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Why Dr. Phil Abruptly Ends Interview And Asks Guest To Leave Stage

**Why Dr. Phil Abruptly Ends Interview And Asks Guest To Leave Stage**



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After speaking with a 21-year-old about her relationship with a woman she’s never met, Dr. Phil says, “I think we’re just going to shut this down.” Why?

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you say that you truly think it's the love story of the century really I do yes I'm writing a book about it actually it's a love story of the century but you've never physically met no sir and y'all can laugh at me it's fine I will be your spectacle I will be your laughing laughing spectacle you can all have it man well you know what I think we're just going to shut this down because I'm not into all this melodrama and you playing the victim and everything so you're saying the audience is is making a spectacle out of you that's not what I'm about and that's not what I do I I had you come here to help you and you're saying people are ridiculed making fun of you you're going to be a spectacle I don't want to be any part of that I'm sorry so you know what it's this is just gone in a really bad direction I'm going to talk with Jasmine I'm going to talk with your mother and I'm just gonna let you head on home and go because I'm not going to play No this all of this melodrama about ridicule in the audience and they can laugh at you and all that I don't play those kind of games you're very manipulative and I just I'm not interested in all of that so I'm gonna let Bailey move on and when I come back I'm gonna talk to Jasmine about how to protect herself from this and we'll talk to Bailey's mom next we'll be right back well you saw we have so Christopher if you'll take Bailey off it's good to meet you and I wish you well yeah not doing this

Your Value Attracts Wealth - Dr Myles Munroe | Dr Martin Luther King Become a Person of Value

**Your Value Attracts Wealth – Dr Myles Munroe | Dr Martin Luther King Become a Person of Value**



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Title: Your value attracts wealth and will determine your success.

Dr. Myles Munro
Dr. Martin Luther King

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Dr. Myles Munroe and Dr. Martin Luther King give one of their most powerful speech on the importance of self-development and Self-worth. In order to increase your life’s value, you must do the things that are natural to your abilities. This Message will be helpful for both men and women but primarily for men.

Dr. Martin Luther King contribution was obtained from his ( Blueprint Speech )

Dr. Myles Munroe contribution was obtained from his ( Why Men Suffer Speech )

