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LINK TO ALL OF THE PRODUCTS USED ARE BELOW !! BUILD YOUR NAIL KIT TO SAVE MONEY FOREVER !! I have been doing this for two years and I will never pay for acrylics again !!

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100/180 Grit Emery Board
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Sally Hansen Dry & Go Drops
Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat
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Milk & Honey Cuticle Oil
Sally Hansen Cuticle Remover
Full Manicure Set
Strong Nail Glue w/ Calcium & Vitamin E
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confer fashionistas so everybody wanted to know how my nails get done the answer is I do them at home these are the nails that I use they're from Amazon they're from the ICI basket by Nels Gaga you can like I said get on Amazon they're fairly inexpensive so I just took off my nails that I had on before I took them off about two days ago and you want to make sure that your nails are able to breathe for at least one to two days before you go and put more nails back on to your natural nail so I've been doing this about two years I was getting my nails filled in it was just too time-consuming and it was just taking up all my money what you want to do is invest in your nail kit which would be a box of nails these are the stiletto nails here these are the stiletto nails that I like to put on these are my favorite shape and these are the coffin nails they're pretty cool and what's also included in the nail kit a top coat which is shiny and matte so you can differ off what kind of look for one this is quick dry oil by Sally Hansen cuticle softener it's really important you want a cuticle conditioning oil this will keep your nails healthy nail dryer this is my favorite from beauty secrets this is the nail polish dryer buffer and an emery board nail kit which is only like 12 bucks this has like all the tools that you need for at-home manicure hand lotion nail glue I like to use nail glue because I do a lot of moving around and I like to keep my nails on I do not use the sticky tape for my nails because like I said I do a lot of moving around and I want them on but if you need the sticky tape and you cannot keep your nails on for too long because you have a corporate job or your nails cannot stand the nail glue then I'll leave you the link down below where you can get sticky nail tape also this is optional if you want to do your nails like really fancy you can get some stone I have like a bunch of stones you also want to get a stone will and I also have a bunch of different other stones so this may seem like a lot what I showed you but it's a good investment because every time you do your nails it will be free 99 you do not always have to go and get your nails redone because you have the salon at home I'm going to show you what I do after I take off my nose I just buff away the glue you want to make sure your nail bed is smooth this is a high grit buffer so once I buffed away the glue I go in with my 100 to 180 grit emery board and I just shape up my nose you want to go carefully with this kind of emery board because this is really really heavy and it could damage your nail if you're not careful but I like to use this because it shapes my nail really fast and I don't like to continuously go over my nail you also don't want to use this emery board for your nail bed because it could damage your nail bed and strip away the top layer of your nail so after I shape up my nails I'm going to take my nail kit from Amazon I'm going to remove the excess skin on the outer layer of my nails which can cause hang nails and you don't want that you have to be careful when using this tool because it could make you so now what I'm going to do is push my cuticles back and I want to take a cuticle pusher I'm going to take my Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover I'm just going to put a little bit on my nail but you can see the difference in between the nails once I put that cuticle remover on the cuticle is a lot more cleaner and smoother so I'm just going to repeat that for the rest of the nails so once I finish pushing my cuticles back I'm going to take my cuticle oil and then rub it into my nail bed and cuticles you want to make sure you're taking care of your nails underneath the fake ones because if you don't once the fake nails are removed you're going to have like some really really messed up nails and you don't want that you want to make sure your nails are nice and pink like mine you want to make sure you do not have any kind of fungus anything going on in your nails you want to make sure that's handled before you go ahead and do this or let your nail technician take care of it if you don't know how to take care of it yourself so you want to make sure that oil is heavily coated onto your nails and your nail bed and rub it in really good the oil is coated onto my natural nails and I'm going to go wash this off and I'm going to come back and show you how I put on my fake nails so I washed off the oil fingers are nice and clean my nails are nice and clean so what I'm going to do is rough up my nails again because what's going to happen is this glue is going to adhere so much better to a drier nail bed than a smooth nail bed because if you put glue on a smooth nail bed your nails will pop off and it will not last as long we are also going to want to do that if you're using nail glue tape today I'm going to be using this nail glue that I got off of Amazon so I'm going to take the buffer again and rough up my nail bed I want to pick up my nail sizes which I'm pretty good at because I've been doing this for so long now but this part you're going to want to make sure you put enough glue but not a lot of glue if you put a lot of glue it could do damage to your cuticles and you don't want that in your nail bed so I'm just going to put enough so it can hold onto the nail trust me this will last long and you're going to want to start at the cuticle and then push the nail down it's okay if you get an air bubble you're going to hold it there for about five seconds until it's stable enough for you to remove your hand so there we go our first nail this is okay that little air bubble because as long as this part is glued down it will stay on my nail for at least two to three weeks even with that little air bubble we're just going to repeat the same process again you don't want to overdo it with the glue and you want to work fast as possible there we go that one's a little perfect we're just going to hold it down for at least five seconds now if you're scared of nail glue and you're like it's going to do so much damage