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Groupon Promo code 2017

**Groupon Promo code 2017**



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hello everyone its golden advisor today in this video I'm gonna show you guys some roblox promo codes and stuff like your avatar and some of that it's really cool so let's get it done if you guys like it subscribe there's gonna be no 10 minute video to be real quick and easy first code up you're gonna do guys is tweet ol cap a little tweet and roblox just like that and you're gonna hit redeem I already redeem this one so once you type that and just like that you want to go to your avatar and you get this bird of the bird says that's what you get and he's and he's pretty cool and now the next code is um I don't believe I redeem this one I'm not too sure and spider just like that and cola one word again Oh capitalized and you take that in and then you hit redeem and I just and I did not have this one before so if I go to Avatar make it the spider Cola he looks kind of cool and creepy huh our avatar will load here we go I don't know if it's gonna want to load okay hope we'll just come back to that once it loads um but anyway the next code oh I hear going we got the are nice robots avatar big here we got the spider cool guy he looks pretty creepy and now the next code is um let's see uh robe looks strong so again old capital row blocks and then strong just like that Oh capitalized one word hit redeem and already redeemed as you can see but what this will give you is I believe I have on my avatar right now you'll give you these sunglasses code super social shades they look pretty cool and uh yeah so this is what it looks like now um those are the codes for roblox right now uh those that's it for this short little video but hope you guys enjoyed it um if there are any codes uh I will let you know but those are the ones right now so anyway guys I'll see you in the next video I miss you guys like and subscribe alright if you enjoyed it comment down below see you guys later goodbye shut down





