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Walt Disney World Vacation Budget | How to use the FREE budget tool

**Walt Disney World Vacation Budget | How to use the FREE budget tool**



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Stuck on what to budget for your Walt Disney World vacation? This FREE tool will help you set a realistic budget for your next Walt Disney World Vacation!


I would LOVE to help plan your next Disney vacation! Each vacation is personalized to every family, group, couple or solo trip – consider me your personal Disney vacation planner. Best of all, my service is 100% FREE!

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hey guys sitting and chatting about my Walt Disney World budget worksheet it's a free planning tool all created for you and I'm going to take a quick moment here to walk you through it so that you have an idea on how it works if we haven't met before I'm Alma and I hope customize and create Disney vacations for guests that are crafted to each individual family group couple or solo trip based on personal needs and budget if you're interested in having your own personal Disney Vacation Planner I'd love to chat with you my services are always free a little disclaimer here before we get started one the prices are in u.s. dollars Rory my fellow Canadian friends with the fluctuating dollar it's difficult to keep the rates updated to this budget worksheet is only a helpful planning tool so that you have a realistic budget in mind and in no way an official travel quote please contact your friendly Disney travel planner for an official quote if you have any questions please don't hesitate contact me I have included my contact information in the video notes below now let's get started on this main page you'll see a breakdown of all of the costs at the bottom you can see the different sections which you can click through budget which is the page that were on resorts porches a list of resort choices daily rate which shows you the daily rate for each Resort Hotel you can see the dates this about down the side and the hotels is that all along the top dining which shows you the daily rate for dining tickets and that shows you the average daily rate for per ticket choice and you see that the ticket price goes down the longer your stay and then we have parking which gives you the daily hotel rate for parking if you choose to drive or rent a car okay so let's go back to the main page and I'll show you how to fill the worksheet up I usually start by entering the total budget amount that you would like to work with and then we can pop down and start entering in your expenses your expenses start here on line 14 in the sample budget I based it on to adults for a seven-night stay so in line 14 you can see here it's a drop-down menu and you can choose your resort of choice here I put these guys at Disney pop century resort now let's figure out your average price per night so if you click over to the daily rate tab and choose your dates let's say you want to travel me first checking out May 8 and staying at pop century show us the resorts along the top here pop century is my first column so I go down to May first and then you can actually just highlight from May 1st to May 7th because it's her night stay and you'll see at the bottom here it gives us an average daily rate it shows the number of nights and then we can pop back over to our budget worksheet and enter in our sending lights and the cost per night was 1 1 571 and then it's going to give us our total amount here next we enter in our resort tax there's only any one resort tax and over here you'll see my note it says 13.5% at all star resorts otherwise it's 12.5% so the tax on Disney sports entry it's roughly 5% which gave us one point four eight seven next we're moving on to park tickets and this is also a drop down menu so you can select what type of cook tickets you want these ones are going to be set to one park per day then you go over to your ticket tab and you're gonna have to do a little bit of math here for this one we are doing one park per day for seven days and you'll see that the 7-day price is sixty two dollars and you multiply that by two people which gives us one hundred twenty four dollars and we hop back over to our budget and we go here and we're doing seven days 124 dollars and it gives us our total amount moving along and we do a similar thing for the Dining Plan there's a jump down menu can choose which dining plan you want and we pop over to the dining table and figure out how much it's gonna cost for dining so a little bit of math here as well and we have our sample here says a Disney quick-service Dining Plan which is fifty to fifty per adult per day so when you multiply that by two and it's giving us 105 dollars per day we just pop it in our seven days hundred five dollars and it'll give us our total amount and then you will see some other options under the expenses tab the memory maker this one is 169 if you buy it before your trip it is 199 park then you have your options for travel if you're flying driving parking car rentals so this is your whole transportation section we fill in the information just as we did above and then you have additional lines to put in your budget for your souvenirs and gifts for your purchase food and drinks there's also a column for special event tickets like Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party Mickey's very Merry Christmas party early hours events or VIP tours so you can pop that all in there and that's it well there you have it I hope you find this budget worksheet helpful if you think that something else should be included please comment your request below thank you for taking the time to watch this tutorial and have a magical

How to Save for Disney, for Vacation...

