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Insurance Agent - Can i Take Advice from Insurance Agent ? | Money Doctor Show | EP : 244

**Insurance Agent – Can i Take Advice from Insurance Agent ? | Money Doctor Show | EP : 244**



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are you looking for a term insurance plan which financially protects your wife and children get one crow term insurance adjust peace 21 per day for more details log on to Indian money.com terms and conditions apply welcome to dr. Iams yesterday if it is not wrong to buy an insurance policy from an insurance agent it's always good to buy from an insurance agent if you know what to buy normally insurance agents are available locally there they'll be mostly available to you near your house they will come and help you they will come and support you in case if you need any help hints it is not wrong to buy insurance policy from an insurance agent but it is wrong to take advice from insurance agent while buying a policy so today I am going to give you five tips which will help you choose the best insurance from an insurance agent number one whenever you try to buy an insurance policy from an insurance agent please remember that he is just an enabler he is just a facilitator he is not an adviser hence you must go to an you know an expert advisor who's only providing advice before you avail the policy from the agent number two you please check the seriousness of the agent whether this agent is serious see there are two kinds of agents one a part-time agent who's doing something else maybe a housewife or maybe a real estate agent or someone who's into something else but he has taken up insurance agency as a part-time thing these guys may not be serious but if you look at the full-time agents they're professionals they will have you know complete understanding of the product they're selling they will know what they what you should buy and these guys can actually service you really well so in case if you're buying from an agent look for those full time agents who are professionals who can you know who can service you who can help you when you need their help and then check their competencies they're competent enough whether they're able to explain the product well many agents may come to your house with a with a white sheet and they may try explain everything or the wild sheet or they may come with some custom printed things which are not really true or may not be the facts they may not come with company printed brochures or they may not really have any kind of competency in case if you buy from them there are high possibility that you may get trapped number four you will have to you know ensure that you do enough research before you buy a plant from an agent because if you go by insurance agents world there are high possibilities that this guy may sell something which is more beneficial to him which offers higher Commission to him which means you will land in trouble later number five and the most important please don't ask for rebate from the agent if you ask for rebate from the agent there are high possibilities that the agent may sell a product which is not good for you the product which offers higher Commission to him may give you some kind of kickback some kind of you know rebate in the premium but then believe me that will not be good for you in the long run hence it is important that you buy the one which is good to you which means you will have to speak to Indian money.com before you go to an agent to buy the product in the meantime if you need any advice on any kind of financial products please leave a missed call on our helpline number zero double two six one eight one six triple one we will call you back and help you choose the right financial product be it clone beat insurance mutual funds whoever of that sort also you can check your credit score absolutely free on our website Indian mary.com thanks for watching be wise get rich

Passive income using bank accounts - £1000+ per year (UK)

**Passive income using bank accounts – £1000+ per year (UK)**



View Time:10:38Minutes



This video demonstrates how you can use the money you’ve earned via Print On Demand (or just money you’ve saved) to generate passive income. At the very least, please educate yourself and ensure you aren’t losing money as a result of saving it – video explains why this might happen.

If you don’t know that POD is and just stumbled across this video as a conscientious saver, then please watch some of my others and all will be explained.




**UPDATE 19/04/19**
There’s now a great site that figures out what accounts will be best for you based on how much you have to save. It tells you what banks to use, what direct debits to set up, and how much interest you’ll make – perfect! It’s called

Nationwide 5% on £2500

TSB 5% on £1500

Tesco 3% on £3000

HBoS 1.5% on £5000

Did I mention Topcashback?

Top SAVINGS accounts (kept up to date by MSE):

Best CURRENT accounts (kept up to date by MSE):


How to meet the £1k transfer criteria:

If it wasn’t clear in the video, here’s a written version. You need to set up a standing order from 1 account to transfer to another, so account 1 transfers £1000 to account 2, then account 2 transfers £2000 to account 1. If you have more than 2 accounts, just repeat the process:

AC1 transfers to AC2
AC2 transfers to AC3
AC3 transfers to AC4
AC4 transfers back to AC1

Boom, done.