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so I want to talk about why males suffer it has to do with not understanding their gift every human came to earth with a gift and they must discover that gift and refine that gift for them to be fulfilled I want to ask you a question and that is what is in your life's blueprint this is the most important and crucial period of your lives for what you do now and what you decide now at this age may well determine which way your life shall go when a male is struggling with what his gift is it affects the woman your gift is your source of significance do you know what every male in this room wants he wants to be significant in the eyes of his wife or his family do you know what men call that respect the number one motivation of a male is to be respected to be respected means that you are perceived as being important significant well gentlemen I'm telling you how to become respected find your gift and whenever a building is constructed you usually have an architect who draws a blueprint and that blueprint serves as the pattern as the guy as the model for those who are to build the building and a building is not well erected without a good sound and solid blueprint now each of you is in the process of building the structure of your lives and the question is whether you have a proper a solid and a sound blueprint because your gift makes the women in your life have meaning it gives them meaning it gives you meaning but it gives them meaning also and so your gift is the source of your significance what made Michael Jordan significant wasn't what school he went to or you know his parents are it was his gift our gift when a human finds their gift they will make it anywhere listen to me you cannot fire a gift this is important for men because you see when a man loses his job he loses his head why he confused the job with his gift he confuses the job with his work you don't go to work you go to a job and the job might be there or might not be there you need to ask God what is my gift and I would have suggest some of the things that should be in your life's blueprint number one in your life's blueprint should be a deep belief in your own dignity your own Worth and your own somebody nests don't allow anybody to make you feel that you are nobody always feel that you count always feel that you have Worth and always feel that your life has ultimate significance now that means that you should not be ashamed of your color you know it's very unfortunate that in so many instances our society has placed a stigma on color ashamed of themselves don't be ashamed of your color don't be ashamed of your biological features somehow you must be able to say in your own lives and really believe it I am beautiful great is down please the key to success is first of all not to see success the key to success is to become a person of value that's why become successful in the human terms the more valuable you make yourself the more successful you'll be coming back so stop trying to be successful and try to become valuable why money is attracted to value if you want plenty money don't go after money make yourself valuable money will find you money is attracted to value the more value you give yourself to the world the more the world will pay for you do you know that the greatest entrepreneurs in history like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates who created software they created them at home in his garage the guy built the first desktop in his garage what you doing with your garage when I'm waiting for opportunity the opportunities in your body think man be sure that you have there a principle of somebody secondly can your life's blueprint you must have as a basic principle the determination to achieve excellence in your various fields of endeavor you're going to be deciding as the days and the years unfold what you will do in life what your life's work will be once you discover what it will be set out to do it and to do it well you know God never get out of a table never gave out of a chair never gave out of my house even ain't given clothes why God hidden the tables in the trees I wonder what's hidden around you right in your yard if you ain't married yet medicine technically if you have a woman in your life you get married if your wife knows that you can never get by it she'll always be secure how do you become immune to firing find something on fire you were born a male but you must become a man being male or female is a biological reality you didn't choose that but whether you become a woman or a man is a choice what makes a male a man what actually makes him a man and why it's not as important to a woman you know when men don't know they are women are in trouble the key to a man's matter is work man's work defines him and I say to you my young friends that doors are opening to each of you doors of opportunity opening to each of you that were not open to your mother's and to your father's and the great challenge facing you is to be ready to either these doors as they open let me say some of the work if a man is not happy with his work he won't be happy with his home work is more important to a man than woman if a man isn't working he's disoriented he becomes disillusioned he becomes confused God gave man work before he gave him woman work shows up in the Bible in Genesis chapter 2 for his 15 woman shows up in Genesis chapter 2 for his 20 for God didn't make woman until man had worked so the most important thing that a man really needs is not woman it's work a woman can never make you a man work makes you a man what does work the first commandment God gave man was work the word work means to become I thought it meant to do something but the word that God uses is another word that we don't think about it means to become the word also means to manifest yourself the word work is also defined in Hebrew as to reveal yourself when God took the man put him in the garden God told the man reveal yourself that's work another way to put it work means to fulfill your assignment let me see what's on the inside of you show the world what I hid in you work means to become yourself in other words work means to perform your function when a bird is flying God calls that work when the fish is swimming God calls that work when I see that becoming a tree God calls that work in other words when you are working you are at the greatest level of fulfillment work and move so you can grow so you can get on with your life Ralph Waldo Emerson the great essay has said in a lecture back in 1871 that if a man can write a better book our preacher better sermon or make a better mousetrap than his neighbor even if he builds his house in the world the world will make a beaten path to his door and so I would urge you to study hard to burn the midnight oil I would say to you don't trip out of school and I understand a lot of the sociological reason why we often drop out of school I urge you in spite of your economic plight in spite of the situation that you are forced to live so often with intolerable conditions stay in school and when you discover what your gonna be in life set out to do it as if God Almighty hold you at this particular moment in history to do it God made the man the male then God gave him work then God said it's not good for this man to be alone I will make him a help suitable to help him to help him with what work women were created to work but they were created to work with the work of the man so if a woman was created for the purpose of working but her work is to work with the work of the man and the man can find his work then when the woman shows up in his life we got two problems she comes to help her do nothing the reason why a lot of women are working on their own and are doing their own stuff is because in many cases they cannot find the man who knows his project do you know what a woman really wants she wanted help her man succeed she does but most of the time the man don't know what he want to do I ain't doing it Oh Inc I'm not interested do it and if they haven't discovered anything so a woman is frustrated and she got all this weapons and all this anointing all this intelligence all this wisdom all the stuff she brings and she meets this person who don't know what they do and just don't set out to do a good job don't set out to be just a good doctor good lawyer the schoolteachers that preacher will bar for beautician a good skill labor for if you set out to do that you have already flunked your matriculation exam for entrance into the university of integration settled to do a good job and do that job so called at the living but they're done boy couldn't do it any better followed your love to be a street sweeper sweep streets like Michelangelo may be picked sweep streets like Beethoven all music sweep streets like Liam teen pricings before the Metropolitan Opera sweep streets like Shakespeare or portrait sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will have to pause and say here lived a great street sweeper who swept his job well you know nothing into me is more beautiful than watching a man who found his work have a woman in his life helping him do it it's the most beautiful picture the male is commanded to work which meant that he was command to become himself every human was created for and with a gift of value every one of you male and female was created by God but a gift of value and that is raised opposed to lead in that area of gifting and the awful filament is in that gift therefore the male was given a gift and you can never lose the gift the bible says the call of god is love we call in other words once