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Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis - Colgate Comedy Hour (Lola Sketch)

**Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis – Colgate Comedy Hour (Lola Sketch)**



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Burt Lancaster guest starred in this episode of The Colgate Comedy Hour with Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis. This sketch was a parody of Lancaster’s 1952 film, “Come Back, Little Sheba.”
that's not too bad hey night that's the nice thing rooms in the labs go my team we're gonna floss what about it it's not one this office to the garden oh the calla lilies in bloom again what's this where's the other pair come on what happened you fought it out he's got a nice double bed this has an inner spring mattress you're gonna be very comfortable tell me about then use them for years this hotel has every other convenience yeah two bucks take the elevator and go up thank you very much all right how about through toothbrush and we'll go to press it yeah how come I need two suitcases and you put everything in this little thing oh well that's scientific packing beam I have as much stuff as you have hello I have as much stuff as you have you see but I put it all in one bag it's all scientific you get seven my heart attack that's all the idea is when he says how do you put all the stuff in one bag I say it's scientific packing and then when I pressed it everything supposed to fly up in the air you see but unfortunately we ran short on money somewhere and couldn't get a spring all right I got the tools breakfast and the pajamas I'll bring everything Jannik holistic where are you working tomorrow the radio attention everyone we issue a warning from your local police department an inmate named doc Delaney has just escaped from the observation ward of the state institution for alcoholics Delaney is dangerous and is in constant search for a small dog known as Shiba Delaney is 6 foot 3 grey hair brown eyes and walks around calling cheeba cheeba cheeba hello Lola it's me doc dr. Laney your husband the one who didn't get the Oscar – you're such a slob now listen to me look I'm looking for she come back through the Shiva rock your teeth with so game do we wanna clean your bags it cleans your bird's face higher game well what do you say we going to bed boys these were night since we're on murder on baby you could bet your bottom dollar on that I sure am tired you can say that again you can bet your bottom dollar on that your rhythm night I put one I took those off oh well you get carried away sometimes as well never know what you're doing from this time the next hey Dean I got five toes on each foot yeah I never knowed it they're very stunning how many feet you got um how many feet I got goofy so how come this six feet in bed one two three yeah I guess you're right Jerry yeah you're right they're six feet in the bed no I just gotta make one two three four come here you know what that means yeah one of us is still in bed no no no neither am i what are you doing in my house what if how dangerous humor humor well we're your nephews Willie and Irving Scranton I'm butting up your Willie vania you know uncle George with the bad back dance Sylvia's got the busted leg yeah I am oh wait a minute tell me just rolling oh you're here Lola Lola I made a terrible mistake I usually don't behave this way you know we didn't think you look like a very nice fella call me gentle duckling I wish I could do something to show you how sorry I know it's all right could I offer you a drink no I will take you and Lolo and Lola wouldn't do a thing like that oh yes see when I saw her take it yeah yeah Lola I believe you know the boys the girl of my dream you see the boys are on a kid they don't mean any harm they just little big all right now if you're firing there that's good Lola what are you doing with that gun oh yeah you can put it together in a minute kiss me now Trinity race ahead higher higher here drink this darling she's unconscious I'll bring it to I think she feels better now speak to him I don't know what I was doing he know he was doing I was beside myself it was beside himself I'm not well these days either sick man they won't talk huh you're gonna be stopping huh okay get out make your attack we all missed you I missed you Lola missed you even Felix the Cat missed you didn't you feeling

Van Life - Couple Saves $18,000 a Year by Living in a Camper Van

**Van Life – Couple Saves $18,000 a Year by Living in a Camper Van**



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Tyler & Sarah from Life vs Art ( are a couple living the off grid van life full-time in Vancouver, BC, Canada. A couple of years ago they realized they were spending close to $18,000 per year on rent, and with such a mild climate in Vancouver, they realized they could live in a camper van and save that money to live life the way they wanted to.

They live in the van with two sweet dogs, who spend weekdays at work with Tyler so they aren’t left alone in the van.

They’re basically living off-grid and rent free in the middle of the city with a propane Dickinson fireplace heater, water jugs they fill up at work, solar power for electricity, and a small portable toilet.

Tyler plays drums for the Magik Spells, and Sarah is the drummer for Nixie. The one thing they miss after having downsized their belongings is an electronic drum kit they used to have set up in their living room. Now they store their music instruments at the studio where they have band practice.

We really enjoyed meeting Sarah & Tyler this summer and were so inspired by how easily they make full-time van dwelling work for them.