to your nail like again you can definitely opt out for the sticky nail tape we got a few air pockets in the middle no but that's okay so we're going to let that sit a little bit for about a few seconds another reason why you don't want to apply a lot of glue because that glue can seep down onto your skin and get stuck onto your skin and that's not good when you're applying the glue you want to make sure your nail is up straight it does not go everywhere so I applied all of my nails and my nose feel pretty tight there are a few nail bubbles here there's an oval here and no bubble here but my nails are going to last for about two weeks even with the air bubbles because I've rubbed up the nail bed and this glue is pretty strong you want to make sure that you have a strong glue if you want your nails to stay for a long time so I'm going to take more of this cuticle oil and put it on my cuticles again and Plus this will remove any glue that you may have gotten on your skin you just want to rub that in really good you want to make sure that you have a lot of moisture and your cuticles this does not loosen the glue whatsoever the glue is already set so what I want to do now is wash this off and we're going to get to the polish so before I apply polish on my nails I'm going to just remove this hard Ridge at the tip of the nail these nails come with like a really rough Ridge on them so you want to get rid of that I'm going to go in with a gray polish you know this is the beauty of doing your own nails you can buy as many nail polishes as you want you can put different colors on your nails you can do whatever you want once you have your nails on and it this at least takes about the whole process like about 30 minutes out of your day and again it's nothing there's no freakin time limit on it because it's free this color is called carry by Zoya and I'm just going to go for a gray matte look today I'm going to skip my middle finger cuz I have plans I have plans for the middle finger now if you cannot paint your nails perfectly like if you cannot stay in your nail lines then I do suggest getting a pill off coat base coat so once I have that done I'm just going to go over my nails a second time so I finished painting the nails I wanted gray and I'm just going to see if I want to do a third coat I don't think that's really quite necessary so I'm going to take my big matte top coat by Sally Hansen you want to make sure that the nail color that you just applied is a little dry not all the way just a little dry so you can apply your top coat because you don't want it to smear and leave like negative spaces you don't want to have it seeped through you don't want this color to mess up so just going to want to wait just a few seconds for that top layer to just to get a little dry so I'm going to wait for this to dry up a little bit and then I'm going to move on to my middle nail and show you what I have planned for that now so I'm going to take this whole glitter by sinful colors so I'm going to put a gym on my middle finger and I'm going to just put a dot of topcoat on the back of this so I'm going to put a dot of glue but right here where I'm going to put my gym because these are heavy gems and you're going to have to use glue to place these gems so I want this one I'm just going to place it in the middle of the nail see how pretty that looks I'm going to leave you to the link down below where you can actually purchase these gems I'm going to take my little nail design pen thing I'm going to have a little bit of topcoat on the end of it and pick up the gym and after that I'm just gonna take my shiny top coat just paint over that I like the shiny top coat for gems because it doesn't dole it out it doesn't leave it matte it just keeps it shiny so now my nails are finished and I'm going to wait for this to dry but instead of waiting so long I'm going to take my Sally Hansen dry and go drops you're just going to want to put it all over the nail lightly with your finger and then after I do that I'm going to take my nail dry spray and after I spray the nails I'm just going to put the cuticle oil on my cuticles one last time it's like I said you want to make sure your cuticles are nice and healthy so I'm going to let my nails dry with the dry oil and the dry spray and I want to let this cuticle oil sit in my cuticles and I will be back I just washed my hands and I'm just going to take a cotton ball and wipe away some of that oil that's on the mat so if you want to get rid of the Polish that's on the cuticle usually what I like to do is just wash my hands and it comes off like that but if you're like really really finicky about that and you really want that polish off you can take a q-tip make sure the tip of the q-tip is fairly pointed or even by some pointed q-tips because I do have that and just dip it in the polish remover I'm going to go around the cuticle with the polish remover and just remove any polish this is the honeydew hand cream and I love this stuff this is really really good because it leaves your hands so freakin soft I'm just going to put a little bit on and just put some of that lotion on my hands get a nice and soak so that was how I do my nails at home it's a very easy DIY all you got to do is buy all of these things that's just one-time investment into your nail kit and the rest is history you can do your nails as many times as you want do as many design you want like it's endless there's endless possibilities and like I said that there's different nail shapes leave you to all of the links down below to everything that I use in this video it took about an hour because I was filming but if it was just me no camera and no talking it would have taken me like at least 30 minutes just pop a buck but the nails on polish put the little crystals on and I would have been done and the nail dryers just shortened that time even more I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you're going to try this elf is so tired of going to the nail salon paying somebody else for something that I can do and plus I'm paying for nails that's just only gonna last two weeks so if I'm going to have some nails that's gonna last two weeks I'd rather just pay 399 every two weeks to do my own nails and plus like I said these are really really strong but if you want them stronger you can buy hard as raps put them as your base coat and just go on with your days any nail technicians don't yell at me okay if I made a mistake it's okay this is just a DIY do-it-yourself because ain't nobody got time for it and I want you to stay plus-sized and stay beautiful fashion Jones bye

How To Super Cool Your House and Save Money on Air Conditioning I Fun On a Dime Money Saving Tips