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hey folks wisteria here and today I saw this amazing post on animal chimps Instagram page talking about a new code it's um like wow you know what this is what I'm gonna do I'm gonna make an animal jam video I have a lot to go over in this video actually so we're just gonna be helping or right into it first of all be sure to stick around slim very into this video because at the end of this video I'm going to be announcing the winner into the giveaway that I put in one of my previous videos which I'll put up on the screen right now and then after that I'm going to be hosting a new cafe for all of you to enter in the comments of this video so you all should definitely stick around to the end because then you have a chance to get your paws on some juicy bears and we all know how exciting that is so yeah stick around another thing I'm gonna mention did you all know that I actually have a vlog channel that's right since literally every single day I'm getting comments from people being like man I used to love watching you like three years ago all right guys I get the message I get what you're trying to say here you're getting too old for my videos well guess what I have a vlog channel with Styria like and I just uploaded a new vlog on there which I'll put up on the screen right now y'all should definitely check it out leave me a nice comment put your animaljam username at the end and assuming I have the time I will give you an autograph on Animal Jam that is right some good old fashioned incentives I'll say this is viable for up to the first two hundred comments ya guys should definitely go check that out and while we're at it I'm just gonna throw another little March promo that's right get yourself some snazzy merch on WWE Asteria world.com link in description we've got a lot of snazzy stuff on there with all different price ranges so no excuses folks check it out get yourself some snazzy wisteria apparel and now we'll get into the main point of this video the guts so the point is that Animal Jam for the first time in what seems like years has actually just come out with a brand's new promo code we're all jammers to use which is incredible stuff so I wanted to take an opportunity to make a video about this because it's just so rare for Animal Jam to actually introduce promo codes so let's give the good old Instagram post to read and check this out so if you go to animal jams Instagram which you can either follow them on and severe more good the desktop version instagram.com such animaljam uh you will see that they post a ton of helpful animal gym update related facts and like some really cool fan art and today they just created this post called well I don't really know if post have a title but anyways it's called celebrating Apollo 11 the post reads join us as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing 50 years ago today American astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldrin set foot upon the surface of the Moon while Michael Collins flew the command module in lunar orbit solo for nearly eight days honor of these three brave heroes like an animal Jim calm into the coat Apollo 11 this code will be available for three dates only Saturday July 20th through Monday July 22nd delivering three lunar den items join us in celebrating the Apollo 11 moon landing anniversary hashtag animal Jim house check Apollo 11 Wow such insightful stuff we're really commending animaljam for throwing a little education or way and while they're at it some free items I think that this is a really nice feature and an all seriousness for the amount that I'm actually like kind of trivializing it this is a really cool thing for Animal Jam to do why because animal Jim never released his new promo codes anymore now I understand it might not be in their best interest because the whole point of like animal jam is for people to try to earn items on their own and that's kind of what keeps people playing an animal Jim can't just give up free stuff all the time however promo codes are a great opportunity for a lot of people especially Animal Jam youtubers because I'm telling you it gets hard creating Animal Jam videos sometimes I'm not gonna lie to you guys but aside from that it's also a really good opportunity to get people logging in get them excited get them really into different events so I really don't understand why Animal Jam hasn't been putting out more promo codes but I guess we should focus on the positives here they finally have one there's also a catch this promo code so I'm gonna start this off by redeeming it and just seeing what happens so without disclosing any of the previous disasters that unfolded let's go ahead and type in Apollo 11 of course can't even enter this code right alright continue click to get your gift and there we have it folks rare moon hat spectacular so as promised we are supposed to be receiving the reed n items end of our hat actually I don't know if everyone gets her hat I'm actually really confused well anyways I don't really know what the deal with this is according to the post we're just supposed to be receiving three rare dine items but now we have a rare moon Hat so that's exciting see what our den items are alright so you've got Rover Trax lunar footprints and a moon rock lamp now that seems pretty consistent with what everyone's been receiving but here's the tea folks here's the tea so earlier when jammers were first redeeming this promo code for whatever reason they were getting a Finland flag instead of a lunar hat all right let's try this again here we go Apollo 11 blast off Finland thank Allah for to continue and we have our promo gifts already so first of all we have a Finland flag I did not know about this is really cute actually so yeah they are got actually all of these lunar items they got the rover tracks the gosh whatever this is the lunar footprints the rover tracks in the moon rockland got all that but the hats no they definitely did not get the Hat they actually got a Finland flag don't ask me why but I just think this is hilarious because Finland is just one of those few countries you rarely hear about please if you are from Finland do not be offended I actually feel like I have a good number of fans in Finland so I'm not saying it's in a relevant country I'm just saying you don't always hear about it it's like what are the odds of all items that animal Jim could possibly accidentally send out it would be Finland like it's just so hilarious to me I just think it's so great I think it's just such a hilarious meme I'm probably gonna be making some memes about this I don't know maybe I have a really stupid sense of humor but I think it's hilarious like come on folks it's just so great another tidbit aside from the promo code disaster with the Finland flag accidentally being sent out um we also have something else that's really interesting ajhq actually sent out some rare gifts to the gym basa ders I kind of feel like I'm flexing here but honestly it can't be anything too too special I am very curious so I'm very curious to see what they've said because I think they just realized oh hey to get word of our promo code out there we'll send the gym best or some extra special stuff so yeah that's basically what's going on here let's give this gift a good old open shall we and here we have the lunar landing pod huh I honest know if this has come out yet or not I'm really not up to date no Jim Barris I should probably be a lot more excited but I don't really know the significance of these items we've got a lunar rover interesting so yeah I'm just gonna casually look this up real quick all righty so according to the animaljam wiki the lunar rover definitely has come out but I don't know if this is rare I guess it hasn't come out in like a really long time so watch this item suddenly get a bunch of clout just because everyone's gonna all of a sudden be looking for and then realize that probably no one even has these items because yeah I don't think these space themed items have really been out for a while let's check up on the other one okay so this one according to my observations is significantly less rare than the rover because it was rereleased oh wait JK this was also read the least so I don't really know guys I really have no idea about the significance of these items all I know is that this is a special additional gift from a GHQ to the gym bass udders so you guys shouldn't really be expecting like anything other than these three items but hey if it happens you can feel pretty special about yourself because I don't know I don't know what their thought process was I'm saying this stuff out either way I'm very grateful to ajhq for the added gifts I definitely would not have had these items before but yeah I appreciate them especially given the past history of the moon landing I think that is some super cool stuff but mostly what I find funniest about this whole experience is just the disaster of the Finland flag we came along with the oh my goodness that did not sound good hopefully y'all didn't hear that anyways all very unexpected but very fun I really do enjoy that I received a pink moon hat honestly I think this fits might look pretty stunningly because you know I'm with Syria moon and I now have a moon hat that's pink and matches my pink rock like that is some extravaganza I'm gonna be parading this around for a while of course only tragic thing going along with this is that moon hats have probably dropped in rarity a lot I kind of do you think it'd be cool if animal Jim released some like unique item but whatever I I really can't expect it at this point so I'm actually gonna be logging out real quick and trying to redeem this code on my spare account to see if we get some other kind of at color because I'm curious to see how that works so I am now on the good old handy spared count but uh yeah let's just go to the redeem code option type in Apollo 11 and we'll see what we get alrighty so we got a blue or a moon hat that has some same stuff got the same color of Rover tracks in color lunar footprints I don't even think they come in different colors TV a chance than a green moon rock limps I'm pretty sure that these will always remain the same color but then we get varying colors of the rare moon hats so you know if you want to start up a moon Hat color collection just start redeeming this code on a bunch of accounts or trading for it that could be some fun stuff I don't really know how well it'll hold its value but yeah alrighty guys so I guess that's just going to wrap things up for this little image ampere oh no code redemption slash reveal slash review I'm pretty excited about this and hopefully we can petition animal Jim to bring out more promo codes on that beautiful note I'm actually going to be purchasing some good old Vinland flags as a tribute to Animal Jam failures and shortcomings gonna be plastering a good number of these all over my den all right everyone just spam Finland flags all over Animal Jam we're making a new holiday folks this is gonna be the newest meme of Animal Jam and yeah let's go and pop these in we love Finland we're showing our Finland Jam or some loaf oh yes eNOS anyways folks before I believe it is time for me to announce the winner so they give away that I hosted in my last video that how to give away the winner to this had the username me self to and this jammer correctly followed all of the giveaway requirements which were to leave the like in the video subscribe to my channel and leave a comment containing their Animal Jam username and their favorite unreleased items yes see what happens focus when you follow the rules you might win a prize so let's go ahead and attach their prize of these short yellow where spiked collar huh there we go beautiful um I'll just say congrats Oh congrats to you myself too and scent so folks now is your chance to enter another snazzy giveaway in the comments of this video so the giveaway is going to be for this glorious short black where spiked color that's right we're just stepping it up folks anyways in order to enter this giveaway all you must do is leave a comment below containing your geom username and a gift that you would have animaljam make a promo code for I feel like I've asked people to come this a bunch in the past but whatever we're doing it again because Animal Jam clearly needs some more inspiration oh and of course as always you also have to like the video subscribe to our Channel and hit the bell icon next to the subscribe button to be notified of my uploads and yeah it may or may not host a bonus giveaway randomly chosen from people who leave a nice comment on my latest vlog on wisteria life that's right you heard it here folks but I swear if it's something like just an animal gym username or own G give me a spike like nah that's not a qualifying comments definitely gotta be something related to the vlog I mean you can just casually slip your animal gym username at the end you know but it's got to be authentic and real all right at the very least you'll probably get an autograph so yeah folks anyways that is just about going to wrap it up for this little code redemption video I really hope that you enjoyed it as always thank you all so much for watching don't forget to comment like and subscribe and I'll see you in my next video

