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What It Costs To Live In San Francisco | Making It

**What It Costs To Live In San Francisco | Making It**



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Perennially perched at or near the top of lists of America’s most expensive and affluent cities, San Francisco is increasingly out of reach for people who would be …

Money-saving tips for pet owners

**Money-saving tips for pet owners**



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Canadians spent an average of $590 on pet expenses in 2015. We share some tips for saving dough on Fido.

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okay so an admission I'm about to become a cat person my seven-year-old daughter has been begging us for years and in a moment of weakness well promises were made so I'm joining the ranks of cat owners pet owners and I find myself in dire need of a crash course not the cleaning of the litter I think we can figure that out on our own what I need is a lesson and how much all this is going to cost well thankfully Keri K Taylor is a financial writer with squawk Fox is here to help us navigate this cat is one thing what's the most amost expensive pet out there a designer dog dog that comes with donkeys really I better be something big like that designer dogs I guess yes reader you got to be a the breeder so you're looking at you know anywhere from two thousand to five thousand for a dog but you know what becoming a pet owner you're going to be in good company in Canada because about 57% of households own a pet you're kidding I'm not kidding and the average home pet owner tends to spend about five hundred and eighty dollars a year on pet care now that includes goldfish right and designer dogs as well so somewhere in the mail but a cat you're looking at about about $200 to get a pet and then ongoing care you're looking at around you know it could be up to nine hundred dollars a year to nine hundred bucks a year or a cat well there's there's there's Kenya litter there's food right and there's vet care as well shots spay neuter the whole caboodle you know we did a facebook live about this today and we had some really great feedback from people that we're watching on that and you know we talked about you know everybody sort of you have the debate in your family about well who's going to walk the dog and it is going to clean the cat's litter not enough family sit down and have this conversation about okay well where is this money going to come from how are we going to pay for this and how much is it really going to cost before becoming a pet owner you really have to sit down and look at your lifestyle you know do you have the time to walk a dog do you have the money to pay for vet care you are you more of a cat person because the cat can you know walk around the house so that's fine are you a fish person would you rather have a reptile you really need to look at these situations if you don't have the time to walk a dog can you afford to have a dog walker or if you travel a lot can you afford to have care for that pet in a channel or another – they're adorable that came in from Lucia who sent it in after the Facebook live well we love our pets right we can surfer people they're part of the family so we don't like to think about them costing us money because we want to you know keep them around for as long as possible but they can be very expensive like a dog for instance the upstart for a dog could be anywhere from if you go to the SPCA you know $200 right you know up to $5,000 well so you know you really have to sit down and say do I've the lifestyle that can afford this pet I want to take the business and just kick it as far as I can here where do you stand on the issue of getting insurance for your head insurance is very expensive it can range anywhere from 15 bucks a month premium to you know 90 and I always tell families make sure you have insurance first if you have labored forms do you have disability care these are all very important on you know nuances to protect your family first then we can talk pet care so on average but if you have all of those right are you better off taking some money and putting it into an emergency fund and letting it grow with a little bit of interest or paying that sort of 30 40 bucks a month and that's the magic question so if you're paying about 40 bucks a month over 10 years of owning that pets a dog or cat you're looking about forty eight eight hundred dollars into marryin and that's not including compounding right right so that would go to about fifty seven hundred bucks a pound a baby stay ahead of emergencies for a pet and you put that premium in a Hydra savings account you might not need insurance so the challenge with insurance is expensive not all breeds are covered older pet will not be covered pets with existing had hereditary conditions such as hip issues won't be covered as well and then you have to haggle with you sure to actually get your medical emergency covered but if you are going the route with pet insurance be sure that I'm you're only using it for emergency situations because the premiums will go up as you make more claims I'm going to tweet out a link to the marketplace piece about just what you should be aware of in dealing with vets because as you pointed out the Facebook live it's not wildly regulated and just sort of you know some of the pratfalls that people should be aware of how important is it and this sort of comes back to the main piece of advice you always give when you come here whether it's about RESP s or about RRSPs or taxes whatever maybe a little bit of research whether you're looking at that vet or that breeder or that whatever it may be can go a long way Kendrick absolutely the vet industry is not highly regulated in Canada vets are very charged different prices from region to region we've had big animal vets on the farm because I lived on a farm and there's also small animal vets as well right so before getting a pet go into the vet compare priceless see what an average visit cost see what emergency care cost and definitely get referrals from your family in front to see you know if that vet is a good fit for you because the vet pricing can vary differently and you don't want any surprises when your pet is sick and same with medications I mean a lot of cats nowadays are getting diabetes and the cost of insulin is very challenging for families to keep their fur people around so one good tip I have is if your pet needs medication is take that prescription to the pharmacy thank you young people from yeah I go to people pharmacy but it's insulin right and CBC found that insulin delivered through the vet it can be up to two times as expensive as if you just go to the local pharmacy so call around the pharmacies check or you know able filthy and whole sellers because they sell more medications can pass on a better price to consumers so it's medicine we're all mammals right so there's a good tip take your medicine to the pharmacy it's a great set and we'll put out a link to the Facebook live familiar today it's great to do that thanks to all of you for all your questions Kerry great to see I think this Carey Taylor is a financial writer with squawk box

My trip to Maui ✈ Flights, Accommodation, Costs, Must-Dos + travelling to Maui on a budget?