This is a follow up from my video about profits and taxes which can be found here:

Join the rapidly growing Passive Owls Facebook community for help/advice from a group of awesome people:

My blog to document my passive income goals:

Thumbnail from Pixabay. CC0 Creative Commons. Free for commercial use. No attribution required but here it is anyway because I’m feeling generous.
if you consistent with P OD you'll probably soon get to a point where you have more money than you know what to do with that's the girl anyway and at the moment I earn about a thousand pounds a year just from interest on savings accounts or not savings accounts I will explain that in a moment but if you're from the UK this video is for you if you know I'm sorry you're gonna have to get your information from elsewhere so I'm on money saving expert at the moment and it just shows the top savings accounts are pretty terrible 1.5% easy access so you're gonna get one point five percent on whatever savings you put away but what most people don't realize in the UK is there you don't need a savings account to save your money you can actually put it in a current account which is what I do are multiple current accounts you don't just have to have one like you probably will have for your bills with direct debits and things like that you can have more than one so starting with the best interest rate is and these are all accounts that I use by the way so I feel comfortable recommending them the Nationwide Building Society do five percent interest on the first twelve months and I had two of these accounts that now passed that 12 months I don't get the interest anymore and have moved on but while it lasted it was great you can just open these accounts and it's 5% on up to 2500 I think it used to be back when I originally got these accounts used to be 5000 but they cut that and the banks this is something that you'll see with all the different banks you've got to pay in at least a thousand pounds per calendar month and this excludes transfers from any nationwide account held by you or anyone else that's easy to sell out you just transfer a thousand pounds from a different account it's really no problem and once you've got a few of these accounts set up you can set them up so they transfer into each other so that's that five percent open the account really simple it's a current account as long as you're paying in a thousand each month you will get five percent interest on two thousand five hundred which is two thousand five hundred times five percent one hundred and twenty five pounds over the course of the year and just to say as well I haven't said this at the start of the video but inflation means that your money is going to be worth last year on year so if you are putting away you're actually basically penalized for saving money because that money's gonna be worth less each year so you need to make sure that the interest that you're getting out where's the inflation which this crappy one here on money-saving expert one point five percent is less than inflation so if you had your savings in a savings account you are literally losing money every year TSB is the next one they also offer five percent on one thousand five hundred and I have four of those accounts you can have far and then you can open joint accounts on top of that I believe with TSB same again you just have to pay in a thousand pounds and you can set that off with some standing order Wizardry where one account pairs another so if you've got four accounts might es be one page TSB 2tsp two pairs TSP 3 tsp 3 pays far and then far transfers it back to one if you don't understand how that works and put explanation in the description it sounds complicated but it's really easy itself it takes about five minutes and then it will automatically do it I just sent mine to do it on the first of every month and it's done so we have got one thousand five hundred times five percent seventy five quid a year and obviously if you've got four accounts times four is three hundred pounds for the year its minimum of five hundred but I just set the payment to be a thousand anyway except what most of the other banks one and if they're all paying each other a thousand pounds then it's easier just to do it that the way rather than messing about and changing their figure so again quite easy to open that it says there takes ten minutes to apply you just do that four times or however much money you've got to fill up these savings accounts just to say about TSB this 5% is actually new it's for new customers my accounts currently get 3% because they open them a while ago but all new customers get 5% and that was an apology for some downtime or something that they had a while back or some sort of issue with their system where people couldn't log on and access their money so they're offering this as sort of an apology they didn't say how long this is gonna last and I assume that they will honor that going forward but there's no guarantees so it's best to sign up for this as soon as possible if you are going for one of these accounts so a next one is Tesco Bank and they offer three percent it's a bit complicated with Tesco actually at the moment because they've changed the terms I have two of these accounts they're both both percent on up to three thousand and they've changed it recently it used to be that you had to have direct debit sale and you could actually pay from one Tesco account to another Tesco account they changed the scheme in July 2018 so that you can't actually set up any direct debits to a Tesco account so not only have you got to pay in so much but you have to also have direct debits set up so it is a bit complicated three thousand times three percent ninety pounds you can have two well I've got two I think you might be able to have marbled you can