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CVS Couponing! Easy ALL DIGITAL COUPONS! Anyone can learn & do this!

**CVS Couponing! Easy ALL DIGITAL COUPONS! Anyone can learn & do this!**



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If your store is out of ANY of the items from the first transaction, you can replace that item with ANY item from this page:
-It must be from this page.
-It must be equal to or greater than the value of the item you couldn’t find.
Example:My store didn’t have the $4.94 tide, so i looked at this page
( ) and decided to switch out my tide for Kleenex and Always pads.

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so the first item we're going to get is going to be the Pantene so they're on sale three for 12 so that means we're going to get three for $12 but it gets even better there's a coupon on the CVS app for five dollars off when you buy three so we're buying three for 12 and that coupon on the app is going to take our five dollars so go ahead and pick up three of the Pantene make sure you're getting the ones that are three for twelve you can see right over here that there are some that are two for ten and those are the bigger bottles so you want to get three of the ones that are three for 12 and they have several varieties to choose from and remember if your store is not tagged or marked you can always pick up the ad in the front of the store and see which varieties are included we're going to get one of the Tide Pods 12 ounce I'm going to go ahead and get this purple set we're going to get one of these their price this week at four at ninety seven and my store isn't Marty so make sure you can go in with that confidence knowing how much it's priced and if you don't know you can always go to the CVS coupon center is that big red box in the front of the store and you can always scan and double check the prices so you don't have to go to the register and ask them and be intimidated or anything like that so go ahead and get one of the type pots this one is twelve ounce and this is the one that I'm going to get it's for ninety seven and add one of these to your transaction the next item we're going to get is going to be but gain original this is the fifty outs okay so let me just get in on that so you guys can see the exact size this is 50 ounces and it's also on sale for 494 and you want to go ahead and clip that $2 off digital coupon okay it's 494 and we're going to use that $2 off digital coupon for the game and for our type ID so we're going to use a $3 off digital coupon so the type odds are 494 but we're gonna use the $3 off digital and our gained 50 ounce is 494 and we'll be using a $2 off to digital let's move on to our next item next we're going to be getting the downy UNSTOPABLES and these downy UNSTOPABLES are on sale this week for 494 and this the 6.5 ounce okay so 6.5 ounce on sale for 494 and we have a $2.00 off one coupon it's a digital coupon all the coupons that we're using today are digital so anyone can do these deals so go ahead and get one downy UNSTOPABLES and you can see it says UNSTOPABLES right here you want to get the 6.5 ounce and go ahead and clip your $2 off one downy UNSTOPABLES coupon so i want to show you guys something really quickly just so you'll have that confidence when you go into the store CVS coupons they're digital coupons work a lot like Family Dollar or even Dollar General since they've made their new improvement right up here in the search bar you can just click there's a scan feature so I'm just gonna press the scan icon that you see right there in the search bar and I'm going to scan these downy UNSTOPABLES okay so right away not only is it showing me that the downy UNSTOPABLES are 494 but it's also showing me that there's a two dollar off coupon available I've already pressed mine and sent it to my card but if you scanned yours in-store you'll see the option here to select the button and send your coupon to your store card and that's how you redeem your coupons it's that easy okay so last but not least we're gonna be getting the gang dryer sheets the 105 count my story again is not marked but I'm all my CVS app and that's why it's so important to always have the app downloaded I'm on my CBS app I went ahead and scan those dryer sheets and it's telling me that they are only 494 on sale and also my coupon is a match so go ahead and get your gain 105 count dryer sheets and add them to your transaction I think we have just about everything that we need okay so let's go over everything that we have in our cards now and let's go over the coupons that we're going to be using with them now remember we're only using digital coupons but some people like visuals so let's take a look at exactly what coupons were going to be using let's start with the Pantene for the Pantene we're going to be buying three for $12 and we're going to be using this digital coupon it says save five dollars when you buy three Pantene products so pick up your three Pantene and clip this digital coupons let's move on to our next item this is going to go quickly for our next item we're going to look at the tide pots we have our tie pot and for our digital coupon we're gonna be using this $3.00 off one tie pots coupon and that's exactly what it looks like three dollars off when you buy one pack of tie pot let's move on to our next item for our downy UNSTOPABLES we got one of those and we're going to be using our $2 off when you buy one downy UNSTOPABLES check it out there are so many varieties that are listed it says right down there at the bottom includes downy UNSTOPABLES and if you're unsure just use your CVS app to scan and double-check now let's move on to our two gain products we have two game products this coupon says save two dollars when you buy any gain flings but if you expand the coupon and we're going to go ahead and just expand it open it up a little bit so that you can see all of the fine print if you expand it it says not only game things but it also lists game liquid laundry detergent or gain powder laundry detergent so you have options and that's what we're using right there on that gain liquid now moving on to our gage dryer sheets okay so same thing with the gain liquid fabric softener coupon it says one gain liquid fabric softener but if we expand it it also lists other varieties including this 105 count of gangue dryer sheets and that's what we got so always scan your coupons and double-check so if you have all of those coupons clipped on your card you should be ready to checkout and that's exactly what I'm about to do let's go check out and see how much this comes out to be and let's see exactly what we get back ok guys so I scanned my CVS card and so far before coupons my total is 30 399 and that's with Florida tags let's go ahead and use those digital coupons and see what my total comes out to be so something amazing just happened check it out the first two entries there's a $2 off Pantene hair care coupon that came off and then underneath hansung coupon that came off so if you have both clip both because apparently they're working together ok so my final total with Florida Tex is $17.99 but guess what I think we're going to get $10 to spend on our next transaction let's see what happens check it out guys I was able to get $10 back and a bunch of other great coupons too but what I'm concerned about is this $10 extra bucks reward that I just got back and if you do your transaction just like I did mine you'll get $10 back – okay so check it out my total was 15 76 for all of this 1576 plus Florida Tech's boo who likes tax nobody okay but 1576 for all of this plus whatever your state and local taxes are think about it everyone who does this deal will pay 15 plus tax and get 10 back and of course my TV has lived up to that cliche that everyone talks about they gave me a long receipt but that's okay I'm loving it either way for those of you who are new to couponing at CVS this is real money here at CBS this is like CBS money you can spend it on pretty much anything in CBS for instance I'm looking at this Tresemme is on sale two for ten and with this $10 this Tresemme would be free for us because we just got this $10 in CVS rewards bag we can spend it on pretty much anything that we want to store so if you need diapers you need some stuff for dinner yes CBS sells food or maybe you're going to the beach and you want to grab a towel if there's a birthday coming up and you need a gift bag or a birthday card or whatever you want to use it for like there is stuff here at CVS in this $10 is gonna pay for it now if you want to do the deal that I'm thinking about doing I'm thinking about using my $10 on the Tresemme that's on sale two for eight this Tresemme is on sale two for eight so if you want to do exactly what I'm doing if you feel like that's the best way for you to succeed when you go couponing is to follow exactly feel free to just copy what I'm doing now go ahead and grab two of the Tresemme that are on sale two for eight okay and this tag is telling us when we buy to the CVS is going to give us $3 back they're gonna give us more money back they're giving us money back again so let's go ahead and get two of these for $8 and you know what they're gonna be free for us because we have to dollars so we're gonna get two of these and add them to our carts and I'm so excited that we're going to get three dollars back but don't worry about that right now just go ahead and get the two Tresemme that you're going