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10 Money Saving Tips for Creatives

**10 Money Saving Tips for Creatives**



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It is time to talk about one of my favorite topics in the world, angora bunnies. No! I’m kind of kidding. We’re here to talk about saving! Woot Woot woot! 

These are some ideas for you to consider when it comes to saving money! You may know some them, some of these are obvious, but hopefully some of them will be new to you so that you can save a little bit of extra cash, invest it, and hopefully it can lead to more financial freedom in your life. 

So let’s jump straight in: 

Eat before you actually go out. This one is a little obvious but with this tips, you’d probably end up spending less when you go out with friends to eat.

Buy secondhand or refurbished. My computer right here was purchased second hand. I bought it form apple’s refurbished website( where you can save a couple of hundred bucks purchasing refurbished items that works just as good as the new product. I’ve also purchased most of my camera gear second hand such as my Sony A7S II, lenses, Smallhd screen, and lights. I’ve been able to save a ton from just doing this.

Meal prep. A lot of people when they come home from work, they just feel super tired and don’t feel like cooking an entire meal. I mean don’t get me wrong I enjoy cooking but I don’t always feel like starting the whole cooking process when I feel tired. This is where meal prepping comes in handy. So when you go to the grocery store, just buy a couple of extra ingredients that you can use to cook a couple of extra meals for your week.

Wait before buying. When you’re about to make an impulse purchase, stop yourself, and ask do you really really need this. Does this add any value to your life? And this is especially for expensive items! What I recommend is making yourself wait AT LEAST 24-48 hours before making that decision.

Drive less. All I’m talking about is to try not to use your car as much. Are you having to spend a ton of cash on gas every single week? Is there public transportation available in your city?

Buy in bulk. When you buy things in bulk, the cost per unit goes down. If there are things that you tend to spend a lot of money on such as rice, beans, toilet paper, paper towels, and toothpaste then it’s best to buy them in bulk this way your cost per item goes way down.

Declutter your stuff. Marie Kondo your life baby! Dig around your room, garage, and attic and start to get rid of stuff that you haven’t used in the past year or two.

Bargain. Duh Mika that’s obvious. But I hope that this is a good reminder for you. Try not to pay the full price for anything unless it’s your only option.

Renegotiate your bills. Now this isn’t something that you can do with every single bill but I’ve been able to do this my internet bill.