god gave you something to do he never takes it back even if you misuse it if you use your gift of music to sing garbage God allows you to keep the gift here's my point whatever gift God Garrett and you to come to the planet to manifest you still have that gift now even if you never used them before you didn't come to the earth with a job or with a career that's why they could fire you from your job take it from you or they can cancel your career by shutting down the company or making you redundant but they cannot take and the Bible never says your education or your job shall make room for you in the world if you can't be applied on the top of the hill being scrub in the valley but be the best little scrub on the side of the real be a bush if you can't be a tree if you can't be a highway just be a trail if you can't be the Sun be a star but isn't my size that you win are you fail be the best of whatever you are human nature cannot be Catalog new and blazing stars of inspiration from crippling circumstances from a poverty-stricken area yes you should know this because it's in your own city that came a George Washington table to carve for himself an imperishable niche in the annals of science the powerful gift from which to the 18 verse 16 it says what a man's gift makes room for him and will bring him before great men and kings never confuse what you study in school with your gift they are not the same thing most of the time sometime when you finally come to God you realize he studied around the room because he shows you your gift and your gift it was not what you studied so you wasted four years and $50,000 that means once you come back to your purpose of your life my degree was of a satanic is your gift that makes broke for you not your education finally and your life's blueprint must be a commitment to the eternal principles of beauty love and justice don't allow anybody to pull you so low as to make you hate them don't allow anybody to cause you to lose your self-respect to the point and you do not struggle for justice however young you are you have a responsibility to seek to make your nation a better nation in which to live you have a responsibility to seek to make life better for everybody and so you must be involved in the struggle for freedom and justice I call these the key principles of gift whatever God calls for he provides for God will never demand from you what he didn't put in you whatever God demands he supplies whatever God expects he injects whatever God assigns he designs whatever God calls all he puts in these are important tree principles birds were made to fly so God built flight into birds birds never attempt flight school fish were made to swim so you never find a fish attending a swimming lesson the swim is built into the fish seeds become trees but you'll never find a seed going to a convention to learn how to grow trees it's built in here's the principle whatever God created you to become is not outside of you it's inside you can take a seed and plant it in a bad economy and it still becomes a tree do you get what I'm talking about no you don't usually get it see this once you realize that your future is not around you or ahead of you then you become peaceful because God put your future where you can't miss it and we go looking for it everywhere except where it is you need originality how original are you in would you do it scale may differ but affection dwells in black and white the same fleece a lot sand black complexion cannot forfeit nature's claim if I was so tall less to reach the pole to grasp at the ocean at a span I must be measured by my soul the mind is a standard of the man the place you go should tap into your gift not just give you a salary are you growing are you are you using your talents where you are if I open a shoe store in the Bahamas I'll become successful you know I know how to become valuable I might decide I'm only selling shoes for nurses every nice man will come back to my store they bypass just talkin to my wife I became unique I became special if you said everything you can go broke matter of fact the last one is important specialization if you're going to become successful yes your gift makes just listen you ever seen a bird trying to move a cow know where it's David being Birds they stay in the gift even though the bird is trapped in the cage it still could fly the cage doesn't take away the gift it just limits it I don't care where you working right now they might let you go next month even it doesn't matter anymore to the session they could never take away your flight now in this struggle for freedom injustice there are many constructive things that we all can do and that we all must do and we must not give ourselves to those things which will not solve our problem you heard the word nonviolent and you've heard the word violent I happen to believe in non-violence we struggled with this method with young people and adults alike but I believe as we struggle with these problems we've got a struggle with them with a method that can be militant same time does not destroy life of property so our slogan must not be bird baby bird it must be visual baby bill yes our slogan must be learning baby learned so that we can other than baby other and with a powerful commitment I believe that we can transform dog yesterday's and injustice and the bright bars of justice and humanity you know sometimes the Lord will actually break up the cage because you don't want to leave now I'm not saying that jobs are bad because some landed jobs the place you go so you develop your gift until it's time to fly and then I say no fly to Seoul but the plant want you to get is know your gift so in case they move the cage or put you out the cage instead of getting depressed and fall on the ground you fly that's what a male is a man needs to give if anything happens baby I'm still gonna make it good why what I got big but what you married is in me baby you deny what I do you marry who I am say meant somebody you married a gift that's in your baby boy I'm going to empower me let us keep going toward the goal of selfhood toward the realization of the tree of brotherhood toward the realization of the dream of understanding goodwill let nobody stop you better start collecting my ideas your gift maybe fishing and they trying to make you an IT specialist if you know you have a gift and everyone does but once you find it you also become very protective of being manipulated people don't threaten you if you have a gift anymore they can't threaten you yeah I'll fight you can find me you are privileged to have me working at this place at this time to use my special gift in your behalf to improve you so behave yourself and pay me lipid more money this is very important what I'm saying now see your gift protects you from manipulation yes what I mean with it when you are who are aware of your gift then you know that people don't love you because of you what they like is what you got you were born with the seed of greatness on your seed is your gift your gift is your leadership you were born to lead in that area of gifting that you have and you must discover your gift which becomes your assignment and life and that's what the woman comes to help you with life for me ain't been no crystal standards that tax in it boards torn up places with no carpet on the floor there but all the time I've been a climbing Hall and reaching landings and turning corners and sometimes going in the dark but a bindle light so don't you stop now don't you sit out on the steps because you finds his kind of heart but I was still going I still cried ecclesiastical chapter 11 verse 6 so you'll see in the morning and our evening let not your hands be idle because you know not which one will prosper or succeed whether this one of them or both will do equally well that worse in my life as a teenager still is doing it today I've seen people violate this versed and go broke and destroy their families let me interpret up with for you so you see in the morning these could go to work on your job and in the evening gonna chance there that means finds of the do after you get off or would start another job do you only think it says because you don't know which one will succeed God doesn't want you to have two jobs when he wanted up is one job and your work that means you shouldn't leave your job before you are secure in your work he said to death but how the state ministries was built while I both of us was still working mean pastor Richard that's the Henry we're all working in different places we didn't come into this ministry full time until it was already able to handle everything you start work after you leave your job and life for me ain't been no crystal stair well light from none of us has been a crystal staff we must keep moving we must keep going if you can't fly run if you can't run whoa whenever if you can't walk crawl but by all means keep moving on top of you man see your job tells you how much you should make your work tells you make how much you want see if you let your job become your only supply your trouble because they ever take that for you you collapse Solomon says go in the morning plant you see and in the evening keep waking you know no one will cross for you is this or even hey man you got a wife your kids you can't experiment with an idea and walk away from a job that could take care you rent in your stuff use the wisdom of the Bible the Word of God says you do both and tell one of them outgrows the other you can experiment with your family you go into work tomorrow or you go to a job you become successful when you refine your gift in the name of Jesus you