**My trip to Maui ✈ Flights, Accommodation, Costs, Must-Dos + travelling to Maui on a budget?**



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This video is all about my trip to Maui: how we got there, where we stayed, how much we spent & some Must-Dos when on the island. I also share my opinion about whether it is possible to travel to Maui on a budget or not.

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hey guys and welcome back to my youtube channel if you're following me on instagram or if you see my latest videos here on youtube and you probably already know that I was on Maui Hawaii with my sister for three weeks I thought I'd come a little video about our trip to Maui about where we stayed what kind of stuff we did how we got around all those kinds of things so yeah let's get started okay so first of all how did we get to Maui we flew from Munich to Los Angeles with Lufthansa and then we slept in Los Angeles for a night because flight was pretty long for Munich Los Angeles's I think 12 hours we could have like they can look plane tamale straight away but instead we decided to go to a hotel at the airport and sleep there for a night then the next morning we flew from Los Angeles to Maui with Hawaiian Airlines which was another five hours and on both flies we always took our own because they didn't even have any vegetarian options I thought even to mention any vegan options so therefore the second really important tip like we travel always take your food basically for flies missus and I are really really fortunate because our dad is a pilot therefore we get the tickets on a very very reduced rate but if you're considering flying to Maui County Airport from wherever you are I really really recommend you check out do like a lot of comparing prices before you book anything so don't just go to the airline website go on like websites and ordering one it's called foodie it's like a comparison website you basically type in from where to where you want to go and it tells you the cheapest flights and the cheapest connections next salon accommodation where did we stay during our time in Maui and before we flew to Maui did love research online I went on Airbnb I looked up lots and wasn't from places where to stay and I must say that the accommodation Maui is pretty expensive and everything was around like hundred dollars like even Airbnb places there was nothing cheap it was all around like seventy-two hundred dollars and and then we found this place it was called sprigs plantation house like it looked really really nice online so we decided to book that for the first week so we had somewhere to stay for short and we didn't have to like look around being totally jet lag – paid $130 for one item which is a lot of money I know and the sparks plantation house was located in Spreckels Ville which is close to PI M and if you go to Maui I really really recommend you stay there because it's such a nice area he has a really nice town there are a lot of hippies above like do young people running around and it's like a really really nice area and Spreckels villas like five minutes by car from pi yeah we were so happy that we chose that area to stay in so after our first weekend we thought we'd find a cheaper deal so we went around of the different places we even went to a hostel double room in the hostel was $120 and it was like a tiny room it was like half of the size of the apartment we stayed in because in the department we had like a kitchen we had an outside area we had a huge bed we had like everything and there you had like a tiny room and here to share even like a bathroom I might as well stay away right now it's like so much nicer and if you would have like booked a dorm room it would have been like $80 per person per night so for us to order 160 together so that would have been like even more expensive Stickley what we did is we talk to the person who rented as the apartment and dispersed plantation house and we asked her if she could give us like a better price because we're going to stay like two more weeks and then we ended up only paying hundred dollars per night for the next week's so we just decided to stay there next how did we get around on Maui there's basically no public transport I think there's one bus which like drives around from time to time but it's like like you can't really get anywhere with it you basically have to rent a car and that was one of our biggest struggles because when we arrived at the airport we didn't really think about it we went to a car rental place and then they like howling you and I was like 19 oh yeah you can only ride a car with 21 we went to like a couple of different places and they all told us the same thing and we're like this sex so first of all we took like it Ubah because they have an uber but very very low like uber taxi zero which is the place where we stayed and from there we did some research we call some places and after doing pawns of research we finally found place where we could rent one with a team and that was called all safe car rental and we went during the next day yeah we rented a car which was good because it's so necessary like wherever you want to go you can Amita Sharma and you must make an insurance on the car until after we wanted to extend our car rental for a little long ago we had to go to the play checked our car now like you need a big scratch and bump the car currently I'd driven against something so yeah I cannot damage the car but so I was so glad that we got an insurance so next aspect is food because I think whenever you travel like food is a big mix-up a big portion of the money you spend so we mostly bought food supermarket and patio which is called Manas and it's such a cool supermarket oh my god I loved it so much that so many vegan options so much like food and it was like a relatively cheap supermarket so most of the time we ended up going there and from time to time we also ended up like eating out and a restaurant that was also at PI yet was called maca vamonos and they had vegan food and which was mostly like robbing it put it was so amazing and it was crazy because it was actually like the cheapest restaurant around whereas like when your who Munich the vegan restaurants are so so so expensive compared to normal ones also another food place that I can really recommend on Maui was choice health bar which is in Lahaina we ended up going to the high NASA quite some time for going surfing or snorkeling so we passed by that door now we ended up having acai bowls there