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Hi everyone,

In today’s video I show you all the 90% OFF CLEARANCE DEALS at Walgreens! I hope that you can are able find some of those things because they are getting sold quickly. Anyways, share if you found something cool at your Walgreens 🙂




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all righty so let's go and we'll catch up with you guys later to see what I end up finding okay so the first thing I'm noticing is that none of these items are marked at ninety percent off so I just want to verify that they are gonna be paying everything up just to make sure you know what I mean it looks like they have a bunch of gardening decorations those are really adorable they're gonna be some they're gonna be ninety percent off let's hope so let's see they have these gardening tools they are super super cute this should be a dollar if they are ringing up at ninety percent off what is this this stuff is on clearance as well let's see okay so these are some of the candles this one's cute I don't wanna check the price for that they have a bunch of things on clearance thanks for decorating your garden things little cups these are 30% off I wonder if they're also gonna be 90% off that would be cool hi everybody welcome back to my channel my name is yes we thank you so much for watching today I went to Walgreens to try to find some things on clearance so currently bargains has 90 percent off of some gardening things and some pretty little things decoration so when you go see what I can find and you're refusing five thousand points which is equals to five dollars in points and I only paid about 70 cents from here to here so this is what they have nine new personnel from here to here all these eyes so from here over here okay so it was pretty cool because I was like oh my goodness they have something to keep things out and see what I could get I was trying to find the Eagle coolers they didn't have any so hopefully do they have some at your store because they're gonna be on sale for a really really good price they're probably gonna be like a dollar fifty each so if I were young hunter Walgreens just to make sure that you actually get those things okay so let's start out so these items were 49 cents each they're like a glass a little succulent decoration these are 49 cents each they're really really cute this is just a plug this is plastic they are absorbing the same for this one is like a little terenia which is still adorable because it's a pretty big one it's really really cute that was cute that one was in our 29 and then I got twin sister over here so those are cute we have the paradise water bottle 98 cents I'm pretty sure this is one that was 98 cents so this is glass and this is like silicone and it has a little straw plastic straw so those are three from clear to pink so that's that was worth it well this pineapple what was 50 mm this one which is so cool because it's pretty much plastic it's not much so yeah so this was fifty nine cents and that's for my son and then we have the floral gardening kit Bissell with 99 seems like it's kind of like metal and then we have this really really awesome candle this is a lemongrass scented candles it's made with essential oils I loved it as soon as like you put it closer you can smell it it smells so good I believe this is to help like fight against these needles and stuff I'm not quite sure so this is for outdoor use only it says but this is huge look at this and this is forty-nine cents for this one but okay so I did go to another store just to try to see what I could find over there I didn't find the igloo bag so just you know you might get lucky and you might find some so if I were you I was just going good deal these reporting mints and they are the two wick candles and this is cement so it's pretty heavy and it's pretty sturdy so yeah so this is a really really awesome deal so anyways I was singing I went to a second store and they try to get it ie verified the price and the price is actually $14.99 I was like nope I'm not taking that so it's the only one that I found for 49 cents so if I were you I'd just verify the prices before you actually pay unless you really really want this camera other than that this is gonna be 49 cents which is awesome okay so this one I believe was also 59 cents this is everything that I got with the 90 percent off on clearance at bargain so if I were y'all just friend of Walgreens because they have really really good deals okay so next I want to talk about these items over here okay so the other day I went to chip money and I never really share my script my full pull full-blown experience like in terms of like like if it was a successful trip with coupons or if it was at sales so this time it was unfortunately a little bit of a fail for me because some of the items in the system were not marked the way that they were supposed to be marketed the way that I thought they were supposed to be more so let me let me just share with you guys what happened let's try it out with this little photo frame so if you saw my video about Walker the other day I was sharing that these were about two dollars and twenty four cents they are the crystal ones I thought that things were gonna be two 24y bees did not have these marked at my store so I picked it up thinking that it was gonna be $2.00 fail it does not dude always was my person this was three dollars and 36 and to ask you that the digital coupon for two dollars did not come on even though it was supposed to because they were mine the coupon was getting attached to all these quarter friends so yeah that didn't work so I need to call customer service so I can get giving you dollars off even if it was two dollars so there we go then there's that wonderful second fell is to swim the plays ultra-thin cats these are priced at $5.99 was just an okay deal but with the digital coupons they were supposed to come off to $0.99 bail it was not maybe I didn't it'll pay 99 cents and here's why I think it's because I attached to digital coupons to this and I was thinking that the ibc coupon was also a digital coupon and apparently it is not because only the $3.00 coupon is attaching to this one so really I ended up paying a dollar and 99 cents for this choice bet there was another foot buffer daughter for a dollar or a dollar twenty-five cents I'm not sure I'm going to leave all the prices right here on this screen but the thing is that in the end let me just sum it up you were supposed to pay 99 cents with both of those digital coupons but it was FL only the three dollar coupon is attaching to this one so yeah so just make sure that if you do want to get this for 99 cents there's a little booklet where you come in to Walgreens and that booklet I think it's page 76 will have the coupon for this one so go ahead and get that coupon that you can get us for 99 cents each okay if you use that little booklet at bargains that's still a pretty good deal and I think my son wants to say huh okay next thing that was another sale okay so these head and shoulders are supposed to be buy one get one half off this system at the store that I went to was not marking em off at buy one get one 50% off so that sucks so the cashier had to manually like input some information on it ended up being five dollars and 13 cents apiece that is what you marked on my receipt so ended up paying $12.50 out of pocket for all these for head and shoulders and then my digital eight dollar coupon did clip to these four pennant shoulders which is a really really awesome meal the other thing the Catalina machine did not print out the four dollars for this I just wanted to let you guys know in case you do want to do that and shoulder is still the candy machine not printing at my store it might work at your store Ayana so it's up to you if you want to go ahead and try it out what meat this is a really good deal for me is the fact that I had a five dollar perk when you spend $20 at Walgreens remember spendings pink catch by means that you can use points at Walgreens okay so I want to go to spend um $12.50 for all of this plus tax so really uh because of the eight dollar coupon that came off and then so I paid 1250 and ate it up getting ten thousand eight hundred and twenty I'm still confused as I don't know where those points came from well I do know that pork we're supposed to come from the head and shoulders and then the five because of the five dollar perk and of the rest I'm like where did those come from so I think it was like the every day twice so I think that might have been part of that also there was a little section on the ad that says 20 times points for every 20 dollars or something like that so I think that is what happened with Kate centered shoulders anyway that is gonna go with peace and and shoulders it wasn't it was it took a deal still happy $12.50 to these I got ten thousand eight hundred points back so that's still a pretty good deal that ends up being like a dollar and stuff I don't want to change for for tennis shoulders which is a pretty good deal right okay next we have green please this is a this is a pretty easy deal there are two $4 and you don't need a coupon fitty so this is a good deal – four dollars for the Arizona tea so that's a pretty good deal I really like those next they are these giggle bags of candy on sale this is actually I think this is like 49 cents so these are on sale for 49 cents this is a big bag so inspiring toy 20 under something like that so I will be keeping these for Halloween or something my mom loves me so I I can start an affair and yeah it's a really big bad so these were a really really awesome girl so these are 49 cents they might haven't met your wife Erica the price confirm action to make sure police raid 90 percent off so go ahead and rinse your store to go ahead and find these for 90 percent off and then these where my couponing deals that I found at water greenie so I had those four meth tails that I wanted to share them with you guys because it's not all like perfect sometimes that watering some type of system is not working and sometimes things are not marked the right price uh anyway sometimes couponing could be a headache I'm just being honest with you guys but other than that you still end up paying a really good deal if you're using the digital coupons if you ever encounter issues where the coupons where their digital coupons are not coming off I would just call customer service and ask them what's happening sometimes the system is not ringing up right anyway so just call customer service just so that they can help you because if you do have these digital coupons they should be a plain ring so anyway yeah so that is what happened how hungry anyway this is a really awesome deal for me because I only made so many sometimes for all this so that was amazing so thank you guys for watching I'll see you guys on my next