Expat Life in Dominican Republic | ExpatsEverywhere

**Expat Life in Dominican Republic | ExpatsEverywhere**



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ExpatsEverywhere talks to Mills about what it’s like living and working as an expat in Dominican Republic. She talks about what jobs are available for expats, how much money you can expect to make, how to meet people, safety, what to pack, health care, and more. Check out her answers to see if you could live there.

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Ericka & Esther-New Rules to Virtual Offices & 0% Interest Credit Cards the New Loan

**Ericka & Esther-New Rules to Virtual Offices & 0% Interest Credit Cards the New Loan**



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Join Ericka & Esther as we discuss the new rules of virtual offices. There is still much confusion in our community surrounding virtual offices vs home offices. When should you use them and what types should you use? Also, finding it difficult to obtain a loan? Many are finding it hard to wrap their heads around SSN Free Biz Credit, and are still pursuing the traditional route of cash. Let’s explore the new routes 0% interest credit cards and how they can help your business grow…

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Esther 15 Min Consult: Remember if you’re in the NY area I’ll be there doing face to face consultations Nov 8th to the 10th:

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hey everybody is Esther L and Erica's making me laugh today how you guys doing how's the audience and I just had a few announcements but I let you say hi Erica I won't hog the spot hey little business class code here if today on this thursday i'm super safe and then determine whether you should have virtual are doing is wrong and 10 percent interest credit cards go ahead Esther ok so anyway before we start I just had a couple of announcements for anyone in the New York area Brooklyn area Queens on my bureaus um Oh Erica you gotta put me on mute because they keep flashing back and forth or put yeah pretty I got a dirt that's okay so anyone in all of those girls I'll be down there november eighth through the eleventh will be teaching a class and i'll be doing some consultation so hit me up i'll put my link in the comment section I'm somewhere noisy so excuse the classical music if you don't like classical music sorry if you do this is definitely your show and then i'll also be at the nicholas brooklyn bookstore Joelle Benjamin's bookstore holding two seminars November 9th from 11am to 1pm so hopefully i'll see you guys there and like Erika said today's show we're going to talk about virtual offices I put that in the comment that when we're talking about virtual offices there's always some confusion around it and then really want to delve into my portion this is my favorite portion a lot of people don't understand that there is something called free cash you know out there so the zero percent interest credit cards okay Erica I'll let you go first and I'll mute out hey I will be in austin texas and part of dallas texas around the november 12 now i'm in austin texas you may see me at all the lows you should have my painting company shirt on granby services but i am still available for consults high and pretty interesting have some free time it's what you get when you have online businesses and actual physical businesses so what i would love to talk about is the purpose and power of an office many people are saying well Eric I just want to get a virtual office or Erica I'll just get a UPS store post office box what they don't realize is every time they do that and you're having a shared mailbox what happens is like mini banking industries when you credit card industries actually like flag it well it's a shared mailbox as a shared location it's not a real office now Regis is good reaches will always will not let you down estra could even bounce for me that Regis is great offices they have board rooms they have the melt so versus those are great now there are many times you can go on craigslist right now and find somebody who's doing a licensed hanging and so who's doing a mailbox services you're going to have a harder time usually nine times out ten getting credit and lines of credit not having a physical water unless you're just in construction and real estate and it's just a juicy deal now why do I talk about the power and purpose of the office an office if you have an actual physical location like the past four days four previous days I was in the hospital and actually have an office so my my helper my assistant was still able to go into the office receive from the mill we're getting the bandit signs and also some direct mail you know whenever he is not a campaign for Greg Miller you're going to get a certain Rebecca it's just it's just automatic people leave people vacate the property you know people are not there that too um but what if I that all depend on me being there what if they all depend on it going to my house and I wasn't there to receive packages I wasn't there to receive mail my bill box is going out of control and the power of an office even a small in mines a three hundred dollar-a-month office and you can find these in any city you can go right now on craigslist in austin texas and buying co shared space and square it a taking office of doctors or office of nurses or office of whatever and they'll have a room closed offer them for two hundred dollars seven hundred dollars this is not uncommon many spaces have been built like this now what happens if you won the money that office it takes from your business you should be actually actively going to go get back if I go my office rent is two hundred fifty dollars a month and you're like da stressing me I can't do it no you need to figure out how many clients will it take for you to get that too thick you back and then double it right because we want to be actually growing and profiting in our business if we're willing to go step out there and get in office a great example in my book allows I'm in in North Carolina there is a couple who are in insurance they have full-time jobs but they you do insurance so you go to that office from 4pm to 9pm it is hoppin it is pure hopping I do are they there all day and night note are there on Saturdays and Sundays yes but that's the power of a business they're not going from people's homes they're not running with a briefcase of people's important documents they can actually relax think and expand creatively in their office and while they're at work during the day if in the future they hire an assistant she can be in office or he can be in the office and help them grow their insurance company I think it's people are so busy trying to get the home business deduction that they don't see the power in not having if you ever want to scale your business or grow your business outside of your wife and your kids you need an office and it also does a place for you to meet clients the best story I could always tell people is when i was at starbucks there was a guy in financial services trying to convince two very wealthy individuals to work with him in financial services at a starbucks i don't care who you are you're not convincing me to give you half a million dollars or starbucks it's not happening I don't care if it's on the risky side of town which was in bee caves of Texas and anybody knows that side of town you know it's the next nice money area but there's a power in knowing that I can make 250 a month or i can make 300 a month and now am I going to make that I'm going to double that income because if we're home we don't have a situated area where we can bring our energy they focus I even we're even joking today with extra I have little kids visiting my house it's like you can't stay focused with energy like that coming in and out so you have to be I was like Callum kids to be quiet exactly you're having to shut yourself off and and like imagine it had a husband who's like well where's dinner and it's just like this interruption of energy so i think is important people have office because guess what if you have a husband was like I need you home at this time and the kids with you home at this time you will run by that office every day after work and put in a solid hardcore hour of work and then get back home there go your ahead Esther no no I wasn't even trying to cut you off you know when you said about kosher and spaces in i'll let you talk after i finish up but then i want to just show people some examples of what co sharing spaces are because when you apply for business credit it's really interesting they I just had a client I got him under the radar with quills I ordered like thirty dollars worth of stuff so he could get in he gave me a business address but he wanted the mailing address for his home so his stuff got mailed over to him and he was really happy but he gave