**How To Super Cool Your House and Save Money on Air Conditioning I Fun On a Dime Money Saving Tips**



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Check out more fun and tips at (screenshots of our power bill/usage will be there soon)

30% off of $40 Scenario // Deals at Walgreens // couponing //Easy beginner deal // All digital

**30% off of $40 Scenario // Deals at Walgreens // couponing //Easy beginner deal // All digital**



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Unfortunately this time the multibrand coupons are not coming up when you search multibrand so you just have to scroll to find the ones for you

ibotta Referral Code :FVHEKNH
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Get coupons from:
www.Coupons.com. SmartSource. RetailMeNot. P&G
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guys it's like 1103 at night and I have to be up early tomorrow the reason I'm doing this video right now is because by the time I get home tomorrow it's gonna be late and I don't want to wait that long to give you guys this stele because you know 30% off of us spend 40 or more is my favorite coupon that there's so much to do so this is what I'm bringing to you guys today I have a bunch of products that we will be getting for cheap and we can use points and get the points back on this deal I want to remind you guys and let all the newbies know that the points that you received back on a deal you can't use in the same transaction so the points you gave back are going to be used on future transactions and stuff like that so you can only use points if you have points already from previous deals so I'm gonna do it the exact same way I did them previously I'm gonna tell you guys all the products you need to pick up this will be again in store because the 30% off calculates differently in store verses on the website also everything I will be doing is digital coupons which are my favorite because it just makes it so much easier for everyone hopefully actually I hope the coupons are working tomorrow because like I said in my video for today no coupons apply like not even one so hopefully tomorrow try to get confirmation beforehand if before you do this deal because you don't want to get a bunch of stuff and then have to put them all back you know what I mean but anyways I'll jump right in I'll tell you guys all the products to get then what the coupons are and then lastly what points you get back and what are out-of-pocket and total is right number one is going to be the oral-b toothbrushes there are $4.99 but you pick up two of them you get the third for free so the total for three is $9.98 next thing you want to pick up is gonna be Pantene these ones are buy one get one 50% off each one of them is four dollars and 79 cents original price so for four of them it's gonna be fourteen dollars and 36 cents next thing is gonna be the speed steak you can do the lady speed stick or the men's either one or you can make mix and match it doesn't really matter you need to pick up two of them they are also buy one get one 50% off and so it's gonna be four dollars and forty eight cents for the two next thing you want to pick up is just one body wash of the soft soap so these are the ones that are three dollars and ninety nine cents as well as one of the Irish Spring again it's the same deal three dollars and ninety nine cents for one of them then you're gonna go ahead and get the all make clear gel deodorant this one is three dollars and 79 cents but you want to pick up two of them and then the last thing you're gonna get is a Revlon the kiss exfoliating balm so they're just basically like moisturizers really for your lips anyways um that is our everything that we are doing in the transaction sorry my hair is really bothering me it's still wet forty seven dollars and a ninety seven cents then we're gonna go ahead and use the 30% off of forty so people asked me in the last video isn't it just the 30% off of strictly the forty and no it's actually anything over forty so this one's forty seven dollars and ninety seven cents and then what we want to do is take forty seven ninety seven which is our total for all of those items multiply it by 0.8 thirty which is gonna give us our thirty percent off and that's gonna be fourteen dollars and thirty nine cents so we take 47 ninety-seven – fourteen thirty nine and then this is when we're gonna go ahead and start applying our coupons so the first coupon that we're gonna take off is a four dollars off from the oral-b this is for off of with it's a digital coupon that I showed you when I'm showing you guys that item then you're gonna take five dollars off for the Pantene this is a five off of three the next thing you're gonna go ahead and do is the speed stick so that one just takes $1 off so that's – one more dollar and body wash soft soap we have a 75 cent off of one digital coupon next one is gonna be the Irish Spring dollar off of one and the last two coupons that you're going to use is the $3.00 off of one through the Revlon as well as the $3.00 off of one for the army so as you can see there our total is down to fifteen dollars in 83 cents this is what's gonna be our out-of-pocket or also what we can pay in points as you guys know you can only pay in increments of 1 2 3 4 5 20 and 50 so in this case you'd be using 10 dollars and points paying five dollars and eighty three cents out-of-pocket plus tax then we're not done yet that's not what we're paying for all these items because we have points coming back so first one we're going to get 5,000 points back for the Irish Spring in the body wash next you're gonna get 4000 points for the Pantene as you guys know we've used that one quite often 2,000 points back for the all main deodorant and lastly you're gonna be getting 3000 points back for the speed six so now as you can see our total is $1.00 in 83 cents that is what we are essentially paying for all of these items after we get our points back and after that 30% off of 30 applies with our item and stuff like that you can pull from everywhere so basically that's what I'm gonna be doing this week again just showing you guys different scenarios then you guys can pick from the ones that I am using and kind of create your own scenario that works best for you because of course we don't want to buy things that we're not using so I hope that makes sense guys and I hope that was all clear and like easy for you guys to understand let me know if you guys have any questions and thanks so much for watching

Meet the Best of GEICO Winner - GEICO Insurance

**Meet the Best of GEICO Winner – GEICO Insurance**



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