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Huge Bank Teller Score! Silver Certificates & More!

**Huge Bank Teller Score! Silver Certificates & More!**



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Silver Certificates found in circulation plus more oldies!
what is up guys we're at Bank of America and a teller has a bunch of cool finds that she was pulled out of circulation we're gonna go ahead and look at these real quick we got a silver certificate right here see what the year is probably 30s and guess nope nope 57 b-series circulated but it's still a really cool find we could another silver certificate this one again is a 1957 silent auction another silver certificate another 57 being that is so crazy Wow there are also certificates another one is the same place 57 B and another 57 be about the same condition and then we have another one in and it's a 57 no star that's on its that would have been really cool to get started we have a two dollar bill here that is from 1963 so that's gonna have the difference style back okay it's in really good shape other than a little bit of lighting right there I've got another one some me from so that's got the let me work style back on it look at that we got a five dollar bill 1950 D that's super cool nice condition another one for 1950 wow these are really really nice condition it's a really nice and crisp on another one another one nineteen fifty d another nineteen fifty D that is insane we got another nineteen fifty nineteen was there we go from nineteen fifty D that's awesome and this nineteen fifties got ski stamp on there what does that stay up saying Wow some sort of a stamp I'm not sure what that is counters think but what a really cool lot of those guys I hope you enjoyed the video be sure to give a like subscribe share post your comments down below we'll see you next time and as always happy honey

For the love of money - O' jays Full Version

**For the love of money – O' jays Full Version**



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Edit:The bottom bar is as a result of a re-upload on Youtube’s part. The video was originally uploaded in 2009 and had since been taken down. In the second quarter of 2014 it was put back up and thus the bottom bar exists.

My first video! ”Don’t let money change you!”
Lyrics:Money money money money, money (x6)
Some people got to have it
Some people really need it
Listen to me y’all, do things, do things, do bad things with it
You wanna do things, do things, do things, good things with it
Talk about cash money, money
Talk about cash money- dollar bills, yall

For the love of money
People will steal from their mother
For the love of money
People will rob their own brother
For the love of money
People can’t even walk the street
Because they never know who in the world they’re gonna beat
For that lean, mean, mean green
Almighty dollar, money

For the love of money
People will lie, Lord, they will cheat
For the love of money
People don’t care who they hurt or beat
For the love of money
A woman will sell her precious body
For a small piece of paper it carries a lot of weight
Call it lean, mean, mean green

Almighty dollar

I know money is the root of all evil
Do funny things to some people
Give me a nickel, brother can you spare a dime
Money can drive some people out of their minds

Got to have it, I really need it
How many things have I heard you say
Some people really need it
How many things have I heard you say
Got to have it, I really need it
How many things have I heard you say
Lay down, lay down, a woman will lay down
For the love of money
All for the love of money
Don’t let, don’t let, don’t let money rule you
For the love of money
Money can change people sometimes
Don’t let, don’t let, don’t let money fool you
Money can fool people sometimes
People! Don’t let money, don’t let money change you,
it will keep on changing, changing up your mind.

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5,000 views November 4, 2009
10,000 views December 16, 2009
250,000 views December 1, 2010
500,000 views April 2011
1,000,000 views December 15, 2011
2,000,000 views February 10, 2013
3,000,000 views January 30, 2015
4,000,000 views February 22, 2016
5,000,000 views November 27, 2016

All visual credits go to Google images and Istockphoto.
Audio clip credits goes to the O’jays and Sony music entertainment
This video is purely fan made.

