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In order to get these savings you must have a Dollar General account.

Sign up here, it’s free!

Just enter your phone number at check out for these deals.

Purchase the following items:

75 oz Gain
40 oz Gain
41 oz Gain Fabric Softener
16 count Gain Flings
9.7 oz Gain Fireworks
(2) Febreeze Air Effects w/Gain

Total $30.45

Download the following coupons:

$5/$30 Gain products OR $5/$25 DG coupon
$3/1 Gain detergent 69+ oz
$2/1 Gain detergent
$2/1 Gain fabric softener 48-50 loads
$3/1 Gain/Tide Pods
$2/1 Gain Scent Booster
$3/2 Febreeze w/Gain

Pay $10.45!




hey guys and welcome back today I am doing a second scenario for the Dollar General all-digital coupon deal guys if you saw my post about two weeks ago maybe three I think it was about two weeks ago then you would have seen the deal that I did at Dollar General I did not click one coupon I only use digital coupons and today I'm doing the exact same thing but it's even gonna be a better and sweeter deal because I'm gonna get over thirty dollars worth the products and it should come to a little over $10 if I figured correctly so come with me into Dollar General and of course I will share with you guys every digital coupon that I downloaded and what my total came to okay so let's go into Dollar General they have plenty of gaming products of the story so happy okay guys so I just came out of Dollar General and I'm just gonna go ahead and do this hall right here in the car because once I get in the house it it can get crazy okay so this is what I got today so I did the let's see the fabrics not the game fabric softener it was the 40 1 ounce fabric softener I got one of those bear with me I got one of the game flings and I'm sorry about the lighting I'm trying to do this a little bit better but I got to get one of the game flings that's a little bit better right there and this is the 13 ounce gangplank got one of those I got actually two of the airfix I got two of the game the Febreze with game FX I got this one in I'm on my breeze and I got this one in island brush okay so I got two of those I also got my absolute favorite you guys I don't know if I'll try this but I love these fireworks scent boosters I got one of these and this is a nine point seven ounce game fireworks and that's the most important part of this haul in my opinion what I really want for was the game detergent I got one game detergent in island fresh and guys this is the 40 ounce size in island fresh and then I got the big one oh my I'm so tired now I get the big one and I'm sorry about the glare I'm not trying to make it better I got the big 75 ounce one in the moonlight breeze and this is the 36 ounce I'm sorry 36 low one so this is the big one I also get that so guys that's everything that guy in my haul and I know yeah no if I came in at my ten dollars and some change what I thought I was gonna do well let me show you right here okay so this is everything that I got right here okay and as you guys can see for the the gain one of the games I used a $2.00 off for the 75 Alice when I used a $3.00 off I use one I had one for everything I had $2 off for the game flings I'm sorry for the the pots a $3 for the game flings and the Febreze I had a $3 off okay and of course you guys all will link all of these coupons in the comment section so that you guys will know everything that you need to download again these are all digital coupons okay you do not have to clip any coupons you add them to your phone and you go to the store so no paper coupon folks just all digital coupons okay so looky-looky-looky my total all he came to ten dollars and forty-five cents i paid $8 and 53 cents worth of tax and he came to 1198 folks yes you heard me right $11.98 with tax for 30 dollars and 45 cents worth of detergent and laundry items so this is a great deal guys my total before coupons was 3045 I spent ten forty-five plus tax so this is a great deal and go out and do it okay again all coupons will be linked all you need is to use your phone number okay so you can't beat that you guys you cannot beat that okay so guys make sure you go out and get this deal just so you guys know what I did not I forgot to mention with all the coupons that I did use the five off of 25 digital coupon this coupon is only good on Saturdays I'm gonna say that again this coupon is only good on the Saturdays so you either got to go out and do it today or you cannot do it until next Saturday okay so on top of every coupon that I use for the game products I also used a dollar general five offer 25 digital coupon that is good for Saturday's only okay thank you guys so much for watching if you guys love these type of videos please comment below and let me know give this video a thumbs up please share and subscribe and I will see you all in my next video bye guys

Download Coupons & Earn Swagbucks (Coupons Couponing Extreme Couponing)

