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Walt Disney World Vacation Budget | How to use the FREE budget tool

**Walt Disney World Vacation Budget | How to use the FREE budget tool**



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Stuck on what to budget for your Walt Disney World vacation? This FREE tool will help you set a realistic budget for your next Walt Disney World Vacation!


I would LOVE to help plan your next Disney vacation! Each vacation is personalized to every family, group, couple or solo trip – consider me your personal Disney vacation planner. Best of all, my service is 100% FREE!

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hey guys sitting and chatting about my Walt Disney World budget worksheet it's a free planning tool all created for you and I'm going to take a quick moment here to walk you through it so that you have an idea on how it works if we haven't met before I'm Alma and I hope customize and create Disney vacations for guests that are crafted to each individual family group couple or solo trip based on personal needs and budget if you're interested in having your own personal Disney Vacation Planner I'd love to chat with you my services are always free a little disclaimer here before we get started one the prices are in u.s. dollars Rory my fellow Canadian friends with the fluctuating dollar it's difficult to keep the rates updated to this budget worksheet is only a helpful planning tool so that you have a realistic budget in mind and in no way an official travel quote please contact your friendly Disney travel planner for an official quote if you have any questions please don't hesitate contact me I have included my contact information in the video notes below now let's get started on this main page you'll see a breakdown of all of the costs at the bottom you can see the different sections which you can click through budget which is the page that were on resorts porches a list of resort choices daily rate which shows you the daily rate for each Resort Hotel you can see the dates this about down the side and the hotels is that all along the top dining which shows you the daily rate for dining tickets and that shows you the average daily rate for per ticket choice and you see that the ticket price goes down the longer your stay and then we have parking which gives you the daily hotel rate for parking if you choose to drive or rent a car okay so let's go back to the main page and I'll show you how to fill the worksheet up I usually start by entering the total budget amount that you would like to work with and then we can pop down and start entering in your expenses your expenses start here on line 14 in the sample budget I based it on to adults for a seven-night stay so in line 14 you can see here it's a drop-down menu and you can choose your resort of choice here I put these guys at Disney pop century resort now let's figure out your average price per night so if you click over to the daily rate tab and choose your dates let's say you want to travel me first checking out May 8 and staying at pop century show us the resorts along the top here pop century is my first column so I go down to May first and then you can actually just highlight from May 1st to May 7th because it's her night stay and you'll see at the bottom here it gives us an average daily rate it shows the number of nights and then we can pop back over to our budget worksheet and enter in our sending lights and the cost per night was 1 1 571 and then it's going to give us our total amount here next we enter in our resort tax there's only any one resort tax and over here you'll see my note it says 13.5% at all star resorts otherwise it's 12.5% so the tax on Disney sports entry it's roughly 5% which gave us one point four eight seven next we're moving on to park tickets and this is also a drop down menu so you can select what type of cook tickets you want these ones are going to be set to one park per day then you go over to your ticket tab and you're gonna have to do a little bit of math here for this one we are doing one park per day for seven days and you'll see that the 7-day price is sixty two dollars and you multiply that by two people which gives us one hundred twenty four dollars and we hop back over to our budget and we go here and we're doing seven days 124 dollars and it gives us our total amount moving along and we do a similar thing for the Dining Plan there's a jump down menu can choose which dining plan you want and we pop over to the dining table and figure out how much it's gonna cost for dining so a little bit of math here as well and we have our sample here says a Disney quick-service Dining Plan which is fifty to fifty per adult per day so when you multiply that by two and it's giving us 105 dollars per day we just pop it in our seven days hundred five dollars and it'll give us our total amount and then you will see some other options under the expenses tab the memory maker this one is 169 if you buy it before your trip it is 199 park then you have your options for travel if you're flying driving parking car rentals so this is your whole transportation section we fill in the information just as we did above and then you have additional lines to put in your budget for your souvenirs and gifts for your purchase food and drinks there's also a column for special event tickets like Mickey's not-so-scary Halloween party Mickey's very Merry Christmas party early hours events or VIP tours so you can pop that all in there and that's it well there you have it I hope you find this budget worksheet helpful if you think that something else should be included please comment your request below thank you for taking the time to watch this tutorial and have a magical

Disney World on a Budget from the UK, booking, planning and mistakes!

**Disney World on a Budget from the UK, booking, planning and mistakes!**



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So this is quick run through of how we did our Disney World holiday on a budget at half the list price! Includes cheap disney world tickets, disney holiday packing …

Disneyland Tips and Tricks on a Budget | How to Save Money at Disneyland!

