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Mid-Year Goals Check-In | 2nd Quarter | Money, Life, Business  Updates + A BIG Announcement!!!

**Mid-Year Goals Check-In | 2nd Quarter | Money, Life, Business Updates + A BIG Announcement!!!**



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De Clutter With Me - The Lazy Spots

**De Clutter With Me – The Lazy Spots**



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Declutter with me is always such fun…not….but it is fruitful since I always seem to get something accomplished. Here is to those lazy spots that always get cluttered!!

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welcome to a decade to freedom and declutter Wednesday today I'm not going to do the closet I decided to do two corners that have been bothering me in my living room I have this one chair where nobody sits and all the laundry accumulates and anything else you might find so I decided today was the day that I was going to make that chair empty so that when I look in the corner where we sit I don't see this trainwreck of the chair full of clothing as you can see there's a lot of sheets is a lot of towels and in about a moment you're going to see a whole bunch of yoga pants yes there are my comfy pants I'm a bigger lady I love comfy pants I don't think it has anything to do with a bigger lady I think actually you can be a smaller lady and you can love yoga pants I think it's a thing just comfortable and they make them black so you look good in them well most of the time you can see them hanging up stuff because most of my clothes hang up in the closet so it's just the fact that it came off the clothesline and it just never ever got put away it's so easy to just stack something somewhere don't take care of it later and then you look at it and suddenly you have a bounty of things that you should have just put away right away and it would have been better so I'm very happy that I was able to get this corner done tonight and the other corner is well you'll see in a moment tada just like that Quinn chair all right so this next partner is right beside our wood stove and you might say oh my god Jean this is a hoarders corner actually it's I guess a little bit I'm hiding boxes as a lot of you know we have a wood stove and during the wintertime it's not that much of a problem because we usually burn these as we go being summertime there is no fire going on in this house so what we do is we keep the boxes we keep all our boxes instead of sending it to recycling we keep it and burn it for winter I would I would think that it would save us about a quarter of the cost of what it would probably cost us to burn in a year so this is something that we like doing its reusing materials instead of having it wasted and it offers heat the problem is is that it's really easy to take these boxes and just throw them in the corner you don't have time to take them apart you don't think about it you just roll them in the corner so this is what I am doing right now I'm thinking all of these boxes that we've thrown in a corner and I'm just taking them apart folding up and fitting into one single box and you may think I won't be able to at the length of this video but trust me if you think I can't do it then you don't know Jane oh yeah look at all these boxes yeah just when you then gets over it's not this is the equivalent of fitting all those clowns in that Volkswagen I'm telling you take a look see I'm going to fit them all in there so at this point I've been doing this so long that the light is starting to be really bad here but I'm almost done taking out the plastics yep and after I'm done I'm going to have a box of paper and a box of cardboard and I'll be able to throw those in the woodshed with the rest it's not like they're going to stay here I'm going to keep some of these boxes here so that I can do it properly next time hopefully not just throw boxes try to keep this corner as clean as I can I'm taking a smaller boxes apart and putting them in the big box yes more boxes in that one box remarkable as it may seem well that's just about it for this video thanks for watching and I'll see you tomorrow for payday Thursday and remember you don't need to have more to be more being you as more than enough and if you do have more find a freaking place for it bye guys you