**Download Coupons & Earn Swagbucks (Coupons Couponing Extreme Couponing)**



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Download Coupons and earn Swagbucks (Coupons Couponing Extreme Couponing)

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in today's video I'm gonna tell you how I make a few extra dollars with swag bucks just by downloading coupons you don't have to use them you can delete them after you get paid and the best thing is if you do print them out and use them you'll make even more I'm your host Tech hustle Oakley Dhokla that's right in today's video I'm gonna show you just how high download coupons from swagbucks and then make a couple extra bucks every single month anywhere from like five to ten dollars maybe more maybe a little bit less this is something I do every few days not every single day because the coupons won't be available but all I do is download them and save them to PDF instead of printing and if you do print the receipts and use them you can make a little bit more cash but we're gonna dive into that real quick shut out the cash magnet guru I've seen him do this on a live stream and I've had people telling me for years that you know they print out coupons of Swagbucks and whatnot but I just never did it and I just recently started to do it it's completely easy just whenever I check my email every now and then bada-bing bada-boom I'll hit up some coupons and other than that I'm going to show you another website that you should be using too they've upped their game you can make anywhere from 25 cent to $2 per tab we're gonna talk about that my name is tech hustler I hope you liked today's video don't forget to leave a like let's go Oakley's Oakley so this is the first website we're going to talk about today part-time clicks now I reviewed this website a few months ago they pay anywhere from 25 cents and as of this last week I had an offer for two dollars so they're paying anywhere from 25 cent to $2 to complete their task and all they ever have you do is go to maybe bing.com Yahoo Google Google UK and you're running searches they ask you to spend a little bit of time you're leaving reviews stuff like that pretty pretty easy it takes me maybe a minute or two to do this you can do any anywhere from three to four of these a day you can sign up for text alerts where they will alert you when there is a new task but that doesn't always work what I do just whenever I sit at my computer and I check my email I'll just go over here and I'll hit up this part-time so a good a good you know two three four offers every single day and like I said anywhere from twenty five cent to two dollars and you get paid every single Friday and all you're doing is searching spending some time on browsers writing you know one sentenced summaries the most work I ever did is post a review on Facebook and then take a screenshot and send it to him that was the most work I've ever had to do and for that I was paid two dollars so this is part-time clicks like I said you get paid every friday twenty-five cent to two dollars per task now this is what you came for right here everyone hopefully knows about Swagbucks there is a plethora of earning options with Swagbucks but all you can do is go over here to the left you're gonna hit shop you're gonna hit store coupons and then you're gonna hit grocery coupons and I do this maybe three or four times a week in the morning when I'm checking my email so what I'll do here's all your coupons I'll scroll all the way down and I'll open every single page up something like a hundred coupons so once all of the pages are open I'll shoot down here and I'll click that clip all and I'll hit print coupons but unless you want to use these coupons I win it actually print though Oakley ee so we got through that and right here for print you can see I'm saving to PDF you're gonna have this option or maybe you have like print to ghost printer type option so what this is going to do is just save these coupons to my computer and then swagbucks is gonna see it as it's printed so you're gonna get paid without actually physically printing up the coupons but like I said if you do print up the coupons and use them you will make more with swag bucks so right here you can see this is the folder where I save them and you know after a couple days after I get paid I'll delete them and clear out my storage so that was Swagbucks that was part-time clicks I hope you liked today's video don't forget to give me a thumbs up happy earnings guys peace

Dollar General Glitch Deal   Part 1

**Dollar General Glitch Deal Part 1**



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Dollar General Glitch Deal Part 1

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My Total Was Negative $0.44 at Dollar General

**My Total Was Negative $0.44 at Dollar General**



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My Total Was Negative $0.44 at Dollar General
I went couponing at Dollar General and my subtotal was negative $0.44!

