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How to Shoot a Low-Budget Horror Film

**How to Shoot a Low-Budget Horror Film**



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Ever wondered how to make your first low-budget horror flick? DCODE how to save on your cost.

Warning: The following video contains mature content and disturbing images. Viewer discretion is advised.

Warning: Do not try the stunts shown at home.

#DCODE #scienceofthemovies #horrorfilms
Warning! – Are you filming this? It started so innocently. I just wanted some do-it-yourself filmmaking
tips from my Buddy Erik Beck, how could I know my love for movie science would lead
to my blood-soaked demise? This time I’m going to show you how to create
a throwing knife effect. Oh. That should have been my first clue. It’s a really simple prop. And this is super cheap and super easy. Okay. Erik Beck is like a Midas of the DIY effects
world. On the website Indymogul he teaches people
how to turn random junk into cinematic gold. Most of the supplies cost a couple of bucks,
but there are a few indispensables you should have before starting any Indymogul project. A hot glue gun and paint. And for a horror movie, Pola’s famous homemade
blood from earlier in the show. It’s basically you need to get two matching
toy knives. All right. I actually already pre-prepped one of these,
but I can give you a quick breakdown of how I built it. Okay. One of these fake blades is for the bad guy. The other one, which Erik already prepped,
is going to be rigged up to me. And the cool thing about these toy knives,
which is why I got them, is they’re actually hollow inside and it makes it really easy
to stick this piece in. I have some cardboard here, but what I, what’s
better is like a little, like a think piece of cardstock. If you’re using cardboard, attach the knife
with hot glue, which big plus, looks gruesome and coagulated. It’ll melt smooth and you kind of go through,
dab it and just make it look extra gross. If you want to upgrade, use sturdier cardstock
like Erik’s pre-made rig. Drill a couple of holes in it and attach to
the L-bracket with nuts and bolts before hot gluing. And then obviously you go over it with some
paint. Yep, a little bit of red paint. Next up, the star of any gore fest, the blood. For the blood system, this is going to be
also super simple. This is a five-ounce syringe. You can get these online at like a medical
supply store or something like that. It’s not a ton of blood, but if you like
pulse it and just. Yeah that’s what we want. Exactly. This will, you know, stick on right here when
you’re ready to go, but you have to make sure you get the right tube to fit your syringe, obviously. Just the right spurt factor, Erik plugged
up the exit hole with glue and sliced through the side of the tube with an X-Acto. You can just sort of you can just pump it. Oh, that sprays out really nice. Yeah, it gets a little more like natural. It looks like it’s coming out in like three
or four streams. Exactly. You know, it stretches out. It’ll be like this. Okay, so yeah, there’s plenty. And then you’ll be off-camera pushing the
syringe. Yup. The last step is to just hot glue this onto
the knife rig. A little more. Don’t be shy. More? That’s good? It’s pretty much done. This has just got to dry for a little bit. You got to hold that for a while? Yeah, someone’s got to hold it. Okay I’ll, I’ll let you hold that. I’m going to go get into character. Actors. Lights, camera, onscreen warning. – – – First up, we shoot the part before I get popped
with the cleaver. Not to name-drop, but we’ve got some serious
A-list professionals here. White medical tape. Secure the knife with some tape. Put on a second shirt to hide the rigging,
and we’re just about ready. Now, for the camera trick. We’re going to shoot the cleaver in the
killer’s hand and use a camera trick called a whip pan. See how it whipped away? It looks like he threw it, but it’s still
in his hand. Cut to a different set-up, we whip pan to
me with the cleaver rig already hooked up. When you edit it together it looks seamless
as you are about to find out. Don’t worry, April. I’ll protect you. No, Rodney. The cleaver killer’s still out there. It’s okay. I’m going to come back. And when I do, I’m finally going to marry
you. Huh? Rodney! Why? And cut. Okay, yeah, cool effect, man. Yeah, cool. I’m glad you liked it. Oh, thanks a lot for helping today. Yeah You know what? I’m going to head out. I got some videotapes All right. I got to work on.

Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City

**Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City**



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Rob Greenfield’s latest sustainable living project is to live in a DIY 100 ft² tiny house for two years while foraging and growing 100% of his own food in an urban …

NEW pyramid discovery in Egypt! Remove children from the screen!