Clearance Sale Deals! Check Out These Retail Bargains!

**Clearance Sale Deals! Check Out These Retail Bargains!**



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Electronics can be found for cheap if you know where to look. On a recent shopping trip in Abilene, Texas, I checked out audio, video, and other electronics on Clearance Racks at several retail stores to find the best deals in town. Shopping discounted markdown multimedia electronics on the bargain sales racks can help you save a bundle! To keep a low profile while shopping , I shot this on my cell phone, so please excuse any shaky video.

I visited the following Retailers:
Dirt Cheap, 841 N Judge Ely
Ross Dress for Less, 3449 Catclaw Drive
Big Lots, 3204 S Clack St
Office Max, 3226 S Clack St
Target, 3710 Ridgemont Dr
Walmart, 4350 Southwest Dr
Best Buy, 4310 Buffalo Gap Rd
Sam’s Club, 5550 S Clack St

I found excellent clearance deals on LG and Samsung Televisions, a Denon Receiver, an Onkyo Receiver, a Sony Turntable, Bluetooth Speakers, Bluetooth Headphones, TV Wall Mounts, Webcams, Portable Chargers (including Anker), Phone Cases, Tablet Cases, Cassette Adapters, Selfie Sticks, Earbuds, Drones, XBOX One games, PS4 games, Cell Phones, Cable Boxes, TV Antennas, USB Cables, Apple Lightning Cables, Wireless Keyboards with Mouse, Utility Knives, All-in-one PCs, Laptops, LCD Monitors, Wifi Range Extender, Monitor Lifts, Casio Keyboard, and Sound Bars.

I took advantage of some of these deals and took home a decent haul!

