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FEEL your way to Debt FREEDOM

**FEEL your way to Debt FREEDOM**



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F.E.E.L. your way to debt freedom. It’s a four step process to get out of debt. In this video I outline the FEEL technique, and describe how you can use it to get (and keep) yourself on the path to being debt free.

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How We Stopped Living Paycheck to Paycheck

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Hey there! I’m Dana. I’m a wife and Mother to 4 kids, including twin boys and two girls. I work full time outside the home in finance as a Corporate Accountant, but enjoy sharing my personal and parenting journey online. We live in the Philadelphia area.

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(sighing) – Hey, guys, it's Dana and
it's time to talk about money and in this video I wanted to talk about how to FEEL your way to debt freedom. (bell ringing) Now, actually in our family,
I am not the feelings person. I am more of the practical one and my husband is the
sensitive, feelings based, one in our relationship,
so kids always say, mommy is the mean one and
daddy is the nice one, sort of something along those lines. So, anyway, feelings. Getting in touch with your feelings. That is not something
that I'm fantastic at. However, this is not about
that kind of feeling, this is an acronym, FEEL is an acronym. I find at work everywhere I go, there are acronyms everywhere and sometimes I cannot stand them, because everything has been
shortened down into an acronym. However, I was listening to
the "Bigger Pockets" podcast which is one of the
podcasts that I listen to and they were talking about this acronym that they had come up with
and they were using it in regards to real estate investing and I think it's really
relevant to getting out of debt. I find that this acronym
helped with that as well, I think it's the exact
same thing you need to do to get out of debt, to pay off everything as fast as you can. All right, so I wanted to
share this acronym with you. FEEL, which is F, F stands for focus. In order to get out of debt,
you really need to focus on what it is you're doing on your goal, your why, why are you doing it? Just like anything you're
trying to accomplish, absolutely anything, if
you do not focus on it, it is not going to happen. You must focus on it, just
like when you were dating your spouse, most likely
when you were dating them, you were really focused on them and you were spending
all your time with them, your friends were probably yelling at you, hey, you never spend time with me anymore, that's 'cause you were
focused on that person and you ended up marrying them, right? And when you first have a baby, you're focused on your
newborn baby as you should be, so, things, in order to do well at things or to get them accomplished,
you need to focus on them, so, if you're trying to pay off debt, then you have to focus on it. Not obsess over it, but
focus on it as a goal, every single day, it's
something you have to have top of mind and whether
that means putting up some kind of board in your house, carrying a piece of paper
around in your wallet with you or just having conversations
everyday, listening to different podcasts
that relate to money, watching "Debt Free Dana" on YouTube, however it is, that you can,
you need to focus on it. Have it be something
you're thinking about. Correct? 'Cause otherwise you're
just gonna be like, yeah, whatever and it's
just gonna slip away and you're not gonna ever get there. So, the first is F for focus. Second is E and that is
for educate yourself. Educate yourself on best practices. Listen to others who have done it. Listen to people or read books
on how to get out of debt, what's the best plan,
something that has worked for millions and millions of people, you need to educate yourself
on how others have gotten to where you wanna get. Same thing with getting debt free. I followed Dave Ramsey's "Baby Steps" and that has worked for our family, it's worked for millions of others, but of course there are
other programs out there that you could follow, but just make sure that you are educating yourself on how others have done it. And I really like to listen to
a lot of different podcasts, I like to learn as much as I can and I try to read non-fiction books. I'm trying to learn from others
