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Colorado Health Care Cooperative V1 1sw 092612

**Colorado Health Care Cooperative V1 1sw 092612**



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Introducing the Colorado Health Care Cooperative, a proposal that would provide health care to every Colorado resident for less than we’re spending now. By seeking a waiver for state innovation as allowed under federal health reform, Coloradans grow our own solution: a member-owned, member run cooperative business model that will save money and lives by improving efficiency, reducing waste and fraud, and caring for every Coloradan with high-quality care.
health care for all for less you know a lot of people ask me to explain the co-operative how does it work well it's a little hard to explain because it's so easy people keep looking for something complicated you just take out your health benefits card you call up the provider you want to see and you say hey um I'm sick today we go see the doctor give him your card he swipes it and that brings up your medical history which is stored on a memory chip chip you might have a small copay but that's waived if you can't afford it and it's waived for preventive care if it turns out you have a serious problem it's fully covered this is a high quality health care financing system it's not an insurance system that you have to figure out where the loopholes are this is a system that pays for healthcare hi I'm state senator Irene Aguilar I in my other life I'm a primary care physician I practice general internal medicine and I've been in the Senate since 2011 I decided to run for this seat because I was frustrated at the efforts being made to try and assure access to healthcare for everyone in Colorado well they were good effort it seemed like we were taking baby steps and needed to really get to the core of the problem which was to get rid of all of the waste in healthcare and so I decided to run for the Senate and try to help change that conversation and work toward getting access to healthcare for everyone in Colorado if studies that have been done in the past back in 2007 regarding how much it would cost to provide health care to everyone in the state has shown that if we had some type of unified system using more simplified administration we could cover everyone in the state with a much richer benefit than most people have at an overall decreased costs and so the expectation is that overall this cost will be less for everyone in this the exact numbers are actually being worked on as we speak by an economist out of the University of Massachusetts and we'll be able to provide you with more specific details on what we would anticipate each person's individual contribution to be as well as what we would anticipate the richness of the benefit to be I'd like you to take a moment to picture a future in Colorado where everyone has healthcare and when you're sick you don't have to figure out what is your policy say which doctors are covered all that gobbledygook you think about your health when your neighbors sick you don't have to have a fundraiser for you can just go visitor when your kids are out on their own and they lose their job you can be sure that if something happens they'll be taken care of just picture that that people never come to the emergency room and say well you know what this bad infection i have in my lungs yeah it's bad and makes me feel bad but I don't think I can afford to come to the ICU you come to the ICU and you have no choice you come to the ICU when you're on death's door what that means is that I don't have any control over deciding at the door of the ICU whether I'm going to take care of somebody or not with be on the basis of their insurance I take care of everybody no matter what that's one of the reasons I like I see you medicine is that I never have to worry about that morally ethically I treat everybody the same they're sick they need help we as an ICU nurses pharmacists everybody we all take care of the patients we don't think twice about that when that patient gets better when I'm ready to send that patient out to the floor or home and I say okay mister mrs. so-and-so you need to take this that and the other medication to maintain the gains that we made to preserve the fragile health that we've won you back and they look at me and say there's no way I can't afford this and I know I'm going to see them again in a month or a week or I won't see them because they've died at home that's the sort of stuff that on a personal level is enormously frustrating but also