Aldi Haul and Meal Plan | Frugal living | Eat at Home

**Aldi Haul and Meal Plan | Frugal living | Eat at Home**



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Hello Friends,

Here is a haul of our grocery trip for the first week of February. This haul was $82.57 and we bought food that we will actually eat. This isn’t a full representation of what we eat in a week but a good shot of what we needed to fill in items. Hope this helps! Thank you for watching
hi friends today I'm going to show you all about our Aldi haul and what we bought for groceries this week as well as our meal plan so we'll start with these eggs here we got three dozen for 68 cents each and then we bought a gallon of milk and we paid two dollars and three cents for the milk we use our eggs for our breakfast skillet as well as just cooking during the week so we definitely go through a lot of eggs the next items that we got we got two packs of butters so we got the salted sweet cream butter and we paid a dollar ninety-nine for each pack of butter and then we buy half-and-half creamer we pay a dollar ninety five each for the half-and-half this butter and creamer will last us probably two weeks so I say that's a pretty good buy next up we have some breakfast sausage that we use to make our meal prep for breakfast for the week we paid 249 for each of these sausages then that'll feed our family of three throughout the week with eggs potatoes vegetables and a little bit of cheese I'll definitely do a video about that meal prep as well and then we have some cereal that we like to keep on hand just in case we normally don't buy cereal with sugar but it was kind of a special treat and I let Kristina pick out what cereal she wanted okay so next up we have some loaves of bread here we got these at Aldi 485 cents each they are basically just regular sandwich bread pretty cheap we're making Uncrustables with those so we also got some peanut butter and jam peanut butter we paid $3 and 19 cents and the jam we paid two dollars and 79 cents I'll just show you the breakdown on how cheap the Uncrustables will be in that next video but mayonnaise we do keep quite handy because we'll make a lot of sauces dressings sandwiches with that and then I also have two options of snacks that she can take so she can either take one of those little bars or she can take some crackers so if she wants some tuna crackers or like make her own lunchable then we will have those also and then we have our meat that we got so we paid $6.99 for this package of chicken and then for the beef we paid seven dollars and forty-five cents so that'll make us about five or six meals out of the ground beef and then probably two or three meals maybe even four meals for them okay so we also picked up some pop-tarts I don't know Daniel was really wanting some the other day so I thought that would be a special treat for him to have every once in a while and then with our crackers sometimes Daniel will have those as well just with either some tuna or some summer sausage whatever we have in our pantry and then we're also planning to make hamburgers tonight so we picked up some hamburger buns and these are really cheap from Aldi I believe they're less than $1 and then that beef stroganoff will keep on hand as an easy dinner instead of going out to eat so then some of the bonus items that I got this week I'm going to make some homemade bread and some pizza crusts so I got some yeast gonna try out this kind and see if it works and then we're also going to make a chocolate pie as a special just a little treat for paying off our car this weekend so I got some chocolate pudding and I'm going to make my own whipped cream to go in there and then we'll put just a little bit of the Aldi brand and tell it on there as well I'll definitely take a picture how that looks and then for myself in our house we just got one of these sponges soldiers add a bit of the dish soap with water inside and then a couple of replacement heads that we could use as well so here is our meal plan for the week today is Thursday so we are going to start with Thursday and I'm going to be making some Burgers and Fries tomorrow Daniel and Christina are going to father-daughter dance so I may not get to make tacos but I have burger meat just in case and then Saturday I plan to make the chicken curry and then we'll just work through the menu it's not set in stone I can kind of just pick and choose what I want to cook but I like to have some ideas at least written down so that we can pull from them I also have stuff to make to make chicken egg roll in a bowl so that sounds really gummy as well so we could do that on Saturday and use up a half a head of cabbage that we have in some vegetables so then if you go to the beginning of the week Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays team to be pretty busy for us so we like to do our special dinners on the weekends and then during the week we'll pull out the crock-pot and make things like beef broccoli or beef stew different soups in the crock-pot I try to make a big batch of something on Sunday night and then we can eat that for leftovers during the week so this week I'm trying to make a split pea soup with our leftover ham and then maybe some homemade stroganoff with egg noodles and fresh so here you can see the full full haul of what we got we got quite a bit of food and we also got a lot of vegetables that I didn't show we got some mushrooms lettuce asparagus oranges a bunch of really good stuff and we only paid eighty two dollars for all of this so if you have an Aldi definitely check it out because they are such a great resource if you're on a budget and want a nice fresh food okay well thank you so much for watching and please like and subscribe see you soon bye you

From Adsense To Wealth Simple - My New Venture

**From Adsense To Wealth Simple – My New Venture**



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I got paid from YouTube. First of all thank you so much. Second…I did something brand new with it!! I am beyond excited! …





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Hello Friends! My name is Mary Lou and I am a 37 year old mom of two children, one angel baby, and a doggie, and a wife, a sister, a friend, and we live in North …