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hey guys oh my goodness alright so normally on Tuesdays we get penny items and a lot of Penny shop I didn't do that today there's actually a reason I didn't I'm I'm working on another video and so I wanted to use the footage also it's becoming a huge disadvantage for me to live penny shop because the other people in my area know what stores that I'm going to what stores I'm out where I've already been and I'm not able to find as many pennies because all they have to do is go in my live and see what store Matt you know what I mean jelly bean I also have an important couponing update for you guys in this video my total was negative 44 cent after-tax I paid five cents and I saved $13.50 so that's pretty good um so I want to tell you guys about that as well good morning I sent out a text to you saying that um it was confirmed that mr. clean is ringing up a penny your mom's Mayberry and I got back a ton of questions my phone I was laughing in the story cuz I was checking out my phone was like ding ding ding ding ding ding ding it was crazy yay I don't know what's up this store I was here yesterday they had like 20 mr. clean I come back this morning and they had 1 2 3 6 so I don't know if somebody got the rest and like left 6 on the shelf and they didn't pull them I don't know I don't know what I don't know if maybe the Dollar General and please like started to pull them and then I don't know what happened so anyway here's I want to give you my couponing update and they'll answer any questions that you may have about the mr. clean so the yesterday I made a video talking about out the covergirl I told you guys that it wouldn't count towards the total since it was a store coupon but it is counting towards the total so you don't have to get your total up to $12 you just get your total up to excuse me 10 also let me show you what I mean I this door had the $4 covergirl pencils I didn't think based on the coupon that these would work but they did there are four dollars I got two that's eight dollars right we have a two off six covergirl and a $2.00 off any eight dollar purchase of covergirl so that's basically eight dollars in covergirl completely free so if you got two of these two at four dollars each that's eight dollars and you use a two off ten you can add any item that's two dollars and and your subtotal will be free and you'll only pay tax so if you need something like a food item or anything like that just buy two of these covergirl pencils as long as you have the right coupons on your Dollar General account two dollars of whatever you want and your subtotal will be zero you'll just pay tax so that's pretty darn good everybody's asking about the mr.clean yesterday's video had the penny list in it at the very end of the video so if you want to go there and screenshot it because I can show you what I got and the barcode on this one but there's another size so basically it's the mr. clean that is moon light breeze scented it says the moonlight breeze right here now on the penny list it did safer for specific stores only and apparently some people were like giving out a state list that's a load of crock of I don't know who did that so I don't want to bad-mouth anybody but it's a crock of because there's no way anybody would know what where these would bring opinion where they wouldn't so if you've seen a state list ignore that please I'm sorry but ignore that because on the penniless it says specific stores but there's no way any person knows which stores word and which doors wouldn't ring a penny the interesting thing is this morning I have not had anyone messaged me and you guys message me and text me so that's so helpful not one person has messaged me and said it didn't work like they didn't ring up a penny so I think we're good but just keep in mind your mouths may vary like don't be mad at me if it doesn't ring up a penny so basically if you go in and you find some mr. clean the list said the mr. cleaned in 24 ounce and then the mr. clean 48 ounce and if you guys seen in the video yesterday I told you be careful because they have a new one that's 40 ounce which is what we got the coupon for but a ton of people messaged me and said the 40 ounce was a penny this morning for them to my store didn't have 40 ounce so I wasn't able to test that out but apparently if you found mr. clean that's moon light breeze scented it's ringing up a penny the barcode on this one the last four numbers are eight one two zero so if you want to write that down I also posted the penny list on a I don't think I've posted on my website I did post it on Instagram so that might be a easy place and then of course if y'all are in the Facebook group I posted it on my Christa coupons Facebook page like it's posted everywhere so if you just look at any of those places you can see the exact list with the barcodes do you guys have any questions comments concerns complaints the list literally said put the mr.clean in the dumpster for the Dollar General please so there's a lot of people who say that's not true and they don't actually throw them in the dumpster the employee list I have a copy of it said remove them from the shelf and throw them in the dumpster so I don't know how much more proof you need I will put it on my website right after this video okay cuz I don't know why I didn't I forgot for some reason I'm sorry could you go over the sky toilet paper it didn't work I did it in yesterday's video I went over the Scott dill so watch yesterday's video if you want to do a breakdown with Scott but it didn't work so I ended up paying 1150 plus tax for for Scott and whatever else I bought I can't remember oh and the tone and right guard and dial instant savings is also working now so if you guys didn't see that it's working you're Scott dill worked I just got your text what did I miss the mr. clean is a penny it's the 24 ounce the 48 ounce and people are also saying that they found 40 ounce mr. clean Moon Moon light breeze