who have been successful. And who have done things that I wanna do. If I wanna be a black belt in karate, I have to train with a black belt. Someone who's gotten there, how have they done it,
I can't just read a book and suddenly become a
black belt in karate. Correct? So I need to learn from those who have done it, best practices. The third E is to execute. You have to execute on that plan. You have to follow the steps. If you don't, if you just
listen to a lot of podcasts, which I will raise my hand and say that for about a year, I was listening to the Dave Ramsey podcast, and we were not doing the steps. We just, we weren't doing it. We were not following
it and for some reason, it didn't even occur to me to follow it, I just was like, oh, this is entertaining, that's for other people,
and we didn't do it and then until one day, if
you see that video of mine out there one day, I realized, oh my gosh, we have, we have to do
this, this is for us. We have to actually do the steps. So, this is the same thing, if you know how to do something, because you've read the books, you've listened to
others, and you're like, oh, yeah, I know how to do that, but if you're not
actually doing it yourself then it's not going to happen. You have to execute it as prescribed, follow the steps as
you are being taught to and don't skip steps, don't
try to do it your own way, because your own way has not been working, otherwise you wouldn't be
looking for help elsewhere, correct? So, you need to execute on the steps. All right and then the very
last one is to learn, it's L, learn from your mistakes. Because you are going to make mistakes. Absolutely, you're gonna make mistakes. And when you make those mistakes, don't beat yourself up. Just try to learn from it
and then you can pivot, make certain shifts, try to change, try to correct things that you don't make that same mistake again. Obviously you don't want to continue to make the same mistake. You need to learn from that mistake and correct things that you can continue to move forward. And then just repeat,
repeat, repeat, repeat. Just continue to do, to do it. Just keep on the path and
I heard someone recently, doing their "Debt Free
Scream" Monday, Ramsey show, and they were saying that they believe that the key to getting out of debt, which I actually really agree with this, 'cause I would say the key is persistence. You have to continue to
keep your foot on that path, because I fully believe
the enemy is going to try to pull you off, drag
you off, push you off, and you have to try to stay on it, but they were saying it's
not necessarily persistence, but it is patience. Patience is the key, because
it is going to take time. Some amount of time and it's
very hard for many of us to have that patience
to stick with the plan, even when we fall down, get knocked off and we screw up, it's very
difficult to stay patient and to stick with it and
keep going, keep going, keep going 'til you reach the end goal. And eventually, you'll reach
it if you just don't give up and you have that patience for it. So, yes, patience is the key, right? Repeat, repeat, repeat,
keep following the steps and keep going, keep moving
forward towards your goal. All right, so that's the
FEEL acronym, like I said, I just really liked it, I
think that it's very relevant and I think that, that's
exactly how you get outta debt. That is the roadmap for debt freedom. If you can follow those
steps then you'll get there and then why do you wanna get out of debt? We wanna get out of debt so
that we don't have payments, so that all the money you're
earning, your income is yours to do what you want to do
with it, gives you choices, you can invest, you can save for whatever you wanna save for, you're not giving your hard
earned money to the bank or to someone else, so, owing
money definitely is a form of slavery and I just, it is
something within your spirit and so, I think when you get out of debt, it just gives you so many
more choices, options in life, freedom, literal freedom. So that is exactly why, so, all right. Hope that is helpful to you in some way. If it's your first time
here, be sure to subscribe, I'm here every single Tuesday,
talking all about money and we are a family of six,
living in the Philadelphia area and that's it, I'll talk
to you guys next week, bye.