the username and password to his wife right and so in giving that to his wife I was really specific i was like pay your bill first and once you pay your bill then order something else he didn't he gave it to her and what she did is she went up knee and she didn't really run up a lot of debt but she ran up about sixty seventy dollars that red flag quill system then they went in and they they called him and they were like um your red flag and you have a home address and we can't use of home address and you don't have anything on equifax meaning when i say you don't have anything you don't have any business credit establish on equifax so you're unable to do this account and we're going to switch you from an invoice net 30 account and everybody that's been following a show you completely understand that thirty means that you will be billed 30 days after receipt of the product that you ordered right so he got sanctioned so for 90 to 100 days he has to prepay all of his items now he's still building business credit but because he gave me a home address and because he did some things out of sequence he was sanction you know so that home address even more so now is catching people up compared to before 2011 but a lot of businesses we're using home addresses and it just caused the current red flag so i'll go into koshering spaces a little bit koshering spaces are extremely popular and if you don't know i live in oakland california we have hubs of with google we not only have hubs with google uber is in oakland now pandora's in oakland who else is a no Spotify is in Oakland all of these places are in Oakland not only do they utilize their office space they're utilizing what's called a co sharing space so koshering spaces or other businesses get together and they all share a warehouse they all share something a common space mail get sent there they have little cubicles and then they rent it out by the cubicle by the space by the hour by the minute I mean it's really flexible on the time that you can obtain and I'll hand the segment over to you Erica you can piggyback off what I said and then on the next segment I'll pull up my screen with some co sharing spaces yes it's wholly accurate there are many people who are trying to skip steps and we've talked about that in previous videos where you want to jump into business credit and get a twenty thousand forty thousand dollar business credit card and you you're not even in order your personal credit scrappy if you're using home addresses you're using your personal cell phone you know we've talked about getting a grasshopper phone online or even using bondage which is a VoIP VoIP line so they provide only the phone work they also provide a fax and also punish provide you a phone one of those nights nifty you know voicemail nice-looking office phones for free when you open account with them so there's no reason for you to skip steps you know we want you to have a separate phone number google voice even though people love google voice trust me if a bank calls you and they hit the google voice they know it's going to your personal cell phone so you know most of times they're not even checking for you like that but if you already get ahead of that step you're in a better position so it's important to one you know have the IE number have the phone number half the fax line have a nice presentable website even if it's a little cheap one page or a blog site keep it very simple very clean um well what you must understand is getting a separation from you and your business is how you get the hundred thousand dollars or three hundred thousand dollars to go in the bank and get the two main dollar business lines of credit you cannot grow this scale this huge business from your garage even amazon FBA people will tell you that you can go google all over youtube and see where they've had to get out of their house they had they ran out of space you know they needed the warehouse level space so it's important for you to figure out in your business okay how can i get separation so that if i go on a bank and i showed my business bank account and i showing my location and I show them these items that there's not this conflict where they said well you know uh no there's no flag there you're completely separate and I've showed you in the video of the multi business line Craig app from navy federal one of my videos where everything on there was what where's your business address what's your business phone number what is your business fax every question was about your business was only one section where you signed your line and your information so if you want to get separation if you want to get better funding which I know a lot of you watch this channel that's what you're here for you have to get separation so estrogen hopefully is going to show us some of these co shared spaces yeah so let me just share my screen um and I think I got a okay here we go I don't know if you can see that stop sign up i think you can um and then Erica if you can't see my screen I need you to seriously come off me and let me know okay so anyway just to give a better you can use Oh going along on oakland is we're doing it big in oakland so anyway just to give you a loose concept of what koshering loosely means is that multiple businesses and or individual professionals work in one shared office environment um and so then i did a google search and the google search i did was co sharing office oakland california um so we have impact hub that's a really big one a lot of people are using that you can see kind of what it looks like so impact cup is um really big right here and have some pictures of what it is so it's just more than one business here and then we have one more well regus is one oak stock is another one and that's black owned i really like that and it's got good reviews but just to show you okay Erica you're in Texas so we could do are you in dallas erica erica are you in dallas Pam oh that's where is where my grandmother was I sorry everyone can see that I don't okay so what's near you you know link work is this anywhere near you anderson road or tilly street each one thing interesting road is like a middle of the middle it's like cuts the south of the North basic rate oh so we got the create scape workspace here and then you know these koshering spaces they go anywhere between if you just want your mail sent they can you can get a free trial but here's the rates for let's say Texas in California there about forty or fifty dollars oh look at this 125 bucks and then a general membership you get your business mail right that's 160 that's expensive and then going over so you guys can get a general idea but just going over to Oakland real quick oh there we go so Oakland I think impact hub we can get there see like they got black power but incidentally impact hub started in Scandinavia and it's a sista you can see it's a sister that heads it up there there there are the two sisters there konda mason she's real cool it's like people that are actually bought the franchise here but it's something i started in europe but the point is you guys didn't ask for that when our space um here here when you in all kosher spacings they're pretty much the same right but the reason that we're emphasizing these kosher spaces is for the simple fact that when you submit an application acquiesce UPS tigerdirect any of these companies when you submit a co sharing space aplicar an application the first thing thing that they do is they go straight to google they have fancied software that dictates whether you're in a business zone or our commercial zone or residential zone but nonetheless they go straight to google a lot of times and they just sit up there na clit and if you're freaking house comes up sorry I find a hilarious thing you're busted you know and you'll end up like my client who got sanctioned but if they pull it up and it's in a commercial zone then you're good Erica you can take yourself off mute whenever you feel like it I see that your pictures on you might be gone and so then the other thing if you're not interested in a co sharing space is what I absolutely want in mentor or in mentioning the mediator or the like I'm Oh the auditor or the person who's investigating your credit application and mentioning him or her that person the underwriter what they'll go ahead and do too it's a lot of times people use these ups addresses and using the UPS addresses they type that into Google and if the UPS or the u-haul pops up that's a red flag but I don't want to discourage people from utilizing the home address because if you have to use a home address that's one thing another thing that I did too and I think Erica mentioned it is that i went ahead and i have attacks a guy who does my taxes and i asked them hey could i get meals in here for twenty dollars a month you know you can just sort it out if you got a lady who does your hair you know all you