**NEW pyramid discovery in Egypt! Remove children from the screen!**



View Time:17:45Minutes



They opened it to the public after they looted everything that’s valuable? Took them a long time! So people can show us mummies in Pyramids, BUT NOT ALIENS IN AREA 51??? The ancient Egyptians might’ve been smart enough to build these pyramids but I don’t think they ever imagined they’d be an attraction thousands of years later.
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over 4,000 years ago the ancient Egyptians ruled a significant part of the world and even though they left behind a detailed legacy of arts and architecture they also left behind a host of mysteries that even today the most expert scholars have been unable to solve probably the most enduring mystery of all is how they were able to build not only the pyramids but many other incredible structures without machinery or expert technology not to mention their near-perfect alignments to specific astronomical and cardinal points these near impossible feats have led many to believe that intelligent extraterrestrial beings visited earth at that time bringing with them advanced technologies knowledge and compasses and made the seemingly impossible possible of course the idea that ancient aliens existed is not taken seriously by the experts and has received very little credible attention however these five fascinating ancient Egyptian mysteries have been studied in depth and to date all remain unexplained number one being second in line on the mysterious factor behind the Great Pyramids of Giza who were the sea peoples for nearly a century a band of mysterious maritime warriors repeatedly attacked Egypt Turkey Syria Palestine and other territories and no one could match the power of their mighty warships they became known as the Sea Peoples an unknown civilization who wreaked havoc on ancient Egypt and featured heavily in inscriptions and carvings left by the Egyptians who documented their reign of terror but it seems that despite these detailed records of their attacks little or nothing is known about who these mysterious people were where they came from or where they went one of the first references dates back to the 13th century BC during the reign of Merantau who claims to have killed 6,000 of them are serious seafarers after they allied themselves with the Libyans however the most detailed accounts comes from Ramsay's a third who fought the series of catastrophic battles against the sea peoples around 1170 BC one inscription reads they desolated its people and its land was like that which has never come into being he describes the Sea Peoples as consisting of a mixture of tribes including the Sheridan pala set denyen shekel ash and others what isn't known is why the Sea Peoples attacks in the first place although it has been speculated they may have been displaced from their homeland by either famine or natural disaster although this is only speculation whatever their origins the Sea Peoples return to Egypt in the mid 12th century BC intent on conquering Egypt but Ramses the third led his forces to the defense of his kingdom and as a defeating the sea People's Army on land he decimated their fleet at the 1175 be seen battle at the delta were Egyptian actions lined the banks of the Nile and rained arrows on the enemy's ships the war left Egypt considerably weakened but it also signified the end of the sea peoples reigns and as mysteriously as they appeared they disappeared having been decisively defeated they vanished from history leaving behind questions that still linger today what is the Dendera light the temple of dendera dedicated to the goddess Hathor is one of the most mysterious ancient temples built by the egyptians it's located 2.5 kilometres southeast of dendera and is one of the best-preserved of all the egyptian complexes especially at central temple that remained buried by sand unburned until the middle of the nineteenth century when it was unearthed by Auguste Mariette the main temple features a relief as unlike any other ancient Egyptian arms and is commonly known as the Dendera light the images engraved on earth have raised the questions of just how far advanced the Egyptians really were it features an object resembling a light bulb and has convinced conspiracy theorists and alternate history fanatics that the ancient Egyptians were given the power of electricity 4000 years ago by Tang travelers or ancient aliens and the light source enabled them to construct the pyramids and other tombs and monuments they created people believe the bulb-like object is reminiscent of an early light bulb known as crooks tomb inside the bulb is a filament represented by a snake that leads to a lotus flower that represents a socket and a wire leads to a small box in which the air guard is kneeling beside the ball is a pillar but they perceives an insulator and the baboon as a warning that the device could be dangerous if not used correctly this claim is backed up by the lack of CERN's found in the Egyptian tombs ruling out the possibility that they were lit by fire and electricity was used instead however it's worth pointing out that most Egyptologists have dismissed this claim saying there is evidence of certain but seeing as we are talking over 4000 years ago it's not visible to the naked eye here is a mock-up of how the light would look and work as displayed in the mystery park in Switzerland the