to get and again remember that there are some that are two four ten and there are some that are two four eight you want to get two of the ones that are two four eight so we have ten dollars to work with and we know out of the ten dollars that we're working with we've already planned to spend eight of it on the Tresemme so if we're spending eight of the ten dollars on Tresemme we only have two dollars left to spend of our free money so I'm thinking with the two dollars that we have left we might want to take a look at this sail the crest is on sale this week for three dollars and there's a coupon on the digital app that we'll take off one dollar so it's on sale for $3 and our coupon is going to take off one dollar leaving us to only pay two that's just how much we have left is two dollars so if you want to do this deal with me go ahead and clip this $1 off crest coupon this is one dollar off crest and use it on your Crest toothpaste it's gonna take off a dollar you'll only pay two and that's just how much we need to spend this ten dollars so we'll be spending the tip dollars by buying two bottles of Tresemme for eight dollars and one Kris toothpaste for three dollars and to bring that total down we'll be using that one dollar off Kris digital coupon so I'll go ahead and clip that on your app and the great thing about both of these deals is we talked about the Tresemme it's going to give us three dollars back just because we bought two Tresemme and now with the Kris check this out it's saying it's going to give us two dollars back for buying the Kris so yeah we're getting rid of our ten dollars but the way it sounds it sounds like we're going to make five more let's go see okay so now I'm just kind of waiting on my turn and I have everything up here for the second transaction let's get started and see what happens so my items just got ran and now she's scanning that ten dollars that we just earned on that last transaction let's see what happens this is the exciting part Wow guys check it out I only owe since that's crazy so if you do exactly what I did then your total should come out to be about the same or maybe even less depending on your local and state tax okay so I just paid and everything's getting bagged up so let's check out my receipt and see if I actually earned anything oh there's that three dollars oh there's that two dollars we just earned five dollars on that transaction and we barely paid anything at all so this entire shopping trip just keeps getting better and better we just earned five dollars back and to top it off CVS has this surprise coupon on the app it's for a completely free pack of bandages I'm ready to spend the five dollars that we just earned so I'm here at the CVS coupon Center now if you don't know how this works basically it's pretty easy you can scan your card here at the coupon Center and coupons will just start to come right out of where it says get coupons here so you scan your card over here where it says scan and then coupons will just come out and if you don't have a CVS card it's easy to do you can really just go up to the register and ask hey I want to get a CPS card can I get one and they'll say sure okay what's your phone number it's super easy and if you don't want to go in the store to do it you can do it online now when you want to get your coupons from the coupon Center you can either enter your phone number or your ExtraCare card number or you can scan your card here and then your coupons will come out why am I reminding you guys about this because this awesome Cooper on came out is for 250 off Colgate Total mouthwash or optic white mouthwash and we're trying to spend our five dollars so we're going to spend it now on Colgate so I'm gonna go find a really good deal on Colgate because this is a high value coupon so the Colgate Total mouthwash is 399 but we are not worried about that because we have a two dollar and fifty cent off coupon that's going to bring it down to 149 so if you're doing this deal with me scan your CVS card at the coupon Center and everybody's gonna get this coupon for 250 off just by scanning your CVS card at that coupon Center so go ahead and take this coupon for two dollars and fifty cents and use it on this item the Colgate Total mouthwash that's gonna leave us to pay 149 but again we are not worried because it's not coming out of our pocket we just earn five dollars on that last transaction and that five dollars is going to help pay for this so I'm looking on my CVS app and I'm seeing that we have these two coupons for Thai simply so tight simply is going to be the yellow packs or the yellow bottles and there are only 294 but as you just saw on those coupons we have coupons for $1 off each one there's a coupon for $1 off of the pot and there's a coupon for $1 off of the bottles I think that's a pretty great deal we'd only pay 190 for each and we already have $5 to blow I think this is a great deal to go with our Colgate so if you want to do exactly what I'm doing just go ahead and get one Thai pod and one Tide detergent now make sure it's tight simply that's going to be the yellow one so you want to get one yellow bottle and one yellow pack and make sure you clip the two yellow tight simply coupons on the CVS Fok clip those two and we're ready to checkout let's take a look at this last transaction this is what the last transaction is looking like we're getting that Colgate it's 399 but because we scan our coupons at the red CVS coupon Center we're going to get two dollars and fifty cents off of that Colgate making it only 149 so the Colgate is only going to be 149 after that two dollars and fifty cents off coupon and then if you look right here at the tight stem please we have a yellow pack of tight stem please for 294 and we have a yellow bottle of tie simply also for 294 now we clipped on our CVS app a coupon for $1 off of the packs the pot and a coupon for $1 off of the bottle okay so a digital for $1 off here a digital for $1 off here and you should have this 2 dollars and 50 cent off coupon there this is all that we have and last but not least most importantly you want that 5 dollars that we just earned on the last transaction and let me get mine we have the $5 that we just earned on the last transaction and we're going to actually use that to pay and get this cost down okay so I'm just making this quick stop before we check out I wanted to get my free CV bandages so they say on the app it can be CVS health adhesive bandages 40-count sheer or 45 count clear let's take a look at that so it says yeah 40 count sheer or 45 count clear okay so this looks like 40 count sheer so I'm gonna go with it 329 but it'll be free for us because we click that coupon on the CBS app okay so this is what our last transaction is looking like you should have your Colgate your two tide and your free band-aids don't forget to clip your coupon on the CVS app for your free band-aids we're ready to checkout so everything has been scanned let's see what my total comes out to be so our final total is 107 and that's with tech some of us have this great coupon for three dollars off any Neutrogena that's what it says it just says three dollars off any Neutrogena and these Neutrogena transparent facial bars are 369 so if we were to use this three dollar off coupon we'd only pay 69 cents and I think that's a pretty good deal so if you have this coupon go ahead and use it on the bars I think that's a good deal I don't think you'll find a better deal on something like this okay so some of us have this really great coupon for four dollars off any CVS health brand vitamins so four dollars off any CVS health brand if you don't know a CVS health brand is is basically CVS is health Fred and it'll say right there on the top so this entire vitamin section here is of CVS health brand so some of us when you scan your card at night CVS coupon Center some of us will get this coupon for four dollars off and I'm over here of course looking for the cheapest vitamins and so far I have found where are they these 479 479 and you'll get four dollars off if this is a deal that you want to do that's a really great deal and check it out they're even having the promotion buy one get one for a dollar so if you use this coupon you'd pay 79 cents for one and if you wanted to go ahead and add another one for a dollar you could that would be a dollar 79 for two bottles of magnesium and I know somebody's like do I need magnesium I don't know if you need magnesium but it will be a dollar 79 for two if you turned out and wanted it now let's look there some more for five seventy nine and there's zinc for $5.99 and I'm seeing 539 so hey you'll find something that you might want an iron is 679 because somebody might be like you know what varieties do they have that I might actually like I know a lot of people like iron so just go to your local CVS and look around but I really think that 479 and getting $4.00 off that's a good price okay so I didn't do the vitamin deal but I did decide to go ahead and do the Neutrogena soap deal and it took off the $3.00 coupon and I only pay 69 cents plus tax so if you want to use that Neutrogena coupon I'm telling you it's a go it does work on just a little beauty bar and that's a good deal for just 69 cents you can get yourself looking all cute and stuff get some nice skin get that acne removed for 69 cents plus tax yes this that is a definite go yes bro go ahead and do that deal these deals were amazing I'm happy with what we got today