it has to be the moonlight breeze scent and those are ringing up a penny you're miles may vary of course and then also yes in yesterday's video I told you guys that the cover girl was not counting towards the total for the to often and it is because there's a store coupon it's two dollars off any eight dollar purchase of covergirl and also these covergirl of the eyebrow why can't I talk these covergirl eyebrow pencils were to according to the coupon it seemed like these would not work but they do so if you get two of these that are four dollars each and then in each $2 item you can use your too often and you would pay tax only so that's pretty awesome because you can get like if you need food a loaf of bread a bag of sugar or whatever you could get two of these and by the way the covergirl coupons that you're using is six dollars off any two covergirl products and then two off eight dollar general store coupon for covergirl and then of course you would use the too often but my subtotal was negative 44 cents so after that I paid $5 with a $5 what five cents after-tax you guys are so sweet Thank You Clarabelle yeah it's I don't recommend wisely um I don't know who made that rule up initially you know some penny shoppers were just like damn if people call corporate they're gonna end up stopping penny shopping you know so I pick my battles wisely and I would never call corporate and be like you know they wouldn't sell me pennies or it didn't ring up a penny the only time I've ever called corporate regarding penny shopping is when they were really rude to me and I kind of left the penny part out you know but it's not ever recommended that you call corporate over penny items if you get to the store like they won't sell you penny items you can just ask them you know ask to speak to the district manager that's what I would do first and I would also say pick your battles wisely if you go in and you find one penny item is that worth calling corporate over hell no you know if you find 20 and it's something you really need or want and they refuse to sell it to you then you know maybe I would dispute that but you know yes it throw them in the dumpster so if you worked at Dollar General and you got a list that said throw these in the dumpster what would you do would you maybe take them to your car I don't know what did somebody else ask me what do I do if they keep on saying come on that's a different story if your coupons don't come off there is actually a website it's like DG comback slash feedback do any of you guys in the chat have that website you can call corporate and they'll give it to you they just tell you to go there usually dodge I don't gives you like a gift card or something like that but you have to let them know when coupons don't work or sell items don't work because they need to fix it in their system I mean it's basically like the Scott maybe they fix the Scott last night when they fix the or yesterday when they fix the tone doll and right guard I don't know I haven't tried it today and somebody said it worked for them maybe they try to after they fix stuff last night but it's false advertisement for them to put in the ad that the Scott toilet paper is – out – for $8.00 and then there's been 15 and save three and then people are saying that is it like so items don't work together it's in the ad like that's false advertisement you should call about that mr. clean 40 ounce pennies confirmed in Florida see you guys people are saying the forty ounce – so that's good news why do cashiers get mad when I don't put my digital's in before they hit total I don't know girl I don't know okay somebody just messaged me and said are you going live now um I got the 4.2 four dollar covergirl pencils so it seems to be working with all the covergirl products so no technically it doesn't matter if you need something that's covergirl I would get what you need and use the too often but you just need to get two covergirl products it excludes the one count what does it call it was one of cheekers so like the blush I don't know that the blush works either so I maybe stay away from that but these for sure do work I just did it and my subtotal was negative 44 set Oh Oh thanks Brenda um you don't really need the UPC you guys you don't need the barcode it just looked for my breeze mr. clean yes never asked the employees to pick to price check penny items that is I was in the store one day with a friend of mine I gave her one of my opinion she was like ooh I like that shirt and I was like you can have it she went up to the register and asked for a price check and the they sold it to her for four dollars and it was a penny my cashier said the too often can be combined with the throughout 15 instant savings help the cashier has absolutely no control over what comes off on what doesn't so and most of them I hate to say this and I don't mean it in a mean way it's not their fault it's dollar generals fault for not educating them but most of the cashiers have no clue what the rules are what the coupon policy is they have no idea most of them so I'm telling you for one thing I'm 100% certain as long as the instant savings is actually working because sometimes it's not as long as it's actually working if you're using a too often the instant savings will work regardless of what the cashier says the cashier has no control whether or not it comes off and if it doesn't or they won't let you try to do the deal then you can call the corporate office in fact I would because there are some people some stores some stories that I've been to you just kind of have to put your foot down I've been to stores where they tell me some crazy like yesterday this door the story that I'm setting out right now told me that I couldn't use coupons with the sell items well have you ever looked at the ad in the front of the store like are you serious you idiot I don't know sorry that was a little dramatic but uhm they have no control whether or not it comes off so just don't believe them