and they're really really yummy and I love acai bowls but the best acai bowls in Maui oh my god I'm still dreaming about them you get in haiku and it's called Dali kombucha and they have the best acai bowls in the wall because oh my god it just tasted so good so we're on on food I think we spent like $30 a day we weren't really like trying super hard to save money about we were and also like spending all the cash but I guess you know if you like try really hard to save your money I think it would be possible to spend fifteen to twenty dollars a day on okay now to some my students when in Maui so first of all who keep a beach and who keep a beach was our favorite beach for sure it is a beach with a lot of wind surfers and surfers and we went there a lot like to watch people serve but also there were so many turtles and also seals there and that was so cool on one day we actually saw eight Turtles and the seal and I was like wow another thing that we did in Maui that was so fun whilst watching surfing equipment we rented a longboard and we drove to the hideout to one of the first beaches when you drive there which has some pretty small weight and we did some surfing attempts there also Maui is a really great place to go snorkeling and there are lot of places that friends snorkeling equipment so your place and rented some snorkeling stuff for like $3 a day and they gave us like a map with cool places to go snorkeling at so we ended up driving to all those places saying that my sister and I also really really enjoyed was the upcountry farmers market which is in Maui every Saturday morning from I think it's from 6:00 to 10:00 and it's with all like these local farmers who sell their produce and you can get lots of yummy fresh food we can get coconuts you can get so many cool things so if you're a mall you definitely have to go there also the waterfalls before I went to my I was like I have to go to wall it falls the first time we went to a waterfall we ended up going to really bad one which was a really terrific one it was called Twin Falls so many tourists and really stuck when you drive from Twin Falls back into the arch enough kaya you take the second right and if you go there you're so many waterfalls and my sister and I we ended up like going to the first one there and there was no one and it was just so cool to have this like waterfall to yourself and it was really really magical also really big must do when in Maui is too real to Hana I think it's just like main thing to do there it's this basically road that goes along the coast from like idea back to Hana and you can see so many things on the way and my sister and I we wanted to do it we started driving but the road is really really crazy there are a lot of love turns and like lots of small bridges and you can never really see around the corner and it's really hard to drive so we started doing and we drove for like half an hour I think I know we decided to turn around again because it was kind of dangerous and if you have to do it you have to be like really like confident with your drive or you have to be a – drivers so you can like take turns so one person can relax because that road is really really exhausting another thing that is apparently awesome to do on Maui is watching sunrise from the Hadiya kala crater which is a volcano you got to go there really early in the morning and you have to drive up the volcano and then you can watch the Sun Rise and apparently it's so magical but we also didn't do that because of like the driving because it is also apparently like a hard road to drive up to it so two more beaches that we both really really like this well worth baby beach and Baldwin Beach which are also close to high yet Kihei in Scenario which we also went to there love them hotels there and it's not it's not really nice I didn't really like the beaches there but they have one thing that's really cool and they should go to that's the it's called Yi's mango orchard and have the mangos on the island also there's black sand beach in Kihei if you don't want to go to the one in the Myrtle pop because best black sand beach apparently is when you go a lot of Road opana there's a black sand beach but as we didn't drive that road we went to the black sand beach in Kihei which was also pretty cool so yeah these are some things that I really recommend you do a wedding Maui I just want to end this video by talking about is it possible to travel to my on a budget I think when we went to Maui we thought it would possible to travel a lot cheap my personal answer's no because now is pretty pretty expensive like honestly we were really happy that we got cheaper flights because of my dad but flights are already super expensive like going to the yes and I'm flying to Maui staying on Maui as I said before like the whole like you you are going to pay quite a lot of money for accommodation then you also have to add on like the car rentals you can't really do anything with public transport I guess how you could really save money when traveling to Maui's by traveling with other people there loved accommodations like and villas and those kind of things that you can sleep in with like 3-4 people and if you have all those people and you split the price of the accommodation and you would save so much money so yeah if you go to Maui you should be prepared to spend some money because it is not like Thailand or anything no I have no more money on my bank account to be honest but it was totally worth it like it was a really awesome experience so yeah I just really wanted to make this video because I feel like you always see like people Instagram or YouTube and you see them like traveling everywhere and you don't really know like what they're doing so I thought I'd you know make this video to tell you guys like a little bit about all the backgrounds all these kind of things because otherwise you always just see the image of people being somewhere having fun and you don't really know like how did I do it how did they get there what did they do so I thought CEO might be interesting for you please let me know if you liked it give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more videos see you in the next video guys you

Teardown and test of a home power saving plug.

**Teardown and test of a home power saving plug.**



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These “power saving” plugs are widely available on the Internet. The premise is that you plug them into ANY socket in your home and suddenly your electricity …