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We had SO much fun filming our living room transformation video and I’m in love with how it came out! What do you think!? Make sure to give this video a thumbs up so I can bring more room decorating/transformation videos to my channel!!


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IKEA Nesting Coffee Table:
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Marble Contact Paper:
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Blush Pink Faux Fur Fabric:
Blush Pink Curtain Fabric:
Jumbo Pillow:
Keno Moroccan Shag Rug [ 8×10 ]:

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hey guys it's Kat welcome back to my channel as you can see we are in my living room right now and if you follow me on Instagram you know I've been talking about it for months I really want to revamp this space and make it more my own style so shut up and challenge me he thinks that I can't glam this place up and make it like my dream a living room space without spending over $300 does he know who I am does he really I wanted to take you guys with me I feel like this is the perfect opportunity to bring more DIYs to my channel and home decor things that I'm really passionate about and then I love so I want to bring you guys along as you can see this place already has don't look in its own vibe going on but it's kind of a lot to me I don't know I feel like I'm over it you know these pillows have been riding with us since we first moved in this apartment and Shawn wanted them so bad but I hated them so they gotta go and then we have this DIY coffee table that I absolutely love I made this about two years ago but it's at somewhere it's here so it definitely needs some revamping so we're gonna take care of that plus it's the holiday season so we're gonna be revamping this place and making it a blush and gold winter wonderland so we're gonna be revamping that coffee table making some DIY Christmas support and making our own throw pillow covers that are super affordable where you can do any color you really want to so it's gonna be fun I'm so excited to bring you guys along on this journey first things first is what are you doing I don't know what are you doing okay good okay on that let me know okay I'm excited to be bringing you guys on this journey but first things first we are going to be doing this coffee table I've been wanting to redo this for a while so we're gonna take this outside spray paint it with the goal to make sure we seal at this time because that's a problem we didn't seal it last time which is why has most wear and tear and leave it outside to dry as we go and run our errands and then we'll be back to finish the rest of the projects so are you guys ready I'm ready if we have a three hundred dollar limit you have it okay I have a three hundred dollar limit thank you John Bosley three nested bucks can we do this bring this making my winter wonderland living room that I've always wanted cause it on a mission I already got my deals in my head alright guys we are gonna get ready to spray paint break out the spray paint that I got is the design master brilliant gold I'm pretty sure this is the one I use the first time I just liked it it wasn't really like a metallic aminos more of like a map go so hopefully this is the one I got last time you'll see so it's pretty cold outside so I'm just gonna do this as quickly as possible and then we are going to seal it with neat matte clear spray paint and you know what you do so I originally got this table from Ikea I think it was around $79 it came in white so I spray painted it gold obviously and then put marble on the bottom for this marble contact paper so this is a really affordable DIY that you can do to get something really glam that does not look like those 79 bucks first stop is breakfast just so named estaphan McDonald's really quick just against quick little sandwich and I'm starved and head to what store first maybe target oh gosh oh yeah I'm sorry haha we have two hours before we have to pick up case in from school and Avery from Kelsey self so you're gonna drive it awfully slow I have to go to jo-ann's to get fabric I really want to make some DIY throw pillows maybe some fluffy ones but super easy because I haven't used my sewing machine and so long and for those of you who don't know how to sew I've shown it to be something so most likely gonna use hot glue to make some really awesome Phillips so obviously you never go to Joanne's and Michaels or a seam or without coupon so I have like 55 percent off coupon and you can use like coupons from a seam or agilent's so they all take competitors coupons so make sure you guys I get you someone to get whatever you need this is Mara that I've been eyeing for a while and there is a tripod lamp that I loved for like two years I've been waiting for too long on clearance and never has but your girl has a 20% off coupon today so I'm taking advantage Hey and I got three hundred down with you I'm gonna do so much with this budget alright so we just got to jo-ann's we're gonna go in really quick just to grab that fabric use my coupons baby coming in with me you're gonna go babe really I'm so tired you have ten minutes every time I starts 10 minute okay all right guys ten minutes to get this fabric it's not even enough time is right here found it so this is where all of the faux fur is they are currently 40% off and then I'll be able