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How to check ALL your credit reports for free

**How to check ALL your credit reports for free**



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Your credit report can be the difference between you getting that mortgage, bank account or even mobile phone. Fortunately, it’s now possible to check your report for free at all three credit reference agencies. Here’s how, and why. More:
Hi I'm Andy Webb from Be Clever With Your Cash.com. In this video I'm going to talk about something which is probably one of the most important numbers for you and your finances- your credit score. Now you probably kind of know about it but, like me, you might not have bothered even thinking about it until you applied for something big. For me it was my mortgage about five, six years ago, but for you it could have been perhaps a credit card or a loan – there're all sorts of things where the score – this number – is really important. Actually the scores are bit of a misnomer. The important thing is the report, the data, that's behind it. The score is more a kind of health check. You kind of get a sense of where you are are you doing, well are you doing bad. But the data behind it that is checked every time you apply to borrow money. So the examples as I said just now – bank accounts, credit cards, mobile phones, mortgages, loans. The people who are going to lend you this money, even if you don't think of it as money being lent, they want to get an idea of your financial history. Are you at safe bet? Should they lend you the money? And they do that by checking these reports. Now annoyingly there's not just one report, there are three different reports from three different credit reference agencies. And depending on who you're going to be applying for the credit from they might check one or two of them. But the information held on them, it's all a little bit different. So you need to make sure that they're all up to scratch. The first one is Experian, the second one is Equifax and the third one's called Call Credit. And up until a few years ago you could get free trials for each of them but really the way they kind of got you was you had to pay a monthly subscription to get access to all the data and all the services. You can still do that, but now you can check each of them for absolutely nothing and I think it's one of the most important things you can do, particularly if you've never done it, because if there's anything wrong with it you need to take action. You need to try and get it fixed. But the only way to really know about it is you apply for something and get rejected – not great – or you be a bit more proactive and you look at the free services which all tell you exactly where you stand. The first one is from Martin Lewis's Money Saving Expert and it's called the Credit Club, which is brand new and this is partnered with Experian. So if you sign up for this Credit Club you'll be able to access all the information that Experian hold on you. So the bank accounts you have ,the addresses you've lived at, any loans you might've taken out, any debts that you might owe – you might even find some which you are unaware of. Maybe they're old direct debits for old mobile phone contracts that you thought were sorted but they've been bubbling away and somehow not come back to bit you you – but they could. So sign up the Credit Club and you'll be able to access your Experian file. There are also some fantastic extras that they've developed in there to kind of give you an idea of how successful you might be applying for a credit card, applying for loans and things like that. So that's a really good one. The second one is Clearscore. I really like this one too. This is the data that Equifax hold on you, and you can see your credit score as little graph going across the the months and the year depending on how long you've been signed up. And again that will list all the information that Equifax have on you in their credit report. The final one is called Noddle. Now this is through Call Credit, it's actually owned by Call Credit whereas the other two are partnerships with the organizations. It's still really important to check it even though is used less often by companies. It's still important. Like I said check all three of them. So there you go you've got Credit Club from Money Saving Expert. You've got Clearscore and you've got Noddle. I'll put all the links for those three in the article that is linked to from the video, so you can go ahead get those free credit reports. Check them, make sure you're okay, and if not start fixing them. I'm Andy Webb at Be Clever With Your Cash Please do subscribe to the channel and come back for more videos.

is Self Lender Credit a Scam | Build Credit and Save

**is Self Lender Credit a Scam | Build Credit and Save**



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Is Self Lender Credit a scam or is it not. Disclosure I do not have a referral link to get $10 bucks from Self Lender. Seen a few Youtuber try to give nonbias advice …

HOW TO SAVE & BUDGET MONEY| I Saved $35,000 in 5 years| Tres Chic Mama

**HOW TO SAVE & BUDGET MONEY| I Saved $35,000 in 5 years| Tres Chic Mama**



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Hey guys! Today’s video is all about how to save and budget money! I set myself up well before I had my baby and wanted to share with you some of my money saving tips and talk about credit as well! Sign up for Credit Sesame here:



