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Scentsy Show n' Tell - Toy Story Scentsy Buddies

**Scentsy Show n' Tell – Toy Story Scentsy Buddies**



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hey everyone that twice and one day to go live how do you manage that hi Christine all right I am so excited about this unboxing you have no idea no idea the Toy Story movie is in our town today they have the first viewing at 1:30 which was like half an hour ago they've got another one tonight and then again Thursday Friday Saturday I believe so um who has seen the Toy Story movie so far has anybody already seen it and do you love it hey Joshua hi Kelly so we're live on Facebook and on YouTube so if I'm yelling people out it's because we're in both both both Lambs um this is like I don't know I don't even I can't contain myself you saw it it was awesome it was adorable so maybe this weekend I can go I don't know if then we'll want to go with me but who knows he might all right so let's let's do this shall we so they came out with a bundle and it's still available which I don't get why they must have made they must have known what's gonna sell a lot because it's still available right now which is phenomenal there's a bundle that you can get that have the two buddies you're gonna see those in a minute the two cent packs and the two bars for $95 so that's actually pretty good I think you're getting the bars for free doing that you could do just one of the buddies with the bar and the scent pack for $50 or you can do just the buddy the scent pack for $45 so if you're doing the bundles you're getting more for your money I mean you're actually gonna get some stuff for free so I did the $95 bundle so that's the two buddies the two bars and this 2 cent packs and we're going to do the scent bars first the sensi bars first that's what we can smell the scent all right so what do we want to do buzz lightyear or woody first put it in the comments what do you want to see first buzz lightyear or woody let's take a little boat and I am going to make sure I get everything here are we in the woody camp or the buzz camp which camps what do we want to see first oh we have a woody we have a buzz – buzz both at the same time I can't do it I can't do it okay let's do buzz cuz it's alphabetically in order buzz light here it is alright let me get the information no I want the bar information okay are you ready okay Toy Story Disney Pixar Buzz Lightyear to infinity and beyond is the name of the scent guess what color it is I need to make sure my scent receptors are clear ready okay oh my gosh smells kind of creepy mmm it's fruity its fruity I love it oh mylanta all right blast off to a galaxy of endless imagination worth fizzy orange and blackcurrant are cosmically balanced with plum blossom and sugared raspberry holy Hannah okay I almost lost you there just funky thanks alright we're back oh goodness okay let's do that again let's smell again mmm mmm I cannot wait for this to be warm because cold I smell the blackcurrant let there sugared raspberry and plum blossom and busy orange I want fizzy orange Oh God okay smells amazing buzz lightyear so are we gonna do the Buddy or just the sense let's just do the sense okay so here's woody and this one's called reach for the stars and he is like a caramel brown mmm cowboy it up this is very woodsy mmm okay in a world full of possibilities the sky's the limit but you still feel grounded with white oak sandalwood and an uplifting touch of vanilla seriously mmm oh my gosh hey Cheryl mmm oh god that's nice very woodsy camp smelling oh that smells good okay okay this is the scent pack it will be open this is the artwork this brave Space Ranger is loyal to the ends of the earth and beyond and of course each Buzz Lightyear sensi buddy comes with a scent pack in our Buzz Lightyear to infinity and beyond fragrance and they come in an amazing box it's a Disney box oh I can't believe since he has a relationship with Disney like seriously don't forget we have little handles that pop out up at the top here oh my god he looks so big he is in one of the bigger boxes by the way do you remember our sensei buddies used to come in this big box come on Buzz Oh oh my gosh Wow he is huge look at the details okay all right okay his backpack guess what goes in his backpack seriously Oh Oh danger jet exhaust for real look at the details okay look it says Space Ranger Lightyear he's got his laser badge on the side and his rocket pack look at his gloves he's gonna sin see patch his feet are huge scentsy on the side he's got his moon boots on they're hard you're stinking cute look who's eyebrows o M G he's adorable oh my gosh okay that's buzz buzz lightyear okay are we ready to do woody hi mom yes okay I'm doing this too quick oh okay that's the box it's his hat he looks pretty big you're gonna meet me over buzz cuz there's not enough room on this desk both of you ready he's gonna be bald I can't do this tight guys I have to put the hat on wow you guys are big these are big look this is full size this is a full size buddy look how big but he'll be there this is a full size buddy you still he's supposed to be tall anyway right so he has his cowboy buckle look it doesn't work good they even have the stinking pull cord for him to talk can you imagine if he talked he's gonna share it badge he's good as hankie go get his boots oh it says sensi on his boot look with this little Spurs oh my Lanta and the belt loops look Oh the detail guys there's the sexy patch look at the details Lulu wow that is pretty spectacular he is amazing and you know what if you wanted to keep the Hat on him all the time I'm sure you could put a little safety pin or even just one little stitch and you could leave it there oh look at his gun holster Wow so cute I need to oh my gosh you've got the button here his buttons as hand gosh there's just so much detail in these okay I need to put his scent back in so just sit