to use my 20% off coupon hey hey okay I like this one yeah we'll go with this one it is $40 originally so there's two big pieces that I for sure I'm gonna get while we're here make sure I'm using my Toyota and then I'm probably gonna get up to the little knickknacks so I found this in the dollar spot it's three dollars and I think it kind of gives me that chip and Joanna five of those and I'll figure out what I'm gonna put inside I really want to get this this baby Oh oh this one that is what we're gonna be able to get 55 where are we gold spray paint everything yes Kathlyn yes that's me I like that $3.99 it's like really heavy it's real do it some cover books that have like solid some really thick books that I can watch maybe the paper around at the papers I'm pretty sure that that's not the core and that's not on the budget all right guys we're back home we get to pick up the boys from school get them lunch it's only around 4 p.m. but it's already dark outside so sorry if the lighting is a little wonky but first things first is we need to get this rug out of here this is our old rug I got this for $49 target clearance like two years ago love it but it's time to go we need something new Airy fresh so I bought a new rug from rug Xena stay calm that I got like 60% off of it hoping that I loved it as much as I did on the website it was around 184 dollars but we don't count that in the budget because I already bought that so that's not included in my budget okay just disclaimer right there so let's get this one out of here and bring the new one in alright guys so we finished the table it looks awesome the rug is out and I'm loving it so far so now we're just gonna put up the mirror that we got in Target and the lamp let's do it okay stay – and we are ready to put on the finishing touches in this living room I'm loving the way it looks so far everything that's so big but now I'm gonna make it my Christmas wonderland that I've been talking about and we're gonna do some DIYs so let's get into it [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so yesterday and I found some at Dollar Tree – plus I'm using some that I already had at home but what I'm gonna do is just take off the paper cover because some of these are really beautiful as is and then I'm just gonna use this as a core on the show this is one of Shawn's books that I'm just gonna borrow and look at that right there on the Shelf or you can put them standing up so when you have books that are just laying around hardcover books just play around with them you can also paint them if you want to just all solid colors if you have one like this I just flipped the paper inside out and covered it that way so that way I can just maybe write something here or put some you know like little letter stickers here and bring it all like into the holiday vibe maybe I'll put joy to the world I don't know so I'm gonna do this to a bunch of books that I have and then start putting them on the shelf that's it for the last DIY we are gonna be making some throw pillow so this is the one I already made and it also made this faux fur pillow right here it was super easy guys and I didn't even have to use a sewing machine so I'm gonna show you guys how to do this with nothing else but a glue then I'm just gonna grab this and draw a line at where 18 inches would be you should use a fabric measuring tape I can't find mine but it's fine just kind of getting an idea the cut is not gonna be perfect but all the way around you're gonna have to cut through depends on how big you want your pillow to be just make sure that you have enough fluff in here you want to take out more so it's not as big it all depends on your preference that looks much much better so now I'm just going to pin this shut just gonna grab my pins and just start pinning this close remember it doesn't have to be perfect you're just holding this in place so now I'm just gonna take my clothes on but if you don't want to use a glue gun there's many alternatives we have liquid stitch right here that I bought at jo-ann fabrics or Michaels there's also like a heat and bond where you could also just use a iron and it's just like like double-sided tape at home most oh you just cut the exact strips that you need they also have them in little strips so there's a bunch of alternatives this is literally just an easiest way for me I'm so I'm just gonna grab the glue and start right here in the corner I'm just gonna make sure I put a good amount just bring it along here and then hold it be careful because it is hot so I'm just tapping it close like this and then going throughout the entire thing you wanna make sure that it's dry throughout so you don't miss a spot and then just start taking out the pins so right there you have your throw pillow you can go ahead and cut the excess trim I'm not even going to bother because I know it's just going to lay down under the pillow cover anyways so first step is done now we're going to take our fabric so I have two pieces that I cut out about eighteen by eighteen if you have patterned fabric for this part you're gonna want to make sure that the pattern the right side of the pattern is in the inside of the fabric and the wrong side is on the outside so I'll show you why in a second so I'm just gonna make sure that it's all lined up but you're gonna want this to be as close to perfect as possible so the easiest way I found to do this is just get a