that's all you have to do just mind your P's and Q's and do your thing I mean who says you can't use a coupon on a sell item when it's in the ad like moonlight breeze mr. clean yes lies alright give the video a thumbs up you guys got anything else you want to say complaints comments comments compliments complaints comment questions I love you too Brenda you're the best I've been told the same you just ignore them like okay never mind the ad at the front of the store that has sell items and coupons clearly stated in the ad how many can you get of penny items take all of them the employee list says for the employees to remove these off the sales floor and throw them in the dumpster a lot of people feel like they're being selfish if you take them all like save some for other people but I'm telling you they're going to throw them in the dumpster let's say you buy five and there's twenty the rest of them as soon as you walk out of the store they're gonna go back there and throw them in the dumpster at least buy all twenty for a penny it would be twenty cents and donate them give them away to your friends sell them keep them whatever the hell you want to do with them and don't feel bad about it don't feel guilty don't feel like you're selfish and if somebody tries to make you feel selfish then there jackass you're petrified of TT oh don't be I'm doing a new video that I think will help some of you who are scared and unsure about penny items that's why I didn't live shop today because I was filming a wide my daughter general wouldn't donate them I agree or at least at the very least allow the employees to take them home because um it says throw them in the dumpster so if the employees take their huh take them home they could get in trouble honestly so I don't know man I don't know I wish I had all the answers but I don't if some things on a high shelf and it's a penny like that day in the store I showed you guys the mr. clean was on a high shelf I didn't get it down because I didn't want them to see that it was up there and then take it down and then somebody else couldn't get it but look if something's on a high shelf and it's a penny and I know for a fact it's a penny you better bet your ass I'm gonna go get the worker and be like hey I need that mr. clean right there I'm not gonna say hey I need that cuz it's a penny but I will say hey could you help me get that down it's the mr. clean moonlight breeze there's reportedly the 40 ounces working on the list we had 24 ounce and 48 ounce the list does say that it's only specific stores but not one person has said this morning that it was not a penny at their store so your mouths may vary just to cover my ass home be mad at me if it's not a penny at your store but I think it's pretty safe to the top shelves you're very lucky that's where a lot of the good stuff is yeah see people are in the comments the 40 ounce moon light breezes a penny as well what does a asterisk this means next to $3 at dodge you know uh usually in the ad when there's an asterisk it means you got to buy two to get the sell price for example the Scott toilet paper or the all laundry detergent it says two for $8 and there's always an asterisk it just means that you have to buy two in order to get that sell price so they're gonna sell them all in multiples of two good morning Felicia no one should ever be mad at you work so hard getting uh sales to share this morning I woke up and I looked at my comments on my videos that was like some hate comments and I laughed me and Jason were laughing about that because I was like like how dare I try to help people save money like what a bitch you know what I mean I don't know I don't know why I don't know I don't really care um I appreciate people who hate me I do in fact if you hate me you should give the video a thumbs down because it ultimately just helps me so uh it's okay I have a coupon for $2 off cover girl if you spend eight yes we all have that hopefully is that going to mess up the other girl cover girl coupons no listen if you get two of these brow pencils that are $4 each and you have that $6 off to covergirl coupon and the two off eight covergirl coupon then two of these are for are free and that two off a covergirl coupon is counting towards your threshold total so if you're using a two off 10 and you get you have those coupons that we just said and you get two of these then you can get any $2 item and you're too often and you'll pay just tax so no it's not gonna mess it up it's gonna make it really great for you in fact my subtotal was negative 44 cents yes one is a manufacturer coupon the other is a store coupon that is the only way you can stack coupons at Dollar General so I would advise saving at least one of your Dollar General accounts with those covergirl coupons on them for the 5 of 25 because that's gonna help us get a lot of products for free right if you use it in the two often you're gonna be able to get a $2.00 product for free I haven't done my breakdowns yet for the 5 of 25 but I would imagine that we're gonna have a free will three week please don't just put question marks in the chat if you have a question ask your question with question marks I've learned not just girl through the comments for 30 minutes looking for questions because it's just a waste of time because you usually can't find the question okay so ask me before we leave because I'm about to go cuz I got to do I gotta go find a brush and brush my hair I won't try to clean my car today look how dirty my window is good morning I've heard 40-ounce gained mr. clean as a penny i moonlight breeze scented yes people are all over saying that the 40-ounce is also a penny so I would say that's correct clean after pollen season is that why I woke up this morning feeling like I had strep throat I'm miserable do I have to contact corporate if the three off ten Colgate didn't work I'm pretty sure that's over you got to do too can you please go over the dot percentages please brown dot home right now is 50% off