Educate yourself through reading books, blogs, and watching videos of what’s worked for other people and how you could apply those methods to your life. Obviously there are thousands of ways that you could be saving money at this moment but most of the ways that I’ve discovered have been through just researching and also asking my friends what’s worked for them.
hello hello hello everybody hope you guys are doing well it is time to talk about one of my favorite topics in the world Angora bunnies nope it is about saving money these are some ideas where you can save a little bit of money in areas that you didn't think you could some of these ideas are fairly obvious and just good reminders but some of them may be new and if they are new I hope that they help you save money invested so that you can have more financial freedom in your life so let's jump straight in this may be obvious but eat before you actually go out if you're planning on eating out with some friends it may be a good idea to just eat at home and then maybe have a snack or to know when you're out with your friends so this tip may help you save a ton of money just by simply eating at home and then when you do meet up with your friends just grab a snack or a drink or something tip number two buy second-hand or refurbished now this computer right here was bought refurbished on the Apple website if you guys didn't know Apple has a page on their website where you can buy some of their refurbished equipment I will put a link below it is not an affiliate link god mica stop puttin affiliate links everywhere so on the website you can find a bunch of refurbished products where you can save a couple hundred bucks on computers or iPhones and actually save a bunch of money I've also purchased most of my camera gear refurbished so like my sony a7s – my lenses and some of my lights I've been able to save a bunch of money doing this refurbished basically means that a customer bought a product where maybe they were unhappy with the product or there was a technical problem so they send it back to the company company fixes it does all the new parts and then just puts it back in the market as a refurbished item tip number three is to meal prep a lot of people when they come home from work sometimes they just feel super lazy and tired and they don't want to cook a meal so guess what they do you go out and eat cheap food fast food or do-over eats or something and you actually spend the point more money then you could've just by cooking at home don't get me wrong I personally enjoy cooking I think it's super fun and actually therapeutic and also a good learning experience but some days I just don't feel like cooking at home that's where meal prepping comes in handy so when you do go to the grocery store just buy a couple of extra ingredients that you do enjoy eating and just make a couple of extra meals maybe just try to batch cook five meals at a time or six eight or ten challenge accepted by my fiance and I enjoy doing this because we can figure out what nights we can eat at home and then what are some other nights we can maybe go out with this you don't really save money but you also save a bunch of time meal prepping also holds you back from using services like uber eats or post mates because when you're tired you're going to try to find the easiest way to get food but if you choose to meal prep you can avoid eating junk somewhere else and eat healthier food and also save money tip number four is to wait before buying when you're about to make an impulse purchase stop yourself for a minute and ask why do you really really really really really really need this right now does this thing that you're about to buy add any value to your life and this is especially for expensive items I would recommend waiting 24 to 48 hours before you make that final decision also you don't have to apply this method to every single purchase that you have such as buying a cup of coffee or angora bunny but maybe things that are over a hundred bucks or two hundred bucks I hope this encourages you to get out of the impulse mindset and more into a relaxed in controlled mindset to where every time you're about to make a purchase you ask yourself do I really need this are there other things you could be putting that money towards such as saving and investing or giving it to someone in need those are really good questions to ask before you make that impulse purchase tip number five is to drive less I'm not talking about drive less cars but dude less driving I'm basically trying to say is to not use your car as much are you having to spend a ton money on gas every single week with owning a car you don't only have to pay for gas but you know you have to pay for your insurance and for your oil changes and tire changes and a bunch of other unexpected repairs that come up over the years from my experience I think I saved about 20 bucks a month last year just by deciding to work from home and not going to coffee shops or not going across the city to some other spot but just staying at home and getting the work done tip number six is to buy in bulk if there are things that you tend to spend a lot of money on such as toilet paper toothpaste rice and beans and angora bunnies then it's best to just buy them in bulk because the cost per unit goes down tip number seven declutter your stuff start digging around in your room garage or attic and get rid of a bunch of stuff that you haven't used in the past two years a lot of times you're just holding on to items that are just getting devalued as time goes on so it's just best to just sell it and get rid of it and save the money and then once you save that money invest it and make that money work for you there's a billion websites where you can just sell your stuff like Craigslist or Facebook marketplace and also local places like Buffalo Exchange where I've taken a bunch of my old clothes and gone cash for tip number eight is to bargain I come from a third world country so bargaining is literally woven into my DNA when you're about to buy something try not to pay the full price unless it's your only option nowadays you can just look up the price of anything online and use that to make the best decision if you're buying something on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace just try throwing a lower number and see how the seller responds a lot of times if the cell is trying to get rid of the item quickly they may just be prone to selling it at a lower price tip number nine is to negotiate your bills now this isn't something that you're able to do with every single bill but I have been able to do this with my internet bill right now at this moment you can pick up the phone call your service provider and negotiate your bill just let them know that you're gonna cancel your plan unless they come down on their price so recently my internet bill skyrocketed by like 40 bucks a month and I picked up the phone and call them and was like hey I'm gonna cancel this plane I'm not about to pay a ton of money for my internet bill and what ended up happening was that they ended up giving me a lower price and also giving me faster internet this is crazy it does work guys you should do it tip number 10 is to educate educate yourself by reading books blogs and watching videos and seeing what's worked for other people and what hasn't what are some of those methods they can incorporate into your life obviously there's a billion ways to save a bunch of money such as not buying angora bunnies in bulk but a lot of the methods that I have learned and have incorporated into my life have just been through research and through reading and blogs and videos and seeing how other people have worked towards financial freedom so like I said in the beginning of this video I hope some of these methods have been good reminders and some have been new that you can work into your life all I want for you is to save a bunch of money invest it and just have financial freedom so you can do the creative things you want to do if you enjoyed watching this video and found it helpful please comment give me some feedback like and subscribe and then share with your friends too thank you guys I really appreciate you for watching this I'll see you soon

How to Save Money In College

**How to Save Money In College**



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This video covers the 6 tips for saving money in college. Whether you are in college now, or will be soon, it’s important to understand your personal finances and how you can optimize your savings and financial knowledge for after school. Learning how to save money in college now will be especially beneficial as you move through college and into your career.

