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TOP 05 - SHOPPING HACKS | MONEY SAVING TIPS IN Kannada - ಶಾಪಿಂಗ್ ಮಾಡೋವಾಗ ದುಡ್ಡು ಉಳಿಸೋದು ಹೇಗೆ?

**TOP 05 – SHOPPING HACKS | MONEY SAVING TIPS IN Kannada – ಶಾಪಿಂಗ್ ಮಾಡೋವಾಗ ದುಡ್ಡು ಉಳಿಸೋದು ಹೇಗೆ?**



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TOP 05 – SHOPPING HACKS | MONEY SAVING TIPS IN Kannada – ಶಾಪಿಂಗ್ ಮಾಡೋವಾಗ ದುಡ್ಡು ಉಳಿಸೋದು ಹೇಗೆ?
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How to Save Money in Tamil | IndianMoney.com | SANA RAM

**How to Save Money in Tamil | IndianMoney.com | SANA RAM**



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How to Save Money in Tamil | IndianMoney.com | SANA RAM To Learn Money Everyday, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – and hit the …

অর্থ সঞ্চয়ের উপায় | money saving tips bengali | ways to save money | how to save money

**অর্থ সঞ্চয়ের উপায় | money saving tips bengali | ways to save money | how to save money**



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Smart Thinkers
How to save money from a tight budget?
Friends, in this video I have given you some tips to save money even from a tight budget. Watch the full video & give a like.

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Rahul Bhattacharjee
Smart Thinkers
hey friends I me Rahul up another case ago to join my channel smart thinkers say saving is harder than earning income college Odana codeine that chubby she couldn't aphasia wanna a be shown a hammer at scale video salad children they can he give away a piggy to smart tips apply code a sock common out of be sheet ahuyama tip toe a mother first dibs I'm Rachel SC tip number one apply fifty thirty twenty rule apni approach from was to income it want a certain show up nearby Corbin up nerd J basic need startup or a among TV show Township a Corbin Abner once reported up Natasha channel development tour car on door doorbell play quarterback Sigma singular play Colvin human pack acquitted on show tachypnic him to John or catalogued not not savings adjourn on my Corbin two numbered tips which spend money after saving a Jap nakusha dong-soo Takayama nor custom Hobson Mirjana Chester Corbin she take into apnea or share given or that up the salaries of the ten thousand I APNIC into third twenty percent or third dual tachypnea cash for Europe in orthotic enjoyment Arabic we are to the tachypnic for chocolate system Corbin solar strip polarpoint thin numbered start auto saving on a kid Hathaway thought Agatha can hop into our territory reclaim public you didn't bother given conservatory cash was economic JAMA book into which you didn't bother to the garage it can be a target to lay Nietzsche but touching a big hot cha Haeju not my giveaway autosave put syrup or thought of nasarah account a joke Anita Hadoop chip Papa Giovanni taiga punch in Tahoe engine or direct up an account take a seven second attack hit a new high a type in Puna Savings Scheme of official welcome channel more pointers say 24 hours rule on X so my I wanted on ik janeshia door katakana King to Umrah kini philippe djegal are wicked washing karoon action viktor yanukovych at our photo shoot – no – ninja bomb dick low kona online a paper on amazon backflip quilted together pots unknowing aloo amongst a vegan version I want a keen FL so ethically egg in top not a Tata second and hasta Jose and me a panther capable about 24 hours rule shaken apply code homogeneous to the Abner Road Union is now attacking top mark up in Wichita Jonah preached Oh bitch I want a bagel more thought happening Abner which listed at Thailand which Denis sticky but Carter active Alan come up me they hoonjae to bitch 1w opera Aikido come on woody SC north of job is going to follow to the optimum Corinthian steel Olcott unleash unleash a Tokina for pollen pointer cedar chest start short-term savings scheme or top all perform I do not print another one what's up don't even know recurring deposit Bobby we know each other better deposit scheme on a gigolo to ticket in Basra on as I say table scheme of an accord mm recurring deposit sampaguita Montevideo chassis dummy description box and link to the working of a recording deposited a scheme to apply for apnea other one English you should put upon it so a scheme to be applied with the wall and the article a happy dicta but ginger Tohoku local autopsy of Nagase Austin so short term this having scheming setting in Tamil did to Ichiro polycon an hour tub Amara I've been doing in tropical to another UK I'm on attacker Johanna Tripoli Jonny Paula try no more pointers say watch your savings grow up now get into O'Shea dicta with your knee Takata Watson or thought APNIC Inferno monocot joke important so gonna preach from so many followers according to give away Abner sheikh adil Montevallo fault Watson John wanted to tip a key weapon up Nietzsche very Taco John's chinchilla do predict in a Punjab Nakata Raja male another German hallo Allegan top neurons ethicacy enthusiasm to cut score Amina after Amon take into an open or – Machop – Roberta common hope the therapy she Nakata not Jimmy J at last but not the least Sapna more pointed she create an emergency fund a take into pre-show neck top Idol you want the important pepper John one or kept a da da da da da Cunha rojulu Baku national thought the choreography to German optic I had put the body Shh an ugly shoe the Connecticut which you create the emergency fund to record a can't academic data grab Nakano cottage a struggle a stable of a phase quadrature no Abney one thing into tava cool the parents thought the gulab jamun Watauga hot Paulina and working the Johanna have particular about zoom Jason so a yellow strata smart tips in what the base key to tip some in easy apply quality in easier to put it amongst a junior in video to punish your mother some later to leniency so Bundoora Joe the video to holla guitar given to the monument video tie it to low power geniuses well our Sri video delightful it won't come encourage an event up mother the camera all aglow even videoed up onto the shuttle shear Corbin another colleague dissertation Corbin that the taro visions will oppose a bong out of a secret safe put about it act I would Joel Robuchon a jungle overcharge a Volvo channel take a subscribe corbin or she it hood a turn on a video part jungle only video decision that I have to know abnegation code on the wall