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FTC This video is sponsored by Credit Sesame
hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm gonna be talking a lot about finances how to budget money how to save money this topic is a very hot topic on my channel because I am a single mom and I do own my own house and there's been a lot and I don't work a ton outside of YouTube and I don't have a crazy amount of following so those are always curious about how I do it financially and I'm going to be here to tell you some tips and tricks on how I've saved up money so if you enjoy this type of video give it a thumbs up and make sure you are subscribed I saved 35,000 dollars approximately it might have been more than that but that's the number that's sticking my hat I saved about thirty five thousand dollars in five years I paid off my car I bought this place when I was 27 years old without a cosigner I have a very good credit score that allowed me to you know kind of do all the things that I'm able to do right now and I just want to talk to you guys about financial freedom if you will and how to kind of start going in the right direction so if you guys are interested in knowing about how I kind of have done all of those things financially and how I'm able to live the life that I am right now then make sure you give the video a thumbs up and we'll jump right into it I graduated college eight years ago and when I graduated eight years ago I had absolutely no money in my savings account I had no money to my name I was just working to pay the bills and had no savings very very minimal I don't think I had a savings account at one point I had three jobs so I was working as a waitress and then at two different retail shops I worked at Abercrombie and gap I was working my butt off constantly and spending money on clothes because I always wanted to be the next person or I would watch you know TV and social media and just wanted to have that item I wanted this item who wanted to look pretty so I wanted to buy this and what buy that so I was constantly just spending my money like I would pay my bills first but I would constantly spend my money you know to get the next fix because I like things and I still like things don't get me wrong but I just always like I was seeking the next thing because I wanted to you know feel better about myself or whatever after college I ended up moving and I had no money in my savings account but I had a pretty hefty rent and bills to pay so I ended up just making a goal for myself I put wrote down every single bill that I knew I was gonna have and I rounded up on all of them I budgeted it out my gas money and my grocery money like everything that I do that was gonna happen have that I was gonna have for a bill I budgeted out and then I took that number and I said I want to have that much in my savings at all times something that will be at least one month's worth of bills I need to have that in my savings so I set that goal the first tip that I would say would be to save every single penny that you can put a goal in your head at what amount you want to start out with a start small you can have a end goal of huge obviously but start small and just work towards that small goal write it down somewhere the my first goal was $3,000 and I started saving all of my coins all of my bottles I started couponing and using cash back apps and budgeting and not shopping as much and even though it was very tempting so within a one year I surpassed my goal of $3,000 and ended up saving $5,000 the next thing I want to talk about is building your credit score and knowing your credit score in order to be feel financially free and kind of be financially free I'm using that term like let you know what I mean by that so basically I knew nothing about credit for the longest time when I went to go buy my first car I had absolutely no credit because I was young and just didn't have loans under my name or anything like that so I had no credit but my mom was very smart and she said she was not going to co-sign a car loan for me because I was buying myself a brand new car which I actually still drive today and I have had for 11 years now still driving the same car that I got my own loan for and paid off like six years ago it took me five years to pay off my car but I did it all by myself credit is very important in my opinion in order to get car loans student loans houses like I you know this so this portion of the video is sponsored by credit Sesame comm and they are a website where you can go find your free credit score it does not hurt your credit to check your credit score you do not need a credit card or anything like that and you sign up a credit Sesame com they do have $50,000 worth of identity theft protection it's so much more than just knowing your credit score and finding out what it is there's a bunch of financial resources on there to help you kind of know your financial situation and hopefully better yours they give you all the tools for you to work under credit by yourself but knowing kind of what steps to take and where you're at financially so I started out again like I said with no credit getting my first car loan and whatnot and then after you know paying on your debt you start to build your credit and paying on it on time is a very big one first time I ever checked it I had no idea and it was not it was not very good I just didn't have much credit to begin with like longevity-wise and I didn't really know how I was doing and your deadly show all of that stuff checking it and it wasn't that great so I was determined to build my credit so I ended up building my credit by putting gas groceries a couple of little bills on my credit on my credit card and paying it off every single month I'm not a financial expert and I this is what I did to be on my credit score and I can run that 100% tell you this worked for me I