Many college students struggle with not having enough money, overspending, and constantly feeling broke.

This video will give you a few ways you can make extra income, save money on school expenses, as well as book recommendations for personal finance.

Here is a brief overview of the 6 tips.

1. Set a budget

2. Find a part time job.

3. Avoid tempting credit card offers while in college.

4. Avoid new textbooks, and buying at your bookstore.

5. Learn the basics of financial literacy.

6. Understand your student loans.

Those were the 6 tips and make sure you stay to the end and get the bonus information we provide you on saving for retirement.
in this video I'm going to cover six tips on how you can save money while you're in college the first is to set a budget the most important part in establishing your spending plan is analyzing what your income will be per month whether it be money from your parents student loans or best yet a part-time job this should only take 20 to 30 minutes and you should do at the beginning of the semester or quarter your actual expenses might change a little for month-to-month but the most important part is that you have a general outline to follow you'll want to focus on how much you can spend on food entertainment transportation and books for the semester once you see everything together you can figure out what you can cut down on to save a certain amount if you are a freshman living in the dorms you will most likely be required to buy a dining hall meal plan and this will be creating your spending plan a little easier but one thing I watch out for is how much you go out to eat with friends because this will add up quickly when you enter into college you will finally be on your own and will be responsible for your own finances take this time in college when you have a limited income to build good habits now one great way to tackle all your spending is by using the free app and online service mint this is not a sponsored video or anything but rather something I personally used to keep track of my own finances tip number two is to find a part-time job a great way to improve your spending plan is by obtaining a part-time job while you're in college a part-time job will give you extra income to do fun things with friends go out to eat travel on the weekend eat healthier and more luxuriously than mac and cheese or Top Ramen one of the most convenient places to work at is your school on-campus jobs are perfect for students because these jobs are typically more flexible with your school schedule you can find on-campus jobs at your gym bookstore restaurants dining hall or grading for professors another option you might want to consider is becoming an RA or Resident Advisor for the doors of your school after your first year this is a great option for students looking to save money on room and board because most schools will give you free housing and exchange for being an RA which can easily save you ten thousand dollars for the year number three is to steer clear of tempting credit card offers by the banks on your campus although it is important to build credit if you're trying to finance a car or get an apartment waiting till you graduate college and having a monthly income is most likely the best decision for most students it's important to realize that credit cards are not free money whenever you spend on a credit card you will need to pay off at the end of the month the difference between a debit card and a credit card is that with a credit card you are billed at the end of the month for your spending whereas a debit card is linked to your checking account and the money comes out immediately if you use your credit cards and maybe buy a meal each month and you always pay it off then awesome you'll build credit and won't gather any fees or interest payments but many students go overboard since they don't have to pay the money back immediately tip number 4 is to not buy new textbooks and ideally don't buy it from a University's bookstore you should always rent buy used bar from a friend or find a free PDF version you can save hundreds of dollars each quarter or semester simply by renting or purchasing used textbooks which can add up to at least a thousand if not more in savings over the course of your college career just to show you an example I looked up a book called fundamentals of engineering thermodynamics a required book for mechanical engineering students at the University Bookstore I checked out it was $200 to buy used and 228 to buy new that same book sells used for 150 on Amazon and you can rent it on Amazon for $50 there's also Chegg which is a popular site to rent books a website I personally used with slug books comm all you do is type in the book you want to look up and it lists up a bunch of different websites and tells you the prices of the book at all of them and whether it's to rent it or to buy it in addition to buying used textbooks you should always wait to buy the book until you attend the first class session to see if you actually need the textbook first week of every quarter or semester is primarily used for taking attendance and going over the syllabus and with services like Amazon and Chegg they can get you a textbook in two days there's really no need to buy the textbook ahead of time unless the professor specifically tells you there will be homework due in the first week of the term lastly if you think you will very rarely need the textbook and don't want to