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I am a student of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Univerity and on a journey to become debt free. By budgeting monthly and tracking my expenses I’m learning how to become debt free and live life by cash. Budgeting for beginners is mostly what you’ll find in this video so please watch and sign up to budget with me and complete a zero-based budget with me next month.

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My Debt Story: How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt Part 1

My Money Story: How I Fell Back into $208,453.27 Debt Part 2

First Budget on My Debt Free Journey


Disclaimer: Honesty is awesome, so I share numbers and dollars in this post. I trust you’ll honor my honesty. Just so we’re clear, everything written here is based on my personal experiences + opinions. Not everything I say here will work for you, but I have faith that you’ll take the information presented and apply some of it to your own finances in a new and creative way.
my channel my name is Stacy flowers and I am a student of Dave's Ramsey's Financial Peace University in on a journeys have become a hundred percent debt-free my starting debt is two hundred and eight thousand four hundred and fifty three dollars and twenty seven cents I currently work part time earning anywhere between eight hundred and one thousand dollars and I am on baby step number one to save five hundred dollars in today's video I'm going to be going over a detailed a budget check in for my February 2018 budget so if you are interested in that please keep watching so the first thing that I want to do is pull up a calculator so that we can have that for our numbers and then I want to talk a little bit about the things that have impacted my budget so far so the number one thing that's having the biggest impact on my budget is income and so I started a journal entry page here and I just want to jot down my income to date so as mentioned in the original budget video my first paycheck plus some money that I'm counting as income was six hundred and eighty nine dollars and let's get that change I believe 86 cents yes in 86 cents on the 7th of February I also received a payment from my youtube channel for three hundred and twenty seven dollars and twenty one cents and then on the 8th of February I also received a generous donation of $100 and I received that donation from DME brown on YouTube and I just wanted to publicly thank you for that very generous donation his or her comment was hi Stacy I enjoy your budgeting videos very much can you list your PayPal me link in the description below your video for anyone who would like to contribute to your financial freedom journey you're such a positive attitude to your current financial situation I would like to help with the small boost and I just want to say thank you thank you thank you I appreciate that I appreciate you supporting my work I appreciate you watching my videos I appreciate you commenting and then also to the community that helped me to earn three hundred and twenty seven dollars and 21 cents it was all of you all collectively that made that happen so I deeply deeply appreciate that because it certainly has helped because I am on the 15th of this month and my turtle earnings so far for February six eighty nine point eighty six plus three twenty seven point twenty one plus one hundred is 111 one thousand sees me one hundred one thousand one hundred and seventeen dollars and seven cents so that is the amount of income that I am working with so far and we still have fifteen days left in this month so I'm super excited about where the month of February is going so now what I want to do is go down my budget and show you exactly what I've paid so far and where these dollars and cents have been going based on my original budget that I did at the beginning of the month and I will link that video so you can see my tides were eighty dollars based on my take-home pay for my part-time job this number will increase because I would like I am going to pay tithes off of the three 2721 earnings and when I paid tithes off that that will be an additional $32 but neither of these payments have come out yet because of the place where I allocated my tide payment the big expense that has come out for the month of February so far has been the five hundred and twenty five dollars for my rent I've also paid the thirty five dollars and 82 cents for my phone bill and I paid the hundred dollars towards my CTA Pass I have also paid the my groceries which I had a budget of $35 and I want to see how much I actually spent for my food budget and the pages that you see me flipping through those are my allocated spending pages but the reason why I'm looking at my cash flow is because it has a budgeted amount and a spent amount and I wanted to write it on this page so 3511 I've spent of my grocery budget which means I'm 11 cents over my grocery budget but still doing pretty good I'm pretty I'm pretty proud of that number based on my original cash flow plan I've paid my rent I paid my cell phone bill I paid transportation and I paid a little bit of groceries and so now I want to get into where I anticipate spending the 320 or how I plan on spending the 327 that I've earned from google adsense and the hundred dollar donation so if you're looking at my allocated spending page you can see that in my next pay period that's when I intend to pay my tithes and I just in this third category I created a category for the payment of 327 21 and so what I have coming out initially is the thirty two dollars and seventy cents and the missed payment here there's not a line for taxes but I wanted to make sure that I paid my taxes on the income that I have coming in because I will be taxed and taxes are currently passed new taxes