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Installing the Parmak six pack electric fence to protect our garden from bears

**Installing the Parmak six pack electric fence to protect our garden from bears**



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Installing the Parmak six pack electric fence to protect our garden from bears. We have deers and bears around our remote cabin and need to keep them out of the garden. One way to do this is by installing an electric fence. Parmak makes a solar electric fence charging system that is easy to install and keeps unwanted animals out of your garden. This electric fencing is a great packet that has keep larger animals out of our raised beds.
While installing the Parmak solar fence charger a humpback whale decided to pay me a visit, along with six blue heron.

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We are building a cabin in southeast Alaska. It’s an off grid cabin on an island near Juneau. We are towards making a homestead out here and becoming more sustainable through frugal living, hunting, fishing and gardening. Alaska homesteading is more than just words is a way of life. So if you are interested in moving to Alaska or the off grid life click the subscribe button and join us here at My Alaska Dream, where we show what it’s like homesteading for beginners.
Living in Alaska is great, come with us and enjoy the experience.
today we're going to install the power mac 6-pack electric fence let's get started well I'm not here water in the garden and getting the leaves out of the beds and stuff and the Oh humpback just blew so I thought I'd go see if I could get a little bit on film for you oh there he is it's the mom and the baby her name is flame and his name is Bunsen baby mama anyways that was we got a little rain last night it's been like two weeks since we had rain but we got a little last night but this baby is underneath the older tree so we didn't get anything so I wanted it last night and then this morning I just get these from the older tree out and that's when the will hurt him and then lo and behold the baby was there with it so that was super cool to see first thing in the morning I don't know whenever you pick up a tool supposedly everybody goes so I thought I'd do it too I'm not sure where we left off yesterday or two days ago I brought my son and Ashley out here ashley is piloting the phone we spent the the the day and night and then the next day and I brought him home yesterday and then I just got back this morning so we got the deer netting up so now we're going to move on to putting me the electric fence up I guess we should start off with putting them the base unit and I picked this wonderful tree right here to do it on so let's screw this sucker in bass unit installed alright next we're going to start putting our little insulators around the the wood here and then we'll drive in our ground and rod all right we got the very last insulator to hook up here and then we just got to hook all these into the into the main box there and and get the ground set up and then we'll be good to go so we had yeah we still doing up one two three four five blue heron and the ego kind of scared them off let me see if I can get them in focus here so there's one two that's three then we got these two guys right here that's four five and then the ego was over here there he is he scared them off but they just land it again it's hard to see through the camera but when you when you're just standing here you can see them pretty clear there we go we've got the ground all set up now let's go connect this stuff to the base oh that's it they got the ground and the the hot going to the base here so now we've got to just turn it on and give our test and I found a cool way to test this but I gotta take my boots off or at least a boot so let's get on the outside of the fence here and we'll test this sucker out alright so I got the system charge now but your shoes will will insulate you from from that so you got to take a shoe off to try this out so you have to have a barefoot on the on the ground so you can be grounded as well so let me get my shoe off and you'll also need a blade of grass alright so we got our shoe off got my bare foot on the ground you take the blade of grass and lay it on the electric fence the blade of grass is a resistor so you don't get the full the full shock of the fence but you can definitely feel the closer you get like if you know the closer you get to the fence with your with the blade of grass the more of a shock you get so I'd start off with you know four foot four inches back and then work your way forward but I can definitely feel it from here yeah so the fence is definitely working so let me get my shoe back on here and and we'll call this complete alright well that pretty much sums up this video I think we'll also add one more third layer just to in between layer and I've got like one of them a little latch hook so you can you can take it off and walk over and under this high wire and the very lowest wire so that it just give us one more little extra strand of protection thank you guys for watching we'll see you next time





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LINK TO ALL OF THE PRODUCTS USED ARE BELOW !! BUILD YOUR NAIL KIT TO SAVE MONEY FOREVER !! I have been doing this for two years and I will never pay for acrylics again !!