ruler and draw out a line with a markup washable marker or chalk preferably just gonna use this inside anyways and lightly drop you want to make sure you're leaving a little bit of fabric out to give you some allowance right there cuz this is the area that you know putting your glue and then when we flip it inside out all of this isn't going to be shown so now we're going to just start placing the glue underneath making sure not to go past that line that be true little sections at a time and then if it's too hot just use something to press it down but you want to make sure that you're getting that glue and there's no spots in between that are missing because that will just be like so once you do all three sides Vienna make sure you don't close up the last side because that's where you're gonna put into your pillow so just finish up this third section do not close the last one now once this is dry you're gonna flip it inside out then just check the seams to make sure you didn't miss any spots but all looks good Oh see I kind of made a little mess up here there's a marker going through there so make sure that you use chalk and not something that's see-through like that all right looks good so far so now we're gonna get our pillow and we're gonna see now for the top we're gonna do this in a way that the seam isn't showing so you're gonna hold the fabric in on both sides as much as possible that'll get you as close to the top of the pillow you might have to cut some fabric just so there isn't like so much texture of it that's kind of but this is the gist of what you're gonna do here you're gonna fold it in and then you're gonna be putting a little bit of glue in here and sealing it shut and going along that way so see how it gives you a perfect seam right there I don't like all this extra that we have going on here so I'm gonna go and cut the fabric and then I'll do this and then once you finish it'll look like that so you're gonna put a little bit of glue right there on the trim bring both sides together and then push it closed just like so so there we go that is our first pillow looks pretty good now we're gonna go on to the faux fur now I got my two pieces of fabric here I've also measured it eighteen by eighteen so with the difference between this one is you're gonna put both right sides facing you and you want to make sure that the fabric is both going the same way on both sides like both going down on both sides because if you put one down then one up it's not gonna really look as good so we're just gonna start right on one end and you're gonna glue you're gonna put your glue right here as close to the end as possible and then you're going to fold this one in just a little bit and bring it on to that glue like so so this is just gonna make it look more seamless right here at the seam whereas if you just glue it together this is how it would look are you turning the fabric in kind of gives it that illusion like it's just perfect so that's what we're gonna do throughout the entire thing just fooling section-by-section going carefully making sure not to miss any area when you get to your last section you're not going to leave the whole thing open unless you're gonna put another pillow in there so if you put another pillow in here that fits perfectly you can do that and then just close it up but our other option would be to use the rest of the fluff from the left over pillow and stuff that in there so that's what I'm going to do right now but before you do that you want to make sure that you're gluing shut the rest of your pillow and leaving about a third left over and that's where you're going to stop now they have your section open yes once you're all stuff just close it up the same way and you are all done go DIY faux fur pillow all right guys we have officially completed my living room transformation I'm so in love with how this room came out it's my new favorite room in the entire house honestly it's just so much more homey and inviting and it's pretty women snuggle up on this road with the boys all day and watch movies so what do you guys think all right babe what we really want to know is how much did you actually spend okay so I cut it kind of close but my total spending was three hundred and fifteen dollars and 52 cents so yeah you kind of won this round well I technically won because I got the living room of my dream so but when I told you guys I bought this rug over a month ago so we don't comp that what I actually spent this weekend was like a hundred and thirty dollars which is really good but either way $315 is amazing for the transformation that we did here we made our own throw pillows which saved us at least $60 and just by sprucing up that coffee table instead of just buying another one we see hundreds plus the quick and easy DIY holiday decor from that winter wonder live touch that I was really looking for and we just use a bunch of things that we already had laying around the house or in our holidays fashion that alone saved us some time so what do you guys think do you love it if you do let me know down in the comments below and make sure to give this video a thumbs up if we get this video to 2,000 likes I promise to bring more videos like this to my channel and if you haven't already make sure you click that subscribe button so you never miss Muffy alright guys thank you again so much for watching this I hope you enjoyed and all the next video you