this door has some like chairs that are brown dot home I'm debating getting one with a three off fifteen anyway Brown got home fifty percent off the red square must have shoes are 50% off the blue and gray dot clothing shoes and accessories are seventy percent off and that's all I know I will I will as soon as we end this live stream I'm gonna go post the penniless on my website because I forgot to do that I'm so sorry I'll also put the current percentage items on that as well I'm new to this when they say a C – what does that mean the only thing I think you might be talking about no that can't be it either cuz those always start with the name I don't know I don't know what you mean send me a picture like in it if you're a part of the text messages or if you can send me a picture on Instagram or Facebook send me a screenshot of what you mean cuz I don't know what C – off the top of my head I can't think of anything will be two off ten and three off 15 work together I haven't tried that but in the past no if you get $15 worth of products you're too often is gonna come off if you have that on your account they won't come off together – threshold coupons that are both digital in the past have never worked together that's except it gets a little confusing except for like you can you can use the three off 15 and the game coupon together but you can't use the five of 25 and the game coupon and we've never been able to use unless it glitches the too often and the three or fifteen hey Krista what's the name of the scanning app you use to find pennies a penny finder it's just called penny finder I tend to call it Dollar General penny finder but the actual name of the F is just penny finder it's a one-time fee of $2.99 some people love it some people hate it I would say it's kind of I would say it's worth it to buy it to see if you like it even though it's $2.99 nobody wants to throw money out the window but you might really love it and it might be really helpful for you so I would give it a try but I have heard a lot of complaints about it recently and I've personally had trouble with my app recently I've always used the 5 of 25 and the 5 off gain well as long as I've been couponing at Dollar General you can use the 5 of 25 if it's paper with the 5 or 20 gain but I've never ever ever ever been able to use the digital 5 of 25 with the digital 5 off 20 gain coupon or 5 off 30 gain coupon it's either way unless unless the total was like instead of getting your total up to $35 you know getting your total up to like $55 and if that's the case and you have to get your total up to $55 then it's not worth it to use those two coupons together and I've also like I've heard a few people here and there say that but I've never seen proof of that personally unless they glitched together and work together so I have to go with the easiest answer to that question is the only way to use a 520 and if I'm over 25 together is have a paper 5 off 25 get your total up to $35 and over your paper 5 over 25 first and then put in your digital coupons and then any paper coupons if you have any how do we order coupon inserts from Facebook we do now have also a lady who sells clip coupons in our Facebook group in our Facebook group you can go in there and make a post even and ask somebody will help you point you in the right direction but you can search the group for clipped coupons or whole inserts and it should come up aside from our group which is called powered by powered by coupons why did I forget that all of a sudden if you want to buy a coupon inserts from other people I would say beware because there are scams when you buy coupons always pay through PayPal and pay goods and services don't send it don't send anybody money as if they're your friend or family always pay through goods and services if they're not willing to accept it goods and services then I would say do not buy coupons from them but there are Facebook groups that sell coupons as well you don't have to go in our Facebook um group and bomb that way I make absolutely nothing from that it's just a way for you guys to get coupons that is legitimate but depending on what you're buying sometimes it can be expensive I've been trying to fix my website because some of you do find it confusing I'm not sure why I think it's pretty simple but some people say it's confusing I don't know it's frustrating for me confirmed in Tennessee found four bottles but she would only sell me one no need to argue over that yeah I try to pick my battles wisely too but sometimes even without arguing you can just point out to them that you know the actual policy and they will suddenly see it your way I don't ever argue really with them I ever but I don't want people trying to take advantage of I don't like that yeah I'm just saying it's you not actually like the people who sell in the Facebook group obviously trust to sell coupons or I wouldn't allow them to sell in the Facebook group depending on how many whole inserts you want to buy like if you only want to buy four sets of whole inserts it's just not gonna be worth it honestly if you want about like ten sets I think it's decent the clipped coupon is our good deal in the Facebook group but both of those ladies who sell coupons and there are very reliable and wouldn't rip you off and I'm very confident of that so alright guys I'm gonna go I've had several different digital coupon said I couldn't find could you help me please Jenny change my zip code and then once thresholds okay first a threshold is like 500 for 25 $25 would be the threshold to off ten ten dollars would be the threshold the threshold of money you have to spend that guess and then the other thing is I get this commented on my videos a lot and I don't I don't know if I need to say it and every coupon video that I do I don't think so I think that would be boring for everybody but basically first thing is don't use the Dollar General app even if you're on your phone use the Dollar General website on the Dollar General