MONEY SAVING TIPS: 10 Tips to Spend Money Wisely | Millionaire Mindset

**MONEY SAVING TIPS: 10 Tips to Spend Money Wisely | Millionaire Mindset**



View Time:8:7Minutes



In this video, I have complied 10 money tips that might be useful for you. You might be aware of some of these tips but watch till the end and there could be some helpful tips for you. I have also briefly explained the benefits of a ROTH IRA, HSA, and 529 savings plan. These three accounts are offered to help you grow your money TAX FREE.

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lots of people Frankenstein again from millionaire mindset in this video I will talk about my top 10 money tips for you these tips are for people of all age groups you might know some of these tips already but watch till the end and you might find some tips that are useful for you let's get right into it my first tip is regarding investing did you know that you can invest your spare change acorns is an investing app that lets you invest your spare change how the heck does that work it is very simple let's say you use your credit card to make a purchase of five dollars and 75 cents acorns will round this up to six dollars and in West the remaining twenty five cents it is all done automatically all you need to do is link your credit cards and debit cards to your acorns account and the app will take care of the rest you just sit back and relax now 25 cents may seem like a small amount to invest but if you do this with all your daily purchases it adds up do this for a few years and you'll be amazed my next tip is for you to open a Roth IRA account many of us miss out on the txt benefits that are being offered to us what is a Roth IRA Roth IRA is a retirement account that lets you grow your money tax-free the only drawback is that you cannot pull your money out of a rata area before you turn 59 and if you do you have to pay a penalty although there are some exceptions not being able to pull your money out of your account before you turn 59 is what scares most people and that is why the dough ones utilize this benefit my take is that you think of Roth IRA as a retirement fund because it is a retirement account there only put money in your IRA raid that you will not need in the short term my friends your money grows tax-free think about it letting on my next tip is for you to automate your investments here's a look at my personal debit account I have three automatic deposits that hit every week these deposits go straight to my investment account actually I have one more account that you can't see here but my point is the money is deducted from account before I even see it even if it is just a small amount set up automatic cause it's from your checking account to your investment account this dip goes hand-in-hand with Emin finance which is a brokerage account Allen finance lets you automate your investment I've covered them on Finance in another video be sure to check that out number four set up a budget for yourself if you're single offer your family mint is a free app that lets you do just that mint is a budget planner and a budget tracker if there are a lot of credit cards like I do you can put them all in one place the app will tell you exactly how much you've spent and if you went over budget also that helps me be organized I literally have six credit cards to debit cards one saving account three brokerage accounts shoe that's a lot how do I keep track of all of these accounts through this app this is a very useful app to help you remain organized and to plan and track your finances it is a one stop goal for all your finances even your brokerage accounts my fifth tip for you is to look for a better credit card there are some credit cards out there which offer as much as 2% cashback on all purchases here's one from PayPal and in my opinion 2% on purchases is the best credit card you can get in the current market if you get a better deal then go for it why not if you have credit cards pay attention to the cash backs and make the most of your benefits here's another credit card from fidelity again 2% unlimited cash back on all purchases which is invested directly to your brokerage account some credit card companies like American Express provide you with car rental insurance if you use their car to rent a car pay attention to your credit card rewards and use them wisely next avoid too many credit cards with an annual fee penalty makes sense in some cases but do not have too many credit cards with an annual fee and if you do have an annual fee on a certain credit card see if you can get it waived some red card companies will baby rental fee if you call and it has them nicely I have Capital One Quicksilver credit