EARLY 7/28/19 Coupon Insert Preview Retail Me Not Smart Source

**EARLY 7/28/19 Coupon Insert Preview Retail Me Not Smart Source**



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ah okay I am going live to look at coupon insert a preview do a preview of the coupon inserts so if it's your first time here my name is Alma and this is coupon Ian with Elma I share early insert previews and that is what I'm doing today I'm gonna wait to see if a couple of people get the alert and maybe join me I am in the meantime going to open this on my computer as well I'm on my phone guys I am doing this live I'm gonna show the coupon insert previews so hold on just a second because I'm waiting to see if the alert goes now at first of all because and then I have it open on my my makeup is all crusty I took a shower and I didn't take off my makeup so excuse me anyway I am doing the insert preview for July 28 and I thought I would do it just a little different I'm gonna just look at it live with you guys and I'm gonna wait to see if some people join me I am looking at the chat so if you can see me clearly and hear me that's important too then let me know and then we will we will start looking at these so what we have this coming week this is for July 28th it is too smart source and a RetailMeNot so we will start with and if you guys haven't seen it yet I did do a preview of the the August P & G so that is on on my channel already and once this is up and live on the channel then I will I'll put a link to the PNG in the video and so but for right now we're just gonna look at these right now so let's with let me turn this around hold on a second all right so if if you can't hear me well and it would be better to do recorded then let me know in the chat for right now I am just gonna start we're looking at the smart source again it is July 28th and we should be getting two of these all right so let's start here the Pirate's Booty and the skinny pack skinny pop popcorn we have save a dollar on the skinny pop and it is on one bag there's no size requirement so I think last time we have this coupon Dollar General had a small bag that we were getting for free and then one bag of the Pirate's Booty save a dollar so it is any size there's no size requirement to this and then over on this side we've got two dollars on any package of depend products and two dollars on one package of toys three dollars on one package of poised active collection so that's just a different different one okay save a dollar on two boxes this is our General Mills coupon well this one is specific just to variety of Cheerios and then we have a save a dollar on to and this is more just General Mills cereal so it can be quite a variety of choices I want to try to get some tricks I haven't seen tricks in a while and I like those and then we've got a dollar on two of the Chex cereal and I guess it'll be for this two fiber one nature Valley and more a dollar 25 coupons on energizer batteries and for energizer batteries I think it is it doesn't have a size requirement and I picked up double-a batteries at Dollar General they have a package that is 250 and was able to use that and and I bought a rebase oh well look out for that save a dollar on anyone Armand Hammer spin brush and save $3 on Sarah tears save $4 sterile lid and time microbial okay and then we've got ziplock a dollar on any two Ziploc brand bags hey hey humble and blessed I love your user ID hello that's just a ziplock bag let me know if this sounds ok guys save on your family's favorites Kleenex Cottonelle Scott and vive four dollars and 25 cents in coupons so we've got save 50 cents on 6 or more roles of the Scott and then save 50 cents on 6 or more roles of Scott paper towels and 50 cents on the Viva pop-ups and $1.00 on any six or more rolls of cotton L does the ziplock have a size requirement let's go back and see on any tube no it does not have a size requirement so that's kind of nice I like when they don't have size requirements so yeah you guys ask me questions right now if you're live with me and we can kind of look at things closer six dollars off two boxes of Clairol nice and easy permanent root touch-up or the natural instincts and then two dollars off of one so six dollars off of two or two dollars off of one all right and then that's just the ad these are u by Kotex and the coupons were getting a nice $4 on any to this is for the Pats and $4 on any two of the liners and $4 on two of the tampons and the bad thing is that the last time we hired u by Kotex coupons they beeped everywhere did anyone have that problem woohoo you can use at Dollar Tree then yeah for zip locks yes we can use that a Dollar Tree $2 off one covergirl face product $2 off one covergirl mascara and $1 off any lip product so pretty good here we've got a dollar 50 off any two summer's eve external products and then a dollar 25 on any one summer's eve fresh cycle or fragrance free product and then a $2 coupon on effort and all right we've got stuck up for back-to-school that's a nice add and then all the sorry guys and then the snacks is that noisy I have my phone charging and I hope that that's not causing noise if someone will tell me because I can't hear it okay so save a dollar on any to Snyder's of Hanover pretzels 5 ounce or larger oh my gosh I bought those the first time I ever tried that brand was at Big Lots for like 25 cents and they are the most delicious pretzels I have ever had okay save $2 instantly at Dollar General that's going to be an instant savings and then save 50 cents with a dollar general digital coupon on Clorox okay and then we've got a dollar 50 on any two Clorox disinfectant wipes but they did put 75 count or larger and then save a dollar on any – Clorox cleanup Clorox disinfectant wipes 35 count liquid bleach so there's a lot of the products that that could one will be for and then that is just and and then Nature Made it's still us just better looking nice they've got repackaging so pretty packaging two dollars off any two nature made products yes love the bleach and then two dollars off anyone Nature Made adult gummy products so if you're watching this on playback I am actually live and so if I am commenting back it's two people who are making comments live I'm not just crazy okay and here is the second smart source there's some cute little pets on the front nutrition first this is Purina that's a Purina ad alright so let's see what we've got here we've got buy one get one free on the high-protein canned food save two dollars on one fourteen pounder larger bag of dog chow complete adult with real beef dry dog food wonder if all of that is like this very specific one OK and then save two dollars on a three pound or three pounder a larger bag hello how you glad you're catching me live to save two dollars 112 count or six count this is the wet dog food and then over here we've got Purina One and it is by three of the 13 ounce cans and get one for free by three ounce cans of Purina and get one for free this is the cat food and that's the dog and then save a dollar this is fancy feasts when you buy six three ounce cans and then save two dollars when you buy one three pound bag or larger get this hit me live again I know today was just a live day because I don't have time for the whole upload video thing okay so save $2 on any one thirteen pound bag of cat chow and you'll love the new nutrition kids love the taste save a dollar fifty on any one carnation breakfast and save two dollars on any two of the Carnation breakfast powdered drink mix we've got blink three dollars off of a one and that's ten out and then five dollars off of one twenty ounce $3 on anyone the link I don't know what this is when I don't use a product that makes it very hard okay blink contacts lubricating eyedrops