app you can only see a hundred digital coupons at any given time so if there is I almost always have more than 100 digital coupons on my account so if there's more than a hundred you can't even see all your coupons on the app so do not do not use the app just go to the Dollar General website even on your phone the other thing is dar journal puts out coupons and if you do not clip them to your account they disappear so you can't just wait around until you see a good deal and be like oh I don't have that coupon if you're going to be a serious Dollar General keep on our that goes like once a week to the store then you need to check back often to your general account and clip the coupons that are available because I've seen coupons only be available to clip for a couple of hours usually if you check your account like once every two days you're good to go like check it every Sunday I would I would say if you check if you can like set yourself a reminder to clip your coupons Sunday Monday Wednesday and Friday you'd be good to go but as far as changing your zip code some coupons are only by a zip code but it's it like I've seen some saying that they had the link to clip the centrum coupon that was like a five off 20 or five off 25 for syndrome and it did make sense from like free which was great but I personally already have a ton of Centrum what are you gonna do with all that Syndrome like it it expires you know so anyway anything's freeze good but anyway there was no link for the centrum I don't know where that comes from the only link to the centrum was your daughter general couponing account you just have to clip the coupons while you're there I think that was just people making things more complicated than they actually were sometimes like the three off 15 they only do put it out in certain areas or they send an email to us with that coupon in it and then people share that link and that's how we get the link and share it with you guys but it's very rare we used to get coupons like that all the time that we had to use the link to get it but it's very rare that that happens now so I would say no no does that make sense so do you need to clip all of them depends on how many accounts you have I rotate through $20 general couponing accounts I don't care if that pisses you off or not I can just say but on about half of those accounts I clip all the coupons and then on the other half I don't clip the 50 cent coupons the 75 cent coupons like I'm very choosy about the coupons a clip on those because I'll tell you why because we've had deals in the past where if you happen to clip the dollar right guard coupon you can't do that dill you know somebody was running I thought they didn't Rob the place or something but and then sometimes they'll give us coupons that are like like right now I think we have a 75 cent off to scrubbing bubble coupon like that coupon is crap you know so I didn't clip that on any of my accounts I would say definitely don't clip the lower value coupons like that 50 cents 25 cents Shh I don't know I don't know the right answer to everything our both CoverGirl's digital yes you had to have clipped it it was available on Sunday I know because Sunday I clipped all of my coupons on all of my accounts and now it's no longer available but the two off eight is so they just they took it away I think yesterday and gave us the two off eight so you should always check your Dollar General accounts on Sunday Monday Wednesday and Friday and like a few weeks ago we got a covergirl coupon that was like two dollars off one well we know that two dollars off one for covergirl is not really gonna give us anything free right so I don't clip those but if you're new to couponing you might not know that and I would just say over time you're gonna learn you know what you should clip and what you shouldn't you know it's hard for me to say for sure clip them all or don't clip any I would say to be safe you could just clip them off it's better than not clipping any back in the day when I first started couponing at Dollar General you didn't have to verify phone number to create multiple accounts and that's why I have 20 there are some apps you can use like a while back I made a video about the phone or app and it was basically a way to get additional phone numbers to make additional accounts but the simple way is just to ask your friends and family to use their phone numbers especially if they're not into couponing they probably won't mind at all and if you hear of an app or something like that working to get additional phone numbers make as many accounts as possible so when it stops working you have those accounts even if you're not gonna use them or you're new to couponing I would just you know make the accounts if you can or you know while someone's willing to let you use their phone number cuz even if they get rid of their phone number and they look no longer have it you can still use your account you just have to verify it that one time okay I'm gonna go guys what does your family you think about how couponing and youtubing are they over it or they think it's awesome I think a little bit of both I think sometimes they like the stuff people like to be my friend because I'm always giving them stuff you know even the people that my husband works with and stuff I always give my stuff away cuz I don't like to here recently I just um my goal isn't I have the biggest stockpile as possible so I give a lot of stuff away so people of course like when you give them free stuff but some people I think do get annoyed with it cuz I always want to go to Dollar General like the other day we went out to eat and I was like oh my god I just really have to stop at Dollar General please please please please please you know I'm like a vane alright bye guys the video thumbs up or thumbs down no red dots are not a penny or wait wait wait wait wait lately lately yes-yes-yes red dots are a penny why don't I say that yes but there are always exclusions there's always but let

