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How To Keep Your Mouth Healthy Without Dental Insurance

**How To Keep Your Mouth Healthy Without Dental Insurance**



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A lot of folks do not know but the truth is, dental insurance is not really insurance. It’s a benefit. I will share a convenient tip with an unconventional name. To know how you can save money on regular dental visits, check this article

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Dr. Burhenne here of AsktheDentist.com So, today we're going to talk about how to keep your mouth healthy without having dental insurance. Not everyone in this country has dental insurance. Most patients, if they don't have dental insurance, don't come in to see me on a regular basis. They wait until there's a problem because they're afraid, "What is this going to cost?", and "I don't have insurance?" Don't let that be the limiting factor. And personally, I have seen many patients stay away from regular visits to the dentist, preventative care because they don't have insurance. So, I always tell them the same thing and I call this the "margarita fund". You can name it anything you want and I will explain where I got that name. But dental insurance really is not insurance. It's a benefit. Medical insurance, if you get into a car accident and you need, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars on hospital visits and healthcare to get better, your insurance will cover that. In dentistry, after $1,500 of money, of insurance benefits spent, or $2,000, it depends, some plans only give you $900, with lots of stipulations, 50% of this and only 80% of this and high deductibles, that's not really insurance. If you get into a car accident and your teeth hit the steering wheel, you're going to need $40,000 to $60,000 worth of dental work and it's not covered. What I tell my patients, especially the patients that lose their dental insurance after they retire, they may get Medicare but they don't have dental insurance, I tell them to put aside $100 or $150 per patient, per family member, in the family, per month and that gives you basically the same benefits that your dental insurance company had, except that if you don't use the money, you get to keep it. Hence, the "margarita fund". You can go out to buy some margaritas, go out to dinner with loved ones and family. You can spend that money. But it allows you to have this notion or this thought that, "Okay, I've got the money put aside. Let me go in and get regular dental visits." And catch these things when they are small and inexpensive, or not have any problems at all except that the tartar is removed and you won't get gum disease. Again, it allows you to think that you can go see the dentist and prevent bigger problems from occurring, which in the end are more expensive, especially if you don't have dental insurance. So, put that money aside and work on not spending it so that you can spend it on margaritas or a great dinner out with your loved ones. Hope that helps. See you in the next video.

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