rent or buy the book your library should have a couple copies on reserve however it is important to know that come midterms and finals week you and your classmates might be competing to check out the same book number five is to learn financial literacy begin investing in yourself and start learning the basics of financial literacy the best way to do this is through personal finance books and podcast reading for recreation is often a challenge during the school year because of the volume of reading assignments homework papers and labs so an alternative is listening to books on audible or listen to podcasts while you are walking in a class start educating yourself on the basic retirement accounts like an IRA and a 401k when I started my first job as an engineer the second day I just set up my 401k once I got to the page I needed it gave me options to invest in small cap stocks large cap stocks bond international equities and more and my boss as well as yours will not explain this to you it's all on you luckily there's often an option for you to set a year you will likely retire so for those starting out it might be a 40 year plan and they invest the money for you but if you have more experience in this then you can control where your investments go and I don't know about everyone else as an engineer no class I ever took taught me about investing stocks or bonds but luckily I taught myself a little about this before graduating if not I would have had no idea what any of these terms meant you should learn the difference between a Roth and a traditional IRA or 401k and possibly start investing when you come across some extra cash the most important part is you know the basics of financial literacy you are ready for when you graduate college three books that I found helpful and understanding the basics of personal finance include I will teach you to be rich the Total Money Makeover and money master the game just by reading these books you will pick up the basics and be prepared to be financially responsible for when you graduate college and last is to understand your student loans when planning your spending plan you want to look at how much money you will need for school one huge mistake students make is that they take out more student loans than they actually need unlike any other loan student loans stay with you forever until they are paid off you cannot declare bankruptcy on them and make them go away like you could a car loan it's important to look into which loans you qualify for know the interest rates and always know the principle balance you owe let's break this down if you have student loans at 7% interest per year and have to pay them off in 10 years here's what your monthly payments would look like and just remember how much your interest increases the total you'll pay over the 10 years so for example if you take out $40,000 in loans at 7% at the monthly payment over 10 years you'll pay fifty five thousand six hundred and eighty dollars that means you pay 39 percent more than what you took out seven percent didn't seem so bad but it's more than you probably think and look at this if you can manage to take out 30k instead and pay it off over ten years you'll pay a total of about $42,000 so look at that by taking out ten thousand dollars less than student loans you spend over thirteen thousand dollars less over the ten years so you see every scholarship every early payment taking that are a job for free room and board or renting the textbooks will seriously help to saving X amount on loans now really means you're saving more later on and just a disclaimer know that there are different types of loans out there and you will likely have many with different interest rates so make sure you know what applies to you in addition students should not take out more student loans than their projected first year annual income when you get to college is a good idea to go to your financial aid center at your school at least one to two times a year so you can stay up-to-date on information about your student loans grants you might be eligible for and scholarships if you are getting student loans you will need to apply for FAFSA every year and lastly it's important to know who your loan provider is what type of loans you're receiving and how much you are taking out every quarter or semester in conclusion it's crucial for students to implement good spending behaviors early no one is going to learn personal finance for you start with these financial tips and grow from here and as a final tip one thing that gets overlooked by young people because retirement feels so far away is that they don't start saving as soon as possible remember if you put $1,000 into a retirement account at 20 years old it will be worth around fifteen thousand dollars that retirement if the market does well doesn't seem like a lot but starting early allows that compounding interest to happen even faster this will be covered extensively in the personal finance books listed before but it is never too early to set aside money for your retirement we live in a time where retirement age is being pushed back and where social security pensions will be a thing of the past the simplest approach to personal finance and savings for retirement is using the 80/20 rule using 80% of your earnings on your bills and expenses then 10% for long term savings and 10% on yourself if you liked this video don't forget to Like and subscribe and I'll see you all next time you





