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BULK Grocery Haul || Living Frugally In NZ!

**BULK Grocery Haul || Living Frugally In NZ!**



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Heres Our Bulk Fortnightly Groceries! Shopping on a Budget in New Zealand for our family of seven!!
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hey everyone and welcome to another grocery haul video so today I did my shopping at PAK'nSAVE and I did our bulk fortnightly shop so I was more aiming to try and spend as little as possible this week rather than buying as much as possible for as cheap as possible um just because of financial reasons and we've got a lot of other expenses coming up at the moment so I tried to keep our budget small and I did manage to spend a little bit less than I did just a lot the last box shop that I did at packing safe so the total I spent for this week was two hundred and fifty eight dollars and seventy one cents so I'm pretty happy with that because I think I got quite a lot of stuff for that price so one thing I wanted to let you guys know about is that I have a gardening channel it's called Emma Jane's garden it's linked to my loving nature mom channel and you can find it through there or I will put a link down below in the description box I know a lot of you have been asking about how we eat our in fruit and veg from our garden and stuff so he seems to be interested to know more so I make a lot of videos about our edible garden on that channel and it's only a new channel so I've only got a few videos but I will be doing more in the future so if you guys want to see more of my gardening be sure to subscribe to that channel so I'm just gonna jump right into it and start showing you guys everything I bought this week I really wanted to get some plants because of some seedlings because our garden is starting to lack a bit in veggies for us to eat so I wanted to get some more so this week I got some kale some red Russian kale and unfortunately they did get a bit broken in their travels but hopefully they'll pick up again as long as I plant them soon and I got some red cabbage red acre and then I got some silver beet some bright light so that's a rainbow blend silver beet and then in the back here I got some salindra beetroot and then this one I got is Pak choy cabbage so that's like a Chinese cabbage and I love using that in stare fries and soups and things like that so those are the plant sets I what so I'm gonna be busy in the garden this weekend and then over here on the table is everything that we bought so this is all our groceries for the week for the next two weeks hopefully I'm gonna start in this corner because this is all the cold things and I need to get them back into the freezer cuz I've already been out for quite a while so I got some shoestring fries and that is to have with our fish I've got some fresh fish this week um this is New Zealand red cod and that was reduced to 653 down from 934 and then I've got just another little one just to make it go around our family for three dollars sixty one so I'm gonna cook that up and bake it in the oven wrapped in paper with lemon and dill or some herbs and things like that and I just got a few sausages this week because I already have some in the freezer so just a few more extras and then I bought some mince pies so that'll be a quick and easy meal for a weeknight and we got some frozen blueberries because we all love eating blueberries I didn't buy too much meat this week just because we already had some in our freezer and we didn't really need to buy any extra also we're not really eating that much meat at the moment alright so for dairy I bought some just some Colby cheese for $7 50 and then I got some natural premium ii creamy yogurt there's $3 and yeah we like that because it's really thick and then I got some butter this was I think it was $4 a block for 400 grams so I got two blocks of butter so for fruit and veg I got some agria potatoes and I feel like such a hypocrite because I forgot to bring my produce bags shopping today and it's just something I always do I always like I've so many produce bags but I always forget to bring them so I had to use the plastic bags today and next week I will try to remember to bring my project then I just got some 1.5 kgs of carrots I bought some white button mushrooms and some royal Gala apples think that we're on special for a dollar 90 90 kg so that was a good price and then I got three bunches of bananas and some whole milk powder and this was I think seven dollars 99 so that was a really good special for that and we used milk milk powder instead of fresh milk just because it is cheaper and it kind of lasts a lot longer usually a packet like this will last us a week and we probably go through about one and a half liters to two liters of milk a day with our family so I find that's the best way to do our milk and over here these are the muesli bars and things for the kids lunch boxes so I got the nut bars apricots and I'm and nut bars and then these spinach apple blueberry and banana veggie fruit sticks those are really handy for the kindy lunches and the little kids because they're a bit smaller than a measly bar and they don't have as much sugar in it which is good and then these are on special for two dollars and I like these ones because they are quite low in sugar as well and they have healthy healthier ingredients then no more muesli bars anyway but then you only get five bars in this instead of six bars which you know my getting packets of muesli bars ooh and I got some prunes for three dollars the kids will love those and I got these peanuts for six dollars I think um well you like these peanuts cuz they're really they're not oily I mean even though they're roasted and salted they're not like oily or overly salted which a lot