have two at least two of those accounts 180 a year so just I put that as a last resort go with the other accounts first if you've got money but this is also another account to start your money and if you're already overflowing on the other ones and finally what used to be my favourite but is now pretty dire Bank of Scotland it was my favorite because I'm already a Halifax customers you know from probably my other video if you've watched it I have four of these accounts but the interest and the terms are just getting worse and worse and you can also open joint accounts as well for more on top of that the difficulty with this is well back in the day when I did it it was 5% interest then they cut it to 3 and now they've caught it to 1.5 so it's pretty crap and you also have to pay in at least a thousand staying credit and at least two direct debits that's literally just happened in July 2018 so all these banks are changing and requiring direct debits however it's quite easy to satisfy that criteria you can either just transfer some of your other direct debits across from your current account or you can just set up a Terra debit to pay a cherry or some money if you wanted to do that so we've got 5,000 times 1.5% 75-pound obviously if you have eight accounts at 600 pounds over the course of the year what I would also recommend is just checking on money-saving expert or similar size to compare what the best accounts are because they do change the rates quite a lot Bank of Scotland is quite consistent these days some of them have an end date like the nationwide one it only you can only do it for 12 months just check what the actual current rates are and I will put a link to the money-saving expert article in the description finally the last thing in relation to passive income you can't get much easier than top cashback I used to use a website similar to this called quid cur but I found that a lot of the things that were trying to find weren't available on quit cur and move to top cashback a couple years ago and I've never looked back so it's really good so the way it works is you register it's totally free and then when you're going to buy something you just check to see if the start is on there by just searching in this box here so say I was gonna switch you can see sky there I was going to do my internet switch to sky if I was going to do my gas which I've just done switched to British Gas so I was going to do this anyway took me five seconds to type in British Gas and I had a look and I get 68 pounds just for clicking through their link so the way it works is top cashback get payment as an affiliate for referring you to this company supposedly and then they give you a percentage of what that is so it's well worth doing it's as simple as literally clicking a link and I will put my link in the description if you want to sign up I think we both get some money if you do that and I would appreciate it if you find my videos helpful but just to show you my account and give you an example of the money that I've earned 900 pounds and this is over a couple of years but this is literally money for doing things that I would have done anywhere things like switching my internet provider which I would do every year things like switching my gas and electricity provider which I would usually do every year so to show you my earnings on this website will organize by the most cashback the best one I got was by switching to BT in 2016 I got 126 pound cash back I was gonna do it anyway switch into Sky in 2015 99 pounds TalkTalk 85 pounds in some of these cases this cashback actually pays for the entire service so my internet may have been fully paid for because I only got a cheap deal and don't pay for anything else buy these services I bought a drone 60 quid cash back my insurance company 50 quid energy company 50 queered utility fire etc it goes down and goes down but it just shows it's something that's really easy to register for if you're interested in passive income you might as well register for this cuz why wouldn't you want a free nine hundred pounds or whatever amount that you earn hope that was helpful that is my situation with my savings I would always recommend if possible investing the money back into your designs are improving yourself in some way but inevitably if you are successful in PRD then you are going to have some spare money and you're going to be thinking about what to do with that so just to recap as well about the payments I know it's a bit confusing if you've not actually done it before and you're not used to it so I've used the Bank of Scotland ones as an example so I've got for Bank of Scotland accounts Bank of Scotland accounts need one thousand pound paying in each month so I just set the number one account to pay number two a thousand pounds on the first day of the month and number two to pay a number three on the first day of the month three to pay far-far to pay one so the money literally moves from one two three four one and that's really easy to set up it takes about five minutes it's a standing order that you set up from one to another and that's how you meet the criteria in terms of direct debits you can pay genuine direct debits that you like bills and stuff like that or you can just make a donation to a charity or some other way it's a shame about the Tesco account as I said the Tesco account used to allow you to actually set up direct debits to it they've recently stopped that feature literally last month so you're no longer able to do that okay I hope you found that helpful and not too barring any questions put them in the comments I will be happy to help I realize it's a bit of a steep learning curve if you're not used to this but current accounts are the way forward at the moment coz the UK is so messed up saving accounts are not very good