Sharing The Bathtub | Extreme Cheapskates

**Sharing The Bathtub | Extreme Cheapskates**



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Melody spends $1000 a month for her family of four by sharing her extreme ways. | For more Extreme Cheapskates, visit …

How I Got 3000 Initiative With 0 Coupons/Ingots | Naruto Online

**How I Got 3000 Initiative With 0 Coupons/Ingots | Naruto Online**



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• FAQ:
– All Breakthrough Ninjas:
– Make a Combo:
Wanna be featured in my video?
• PC Specs:

– CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
– GPU: GTX 1070
– RAM: 8GB DDR4 2400Mhz
– MB: Biostar AM4 A320MH
– SSD: Biostar 240GB
– HDD: Toshiba 7200 RPM 1TB
anyways today we're doing a lot of do you know I've been thinking to synthesize my runes into level 13s if possible from my move to I told her I was planning to do that but I totally forgot about it I guess I'm doing it today okay so my move to is gotta go oh maybe even move three what the fuck have seventh move fourth well Jesus Christ okay so mama I almost got to a point where I was gonna finish off my level 11 so my move – but now did they fucking release this useless ass function they gotta go oh boy okay let me just I'll do it like this I just remove everything I'm going full stack I don't give a sh you um all right what they really we how what I thought it was gonna give it like half yes I'll do 12 wait how what okay I'll do this and then a a seven I don't know if seven can I go I'll go Lowe's don't know if this is gonna be enough I hope so I think it is yeah there we go 13 this is so weird because like they they're not double like you this is weird okay so I cannot split this you need less to upgrade because look at I put a little 11 it gives 75% put a 10 this the right one no it isn't i oughtta split that okay I gotta put it sevens in I'll go a lemon algol sevens this is weird and then I'll go these lows five 875 a55 880 I gotta I gotta remember that I gotta I gotta have in a write that down someone five 880 unit for our level 30 okay I got a dollar I can go even more dude like so I'm I guess I'm safe to split twelve I gotta do that and then I gotta do this ten ten is too much I got her okay I gotta put in sevens again alright the five eight eighty five eight I need a team or thirty sixty two a four more there we go can I even do yeah I think I can well I don't know I get a little no I don't think I can do more let's see oh I can five nine twenty so I'll be over a little bit I gotta split to level ten again oh it's because of that one wait why was that one I don't remember that one being what is that a bug there's no way okay if I put this one and I put in two doesn't matter – that doesn't matter put in that twelve back this one okay this one this one now I gotta put in the nine somewhere five eight eighty so I gotta split another eight one I understood seven or can I even get like let me go this okay that's all ten nine eight five now that five thousand give shit wait how wait where did they go home they're up there I don't think I'll have oh I will I almost have just right okay okay okay this is so confusing to it because because they are not like even that's why they made a podcast you don't need you don't need it's easier to get a 13 now like 5 78041 hundred and twenty hundred and sixty I gotta split it again uh I think I got this one too one hundred and sixty eighty hundred and twenty seven that should be enough yeah so that's it for the I'm missing one more which is fine but what am I gonna do on this one I'm gonna have no runes which is fine honestly who cares I don't need initiative move for in ten move four and three yeah in ten as well I guess for the sake of like just having them there I'll just put in like I'll split the six one just to have something you know I'll split five as well but next key rebate I guess I'm gonna fill out those two like level fives together all fives and every well I don't really need to you know move three important like they just don't matter and just put these ones I might was a I might as well just go for the last 13 you know who geezers and then I'll and then I might focus move to maybe to just get level sevens and then I'll go all for for teens here I think I'll probably do that but I don't know maybe I'll just go for 14 straight away but that's probably gonna take like at least like I mean the probably someone already calculated everything so prolly knees like 10k keys or even more probably anymore so I got I got over 30 K by doing that I was at almost 31 I was at 2020 28.2 so I got I got 2 point 6 K any from just from doing nothing I really did that thing I just rearranged him and I lost 2 K here no I lost I lost 4 K here it's a big loss to move to but go who gives you know I don't give it i I just wanted my move for move on to dismiss AK now when it comes to critical like that injury I have I'll probably have to do the same probably have to do the same thing ok dude how do you turn off your PM's if I cancel blink I'll just won't see anyone it's gotta be way I guess I'll just fucking split it who cares wait what okay I gotta go in these ones hmm yeah I mean if I do the same I'll end up with with level fours everywhere I could have I could just well I could just play them in fives and then I get some fives as well maybe I should leave it on three afters I can have some across to others how much does that give me one move one I can't even check it here so this is critical critical 2828 keys fire I think I'll leave it on three so I can have at least something on my other positions okay I got injuries and I'll just put these back so I should have 28k on on those yeah I do have that's why





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In order to get these savings you must have a Dollar General account.