is what motivates someone like myself who sees this carnage day in a day out to do something about it for the want of a hundred dollars a month of medication I'm going to spend another ten thousand dollars two or three times more when the patient has to come back because they can't afford their medication imagine if we had competing interstate highway systems some private for-profit some public and they didn't relate to each other instead of the one system that we have now that works for everyone to change things we need what the Colorado Health Care cooperative it will be one business owned by the people of Colorado to pay for our health care for the private delivery of our health care so I've been working as an advocate for universal health care off and on since 2007 and during this time I've had the opportunity to meet with a lot of legislators and a lot of leaders in healthcare policy I've often asked the question of what is it you do and don't like about our health care system and how might we redesign it to make it work for everyone and who were talking today with that drew Schwartz was the owner of Colorado plastics is it important for your employees here to have health insurance thanks Bill it's absolutely important for my employees have health insurance because I'm a two-time cancer survivor I come from a medical family and I believe that everybody needs to make sure that they're ready for whatever's coming down the pike and to wait until a serious illness or a hospitalization is frequently not only a waste of time in the workplace it's financially disastrous two people so in the interest of trying to be a good person and doing business the right way of course we do everything we can to make sure they have medical insurance yours small business owner and can you tell some about what you've gone through to maintain having a health care coverage for your employees sure we we're fortunate to have a good independent broker who is willing and able to give us proposals but it seems like every year I spent more hours looking at different proposals I think about how many hours I spend doing this sort of stuff food and multiply it times all the other people in my situation in Colorado and across the country and it seems like it has to be millions and millions of hours of time that could be spent growing businesses being innovative and more competitive I think the risk pool needs to be shared there's a ton of talent locked up in big businesses that have the buying power for this type of medical insurance employer based medical insurance that would better serve our economy move it into startups that are going to create jobs so when you think about health care reform there are several different aspects you can think of one is how health care is paid for or payment reform and the other how the premiums are collected and in the co-operative idea we look at trying to address both of those our health care costs in this country have been escalating dramatically and we've been concerned that soon we weren't aren't going to be able to afford other important things in our budget like education and basic necessities that we need to provide and so what we'd like to do is find a way where we could deliver health care such that providers are not paid more for giving you more medical care but instead for being sure that you're healthier and that they keep you as healthy as they can unfortunately what I like to say is that the most expensive piece of medical equipment is a doctor's pen because if a provider orders more and more tests that's part of what drives up our health care costs but there's good research that says that we're doing too many tests and unfortunately some of the newer things that we do can be harmful to patients and can lead to both unnecessary testing and unnecessary complications so what we want is for our health care providers in all levels of providers to figure out what is it that this particular patient needs to keep them as healthy as they can be and for them to be incentivized to keep you healthy the healthier they can keep you the less health care that you need the more successful the co-operative system will be for you and for themselves and that's our goal here with payment reform really our idea behind the co-operative is to say who are the shareholders of our health care dollar for whom should these dollars work and what we'd really like it to be is that the people who pay them are all the residents of Colorado are the people who basically are the shareholders to whom the health care dollars are dedicated you you you