back oh it smells even better in the scent pack oh good gracious okay his zipper right here well buzz has an entire backpack okay oh my gosh seriously they're big they're huge look at them so you can get well the sub packs are in size you can't see impacts plus the bars and the scent Paks for $95 and it's legit Disney stuff made by sensi Wow ah this is amazing okay you can either go to my website and order them yourself or I can order him them for you totally up to you if you want one and not the other that's totally up to you too if you're a Buzz Lightyear camp or what do you camp then get whichever one you want I'd get both these I'm going to tell you something like all the things that are being made by Disney or for Disney are gonna be collectibles there's no ifs ands buts about it they're gonna be collectibles because people are gonna sought after them when they no longer can get them and so like Winnie the Pooh and Tigger those were put away there in the vault can't get them anymore what was another one that they put in the vault right now you can get Daisy and Donald and Mickey and Minnie those are like the staple ones that you can get all the time but like the Aladdin wax collection the Cinderella lock wax collection those are all going to be collectibles when they're not available anymore so I'm telling you guys that you need to pick these up Oh stitch yeah stitch stitch how could I forget stitch okay he just wiped my these are mine you can't have these okay guys thank you for joining us to infinity and that was not buzz I wasn't even close like I don't know what they sound like it's okay love you guys beauty inside starting up if you want to get yours all right

Never Broke Nation Podcast: Beauty Expert Nesha aka Hazelluve Hair Saving  Tips

**Never Broke Nation Podcast: Beauty Expert Nesha aka Hazelluve Hair Saving Tips**



View Time:27:58Minutes



This week we are bringing back the wonderful Miss Nesha aka @hazelluve, beauty expert and Sheambassador. She is dropping the knowledge of how to get that hair laid on a budget! She has hair money saving tips that will help your hair and your wallet. Learn about product swaps and how you can use household items to make your hair pop! #hairtips #laid #beauty #hairstyles #jessiecurl #hairproducts #samples #diffuser #naturalhair #weaves #wigs #conditioner #moneysaving #hair #neverbrokenation #leavingitonc
well welcome everyone to again another episode of the never broke nation podcast I'm so excited to be back we're so excited to have miss Anisha kind of came back with us again today our resident make up lie Beauty Expert in the building with us today I learned so much during our makeup segment she had to come back again so videos oh yeah listen Brandis got some stories for you about can't wait to get there but this whole hair thing I tell you this relationship we women have with our hair this thirty eight billion dollar a year industry coming from a woman who has no hair because I can't handle it so I am forty nine I have never washed blow-dried and crawled my own hair ever not once Oh can't do it but one thing you know when we talked to Nisha before I just talked about how I always admired how fly she always was always so together and then I would look forward to going to the bank to see like what's her hair gonna be like this time like what we got going on this time and so I've always admired women who could just flip that Alysia Brandi they're the same way – you never know who's gonna walk in the office hair wise and you're showing up today but again you have just been you know it just seems so effortless for you to do it and all the choices that you could have hair wise so what made you decide number one to go short okay one short ease I just I got tired of wearing my hair in a bun all the time okay I wasn't doing anything to it so I just cut it all off and then also it was a like kind of regaining myself because I have kind of become dependent on like weaves and hiding behind my hair so having short hair kind of gave me the freedom to just be and I've been loving it I feel the same way I feel like you can see me right this is who I am you know who I am and so but why did you decide to be natural though because you could have been short but not natural okay so I was short before when I was relaxed I had a pixie cut which I absolutely loved it was cute I loved it I loved it and for me going natural was more once again just becoming okay with Soph I became kind of conformed to what I thought other people wanted me to look like right and now you know being natural it's just like yo this is why I am this is what you're gonna get you love me love me if you don't then deuces so really being natural is more of a didn't have anything to necessarily do it looks but just me trying to better myself as a person as I get older right and so make sure all of you who are listening this is Nisha this is Miss hazel love on social media Instagram Facebook watch the videos all the cute pictures get all your beauty tips miss hazel love and that's lu ve always look so juicy for me really just having a good shampoo and conditioner I love the Shea Moisture curl enhancing or not curling so I'm sorry the coconut hibiscus shampoo and conditioner I love castor oil and I am a die-hard eco gel fan like I love eco styler gel we should have got stuck in there yeah I cannot live without my what do you do with all the products that don't work for you as you know I changed my hair a lot and I'm not gonna lie to you I have a bunch of products that I don't even I made a bunch of y'all do too if I should own my shameless pull your products out these are all things anymore you might have to why you guys are pulling out your stashes think typically things that I don't use either gift them to friends or family that I think it may benefit them and then occasionally I participated in product swaps yeah with other bloggers and that has been kind of interesting to see the