mainstream interpretation paints an entirely different story the relief is a mythological depiction of a jet pillar and a lotus flower spawning a snake within that represents aspects of Egyptian mythology the jet pillar is a symbol of stability which is also understood to be the backbone of the goddess iris in the carvings the four horizontal lines forming the center of the jet are enhanced by human arms stretching out as if the JED were a backbone the arms hold up the snake within the lotus flower the snake coming from the Lotus symbolizes fertility linked to the annual Nile flood it sounds reasonable however there are many who was still unwilling to accept this explanation and who remain convinced the Dendera light is proof ancient Egyptians and the ancient aliens are one in the same I would love to hear thoughts on this one the life and death of King Tutankhamen following extensive excavations in the late 18-hundreds many archaeologists thor's the valley of the kings in Egypt had yielded all its secrets however British archeologist and Egyptologist Howard Carter had a hunch but there was still more to find and for six fruitless years he searched the valley looking for the tomb of an obscure king who ruled 1332 to 1323 BC his financial backer Lord Carnarvon was on the brink of calling off the excavation but Carter convinced him to stick with it for one more season in November 1922 Carter discovered Tutankhamun's near intact tomb the King's mummified body lay within a nest of three golden coffins which fitted snugly one inside the other like a set of Russian dolls two of the coffins were made of wood covered with gold sheets but the innermost coffin was made from thick sheets of solid beaten gold but weigh in astonishing 110 point four kilograms or 243 pounds these coffins were encased in a rectangular stone sarcophagus and the tomb was packed with priceless treasures that included a gold throne crown and Cobra as well as the golden burial mask the find was the most significant discovery of the 20th century and revealed that Tutankhamun was about 17 when he died and was likely to have inherited the throne at the age of just 8 or 9 he is thought to have been the son of Akhenaten commonly known as the heretic king and he ruled for approximately ten years most likely aided by powerful advisers however despite his mummy being surrounded by valuable treasures and his coffin being most expensive in the world in comparison to other Egyptian Kings Tutankhamun's tomb was tiny in fact it was the smallest royal tomb in the valley of the kings and was not a tomb for fitting of a king but rather a hurried put together chamber cut into the floor of the main valley this prompted speculation that Tutankhamun died suddenly and his intended tomb was a much grander spacious affair that was not finished at the time of his death and was later occupied by his successor I the surprisingly small size of Tutankhamun's tomb also led to suggestions but they may be parts to it that are undiscovered however just this year experts have dismissed this possibility uncertainty still surrounds the death of the young king with many believing he was weak and sickly and may have been assassinated or died in a chariot or hunting accident but in 2010 scientists found traces of malaria parasites in his mummified remains unrevealed that malaria combined with a degenerative bone disease might have been the real cause of death mystery solved not quite in 2018 a new theory came to light after analysis of leather armor found in the boy king's tomb it revealed that was well used and had probably seen action contrary to other theories Tutankhamun may have met his death in battle if this were true it would counter the idea that he was a weak and sickly leader this theory could also explain why Tutankhamun had no heart which could be a sign that he died far from home and by the time his body arrived back to perform the mummification process his heart was to decay to preserve despite this new research the cause of Tutankhamun's death is still one of ancient Egypt's biggest mysteries and the source of considerable debate and with no records found of his final days is likely to remain that way the foreseeable future the Lost Land of Punt the mysterious Land of Punt is a Lost Kingdom and the existence of the region is only known because of its mention in ancient Egyptian records although its exact location is still undiscovered the writings suggest it was a rich place that prospered between 20 450 BC and 1155 BC and was a trading partner of Egypt that produced gold aromatic resins evany ivory and wild animals a relief located in Upper Egypt shows a variety of trees grew in punt suggesting it was a lush tropical land and for many years researchers have been trying to pinpoint the location of the mysterious land the most recent research indicates it was in Africa another relief found at modern-day Luxor depicts the result of a mysterious overseas expedition to the Land of Punt ordered by the Queen in around 1477 BC and sheds more light on the elusive land the image known as the portico of Punt shows five ships carrying 210 men loaded with gold trees and exotic animals like leopards baboons and giraffes the ships are surrounded by a variety of fish some of which zoologist identified as species that live along the coast of africa reinforcing claims but punt was indeed somewhere in that region but the punt was in Africa how