save three dollars okay so Acuvue these two were Acuvue and then these are blink and then there's the ad and the ad oh here are some supplies save up to 275 on pilots five star pins so we've got 75 cents on any one four pack or larger of G two pins and save a dollar on any one to pack or larger friction pins and these have really late explorations because that's um September 30th excuse me and then a dollar on any two packer larger of precision precise pins and these are checks do you guys write checks oh I don't do checks anymore but I used to love to get like design checks okay Olli vitamins $3 off on any Olli vitamin is it is it Olli Olli I don't know save $4 off holy plant protein and then this is the protein bars so 50 cents off any single bar a dollar fifty on a box okay and then here is the Harbor Freight add for those of you that don't want me to skip over it there's a 20% off any regular priced item or any item and then you can still get a free led little light nice and they say they this this we've had for a while but they change it occasionally alright and then that's a part of the Dollar General ad that we will look at separately there is a bear ad and then over here we've got months how cute are they those are so cute okay so save a dollar on any to single serve of any flavor monstrous or applesauce save 75 cents on any one 12-pack clear pouches or two four pack clear pouches of any flavor and here is the bear coupon save $2 on any one aspirin product 200 count or larger so it's not any really there is a size requirement a lot of cane for pain there's no coupon there just an ad and this is just an ad I guess Gold Bond save a dollar this is in Spanish so I wanna and then this one is on cortisone ten we've got a one dollar coupon and that is on any so that is good so here we've got a dollar off of the IcyHot the aspercreme capsizing sports cream arthritis hot or flex all and lots of products that fall into that and then we've got two dollars on the caps Azim HP hope I said that right and then five dollars on IcyHot smart relief kits so all of these medications are the ones that get me because I can't pronounce them all children's allergy our children's Allegra I'm sorry four dollars it is for allergies and then four dollars on Allegra 24-hour 24 count and then this one is 60 or 70 count an $8 yeah these are in Spanish I mean obviously they're still good but some of these are in Spanish not all of them but most of them huh all of the dog food stuff was not Spanish so we've got zantac three dollars we've got kaopectate for 150 or 150 off coupon dulcolax save two dollars there is there's a bit of rebate for that I believe and then we've got Rolaids two dollars children's sisal is that why you took guys told me to say that I struggle with that and then a dollar on act products okay and then these are just ads for the Rope Rolaids for the del collects liquid a brassiere do people still say that word brassiere and then this is a target ad free $15 gift card when we spend 50 on household essentials that is actually really exciting and I love that coupon when we get it so that is going to be something to look forward to at Target so okay I don't know what I did but my eye is is burning it's probably the mascara that I have of all over the place okay and then we have a RetailMeNot so it's three inserts guys um in this week so Oh or we tell me not that's just an ADD and then we've got gum can help you stay focused okay we weren't allowed to chew gum in school so win a $25 gift card when you buy snap and win save $1 on any to multi packs and then save 50 cents on any to orbit or five gum packs here is a Family Dollar ad earn a three earn a $3 smart coupon make an impression that's just an ad very cool all right and then we've got eight dollars and 25 cents worth of suave savings so what are they giving us this time two dollars off to the shampoo and conditioners $1 off of the styling products $1 off of the kids hair care products $1 off the suave men's hair care products and then $1 on any two of the body wash men's women's or children's and save 50 cents on one suave anti-perspirant product and 75 cents on the suave lotion and $1 on one suave professional shampoo conditioner so this is $1 on one and then this is $2 on two so depending on how many you're trying to get at a time it's good when they are like this combined okay and let's turn the page we've got an ad here for Nestle Pure Life sip skin and support your school so I thought they were doing away with Box Tops maybe we just don't have to cut them out anymore if anyone knows let me know okay so $1 off any two of the Nestle Pure Life purified water eight ounce multi packs six count or higher and then $1 off on any two Nestle Pure Life purified water DC collection what does that mean Oh DC like comics that looks like Wonder Woman and Superman very cool okay and then we've got a huge ad for flonase and coupons for dollars on anyone eight dollars on anyone oh wait okay so this one is 60 count and this one is a hundred and twenty count okay who is that Ellie you think we just don't have to cut up cut out the Box Tops anymore then how do you how do you submit that my wonder save up to nine nine dollars on Sarah V if that's how you say it that's how I say it okay save three dollars on any one cleanser save three dollars on any one skin renewing product and then save three dollars on any one son product national cleanse your skin week July 28 disturbed did you guys get it out I didn't okay and then Kellogg's one box equals one free book I have not seen the books anywhere they were supposed to have like a display so yeah I don't know I don't know where you get the books has anyone got in the books for the Kellogg's promotion save a dollar on any three Kellogg's cereal save a dollar on three pop-tarts and then save a dollar on any two of the Kellogg's fruit flavored snacks and a dollar on two Keibler club crackers I love these okay I think you enter them electronically the books come in the mail okay thank you who is that Shelley Thank You Shelley um okay what is this nature's truth I guess there are they supplements save a dollar off nature truth aromatherapy products Oh interesting save two dollars on one nature's truth vitamin or supplement product okay and then Travis prevacid is that how we say it prevacid prevent acid okay save three dollars on anyone and then save five dollars on anyone 42 count or larger or just 42 count so is that get a ten dollar reward for you or your child's teacher at HEB when you spend 25 or more on participating products from July July 19 to September 8th very cool we'll have to see what all those products are but here's some of them tylenol cold and flu these are all children's children's mulcher and benadryl zyrtec and band-aids oh here's all the brands sudafed neosporin benadryl okay so there's that and then here we've got get a ten dollar Visa rewards card for you or your child's teacher okay this is part of that promotion so those are all the products and then they give us coupons so two dollars children infant tylenol or the mole trim and then two dollars on tylenol cold or sudafed save a dollar on any children's a benadryl product and then save four dollars on children's zyrtec and a dollar on any band-aid band-aid brand skin flex tough strips flexible fabric so I want to say we had some that were like a dollar seventy-five at Dollar General the last time we had this coupon and so we were able to get them like really cheap it okay save 50 cents on any of the true stay shear or the plastic decorated band-aids and then save a dollar on any neosporin first product alright and this is just a hearing aid ad the coins new necklace okay here we go one week only saves three dollars on any advil 80-count or larger and