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Huge Bank Teller Score! Silver Certificates & More!

**Huge Bank Teller Score! Silver Certificates & More!**



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Silver Certificates found in circulation plus more oldies!
what is up guys we're at Bank of America and a teller has a bunch of cool finds that she was pulled out of circulation we're gonna go ahead and look at these real quick we got a silver certificate right here see what the year is probably 30s and guess nope nope 57 b-series circulated but it's still a really cool find we could another silver certificate this one again is a 1957 silent auction another silver certificate another 57 being that is so crazy Wow there are also certificates another one is the same place 57 B and another 57 be about the same condition and then we have another one in and it's a 57 no star that's on its that would have been really cool to get started we have a two dollar bill here that is from 1963 so that's gonna have the difference style back okay it's in really good shape other than a little bit of lighting right there I've got another one some me from so that's got the let me work style back on it look at that we got a five dollar bill 1950 D that's super cool nice condition another one for 1950 wow these are really really nice condition it's a really nice and crisp on another one another one nineteen fifty d another nineteen fifty D that is insane we got another nineteen fifty nineteen was there we go from nineteen fifty D that's awesome and this nineteen fifties got ski stamp on there what does that stay up saying Wow some sort of a stamp I'm not sure what that is counters think but what a really cool lot of those guys I hope you enjoyed the video be sure to give a like subscribe share post your comments down below we'll see you next time and as always happy honey

EXCLUSIVE "Venus de Milo" Coin Review & AMAZING discount codes from Powercoin.it!

**EXCLUSIVE "Venus de Milo" Coin Review & AMAZING discount codes from Powercoin.it!**



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hello everybody backyard boolean here today I have a really special video to share with you we have an exclusive hands-on look at the venus de milo coin buy power coin now if you're not familiar with power coin here's all their details you've got their website email phone number address they're an italian based numismatic specialist and they have hundreds of different coins in stock really really great company never been disappointed i've ordered from them many times before and they've always delivered in a really really great timely fashion it's just been fantastic and so today they have sent me a exclusive look at the venus de milo coin that sent me there only one which they have physically in stock so a massive thank you for them for giving me the opportunity to be the first to have a look at it hands on and do a review of it and they've also set up a ten percent off of voucher code for this coin and it's available in pre-order at the moment the voucher code is available until April the 30th and it's back all ten so if you're going through the checkout make sure you use back bulton and you'll get 10% off this coin if you want to preorder it they also have set up this voucher to work for all of the other coins that I've done reviews on so the guy Fawkes mask coin the Cupid and Psyche which was the first in the series of the eternal sculptures and also the hand of Fatima coin if you haven't seen those I've done videos on those there's links in the description below so again you can use back Bull ten on any of those coins very generous of power coin but their generosity doesn't stop there because they've also set up a 5% discount code for backyard bullion subscribers and viewers and that works on their entire store it's a once off use token and it will be valid until March the 31st so please make sure that you go through to their website check out their stock and if you interested in any of it please use the 5% discount code back bull power so massive thank you to power coin for giving all of those about your codes and this opportunity so without further ado let's have a look at the coin here's some of the particulars just as a pre warning they haven't been able to print the CEO ease yet so when I open this up there won't be one there here's all the particulars it's the Palau and it's a plough coin ten dollar denomination it's struck in 909 silver mintage of 999 it's a two ounce coin and it's made using smart minting technology which I'll talk about a little bit as we go so when you get the coin here it comes in a fantastic little cardboard box really high-quality box actually a very very nice indeed inside the box we have the plastic and power coin box and it is a really high-quality box actually don't let anyone say that plastic boxes are not nice because this is really really special really glossy finish lovely folded down corners power coin logo excellent felt bottom so really really cool indeed now inside there would obviously be the COA tucked up in the lid you've got the power coin logo there and then we have the coin itself and now it is a fantastic coin it's a proper little chunky monkey coin it's a 2 ounce coin and but it's got a thin diameter so let's have a look all nice and close let's see what it's like now for those of you have seen at the first in the series that Cupid and Psyche you'll know what to expect from this it is a basically reversible coin so you can flip it and you get to see the other side of the statue which is really really cool and the smart minting technology has gone overboard to work on this detail it is amazing and I don't know if the camera is going to quite pick this up I don't want to take it out the capsule as it is a proof coin and it is there only one that they've got and but it's basically kind of high relief on the statue so I hope the camera kind of does it justice in the way it looks there but it's really very special the smart minting technology has really gone to work and getting this where as a detail of the rim it's really very cool so Venus de Milo this is a statue which was found in the 1820s by a farmer in Greece and it is thought to be of the Roman goddess of love which is Venus hence the name Venus de Milo now for those who are not familiar with history the Greeks had a goddess of love called Aphrodite and the Romans basically stole and copied Aphrodite and called her Venus and there's a lot of debate in the historical world and art world whether or not that this statue is in fact of the Venus of Aphrodite and now the arms weren't found they were long-lost centuries before so maybe it is of Venus maybe it is of Aphrodite who knows but there is some that say it could just be of any old lady of the night of the time so who knows regardless they it is a beautiful coin and it is exquisite in its detail and I've never seen the actual statue in real life but I'm sure it's probably just as amazing as this coin is and probably just about the same detail as well you know the smart minting technology allows them to get an exquisite detail on it now as I said earlier it's a two-ounce coin so it is properly chunky and its really thick very nice indeed now we've got the the back side of the coin aptly named backside of the coin as it's the back of the Venus de Milo we've got a slightly different pattern around the rim really really exquisite detail again on the rim and we've got obviously that the palau crest there with the 10 and dollar denomination as well but I do like this coin a lot I think it's my favorite of the two so far you have the Cupid and Psyche coin and then you've got this one and I think this just pips it for me it's just really really special and but let me know your thoughts I think it's really nice I don't want to take it out of capture I love to take it out to get a real good look on the camera but I hope the cameras done it justice on just how special it really is so there you go I hope you enjoyed watching that and I have another coin to review from power coin on Wednesday so do make sure that you subscribe to the channel if you haven't already that will be on the guy Fawkes mask the new type of coin from the Guy Fawkes series so do make sure you check that out on Wednesday I'd appreciate if you could thumbs up this video as well share it around that'd be very very cool now as I said you can get 10% off this coin if you buy it and in pre-order using the code back bull ten so please make sure that you click through to power coin and use that code if you're going to preorder this particular coin also remember that there's a five percent discount on anything else in their store which is back bull power massive thank you to power coin for giving me this opportunity really love having these coins and being able to see them in the flesh and give these reviews for everybody if anyone's got any questions on them please do ask them in the comments or drop me an email my email is silver archery GB at gmail.com or of course you can contact power coin directly as always just want to say a massive thank you for watching and please make sure that you like share comment and subscribe for more you