are currently in my debt snowball so I don't want to fall behind and my 2018 taxes Oh after I take out my tithe and after I take out my 30% tax what I have left over to spend is one hundred and ninety six dollars and fourteen cents and today I'm actually going to make that payment onto my rent because if you remember in my previous budget video I learned that I am NOT current on my rent I'm actually always paying my rent during the month that I'm renting and that is the concept of being current and I want to be current so one of my primary goals was to do that and with this extra 196 14 plus the money that I anticipate putting when I get paid tomorrow on to my rant I will be much closer to my goal so let's see actually a little number so 525 minus 225 minus 196 14 that would mean that I'm a hundred dollars and 686 cents away from my total rent payment and I'm very excited about that because that I mean that really just allows me to be able to get in front of and as comment or survivor fan 30 to get out of the red so I anticipate putting the entire 196 14 towards my rent payment the hundred dollars generous donation that I received from the M Brown the way that that is allocated is I don't have anything for that hundred dollars coming out and my knee-jerk reaction was to just put that hundred dollars towards my rent and then I would only be six dollars and 86 cents over but the reality of my situation was that so that money was automatically paid through my paypal account and what I didn't know is that I had expenses coming through my PayPal account because again I'm trying to one I'm trying to have all my expenses come from one place so I'm very clear on how much money is going out but two I just didn't realize the expenses that I have so almost as soon as that money hit my PayPal account payments were going out that I was just not expecting so I'm gonna clear that up this month and that's another reason why I'm doing the budget check-in because I really now won't be overwhelmed at the end of the month trying to shift payments around to a card and blah blah blah I'll be able to put it exactly where it is so what actually came out of the hundred dollars that I received as a donation so far is fifteen dollars automatically was withdrawn for my paypal bill and I'm just going to check to see if I didn't know that I was on automatic debit there because I always call in to make the payment but maybe it's automatic maybe it's set up automatic debit if I have a balance in my PayPal account I don't know but I'm gonna follow up with that my podcasting fee was something that I forgot to consider in my earnest to get out of the red in February when I was talking about my budget so that fifteen dollars definitely came out and it's interesting because survivor fan 32 was watching the video and she was the one who pointed out that I forgot that particular payment and then two other expenses that really blew me away were and and well one didn't blow me away because survivor fan pointed it out she pointed out that I forgot to include my son's podcasting are not podcasting my son's iTunes subscription so that 1096 came out but I noticed that another 1096 came out and I was like livid because I'm like I don't if I didn't have this money what were you guys gonna do and the truth of the matter is is I realize is that when the money is not in my PayPal account these items just get declined and I think in I think I was mistaken these subscriptions for being off because the payments just weren't going through so I definitely thought that there was only one subscription for the iTunes but clearly there was too so I am I tried to dispute this charge but if I couldn't Apple was like not having it and they were like we can do this for next month so I was like all right fine so next month that will be taken off so unfortunately of the hundred are fortunately because I'm grateful but of the hundred dollars that was donated 15 – 15 – 10 69 oops $100 – 15 – 15 – ten point sixty nine – ten point 69 there's 48 dollars and sixty two cents leftover of which I'm going to put towards my rent and and it so yeah so that's that's where the budget is right now so that 48 60 – I'm going to put towards my rent leaving my overall leftover rent that I need to cover as 57 dollars and 38 cents so I wanted to do a budget check-in because I want you guys to be able to sooner see the difference between what I'm planning and how things are actually happening but I also want you guys to be able to see how I'm able to reconcile things and when I say reconcile I mean that like I'm still struggling a little bit with forgetting things that are coming out and my earnest to get things right I'm still of the mind that certain subscriptions are cut off when they are clearly active and so just different things like that but it is definitely getting better and it is getting better with your help in this community both monetarily because the Umbra was very generous but also just from a community perspective of commenting and watching and so I just want to say I deeply appreciate your support I am well on my way I am less than 50 dollars away from getting out of the red and I am super excited and super just humbled by the support and I'm just I'm just so grateful that you guys are supporting this journey and I hope that while you are watching this that you are beginning to transform your financial blueprint so that when it comes that time it'll be more than just one of us screaming I'm debt free so yeah that is it my midweek check-in if you have any questions please ask them down below I will do my budget report card on about February 27th February 28th and that's where you will get all the final numbers to see exactly where every dime went so thank you so much for watching I look forward to talking to you very soon [Applause]