beauticians you guys want to make some extra money or you know a barber just somewhere words a commercial spot I mean I even hear people doing some slick stuff using abandoned buildings and rerouting the mail to the house and you know I'm not going to discuss that on the public airwaves but you could always give me a call you know everything is affordable but to mention the homes too it's important that you can actually go ahead and you can zone what I did is I've looked in the and I guess I could share my screen with you on that too let me share my screen on that when I space okay Erica you can dip in I don't know if you have to go go out but let me know so I went to the Oakland zoning cold right because what i did is and then I went to the City Planning and I went to nursing home I think I did no I didn't show up let me look at and this is for all the people who zoning residential business who want to zone their houses for a home office um commercial roofing Oakland Business Assistance Center there's zoning that you can do and everybody has it and basically it's just residential zoning for um business Oakland yeah so if you want you can bring out the application in zoning and I was able to zone my garage and then zoning my garage I kid zone and actually have and I and i'll put the link in here because it doesn't really apply for you guys but everybody every city planner has has it oh are you back Eric okay you can take yourself off me and I finish up my point though but every city planner actually has this so that I was able to zone my garage so when they run my application for underwriting it will come up as a residential but what I do is I send the permit from California are from the city of oakland saying that this has been specifically designed and zone to be a commercial spot and everyone can do that in every city well I can't speak for you but every city usually has this as a process it may not be name zoning but you can go into the residential plan where your address is and you can look to see what businesses are allowed in your area if you especially if you have a corner store around you or anywhere around you if I looked up to that I could have a sidewalk cafe at my house so we're going to open up we're going to utilize my backyard and we're going to grow vegetables and then we're going to take the vegetables and the fruit and then we're going to have like a little cafe once a week or you can run it out of your house but that's still considered a business so if you get that little permit and you want to use your home office now that's more work right that's more energy a little bit more research especially if you're not familiar with it but you can take that and you can run it into something okay Erica day you go well yes sir did you get to cover the zero-percent down interest credit cards because I was loving to hear he's out how about that oh yeah I did good good I had to get my dog yeah what's your dog's name fool just gonna cut it out now anyway hey you guys jessica is like my business uh mentor we're gonna have her on the show seriously so that's like the running joke okay okay okay so you handle one one topic and while you're handling the topic I'll get the zero percent interest credit cards up Erica okay you owe me you're on mute oh you got something handle okay uh sorry i was getting mail from for my my hill / my young person helper but yes so hold on a second one second okay so anyway back to me all right so mad I'm so good back to me so the importance of you know these co sharing spaces also is networking networking even if you have the space for a few months it allows you to meet so many other people about a traffic you'll get a vibe to a lot of events there's one co-working space she didn't show that's in downtown Austin it's like in the middle of downtown it's like on probo streets but basically all the startups start there and it's like it's like a mini startup hub and it's like two or three main floors are like booming and they have happy hours all the time and people test out products on people all the time there and what's funny is then they move on they get a bigger building you know they get a bigger for and so it's super interesting to see that that culture in Austin I know it's also in Nashville and parts of Birmingham where they have these co sharing spaces that are like little startup hugs so if you ever want to get around more like-minded people if you ever want to grow personally having an office is important so many people leave their job in are upset because they're lonely or they're trying to catch up with their friends at happy hour and they don't have good things to share because they're not putting themself around people with really great industry this is another reason I'm always advocating for people to get out office not just sit at starbucks not just sit it a pizza place or restrain this in the day time sucking up all their internet with your coffee it's important to have an OCO sharing space because you do get that opportunity to network with other people you get that opportunity to go to different happy hour to get the opportunity to this person across the street could want to invest their startup money in some rentals you know they could make it big and they want to invest with you so it's important for you to scratch out and get an office & Co sharing spaces are a popular popular for that reason it is that the co community you know you may see our friend Andre hatchet when he's in New York is on this floor and it's actually a black-owned Co sharing space but no one knows and no one cares because it's an amazing building and it has you know kitchenette and all this other stuff and it's a pretty hop in place and I've seen them there at midnight so it has a great vibe I've been culture so I'm going to let her hit it off and talk about the zero percent interest credit cards not just yet okay so I fact I did find that everybody okay for everyone as looking don't worry is coming up and I'm going to go through each and every one but i did want to oh I'm not sharing my screen I did want to finish my point with the City of Oakland oh I know people are like whatever I want to finish my point with this video Oakland that here we are we have the list everybody has it it is what we would call the urban residential songs own regulations and you can type in your address well I don't know everybody city is different for Oakland were a little bit more advanced we have a city of 700,000 people in our little city so it's getting pretty big but anyway I'm in zone 1 and this is what's permitted and I can have a care facility supportive housing transitional emergency shelter semi transit in bed and breakfast and then I could also have health care community education so here's general food sales and those are the things so anyway you can look to see what businesses are in your area if you look to see what those businesses are a lot of times you can just zone your little garage for that and it can just be something there's usually something extremely small it doesn't require a lot of money to get a business license for that but that's another way to skip over the individual who will be auditing your paperwork so let's get down to the cash and when we get down to the cash I just I want to say and I'm going to stop sharing my screen for a second I want everybody to listen to me i am still advocating zero percent interest credit cards without the use of your social security number there are five they'll probably be about four step or stages or tears whatever you want to say before you're able to detach your social security number and get a credit card but a lot of people keep saying if I could get a loan if I can get a loan if I can get a loan loans are what we would consider actual cash in your hand that does require a social security number anything over a hundred thousand if you want to absolutely be no PG or not person guarantee your credit card what you could do is you could do it anywhere between under twenty fifteen to twenty thousand but you not just have to have a really built out business credit I'm playing you have to have bank statements to go along with that business you'll also have to you know being 411 have a Duns number you also have to there are several steps and we can go into it if you want to have a consultation but not only that that will take you about five months depending on how much cash are flowing through your your bank account you can still get these zero percent interest credit cards that and let me let me stop stalling you can still get your zero percent interest credit cards but at this time if your business doesn't have all of those steps you may want to personally guarantee it i still don't advocate it so we have one that's in cash I like chase I don't care what people say that the incentives are awesome you get five percent cash back up to all these services cell