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Finance Solutions | Credit Card Modification Programs Explained

**Finance Solutions | Credit Card Modification Programs Explained**



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Reduce your debt in a qualified Credit Card Modification Program. Licensed attorneys and skilled debt negotiators will work on your behalf to negotiate a reduction of the amounts you owe and help you get back on the path to financial freedom.
Many Americans today are struggling to keep up with their monthly credit card payments. They're falling behind or they struggle just to make their minimum payments, and they just don't see their credit card balances going down. In this tough economy, Americans have taken almost 1 trillion dollars in credit card debt, but few realize the true cost of that debt. Here's an example. Just making the monthly minimum payments on your credit card debt, with a balance of forty thousand dollars, and an average interest rate of just 15.9 percent, you will pay over 84,000 four hundred dollars in interest, and it will take you 31 years to pay off the balance. That's just crazy! But, there is a solution. In a qualified Credit Card Modification Program you are represented by an attorney who oversees a team of skilled strategist and professional dead negotiators who will develop a plan to provide you with immediate relief from high monthly payments. Your attorney will assist you if creditors or debt collectors engage in illegal collection practices, and they can defend you in the unlikely event of litigation. In the short-term, this strategy may help to restore some financial stability in your life, while a team of professionals works to reduce the amount of your debt in the long run. However, you may accrue additional fees and interest, which will increase the amount you owe in the short run. However, any such accrued fees, penalties, or interest are negotiated and resolved, along with the principal amount of your debt, at no additional cost to you. Once you're enrolled in the program, we'll help you set up a special purpose savings account with an FDIC-Insured National Bank. This account is owned and controlled by you, and you'll have access to it 24-7. We can't touch it without your approval. You'll use this account to build up savings that will be used to pay your creditors from the negotiator reaches an agreement on one of your accounts. The program is simple. We'll help you build a budget and determine a manageable monthly payment that is considerably lower than what you are currently paying in monthly payments on your credit cards. This will likely adversely affect your creditworthiness. Each month, that amount will be transferred to your special purpose savings account on the day you choose. You'll no longer be making your monthly payment to your creditors. These funds will grow each month while strategists and debt negotiators, working under the supervision of an attorney, work directly with your creditors to resolve your accounts for the lowest possible amount. Bear in mind paying less than you own your debts may result in taxable income to you. When an agreement is reached with one of your creditors, we will provide you with a written offer with the terms and conditions of the agreement. Then, with your approval, funds will be securely dispersed from your special purpose savings account in accordance with the modified repayment terms. Each secure payment is tracked with a unique transaction number to ensure it is properly credited and fully documented. Some of the benefits you will receive by working with a national law firm to represent your interests are: licensed experienced attorneys that will oversee the negotiating process. Performance standards to which they must adhere. A face-to-face meeting to begin the relationship and provide you with added confidence that you are in the right hands. Your actual results will depend on factors outside our control, including you making consistent payments to your savings account in the agreed upon amount. There was no interest, no prepayment penalty, and our attorneys must meet minimum performance standards to ensure a significant savings on all you're enrolled accounts. So if you are tired of struggling to pay your high-interest credit card debt each month, or you just aren't making progress reducing your balances, you should carefully consider the benefits of a Credit Card Modification Program. Although you will be required to close all the credit cards you enroll, you'll get relief from high monthly payments and make one single manageable payment each month. That means you'll have the peace of mind knowing you are on the road to resolving your enrolled debts. So stop struggling with high interest credit card debt, and start making progress toward reducing the debt that is keeping you from living a more meaningful, stress-free life.

When Settling Credit Card Debt, American Express is Different

**When Settling Credit Card Debt, American Express is Different**



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When negotiating credit card debt with American Express, it’s in your best interest to know exactly what you’re dealing with. This video will better elaborate on …