Make a Credit Card Knife | BeatTheBush

**Make a Credit Card Knife | BeatTheBush**



View Time:3:6Minutes



Many prestigious credit cards are now made out of metal. This allows for sharpening and usage of these cards for survival situations or as a handy back up knife. It could also be used for self defense as needed. Simply sharpen the knife with a sharpening block and take care to use a knife sleeve then it’s good to go! Just remember, once it is sharpened, it probably should not be used by handing it to the waiter because it becomes a huge liability to accidentally cut people handling it.

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Milk the Barclays Cashforward Card for the MOST Cash Back:

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how's it goin everybody business be the worst today I'm going to show you how to turn one of these metal credit cards into a nice normal plastic cards you see only way to point two ounces however this Chase Sapphire Preferred is made out of metal and a weigh in at about point four point four or five ounce when one day you no longer need the card you can't actually shred this in your paper shredder that's why they provide this little envelope for you to actually mail it back to them so that they can dispose it for you I no longer have this card but you can just as well sharpen this card and the chip card and the magnetic stripe should still work so I just grabbed this sharpening stone and let's just get to it well not a big surprise I cut myself I cut a little bit of skin off here so it is sharp and just about finished polishing it you can see the edge here is quite sharp okay look at that it cuts through my ad actually oh my goodness I'm not sure if you have an active card you should actually sharpen it and put it back in your wallet because maybe if you have a sleeve that protects it I guess but this will be kind of hard to use because you can't give it to someone at a restaurant because it's a liability you're going to have them cut themselves though that might not be a good idea but for yourself you might be able to be very careful and still use it I guess ok let's see how it does if I just let's see how it does with the tomato oh okay oh all right oh my okay I guess we can slice some Tomatoes for your hamburger the Chase Sapphire Preferred car now has an additional benefit which is to slice your tomatoes for your hamburgers yeah look at that so there you have it you can sharpen these cards to razor-like sharpness and you can cut paper just like this and tomatoes and whatever you need it for as a knife this is a great analogy because if you don't use this credit card carefully or any credit card for that matter you're going to cut yourself so after shaving a little bit of my skin off I don't recommend doing this at home don't forget to give me a like on this video comment down below let me know what you think of this really dangerous credit card I mean regular credit cards are just as dangerous if you're interested in supporting this channel check out my all the link down below patreon over here and don't forget to subscribe thanks for watching

What is a Balance transfer? Should YOU do it or not?

**What is a Balance transfer? Should YOU do it or not?**



View Time:18:52Minutes



How does a balance transfer work, and should you do it? Now whatever I tell you in my video its because I’ve done it. I had a balance transfer from this Discover to Chase Unlimited. And I’ll let you know why later in the video. ( it was because I wanted more money to invest my business )

Now in this video I’m going to break down, how A balance transfer works and how it can save you thousands of dollars and even improve your credit score. And yes I’ll also be breaking down the fees and how to actually do it for free, but not just that I’m going to give you a way to go 2+ years without having to pay interest. So make sure you stick around till the end of this video.

What does Balance Transfer:
A balance transfer is simply taking the money you owe one credit card and transferring it to another. Either to avoid interest or to max out certain bonuses.

Tommy What’s the difference between a Balance Transfer and Debt Consolidation:
It depends, usually, you can save more money by not doing either. Unless you have a special promotion. Example 15 month 0% apr on a balance transfer. Then that’s definitely more attractive than a loan consolidation. Loan Consolidation are lower interest but could results in higher interest over time, depending on how long the debt will last.

How does Balance transfer work?

Call discover or chase Customer service and ask how it works in full.
1. How does balance transfer work?
The transfer of debt to the credit card.
2. What are the benefits?
Lower apr and sometimes promotions.
3. Can I do a balance transfer to any of my cards that accept it?
Yeah, surprised me too.
4. Can I do a balance transfer to my friends card?
5. Is there a limit on how many I can do, an example I max out my limit buying Starbucks, and now I want to do a balance transfer, for the 4th time is that okay?
Nope, as long as its available.
6. Are balance transfer free or do I have to pay twice, to you and also the other card?
Pay the person receiving the transfer.
7. How do you guys figure out how much to charge as a fee
Its, fixed.
8. What if I have a card with 500 dollar limit and I want to transfer 10k to it, is that possible?
Nope, it can’t go above your credit line.
9. Will it affect my credit score?
Nope, and a credit line increase is a soft check.
10. When I do a balance transfer, does the interest rate change and can I reverse if it’s higher?
Yeah, if they just got it, after a while you cant reverse it.
12. Funny: Call in and ask for an APR increase ( to practice self-control)
Lol no.