**How to Save for Disney, for Vacation…**



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How to SAVE for Disney, for Vacation: In this semi-long BUT informative video I discuss the smart ways to SAVE for Disney. Watch and ENJOY! Of course the best way to save, is to save time and book with a Disney expert. Nina would LOVE to book your Magical Disney Vacation!!

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hello hi Nina here with vlog number two can't believe we made it this far okay so I'm just gonna jump right into it with topic of the day today I'm gonna talk about saving for Disney saving for a vacation more or less how I save for Disney or a vacation so first thing is I have to pay for my vacations just like you guys we live on a budget just like everyone else I don't just get to go to Disney for free and willy-nilly get to do whatever I want I have to pay too so that means we do also have to budget and save for Disney so my favorite thing I like to do involves the kids so this is our fun jar let's see if I can show it to you so first of all the kids and I we discuss what we want to do Disney wise and then I find the images on Google put it on a piece of paper and this is kind of like how we visualize what we're saving for I like having a visual in particular because I feel like if we can see it we can feel it we can grasp it it's there it can happen if it's just like oh we're gonna put $20 away in a bank account you know whatever sometimes I feel like you forget to do that but when you have it in your hand when you walk past it every day depending on where you place it we place it very open like everyone can see it kind of thing I feel like it gets stuffed more and more because we see it we want to fill it up so like I said we put images on this thing that we want to do so for for us there was a princess my daughter for the first time really got interested in the princesses she wanted to do the princess makeover she wanted to eat with princesses previous vacations that was really an interest of her so we didn't do it we love staying at the Polynesian which of course is a pricey resort so that's on there gotta have my Mickey pretzel got it I'm gonna make a pretzel of my Mickey pretzel and Disney Cruise Line so again I kind of already had these trips planned and booked I know what we're gonna do but the kids don't know so this this is something I love because even though I don't expect coffee money and garage sale money and all those kind of monies that we would save for it to actually physically pay for the trip the bulk of the trip what I like the fun jar for is this is for the extras these are for the little things that we pay for extra like the princess makeover or a special meal or you know whatever so this is our fun jar so I have to be honest and tell you that we started this not last December but the December 4 before that so just over a year ago and my kids have already saved eight hundred dollars that's right and you know where we get this money it's all from my kids selling their crap this is my kids going through their toy box and routinely checking for toys they no longer play with this is me checking their drawers for clothes they can't fit they're not gonna wear they're done with I am really big at selling um on Facebook on the mom-to-mom sites and this is where our money goes and you can see this thing is chock full um we took a bunch of money out already because we just got back from Disney World and I often will put a little note in here on how much we spent so that's like not focusing let's see to close it's on paper oh well so it looks like I took just over three hundred dollars out for our passports and I took two hundred dollars for Disney World again like I said this money isn't the bulk press the trip but eight hundred dollars like I still haven't a buttload of money left I could have possibly paid for the dining plan or memory maker like it doesn't–it's how much you want to save and what you want to put the money towards I also like the fun jar concept because I don't want my kids thinking they get stuff for free even though mommy you know is a vacation planner and I booked trips to Disney and as a reward we get to go to Disney my kids get all that but the same time I don't want them into being spoiled I want them to know we have to work hard they see me every day working hard at my job and I want them to work hard too so this is their ways of contributing to the fun that they have at Disney and apparently I need to start spending this money I apparently don't spend enough or are there selling too much stuff I don't know what it is but anyway I love this concept because it's visual and they can see it and I put a little slit in the top oh no if you can see that so when they sell their shoes or when they sell their stuffed animals or whatever I'll tell them hey you know guess who made 10 bucks today and they'll grab the 10 bucks and they'll put it in the jar so looks like I need to update this picture for our next adventure because apparently I am NOT spending this money check it out but anyway this is our favorite way of stepping money I let my income support the actual trip but this is the fun and it looks like we could be having a lot more fun at Disney or I'm not using it to pay our bills so maybe I should start but anyway fun jar I highly suggest you sit down with your family and you just talk about what it is you want in a vacation what it is that you think you might want to do ask them that stuff now the trip can still be a surprise they don't need to know they're going they don't need to know they're going when but those little things you can already ask them and then you can prepare and they can save and they can visualize and I think this is a great thing so anyway fun jar this is my favorite thing the other way that my family loves to save so I know