Your Electricity Bill

ज्यादा बिजली खर्च करने पर अब आएगा कम बिल।
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87% off electric heat bill: REALLY saving energy

**87% off electric heat bill: REALLY saving energy**



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I made this video to augment my article “REALLY Saving Energy with The Heat Bubble: how I cut 87% off of my electric heat by heating the person instead of the whole house”. This is a DIY alternative form of energy conservation

Camille Pearl comes over to my house and tests my energy saving theories for herself. We start off stripping off her clothes that are more than just a single, normal layer people might wear in a fully heated area. Then we have her stand in the cool area until she feels too cold, then move her to the desk with the micro personal heaters.

It was in this video where Camille first refers to this as a “bubble.” And now, that’s what we call this technique: “a heat bubble”.

She starts off too cold, and then spends 30 minutes at the heated desk area. At the end of the 30 minutes she is fully warmed up and feels like she could work there indefinitely.

We then turn off the micro heat and see how long she can hold out until she feels too cold to keep working. About three minutes and ten seconds.

Quick summary of micro heaters:
40 watts: incandescent light bulb in a chick brooder configuration
25 watts: heated keyboard
15 watts: dog bed heater / heating pad
2.5 watts: heated mouse

82.5 watts total.

A homemade approach to save the environment. Alternatives are sources for home production. This may be a big boost to renewable energy efforts.

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music by Jimmy Pardo
see she gets the point alright so you can see on the thermometer that it's like just a hair over 50 right now and so are you feeling a little cold from walking around the room my fingers are real cold my feet are cold um yeah I just pulled my sweater sleeves down alright um make yourself comfortable get some work done you thank you and don't mind if I do okay that's thirty minutes how do you feel I feel good I'm very comfortable tops of my feet it warmed up the tops of my hands warmed up okay so when you say the tops of your feet the tops of your hands warmed up I dig it too the bottoms of your hands the bottoms our feet warmed up right away right those were the first things um that I could feel the warmth from the warmth from the heat lamp is not nearly as noticeable as from the devices that I'm actually touching can you look up into the lamp and see what the wattage on it is 120 volts it looks like 40 watts all right so um now what does it feel like what's the temperature feel like where you are well um I feel like I'm in a warm little bubble I mean it could be 70 degrees in here for all I know okay how do you normally tolerate the cold um I get cold um pretty easily uh you know I can I can stand it but I get uncomfortable pretty fast and I typically work at a computer all day with the thermostat in my house set between 60 and 60 to 63 degrees but I frequently have to turn on a space heater on my feet keep it on for a while and then turn it off on my leg skate so it's kind of an ongoing process throughout the day and it seems like I mean I don't know how much energy we're using right here but it seems like we're likely using less than a space heater with require and in a way it's a lot more you know like low low maintenance because I'm not adjusting anything after I sat down all right so let's move to the next phase turn it up turn it all off tada keep on working but see how you feel getting cold alright so is it okay there I think that's called it that's time if you like this sort of thing come on out to the forums at permease comm where we talk about really saving energy homesteading and permaculture all the time