Big Questions?
When should I do a balance transfer?
– Say you got a cc for the first time and now you owe 1500$, and you can’t pay it, and you cant return all the food or the iPhone, what do you do carry balance or transfer.
– Normal balance transfer without a promotion, not a good idea unless you’ll make more money.
Why credit cards allow it? Why not keep you locked in?
– Because when you bring the balance to them, now they can have the chance of charging you interest and 24-35% is higher than 5% for the balance transfer

Balance transfers are lucrative and can even help you improve your credit score, but that’s another topic for another video. Heres what I recommend.
– If you have a high balance, you can’t pay and need more time, get a balance transfer and then pay it as fast as possible
– If you have a business and need cash, and you maxed out one card, then get a balance transfer. (risky)
– I might get another balance transfer, and when I do I’ll make sure to post a video about it

*Comment down below if you want a video on video on the top 5 or 7 best free balance transfer cards with no fees, let me know. *


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what does it balance transfer how does it work and should you do when I guys everything I do this video it comes from personal experience so in the past I have done a balance transfer from a Discover card to a taste unlimited card and everything went perfectly now that if you wonder in timing why do you always cover up your cards okay do you not trust us well you know how does bad experience once guys write someone who once stole my credit card information bought diapers and then I've to explain to my girlfriend that I didn't buy diapers for anyone out there it was a whole big problem because now the thing even have an entire secret family behind them I'm kidding but many that did happen they'll be insane but guys in this video I'm gonna show you exactly how balance transfer works if it's good for you if it's not good for you on top of that I'm gonna teach you how bad stress we're gonna increase your credit score and I'm also gonna give you a credit card that can actually you can get away without paying any interest for around like almost two years if you want to find out high balance transfer works what a bass transfer is and how to get a credit card where you don't have to pay any interest for run almost two years okay stick around this video has to find out on top of that guys don't know me – I'm Bryson I'm an accountant and I posters on YouTube every single day yes I said daily content so make sure you subscribe to the channel HIPPA deprecation bucks you get notified every time I post video which again is every single day now if you're excited you find out what credit card lets you actually get away with paying no interest for around two years make sure you hit the like button okay that's how I know you're excited about this stuff on top of that I want to ask you a question have you in the past ever done a balance transfer ever in your life and if you haven't why haven't you and if you did where did you do the balance transfer from and why did you do it comment down below let me know now the first thing I'm gonna clarify is Tommy what does a balance transfer in the first place okay and here's the first thing guys a balance transfer is it balanced from one card to another card okay so for example well what if I owe $1,000 in this card well let's do it a real example okay I have a daughter she spends like $50 every single month on Starbucks right so now see spend the Starbucks every single month on this card now she comes to find out that hey I don't have the money to pay off this card so what do I do now huh I just spent all my money on Starbucks what would you do is this if you don't have the cash you can do a balance transfer from this card to this card and hopefully they have emotional balance where hey if you parent to the balance for this card we're actually gonna give you 15 months when she paid off interest-free okay fifty months to pay it off interest-free instead of carrying a balance here and paying a twenty four percent every single year until you actually pay it off which would be like five years on average which is a lot of interest if you ask me now you're probably wondering well Tommy what about a loan consideration is the same thing as a balance transfer the answer is no and here's the thing guys right a loan consideration is when you take one credit card another credit card and mostly all of your debt you put them together in one place a big balance all together and now that's what now you pay a lower rate on all of them but still over time some of the same thing because you are saving on the interest but it's such a big balance that you're gonna have to carry it for a longer period of time so the interest kind of adds it to be there on the same thing at the end of the day if you ask me a balance transfer is kind of like more convenience because if you don't know a ton ton of money that you can probably just transfer the money from this card to this card and half 15 months to actually pay it off interest-free which is pretty cool because then that way all the ministers you pay towards the card actually go straight into the money you owe and not interest towards the company and then making a profit from your money alright just wanted to clarify that now comment down below and let me know do you understand exactly what a bass transfer is and how it actually works coming down below let me know so not to comment too guys I'm not even call customer service now and I see asked him all the questions that I saw online and people asking about balance transfers and how they actually work again all these questions I know the answer to them already but I really call to get the information from the source because that way if anything has changed I can hear them actually tell me exactly that everything works and then you can have a reference so she go by when you ask these