phone landline internet and cable TV 25,000 spent that's nothing and two percent cash back your zero percent interest and a zero on dollar annual fee for the next year so i'm going to take myself off to stop the screen sharing because i just want to emphasize a point people are running out getting cash loans would high interest rates tying their social security numbers too late because September 11th is not allowing businesses that don't grow a certain amount or don't have a certain amount of generating income to how can I put it they have to personally guarantee it you know we know that Steve Jobs is not walking into his business and personally guarantee anything we know that because he makes enough money but for the average business person they don't unfortunate also steel structure and died so it's not he kissed theater Vic you lack of Bill Gates oh yeah michael dale of dale assertion round rock texas i was like steve jobs in the union well my buddy day he was that's a heck of a business credit line he came back from the dead so you're in california that is the sad part man i've heard him speak heck of time this is the apple guy right yes okay he used to come into the store in Henryville he would just pop up we would be like dang not ask dedication just checking on your property like that and then i would go to the black scientology they always had church they always had like excellent speakers and he popped up there like twice I'm like I thought this was a black church so I should know his name you right my bad job he's still alive in my heart what was my fan Jessica I was taught we're talking about people don't realize why we keep talking about doing the proper steps of having final months of bank statements over having offended I'm done number or one number though that you can get business lines of credit or get credit without your social security number it takes time but people I have a client even now she bought three houses she's maxed out she's done everything personal instead of saying changing those rental properties to LLC or having some separation now she used all her personal credit and she's at the limit I said the only thing you can do at this point is get another 20 plus percent true twenty twenty percent cash to put on a down payment for property because you've maxed yourself out unless you want to separate this income you're getting off your rentals into business so I mean people have to really focus yes you can start your business in your sole proprietor under your name but long-term you're going to limit yourself when it comes to getting more credit and getting more funding right okay I think that's what I was talking about I I was on a roll before you resurrect his Steve Erica so so anyway the point is I can't remember my point so I'm going to go back let me share my screen and I know you guys want to see the cash and then oh that that was it that you can go ahead and what you can do is you can make sure that the zero percent interest credit cards they're not tied to any social security number so when you're taking them off and when I mean taking them off I'm talking about the cash so you would set up a merchant account that's not tied to you not tied to anything or if you have friends if you have salon if you have anybody that has a merchant account or you can establish one that is not tied to you if you get a $15,000 card is there a percent interest for the next year there is no cash that you can get that is zero-percent injuries if you get cached a zero percent interest call me up and I'll do deals with you all the time but right now the cash that we're referencing is the credit cards until referencing the credit cards take the money off there's all kind of merchant accounts that you can establish not tied to you because if you swipe the card and there's anywhere talked I to you will Jack your card up they will cancel that card on you because that would be constituted as something unethical and it's not unethical to take your credit to your money off I would never tell you to do something like that I'm just saying don't get a merchant account with your social security number tied to a credit card that's tight in your business do something that's completely opposite but at the end of the day that's cash and now i'm going to share my screen and ensure my screen you'll see that that cash is right here is for year it's free so the next one is another chase car that's great you get if you spend fifty thousand looks like you get some money back you guys can look at that yourself the American Express Platinum business platinum card a lot of people feel that the American Express business credit card is hard to obtain because of that name American Express it's been around for over a hundred years it is actually one of the easiest cards to get and I like my American Express that you have a lot of perks don't sleep on these perks when you get these these bum credit cards that's still a form of cash that's like a form of vendor cash so that when they're it's supposed to be zero percent interest I don't see it here but I know that they have a zero percent interest car capital one I really love them that's the spark mile for business card and you get I mean man I've traveled a lot of places just on my credit card miles so you get 50,000 miles once you spend 4500 that's that's awesome and that's also supposed to be as o % interest car but I'm looking at it mmm that one isn't okay and then the last thing you don't have to look at these weekend there's a list here a list complete list list of business credit cards so here's nerd wallet best small business credit cards of 2016 18 best small business cards complete credit card list this is the index so these are banks that you've never even heard of um and they go through a whole list you know you can see all the credit cards on earth you can do ctrl f and type in business and it will bring up each business credit card so I have these links i'll make sure to put that well the only people in the chat is me and you right now right is there is there another oh god well i won't i won't do that right now but if i can put these links in the chat i will right now Eric are you looking at the chat is it just me and my crazy okay I don't I guess she can't see me so anyway you can I'll put this link in here go ahead Erica we put the link in the chat it's a chat we gotta chat no car okay all right I'm on yeah okay I'll do that on my own time I'm getting back getting back to it um here's the complete list now you definitely have to do some legwork but do you know and then i'll just talk about 2016 business um zero percent interest none of them i spelt that right credit cards okay the small business credit cards okay yeah that's the introductory period so that's what we said yeah we said oh the starwood is really good for business that's your percent interest I know that one is and then there's another list of airline credit cards that you can get the cap one and unlimited two percent cash back so okay I'll put those links in and then i'll make sure to stop talking now so that you guys can understand hi Erika we've done so Esther people want to reach out to you on how to get zero percent interest credit cards is there a way for them to find user links you drove I where they can talk with you get a consult with you yeah yeah yeah I always included in the chat and thank you everybody that's listening that it has talked to me hi and people that want to talk to me hi but um yeah I always put them in the chat and I'll put it in the comments to you know you know I where I'm really cleaning up people's personal credit so that they can purchase homes what people really realizes is if you actually work on your personal credit 30 to 60 to 90 days later people are purchasing homes even with lower credit scores people are getting their foot in the door for credit cards and the thing is you just need three rolling lines right because we're talking about representing your interests for credit cards for your business right and many people are gonna not do the steps and they're going to get frustrated and they're going to skip ahead so what you have to understand is if you're not working on your personal credit having three paying lines you're really hurting yourself I even had a client who all she got was one credit card for psychos 5,000 but she was able to get the money off we will talk about that different ways in that private consult and she put a thousand in one secure low and a thousand and a secured credit card and just worked on paying it down paying on it for about three months three to four months and she had to had a huge results so people don't realize that's a big part of credit is if you're going to mingle whichever we don't want you to commingle at least be working on your personal credit as you watch these videos so that you know where you stand and you know if someone turns you