went from having like a not very great credit or credit score to a very excellent credit score within five years and no Joe I mean five years might sound like a long time but this was like five years of my life of building my credit from 20 to 25 you know I ended up buying this condo when I was 27 years old I found out what my credit score was and it was extremely excellent let's just put it that way I have a very very good credit score because I've worked my butt off on saving money paying on my all paying all my bills on time putting a little bit on my credit card every single month let's hang it right off so I established credit that way knowing your credit score is a very important tool to know kind of where you're at financially and if you're going to need loans for emergency situations or god forbid you need like four brand new tires when the dental work you need something done you know the doctors then another tip that I do constantly is liquid in my means you guys this shirt I cannot tell you what about it at least seven years ago that will admit that I have a shopping addiction I love shopping I love buying things but you know financially right now it's just not in the cards for me and it will be in the future I'll be able to shop with the freedom that I that I desire but currently I'm just living within my means Sidney wears a lot of hand-me-downs lately I wear a ton of clothes that are older I do obviously buy us things when I can but I make sure I budget my money I write down and make sure I know every single bill every single month and add that all up I budget for groceries and gas and oil like all of all of those things you know I'll know what what I have in my bank account to pay on my bills so I ended up having 16 weeks off unpaid maternity leave and then I went back to work and then unexpectedly I also had to taken their leave of absence and I had another four months off so I actually had eight months out of 15 months off which is absolutely crazy and that was all unpaid I lived on my saving in order to build my savings account I started by saving all of my coins then all of my bottles and then I saved my tax return even if it was like just very minimal like a couple hundred dollars I would just put it in my savings account and acted like I didn't have that money and that's all I did for the longest time was coins bottles and tax return just boom save this account obviously did not have a child so I was able to just kind of work as much as I possibly could as a bartender waitress retail anything that I could I used you know coupon websites I was a major major couponer anything that I and I still an anything that I don't have to spend a penny on I'm not going to I'm gonna get all the free things that I can and I'm going like I check all of my apps and my coupon websites and print print them all like if I'm buying something specific I look at the prices and I compare you know things that I named Bryn things to generic things and I will definitely save my money where I can I was able to buy this place with my own financial means at 27 years old because having of having checking and knowing my credit score and building my credit score and me I had a very large savings very large savings from doing all of those little things in order to save every time possibly could obviously my goal as you guys know is to become an influencer full-time and yes you do make money on YouTube you do make money as an influencer you actually have several several different ways you can make money in avenues you can if you're interested in that I can totally make it an entire separate video on how to make money I'm kind of doing what I'm doing I know there are so many videos out there that kind of expressed that but I'm very transparent you guys know this is what I want to do I'm able to only work about 12 to 15 hours on at my job and then the rest of my work is actually here on YouTube and you know the social media things and making money that way so here I am 31 years old single mom to a toddler I own my own place I own my own car and it's been paid off for six years now I still drive the same one you know I just try to live within my means it would be amazing to have a nice new car but I would also have a nice fat payment to go with that so I honestly save where I can and splurge when I want to or if I'm able to and if I'm not then I have to suck it up and say that's not my goal today my goal today is to provide food and heat and clothes on our back and you know that's where we're asked just two years ago got my first bed frame as ridiculous as that sounds it's that's why I haven't done a house tour because my house is not finished I don't have a nightstand I have like $10 cheap put together little nightstand stand tables because I just you know if I can't afford it financially and what I desire is that I'm not gonna be spending my money on things that I don't don't aren't a necessity so I spend my money you know on necessities and what I want and if I want to splurge on makeup or I want to splurge and go buy or coffee here and there is a balloons because I budgeted my money so like strictly another thing is to pay off your debt before I build my credit credit score and before I kind of knew about that I was just racking up a credit card bill and paying the minimum every single month so that's not gonna get you anywhere because the interest rates are crazy so I ended up starting to say okay so my first goal is to pay off this credit card and I just put a large chunk of I would pay I mean it wasn't even a huge credit credit card but I would like put a large chunk of money down every single month instead of paying the minimum and I jacked it up and I said okay so instead the minimum which is like 15 bucks a month I would pay a hundred dollars every single month so I work my butt off to pay $100 on that every one and then for my car payment