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Strong Nail Glue w/ Calcium & Vitamin E
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confer fashionistas so everybody wanted to know how my nails get done the answer is I do them at home these are the nails that I use they're from Amazon they're from the ICI basket by Nels Gaga you can like I said get on Amazon they're fairly inexpensive so I just took off my nails that I had on before I took them off about two days ago and you want to make sure that your nails are able to breathe for at least one to two days before you go and put more nails back on to your natural nail so I've been doing this about two years I was getting my nails filled in it was just too time-consuming and it was just taking up all my money what you want to do is invest in your nail kit which would be a box of nails these are the stiletto nails here these are the stiletto nails that I like to put on these are my favorite shape and these are the coffin nails they're pretty cool and what's also included in the nail kit a top coat which is shiny and matte so you can differ off what kind of look for one this is quick dry oil by Sally Hansen cuticle softener it's really important you want a cuticle conditioning oil this will keep your nails healthy nail dryer this is my favorite from beauty secrets this is the nail polish dryer buffer and an emery board nail kit which is only like 12 bucks this has like all the tools that you need for at-home manicure hand lotion nail glue I like to use nail glue because I do a lot of moving around and I like to keep my nails on I do not use the sticky tape for my nails because like I said I do a lot of moving around and I want them on but if you need the sticky tape and you cannot keep your nails on for too long because you have a corporate job or your nails cannot stand the nail glue then I'll leave you the link down below where you can get sticky nail tape also this is optional if you want to do your nails like really fancy you can get some stone I have like a bunch of stones you also want to get a stone will and I also have a bunch of different other stones so this may seem like a lot what I showed you but it's a good investment because every time you do your nails it will be free 99 you do not always have to go and get your nails redone because you have the salon at home I'm going to show you what I do after I take off my nose I just buff away the glue you want to make sure your nail bed is smooth this is a high grit buffer so once I buffed away the glue I go in with my 100 to 180 grit emery board and I just shape up my nose you want to go carefully with this kind of emery board because this is really really heavy and it could damage your nail if you're not careful but I like to use this because it shapes my nail really fast and I don't like to continuously go over my nail you also don't want to use this emery board for your nail bed because it could damage your nail bed and strip away the top layer of your nail so after I shape up my nails I'm going to take my nail kit from Amazon I'm going to remove the excess skin on the outer layer of my nails which can cause hang nails and you don't want that you have to be careful when using this tool because it could make you so now what I'm going to do is push my cuticles back and I want to take a cuticle pusher I'm going to take my Sally Hansen instant cuticle remover I'm just going to put a little bit on my nail but you can see the difference in between the nails once I put that cuticle remover on the cuticle is a lot more cleaner and smoother so I'm just going to repeat that for the rest of the nails so once I finish pushing my cuticles back I'm going to take my cuticle oil and then rub it into my nail bed and cuticles you want to make sure you're taking care of your nails underneath the fake ones because if you don't once the fake nails are removed you're going to have like some really really messed up nails and you don't want that you want to make sure your nails are nice and pink like mine you want to make sure you do not have any kind of fungus anything going on in your nails you want to make sure that's handled before you go ahead and do this or let your nail technician take care of it if you don't know how to take care of it yourself so you want to make sure that oil is heavily coated onto your nails and your nail bed and rub it in really good the oil is coated onto my natural nails and I'm going to go wash this off and I'm going to come back and show you how I put on my fake nails so I washed off the oil fingers are nice and clean my nails are nice and clean so what I'm going to do is rough up my nails again because what's going to happen is this glue is going to adhere so much better to a drier nail bed than a smooth nail bed because if you put glue on a smooth nail bed your nails will pop off and it will not last as long we are also going to want to do that if you're using nail glue tape today I'm going to be using this nail glue that I got off of Amazon so I'm going to take the buffer again and rough up my nail bed I want to pick up my nail sizes which I'm pretty good at because I've been doing this for so long now but this part you're going to want to make sure you put enough glue but not a lot of glue if you put a lot of glue it could do damage to your cuticles and you don't want that in your nail bed so I'm just going to put enough so it can hold onto the nail trust me this will last long and you're going to want to start at the cuticle and then push the nail down it's okay if you get an air bubble you're going to hold it there for about five seconds until it's stable enough for you to remove your hand so there we go our first nail this is okay that little air bubble because as long as this part is glued down it will stay on my nail for at least two to three weeks even with that little air bubble we're just going to repeat the same process again you don't want to overdo it with the glue and you want to work fast as possible there we go that one's a little perfect we're just going to hold it down for at least five seconds now if you're scared of nail glue and you're like it's going to do so much damage to your nail like again you can definitely opt out for the sticky nail tape we got a few air pockets in the middle no but that's okay so we're going to let that sit a little bit for about a few seconds another reason why you