DIY Modern Piggy Bank For Cash And Coins

**DIY Modern Piggy Bank For Cash And Coins**



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Slime Sam is a very good friend. He wants to save some money and to buy his friend Sue a big L.O.L. case, because he knows how much Sue loves L.O.L. dolls! But there’s a small problem. Slime Sam isn’t very good at saving money! So, he asks his friend Sue to make him a money bank that will help him save both coins and cash.

This money bank consists of two compartments and two mechanisms. The cash compartment is operated by gear wheels (cardboard circles tied with a rubber band) and the coin compartment is a kind of a trampoline for coins. The money compartments are guarded by a secret combination lock, so nobody can get the money out except you!

1:40 Pen magic

5:49 Cash compartment test

6:44 Coin compartment test

8:56 Sue reveals Sam’s secret

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oh not with how it would be happy to but what happened huh a piggy bank for coins and cash sounds interesting let's give it a try yay now I have a chance to fulfill my plan and meanwhile you can write in the comments below what other piggy banks are buying you remember here I have found all the necessary stuff that it will be right you are Sam hmm something's missing here Sam could you please fetch me some barbecue sticks from the kitchen you can bring both you'll see would you like to see some magic sure I do bibbidi-bobbidi-boo that slime sweet tooth so we have to install bicycle spoke fragments into pen pieces just like this already done wow that looks great Tammy now we need to tape the handles yourself okay Sammy can you even imagine how many different tapes there are in the world hmm now we measure the necessary length on popsicle sticks we need two similar parts right you couldn't do it without you Sammy and here we insert our pen into this part like this actually is it Carol oh we measure a circle with the compass we will need two of those and a smaller one Sam do you want to put out the circle would you look at him then maybe you can help me stick them to each other go ahead Sam I needed this oh thanks Sammy you are 100% right when I say professionals always have everything you will have a piggy bank a car of course Sammy look Sam you have a challenge here when you tackle it sure can even do it with my eyes closed you are doing such a great job Sam a real pro hell yes that's me be careful with the cutter Sam whatever on the pro did you forget cm since you want to store cash as well are you saving for something okay okay I won't hear you have to be careful since we need to cut only the upper and middle cardboard layer a peculiar piggy bank I'm very excited to use it just a little more patience it will be soon huh that piggy bank with the windows they're so sweet and cooler than the magical line really I think that the magical piggy bank was very beautiful could you please pass me the pencil so I can fold this piece nicely yeah yeah let's pop this piece around the pencil just look how nice it is and now we stick it right here guys don't forget about safety when working with blue guns till trusty with such me what happens to me I need to bound pieces of cardboard to they'd be in the box Thank You Sammy Familia those wheels with sticks inside seriously where you'll remember it for sure that was a good wow I hope that's so for the next step I need these thingies so when you say trampoline rather than a swing I wanna jump I wanna go to I could play on those all day long now the rubber bands huh it's to wait until the glue is dried but we can always stick it once more sure but it's better when things are working the first try do you want to see how the coins will jump on our trampoline more like I really I can't wait well you asked me for an unusual one for coins and cash so nothing's weird here however I might surprise you now Sam remember when you wanted to be a spy oh sure oh why are you asking me about it now because we'll make a spy combination lock and it'll even have a code force not a hard one it's really easy to remember I already thought I would have to carry around a paper with a password see me could you please help me one more time make a snip right here I'm on it good job look what I made it would serve as the second part for our lock which letter is your favorite so a dicey bug candy you know a perfectly round awesome then we'll use it but don't tell anyone now we'll stick the back part to our piggy bank only the lock support is left and voila the piggy bank is done did you just say that the piggy bank is I sure did just kidding we can't do without the decoration don't scare me like that I craft without a decoration well you know I do I do boom now the mission is complete [Applause] come on Cindy hurry up that put my money in there so I could say there's no problem wait what's this oh what a nice lol side that's what you're saving the money Sammy's my friend happy then let's fill our piggy bank quick great start guys if you would like to see the unpacking of this lol sex and I save enough money in the comments below don't forget to put the bell button not to miss our next video thanks click the like button hi guys I think it's alright if Sam pays for the solo outside laughter good deeds should be rewarded

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**DIY Love Coupon Book | Valentine's Day Gift Idea | JK Arts 857**



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