questions when you call your own credit cards also so let's call them right now unless you find out exactly hi bands transfer actually works again whenever you're calling customer service don't just go in Google and Google the phone number don't do that go straight into the app and call directly from inside the app because sometimes you might see a number on Google click it call but then you might be calling somebody else and there might be a fake and still all your information so again always call directly from the app that's what I like to do discovered you reach our payments and balance transfer Department full name pants hi my name is I'm Tommy Bryson I'm just calling in today to find out some information about balance trends behind there where I have a few questions written down that I went over with my wife and my daughter is that fine with you if I go over them with you awesome so how does it balance transfer okay so it's basically transferring money from one car to the next basic way so you told me a balance transfer a she's not just for cars but else is actually for like various types of debts basically okay got it and what are the benefits of doing a balance transfer and you guys by the way do I have to have like an offer opened on my account with you guys so I can do a balance transfer or I can do a balance transfer as long as I have like um some of my credit line actually available to actually transfer the balance over those four offers and the question is this if if I call in and then request one is that is that possible or is it kind of like it's just like the system does it whenever it wants to do it okay so question right because I was in the office yesterday and I was hanging out with my friend off Michael and basically he asked me he tells me Tommy if you do a balance transfer if you don't have an offering account and I have an offer on my accounts why don't you just transfer the balance from your credit card to my credit card is that possible can I do it got transferred from one person's credit card to another person's credit card just do it from one car to the next card okay okay and by the way is this just like your cars that work like based on based on generated offers or do all the cards work like okay and question so every time I get one of these offers like I can just do it like there's no like limit on how many times I can do it right okay and our bounce transfer free or do I have to pay like twice for example do I have to pay you and the person that's like on the bill is coming over is just like okay because I read online that sometimes like is usually like I said in your terms and and conditions that you said it's like five percent or five dollars everyone's greater your standard rate but it doesn't mean that the balance transfer offers will necessarily have that rate okay and I've and I've noticed that um like you you regulate like the interest rate the APR based on the prime rate so is variable do you guys do the same thing with like um the balance transfer rate or is it kind of like just fixed based on like which you guys decide on okay and another question is there some there's no way you can do a balance transfers to one card for a higher amount than what you actually have available in a credit line right increase question um do any of those two things affect my credit score like for example if I got a credit line increases in fact my credit score and or if I get like a balance crown does affect my credit score in any way okay and here's another question just just to clarify because you got my mind running a little bit and here's the thing you're saying that I can do a balance transfer not just from credit cards but from like other players that actually owe money from for example I have this cousin his name is um Billy and he has like some stuff in collections right but his score is like Madhuri up there so for example if you had an offer with you guys and with this card and he had things in collections can they get those on that debt in collections over to you guys okay awesome and can you ever reverse a balance transfer like for example if I if I do a balance transfer and then I don't like the interest rate can I reverse it if in the beginning you do the transfer first $3,000 and we just sent it then you could ask the creditor to send it back it was like halfway through like the listing was for 12 months which day it was like the six-month and you didn't like it for example that if I if I if I won and to like move my money from my my tastes freedom card to my Discover card and when I move it over to you guys it turns out that now because it is variable right now my APR on your card went up for some strange reason and it's lower on taste size so can I do a reversal and put it on okay awesome and I have a daughter and she's like get into the credit card game also she has a Discover card also and my question is this um like I'm trying to teach a responsibility so but she's like I'm spending a lot of money and all this stuff so can I ask for like a higher APR in her car because I know that you guys like negotiate like on Laura APR so kind of asked for a higher APR for her you spend a lot of money on Starbucks stuff like that okay so it sounds like you guys are more negotiated Tori's like lowering it more than the reason it you're the best thing for you switch even if let's say your daughter is being irresponsible we didn't want okay okay okay thank you so much I think I think I have all these questions and I have all these answers now thank you so much really appreciate it yes and if you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call back in and I do apologize I did take a look at your account and unfortunately there are any offers available right now that's okay that's okay I love discover and I have zero APR so I don't plan on doing any bad press room so ever so I'm fine for now but I'm just calling it really like because of my die feel like my daughter like she buys like a lot of Starbucks eventually she