how to say this is the Disney Visa card I don't know why it's all blurry today guys there we go Disney Visa card so I have one up I'm out of focus again um I have a Disney Visa card no I am NOT a Disney Visa card pusher no I do not get kickbacks if everyone in YouTube starts giving the Disney Visa card I just happened to physically love my card so why should you get this dang thing I love this card because you earn points specifically you earn Disney dollars so by getting the card I charge everything on my card if I can pay a bill on my credit card I will I put as much as I possibly can on my credit card and of course I pay it off every month but in exchange I earn Disney Points which turns in to disney dollars you can use these dollars for paying for your trip and yes I do I use it to pay for my trip you can use it for shopping at the Disney Store don't use it for that because we would rather go on vacation you can use it while you're at Disney to pay for souvenirs and extra treats and extra fun you can use it to pay for the holiday tickets that don't come with your package you can use it to pay for pretty much anything Disney and since I know I'm going why not so let's see this last trip which was in December I cashed in $700 worth of points and I used it towards paying for my resort package so once you've earned enough points I forget how much the minimum you have to earn my twenty or fifty bucks or something they send you like a credit card in the mail and that has your points on it and you can decide how many points you want on that card so if you have more points than you think you want to spend then don't put that many points in your card so I cashed in like 600 700 bucks on the card I got the card in the mail and then I typed the card in or as your travel agent I would type the card in and I paid $700 towards my trip Ferrari I did not have to pay for this people it was free it was just me physically using this card I got $700 for free okay now get this I use 700 bucks I just checked my statements there's my statement I already have $300 on this sucker I cashed in the 700 in December it's not even March yet 300 bucks which means I can add that $300 to the same card and use it on my cruise I can use it to pay for porn excursions I can use it to pay for tips I can use it to pay for souvenirs because my cruise is already paid for I'm already paid in full I can use it for those other things free people free three three three hundred dollars that I can go send my kids off to go do some sort of excursion or we as a family obviously would do the excursion together um free the other perk about this is for some people they don't have the money for their trip as soon as they had hoped something happens and they just don't have the cash flow when using the card and booking a trip you get zero a PR % for six months which means for your final with your final due date for your trip if you can't pay whatever's left to brand three grand whatever's left you have six months when it's putting the money on your card from charging your card six months from that date to pay it off to the credit card company it's like extending your final payment by six months so for those two reasons alone I love this card plus on top of that here's the card again whoo on top of this they have perks at the park so there's special um I'm dark again there's special um meet and greets you can do for only chase Visa card holders they're special discounts you can get it like you spend 50 bucks at the Disney Store and you get 10% off there's those other little perks which are great as well but I love it for the free money so seven hundred dollars plus three hundred dollars that's a thousand dollars I got for free for using the card all I did was use the card I never had to pay an inch right never had to pay a fee because I always pay my bills on time a thousand bucks people a thousand bucks so between the eight hundred that my kids saved and the thousand dollars on the chase visa eighteen hundred dollars how can you go wrong just I can't even that's just crazy to me um excuse me we're all sort of recovering from sickness here the other thing I personally do not do this a lot of my clients do this is they get a disney credit card disney gift card I'm saying it's I don't know why it's so blurry but anyway that's a Disney gift card so why would you use a Disney gift card so the way to save what the Disney gift card is a grandma can buy it you can buy anyone can buy it it's someone's birthday it's Christmas it's the holidays what should we get your children get them Disney gift cards we can use it towards our trip the other thing is certain places like Target will give you a certain percent off I think it's like five percent if you use your target red coloring or something I don't know it'll do it and you can get percentage off by buying these cards so that percentage ops so say it was like a $50 gift card and you only had to pay $45 will you just save five bucks now the perk to that is what if you buy $2,000 worth the cards how much could you have saved then you do the math think about it but a lot of people will do this now I will say I don't personally do this for one reason and one reason alone and let me warn you of this reason because I think it's really a reason to think about Disney has an excellent cancellation policy if for some reason you have to cancel your trip I'm talking extreme medical car crazy reason and you have to cancel your trip you get your money back the way you paid so if you pay with your Disney Visa card you would get cash back on your visa if you pay with a gift card you got cash back on your gift card now think about this that's great if your reason for canceling wasn't that big of a deal and you're gonna go again next year fine keep the cash but what if the reason you cancelled was something like you can't pay your