don't want to apply a lot of glue because that glue can seep down onto your skin and get stuck onto your skin and that's not good when you're applying the glue you want to make sure your nail is up straight it does not go everywhere so I applied all of my nails and my nose feel pretty tight there are a few nail bubbles here there's an oval here and no bubble here but my nails are going to last for about two weeks even with the air bubbles because I've rubbed up the nail bed and this glue is pretty strong you want to make sure that you have a strong glue if you want your nails to stay for a long time so I'm going to take more of this cuticle oil and put it on my cuticles again and Plus this will remove any glue that you may have gotten on your skin you just want to rub that in really good you want to make sure that you have a lot of moisture and your cuticles this does not loosen the glue whatsoever the glue is already set so what I want to do now is wash this off and we're going to get to the polish so before I apply polish on my nails I'm going to just remove this hard Ridge at the tip of the nail these nails come with like a really rough Ridge on them so you want to get rid of that I'm going to go in with a gray polish you know this is the beauty of doing your own nails you can buy as many nail polishes as you want you can put different colors on your nails you can do whatever you want once you have your nails on and it this at least takes about the whole process like about 30 minutes out of your day and again it's nothing there's no freakin time limit on it because it's free this color is called carry by Zoya and I'm just going to go for a gray matte look today I'm going to skip my middle finger cuz I have plans I have plans for the middle finger now if you cannot paint your nails perfectly like if you cannot stay in your nail lines then I do suggest getting a pill off coat base coat so once I have that done I'm just going to go over my nails a second time so I finished painting the nails I wanted gray and I'm just going to see if I want to do a third coat I don't think that's really quite necessary so I'm going to take my big matte top coat by Sally Hansen you want to make sure that the nail color that you just applied is a little dry not all the way just a little dry so you can apply your top coat because you don't want it to smear and leave like negative spaces you don't want to have it seeped through you don't want this color to mess up so just going to want to wait just a few seconds for that top layer to just to get a little dry so I'm going to wait for this to dry up a little bit and then I'm going to move on to my middle nail and show you what I have planned for that now so I'm going to take this whole glitter by sinful colors so I'm going to put a gym on my middle finger and I'm going to just put a dot of topcoat on the back of this so I'm going to put a dot of glue but right here where I'm going to put my gym because these are heavy gems and you're going to have to use glue to place these gems so I want this one I'm just going to place it in the middle of the nail see how pretty that looks I'm going to leave you to the link down below where you can actually purchase these gems I'm going to take my little nail design pen thing I'm going to have a little bit of topcoat on the end of it and pick up the gym and after that I'm just gonna take my shiny top coat just paint over that I like the shiny top coat for gems because it doesn't dole it out it doesn't leave it matte it just keeps it shiny so now my nails are finished and I'm going to wait for this to dry but instead of waiting so long I'm going to take my Sally Hansen dry and go drops you're just going to want to put it all over the nail lightly with your finger and then after I do that I'm going to take my nail dry spray and after I spray the nails I'm just going to put the cuticle oil on my cuticles one last time it's like I said you want to make sure your cuticles are nice and healthy so I'm going to let my nails dry with the dry oil and the dry spray and I want to let this cuticle oil sit in my cuticles and I will be back I just washed my hands and I'm just going to take a cotton ball and wipe away some of that oil that's on the mat so if you want to get rid of the Polish that's on the cuticle usually what I like to do is just wash my hands and it comes off like that but if you're like really really finicky about that and you really want that polish off you can take a q-tip make sure the tip of the q-tip is fairly pointed or even by some pointed q-tips because I do have that and just dip it in the polish remover I'm going to go around the cuticle with the polish remover and just remove any polish this is the honeydew hand cream and I love this stuff this is really really good because it leaves your hands so freakin soft I'm just going to put a little bit on and just put some of that lotion on my hands get a nice and soak so that was how I do my nails at home it's a very easy DIY all you got to do is buy all of these things that's just one-time investment into your nail kit and the rest is history you can do your nails as many times as you want do as many design you want like it's endless there's endless possibilities and like I said that there's different nail shapes leave you to all of the links down below to everything that I use in this video it took about an hour because I was filming but if it was just me no camera and no talking it would have taken me like at least 30 minutes just pop a buck but the nails on polish put the little crystals on and I would have been done and the nail dryers just shortened that time even more I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and let me know if you're going to try this elf is so tired of going to the nail salon paying somebody else for something that I can do and plus I'm paying for nails that's just only gonna last two weeks so if I'm going to have some nails that's gonna last two weeks I'd rather just pay 399 every two weeks to do my own nails and plus like I said these are really really strong but if you want them stronger you can buy hard as raps put them as your base coat and just go on with your days any nail technicians don't yell at me okay if I made a mistake it's okay this is just a DIY do-it-yourself because ain't nobody got time for it and I want you to stay plus-sized and stay beautiful fashion Jones bye

Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City

**Man Living in a 10'x10' Tiny House & Homesteading in the City**



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Rob Greenfield’s latest sustainable living project is to live in a DIY 100 ft² tiny house for two years while foraging and growing 100% of his own food in an urban …

DIY Modern Piggy Bank For Cash And Coins

**DIY Modern Piggy Bank For Cash And Coins**



View Time:10:32Minutes



Slime Sam is a very good friend. He wants to save some money and to buy his friend Sue a big L.O.L. case, because he knows how much Sue loves L.O.L. dolls! But there’s a small problem. Slime Sam isn’t very good at saving money! So, he asks his friend Sue to make him a money bank that will help him save both coins and cash.

This money bank consists of two compartments and two mechanisms. The cash compartment is operated by gear wheels (cardboard circles tied with a rubber band) and the coin compartment is a kind of a trampoline for coins. The money compartments are guarded by a secret combination lock, so nobody can get the money out except you!

1:40 Pen magic

5:49 Cash compartment test

6:44 Coin compartment test

8:56 Sue reveals Sam’s secret

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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Music by Epidemic Sound:
Title: Cuckoo
oh not with how it would be happy to but what happened huh a piggy bank for coins and cash sounds interesting let's give it a try yay now I have a chance to fulfill my plan and meanwhile you can write in the comments below what other piggy banks are buying you remember here I have found all the necessary stuff that it will be right you are Sam hmm something's missing here Sam could you please fetch me some barbecue sticks from the kitchen you can bring both you'll see would you like to see some magic sure I do bibbidi-bobbidi-boo that slime sweet tooth so we have to install bicycle spoke fragments into pen pieces just like this already done wow that looks great Tammy now we need to tape the handles yourself okay Sammy can you even imagine how many different tapes there are in the world hmm now we measure the necessary length on popsicle sticks we need two similar parts right you couldn't do it without you Sammy and here we insert our pen into this part like this actually is it Carol oh we measure a circle with the compass we will need two of those and a smaller one Sam do you want to put out the circle would you look at him then maybe you can help me stick them to each other go ahead Sam I needed this oh thanks Sammy you are 100% right when I say professionals always have everything you will have a piggy bank a car of course Sammy look Sam you have a challenge here when you tackle it sure can even do it with my eyes closed you are doing such a great job Sam a real pro hell yes that's me be careful with the cutter Sam whatever on the pro did you forget cm since you want to store cash as well are you saving for something okay okay I won't hear you have to be careful since we need to cut only the upper and middle cardboard layer a peculiar piggy bank I'm very excited to use it just a little more patience it will be soon huh that piggy bank with the windows they're so sweet and cooler than the magical line really I think that the magical piggy bank was very beautiful could you please pass me the pencil so I can fold this piece nicely yeah yeah let's pop this piece around the pencil just look how nice it is and now we stick it right here guys don't forget about safety when working with blue guns till trusty with such me what happens to me I need to bound pieces of cardboard to they'd be in the box Thank You Sammy Familia those wheels with sticks inside seriously where you'll remember it for sure that was a good wow I hope that's so for the next step I need these thingies so when you say trampoline rather than a swing I wanna jump I wanna go to I could play on those all day long now the rubber bands huh it's to wait until the glue is dried but we can always stick it once more sure but it's better when things are working the first try do you want to see how the coins will jump on our trampoline more like I really I can't wait well you asked me for an unusual one for coins and cash so nothing's weird here however I might surprise you now Sam remember when you wanted to be a spy oh sure oh why are you asking me about it now because we'll make a spy combination lock and it'll even have a code force not a hard one it's really easy to remember I already thought I would have to carry around a paper with a password see me could you please help me one more time make a snip right here I'm on it good job look what I made it would serve as the second part for our lock which letter is your favorite so a dicey bug candy you know a perfectly round awesome then we'll use it but don't tell anyone now we'll stick the back part to our piggy bank only the lock support is left and voila the piggy bank is done did you just say that the piggy bank is I sure did just kidding we can't do without the decoration don't scare me like that I craft without a decoration well you know I do I do boom now the mission is complete [Applause] come on Cindy hurry up that put my money in there so I could say there's no problem wait what's this oh what a nice lol side that's what you're saving the money Sammy's my friend happy then let's fill our piggy bank quick great start guys if you would like to see the unpacking of this lol sex and I save enough money in the comments below don't forget to put the bell button not to miss our next video thanks click the like button hi guys I think it's alright if Sam pays for the solo outside laughter good deeds should be rewarded

Make Laundry Soap at Home for Pennies on the Dollar | Frugal Living | Everyday I'm Budgeting

**Make Laundry Soap at Home for Pennies on the Dollar | Frugal Living | Everyday I'm Budgeting**



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I’ve been making my own laundry detergent for years. Occasionally I’ll purchase some Thieves detergent but other than that this stuff is my go to laundry soap. It doesn’t cause me migraines or allergic reactions (no perfumes/fragrances) and I save a bunch of money as well. In my book that’s a win all around. I’m going to take you along as I whip up my first batch at the new house. With just a few simple ingredients you can find in your laundry aisle- or arrange for Walmart pickup like I did- you can have a year’s supply of detergent for under $30 and 15 minutes worth of time.