card which has an annual fee I've had this fee waived for three straight years now the seventh tip I have for you is to open a health savings account also called the HSA account just like the Roth IRA and HSA account lets you grow your money tax-free this is very helpful if you do not have a good health insurance it just is a handy way for you to save for unforeseen medical expenses go to your health insurance website and see if they offer an HSA even if your health provider does not offer an HSA you could still open an account using a different provider the biggest advantage of having an HSA is that your money grows tax-free and if you would draw money for eligible expenses your money still does not get text for example say you make $40,000 a year and you put $2,000 in your HSA you will be taxed as though you make $38,000 a year thus lowering your tax burden do some research on HSN and see if it's right for you next improve your credit score you should check your credit score on a regular basis and you can do this very easily using free websites for example Credit Karma or better yet most credit card companies these days offer this option I'm discovering Capital One credit cards and the both offer free credit check this gives you a decent idea of where your score is and bare it should be an easy way to improve your credit score is to call your credit card company and ask them to increase your credit limit in most cases this should work there are the top five factors that affect your credit score credit utilization is one of them if you ask for a credit freeze and not increase your spending your utilization should go down and your credit score should go up it is one of the easiest way to improve your credit score tip number nine is mostly for parents open a 529 college savings plan for your kids what exactly is a 529 savings plan 529 plan is an education savings plan offered by your state nearly all states are offering this these days the savings in this account can be used for tuition books or any other education related expense but why use a 529 plan well just like a Roth IRA and an HSA account 529 plans have tax benefits as well any earnings in your 529 plan growth federal tax free and in some states you can even get a state tax deduction although this would depend from state to state but the sooner you open a 529 plan for your kids the easier it is for you to help them save for college my last tip is related to insurance it is a good idea to shop for insurance every couple of years don't be afraid of switching from one company to another chances are if you plan on switching to another company your current company is going to try and keep you maybe offer you a better deal as well if you own a house always or at least in 90% of the cases bundle your home and auto insurance also don't forget to check out zebra which is an app that lets you compare car insurance rates be sure to check it out here's a bonus tip avoid buying new cars a new car loses its value faster than the speed of light in three years your new car would have depreciated 60% or so so why not buy a slightly used car that has already depreciated say 20 percent if you're not this guy buy used cars that is all I have for you this but you leave a comment and tell me if I missed out on an important money tip if you liked this video be sure to hit that like button share it with your friends and do not forget to subscribe I will see you guys in the next video

Timing is Everything... when it comes to saving money on your bills

**Timing is Everything… when it comes to saving money on your bills**



View Time:31Minutes



When it comes to saving money on your electric bill, timing truly is everything. One of the easiest ways to save money and tighten your household budget is to sign up for your power company’s “peak time savings” program.

By running your appliances when electricity is cheaper, like late at night, you can save money each month, and make your home more energy efficient.

Find out how to save money on your power bill at www.smartpowerillinois.com

About Smart Power Illinois:
Illinois, like many states, is installing a smarter, digital power grid, including digital meters in homes and businesses that allow consumers to track their energy efficiency in real time. Smart Power Illinois is a public education campaign dedicated to providing consumers with information on how they can benefit from these upgrades, including energy saving tips and ways to save money on their monthly power bills.
guess what I just got two turkeys for my bucks Thanksgiving was yesterday I know off-peak times everything is cheaper pay less for your power during off-peak hours learn how at smart power Illinois org