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hey you guys so I'm here at my dentist today I'm taking you guys along the day I'm actually gonna be getting my tooth bonded so when I had my braces I had a hill I had to get two teeth taken out and I've been pretty consistent with my retainers and everything but you know along the years your teeth still kind of shift so I just have like a really small little gap like right there out of it's literally barely noticeable but yeah I've been wanting it closed I have the other side bonded which I did like maybe a few years after my braces but like I said throughout the years my teeth have just shifted a little bit so I'm just gonna get that little spot bonded so yeah I'm here with my dentist she's like an absolute boss she's a cosmetic dentist she has her own dental spa so I'm just gonna have like a little spa tech because they do offer like massage facials and all that kind of stuff here which is really cool for like a dental office and you could kind of do all in one if you have a dentist appointment you can come and do like self care also and then we're gonna get this tooth bonded like how xtronic cute is this my fingerprint reads wait let's talk about this equipment though rose-gold everything get into it get into it gonna be doing mine so funny so what are we doing like we should explain the process to them ok so what we're doing for her is just closing a little bit of space with some composite materials same material let's use her fillings but you can use it in the front for aesthetic bonding it's a really simple procedure we don't even have to numb her yeah we just kind of prepared the tooth for the filling for the bonding material and place it like here and then we polish it what does it feel like to have your own dental spa like a huge accomplishment well it's a lot of work and a lot of stress yeah we was said that's the behind-the-scenes of entrepreneurship that people don't have a lot of worry you know you're not just coming to work here constantly worrying about everything yes good as everybody you plant a lot of different roles because you're not just the dentist like you're doing HR you're doing you know you're everything like you're marketing you're like the face of your plays so it's a lot of things that people don't realize it's a lot of work but it's also really rewarding so on the good side you know you get to control your environment so at our practice everything is just really serene and nuea and those are the things that we value and so we strive to make every single patient experience really high-end really high-quality very comfortable mm-hmm we don't just a different experience yeah and like you know a lot of dental offices will bring patients back late they don't care for we're 30 minutes behind for us that bothers us especially el8 Ellie is my assistant we're together all day every day she's incredible you cannot do good dentistry unless you need a team right it's key that is what I've learned here is teamwork and I know anything if you're not about you yes and she's also from Miami hey what part of Miami Rico again see that the hand moving everything right I grew up in Palmetto Bay comment obey it's a comet a fine yes is a shade guide and believe it or not some people do have teeth that are like this dark most people think that everybody wants your teeth to be this color or that color the color of the walls but teeth are not white teeth are like a yellowish sort of color yeah that says you know those start White's you think you can sell in like the middle yeah definitely tell well fuck you most beautiful white teeth so she's probably our lightest shade which is the one so turn a little bit yeah I think that's oh really yeah yeah so be one you can't really see that but out of the shape that we're going to use girl yes he's living for us [Applause] you know it's courage as she lives thank you you're welcome great you can't even tell it's a key yes you like it I love it thank you guys Erica so I'm getting a massage now that my dental bonding is over she also has like a massage areas and facials so time to relax yeah this is how my tooth is looking it looks are you guys so I just later in the day I just wanted to come to show you guys the after so it is this tooth right here definitely took her time with a polished it properly like the color matches the rest of my teeth so perfect so thank you to her for having that precise attention to detail but yes the whole experience was like super relaxing I'm just on children what after that massage like it felt so good on my shoulders even if you're not wanting dental work like this is just a bomb a spa area you can do massages facials and other aesthetic things yes shout out to dr. burns and the team the whole experience was so nice but yeah I hope that you guys enjoyed this video this is something a little different in case you are into dental things and so I wanted to vlog the whole process for you guys so that you can see kind of just behind the scenes I hope that you guys enjoyed it and I will talk to you guys in the next video bye