**Disneyland Tips and Tricks on a Budget | How to Save Money at Disneyland!**



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Looking for Disneyland tips and tricks on what to expect when it comes to your Disneyland Vacation on a Budget? Good! I am sharing with you every dollar we spent on our Disneyland Vacation on a Budget and what you can expect to pay when planning to visit Disneyland on the cheap. What are your favorite Disneyland tips and tricks?

I’m sharing with you ALL my Disneyland secrets to help you save money at Disneyland!

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hey guys Brittany here four pennies into pearls and I have been dying just dying to start sharing with you our Disneyland adventure that we had it was the first time that we took our whole family to Disney in the first time we've been since I mean I've been married to us in over ten years it was an amazing trip and so here's the thing on today's video I'm going to be sharing with you guys the exact breakdown of our budget to go to Disneyland but I'm actually going to be doing a whole Disneyland series so I'm going to be sharing with you guys today what our budget is but in future videos I'm going to be sharing with you different things that you want to buy before you go to Disneyland to help you save the most money possible I'm going to be sharing with you guys different places where you want to stay to help you save the most money possible and that all depends on like how many people are in your group how long you're going to be staying all of that stuff and then of course I'm going to be sharing with you guys kind of like a day-in-the-life vlog style of our entire trip at Disneyland what we did how the kids did since we have us now six four and one and a half year old it was the best time and I think we did pretty good at going to Disneyland on a budget so if you guys want to know the ins and outs on how to have an amazing Disneyland vacation on a budget then you're definitely going to want to hit subscribe and make sure you stay tuned to this video all right you guys we are here in the computer let's just dive into it and I'm going to show you guys all the numbers of what we thought we were going to spend and actually what we did spend so I'm keep in mind that again this is just for a one-day visit but two nights in a hotel so if you're planning your vacation I've kind of priced it like per day so I'm you can multiply it you know by however many days you're planning that thing okay so let's take it over to the hotel make sure you're subscribed because I'm going to go into all the details on how you guys can save money when it comes to deciding where to stay depending on how many people in your party how long you're going to be staying all that stuff but for this one night or two nights we decided to stay in a hotel which was actually an amazing price I think we got it at like 111 a night and this is like a brand-new really nice I mean it's not like five stars or anything but it was really clean hotel is about 111 per night I believe but then you can see over here it actually worked out to be 302 for tea after like fees and taxes I'll leave a link down below to the actual hotel that we did stay at so that way if you are looking for a hotel you might want to check this one out and see what rates you can get um then when it came time for a snack so in this budget I included like snacks that we bought ahead of time and then snacks to be purchased at the park we ended up not buying that many sex because we are so busy going around and like checking out rides and different shows and things like that we ended up not buying that many snacks which was kind of sad about I mean obviously I'm still okay because we had an amazing time so we ended up pretty much we bought like I think we wat Dole Whip was like one thing that we bought and then the rest of that money was just for snacks that I have ahead of time using coupons which stages I'll be doing a casual couponing video soon then we I wanted to include breakfast in here so these are all categories of your budget that you need to include in your Disneyland vacations we had breakfast included in our hotel which is one of the main things I was looking for because breakfast can be expensive and who wants to go get ready get out your hotel room with little kids I mean it was so easy just to wake up go breakfast that's initiating ready so breakfast was included in our hotels day okay I realized that I had to hurry and add in the ticket prices so we'll get to those in a second since we did have to actually pay take your prices we did not include those in our total so we remember to keep that in mind when you're looking at these totals here so I'm I just told you guys that breakfast is included in our hotel which I highly recommend finding somewhere if you're doing the hotel route that includes breakfast now for lunch you can see right here we budgeted $60 per day for our family of five and that's what three little kids so we were able to get by with them sharing two kids meals or like one large adult meal probably so we budgeted $60 per lunch for our family don't forget to budget