Budget With Me | January 2017 Budget and Cash Envelopes | FrugalChicLife

**Budget With Me | January 2017 Budget and Cash Envelopes | FrugalChicLife**



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Hi guys! Have you done your January budget yet? Start the New Year off right! #newyearnewfinances

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hello and welcome to my channel today I'm here with my January 2017 budget I'm gonna start off with my cash envelopes for January this will be very brief because I am more know spend January so I will not be doing any additional discretionary shopping any shopping for recreation no outside entertainment that's gonna cost money so if you want to get on board with notice in January it's not too late I'll include the video link in the description box below if you want to check that out my cash envelopes fluctuate anywhere between nine hundred and one thousand dollars for the month I do go and take that money out once per month and fill up my envelopes and that carries me through the end of the month hopefully I found that switching to cash has definitely helped me be a little more accountable with my spending it helps me to keep my spending on track and psychologically we are more likely to hold on to our cash as opposed to one where swiping a debit or credit card we tend to overspend so you have a couple of options of what you can do with your additional money that's left over in your budget if you're doing no spend January you can take the money and apply it towards debt or you can use it to add some additional cushion into your emergency fund or whatever other savings account that you might have in place so the first envelope that I'm going to fill is my grocery envelope and I'm gonna put five hundred dollars in there next I'm going to put $200 in the gas envelope so here I have $300 left from my cash envelope since I'm not filling the rest for the month of January and I plan to take this additional money and put it aside into the emergency fund which one of my goals for 2017 is to get that fully funded so here's a quick look at my January 2017 budget at the top is the income information which I leave blank for the purposes of recording my budget videos over here I include the pay dates and this next section our fixed expenses and for me those are tied mortgage home equity line of credit HOA and utilities for the utilities line item I include one lump sum amount for the month and that includes gas and electric a water bill if it comes in that month we get our water bill quarterly phone's internet all of that is lumped together and I transfer the $600 into an online checking account that I keep specifically just for that over in this section this is where I document they due date that the particular bill is due like for example the mortgage the home equity line of credit in the HOA or all due on January 1st can I go ahead and highlight those actually that's not right that's an error this is actually due on the 23rd of each month so what I do is include the due date and then highlight the section when I paid it so that I know I've done it so moving down to the next section are my cash envelopes which are very brief this month because of no-spin January so for bursaries I'm putting in $500 for the month and $200 for gas this section is my electronic sinking fund so I keep these in online savings accounts I do have some videos related to this if you want more information about that you can check the description box below for those video links some of these are very low and I need to get them boosted back up I have a life happens fun which we're putting $100 in for the month we do plan to take a family trip we don't know exactly where but sometime this summer so I need to get that going again a regular expenses $100 for the month and a regular expenses and clue things like for example in accounting Fein tax time is coming up soon and we will have to pay that accountant so that money will come out the irregular expense account other irregular expenses include things like car registration renewal also the fee for our financial planner which is paid once per year as well and this line item just helps me to remember in to keep in the back of my mind that there are things that will come up throughout the year that aren't necessarily monthly expenses they're irregular so in order for me to make sure that I'm putting money aside for these things so they so that they don't pop up and surprise me I set a certain amount of side each month before that wherever possible summer camp will be here before we know it so I'm putting a hundred dollars aside this month for that and of course I'm getting started on Christmas already and I'm gonna put fifty dollars aside this month total sinking funds four hundred and fifty dollars this section is my savings section this is a new a sort of new aspect to my budget for 2017 savings challenge 2017 I did do a video on that but I have not yet uploaded it so I will upload that hopefully sometime soon and explain what that is College Fund is two hundred and fifty dollars for the month that's a 529 plan for the kids and we do put three hundred dollars into an investment fund each month as well so our total monthly spending for january i'm budgeting two thousand eight hundred and eighty dollars and that is the total without the mortgage and the target offering so that sums up the budget for january 2017 so that's it for my cash envelope and budget video for january 2017 i hope that you all had a great new year and i hope that you all have your budgets ready to go for january if you haven't what is stopping you this is a perfect time to get your money straight and to get your money in order for the new year if you'd like the budget excel spreadsheet that i created please stay tuned for tomorrow's video money management monday where i will show you how to create your own thanks for watching and as always live well and be blessed you

Paycheck Three Budget | July 2019 | Erin Condren & Planner Kate |

**Paycheck Three Budget | July 2019 | Erin Condren & Planner Kate |**



View Time:15:20Minutes



Hey friends!