Until Next Time,

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hi everyone all right so just cut right to the chase we're making laundry soap today so why did I ever want to make laundry soap instead of just buying it off the shelf I have two reasons first one is I can save a lot of money I can make enough for over a year is just for me but even when I was making this with two people in the household it still lasted me over a year and we were doing laundry almost every day at that point and then the other one is that I'm I'm allergic to a lot of things as someone who has MCAD if I'm using things a lot of perfumes in it things don't typically go particularly great for me and I don't want all of those perfumes in my house let alone on the sheets that I'm sleeping in and the clothes that I'm wearing just isn't good choices for me so both of those things combined means I make my own laundry soap have been for years and it's pretty simple so let's walk through it you will need just the things in front of you first one baking soda I have this giant box here it is four pounds and I spent believe like three dollars and seventy something cents for this one the entire everything that's here cost me just over twenty-eight dollars if that helps super washing soda this is also the Armand Hammer brand but it doesn't have to be if you can find it in another brand you can certainly use that next up borax the only one that my Walmart actually had was this 20 Mule Team and someone would have ever used before I'm not sure if there are other brands that are easily accessible in your area that I just haven't heard of but this is the one I have been using next up nope so I have actually used a couple different things you can use filth naphtha you can use Zoet you can uses oat bars you can use Ivory soap lots of different things you can do but if you're gonna go with actual soap I would go flakes it's so much simpler I don't have to sit there and greet bars of soap I have time for that at least not anymore and it doesn't really cost that much more when I think it was like maybe a dollar more total to make this recipe than it was for bars it's worth a dollar all right and then OxiClean the kind that I am using is the free no dye and no perfume for reasons I've already mentioned so let's get started I'm going to be putting the entire box of all three things that are on this side in how I should have opened it beforehand all right the easiest way I found to actually do it is to put it into either a a bag and then just sort of mix it as you go like or put it into a big bucket but either way mixing as you go and not putting the entire box of one thing and then the entire box of the other makes the process much simpler okay two of them open though it is a little messy if you don't like the smell of zoats like I said there are other ones you can use I'm assuming that's how we say that soap hi last one all right let's do this and be careful you do get quite a bit of dust in the air if you have a mask it's not a bad thing to use it I don't know where mine is so [Applause] very simple you're just mixing isn't the last time I did this recipe I might have used like on the blog I might have used the ivory soap and turn it into a powder room which was a pretty fun science experiment but I don't have time for that tonight so I added all of this stuff to my grocery order and if you have a really really really large family you could always double or triple this recipe so the last thing is you can put about half of one of these oxy cleans in I'm probably gonna put the whole thing in just because I am gonna put whole thing in because I I just want to but you don't have to put the whole thing in if you want to do half that is perfectly fine I've used everything from half of one of these all the way up to a full one and I personally just like the full one I think it works a little bit better but that might just be my washing machine and the clothes that I'm using okay so this is gonna take me a few minutes to stir so I'm going to come back to you guys in just a minute once this is all done alright so we are back next up just package it up super simple so you can put it in all kinds of containers you could put it in these little candy type containers you can put it in mason jars like the large ones I would say and you don't have to put it in scoop by scoop but I don't want to pour it while I'm talking because I'm afraid I would drop it so anyway I'm just going to measure this all out into my canisters and we'll be right back alright so I am completely done with this I have enough laundry soap to get me through the entire year this quarter cup is going to actually go in here I will need somewhere between a half of this and a full scoop depending upon the size of the load normally I only need about half of it if something is like super super dirty I might go for a full scoop but typically I'm looking at about two tablespoons or so for my washer if you're looking if you have a high-efficiency you're gonna use even less I do not have a high-efficiency I have just a regular washing machine at the moment so hopefully you are able to utilize this recipe in your home and save yourself a little bit of money and get rid of some of the chemicals if that's what you so choose I have seen people use scent crystals in their versions of this recipe before I do not use it because of the fragrance issue but feel free of that is what your family would like to do I've heard really good things about that I will actually to get sent in to mine other than just this note use some of these wool dryer balls you can put a little bit of essential oil on them toss them in the dryer done it actually also speeds up the drying time of your cycle and gets rid of the static and I believe these ones cost me $4.99 so pretty cheap since they will last me all year all right so until next time bye