then save a dollar on any 20 count or larger and this one expires August 24th but this one is going to be a short expiration August 4th and then that's just a really nice ad so let's see and then we have Advil PM and get hats pain relief and a whole night's sleep nice I don't sleep that much but that would be nice save $3 on any Advil PM 40-count are larger and then we've got denture confident Polident Polident yeah and 250 off any super Poligrip twin or triple value pack and I watch out for these to go on clearance at Walgreens guys because I got so many of those for free when we had a coupon because they went on clearance it's like for super cheap and then the coupon a dollar 50 on any Poligrip product so this is 2 ounce or larger so this is on the multi pack and then this is 2 ounce or larger and then a dollar 50 off any Polident denture cleanser tablets and save on home security this is some kind of back and hip pain oh nice you put it between your legs and it helps you align better I guess and then the back cover of this is a $1 coupon when you buy one Barilla or butter you ready pasta pouch is there a size limit no anyone so I think we get those at Dollar Tree Dollar Tree has those okay alright and then C I'm watching the screen there all right let me flip this around even though I'm terrible right now I just that was it so those are the three inserts does anyone know muy buenas noches hello does anyone know when it does the I mean I showed the P&G preview for August so I have it but I don't know which is which weekend it's gonna be in is it gonna be with these I don't know the 28th what do we think I would hope so okay so let me see what you guys have said in the chat and oh thank you loving New York always you saved so much money thank you thank you no thank you I'm so glad that some people leave me nice comments it kind of makes it like worth it you know like to know that you're actually helping someone not just you know recording stuff for the internet um okay how can you get the PNG well I don't know which weekend it is coming out in like I got the Panjim I got the early one that I did a preview of for you guys so you can see what is um somebody left me a comment that I have like way too much stuff behind me I should donate it those are my little things that I collect that I've gotten like at thrift stores and stuff so all of that stuff I'm I'm not gonna donate and then this stuff is part of my stockpile that that actually used of from so yeah not donating that and then I have containers and things that that I do that are extra so just so you guys know oh my gosh when I took a shower I should have taken my makeup off it would have been better to come live with no makeup on then so alright paint oh ok pngs out July 28th okay so these are the July 28th inserts and if it comes out the 28th that we're gonna get a total of 4 will get the two smart sores right the two smart sores when we tell me not and then the P and G and I showed you guys that and I don't have I'm trying to see if I even have one close to me I don't have one close to me it's in mine it's in my binder bag thingy that's over there you see my mess over there um so that's where it is but that means that we'll get all of those four together when does the PNG come out well to ronica did I say that right – Veronica she just said that she believes it's July 28th so he and the PNG because these are July 28th so yes she says yes yes yes she'll be well thank you Shelby I love you too I am excited to get to use in some of those P&G coupons we got some really good ones guys and so if you haven't seen that video then it is up you can re-watch it and let me know if you guys prefer these to be pre-recorded I don't know how different it is other than you know I don't I don't look like I just you know rolled out of bed it's actually late at night what time is it you know it's like 9:50 but I was out today it was hot and I came home I took a shower and I did not take my makeup off so anyway that is that is what I wanted to do is share this let me know in the comment section if if you prefer these recorded and live I just thought like if you had a question you know while we're looking at them that I could answer then I would do that for instance like somebody asked hey is there a limit on that you know Ziploc coop on earth yeah a size requirement and there isn't which means that we can use them at a Dollar Tree and so that's that's always good those those no size requirement coupons if Dollar Tree carries that products and we can use them there and that's always great so that is it guys if you have any questions if you didn't like this live then come back to the video when it goes when it uploads to the channel and you know let me know I won't you know the majority of people say hey that was horrible then I won't do them live I will record them I just wanted to get it up as quickly as possible tonight and that way you guys can see them and plan for a little bit now I am I do also have the July 28th Family Dollar and the Dollar General ad that I'm gonna do a preview of and then let me show you what else I have here I already have the Walgreens ad for July 28th as well and I don't know if this is I don't think that is I was trying to see I thought I had the target one as well but I don't think I do I think this is no that's not it hi ru hi tomorrow if did I say that right okay no this is the current one that's an old one so no I don't think I have the target one okay so I have just the Walgreens for July 20 and use the Family Dollar and no Dollar General and the Family Dollar so I will do ad previews for those may be pre-recorded but enough tonight but maybe I don't know I need to I need to organize my meds do you guys want to see like beside me here it is a disaster I have stuff everywhere did I need to put away your light no you're not late I just wanted to get this up and you know just get it out of the way and maybe maybe answer questions as we looked at the inserts so I will watch the playback a little bit and see if it was horrible and then decide if I'll do these live the problem is that I have to be on my phone to do it in order to you know look down at the coupons and kind of move about and I'm concerned that it is the throne is noisy that's the only reason maybe I won't do them this way again so unless you have any other questions guys about the inserts that I just showed then I am calling it a night at least for live I'm not coming live again tonight but I was live like three times today I don't know I just was in the live mood I guess so if you are not subscribed to my channel then I would invite you to subscribe and yes please give the video a thumbs up especially if you if you like it live if you liked this life and your feedback is important to let me know what you guys enjoy watching and what you don't so yeah be real and let me know I should do a stockpile tour well I mean it's I just because I think everyone coupons the same stuff I'm like what am I gonna tell you like oh here is L'Oreal Alva of and here is you know whatever I don't know but maybe I will consider that this is my presentable stockpile guys the stuff that we actually use and I kind of restock it as I get more things but then there is stuff you know stored as well so hello hello hi yeah good night so alright guys well I thank you guys for joining me even if it was just for a little bit tonight and I hope that you have a nice evening and great start to your week and coupon e and I hope you have a fabulous couponing week so thank you for being with me and thumbs up if you haven't already and if you have I don't know yeah then autumn but I don't know if it if it shows like on the playback or whatnot so that is it have a good night and I will see you guys next time