did the Egyptians make the hazardous journey to reach it while it seems there was no end to the ancient Egyptians talents and his thought they mastered the Seas as well as the land proof of this came in a series of discoveries made along a section of the Red Sea coast when archaeologists excavated a dried-up Lagoon known as Mercer colossus they discovered traces of an ancient harbour that had helped launched early voyages onto the open ocean man-made caves in the area contained various shipbuilding materials and the remains of one is the oldest seagoing ships ever found this evidence shows the Egyptians were not only skilled at creating incredible land monuments but were also competent shipbuilders these recent discoveries have ignited a new theory on where the Lost Land of Punt is and how the Egyptians managed to reach it it seems the ever resourceful Egyptians could sail down the Nile before disassembling their boats and carrying them overland to the Red Sea reassembling them to do trade with punt before repeating the process on the way back now this seems extreme but then again they build the pyramids further proof of this was identified in 2010 when researchers discovered hair samples from three thousand-year-old mummified baboons found in tombs in the Valley of the Kings these would have been the pets of the elite that were buried with their masters the ancient hair samples were compared with the hair samples of modern animals living in Eritrea Ethiopia Somalia Yemen Uganda and other similar countries and concluded it was most likely the animals originating in eastern ethiopia and eritrea a similar discovery adds weight to the africa theory after archaeologists identifying a depiction of a bird on the portico of Punt as a secretary bird a large bird of prey found only in africa particularly around coastal regions and Sudan so it appears science is moving ever closer to discovering the location of the Lost Land of Punt and a place that was forward to be just a myth appears to be an actual place just still to be pinpointed the mysterious Great Sphinx the Great Sphinx is located on the Giza Plateau about 10 kilometres west of Cairo and sits adjacent to the Great Pyramids of Giza it is orientated due east facing the Rising Sun the enormous structure is one of the most mysterious of ancient Egypt and despite modern research no one really knows why it was built and what its purpose was it's the largest surviving sculpture from the ancient world measuring 73.5 meters in length or 241 feet and impart twenty meters or 65 feet in height and it was carved from a single block of limestone and is one of the largest single stone statues in the world for thousands of years the Sphinx was partially covered in sand and it wasn't until the 1900s when the sand was cleared that his full body was exposed is believed that the Sphinx was constructed in the 4th dynasty starting in 26:13 BC by Pharaoh Khafre who had the stone shaped into a lion with his own face cards on it although some archaeologists believe it is much older than that but because it is one of the few ancient Egyptian constructions with no inscriptions on its surface it's impossible to date it with any certainty one of the main peculiarities about the sculpture is that its head is out of proportion to its body and it's been speculated but the head we see today may not have been the original and could have been recarved several times by succeeding pharaohs and may even have started out as a ram or a hawk also various unsuccessful repairs over the years have altered the facial proportions however considering its around 4,500 years old it's still in remarkable condition although it's not completely unscathed its nose and ritual beard are missing as well as its cobra embellished headrests it was initially believed that the Sphinx lost its nose to Napoleon's men but 18th century drawings revealed that the nose of the Sphinx was missing before Napoleon's rival and it's now generally believed that it was shot off by the Turks the beard is now displayed in the British Museum but perhaps the most fascinating thing about the Sphinx is what lies beneath it it's known that there are three passages into or under it and the tomb of Osiris is located 95 feet below the surface but in the back of the structure there is evidence that there are many more passages in 1995 workers renovating a nearby parking lot uncovered a series of tunnels and pathways two of which plunged further underground close to the Sphinx also archeologists have found evidence of anomalies in the form of hollow spaces or chambers a few meters below the ground between the paws and that either side of the Sphinx despite these fascinating discoveries the Egyptian government will not allow any further examination the smog humidity and wind meena Sphinx is crumbling and the cost of keeping up with repairs and restoration is huge for now the focus is on preservation rather than further explorations because of this it seems we'll have to wait many more years before the Great Sphinx gives up all her secrets so that's five truly fascinating ancient Egyptian mysteries I don't know what it is but myself and so many others are drawn to the ancient Egyptians their way of life how they did what they did and the mysteries they left behind it's incredible and a topic I wish to explore even further let us know in the comments what you find so interest thanks for watching you