bills something majorly medical happened and you need cash fast and the one way to get your cash back is to cancel your Disney vacation but not if you pay it with a gift card nope you're gonna get back your cash on a gift card thus paying your medical bills cannot happen by canceling your career Disney vacation because you can't pay the hospital with a disney gift card you just can't same thing happened I had a family got in a car wreck totaled their car they obviously needed to buy a new car and car seats in the whole thing and they did the shirt the insurance was being weird anyway they had to cancel their Disney vacation to have the money back to help pay for like a starter car a loaner car or something car before insurance kicked in or something I forget the crazy scenario but she paid 3 grand and gift cards guess what canceling her Disney vacation did not help her whatsoever so my thing about this is don't get crazy some people get crazy and they will pay their whole trip on Disney and gift cards that's great if that's what you're into great I'm not gonna say anything bad about that but just think about what could happen the what-ifs the what-ifs are too scary for me I would like to know that if an emergency happened I could get actual cash back actual money back on my card actual something back not just as me gift card money so something to think about also I have a client whose kids I think they're in a private school the school will sell gift cards and the school will then get a kickback and I think the person who buys the gift card also gets a kickback so the perk to this is you're helping your kids school and you're getting a kickback and my client buys just a couple hundred dollars worth because that helps her out just enough so that's the other thing is rather than putting your whole trip invested in gift cards house just a couple hundred but this is another way to save because if you know you want to stay for Disney every time you go to Target buy gift card every time you go wherever and they sell give currents buy a gift card add a to your grocery bill when you add up you might have five hundred a thousand dollars worth of gift cards and that was your way of saving and if you did it through a place like Target where you got a five percent off kickback you kind of saved money you saved money and you got a deal so Target Gift Card another way people kind of save so there you go my other thing I wrote notes my other thing about how to save money is just budget so a lot of people especially local people to me my family Wow Nina you go to Disney so often and you must be rich how do you do it blah blah blah what people don't realize is my family puts vacations first well family first then family vacations first which means how we budget our household really reflects that we put vacations first which means we are not eating out at restaurants we just don't we do not go to the movies I take my daughter to the movie once in a great moon like for the Star Wars premiere and I take her we do not go out to see movies we get Netflix it's cheaper it's five bucks we get Netflix we do not do these crazy things that other families do with their kids that cost more money we just don't do those things we do not go to Starbucks and get coffee we do not I can't even think of things because we just don't do them we literally stay home and do our family thing at home and go on family walks go to the park do a little picnics things like that that don't cost a ton of money we do this because we are saving for our next adventure so all those people who think wow they go to Disney all the time they must be flooded with the cash no we are not I also we also don't have the latest and greatest in technology we bought a flat-screen TV this past December which means all these years that all of you all have had a flat-screen TV we still had the giant thickbox TV that we had a thousand pounds yes that's right we also live in a teeny house we didn't want to put the money into getting a huge house when this little house works fine of course I would love to upgrade and get a slightly bigger one but you know the point is is that you you need to put priorities first what is more important to you is it more important to have more fun on the weekends and do those little things like eating out and going to movies with your kids than great for us it's all about the adventures it's making money Disney style or any other you know grand adventure vacation we might take so it's just priorities a lot of people can do both we for whatever reason don't we just don't we save our money for vacations um another way to save money is flights now some people drive and obviously that's a huge ways to save money but for those of you who fly I don't think you realize sometimes that flights change the cost of flights change hourly daily weekly I get so many people who oh my gosh the flights are so expensive how do you fly to Disney what were you looking right did you check I literally will check every day for weeks and then once I get an idea of when the flights are cheaper like say every Tuesday they come out cheaper then I will check every Tuesday or every Thursday or whatever it is that I think the cheaper flights come out and then once I see a flight price that I've never seen before I score it you know we don't have to buy your flights immediately as soon as you book your trip with Disney it's not like oh let's let's go get our flights now no you can wait you can wait and you can price shop for those flights the other thing people don't realize is sometimes it's cheaper to fly out on a Tuesday versus a Saturday sometimes it's cheaper to fly out a blah-blah-blah day versus another day those are things to look into if you are not vacation date specific so often before I'll book your trip I'll say did you did you look into flights did you check now