5 Ways To SAVE MONEY In College | Back To School 2019 - 2020

**5 Ways To SAVE MONEY In College | Back To School 2019 – 2020**



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hey what's up YouTube Bishop Boise to Krypton mining and as school is about to get back into session a lot of you guys going up to college I'm gonna give you the top five ways to save money while you're in college let's get into alright so number five the number five way to save money why colleges do not buy brand new books if you're gonna offer up Amazon eBay you could buy a lot of You professor books through second hand oxygens and stuff like that if you're buying them brand new books could be anywhere from 120 to 200 dollars if you're buying them use it's the exact same book exact same material and you can get it for up to fifty to seventy-five percent off also on the same topic once you finish with that class as a college graduate once I finish taking the class I have never ever once in my life use that book again so don't try to save the book and don't try to return the book to the book store and get it for full value because they're gonna give you maybe 10% of what you pay for it so I said it instead of selling it back to the bookstore what you want to do is you know off of Craigslist eBay Amazon and sell your books back it to another person that's trying to buy next year or during the next semester you just post bulletin boards on the school website or you just post them inside the dorm rooms on kids that's taking that class next semester and you'll be able to sell your books that way for even bigger property so that's the number five way to save money while in college all right now coming to the number four way to save money while in college is to actually do not buy cable okay now if you're living on the dorm rooms and your dorm have cable fine but if you're moving off campus and you're thinking about getting a cable package to watch TV don't get it you could get your internet package for around thirty to forty dollars a month one roommate buy Hulu and the other roommate by netflix and with YouTube combined you guys subscribe to the channel subscribe to China where you two combined you guys can pretty much watch any TV show in our movie available out there and you're already in college so you don't need to be in the house hooked up watching TV shows out there all that you need to go out there and enjoy your college life but you do not need to spend 100 to $150 a month on cable when you could just spend $7.99 on Hulu and $12.99 for Netflix and between the two roommates you guys could split that up over the internet package but yeah that's the number four way to save money while in college all right that brings us to number three the number three way to save money while in college is to it's gonna be a surprise is to actually cook your food and don't go out to eat every single day for fast food for breakfast lunch and dinner okay if you spend on average of $7 for breakfast lunch and dinner for each one that's around $21 a day okay let's just round that to 20 if you spend 20 every single day okay twenty times seven days that's $140 a week and if you do that for a month you're gonna spend a total of five hundred and sixty dollars in a month on fast food if you don't learn how to cook your freshman year okay so guys learn how to cook now if you go to the grocery store is it's been two hundred and fifty bucks on groceries for the month our groceries that could carry up with for the rest of the school year cereal steak anything that you want to eat or even bump there any up to three hundred dollars a month you will still save over two hundred three hundred dollars just by cooking instead of eating fast food every single day so that's the number three ways to save money while in college I bring us the number two the second way the second best way to save money while in college is to believe it or not grab your student ID and use your student discounts especially for back-to-school shopping Apple runs a program where they discount their laptops up to one hundred almost two hundred dollars off their brand-new laptop if you have a student ID you can also go to H&M and and they also have student discounts when you show your student ID so you could write something on your hand whenever you go out and say hey remind me to show my student ID because there are a lot of stores out there that actually discount students for showing that student ID one mistake that I made I lost my idea College and I'd never cared about replacing it so I never got my student discount but I'm passing this knowledge down to y'all so then when you're out shopping buying food buying electronics buying furniture just try to use your student ID wherever you go you never know there might actually be a student discount waiting for you and that's the number two way to save money while in college alright and that brings us the number one the one that you guys all been waiting for the best way to save money while in college and not only with it only saving money but it will actually make you money that's right I said it'll make you money but before I get back into the number one reason you guys got to go down hit the thumbs-up button and subscribe and I'll tell you what the number one way is to save money while I cover all right now that you guys like to subscribe I'm go ahead tell you what it is the best way to save and make money while in college is to actually use what you're learning in college if you're going to college to be a photographer start an Instagram and start posting pictures to blow up and promote your page that way start a YouTube channel if you're going to college to be a sound engineer start making beats and sell them on soundcloud if you go on to college to be a artist sign up on offer up and start painting picture portraits on offer up not only that is gonna add up over time but starting early in college you never know you could blow up to where you can actually become your full-time job you guys make a lot money if you had college for PR and you want to get in front of a camera to learn how to speak in public and in front the camera start a YouTube channel and you guys will started making money that way so if you're in college learn everything you can while in college learn your majors learn your profession learn your trade and actually start using that trade to start to make money while in college so you don't have to wait until after you graduate to get some actual experience using your trade so that is the number one way to make money while you're in college go ahead and subscribe to the channel this is your boy Zeke the crypto minor check out these other videos that's probably gonna be right there over here they're gonna be somewhere but yeah subscribe like it's gonna be more videos to come this is the back to school house of the top five ways to save money while in college and this is your Boise to Krypton minor and I'm out

The Increasing Cost Of College Tuition - Dave Ramsey Rant

**The Increasing Cost Of College Tuition – Dave Ramsey Rant**



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Going to college without debt is possible! Don’t let your kids fall into the student loan trap. Our new book will teach you how to pay for your kids’ college without …