EARLY 7/21/19 Coupon Insert Preview Retail Me Not Smart Source

**EARLY 7/21/19 Coupon Insert Preview Retail Me Not Smart Source**



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#couponing #extremecouponing #couponinserts #retailmenot #smartsource couponingwithalma
hi guys welcome back to my channel I'm Alma and this is couponing with Alma I am excited to be bringing you a preview video of the coupon inserts that we are getting on July 21st if it's your first time to my channel then welcome and if you are already a subscriber than welcome back now I get these inserts kind of early and I am trying to not post them until at least after Sunday right when the new coupons come out cuz these are actually gonna be for this coming Sunday and some of you have said it kind of gets confusing to see them too early anyway but we already got coupons for yesterday Sunday for this week and these will be the ones that we will get this coming Sunday so what we are getting is one Rito me not with the Family Dollar ad and one smart source and this one usually has the Dollar General ad so I will do this insert preview will look at the coupons that are in both of these and then watch for a an ad preview video as well so let's just jump in and get started and see what is coming our way alright guys so like I said it's a RetailMeNot and also a smart source that we're going to look at so let's give it a smart choice first on the front here we've got an insurer ad and down at the bottom we've got a coupon for save five dollars on any to multi pops and turn the page we've got save a dollar on any one five ounce or larger hold natural blue diamond almonds save a dollar on any one five ounce bag of blue diamond almonds and fruit or crafted gourmet almonds I haven't seen these that sounds interesting and then they have a very nice ad do do you guys love ads too I sometimes then I find myself looking at the ads like oh that looks really good okay save four dollars on any one adult zyrtec and the count is twenty four to forty five always know that your best value on a coupon is going to be obviously the smaller package or the smaller the lower priced item okay and then here is a dollar off any two Scott scotch-brite scrub sponges three six or nine pack or the scotch-brite everyday lint rollers nice okay and then we also have some Irish Spring coupons these aren't awesome save a dollar on any Irish Spring body wash and we have a $0.50 on any of the multi bar soap packs so a soft soap coupon that is great save seventy five cents on any soft soap I I may try to use these early I'm not sure if they will work sometimes they do Huggies we've got three dollars off any two packages Huggies diapers three dollars on any two of the pull-up training pet pants and $1 off any two packages of huggy wipes we've got a large Colgate's ad and some lower value coupons but we can still work with these say 50 cents on any Colgate toothpaste fifty cents on any adult kids adult or kids manual toothbrush save 50 cents on mouthwash fifty cents on kids toothpaste and then fifty cents on any kids toothbrush fifty cents on any Colgate kids mouthwash so quite an assortment they're on all of the Colgate product alright and then here we have an ad for vada Fusion says it's a new product new deliciously organic I don't know if these Gummy's i think they are they are vitamins and very nice packaging they here's their coupon three dollars off any one bottle it does have a 90 count requirement there so that is okay and then here is an ad for a new vagisil product or two products a dry wash spray and some bath bombs the packaging love it and these must be them bath bombs okay so two dollars off on any two sensitive since i vagisil products i can turn the page sorry guys okay and then we have glue Serna save five dollars on two and olanta frost we've got a 75 cent coupon on one package or $1 on the sub sandwich kits Airwick two dollars off on anyone awake essential miss starter kit and then we have two carousel coupons save three dollars and then save two dollars this is on the intense repair and this one is on the nail fungal removal here are some exciting coupons subset we love getting stuff so coupons here is the one for the refill or the pumps so save fifty cents and Palmolive save 50 cents in that promotion here's a more Colgate coupons a dollar fifty on the battery powered toothbrushes and then save a dollar on the enamel health Colgate sensitive essentials with charcoal and or coconut oil toothpaste we've got two coupons here for bio true six dollars off on anyone multi-purpose solution 10 ounce but this is a twin pack and then three dollars on any one 10 ounce solution on this side here we've got carefree and stay free coupons save a dollar on Wednesday free product save two dollars on two and save a dollar on carefree product then we've got save a dollar on playtext Playtex sport Playtex simply gentle glide tampons and then a $2.00 on anyone OB product so it's the OB organic product and here we've got soothe save four dollars on anyone soothe product and assembly new coupons six dollars off anyone twin pack and then three dollars off any one twelve ounce or larger then a Revlon add for their route erase and some coupons a dollar on any two of their hair color a dollar on any Revlon color silk buttercream and two dollars off on the route erase and I'm not just gonna skip over Harbor Freight anymore because you guys wanted to see it Harbor Freight dollar days they give us the 20% off coupon on any any single item you can get 20% off they just scan this barcode they offer a free item with any purchase so these little LED lights I'm told are quite nice so I make it have Henry go and get one of those and they also are giving a five off of fifty coupon and interesting so there you go look at the retail me not and on the front if a Family Dollar ad will take a look at separately but for coupons we've got a Tresemme adhered work at this summer nice ad save a dollar fifty on any Tresemme Pro collection shampoo or conditioner so those are going to be these black tops bottles that is a pro collection and over on this side we've got stay fresh on the go these are deodorant wipes so save four dollars on any to dev dev men axe or degree deodorant wipes you'll save four dollars when you buy two and then we've got a dove dry spray save a dollar fifty on anyone save a dollar 25 on anyone dry spray okay so this is on the dry spray a dollar 25 and then this one is a dollar 50 on any one dove clinical protection so there's a difference and brawny have you guys who even has brawny I don't even know save a dollar 50 on any one pack of brawny six roll and then 75 cents on one pack six roll or larger the only place I've seen brawny is at Big Lots and they don't accept coupons have to find it somewhere else quilted northern say 50 cents on any one quilted northern and it is for six double rolls or larger and then Angel Soft we've got two coupons say 50 cents on any one package for double roll or in larger and a dollar off any one package twelve roll or in larger or the six mega so there's specific sizes for these okay and then on the other side here we've got nexium save five dollars off any 128 count or 42 count nexium 24-hour product and then save two dollars on any one then here are some supplies getting ready for back-to-school this is get a Z grip how cute is that okay so save a dollar 25 on any two packages of zebra z grip pens this is an ad Publishers Clearing House have you ever entered let me know and then the window ad and then on the back here we've got a very nice ad for Sheba that is a beautiful cat what are they called they are gray gray cats okay so Shiba by five and get five for free and this is their premium cat food I may have to get them that my cats try it see if they like it so those are both of them there aren't that many coupons but I think there's some good ones anytime we get soft soap we get Irish Spring I get excited about those because we're able to do some really good deals with those and and then you know Colgate will obviously our current Colgate coupons are two dollars fifty cents is not too exciting but combine those with some CRTs at CVS and it's possible to still get some great deals so that is everything guys I appreciate you please like the video subscribe if you haven't and I will see you guys next time