in food for your travel dates as well because that's something that a lot of people overlook so we budgeted $20 for lunch on the way home because we didn't need lunch on the way yet you'll see in a second so on we budgeted about $80 for the lunch for the two days one at the park one on the way home and we spent seventy two forty-five and you can see how that broke down here so about $54 per lunch at the park for our family of five and then 1876 for lunch on the way home and then for dinner so again it's to dinner so we had dinner our first night there so just out and about around and we actually ate pizza at just like a pizza place right next to the park right next to our hotel and then one dinner at the park which we actually ate on Main Street at Dominion so you can see over here we budgeted $85 and then knowing that we were under budget for our lunches we kind of knew that we had a little wiggle room for our dinner so you can see our total actually was 94 seventy-six and so that was thirty dollars for pizza so it was way over what we were anticipating I was eating like twenty dollars I guess I did budget 25 but so it's not way over but anyways thirty dollars for pit stop first night were there and then 62-36 for dinner for our family of five with the little kids for dinner at the park that day so that kind of gives you an idea one tip i have for budgeting and planning your budget for eating of course you can pack your lunches if we were planning on being there for more than one day i would have packed lunches while we're there and maybe have lunch one day there and then dinner there or you know kind of did a variety of packing lunch packing dinner and vice versa so that's one thing that you can do but since we are only there for one day we were just really indulging in the whole Disney experience and bought lunch and dinner at the park okay so now I got you the money for it and what that is is I found this really cute idea from the Melea show the channel here on YouTube that I absolutely love go check her out if you like this channel you're going to love her channel it's amazing she does like all sorts of things to help you live an awesome life on a budget so anyways go check her out tell her that Brittany from Penny's wonderful fun too but anyways her you was to have it to be very practical like what I did is I went to the dollar store ahead of time and just bought a bunch of little Disney seems little trinkets really and then we just set them out on the morning our first morning there and if we would have been there couple a couple days I would have spread out so maybe they got one thing one morning one thing the next morning one thing the next morning you know things like that just a little tiny thing it didn't cost much I budgeted twenty five dollars for all three kids and we stuck to that budget we actually spent twenty five dollars for our Disney fairy and it just adds to the magical experience and it was so much fun and I'm so glad that we did that so any little thing that you're planning on doing make sure you're including it in your budget then we wanted to buy Disney shirts the kids got Disney shirts for Christmas so hubby and I wanted Disney shirt you can see that I'm wearing right now and I actually got mine from Walmart but I did end up liking it the quality of the material is just really not great I would have liked to have a shirt that I could buy and then use for future trips to Disney Man but even after just one day of wearing it at the park the back kind of got you know when sheet material starts to kind of like bead up on the outside of the shirt anyways that's what this shirt did so I mean it served its purpose I think it was about $10 so it's not only could spent a ton of money anyways we budgeted 30 dollars to buy a new shirt and hubby shirt and we stayed within that budget of $30 and we got hubby's on Amazon I believe I can leave links for that down below for you guys then we also did budget $45 for a souvenir for as we're leaving the park that kids could go and buy something we actually worked out was that the kids great grandma had sent them gave them a little bit of money so we didn't have to use that money out of our budget because they were gifted some souvenir money but just to let you guys know to get like a very fun toy I would say setting a $15.00 budget per child is a good price range your shirt and sweatshirts and things like that are going to be higher than that but the kids were interested in the toys and to find a fun not over-the-top toy for under $15 is pretty average so I think that's a good price point to look at if you're trying to set your own budget then parking at the park I was anticipating paid to pay for parking like we're going to drive there but our hotel is actually a lot closer than I was expecting so we didn't have to pay but as of this video it's 20 dollars to pay on to park there but just go to Disneyland's website and you can search their parking and then they'll tell you what the current price is to park for an entire day at the park just make sure to include that in your budget and then I have the downcast but you guys are going to want to make sure that