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Do CFL & LED light bulbs really save money?

**Do CFL & LED light bulbs really save money?**



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An informative video on how to determine where to install energy-saving light bulbs to save money, and where you should stick with good ol’ incandescent bulbs.

The web application used for calculation of energy costs can be found at The Chrome App can be found by visiting the Chrome web store at and searching for ‘wattcalc’.

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When you go bulb shopping nowadays you'll notice that there's lots of energy-saving bulbs such as compact fluorescent and LED
and all of them profess to save you money. Some of them even go so far as
to give you a dollar amount of how much money you can save. But the truth is, how much money you save
depends on how you are going to use that bulb and in some cases you might not
save any money at all. You might be better off buying the old incandescent type bulb so in this video I'm going to give you a simple
way to calculate which will bulb you should use in each situation. I'm gonna be utilizing an application that
I made myself a couple years ago. It's called WattCalc and it's available as a web application Just go to apps.greatcove.com/wattcalc Or it's also available as a chrome application
in the chrome web store if you happen to be using the Chrome web browser or the
Chrome operating system. The advantage to using the Chrome app is
that it's a "packaged" app, and that means that you can use it even if you're
offline so you don't have to be connected to the internet in order to
use it. For this example I'll be using the chrome app,
but everything is pretty much the same even if you're using just the standard
web app. The application takes three pieces of
information: First, how many watts the device uses and i'm just gonna use an example of a
60 watt incandescent bulb so I'm going to go ahead and put 60 in there and then tab down and uh… let's just say I'm going to put this
bulb in a lamp that will be used in our main living area
and so I'm gonna assume that on average it will be used about three-and-a-half hours a day and next you'll want to put in the cost of your electricity per
kilowatt hour and that will vary depending on what part of the country
you are in I'm using 9 cents per kilowatt
hour which is fairly typical and now I'll press the calculate button and you can see that um… the cost per day to run this light bulb is 2 cents. Cost per month is 58 cents and the cost per year is $6.90 –
just under seven dollars. Now for comparison purposes I'm going to
assume that the bulb is a 13 wat typically if you get a 60 watt equivalent compact fluorescent to replace a
incandescent bulb a 13 watt compact fluorescent is
roughly equivalent to 60 watt incandescent. So now I'm going to go ahead and calculate it that way and you'll see that the electricity cost
per year using the compact fluorescent only $1.50 so you're saving almost 5 dollars and 50 cents every year. So obviously if the compact fluorescent bulb lasts even for just a year you have recouped your cost and if it lasts longer than that then you obviously are saving even more
money. However let's use a different
scenario: let's just assume that these bulbs are going to be installed in a closet and you only use them for just a few
minutes every day – we'll just assume six minutes which would be .1, or one-tenth of an hour and I'm going to start with the incandescent
bulb so I'll type 60 and and then hit calculate and you see that this bulb will only cost
twenty cents per year to run and I'll try a compact fluorescent which is 13 watts
and press calculate and find that it uses 4 cents per year. so the only savings you're getting is
16 cents a year and it will take a long long time at the current prices to justify buying a compact fluorescent. So it really depends on
where you're going to put the light bulb and how long you're gonna be using
it. Obviously this is only taking into account the economics of the different bulbs – how much money you'll save and spend. There are other considerations as
well: usually it's recommended that you don't put a compact fluorescent in an area
where it can be easily knocked over by a child and broken because of the mercury
content and there have also been a few studies that
have demonstrated some other chemicals that compact fluorescents can give off which
can be harmful to the health so you may want to do your research before you make
your final descision as to which bulb you'd like to use. Hopefully this has been helpful to you.
If you have questions feel free to leave a comment and I'll try to answer
those as soon as i can and as always thanks for watching and
i'll see you next time.