things yeah other people have cuz that's one of the things that I thought that I would like to do like you just invite natural hair girl over cuz I mean products are not cheap you know what I mean lutely and I mean I think that's a good way for you to kind of try you know a nice little way to try new things without having to buy things because we all got stuff bottles under our counters that are like still full I mean how many edge controls I only have so many I'm not gonna play anymore and so with do you have like a favorite like the world is gonna stop spinning if you don't have what hair products my eco styler gel regardless of cost you'll get it I will yeah okay Chris what is your you must I would say definitely eco styler gel but I will add to that water yes okay and so you are you willing to pay whatever for the gel no for anything from what is the eco eco styler gel um not only like to the price went up how much is it it was $18 but I have pretend now over to my beer but yeah water and echoes it would I pay anything for it not with the way I'm wearing my hair now okay no okay brandy wood is your you absolutely have to have show us what you got mine is actually this Ola place so because I have my own colored hair I have to be very careful alright at least yeah okay one you pick one okay so one hairstyle one product that's right for natural which I usually wear my hair I use the Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie I have to have this my my hair thinks it's like the elixir to life it makes my curls really silicon mix it's a conditioner washer weave it's amazing even very natural hair use it no we always want to make a notes when we meet what about silicon mix and you can put that on your your a half before yeah I mean it's its conditioner it works so I would do commercials absolutely for free before Carol's Daughter the hair milk like this is the only thing that I would use I think I would pay whatever for it cuz I don't have a plan B for it I need water with it though like you my hair has to be wet in order for it to work I will go to the end of the earth shout out to karel daughter she can send me product you know we all have a lot of products up here but are there things that we can actually use that are in our cabinets are in our refrigerators like you know they're cheaper ways to get the look that we want yes so for me I love to use aloe vera like the aloe leaf I like to use the gel from that in my hair flaxseed you can actually make your own Jo's avocados honey it is it's it never makes it so the Flexi you actually sit on a stove and you boil it and you just keep churning it and then you just squeeze the gel out of it and it's a little time consuming but so flexi gel is super moisturizing and defining part of about it but I've never seen nobody do it so Chris I know you had some products you well you're in your kitchen that you use on your hair of course like olive oil coconut oil that's I use that of course I like to use apple cider vinegar for you know when you want to get a really good wash sometimes I've used many's and eggs or conditioner so that conditioner that's that's really good for your hair let me see what else I think I've put together that's a lot yeah and another thing that I like to try to do especially when I was like really really really into natural hair because I've been natural twice the first time that's perfect when we should have filmed this video because that's really what my hair was like really popping but like now it's just like whatever but but I used to use aloe vera juice so I would mix that into like a leave in my mix chicks you know which often wonder why we're I'm kidding mixed sheets because I'm not mixed but trust me your make but you know my hair texture is like so but but I used to mix their aloe vera juice with it and I mean cuz I heard it was good with people for your pH balance I've heard of people using like be released in their book yeah right because it's a good like if you've pressed your hair out you've been wearing a hair straight for a while I like beer is a nice thing to rinse your hair out with I have the curls comeback interesting but I think you have to use a particular kind of beer I don't know what kind but yeah so with all of these products and Elysia only just shared a very small sample of what she has it is so hard because you cannot go to the store and get samples like they're a way to get sample so you can test it I bought things I've used a little bit and I'm like I'm done so there are different places that you can go to get samples so for instance afore you can go and it will give you a sample there is a place called Jessie curl which is it's a website Jes si si URL and basically you can go on there and you can select a product and they'll send it to you and it's just the sample size I want to say its point 5 ounces but then also you can purchase sample sizes for a dollar 15 which is a lot cheaper than maybe spending 15 or 20 bucks to figure out whether or not you like something so those are two of the places that I know you can do samples and I'll tell you another thing that I've noticed like target targets starting to have those little small sizes and I mean to me I thought that was really genius cuz like their products that they have in those travel size I've never tried before but because I saw it in the small sizes I bought it and I'm like now I buy the entire thing but I mean that's like another good place to if you want to try new product by the travel size yes that was actually what I gave my step mom as her Mother's Day gift she just went natural and I got her a bunch of different trial sizes natural hair do you do with that let's start dye fusers they help to distribute evenly without damaging your hair when you typically use a blow dryer you know it's just coming right out the nozzle and it's going to that one spot it just helps distribute it but it helps you it helps to avoid shrinkage