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Coldwell Banker | NBC Open House | Summer Escapes - Promo

**Coldwell Banker | NBC Open House | Summer Escapes – Promo**



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Whether it be in the countryside, the mountains, the desert or the beach, your clients are dreaming of their perfect summer escape! On this month’s segment on NBC Open House, Coldwell Banker affiliated agent Joseph Piccininni, shared what to look for when shopping for a summer home: proximity, environment and finding the right agent.

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hi I'm Joe Pesci Nene with Coldwell Banker global luxury here in the Hamptons the three main things you should consider when looking for a summer retreat number one proximity the ideal home away from home should be easily accessible from your main residence number two decide what kind of environment do you want to be by a lake or in the mountains the countryside or a beach community and finally find an agent you can trust one that has your best interest at heart summer escapes exists all around the country and indeed all over the world to begin your search for the ideal summer escape visit Coldwell Banker calm