you include in your budget your travel expenses so whether it's an airline ticket I'm trying to get a bus ticket whatever it is even gas so we anticipated I was going to take about one guess that one tink a gas to get us there and back it's about four dollars and that's about what it took about an entire tank of gas just to get there and back and then any little driving that we did in between so make sure to include your travel expenses in there as well oh and then one thing about parking is again is if your parking is not included in your hotel rate make sure to pay attention to that when you're searching for your hotel because that can add up a lot especially if you're spending multiple dates and then the last thing we wanted to do was get some Mickey ears and originally I was like oh I'm going to just make them and set my budget at ten dollars but then what we did is we found these really cute like let me see if you guys can tell they're kind of like sparkly on Minnie Mouse ears but then also a they came in a 12-pack I'll leave a link sydney's down below they came in two 12-pack of these so six mini ears and then six Mickey ears so we gave them to my kids and then two cousins as well that were there so they cost about $12 for the 12 years so that's a dollar per set of ears if you go into the park and try to buy Mickey Mouse ears there they're going to be least ten dollars per pair McGee years or many years one thing that I would have liked to do maybe I'll do in the future is I would still buy these ears but maybe like as little embellishments on if you go into Pinterest and search mini or Mickey Mouse ears you're going to see a ton of stuff on there just DIY and then add it onto here but we saw these exact ears in our hotels a little gift shop and they were eight dollars eight dollars to do that exact one so they did a huge markup on those anyways if you're planning on getting ears you don't already have them use my link down below because it's a really awesome deal alright and a really quick let's just go over ticket prices so you can see that our anticipated budget with seven hundred and twenty dollars so we saved up all that cash ahead of time before we even went to the park before we even paid any hotel fees or anything we saved that 720 we ended up only paying about six hundred dollars sorwe under budget so what we do with that extra money is we just rolled it into our 2017 vacation fund so that was a really great unexpected surprise so as far as ticket prices go now there's a couple ways that you're going to be able to get tickets even cheaper than these prices I have right here one would be going through get away today using the link I have below they're going to do packages on your Disneyland tickets and on your hotel tickets like I said you can get your tickets a little bit cheaper depending on how many days you're going to be saying all that stuff is factored into the price and then it's a really busy day the prices are going to be more things like that so do your research onto the day that you're doing it go to get away today use my link down below and you can get $10 off and then also you can just go to Disneyland's website and you can see that depending on which day what time of the year you're going and then how many days you're spending there and you can get cheaper ticket prices the more days that you're bundling together and then also the more days you purchase at one time you can get the magical mornings it's not what they're called yeah magic morning that's what a call where you got to that's what it's called you actually get to go into the park earlier before the gates open so that's a huge bonus and I plan on taking advantage of that next time we go when we do a couple days there you have it that is our complete budget that is every single dollar that we spent at Disney and every single dollar that you can expel to spend when you go to Disneyland on your next magical vacation oh and you guys don't forget to follow me on Instagram because I am loving loving loving Instagram stories it is so much fun over there and that is where I share like our day to day frugal living tips and when we go on vacations to Disneyland or road trips or any vacation that is where you're going to see firsthand look at exactly what we're doing in even more detail into what we're spending how we're saving money so make sure you're following me on Instagram I have a question for you guys now I am a huge believer and saving up your money beforehand but remembering to budget in a little bit of a splurge because when you're on vacation it's fun to have this something extra special for your vacation so let me know down in the comments below what is your favorite thing that your family splurges on I'm kind of a food girl and my heart belongs to food so I budgeted enough money to let us really enjoy all the treats that Disneyland had to offer that's everything I have for you guys today thank you guys so much for watching and don't forget to subscribe so you don't miss out on any of my other Disneyland on a budget videos coming at you soon thank you guys so much for joining you today and I will talk to you very soon bye