Here are some links to their projects if you want to check them out:

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle

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this summer we met up with Tyler and Sara a couple from Vancouver who's been living in the camper van for over two years now they decided to do this because rent prices in Vancouver are absolutely insane and they estimate that they're saving close to eighteen thousand dollars a year on rent by living in their camper van so we're gonna go meet up with them and hear a bit more about their experience we also want to see a big thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video we'll give you a bit more information at the end we chose van life after a big part of it as we did the calculation of how much rent we were paying per year and it ended up being I think $15,000 per year to be in Vancouver and live where we wanted to live and we just live a block away in our van so we say that eighteen thousand dollars a year we had to put it towards living life and doing the things that we want to do and everybody knows it lives in Vancouver that it's you know you spend a majority of all of your money on rent so once we did that life became really easy we didn't have any worries work became not such a important thing in your life and it's I think it's the best thing that we could have done we've been living in the vehm for two years we've got a kitchen with butcher block counters we have a bed in the back and a TV with a Playstation 4 we have storage up above for clothes and then on the other side we've got more storage and a Dickinson stove and then just a small simple Porter party toilet it's just the coziest way to live and it's the off-grid part that really drew us to the whole thing was being able to have our own power and really like monitor water usage and all that kind of way of living and once we did it it's actually really easy it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be and now that we've done it it's it's the best thing we've ever done and we can go wherever whenever we want to you know weekend trips or whatever music festivals anywhere and just don't have to pack it's a 1990 dodge b250 pleasure-way and we bought it off Craigslist for like 4000 bucks and it was a complete rust bucket didn't have anything that really worked everything like the furnace was rested oh thanks to arrested out stove was rusted out so we switched out basically everything repainted it and just basically tore something everything out and then we put it back in after it kind of looked a little bit better but it took quite a while to get that done take a good month we're definitely looking to upgrade whether it be a van or a tiny house we have no idea but don't think we'll ever go back to a condo I don't think we'll ever do that we would buy a piece of land but I think it'd always be a small dwelling like a tiny house or a van or something of that sort itself did you guys have any difficulty adjusting to live in a small space oddly no not really she had the hardest time I guess but well so in the beginning we can use the black water tank and so um probably TMI but I was peeing in a bowl just on the floor so that was interesting other than that it was pretty seamless we're never home honestly I tell you the truth we either work and then go straight to band practice which ends up being until nine o'clock 9:30 we usually just hang out in the back it's the most comfortable and nobody sees you so you're staying pretty self we definitely South Park and it's usually we pick we pick parking places that are usually outside of apartment buildings that type of place where nobody has the ability to know who anybody is cuz in apartment buildings especially in Vancouver nobody knows their neighbor in an apartment building so we we tend to find that most vans Weller's end up doing that in Vancouver where you see them all lined up side of apartment buildings which tends to work pretty good we found that parking in front of houses and stuff people are usually kind of much more protective about their area so we tend to totally they notice you a lot more somebody new is parking on that street yeah so we stay away from those as much as possible we get a lot of questions of what what we do with the dogs cuz there's a lot of animal lovers out there they go to work with Tyler and then if we're going out we just make sure that they're safe in here they don't stay alone for more than like an hour we make sure the temperatures get in here we're both drummers I play more like rock dance music in a band called magic spells I play in a band called mix eat we're all female three-piece I work at a organic coffee roastery it's called Salt Spring coffee so the owner he lives on Salt Spring and yeah he's all for it it's got the hippie vibes so he's given I work for a kind of a contemporary design firm in Vancouver that do you kind of lights and interior design they definitely know that we live in a van and they're actually pretty most people is pretty stoked on it they get really kind of intrigued by the whole kind of thought about it I don't think any of them would ever do it per se but they definitely think it's pretty funny you never do that but everyone's always intrigued but there not necessarily ready to like go and do it themselves thanks for paring down thing yep letting go of stuff is nothing our rule for downsizing was if you haven't used it in six months give it away so we had like this one little pile for all the things we're keeping and then we had another pile for the storage locker and then we had another file that was just huge that was all the stuff that we gave away one thing I do miss is having an electronic drum set set up in our living room so we could play it whenever we wanted to right now we have a studio that we go to and it's got storage and we've got like all our musical instruments there as well so it helps but it's not the same as like getting home from work and just sitting on a drum kit so we power the van with a 250 watt solar panel on the roof which isn't hooked up to the alternator yet but we will get that hooked up to the alternator and then we run two six volt golf cart batteries that are put 326 amp buyers and that allows us to do anything that we want to do there's video games we can watch TV yeah we can basically do anything with the amount of power right here we haven't been without anything except for winter there's one couple times when it's great we took out all of the under the band plumbing just do two is really key and we were constantly just dealing with problems so we took all that out and now we just kind of store it in a jug in here we fill up all of our water at work having somewhere to shower daily like in the van would be amazing that's kind of why we've been looking for a new and it was just to be able to have everything all in one place yeah we shower at our friends houses the gym or at work it's definitely not for everybody people find that out pretty quickly but definitely try there's thousands of us you know and I think it takes you to do this before you realize how many people that are really doing it and though the one thing that I've kind of always found with people is is nobody's really put off by it especially when you're in our age group well people are more intrigued by it and really want to understand it whether I think people should try it yeah definitely I think it's uh nice too for a summer and try it out and I think finding out that you don't really need as much stuff as you kind of think you need all the time I think that really frees a person I hope you enjoyed hearing a bit more about Sara and Tyler's story again I want to say big thank you to Squarespace for sponsoring this video sponsorships like these help us keep creating and sharing free videos with you if you're looking into creating a new website Squarespace is basically a one-stop shop that makes it easy to build a website even if you have no experience you can get domain names website templates and set up an online store all in one place and they even have 24/7 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