In today’s video, I am sharing our budget for the third paycheck of July 2019.

I hope you enjoy! Thanks so much for watching!

Stephanie Anne

Instagram: @stephanie_anne_1210
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hey guys welcome back to my channel today we are going to be planning out our budget for the third paycheck of July so in front of me I've got my Erin Condren deluxe monthly planner I've currently got it combined with my life planner but I think I'm gonna separate things out again which I'll be explaining all that here pretty soon probably in my next plan with me that you guys will see on Monday I'll kind of explain that a little bit more but I've got these two pages here so I'm going to set up our paycheck three budget over here and then our spending tracker over here very similar to how I've got it set up over here but obviously different cuz we're working with different numbers this week and this week in particular is a big week because I get my full time job paycheck I also get my paycheck from everything that I do for YouTube so we've got more going on this week for sure but let's go ahead and get started so I've got a whole bunch of stickers over here from planner Kate I've got some boxes which I'm not really sure actually what I'm gonna do with those but that's okay and then I've got some washi I've got some extra of the like basic boxes and labels I've got some stickers from Sarah Marie stickers I love her paycheck 3 and paycheck for sticker or well all her little paycheck stickers I've got a bunch of them and then I've got some thin washy I think I might use one of these little check marks and then I also have these like itty bitty piggy banks from planner Kate which is I 922 so we're gonna start out by putting down our washi at the top and I've just been kind of lining it up with the bottom of the hexagon I'll do that first and then I'll put paycheck 3 at the top I love Sarah's scrip stickers she's got a whole bunch of them and they were fantastic and I think her quality of stickers is right on par with with planner Kate stickers on like she did she's been doing a phenomenal job okay and then I'll go ahead and put some washi on this side as well and I think I'm gonna do this like flag looking one I have to cut it moves up over a little bit okay good my slicing tool I love being able to get a bunch of add-ons from Kate's like monthly kit which is part of the reason I've decided to use her stickers for my budgeting is I'm kind of a matchy-matchy person and I love that I can just get like a bunch of these little like add-ons and stuff and like washing sheets and kind of use my monthly kit along with all of her budgeting stickers and have everything like match I just really have been loving that so I'll do my spending tracker sticker right here okay and then I'll put my washi strip down for the spending tracker alright that takes care of that so I also need my income like budgets for stickers one second couldn't find them at first and I started panicking okay so we're gonna put down one of these little boxes and we'll use it to track our income and income is gonna include all of our paychecks our roll over all that stuff is included so so for our income we are expecting to have a total of let's see three thousand forty dollars and 25 cents and again that is not like a paycheck amount that is that is like money from YouTube my full time paycheck roll over all that stuff combined and this did not shut very well it's kind of skipping a little bit for some reason okay and then we will list out our bills so I think of bills as anything with a due date and the really nice part about putting in these bill do stickers into the monthly view is I can look at okay we're looking at you know the week of the 19th through the 25th so I can very very easily see that we've got one two three four bills that we're gonna be paying for this week right and see Great Lakes banner t-mobile HOA oh and I forgot to put ApS down here so we'll do a ps2 I need to make sure to put a bill do you sticker in there so we've got five bills that we're gonna be paying for out of paycheck three or week three so let's see here's one of these bills scrip stickers and I feel like this is a little bit crooked okay it's a little bit better I think nope still crooked this kind of stuff drives me nuts so I apologize but I have to fix it okay all right so the bills that we are going to be paying for and maybe I'll use a thing about using these little asterisks but maybe I won't that I think that's gonna look too crowded so I'll just list amount under here so we've got great leaks maybe I'll just do a little faster cut my own we've got banner life and then we have t-mobile and our HOA dues and then we've got ApS so again I think of bills as anything with a due date for Great Lakes we've got