Five Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bills

**Five Ways to Save Money on Your Utility Bills**



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According to The Energy Savings Trust, if you replace your old gas boiler without any controls with an A-rated high efficiency condensing boiler and a full set of heating controls, you could reduce your energy bills.

How to save money and water each time you flush

**How to save money and water each time you flush**



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Everybody’s saying the environment is going down the toilet. But simple fixes around the house can help prevent it. With one easy adjustment, you’ll save money, water and the environment one flush at a time.

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everybody's saying the environment is going down the toilet but simple fixes around the house can help prevent it with one easy adjustment you'll save money water and the environment one flush at a time step one fill up a half gallon container and seal it shut step 2 put the container in your toilets water tank you'll use less water in your tank and save water with every flush done in one minute you just save 60% on your water bill and 7,500 gallons per year let your friends know this tip will save us all money and help keep our environment from going down the tubes

How To Put Plastic On Your Windows - with Window Sills - HOW TO DO?

**How To Put Plastic On Your Windows – with Window Sills – HOW TO DO?**



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Putting plastic insulation on your windows will help keep your home warm and cozy through the winter, and will also save you money on heating bills. Older houses can be a bit tricky to get a good seal because of the window sills. Nate and Viv will show you how it’s done.
putting plastic over your windows will help keep your home warm and cozy throughout the winter plus it'll save you money on heating bills first gather your supplies you'll need a measuring tape a hairdryer an extension cord a cloth a window insulator kit and the scissors you might need a step stool you might not first prepare your windows if you have curtains you might want to remove them will you put up the plastic use a damp cloth to clean around the windows this will help the adhesive stick later adjust the blinds to the position you'll want them in all winter up if you have a curtain down if you don't position the cords attractively like so next take your measurements measure on the window frame a couple of inches from the window pane you might want to write the measurements down on a piece of paper that you can reference year after year unfold your plastic on a clean surface and cut it to the correct size save the remaining plastic and label it so next time you go to use it you'll know how big it is finish unfolding and cutting the plastic apply the sticky side of the tape to the window frame if your window has window sills apply it like this the vertical piece should meet with the piece of tape on the lower sill press on the tape to ensure it fully adheres to the window frame gently remove the tape backing starting at the top of the window apply the plastic to the tape and press if you need to adjust the plastic is forgiving so just pull it off the tape and try again pull the plastic taut and press around the window frame for the window sill section press inwardly so the plastic makes full contact with the adhesive tape press in the corners where the window frame meets the sill so there are no gaps fire up your hairdryer and hold it a few inches from the plastic moving it back and forth the plastic will contract continue until the plastic is taut and mostly free of wrinkles Congrats you've created a buffer of insulating air finally trim the plastic so that only a couple of inches of excess remain let's look at another example this time we'll tackle our big bank of windows using a piece of plastic we save from last year unfold the plastic on a clean surface free from dust and pet hair apply the tape for a large piece of plastic like this wrap or fold the bulk of the plastic in one hand to avoid contact with the floor apply to an upper corner adhere the rest of the plastic to the tape unfolding as you go finish by pressing the plastic to the lower sill use the hair dryer to blow warm air all over the plastic until it's taut and mostly free of wrinkles again trim the excess plastic put your curtains back and you're done Congrats you've just plastic to your windows you

How to Build a Website: Squarespace 7 Pt 3 DISCOUNT Code for Paid Sites

**How to Build a Website: Squarespace 7 Pt 3 DISCOUNT Code for Paid Sites**



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Just a short mid series tutorial to help you save some money as your free trial runs out and you have to pay for your Squarespace site.

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hi and welcome to the latest tutorial by cooler and motorsport on how to build a square space website so firstly apologies for the wait from the first two parts we've been pretty busy preparing our electric vehicle for a world record attempt we are going to try and drive as far as possible on a single battery charge that's really put us behind on creating our own website which I was showing you the steps before and as a result my free trial has elapsed so I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you how to upgrade your site to a purchase site and also to use a discount code that I know of to get yourself a temp cent discount so I'm just going to go and log in so once we log in we're going to see a little bar come up at the bottom telling us that we've run out of our trial there you go so expired account so it still allows me to access the website and see the point that I'd gotten up to but you'll notice that pages has um has disappeared from the side here and so i need to actually subscribe to open all these um that access back up again so click fix now now you've got two different plans in u.s. dollars I'm going to convert it to us u.s. dollars or urine and gives you two different options so either twelve dollars per month build annually or eighteen dollars per month for the twelve dollar one it's great if you just want a landing page or if it's just showing yourself off like a resume does offer ecommerce but you've only got twenty pages and two contributors whereas with our business you've got unlimited pages it's optimized for mobile you've got a custom domain it's only a two percent transaction fee rather than three percent and in the United States they'll help you set set yourself up with um Google Apps for work and a hundred dollars of google adwords here it says the offer is only valid in US and canada so we'll select 18 dolls now you can pay monthly but with the annual payment is really nothing to lose you save thirty-one percent and you will get a prorated prorated our refund if you cancel halfway through the year so without having to go through and put my payment details in i'll show you firstly the discount so it's two hundred sixteen dollars at the moment down here click on enter an offer code it's actually quite hard to see and type in GI mmm a ten give me ten apply and you'll see now goes to one hundred and ninety-four dollars 40 so just saved ourselves temp sent for the initial payment and you can actually get a further discount if you're a student so using an educational email from a verified or institution such as my university will get you fifty percent off the cost of hosting your website on Squarespace to do that um try and use your student email when you're doing the trial and then when it gets to the end hopefully it will come up saying that they recognize your university or school and then it will send you a verification email once you've done that you'll get your fifty percent discount so that's it for today pretty short video i just thought i'd show you how to upgrade your site get a bit of a discount at the same time and as i get a little bit more time we'll finish off our website and help you with yours all right join us next time and don't forget to like and subscribe for more helpful tips