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Easypromos coupon maker: create and share your coupons

**Easypromos coupon maker: create and share your coupons**



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Create and distribute your own coupons with this easy editor: upload your logo, your background, images, and decide which information of the coupon owner will appear on the coupon to identify him/her. Generate and insert codebars, QR codes or other relevant information within the same platform. MOre infomation:

Piggy: Coupons & Cash Back for Online Shopping with iPhone & iPads

**Piggy: Coupons & Cash Back for Online Shopping with iPhone & iPads**



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Piggy’s new automatic coupon app is now available for iPhone and iPad. Piggy instantly finds and applies the best discount codes at thousands of online retailers while you shop, and pays you cash back! Get the new free automatic coupons and cash back app and never overpay again your iPhone or iPad.

Unlike other cash back apps, with Piggy you browse and shop in your native Safari browser. Piggy will find and apply the best discount codes for you with one Tap.

Why Use Piggy?
1: Automatic Coupons at Checkout
2: Cash Back Bonus
3: Save Money and Save Time

The Huffington Post: “With Piggy you never overpay online.”
Entrepreneur Magazine: “You’ll never need to search for a coupon code again with Piggy.”
Time Magazine: “Piggy has one of the best cash back programs around.”

Get Piggy Free on the App Store

Groupon - App Review - Get coupons from all of your local businesses

**Groupon – App Review – Get coupons from all of your local businesses**



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This video will show you the Android app ‘Groupon”. How to use it and its benefits!
Local Coupons. Save money. Easy to use
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welcome to phone savvy coms weekly app review where we bring you the best apps on the Android Play Store application that i will be reviewing today is called groupon it will look like this on your android-powered device you can download groupon from your Play Store it is a free application to download just go ahead and type in groupon in the search engine at the top and then download this application right here this application is an excellent way to save money and find deals on all of your local establishments where you live when you bring up the groupon application it will ask you to select your home city I've already done this for myself or the closest metropolitan city to where you live where you visit frequently or if you're going to be traveling to a new city you can enter that city in and see what all the deals will be when you get there this application is very simple to operate at the top of your screen you have five tabs the first one on the top left is your featured tab these are the advertisements for the local area that I live and these are the hot deals or the future deals that these companies have chosen to place their ad so all you have to do if you find a deal that you like just select it and it will let you know what savings you will get and the details of this of this deal here and if you wish to take advantage of it you can select the Buy Now option at the bottom it will ask you to set up a groupon user ID password where you can enter your enter a payment option and then you can use that for all of your group on purchases the now tab located here are for deals that are for a very limited time only you can see it a little zero next to it lets me know that there are no deals right now for the for the Minneapolis area but as what you may see on this page whenever there are something is I've seen restaurants put on come in by nine o'clock tonight and get free appetizers things like that so look for those if you ever see the now deals select it and if and then you can get a deal within a certain period of time the getaways is an excellent tab you can find great hotel deals let's give it a second to load and what's kind of cool as it does show you your percentage savings so basically you can select the getaway that you like and it lets you know your your savings and the discount and unless you know how many days are left of this deal so here we have a 3 5 or 7 night all-inclusive stay for two in the Dominican Republic so this looks like a pretty good deal you can see the savings from what you would typically pay for this vacation and here are the fine details of this offer and there are pages after pages of these so whenever you're planning a trip see if you can find a good deal for where you're looking to travel or maybe this can actually entice you to travel to these certain places and the goods tab right here are four products so basically if you want to do some shopping you can buy any of these items and get deals on them and let you know what their MSRP pricing is and what percentage savings you get just go ahead and select it here we have motorola xoom tablet for 339 so that's normally a five-hundred-dollar tablet you save 160 you can select by now and that tablets yours this is a kind of a must-have application one of those doesn't hurt to have and and all you can do is save money on it so far since I've had it I've had a lot of fun just going through and seeing all the deals that I can get and the my groupons tab you can earn points from purchasing things from the groupon application and you can use those points to buy more stuff at a discounted price so that is our app of the week make sure you download it on the Play Store of your android-powered device see more applications that you can fill your device up with at phone savvy calm and also make sure you subscribe to us on YouTube to get all of our app reviews up to date

Piggy Automatic Coupons & Cash Back for Online Shopping

**Piggy Automatic Coupons & Cash Back for Online Shopping**



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Piggy a.k.a automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout and pays you cash back when you shop online! Get this free coupons and cash back app and you will never overpay again.
Just click the Piggy button at checkout and instantly get the best deal.

1) Automatic Coupons at Checkout
Instantly see all the coupons and sales available.
Always get the best discount when your shopping.
Never miss a sale, coupon, or cash back offer.

2) Bonus Cash Back
Piggy pays you the highest cash back rates in the industry.
Cash back checks paid 4x per year.
Use your rewards credit card to “double-dip” on cash back.

3) Save Money and Save Time
Don’t waste time searching for expired manual codes.
Piggy saves you money automatically.
Piggy is free.

What Chrome Extension Users Say About Piggy
“Love saving money anytime I can. It’s so easy.” – Maria S.
“Always good to have technology help you to save money! Love it!!!” – Ronda A.
“Piggy is always right there to get me the best deal!” – Scott O.
“Awesome! Saved almost 100 dollars because of this.” – Danielle

The Press is Raving About Piggy:
“This hack is literally free money.” – The Huffington Post
“You’ll never need to search for a coupon code again with Piggy.” – Entrepreneur Magazine
“Piggy has one of the best cash back programs around.” – Time Magazine

Automatic Coupon Codes for Flights, Hotels, and Rental Car Bookings. Save money on all your business and personal travel bookings with coupons and exclusive cashback at Priceline, Travelocity, TripAdvisor, Hotels.com, VRBO and more.

Food Delivery Coupons and Meal Prep Kits Discounts
Big savings on food delivery, restaurants, and meal delivery from Grubhub, Eat24, Dominos Pizza, Papa John’s, Blue Apron, and many more.

Promo Codes for Computers, Mobile Phones, TV’s and Electronics
The best discounts and coupon codes on mobile phones, tablets, computers and TVs at retailers like, Best Buy, NewEgg and Walmart.

Coupons and Cashback for Fashion and Apparel
Get the best deals on clothing, handbags, shoes with Piggy. Instant automatic promo codes at Forever 21, Old Navy, Macys, Finish Line, and thousands more.
Automatic Promo Codes for Home Decor, Furniture and Kitchen Products

Decorate you home and get the coupon codes and exclusive cashback deals on furnishings from Cost Plus World Market, Design Within Reach, Kohls and more.

Piggy’s Chrome Extension has got your back when shopping online. Get the free chrome extension today!