sometimes if you booked a year in advance then that's not really going to help you for the people who book you know for spring break and they wanted to book in January I would have said hey did you check to see what flights would have been cheaper is it cheaper for you to leave on a Tuesday because it could see if you like a couple hundred dollars a person to flight hop the other thing is I personally do not book cheap flights I'm a delta girl I do Delta I've had a lot of clients that have had issues with some of the cheaper flight companies Airlines so I don't usually recommend those but again to each his own if you like a certain airline then go for it I'm a delta girl I will always tell you I fly Delta also per my location we have a hub here in Delta I can easily fly to Orlando for 220 to 250 bucks a person that is my you know good rate flight rate for us and I know that so when I see that flight rate I'm like yeah score I'm gonna book that right now so those are things to kind of get nigh on is what's a good flight price for you per your location to wherever you're going the other thing let's see is um yeah me I can save you money believe it or not as your travel agent I hunt and hunt for those deals the rumor mills will start coming out and I know which rumors to trust and which ones not to trust and I can kind of get an idea based on history when a deal came out and I will start looking and looking for this deal so when a deal is gonna go live I will literally be up at 2 a.m. 3 a.m. 4 a.m. 5 a.m. any am I can possibly get up checking to see if that deal came out and if that deal came out I will go through my stacks and stacks of people who have already booked and I am whipping through them to see which one of you I can save money for I do this all the time for free it's part of booking with me that's just what I do a lot of people will ask well Nyna if I booked now what if a deal comes out what do I do guess what you have to do anything because I do it I just care of it for you so like there's a big old famous everyone loves to talk about called freed I mean it happens in the fall I have people that specifically want free dining which is kind of difficult because Disney at any point in time can take away this deal they'd love to change the dates on that deal as well so it's getting harder and harder to predict yes for sure September 15th is going to hit the deal we really have no clue all we can do is guess based on years and years of history but in general we don't really know when the deal comes out or what the dates are going to be for what the resorts are gonna be no one knows this information so if you see it on the web that someone knows they don't know no one knows only Disney knows and sometimes Disney doesn't even know because until it's live and it happened and it was announced no one knows all we can do at this point is guess but my point is if I know you're hunting for a deal I'll let you know the other thing is is if a deal comes out and you've already booked with me I hook you up if it's for the right dates the right resort the right amount of tickets the right whatever Disney puts their little stipulation their little rules and regulations on their deals if you qualify I'm gonna score it for you and then I'm gonna send you an email that says guess what I saved you $1,200 I saved you 500 bucks I saved you $200 or sometimes I'll say it in your email I saved you 15 bucks but if you upgrade to the next resort you can get that resort for practically the same price that you're paying for your current one which in that case is a deal you didn't really save necessarily but you got a perk you got an upgrade so it really just depends on the the who what when where and why but the point is is I'm looking out for you that's just that's what I do I wonder if there's a deal out there that I can get you I'm gonna get it for you so any I booked with Disney through Disney the Disney booking system so if it's a Disney deal a Disney announced deal I can get it I can hook you up again if you qualify there's always those rules and regulations fine print people gotta read the fine print um there's always some resorts that are always excluded but in general I hook up as many people as can I have saved I saved one lady 1,800 bucks and sometimes I save people 36 bucks but it really just depends on you know the who one one who what when where why and how and all those things so in general this is how I say for Disney I love my fun jar kids can be a part of it I love my Disney visa cart by Chase fees up look into it I was looking for a Visa card that got me some perks and that gives me perks I will actually use don't forget to tell grandma grandpa aunts uncles whoever birthday's coming up Easter whatever get me a gift card I can use it and yeah but with me because I will I will find you that deal because that's just what I do I love I love saving people money actually I love sending out that email guess what I save just 638 dollars um so anyway there you go this is my video on how to save for Disney or how I save for Disney or basically the smart way to save for Disney you just you got to put your eye on the prize the prizes Disney so how can your family get yourselves to Disney for mine it's just not spending money on things we don't really need or you know staying home and finding other ways to entertain ourselves that don't cost a lot of money I know some of you are like wow that sounds boring I'm going on the Disney Cruise in two weeks and that doesn't sound boring to me so it really just depends on what you want to do with your money but I feel like everyone has a way to get to Disney you just have to maybe cut and paste a little bit in your lives to get you there so anyway again this was Nina on how I save to how I save for Disney so again thanks for watching come back next time and yeah Mahalo hai meetha Oh