and then it helps like she said it's a void frizz it where's the best place for people to get that at the best price well for me I actually the one that you saw in my video I purchased that Walmart for maybe 15 bucks and it came with the blow dryer and the diffuser in wine okay but you can do that yeah you can do that but you can also buy the attachment as well Amazon hair stores different places like that I have a favorite place that I go on quality and quantity and price all fits with me there it's called aversion here and it's right across the street on Camp Creek that locations in Florida as well I've really really enjoyed their hair mainly who is very very popping on Instagram she has very good hair and then true Bowie is really popular as well here in Atlanta so those are some places with one wig that I made with hair that I bought from them it's less than me going on three years now and it's once again it's all about how you take care of it I think so we how do you take care of yours so for me I make sure Washington condition it I never I was like to this really corny I call it leaving it on see instead of like leaving you know gas tank 1 e which is the seats for clean so I just wash it condition it air dry and then sometimes I'll hang it in a hair bag or I'll leave it on a week ahead I don't get so ins anymore so I don't have to worry about like the bundles and things like that but typically I just hang it up and says is that the proper way to store it it should it be it should be able to breathe it should not be plastic okay now not necessarily because the hair bags are plastic but it needs to be dry prior to putting it into a hair bag okay that makes them dry yeah I like to scare my boyfriend and you know keep my wigs on the heads and then put them in every time yeah okay that's a good point I just have to know that it fits cuz I have I bought so many wigs that look good in the store and then as soon as I get home I'm like what was I thinking like I if I can find a wig that will give me both then I mean I would make that investment I can see especially if it'll last that long but I just have the worst luck finding a wig yeah I used to buy a lot of weights in this store but what I found was that even the ones that are labeled 100 percent human here they sometimes have synthetic fibers mixed in which it's tricky because you're still able to apply heat and get all it and treat it as human hair but then you start to see it frizzing up right I had one instance where my wig gradually got shorter and I started with 26 inches and by the time I was done I had a bob so it's just so so things like that you just have to be conscious of but Wow so any other tips or things women need to think about what this whole weave and wig save some money I would say just really researching when you're gonna make an investment that because it is an investment when you look at it spinning so five or six hundred dollars on here right that's not necessary because I've you know spent $100 before so it just depends but making sure you ask questions such as you know as your your cuticles one way which that helps so avoid tangling are your wealth double seal that helps to avoid shedding I'm going into the store and actually running your fingers through the hair to see how easily it's angle so just different things like that forever like short hair forever imagine going in a store asking these questions no she's taking like straight-up notes for real so you know one thing that I found really interesting in this whole weave hair business is how people who are not black so us hair I mean the industry we are the consumer of the industry but we are not the manufacturer of it we're not the distributor of it but we have spent billions and billions of dollars so for those of us who are really conscious about that and if we want to patronize a black owned business is there someplace in particular that we could go I'm so once again a virgin hair is black mainly she is she's created her own hair her own hair line I believe hair hair our us is a black owned company as well so those are just some of the major ones that are here in Atlanta well that's good I think we all need to be a little bit more intentional about that because you know it matters where we spend our money yeah and I'm talking about billions of dollars yeah for sure going back to webs why should pull you out but so I know lately the you know here probably within the last couple of years the trend has been lace friends you know like now everybody's got a lace front and everybody's gotten you know getting the glue the baby here yeah baby here like I'm like is there any tricks in that like do you I've never had one up well let me say I've had a lace front before but I'm pretty sure I did it the right way so do you have the body glow like not do you know what a man yeah you might have to because I've seen some stories where people like ripping their skin off you can use tape okay I know for me when I use my I just use and it helps to lay it down okay oh my god I was going to it yeah they took I mean I guess it was too much um size was too big yeah but they took my girl is not for me so I'm like that that is a product like it's me that's better than ecostyler gel to me so for me it makes my hair too hard to use all over I can't use y'all yeah would be better I want to say it screamin nature they have a snot now oh really um I don't understand the snot it's just another robbery okay literally it looks like snot it does stick in any last hair questions confessions anything we need to cover ladies chris is up here i like mad about that hair snot that she lost in the other I'm mad about so many things when it comes down to we of course like I said all the weeks and I've bought like I just spent $200 on a wig I came home and put it in the top of my closet that means you're done you gotta start making your own yeah yeah I think I'm gonna try to do yeah cuz I mean I