two 57:24 banner life is going to be twenty to twenty-two t-mobile is 120 HOA is 104 and ApS is going to be 170 for 52 okay and then we're gonna put our expenses down I've gotten a lot of inspiration for the look of this from Cindy Lila Troost um she's a fellow youtuber on here and I love her style it's very very like simple which I like I've been trying to go for like a very clean look when it comes to this particular page of my budget and I really like what she what she's been doing so I think I'm gonna try to do something similar okay so expenses expenses are like anything that I consider to be living expenses so we've got some cash that we're taking out so we got food which I'm going to put a little C next to because I know it's cash we have hair nails again put a little C next to that and we've got household we have our miscellaneous cash then I've got Maddy's Commission money we'll see and then we've got our grocery pick up pick up which is debit and our gasoline for our vehicles which is also debit and for food we're gonna do for 400 what am I thinking no no no 300 and again we're gonna try to spend as little of that as possible and see if we can throw that into savings which would be really nice so household it's gonna be 40 miscellaneous is 20 as you can see I didn't put my pocket money in here cuz if you watch my video from yesterday I have spent all my pocket money so I tried to not do that but you know just sort of happened and then we've got from for grocery pick up we have 87 25 remaining so we'll put 87 25 for the last half of July and then gasoline will be 150 and that should get us through until the first paycheck of August so there is that and then the last thing that we're gonna track is going to be our roll over and for that I'm gonna use one of these little piggy banks cuz they're super super cute and trust me I wish there was a rollover script sticker because I'm honestly not a huge fan of my writing but I'll do a little piggy and then I'll put roll over and our expected roll over we will get by subtracting all this from our total income for this week okay so the total that we will be rolling over into the next week is going to be one thousand six hundred ninety five dollars and two cents so one thousand six hundred ninety five dollars and two cents and that will go towards paying some of the pay check for bills and then obviously at the end of paycheck for like week four we will be able to figure out exactly what's going into savings and all that kind of stuff depending on like what's in our account and everything so now I'm just gonna put a little thin washy at the bottom just for some decoration and that is paycheck three so what I plan to do is I'm going to put the actual amount next to each one if honestly if I need to like these amounts really do not vary at all like the only things that should bury it probably is like these just in case we like go over or under or something like that but I want to do what Cindy does too and put a little check mark up here because then as we go through the week we can like check off you know one something's been paid and when I take the cash out and everything like that and I can tell you already that I actually didn't take the cash out for these and see what I plan to do is do like 300 and then 60 and 40 and 20 and 10 I took out all the cash today so I could fill my cash envelope video for you guys so that's what I'm planning to do I'm not gonna label this like budget actual and everything like that I'm just going to put like if I go over I'll put this in red and then if I am under maybe I'll use like a green pen or something like that if I'm under so I think that'll look nice and clean that's really what I'm going for here so but I think that's it for paycheck threes budget and I'm gonna have a little bit of a different layout for August I'm what I'm planning to do is to create like a second weekly check-in page for cash envelopes only so I'm gonna have kind of like a weekly Wesley a weekly check-in page for like debit items and then sort of the same exact thing for cash envelopes and I'm gonna just love all my spending truckers like together versus having them right next to each paycheck and I think that will work out really well so I'm planning to kind of switch things up a little bit moving forward but yeah guys I think that is it for this video so I hope you enjoyed it if you did please give it a thumbs up be sure to subscribe to catch all my future videos if you have any questions comments at all let me know down below and then as always I've got everything linked in the description box for the planner that I use the stickers I use all that is linked down below so definitely check that out if you're interested and I will chat with y'all later bye





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