Dollar General NEW COUPONS + $5 off $25 Breakdowns 3/23/19

**Dollar General NEW COUPONS + $5 off $25 Breakdowns 3/23/19**



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hey friends welcome back so I just wanted to tell you guys if you did not know if you don't have Instagram it was going around this morning and I'm glad I checked in mind because there are some exclusive Dollar General coupons so everybody's not getting them I got him on two accounts but I did not get them on every account for instance on one I have and this is actually my account I got two $2 off game flings coupons $2 off tied two dollars off of Tide Pods also 150 off of downing and then on another account I got two dollars I've tied to liquid oh I forgot did I say tightly quit alone flings pods 150 off of the down and then I I still have a $2.00 off down e on this one as well but anyway so login to Dollar General if for some reason you can't get it on your phone log on the computer and just check your coupons it will say DG exclusive I print mine out that way when I shop I know what you count has which coupons on there so what I do guys is I have some breakdowns for you they are going to be in the description box below just click now for instance this one has two game flings I went based off of the coupons I have so I have two game flames coupons everybody may not have that so what you can do is you can substitute them you can get Tide Pods just make it work for you just on this breakdown alone my out of pocket would be eleven ninety which is not bad for all of this stuff that I'm getting right here don't forget Saturday is the five off of 25 and this is an all-digital breakdown yep so there is that and then here is a another breakdown and this one includes digital coupons as well as dial so this is also going to be below in the description box you can just click on which breakdown will work best for you and this one comes to 8:40 out of pocket but that's because I included the 150 off down me and the $2 off but if you have a $2.00 off then that would drop you down to 790 if I'm not mistaken so you know just check your dollars and all apps and load those coupons I'm gonna be trying to come up with some more breakdowns there's also like a crest coupon for $2 off I gave my friend a breakdown the other day and I included the crest there's a $2 off crest coupon and the crest is $3 so you can get $2 off and say if you don't have like one at the dial keep sorry and I dial but gain coupons you can substitute and get you can substitute and you can get crest and then don't forget fries and dial you're gonna have to get your coupon you're a total 228 dollars because that instant saving comes off and then when that instant saving comes off your total still has to be $25 subtotal and then that's how you get your $5 off so make sure if you're during the dial deal and you're playing around with coupons and stuff make sure your total 28 and then you're gonna say $3 instantly with instant savings because dial is save $3 when you've spent 8 so then that drops your total to 25 90 and then you take off all of the digital coupons and paper coupons and all the coupons locations are listed so yeah guys I just thought I would give you this and let you guys know there's our DG exclusive coupons so again everybody may not have them only some people did like I said I started on two accounts but I did not get it on the third account alright guys thank y'all so much for watching I love you to the moon and back and I'll see you my next video you