Chicago Gun Violence: How Some Teens Are Learning To Save Lives | NBC News

**Chicago Gun Violence: How Some Teens Are Learning To Save Lives | NBC News**



View Time:14:4Minutes



Activism is helping the youth cope with violence in the South and West sides of Chicago. The youth-led anti-violence organization, Good Kids Mad City teaches teens how to act as first responders to gun violence that may happen right in front of them and Future Ties is an after-school program that teaches survival skills to kids as young as six years old.
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Chicago Gun Violence: How Some Teens Are Learning To Save Lives | NBC News
Somebody got shot. Timer starts now. What do I do first?
Timer starts now. What do I do first? Analyze him, analyze him. You said he was shot where? I need an ambulance, she's been
shot in her leg, she's bleeding out. They won't stop the violence like, They always kill people, they never stop. They just keep going on and on. In Chicago, young people
aren't able to be young people. Walking around with PTSD,
learning how to treat gunshot wounds. These are things that soldiers
are being trained on in the war. When my brother got shot,
it had a heavy impact on my life. Not growing up without one
of my big brothers is hard. One day I was playing outside with
my friends, they just started shooting, it almost hit me but I ducked down, then
we have to run in the house, I was scared. I hold pressure or her neck because
how long does it take to bleed out? Five to seven minutes. Does everybody know how
to find someone's pulse? Yeah.
Chicago, you think, okay, that's just normal and
it shouldn't be normal. Chicago is a tale of two cities. On one side, the tourist attraction
that many knows downtown Chicago
Chicago is a tale of two cities. On one side, the tourist attraction
that many knows downtown Chicago from the Riverwalk to Navy piers. And then there's the other
side of Chicago. I grew up on the south side of Chicago
where many lives are lost because of the lack of support and resources. Last 72 hours in Chicago,
52 shot and ten killed. At least 38 people were shot,
seven of those victims have died. Dozens of shots fired just down
the street from an elementary school. People feel like they
have no other options. So that's why we started GoodKids MadCity
as an urban movement to provide resources for young people who might be dealing
with violence in their communities. What this fight means to me! And what's something over
the last year that you're proud of? With GoodKids MadCity? Yeah, something that you
whatever you were a part of or anything like that. The Africa trip, man. That and the sugar boy. Sugar boy. Man.
When we started the group, basically after Parkland happened, then we
had a lot of young people who were scared because when these mass shootings happen
in these predominantly white communities, they get counselors, trauma services,
and at the same time, our state is calling out for us to have
more police officers in our schools. And these are things that
are criminalizing, killing us and we need something different. And we were able to meet
with Parkland students. And it was a powerful moment for
those students to say, this is the most traumatic thing
I've ever dealt with in my life. I've never been through
anything like this before. I got people to say, yeah, we understand
that we deal with this on a daily basis. I'm basically, like a mentor and ally, an
organizer to help guide the young people and their vision for what is that they
wanna address and bring to the community. How many people here lost a loved
one to violence under the age of 21? The climate of the city, this that
we're fighting is, right, violence, and we're fighting for
how has it affected you personally. Lost our cousin, he was running
away from home when he was nine and he got caught and he got shot,
I forgot how many times. I don't want other families going through
the same thing that we went through. I lost my brother to gun violence. Last night 19-year-old Delmonte Johnson
was just outside his brother's basketball practice when CPD says someone inside
a tan color vehicle fatally shot him in the chest and stomach. Every time you turn around mamas is
crying, mamas is crying for their babies. I actually found out because I was
walking to one of the stores when the store, he got killed by was down
the street from where I was at. Then I actually heard the gun shots. One of my other brothers
was there when he got shot. He really couldn't talk much
because he was traumatized. It hurt me so much that he was laying
in my hands, but he's still with me. He's still with me to this day. I had just had a training for
young people on how to treat gunshot wounds. They taught them how to stop the bleeding,
what to do when waiting for the ambulance to arrive. And then his brother came to me and
say, I wish I had came that day. Understand that for some people
the difference between having somewhere to be and being standing outside is
the difference between life and death. This is my neighborhood I was born and raised, it's not really safe around. We hear gunshots almost every day, every day. Hearing it broadcast on the news a lot, knowing that
is close to my area basically makes me go outside like, oh is this going to
happen to me if I walk outside? At the age of 18 I was shot at my
community and it was broad daylight. That was the last time I
walked in my community for a long time because I was scared. Every time I heard a car stop, every time
I heard footsteps too close I panicked and that's something that you have
to deal with on a daily basis, being afraid to walk
through that community. When I had to do this stuff myself, it didn't really like sound like nothing,
right? When everybody in the room
we did it together, we made a whole thunderstorm in the room,
boom. Once I realized that, the more people we
get to join not whether we can make us- In Chicago, you need to know what
different gangs are where, I had to walk through plenty of
gangs just to get to school. I know this block is full with them,