New Roblox Promo Codes in 1 Video (July 2019)

**New Roblox Promo Codes in 1 Video (July 2019)**



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New Roblox Promo Codes in 1 Video (July 2019)
New Roblox Promo Codes in 1 Video (August 2019)
New Roblox Promo Codes in 1 Video (September 2019)

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you have five seconds to like the video right now and subscribe or this spider will be in your bed tonight before the video starts here's the giveaway winner from the last video if you guys are new here we give away 10,000 over every video if you guys want to win all you have to do is like the video right now subscribe to the channel and turn on vacations come down below.you roblox your name you guys might win 10,000 bucks in our next video his dad and that hacker just got kidnapped off right now the mass times in that the bachelors inside the house he took my dad's phone Ronna he's he shot John it's also in a week since I talked to him and I'm pretty sure something happened to him so as you can see he's offline right now and he's been I'm pretty sure he's been offline for four days as you can see I'm up to hackers family right now I'm with his brother I'm off his dad and okay hello your son hasn't been online for home for almost a week yes I'm aware should be voice chat of course man let's let's go ahead and do that ice can speak okay it's okay let's go all right so your son okay your son has it has been online for almost a week now and I haven't talked to him for like almost a week so do you know what happened to him nope yeah so um like I said before I I haven't talked to him in a really long time this is the last time I've ever talked to him and uh yeah this is what this is a last message he sent me he said go away and that was last week so has he has he went somewhere or something has he gone somewhere I think he's gone somewhere yeah okay he's brother son whoever's in the shot right now I'm pretty sure he goes with I'm pretty sure he knows what's going on hey yeah so you can hear me right now yep any idea what happened to your brother yeah you have like yep any idea yeah okay I saw him yesterday okay was that the last time you ever saw him it was that the last time you saw him yeah okay was he with someone his computer's broken wait what happened did did he break it or what happened you just think you were playing for nothing yesterday okay okay so he went somewhere and you playing for him yesterday and he just disappeared okay so when he was outside was he with someone yeah get who oh my gosh well wait guys wait guys he he was just hyping he was just typing okay never mind never mind never mind never mind we was uh okay that was scary is he in your house right now his computer's broken so we can't like he can't talk to us but it just said he was typing what's going on dad help I'm pretty wait I'm gonna I'm gonna ping him okay um wait I'm gonna ping him her are you all right are you there what if he was kidnapped if he was kidnapped he's typing right now what he was just typing what I'll be back okay wait wait is he home what's going on but that's gone what where did he go what where did he go dad what's going on he just went outside I'm just saying man I took Johnson yesterday yeah that's the hackers name I'm scared okay do you hear me right now do you hear me okay okay okay so um just just just just just just lock the door okay just lock the door okay I did it all right I'm hiding in my room he his dad and that hacker just got kidnapped the hacker got kidnapped mr. day instead of his dad just got kidnapped what what's going on and he's still in the car he just he just he just went off he just went off he's do you think he's actually gone he just went off right now the my friends in that the master has inside the house he's took my dad's phone Rana he's he shot John it what it is is he did he no no no no just can't be happen it's gonna be happening it's happening did he know please do you please don't tell me don't tell me the dad's like I think I see a chill guys what what run just just run just run just run yeah just just go run quick guys we just lost the died we just lost the hacker the brothers the only one left okay are you still wait are you still here guys the brook I don't eat here I actually don't what happened to him I'm too busy crying this is too much I'm gonna walk I'm gonna log off now this is this is just this is too much this is this this this this this can't happen this can't be happening