of peanuts can be we've got two boxes of Jetts crackers I think that was three dollars for two maybe I'll have to double-check that but yeah that was a good special for those and guys I feel like I've got so many groceries this week this is I'm struggling to get through this video but anyway I'll just keep chugging on so I'll try to do it really quick so I got some light Tomatoes sauce and a can I got to katan's of almond breeze unsweetened vanilla flavor and I think this is my favorite out of all the almond milks just the taste of it um but you can only kind of have it on sweet things that's the only problem with that so yeah but I usually just drink it on my cereal or in cups of tea and then I got coconut water just when when later this week because the weather is getting a bit cooler and we don't really drink as much of it when it's not as hot and then come back over here so I got this big this big jar of mayonnaise and that'll keep us going for a while and then a big jar of peanut butter and the right my husband needs that that will not last a week strawberry jam golden syrup and this week I bought some hazelnut spread because the kids really wanted me to so I thought that would be their special treat for this week and I just got some sultanas we tend to go through a lot of stuff kind of vanilla I bought the big pack of raisin boxes this week so this has got 36 in it and it was I can't remember how much $5 something I think so that should last a while and then forties I bought just some normal dill my tea for Jordan he drinks that and some more peppermint tea for me and then I got two cans of black beans and a can of apple pie filling and we just like to use this on cereal and like courage and stuff during the week um yeah as a breakfast addition then I got to diced tomato cans ones garlic and oregano and basil and oregano and over here I got two big tins of peaches so most of the kids on their cereal in the mornings and in some cocoa powder two packets of rolled oats some walnut pieces I usually add these to my brownies when I make them and then I got some mash mini marshmallows we like to add these to our hot chocolates and over here I got some old gold two blocks they were three dollars each um some seaweed rest crackers I'm sure I bought two packets of those oh there it is what I was going dotty these flies the one thing I did forget to buy it was fly spray but I needed to buy fly spray because so many flies at the moment go away flies go away I just have to whip them with my detail she says where was that to you okay so over here I got two tins of coconut cream they were a dollar each and some dishwashing liquid elderberry flavor I think that was three dollars and it's quite natural so it's good for our septic septic tank that we have and just some pasta now I got these biscuits I haven't tried these before but they were three for five dollars and they look similar to some other biscuits that we've tried before so hopefully they'll be as good as those but we've got the lemon flavored chocolate and vanilla so we'll have to see which one's our favorite but I just got those because I can't keep up with the baking for the kids and it's just better to have something on hand rather than nothing and have to stress about feeding the kids so yeah and then I got some la shoes some paper towels which I don't normally buy but I thought this week could be handy to have some paper towels in the kitchen and then I got some mega long toilet paper that is a spectacle Peck but that should last us at least a week we seem to be using a lot more toilet paper than we used to before so either the kids have been wasting it all or they're just going to the toilet more often but hopefully that will last us the week I got some more of these my favorite bought biscuits um I did try the cranberry flavor and the peanut flavor but I think I just prefer the plain Chocolate Chunk flavor the best so some more of those now these pepero me and my husband used to eat Pocky which is similar to this but without the nuts on it and we used to eat that all the time when we first got together and so I found these in the supermarket and they were only a dollar 15 for a box so I got two of those and these are just so delicious but they're so Moorish that I mean it's hard to not eat a whole box in one sitting so but they've got like chopped almonds on the outside with chocolate and then like a wafer stick in the middle so those are mine and my hobbies special treat and then I just got some tortilla rats and some water wipes so onto us telling you about in my last video so they were $2 a packet and then some nappies for the kids I've got ones for a V and then these ones and nappy pants which sometimes I put on the boys at night because they tend to wet the bed just quite a lot and then for bread we got these two packets of hamburger buns over two for five dollars so I would usually buy the Chia butter buns but they were like almost five dollars for a packet of ten and there like really little so I thought there's a better value and even though they're probably not as nice though they'll last a bit longer and then I got these Scottish rolls as well because there were two dollars and yes lunches and things and then I got four loaves of bread for a dollar and then we got cat food that was nine dollars I think for that packet which was a good special so our cats tend to eat a lot more food than our doctor probably because we have three of them so I tend to buy more cat food more frequently than the dog food but so I think that sums up our groceries for this week so that's pretty much it and I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to subscribe if you'd like to see more videos like this let me know what you guys think of my new zealand grocery shop and yeah I will see you guys in the next video bye