down you know that if they're not justifying their turn again or there is or if you're just like Erika I'm stuck I'm stuck in the endless circle of bad personal credit I'm in bankruptcy whatever but I want to grow my business what do I need to do you know we're gonna have to help you work on getting those bank statements and getting your business looking flush for five months so that you can get access to those represent interest credit cards and i am i close enough to being right Esther can you like you can hear me Mike hold on um yeah but you know I have a 783 credit score on all three you know I cleaned my career my credit up a long time ago and I can't get anything to save my life and I can't get anything to save my life Erica because I don't use my credit you know so all I use this business credit I have a personal belief that no one should have access to my social security number and less there a government agency and my mom and dad and my kids you sure you know so I purchased homes without utilizing a social security number but that's me and I know there are people who want to use our social security now number um so you don't want to be like me use your credit but if you want to be like me don't use your credit you know what I'm saying Erica it just depends on what you want to do I am a ceiling Spiritist I am very very paranoid but that's just me you know this is me okay but you are close but it sounded no I do not burn out something I'm not believing oh I do not believe in extraterrestrial but that's okay so I'm gonna be quiet and go back on you uh no so I was just gonna finish this video by saying I hope you guys are taking the time to reach out to me and Esther or video wise or consult or take some of our courses Esther's doing a great course on how to get houses for free from the government over at Andre hatches platform you know I'm talking about business for credit repair on my platforms and how to get your business rolling in the preso because in order to get months of bank statements showing there's money going into those business bank accounts you need to be getting moving you need to get moving on it so it's important for you to reach out and that's how you grow in business and understanding and mentorship if you don't reach out to me or her reach out to someone so that you can get action the saddest thing for me is I have people following my youtube channel for two and three years now still saying they hope they start next year they hope they're going to do something next year you know no one's guaranteed tomorrow you get hit by a bus tomorrow so you have to step out so if you are like Esther and you get that sir you get that bug of that zero present interest you're going to keep going and get more zero percent interest and actually growing your business that way and you know she's going the route of corporations and that is awesome cadastre way girl I made a really big I'm remote cuz I'm like anyway um yeah no that's that's about it for me I'm was in the process of putting it in there uh what erica was saying is true you do there is no reason to walk around with bad credit you know just because I don't use my credit one day I could use my credit and you want it clean you know you never want to be in a situation where you're like I can just go on the business credit and I don't have to ever worry about it that's the way I feel but there will come a time when I'm appreciative that I do have a 783 credit score because I mean I haven't used my credit since 2000 i want to say but at the end of the day it doesn't really matter because you do need clean credit and that's the clean conscience that you don't owe anybody anything so Erica how can they reach you I know it's the classic line but what does that mean anyway what is that class he climb on my clothes life originally I was like coming out of college into polish like shoes his life no but I'm success career lifestyles all that I mean the scl is just the SEL so classy scl calm but you guys can also reach me at some of the links will put below and hit me from Coastal's i have one at 10 minutes 30 minutes in an hour the reason I do that is because sometimes people are they have a quick quick question so you know hey my time is it free so yeah at the 10-minute ten minutes for ten dollars and I try usually unstuck and stick you you're stuck and move you along in your process but it's so important for you guys to take action there's less than what we have 12 days away in our election and then after that we have what 60 days left in the year it's important for you to take steps to build a business like I was telling you guys I was impossible for four days buts courses and things I did in Bank certificates still came into my account from months of work right months of previous work and so they may be small amounts but as they add up if you realize you make one or two or three or four five sales a day and you do that every single day not just when you're in hospital it makes a difference in your life in your business and so I love creating these super videos wester because it's about creating legacy and creating businesses because there's no reason for you to be stuck or broken this economy again I'm gonna ramble but I side till tell Esther the most thing that bothered me this year seeing a video of a man who's been unemployed for seven years crying because someone finally gave him a job when if he just opened up his mind and realized he could have had a lawn mower and then knocking doors and making fifty thousand one hundred thousand dollars a year the past seven years without having to make someone for a job so there you go yesterday okay so he just had to finger girl just to recap what we talked about we talked about the virtual offices and the different types of virtual offices and I don't want people to feel discouraged it sounded like it was a really complicated way to do the home office you know but it's just a thought and it's some education people don't necessarily have that and then from there co sharing spaces that's good going to your little mom and put they're not little but going to your mom and pop your local hairdresser just asking anybody if you don't have virtual offices or co sharing spaces in your area but staying away from something that will flag you and put you in a negative light with the eyes of the auditor and then the second thing we talked about is zero percent interest credit cards and a zero percent interest credit cards you want to make sure that you are going to utilize them because that's the free cash and then I'll be in New York november seven through the 10th I until anybody want some consult face to face in that new york brooklyn queens area i put all the links in the comments section you guys can check them and you know they're there and i said for me oh oh was that it that was it is that what i wanted to say ok oh what's license hanging what is that you mentioned that oh like I actually didn't he um it's almost like when you become the UPS or p.o.box place where let's say your office you just have this extra office back there you can hang up to 20 licenses sometimes 100 Isis there and people are paying you twenty bucks a month and you know each one is office 101 office 102 office 103 and it's virtual and you can still get business lines of credit that way but a lot of times it'll limit you because they'll be like an office there a physical address and it also usually comes up as koshering spaces because so many people are coming up with that address now there's a popular whatever winning but soco sharing spaces actually do not get red flag because the way that they are mentioned in Dun & Bradstreet some you know you have your NAICS and your si si as cold they call them six cold in an NAICS codes but anyway those are particular things that you categorize yourself as a business you might say oh I'm an aviation company and aviation companies if you look up all of those SiC codes well we can look them up let's just look this stuff up real quick because this is why I have the computer oh ok well in AC is cold right so what are we so this is the classification here and you can get a sister you gotta go ya gotta do quickly well ok tonight well let me let me say bye and then I'll put that link in there where you gotta go higher just come on I cut out last time I was like a yo I gotta go gotta go bigley it's you you ok ok where are you going to gotta pick up my medicine it's heads get out early it's true story fun ok yeah i'll let you go and i'll put the naic ok so the quick the room in shortening the story is that these codes um for koshering spaces don't pop up as as offices that have a billion people in it so that's why it's the safest bet okay all right ciao it's been real she got gonna pick up our medicine so all right ok bye everybody thanks for tuning in and hopefully we'll get to talk to you in person or over the phone take care