I would round up instead of paying like 269 and some change I would round up to 275 or to 300 every time that I could and that also helped take interest away from that car payment so I was paying less in the long run if you know if far as now goes and then just be a hustler making that you can make money and save money everywhere you can think of how many times you go out to eat think of any any habits spending habits instead of going out to eat and buying a three dollar soda or a ten dollar alcoholic beverage I'll just get water and I know it's not as fun sometimes but hey it's it's what it is or don't go to eat all together and make home-cooked meals and stretch your budget that way so cooking at home is another big one don't go to eat and spend you know unnecessary money if that's something that you want to do as a luxury fine budget for it but if you're in a financial tight spot then just maybe maybe don't go out to eat as much or don't go out to eat it at all because honestly Sidney and I never go out to eat it's just something where you know I'm honest on a tight budget so that's where I cut it out we don't go out to eat I don't drink a lot of you know alcohol I might buy bottle wine a month maybe maybe here and there but if I you know financially cannot afford it I just don't buy liquor and I obviously I do not smoke so there's another you know financial thing I actually just recently cancelled my cable and I'm saving myself another $100 a month so anything that is not a necessity look at everything that you're spending every single month I was sickened to find out and very embarrassed to know that I was paying $1 a month for cable and I didn't know it I just was paying my bill for cable and internet every single month because it was always the same and I would just pay it and then finally very recently I looked at my bill and realized exactly what I was paying and I said oh man I am spending a hundred hours on cable when I don't need it I have Netflix we don't need it there's other ways to have fun entertainment so I actually recently cancelled cable and I'm so so happy I made that decision and also gym memberships canceling the gym membership site you're not using that a recurring we all you all know that a lot of us sign up for them and then never use them but still pay the bill now used clothes and toys there are so many different websites now and places that you can sell all of your used you know or gently used items and you can get back money at consignment shops and things like that so make sure you're utilizing all of the tools you can to save money and to earn money every penny counts I cannot stress that enough every penny counts I have used to feel so ridiculous just ten dollars in my savings account and guess what that ten dollars went from 10.1 from actually I went from zero dollars in my savings account to thirty-five thousand dollars in my savings account within five years because I worked my butt off and I put even if it was once a week I went in and just put ten dollars here ten dollars there bottles here coins you know as a waitress you get tons of waitressing bartender you get a ton of coins and instead of spending that I would put it in my things account so if I go to the grocery store and say I'm paying in cash and my bill is twenty five and some change because it's a small one I'll give them all of the dollar bills but then any jingle change that I get back I throw at home I throw in a bucket and I'll put all of my coins in the savings no matter what and I'm telling you it adds up you guys you might not think it does but it truly adds up it got me to where I am today and it's no joke obviously you have to work work your butt off and make money somehow alright guys so that's my rambly like mention of how i've gotten to where an ad working towards my dream of becoming a work from home stay at home and I'm able to do that all because your remember checkout credits lets me know that you can find out your credit score and kind of learn how you can better your financial situation that way make sure you check them out if you're interested if there's anything else you guys are interested in knowing ask me down in the questions down below don't be fearful on how you're going to do it just set that goal write it down put out on your fridge and make a small goal and work towards that goal and crush it and then get to the next goal and crush it make little financial goals if your first goal is to save a hundred dollars or to pay down you know pay a bill that you've been holding on to for a while then save every penny you possibly can to pay that one bill and check it off your list I hope this video was informational for you I hope it was inspiring I find these types of videos inspiring to know that someone could go from zero dollars to very comfortably living and taking care of their financial means all by themselves it's very empowering don't be afraid of money don't be afraid of debt don't be afraid of your your bills and how are you gonna do it all you have to do is set your mind to a goal and do it know that you're gonna be financial free someday you have to change your mindset as well and just believe that you are financially free and able to not stress about the next film because you are going to do it somehow you're gonna be able to save that money are you guys you guys video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it make sure you are subscribed to my channel I will be back very soon with another video thank you so much for watching I'll catch you guys in the next one bye

Credit Card Minimum Payment || What is Minimum Amount Due

**Credit Card Minimum Payment || What is Minimum Amount Due**



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Credit card is statement generated on 5th of every month The payment has to be made by 20th of every month Interest will charged at 3% per month Late …