I know this block is full with them So you know what?
I'm gonna just take the long way even though I'm gonna be late,
okay I'm gonna be late to school but at least I'll be safe.
though I'm gonna be late,
okay I'm gonna be late to school but at least I'll be safe. And then you get to school, they manage if
you've got a tendency for being late but you're just trying to be safe. Tell her we're coming
around the corner. We're coming around the corner. Your mom said hi. I know,
I see her car out here, hey mom. Hey mom. They say, hey mom. We're headed to our
first responders training. Part one of to teach you how to what to do in a situation where
someone is bleeding out, and how to potentially save their lives
while waiting for help to arrive. For us, GoodKids MadCity, our solution is giving people
what they need to survive. If we have job opportunities,
real job opportunities, with a livable wage,
you wouldn't have folks out here stealing, you wouldn't have folks out
here robbing each other. Hurt people hurt people,
healed people heal people. I really commend just
you all even leading, just trying learning this skill that
they're teaching soldiers in Iraq, how to save somebody's life when they're
bleeding out, you know what I'm saying. For Dareon, you especially, I appreciate
you even being here in this space. You all went through this six months ago. I just wanna go and give you guys
the opportunity to say why learning how to treat a gunshot wound
is important to you guys. I might have the situation where
I'm on the sidewalk with a friend, and that friend might get shot or
I might get and I know how to do it. I was eighteen when I
was actually shot, and most of the friend who were with me in
the moment were around the same age. None of us knew that so the fact that it's now being
given to youth is very important. You said you were shot where? In my left shoulder and right leg. Is that two inches above her wound? This is Parkway Garden apartments here. This is the complex where
Michelle Obama grew up. Many of the kids in the community
have to grow up faster because of the situations
that surround them. Future Ties is an after school program inside of Parkway Garden. Couple of the survival skills that we try to put in place at Future Ties for
one is the meditation. Yoga, conflict circles,
but this is like therapy for them to make sure that
they are mentally stable. Well, you're not really protected
because it's very harmful and you gotta watch out what you're doing. Yeah, I have, my mama was waking us up. She was telling us not to get by the
window or nothing cuz it was gunshots and again it was going back and forth Office of community affairs, this is officer Maddox,
how can I help you? Currently I am an active police officer. I've been with the force now,
it will be 23 years in May. There's a lot of distrust
between the police and the community because they
are fearful of each other. So it's not just a police problem,
it's not just a community problem. Knowing your rights. So can anybody give me an idea of what
that kinda means to know your rights? Yeah. It's to know is to be able
to get out of trouble you say? We talk about what to do if you
are stopped or detained by the police. So they need to know what their rights
are, especially until their parent comes to the police station or the attorney
shows up at the police station. The last you come across the police
who isn't like how most police should be like, they're not friendly and
they don't like this, young people say it. The officers that take us to the
station don't let us use the bathroom or get some water. When we do these trainings, we don't
want you guys to be fearful of the police, that's not what this is about. As long as we're serving our future
leaders in this space, it takes the ties within the community to making sure
that our young people are succesful. I'm always hopeful, or I wouldn't be here. I think there's still a lot of
work that still needs to be done. They're like soldiers to me, they get
through most that many probably couldn't. Like me growing up what
you think you need to know, is need to learn how to write,
you need to learn how to read, you need to learn how to do math, and
I don't know things is what you think of never once crossed your mind and
what you need is this right? So what you're gonna wanna
do is if you can't find a pulse, or if what you're gonna wanna do is CPR. You're gonna take both of your hands and
you're going to interlock them, just like this. Cuz one of my brothers
actually got shot, and my other brother was right there. The one that was right there when he get
shot could have actually helped saved his life from the gunshot wound,
I know how to treat a gunshot wound. Now that I know this training,
I could teach them this training in case somebody just
decides to just come shoot. And then one of us gets shot, and
then they can know what to do and not gonna know what to do to
help the person that got shot.
And then one of us gets shot, and
then they can know what to do and not gonna know what to do to
help the person that got shot. Instead of just dying on the scene. It felt good because I wish I would have learned it in earlier years so
I could be able to save my cousin. But I learned it now so if something
happens to a person I'm close to or if I don't know them,
I could be able to help them. Timer starts now. What do I do first?
Timer starts now. What do I do first? Need to hide, try and take cover. You need to check yourself. Okay.
You need to see if he's conscious. Okay. See where he's shot at. Okay.
Apply pressure. And try to stop the blood by
applying pressure to the wound. Okay. And you call first responders. You just saved somebody there, bro!

Tale of the Tape: Jourdan Lewis Intercepts Drew Brees | Dallas Cowboys 2019

**Tale of the Tape: Jourdan Lewis Intercepts Drew Brees | Dallas Cowboys 2019**



View Time:Minutes



DallasCowboys cornerback Jourdan Lewis breaks down his interception of Drew Brees to help seal a victory over the New Orleans Saints. #DallasCowboys …