think that like you said that's something that can be in God have y'all see how much it cost to get a so in nowadays what's he so much plus no fight 300 350 I mean come on and that's like that's not the hair no ridiculous and we should last how long someone's typically less I would say one and a half months – yeah I was I was scarred with this on something mm-hmm and so hard for the natural hair unless you get a partial you know cuz you can get the little small things it's a closer frontal yeah that's what I make my little squirt bottles to like wash your inside of your hair which I get that but I guess I'm always concerned about the leave out so if I ask my thing yah miles would be speaking Japanese right I'm like what closure leave it leave so yeah yeah your hair but what's closure a closure is like it's literally a piece of hair that closes the sewing together so you can look at topper it's like on top of all of them neasha so people want to follow you want to keep up with you all your videos and your tips everything on Instagram where do they find you at I am hazel love h AZ e l lu ve and that's on everything YouTube Instagram snapchat Facebook Twitter I don't really tweet that much but you know occasionally I say some reckless things so and before we close one thing that I really admired about you is how you went from hair and beauty and makeup being a passion to now this is literally a business for you so I know that you are promoting certain products that you're actually being compensated for it so I want you to tell us what products are you an ambassador for and then tell us about that journey how you went from just posting really cute pictures to now you're an ambassador and actually monetizing this alright so currently I'm being monetized with form Beauty Mikasa Beauty white with style honeypot and so form beauty in the form beauty is a hair product select own company on natural hair care and then Mikasa beauty is actually a makeup company and they specialize in makeup brushes and eyelashes and all that good stuff on white what style is a teeth whitening company and then honeypot it's very similar to some receive but it's a black-owned company um also I which I did not know it's based in Atlanta and it's all-natural it's soda and Target and basically with those companies I'm gonna be honest I don't know how form Beauty found me I just ended up with products in the mail one day and then I received the email it was like you're an investor now like you know send your information to get paid I'm saying with Mikasa and then with white with style they actually sent me a like a teeth whitening kit which is super amazing it's like the tray kit with the gel and the light it's normally priced at 270 dollars but with my discount you get it for $28 and then with ya and it works really well like one one treatment comes with you're able to use it ten times and you only yeah yeah bill to use it ten times you only recommend it to whiten once per week and it guarantees you up to three to four shades so that's a really really really good deal and a honeypot I just honestly I love with honeypot be just what it the company stands for it's like women empowerment if you go through the Instagram page it's just like you know I don't care about like my sexuality I don't care about what this man says I'm working one missile just the women empowerment behind it is really why I enjoy that company but as far as I'm being monetized basically companies reach out to you or you can even reach out to companies don't hesitate so you know right out so PR and find out if it's something that you can do as a brand ambassador you either get it yes or no and a lot of time knows what about honey yes is so and what level did you have to get to before you were able to monetize I would say before I started getting paid honeypot was the first that started to pay and I was probably at eleven thousand followers at that point okay now with YouTube so YouTube changed with YouTube it used to be once you hit 10,000 hours of watch time they would start to monetize your videos I want you to 10,000 views but then they changed it back in January to where you don't have to have 4,000 hours of watch time and a thousand subscribers which it's for new youtubers it's kind of hard to get to it but I would just say you know keep pushing because even getting paid just from you to some people make more money works with brands I'm I've worked with I'm currently working with shea moisture I've worked with Palmer's so there's just there's a ton of different people that you know you were actually able to work with I'm working with Taylor Beauty right now which is another black-owned hair company so the options are out there you just have to kind of set aside your pride and got in there and get this one right here deny talk me I'm so happy for you we're so proud of you and we are so grateful that you are our resident beauty yes expert thank you for coming in shock about what day what thank you for coming in Miss hazel love again smiling right hazel hez EOL uve correct correct thank you guys for having me thank you and thank y'all for tuning in to the never Brook nation podcast again

2019 “BEST OF” My Favorite Health products! + Promo Codes!

**2019 “BEST OF” My Favorite Health products! + Promo Codes!**



View Time:18:43Minutes



Would you like to know a few of my favorite healthy products that I use everyday!? This video is a review of my favorite healthy items to eat, put on my skin, feed to my daughter, and use around my house!

Here are some of the links to the products you will see in the video:
AnnMarie Skincare (9.99 Restore Trial Kit!!):
Swanwicksleep.com (Use code: GETFIT to save 10%)
Dropanfbomb.com (Use code: GETFIT to save 20%)

Thanks for watching and if you like what you see here, consider joining me on Patreon where I post exclusive content like this many times a week! Patreon.com/jodelle. Your support is greatly appreciated!