EARLY 7/14/19 Coupon Insert Preview Retail Me Not

**EARLY 7/14/19 Coupon Insert Preview Retail Me Not**



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#couponing #extremecouponing #couponinserts #retailmenot #couponingwithalma
hi guys welcome back to my channel I am Elma and this is couponing with Elma I am doing a really quick video to show you guys the insert preview for the two RetailMeNot that we are getting this Sunday July 14th and we will not have a smart source as far as I know this is all that I was able to get so I don't think there is a smart source this week alright so let's take a look we'll start with this one here this is again for July 14th which is this coming Sunday we've got a waves resort and on the front cats are on the table guys forgive them if they're noisy save a dollar fifty on one Sensodyne rapid relief or deep clean product save a dollar fifty on any one Sensodyne pronamel intense enamel repair or strong and bright product save a dollar fifty on any one pair Adhan –tx product and save a dollar fifty on any one biotin product these are gonna be about a month they'd be good for about a month 813 expiration I'm kind of excited to see what we can do with these these are love that love beauty and planet save a dollar fifty on any one product save four dollars on any – and then this one buy one and get one free and it does exclude their travel or masks it says buy one love beauty and Planet product and get one free love beauty em Planet liquid hand wash product okay so it can be any product but what we get free is the hand wash so that'll be interesting we'll see what CVS and those stores Walgreens does with that hopefully you could promote save up to 350 on death this looks like mins save $2 on anyone dev men plus care save a dollar 50 on anyone this is the bar soap or the body wash and then we have shea moisture and we have five dollars off any two shea moisture products and $1 off anyone shea moisture bar soap we've got a tums ad and a dollar-fifty off on any one tums Chewie bites and a dollar-fifty off any two tums products and here we've got an ad what is this gaviscon and we've got a $1 coupon off one 175 on any two little patriotic colors they're only at Walmart and lamisil we've got a three dollar coupon on over-the-counter lemma cell cream products tied simply we have a $1 coupon it is on tied simply detergent or pods on downy liquid fabric conditioner bounce or dem bounds or downy dryer sheets or downy in wash scent boosters it includes the UNSTOPABLES fresh protect in downy infusions so there's quite a bit always read that though because sometimes well here they have a photo of the other items sometimes they don't and it does include other things $1 off anyone right product we've got another $3 coupon on Tide Pods $2 off Tide detergent or studio by Tide $2 off one draft $3 off to Pantene products including the gold series here is a Herbal Essences ad and we have a $1 off two Herbal Essence bio renew that's not so great $2 off two Herbal Essences shampoo conditioner or styling products and that is that now when if you did make a comment on Winnipeg videos Harbor Freight and I'm sorry I don't remember who you were but you said hey don't overlook the Harbor Freight they give away a free a free item every ad it's a coupon for a free light and the only requirement on this and I had never paid attention so thank you for telling me the only requirement is that you do make a purchase but it is any purchase so you could pick something that is I believe you said the person in the comment said they buy something like for 69 cents plus they used a 20% off coupon so it's even cheaper than 69 cents and they're able to get one of these LED lights so that's pretty cool thank you for letting me know and then that is just a bra ad Christmas trees oh my goodness already doing Christmas greens and things it's another add a window AB and then the back cover here is centrum save $3 centrum are Centrum silver the requirement here is 50 counter larger and on the multi probiotics it's a 30 count so only two week expiration life there so you save $3 on centrum multigo Me's and that is 50 count or larger again only a two-week expiration so that is the first insert and let's take a look at the other one so this is for the same week we've got Garnier Fructis ad on the front this is one we love to see four dollars off of two Garnier Fructis and they're advertising some Garnier Fructis for men very cool all right and then we've got a whole blends ad and that's another beauty we love to see four dollars off core near Koblenz shampoo and conditioner seven dollars up to seven dollars here on Garnier Nutrisse so we have a $2.00 off one hair color four dollars off two and one dollar off one on the retouch so very good some dial coupons by one dial or dial for men body wash or the dial bar soap and get one body wash or bar free maximum value for forty nine two dollars off – and that could be on dial or toned body wash or the six bar bar soap packages and save a dollar on any – foaming hand wash bar soap three bars or larger dial complete two-in-one bar soap or the liquid hand soap refills one dollar and here we have a Maybelline ad and at the bottom here that is their BB cream two dollars off any one Maybelline foundation product or BB cream product and Purcell we have perso coupons save $2 on anyone laundry detergent and so you can use it on the liquid or the discs and a dollar 50 off anyone renews it oils by four and get two free of the Renuzit solids the cones and for a scenario and that is it guys that is both inserts and the coupons you should expect this Sunday July 14th I thank you guys for watching and please give the video a thumbs up subscribe if you haven't and I will see you guys next time it's levar

