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How to Coupon | Coupon mom | Carters Coupon | Funny Couponing

**How to Coupon | Coupon mom | Carters Coupon | Funny Couponing**



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Get Coupons Daily –
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all right no you're totally $70.49 Wow that seems like a lot I don't make the prices no do I know I was just commenting well it's not CN ml is it here are the coupons the coupons yeah here max you use coupons I had no idea you're looking at me like I'm on To Catch a Predator we don't need to use those I have my tip money right here what are you talking about I have coupons here take them I have I can't I don't want to I fell in so far I can't fall any further don't make me there's no need to go down a cachet Inspiral hi she has coupons I didn't want to tell you at all she made me now didn't show it's not a big deal lots of people use coupons coupons are for four people yes like us people who stand at the cash register and say things like wow $70 that seems like a lot your new totem is $12 on 70 cents wait it just went from 70 dollars to 12 just like that the same food for less money the exact same food I was not even possible you Yost coupons no didn't you max coupons are genius

DIY Hacks - 8 money saving handyman and woodworking hacks

**DIY Hacks – 8 money saving handyman and woodworking hacks**



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Here are 8 handy hacks for woodworkers, handymen, and home owners. These hacks will help save you time and money. Izzy Swan facebook …

Installing an electric hot water heater timer, save money

**Installing an electric hot water heater timer, save money**



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I saved 40% on my bill with a Timer
I go over some of the issues and elements associated with a timer on your hot water heater.
If you don’t feel comfortable with this kind of work get an electrician.

Once we installed our timer the electric bill dropped by about 40%
okay so here's the video what you see here is our 240 outlet now yours may actually be hardwired into the house or you could have some big conglomeration like this or like I said you can have something like this with like a wire a metal like hose thing coming out anyway that's not the issue okay so from here normally the wire would go straight into here and that would be your hot water heater turning on and off however often the thermostat inside here determines that the hot water heater needs to go on now all you do is cut this line over there over there actually but you cut this line and you take the two wires they've now cut and yes place this thing in between this is the little gray box electric hot water heater timer by Intermatic they sell this thing at a home depot for about 35 bucks and if we look in the side you can see there's a 24-hour dial that we've got these little metal things on and those metal things determine when the hot water heater goes on or off and we can position those anywhere around the dial that we want now behind this protective plastic thing is where the the heater gets hooked up to the hot line and where the you know where the line comes in and where the line goes out so there's one two three there's five connections you need to make they're pretty easy again as I said I can talk you through it then once you've done that with the kids I would put a padlock there and there's a hole there for a padlock but if you find you need water like right now or hot water hey in an hour you can just turn it right on and that's the same thing as well you've got right now anyway uh there you have it questions

How to Pack Light: 8 Pieces of Clothing, 27 Cute Outfits - Groupon

**How to Pack Light: 8 Pieces of Clothing, 27 Cute Outfits – Groupon**



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How to Pack Light: 8 Pieces of Clothing, 27 Cute Outfits
How do you fit a whole wardrobe of cute outfits in your carry on luggage? An image consultant gave us tips on how to pick out travel clothes for outfits that feel fresh every day. Travel light without sacrificing style.

How to Save Money on Car Parts and Supplies

**How to Save Money on Car Parts and Supplies**



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Don’t spend more than you need to at the car parts store!
I spent a whole lot of money on car parts over the years and I've learned a little bit along the way I want to share some of my favorite tips that we do let's start out with number one never walk into a part store without doing your research if you stroll over that parts counter and just tell the guy yeah I need a pair of wheel bearings for a 99 Civic he's gonna charge you whatever he wants to this price is negotiable do that research online find out what the park should cost and then when he bids high you come in and say well you know when I saw her a little bit lower and let him know what you saw it for I've had managers at major car parts chains tell me look if you see it lower online tell us about it and we'll match the price as your tip number one number two if your favorite car parts store has a rewards program or if your favorite car parts stores everywhere programs join them because you'll get a little bit back on the back end it's not huge but it's worth it which brings it to three watch the fliers now you probably don't get a newspaper anymore but if you sign up for rewards program that's stuff will land in your mailbox no one really loves junk mail unless it's saving you money and that brings us to for stock up on your favorite oil and filters when they're on sale don't just go in when you need it be prepared and have that stuff on the Shelf have two or three oil changes on the shelf if you can afford it buy it when it's less expensive and you'll save a whole bunch number five use discount codes and coupons whether you see them online or whether you get them in the mail or you see them in a flyer you can save a ton on these this one right here $15 off and a 5 quart container or five one quart containers of motor oil and a filter that's 15 bucks off the mile change and then underneath it we got 15 on 50 or 30 off 100 that's 30% that's real money which brings us to number 6 hit the discount point if they're giving you 15 bucks off 50 or 30 off 100 don't spend much more than fifty or spend much more than 100 because your percentage goes down they're actually beating you once you get past that point get the maximum amount you can 30 bucks off 100 dollars that's easy to figure out that's a 30% discount but now if you're buying $200 worth it goes down to a 15% discount keep close to that discount point and you'll say the maximum amount number seven stick to real brands don't buy cheap junk because when it breaks down the road you didn't save any money you cost yourself because you're gonna have to replace that part number eight keep your options open when you search online there will be lots and lots of choices you can shop at eBay you can shop at Amazon you can go to Rock auto you can go to parts geek you can go to any of the major chains chop them all against each other figure out what the shipping is gonna cost you figure out when you need the part if you can order ahead that's a great thing try not to do stuff at the last minute because that's when you'll tend to pay the most unless you shop online this is number nine shop online and pick up in the store there are some great deals this way pet Boise does this advance autos does this they have discount codes that will save you a considerable amount it might be 15% off it might be 20% off or it might be a set fee like this 15 $30 deal shop them shop mall save as much as you can number 10 if you buy a lot from Amazon get prime because that covers your shipping through the year if you get the wrong part you can ship it back for free it does pay off but only if you buy a lot of stuff from them if you just buy a little bit it's not worth it although you do get free movies and TV shows downloadable stuff I like Amazon Prime because I tend to buy a bunch of stuff through Amazon it works out for me and that brings us to number 11 because all this goes to 11 some stuff is just never going to be cheaper at the auto parts store you're better off going to a big-box home-improvement store like home depot or lowes so things like bondo and sandpaper rattle cans masking tape fiberglass if it's a product that applies to the home as well as to the car you're probably gonna find it cheaper at the home-improvement store so there you go there's our top 11 ways to save a buck when you work on your car hope you dug this hope it does save you more than a buck and if you're not a subscriber hit that subscribe button whether your subscriber not hit the like button you got comments tell us about it in the comments cuz we want to hear about it and we want to know what you want to see next what do you want to see us cover let us know we'll catch you down the road you