Nutrition Therapy Consulting, Fitness, SUP and 100% pure love!
so I get a lot of people asking me what kind of products do you use around your house what do you use on your skin what do you use for shampoo what are your favorite like things that just make your life easier so I'm going to take you through a few of my favorite things and maybe they'll become your favorite things too so I put them all together here I'm just gonna give you a brief overview just showing you some things that I have that I'm gonna be talking about let's start with what kind of maybe shampoo that I like to use and honestly a past few months I have loved this grandpa soap company pine tar shampoo and conditioner now it smells like grandpa's pipes so don't think that you're gonna have this like amazing smelling hair you're actually gonna smell like the earth a little bit or like a pine tree a little bit and I kind of love that so but I will say that there's nothing in here that can harm your hair its sulfate free it's paraben free it's free from any dyes or fragrances or anything like that and it's all plant-based so I really like that and it makes your hair feel super shiny and clean and this is really good for detangling I have really long hair so it's really nice to find a conditioner that actually detangles too so check that out I have over here something I also want to touch on before I miss out on it this is an apron that I wear when I'm cooking and I did a video recently about why I wear this I have an induction cooktop and I use this apron because induction cooktops put off quite a bit of EMF this is my radiation meter it's called a Trifield meter so this is another thing I recommend having you can set the settings to whatever you want to test and you can test your home and see what's emitting radiation I have got several videos where I use this so be sure to check those out but this apron you put this on when you're cooking and it blocks the EMFs from say this induction cooktop that I use or the small one burner one that I have as well so I have tested this I have a video where I have the apron on and without it the the radiation is hitting all the way to the end and then I put the apron on and it actually shows that there's hardly any radiation so this apron was made by les EMF calm and it's got silver thread in it to wear that helps to block the effects of the radiation so check that out les EMF calm for that obviously you know how much I love f-bomb I talk about them a lot these are their oil packets that I like to cook with you could add this to salad you could add you could cook with the avocado I'm gonna have a video coming out pretty soon where you actually can fry an avocado so that's kind of cool so you can get these I'm dropping FY I'm calm and they're handy super handy to take with you wherever you want and they're you know nothing in there except for what it says raw extra-virgin olive ekkada oil so completely safe completely healthy to cook in or use with food or just put on your body so if you want to take a travel with them and use them as a natural moisturizer the olive oil olive oil in general kind of matches closely the oils of your skin so use these as a body cream – I think that's pretty neat you can use my code get fit and it'll save you 20% on your order at drop an f-bomb com2 you've heard me talk about how much I love deer meat and so I love epic bars venison bar it's my favorite one it's got no sugar no artificial ingredients of any kind it's just grass-fed venison and some spices in there so I really love that and then for my daughter I buy these little Vermont real sticks that higher nitrate free they're grass-fed and they're just really yummy for her she really loves okay why do I have a CD player over so you hear me talk a lot about radiation from our phones and EMF switch our electromagnetic fields from our devices and like right now as I'm recording this I have my phone on airplane mode but I don't even want my phone on me when I don't need it unless I'm working or I really have to keep it near me I've started going back to old school so 1989 called and they were really excited that I had a CD player I use this to do my workouts with or to just meditate with or whatever I want to listen to something remember books on CD and get those with the library for free and listen to stuff I recently was listening to the outliers so I highly recommend that audiobook and I I just love going back to old school a little bit there's very minimal radiation only what would be from the battery here so it's much less than a cell phone so consider going old school and checking out some CDs you know it used to be cool so maybe we can bring it back okay yellowtail I've talked about that in some other videos oh my gosh my favourite fish in the whole wide world I could live and bathe in this stuff and it has no fishy smell or taste so for those of you that don't like tuna and don't like salmon give yellowtail attracts it's kind of like you went to a restaurant and ordered fish and a can okay and yeah it's easy to travel with because as you can see it you don't need a can opener it's just a pop top so I can take this with me when I travel and it's in olive oil and it's so not smelly you could open this on an airplane and I know and no one knows because it doesn't have a smelly fishy smell okay it's really lovely so get that at wild planet foods calm while planet foods calm okay why do I have um seaweed because we are a nation that's very deficient in iodine iodine is very effective before getting your thyroid to function optimally and if we're not getting enough from seafood then we need to be focusing on maybe some other avenues of getting iodine in and one of those is through seaweed and so seaweed these are like little paper chips and they're really hard and crunchy they can almost be like a chip and they're super salty okay so if you like salt you'll love these but another thing I do is I have a separate video I'll be showing where I grind this up and I use it as a powder to just toss over my food to add more iodine this is really