CVS Unadvertised Deals 🤸🏼‍♀️I FOUND Rimmel Peelie Coupons to go with the Deal! 👀👀

**CVS Unadvertised Deals 🤸🏼‍♀️I FOUND Rimmel Peelie Coupons to go with the Deal! 👀👀**



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CVS Unadvertised Deals 🤸🏼‍♀️I FOUND Rimmel Peelie Coupons to go with the Deal! 👀

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hi guys it's Natalie from clean cut couponing dot-com so right there before you is my CVS haul I picked that up yesterday morning you're gonna want to go and check that out and watch that video if you have not seen that yet I have some amazing breakdowns going on in there we have some clearance items I did pick up some of the unadvertised deals and that's actually what this video is about that we're going to be jumping into some of the unadvertised deals that I did a quick film in store and you can go ahead and take a gander at them and see if you want to go ahead and take advantage of them so if you're not subscribed make sure you hit that subscribe button and if you're brand new to my channel I post a variety of videos about CVS you know how to coupon they're beginner videos I also post the CVS early ad preview so that gets you started on CVS and also if you're kind of like a busy coupon er you can go ahead and watch that video and it gives you a little heads up on some coupons you're gonna want to print ahead of time and by the way I'll leave a couple coupons linked down below that you'll want to print for next week alright so let's jump into these unadvertised deals okay so in that shape thing that I was just talking about the Gillette is included these are dollar 49 by to get a $2.00 extra bucks so the little guys are included you'll definitely want to pick these up I could donate them if your husband doesn't use now I did go ahead and pick up two of the Gillette in my haul because they're so cheap I mean they're 50 cents apiece if you don't have any extra bucks you know to just waste but um I mean that's so cheap buy to get a $2.00 extra but first off sorry about the tags that are all kind of jacked up there but this is a great item to pick up so as you can see there there are 339 apiece and this is for not your mother's this is a dry shampoo it's buy one get one 50% that's actually what it's called not your mother's and it's buy one get one 50% and it's by to get a $3 extra buck now these little guys here are 339 apiece so this is a great deal to take advantage of and there are full-sized things too that you could grab which are six bucks so even for that price that's not that bad either the house that'll be pretty cheap rolling there's a promo for select men's or women's shave appliances and it's buy one get a $5 extra buck so lots of products are included right there's the wall but the one I wanted to highlight for you guys is the Remington precision detail trimming this guy is 11:49 and it's buy one get $5 extra it's a limiter one so that's half price owner so that's a really this isn't the craziest good deal but if you haven't used the at shave cream they are on a promo this week 4×2 and you're gonna get a $2.00 extra so I just wanted to mention that to you guys if you do use this it's quite expensive it's 449 for one bottle of shave cream so you'd be getting $2 back if you're rolling that turns out to be a pretty good deal now just keep in mind if you are doing the Gillette deal that is part of the promo for buy to get a $2.00 extra buck for the select shave prep so I just wanted to tell you guys that it's either pick the Gillette up or you could grab the eos there's actually a bunch of things included but I wanted to mention that eos 2 because that's usually really pricey you need to make up displays and CVS a lot of times they have coupons posted on these displays now there's none on theories but the new remote display that just came up I don't know how long ago I didn't even notice maybe they just put this up there are dollar off Rimmel lip item coupons on here so definitely have a look around your CVS a little bit closer to see if you can find these Rimmel coupons because there's a pair up great and we actually have a deal that's alright so the deal formal this week is spend nine get a four dollar these guys at 5:59 my daughter is a lipgloss yongi so she'll be super happy to grab these the next up we have is $5.99 I'm sure you could use it on the lip pencil too if you have that coupon in your store and you do use it on that let me know if it worked for you I'm gonna go ahead and grab the lip glosses though from my daughter okay so Sally Hansen is another unadvertised deal it is spend 12 and you're gonna get a $6 extra buck this is a limit of one time that you can do this deal I wanted to tell you guys if you have any Sally Hansen crts you might want to use them but also next week there's a promo for spend 12 get a 5 and the reason I'm mentioning that is because we are getting new manufacturer coupons to pair up with the Sally Hansen so I just want to let you guys know about that so thank you guys so much for watching if you're not subscribed hit that subscribe button down below also share this video with your friends and guys don't forget I linked some coupons down below that you're gonna want to print out because typically they don't stay long and next week we do have some freebies you're gonna get free toothpaste as long as that coupon is still available and if it is this gal is gonna have it linked down below for you so I hope you guys have a great day and take care