will need to do a balance transfer somehow some way I'm just getting ready for the storm okay thank you so much we appreciate it okay did you hear did you hear at the end I cracking up like saying like hahaha when I said to her like oh yeah she buy Starbucks and you just raised your 8pr so you can teach you some responsibility she started cracking up and towards the other car you can see you're like trying to like smile I try like hold it back okay so oh my I had so much fun with that call and I like making people's day also so I'm pretty sure she had a fun time there too and I'm hoping that you guys like like all those question because in reality I'll be honest with you I had no no idea you can do a badge this is what I call by the way because I wouldn't have the answer these questions now I had no idea you can actually do a balance transfer from one friend to another friend or from any type of debt that you actually have to your credit card originally what I thought is this one credit card to the next credit card but now that we call now we have all these questions well we have all the answers to all the questions so comment down below and let me know if you still have any more questions and I made sure to answer them in the comments down below I'll be in the comments all day today now I do want to discuss some really big questions but I'm still like digging like a little kid after all those questions and here's the first question guys Tommy when should I do a balance transfer the answer is this like my daughter that spent so much money every single day every single week on Starbucks like over a thousand dollars a month well like her now she can't afford to pay it back rights for example if you have a very high APR on one card you want to get a transfer over to another card you can do that to lower the APR and then pay it off like Marla you know like more leniently and more of the money goes to her like that's monstrous yo on top of that if the card she has a promotion you can get away without paying any interest on the transfer card and then just pay it off slowly like that also and again guys I had no idea about this but imagine this right imagine having accounts in collections and now you have the power to take that card from collections and then now put it onto your credit card at zero APR and pay it off over time that's super super super helpful because then that way you can avoid messing up your credit score's that's pretty cool I didn't know that but apparently you can do that now the same thing is this guy's why do credit cards allow this okay why does one credit card let me put money on another credit card is that good is that bad it's bad for business okay because if they just let me stay here just lock me in then in reality I would have to let you know just pay off the interest well not really and here's why credit cards believe two things well you know if he had some high balance here and we transfer him over here well now we acquired one thing a customer – we acquired a balance three he must have a promotion like 15 months 12 months no APR hero % but after the promotion you'll probably still have a balance because there's so much of bad habits okay same thing is this or assuming well you know if they go over there now that how the zero balance with us so now I'm gonna start using us again and they're gonna be they're gonna get back into debt and it'll be even worse for them now it's all the money game it's all a business game so make sure you understand exactly when and how and why to do a balance transfer I will be breaking it down in one second steam your second now the last thing is this guy's you're probably wondering well Tommy what are the best the best balance transfer cards out there on the market currently and the answer is this I'm actually working on a video for tomorrow on the top six balance transfer cards with the best promotions and one of those balance transfer cards ashle equals an offer I'll run 22 months interest-free almost two years no interest on that balance transfer example in menu bar like $59 of Starbucks like my daughter and now you have over two years well almost two years did you pay it off interest-free so you want to find out what cars those actually are hit the like button and comment down below let me know so I can make the video tomorrow and also subscribe to the channel so in that way you got notified whenever I upload that video tomorrow on top of that guys I want to clarify one last thing and here it is make sure whenever you're doing balance transfers you're not transferring over liabilities to more liabilities to more liabilities and then you have like a whole bunch of cars with a lot of balances on them and they're all full of liabilities for example when I did my balance transfers guys it was for my business so I transferred money from this card I maxed it out I've messed up this card and I transferred over here I did it again and I got more money for my investments and then that way it was literally an investment okay but I didn't transfer money from my Starbucks to get more Starbucks then get more Starbucks and get more Starbucks I didn't do that so make sure you don't do that on top of guys thanks for watching the video if you liked the video go ahead and like the video it really helps to channel a ton and helps push this video out there to the YouTube algorithm on top of that do me a favor subscribe to the channel hit the vacation bus you get notified every time I post new video which again is every single day on top you wanna talk to me one-on-one una you know just DM me on instagram @ Tommy Bryson I'll be there answer all my ideas whenever scent of the time and if you wanna talk to all of us here on the channel you can actually join us on discord only one hurting sponsor open once those are fields we're gonna open it up again until 2020 so get away you still can I'll see you guys next time a nice video thanks for watching and peace

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