rich in iodine remember that t-43 tea – all of those are thyroid hormones that need iodine there are four molecules t4 is four molecules of iodine and t3 is three molecules of iodine and t2 and so forth so you need a Adeem for a good functioning thyroid now remember you over here real quick because my favorite product in the world just went off you heard the beeping noise that was the instant product and I just wanted to touch on how important this is for you to live the best life ever this thing has been a godsend I was actually given this as a gift and I thought I don't need another thing sitting on my counter but I'll tell ya it has made life so much easier so I just cooked rice in 12 minutes my daughter loves rice and so that was 12 minutes from scratch rice I have done a deer shoulder in here that normally takes me all day to cook in my oven I did that in 90 minutes so I'm just saying that it makes life so much easier I've got broccoli sitting right here and it's gonna go in for one minute and this thing and be done so check out instant pot they also have some off-brand online that work just as well so you don't have to buy the exact brand but it's amazing the different settings so it's got like soup and broth and meat and stew and being in chili and poultry so it's kind of like one of those things where you like set it and forget it and all of it inside is stainless steel there's hardly any plastic so I don't have to worry about plastic contamination and actually for those of you who are looking to lower oxalates and your food the instant we'll do that so it'll take the oxalates out and so you might be able to eat some higher oxalate foods that you normally wouldn't because the instant pot will pressure cook them out okay back over here so what do I use when I'm stinky well I try not to get stinky but when I do I like Schmidt's fragrance Freda – now mind you none of these things I mean I'm affiliated with only ahead like two of these products and maybe three but I'm not affiliated with a lot of these companies especially this one I'm just telling you what I use that works okay I used to be really stinky and this was the only thing that would cover that up so I like this I don't tend to get really stinky but when I do then this is what I use and it's like a little pit paste you just put it in your armpit and rub it around it's nice nothing artificial made from everything that you can pronounce and read and that your body understands this is the toothpaste that I use this is the best thing ever if you like the taste of licorice and it's a powder that you dip your wet toothbrush in and it's amazing and my daughter who is four will not use any other toothpaste she only uses that so I highly recommend that this is the contact solution that I use because I do have to wear contacts I have bad vision but I'm actually over the past year thanks to my sister-in-law I've found some ways to actually improve my vision I didn't know it was possible but I should have known because like I tell my clients when you give the body the proper conditions it can heal including your eyes until I fact I fixed my eyes altogether I use this clear conscience multi-purpose solution because this actually has a lot less chemicals and not the preservatives and things that other contact solutions do so this is made for those who are conscience about what they're putting in their eyes okay so check that out I just give a lot of this stuff online you know as on vitacost luckyvitamin all of these are great places to get stuff this is my favorite product to use before I go to bed I just rub magnesium lotion on me and it smells like vanilla and there's nothing in it that's artificial everything is nice and natural including the vanilla scent so that's a really nice one to just help you wind down at night or relax if you have a little bit of anxiety my current favorite supplement is d-ribose so d-ribose is a supplement that I love for the mitochondria it's actually kind of like fuel for the mitochondria if you will so it's an amino acid that's really important for helping the mitochondria function optimally especially if you're around a lot of radiation so when I go and spend a large amount of time in a big city where I'm there cell phone towers everywhere because my body's not used to that I take a lot of extra d-ribose and it cuts a headache immediately because I get headaches from a lot of EMF so this will cut that so I know it's helping my mitochondria what is this big machine if you don't have a SodaStream with a glass carafe well you might want to check out the crystal the SodaStream crystal I'm addicted to this thing because every once in a while I just want to see water so right here I've made my own little fizzy water a little club soda and I have mineral water that I put in here and so it kind of makes sparkling mineral water so it adds a little minerals in there but I love this thing I don't drink it every day but when I do it's Who I am a so it's just nice to have that little fizzy taste when you just have been drinking a lot of water and you need something else these are ATP Sciences products I've been affiliated with ATP science for a long time and there's a reason because every bit of their research is backed up and all of their products do what they say they're gonna do so I love these are actually transdermal creams this is sub-cut and block III so this one's actually designed to help to get rid of excess estrogens in the to help with a little more lien this and then sub-cut is to help with a little bit of that subcutaneous fat that you're trying to melt away and I've had great results with both of these and I highly recommend ATP science if you want to save 5% at their website you can go to ATP science comm and put in my code get fit with J it's all one word get fit with J ok the letter J ok on to and they have amazing protein powder – that's collagen base by the way on to my light bulbs so I have like filtered my home with all these little red lights so in my lamps these are incandescent 40 watt bulbs that at night only the red light goes on