Sign up here, it’s free!

Just enter your phone number at check out for these deals.

Purchase the following items:

75 oz Gain
40 oz Gain
41 oz Gain Fabric Softener
16 count Gain Flings
9.7 oz Gain Fireworks
(2) Febreeze Air Effects w/Gain

Total $30.45

Download the following coupons:

$5/$30 Gain products OR $5/$25 DG coupon
$3/1 Gain detergent 69+ oz
$2/1 Gain detergent
$2/1 Gain fabric softener 48-50 loads
$3/1 Gain/Tide Pods
$2/1 Gain Scent Booster
$3/2 Febreeze w/Gain

Pay $10.45!




hey guys and welcome back today I am doing a second scenario for the Dollar General all-digital coupon deal guys if you saw my post about two weeks ago maybe three I think it was about two weeks ago then you would have seen the deal that I did at Dollar General I did not click one coupon I only use digital coupons and today I'm doing the exact same thing but it's even gonna be a better and sweeter deal because I'm gonna get over thirty dollars worth the products and it should come to a little over $10 if I figured correctly so come with me into Dollar General and of course I will share with you guys every digital coupon that I downloaded and what my total came to okay so let's go into Dollar General they have plenty of gaming products of the story so happy okay guys so I just came out of Dollar General and I'm just gonna go ahead and do this hall right here in the car because once I get in the house it it can get crazy okay so this is what I got today so I did the let's see the fabrics not the game fabric softener it was the 40 1 ounce fabric softener I got one of those bear with me I got one of the game flings and I'm sorry about the lighting I'm trying to do this a little bit better but I got to get one of the game flings that's a little bit better right there and this is the 13 ounce gangplank got one of those I got actually two of the airfix I got two of the game the Febreze with game FX I got this one in I'm on my breeze and I got this one in island brush okay so I got two of those I also got my absolute favorite you guys I don't know if I'll try this but I love these fireworks scent boosters I got one of these and this is a nine point seven ounce game fireworks and that's the most important part of this haul in my opinion what I really want for was the game detergent I got one game detergent in island fresh and guys this is the 40 ounce size in island fresh and then I got the big one oh my I'm so tired now I get the big one and I'm sorry about the glare I'm not trying to make it better I got the big 75 ounce one in the moonlight breeze and this is the 36 ounce I'm sorry 36 low one so this is the big one I also get that so guys that's everything that guy in my haul and I know yeah no if I came in at my ten dollars and some change what I thought I was gonna do well let me show you right here okay so this is everything that I got right here okay and as you guys can see for the the gain one of the games I used a $2.00 off for the 75 Alice when I used a $3.00 off I use one I had one for everything I had $2 off for the game flings I'm sorry for the the pots a $3 for the game flings and the Febreze I had a $3 off okay and of course you guys all will link all of these coupons in the comment section so that you guys will know everything that you need to download again these are all digital coupons okay you do not have to clip any coupons you add them to your phone and you go to the store so no paper coupon folks just all digital coupons okay so looky-looky-looky my total all he came to ten dollars and forty-five cents i paid $8 and 53 cents worth of tax and he came to 1198 folks yes you heard me right $11.98 with tax for 30 dollars and 45 cents worth of detergent and laundry items so this is a great deal guys my total before coupons was 3045 I spent ten forty-five plus tax so this is a great deal and go out and do it okay again all coupons will be linked all you need is to use your phone number okay so you can't beat that you guys you cannot beat that okay so guys make sure you go out and get this deal just so you guys know what I did not I forgot to mention with all the coupons that I did use the five off of 25 digital coupon this coupon is only good on Saturdays I'm gonna say that again this coupon is only good on the Saturdays so you either got to go out and do it today or you cannot do it until next Saturday okay so on top of every coupon that I use for the game products I also used a dollar general five offer 25 digital coupon that is good for Saturday's only okay thank you guys so much for watching if you guys love these type of videos please comment below and let me know give this video a thumbs up please share and subscribe and I will see you all in my next video bye guys