How To Get FREE DISNEY GIFT CARDS! Money Saving Tips For Disney

**How To Get FREE DISNEY GIFT CARDS! Money Saving Tips For Disney**



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In todays video we are showing you this awesome way we found to get FREE DISNEY GIFT CARDS!!! Yes I said FREE!!!

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hey there guys what is up and welcome back to my channel in today's video I wanted to do something kind of fun I think it's fun and help you guys out at the same time now I discovered something lately that to me personally is nothing short of Awesome and I actually discovered this on a Facebook group that I'm in for Disney people and that is a way to get free Disney gift cards I mean technically you can get like any diff any gift card with this but we're working today on free at Disney gift cards so if you know me you know I love going to the parks and you know that I like going to the parks as cheap as possible and this is one way where you can go and if you do it enough you can probably go for free but we're gonna work for some free Disney good cards today and that is by using the app called shopkick now before you get into this I just want to say this video is not sponsored or whatsoever they don't know who I am they don't know that enjoying this this literally just something I found the other day and I thought it was the most amazing thing on the planet so I wanted to share it with you guys my husband's sitting outside the car being crazy right now but we're at Walmart on 4th of July so it's gonna be really really busy here and it looks like it's about to pour down raining outside so before we get into this I just want to show you how to use the app first of all you want to open up the app and whatever you open it it looks like this and as you see I already have 840 kicks which is what they call their points on this app now basically what you do is whenever you walk into the store literally just for walking in the store you get kicks for it and then while you're walking around doing university shopping or whatever you scan items in the store you don't have to buy them you don't do that you literally just scan some items in the store and it will give you points for kicks as they like to call it so one thing about this app is what you want to remember whenever you go into a store in order to get points for walking in you have to make sure you go to one with this little man right next to it and this little barcode is how many points you can get for scanning things and then this little receipt next to it is how many points you can get if you buy the thing so since we're at Walmart what I'm gonna do is in order to get the kicks when you walk in you have to have your Bluetooth turned on because they do have sensor so I'm going to open up the Walmart part and I am going to turn on my bluetooth and then whenever we walk into the store I will get 10 kicks automatically just for walking into the store now what we're going to do is we're going to go through the store and this is literally like a little scavenger hunt like we did this before and we got over 800 kicks in just one shopping trip and we literally did not even buy anything if you use some of the stuff on your toll you buy a scan your receipt and you'll get even more points for that but you don't even have to yeah so when you go and you're just gonna find the different items and you're literally going to click on the item and you're going to scan it in as soon as you scan it you will get the points now some of these at the end it'll have like a little ad that'll play but it'll give you extra points and so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go walk in to this Walmart right here it's very very busy Walmart fourth of July and we are going to show you guys just how much you can get in one shopping trip using this app and I should mention that a $25 gift card on this app is like 6,000 something points and we got almost 900 in one trip and this was just a couple days ago so if you buy this stuff it adds up a lot more a lot quicker but you really don't have to and you still get a good amount of point okay so on this app we're in the shampoo mile you have this small professionals green so you're literally just going to cap it you're gonna grab one off the shelf it doesn't matter which one is you just have to make sure it matches it you're gonna scan the barcode what we're gonna do is we're gonna walk around we're gonna scan everything we can scan and it will let you know how many points we got in this one shopping trip okay guys so we talked about how to get the points on the shop cake app for free but you can get points a little bit faster by actually buying this stuff that it has on the app so we ended up meeting some so my husband use themself anyway and the one thing he buys is actually on here so we went ahead and just picked one up so I'm gonna show you guys how to get the points for actually buying stuff so when you buy the stuff okay you go to the item you bought and it'll say submit receipt and you're going to take your receipt and I haven't actually done one of these yet so we're gonna do this for the first time together and you're just gonna click the one you bought if you bought more you can hit more but up we're gonna get it to 200 points for this one which is really good so you just want to scan your receipt and it's telling me how to scan it and it's gonna look like this like you're gonna have like a camera on there and you're gonna set your receipt up to take a picture and scan it so I'm gonna go ahead and do that really quick so after you upload your receipt it's gonna say processing just like mine is and then um I don't actually know how long it takes but when it uploads you'll have extra points and you do get more points for buying stuff than you do for just getting stuff for free but either way you still get a pretty decent amount of points for scanning stuff at the store for free so as I was mentioning before I am doing this for free Disney gift cards there are other gift cards on there that you can get there's like a whole list of them there's Aeropostale American Eagle Walmart Target uh Yankee Candle Cheesecake Factory Nike like there is so many ones on here that you can get like it's ridiculous personally I'm going to keep going for the Disney wins because I take a lot of trips to Disney and often always having extra Disney money is nice plus you can pay for almost everything activity and with the Disney gift cards annual passes the tickets included and food and resorts are included as well and also another way to earn points on this app is to use their referral program shopkick does have a referral program where you refer friends and your friends get bonus points and you get bonus points on top of that first ring people I will actually leave my referral link in the description below if you want to download the shopkick act for yourself and give it a try it is honestly so so cool I think and it seems really really easy to do and it's a really good free easy way to get some extra money for your Disney trip thank you guys that is all that I have for you this video I do hope you liked it if you have some other ways to get free to gift cards please leave your suggestions in the comments below or if you know something else or another way that you've seen people do and you're too scared to try and let me know and maybe I can try it for you and let you know how it goes if you like videos like this one please give this a big thumbs up and don't forget to hit that red subscribe button right down below and I will see you guys next time bye you

22 Tips All About Dining At Disneyland! PLUS TIPS ON SAVING MONEY on Food at Disneyland!

**22 Tips All About Dining At Disneyland! PLUS TIPS ON SAVING MONEY on Food at Disneyland!**



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In this video I give 22 tips about dining at Disneyland! I give tips about where to dine to save money, how to save money on food if you’re on a budget, tips all about dining at Disneyland, recommendations for a few good places I love to eat, and a lot more! Disneyland has amazing restaurants and the food is SO GOOD! I love it!

Video on ordering food on the Disneyland App and Making Dining Reservations:

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