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How You Can Save Money On Prescriptions

**How You Can Save Money On Prescriptions**



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Use This Website to Pay Less For Your Meds
cold and flu season is here it is bad enough to feel sick but having to pay a steep prescription costs on top of that can of course make you feel even worse here to talk about a cheaper way to get the medicine that you need as medical expert dr. Holly Phillips good morning how are you today good morning thank you so much for having me I'm good well everybody's interested in saving money especially when it comes to prescription drugs because they can be so expensive so first and foremost how can we save money when it comes to prescription medicine right well many of us don't think about it but different pharmacies actually charge completely different prices for the same medications so RetailMeNot rx saver is both a website and an app that can help it lets you choose your pharmacy based on price transparency as well as convenience all you do is you go over to rx saver calm or the app and you enter the medication you've been prescribed with your zip code then the website shows you pharmacies in your area that sell your medication and most importantly the prices so then you choose a pharmacy based on that list of low prices and you get a coupon which you show to your pharmacist right when you go to pick up your medicine it's really simple patients can save up to $1,000 a year on their prescriptions this way and it's really perfect for people who have no insurance coverage which is a lot of people or one of those plans with a high deductible it can really help everybody and when it comes to over-the-counter medicine how can we save right well over-the-counter medicine very first rule of thumb try to do generics when you can for the most part they have the exact same active ingredients as brand-name medicines but they cost much less also check the ingredients of any multi-symptom cold medication you're taking to make sure that you're not doubling up on the same things so for example if you've already taken acetaminophen for your fever be careful not to take a multi symptom medicine that also contains acetaminophen both for your health and for your wallet and if we want to try home remedies first what would you suggest sure well I you know home remedies are really the basis of treating the common cold because unfortunately there's no magic cure yet but I tell my patients staying hydrated is the most critical thing focus on hot liquids like tea with honey or water with lemon that heat soothes inflammation in your nose and your sinuses my personal favorite sore throat remedy is really simple just a gargle of 1/2 teaspoon of salt in 8 ounces of water and now the benefits of chicken soup are backed up by science there's a lot of great research out there so all of our grandmother's can celebrate and say I told you so absolutely and I think we like to eat it anyway which is great so go ahead and mention the the app egg once again and where people can go sure the website is our x-saber com the app is called the exact same thing there's no fee to use it and it's really simple to use easy one-stop absolutely thank you so much doctor thanks for having me

eShield Attic Insulation | Save Money On Utility Bills | Basement Doctor Columbus OH

**eShield Attic Insulation | Save Money On Utility Bills | Basement Doctor Columbus OH**



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The Basement Doctor’s eShield™ is the revolutionary, multilayer, reflective, radiant heat barrier that along with your existing blanket insulation, is the best option for homeowners looking for serious energy savings. Its advanced design brings you an unsurpassed e-value. This remarkable insulation protects homes from an industry-leading 97 percent of radiant heat transfer. Working in conjunction with a home’s already-in-place insulation, eShield™ utilizes state of the art foil laminating technology to block radiant heat transfer, which is often neglected by traditional insulation.

Oftentimes, homeowners are happily surprised to find that rather than needing to replace or add to insulation, they can lower their monthly bills by just as much, if not more, by installing eShield™ thermal insulation. In fact, eShield™ has been shown to provide more energy savings than the addition of twelve more inches of fiberglass insulation, and it also usually pays for itself much faster than most home improvements.

Get a free estimate by calling 1-(877) 264-9050 or visit
welcome to the 62nd home show today we're installing this state-of-the-art insulation product called a shield let's go inside and see meet Ron Aikens from a shield now Ron how does something dis then do its magic what we're going to do with this rich we're going to install it on the rafters here in the attic and that's going to kick back 93 to 97 percent of the radiant heat because the product breeds we allow the moisture to go through the product so you don't have any problems with mold or mildew and it also because we put it up here and we don't put it exactly on the roof deck it's not going to heat up the shingles not going to hurt your shingles at all if you install a co we guarantee your energy savings on your utility bill what e she'll does is keep the outside temperature we're supposed to be outside and the inside temperature in for a dryer cleaner healthier safer more energy-efficient home call me now call the basement doctor beat the doctors on job

Bomb Cyclone Winter Storm Slams Eastern U.S., Thousands Of Flights Cancelled | TIME

**Bomb Cyclone Winter Storm Slams Eastern U.S., Thousands Of Flights Cancelled | TIME**



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A massive winter storm roared into the East Coast on Thursday, threatening to dump as much as 18 inches of snow from the Carolinas to Maine and unleashing hurricane-force winds and damaging flooding. Schools and offices were closed, and thousands of flights cancelled.
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Bomb Cyclone Winter Storm Slams Eastern U.S., Thousands Of Flights Cancelled | TIME

How to Conserve Energy - Ace Hardware

**How to Conserve Energy – Ace Hardware**



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– A programmable thermostat will help you save money on your energy bills. After watching these energy saving tips, stop by your local Ace to help you turn your to-do-list to your to-done-list.

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I'm Lou Manfredini ace hardware's home expert you can save as much as 20% a year on your heating and cooling bills by simply using a programmable thermostat talk to the experts at your local Ace Hardware to decide which one is right for your home by adjusting the temperature by no more than 8 degrees when you're not at home your system will run less and you'll save money on your energy bills ace helps you turn your to-do list into a – done list visit Ace Hardware comm to find your local store

Top 5 Supermarket Money Saving Tips | One Pot Chef

**Top 5 Supermarket Money Saving Tips | One Pot Chef**



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Shopping at the supermarket is most of us have to do. But did you know most people are spending more money there than they need to? Here is my Top 5 list of Supermarket Money Savers – guaranteed to slash your shopping bills!






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looking to save some money on your groceries well here is my top 5 Supermarket money-saving tips number 5 eat before you go shopping it sounds ridiculous but studies have shown that hungry people tend to spend more money at the supermarket than those who have something like to eat before going shopping sometimes it's a difference of almost 20 percent on your grocery bill so trust me have a sandwich before you go to the shops number 4 make a meal plan before you make a shopping list this is a really simple way to save money you simply write down what meals you plan to cook during the coming week and then you make your shopping list with the ingredients required for those meals that way you're not tempted to overspend and you're not tempted to buy impulse things unnecessarily number 3 buy non-perishable items in bulk when they're on special you simply buy all the non-perishable items things like laundry liquid household cleaners toilet paper any toiletries things that don't go off essentially any things that don't go off when you see the hold special grab them and buy them in bulk that way you're saving money over a longer period of time you're maybe spending a little bit more initially but it's a long-term saving number to compare prices and shop around it's not necessarily the best idea to try and restrict your shopping to one particular store sometimes it's better to actually go to multiple stores to purchase items in order to get the savings so check catalogs check online compare prices and go where the deal is best and my number one super market savings tip is check your cupboards before you go to the shops you would be surprised the number of times you will purchase something that you don't need to buy because you've already got it in the coveted it's got push to the back so check your list check the cupboard and you'd be surprised how often you save yourself some money