in our house but over the showers over the bath we have these cam lighting the can lights that go over the that are tucked up in the ceiling so I put these in and these are also incandescent and just 75 watts and they just make the shower in the bath feel a really enjoyable because it's like a little bit of red light inside of that really overpowering blue light but this is great for at night time because we want to cut the blue light during the evening hours when our body is not conditioned to it because as you know when you look at a sunset it's more of that amber orange red color and that's what we want to invite into our home so turn down those blue lights get some red lights make sure they're incandescent not LED but put those on at night and that way you can still see when you're walking around your house but it's a lot less light and it's a lot more user friendly to your melatonin so check those out ok I get a lot of questions about the watch that I wear people I guess see it also on YouTube when I'm wearing it this is a koa wood watch and it's made from trees that are already have already fallen in Hawaii they don't go harvest a live tree these are dead trees that they find on the ground and they get the koa wood and they make a watch out of it which I love that and it's called Puna okay I'll show you the back so you can see what I mean here if I can show you the back well anyway it may be it's on the screen watch no that's hard to see – my phone doesn't zoom in very well but it's pulling Alki and that's peel n o ki and they make amazing watches and they're so comfortable and they're so versatile they go with everything I don't need another watch I just use this and honestly I had never had a watch until I got this doing so I just wanted to be able to use my watch instead of always like flicking your phone on to find out what time it was it's just one less one less EMS on the body when you can just have a watch to look at and again cd-player watch go back to old school we don't need our phones for everything okay also for those of you who wear makeup I only wear it when I'm like in the fluorescent lit room or I know I'm gonna be in a meeting all day where I'm gonna have a lot of fluorescents so it blocks me from the artificial light but I love Ann Marie earth minerals and Marie skincare it's really cool about this is it's a testing kit so you order this kit for I think it's less than $20 and they give you all these different colors so you can test it on yourself to see what shade works best for you because it's kind of hard to order like foundations or bronzers or anything online and it comes with a nice lovely little herbal facial oil which is so so super soft on your skin but I love this because I could play around with all the colors and just these little vials are awesome and they last a while until you figure out what you want you know mix and match and try these earth minerals so I have a code for you for this to be good and Marie skincare or go to my website there's a link in there as well and you type in Get Fit 20 so get fit 20 saves you 20% you can also do their new trial kit that's $9.99 for their restorative trial kit and I'll include a link down below that okay so over here I've got if I wear mascara this is the 100% pure the dark chocolate pigmented mascara so if you wear mascara you're looking for a good one sorry it's trying to focus check this one out it's made by a hundred percent pure so let's look that up I don't have a coat for you but it's worth the try if you're looking for a good mascara this funny little burning thing here is from my favorite blue blocker company Swannack glasses you've seen me wear those in my videos it's so dirty on top cuz I use it I'm always burning oils but this is the best diffuser and I'm not just saying that because I love Swan wood but out of all the diffusers I've ever used this one is the most potent and it really puts out a good scent in your home without being overpowering and it's got nice little light if you want it but I don't really use the light I just couldn't burn the oil and it's amazing it burns forever it's got a timer setting like I can set it all the way to 180 minutes and then it shuts off automatically or cut runs out of water it shuts off so it's pretty cool then of course do you know how much I love salon teez these are the day glasses so for those of you that work in an office they need to block a little bit of the screens from your computer but not get sleep these are great to have on hand I love the new warrior or diamond ones as well so these are funky and fun to wear out and then my daughter she has this little blue pair here any time it's after sunset and she's you know going outside to a restaurant or anywhere where there's artificial lights I have her put designs so and finally do you need an anti-radiation headset when you're listening to things yes you do so I have these earbuds from ibrain and they are wonderful little earbuds for blocking radiation they block 99% of radiation they also have a built-in microphone so you can do all your phone calls on them and I like that too I do my consults a lot on these so it's great to have these things that help you mitigate a lot of the damaging effects from radiation so these little I think they were like 16 bucks for these and I got them online so just type in I brain anti-radiation earbuds and see what you can find I think I touched on everything I don't think I forgot anything but if you have specific questions on any sort of product that you want me to review or see please just email me get fit with Goodell at gmail.com I'm happy to review anything and any of the promo codes that were mentioned in this video just check down below you'll find them there and that way you can use those promo codes to your advantage so thanks for watching and what was your favorite products that I had mentioned if you saw something you liked or you have a question or a comment about anything comment below and I'm happy to answer your questions have a healthy day try something new today and stay tuned for more you