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you can really save a bundle if you shop the clearance racks for audio and video gear I'll talk about it coming up on thrifty AV I find a lot of bargains at thrift stores garage sales and flea markets but that's not the only places you can find good deals retail clearance sections are another option and I want to show you some of the stuff I found on a recent retail shopping trip dirt cheap at 8:41 North Chile is like a giant clearance bin they have some mystery shopping carts called bargain buggies for $10 each they are covered with paper so you can't tell what's inside I wonder if there's any a/v gear in these no audio or video gear on this aisle no AV gear here either ahh I found the section I'm looking for let's check out the electronics man they have a lot of phone in tablet cases 60% off the listed price do you want to play your audio through a cassette deck well this would come in handy here's what looks like a selfie stick but with a regular camera mount but even 50% off it's still $15 these earbuds are 70% off and weren't real expensive to begin with but I have enough of these already the good stuff is kept in a section where you have to ask for help they have quite a selection of Xbox one and ps4 games half off cricket phones were 60% off 50% off this cable box makes it just $25 and you can record TV with it but I already have a similar device browsing the electronic shelf behind the counter requires a good eye and as confusing what percentage off the deals are but I picked up a couple of things these webcams are $7.00 and I don't currently own a working webcam how bad can it be I'm gonna find out this anchor battery is 60% off the marked price of $34.99 so I picked it up for $14 Ross Dress for Less at 34 49 catclaw drive-in Abilene is another clearance store usually associated with clothes but they have an electronic section as well they had quite a few TV wall mounts I picked up this full motion Stanley for $24.99 this TV antenna was only six dollars here's another four five dollars they had a large variety of Bluetooth headphones like this one and this one here's one with a unicorn horn Bluetooth speakers were also comment like this one and this one and this one this one says it's waterproof does anyone need an external battery that looks like a piece of poo and here are some other deals I found sharper image headphones senses wireless speaker looks like it's also a lamp for $16.99 for 6-footer 8,000 milliamp hours for $17.99 12,000 milliamp hours for $21.99 wireless keyboard and mouse 1699 big lots at 3200 for South clack Street usually has some interesting things on clearance so let's take a look at first clamps I didn't see much in the way of AV gear but it was there if you use an iPhone here's a cable for $10.50 regularly 15 a pair of bluetooth earbuds have price at five dollars here is a dual micro USB USB C cable you can save some on an aux cable this isn't AV gear but I like these utility knives this set of headphones looks interesting but I don't know about the orange but here's a blue pair I will grab for $5 here's a Bluetooth speaker with a lightning bolt neon light for $15 I browse through the discount blu-rays but didn't find anything I found some CDs I like but they're already in my collection officemax was right next door at 32 26 South clack and I found some stuff there Adele all-in-one PC for 450 they had some LCD monitors on clearance a Wi-Fi range extender for 70 bucks they had a couple of monitor lifts on clearance almost every laptop in the store had a clearance tag but the best deal I found were these micro USB cables for two dollars and forty one cents I picked up three of them next up target at 37 10 Ridgemont drive this Casio keyboard is $70 another TV wall mount for thirty one dollars and this hundred and sixty watt sound bar is only a hundred and five dollars I couldn't do a clearance vid and not check out Walmart now I match AV gear on the racks but a deal on a home phone this 4k TV was marked down to two hundred and eighteen dollars let's see what Best Buy has to offer they had a display board with all the clearance items listed that was nice this open box did on receiver is 255 they also had a good deal on this ochio for 322 and a Yamaha receiver for 230 they had an open box Sony turntable fair condition for 46 another in excellent condition 462 last stop Sam's Club where I found some TVs on clearance the 65 inch LG was $100 off they had a 50 inch Samsung for 350 and a 55 inch Samsung for 450 if you want to step up to the 65 inch Samsung it was 679 well I think that was a pretty good haul if you enjoyed this video or any other in the Thrifty AV series please like and subscribe thank you to my patrons for supporting this channel and remember stay thrifty everyone

How To Save Money on Baby Stuff at Target- Free Stuff, Coupons, Resistry Discount

**How To Save Money on Baby Stuff at Target- Free Stuff, Coupons, Resistry Discount**



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What Comes in the Target Registry Goodie Bag & Free Gift Card-

How to Pay Half Price for a Car Seat-

How to Get FREE Diapers & Formula-

Baby Expo Haul – Freebies-

Gender Reveal for Our 2nd Baby-

Twitter/Instagram: @shotgunsimmons

My other channel: kinkypinkylll
I just got a whole bunch of baby stuff I made a couple trips to Target but they're awesome deals and then I got a couple other awesome deals but I wanted to focus mainly on target to show you guys how I got some great deals on the stuff on my registry and the awesome awesome coupons that they provide if you register plus you get a free $20 gift card and a free gift bag and all that stuff but I wanted to show you what I got and how I got it for a really awesome price some of the stuff um I've been putting on the coupon channel if you're interested in that I do post some things for baby use and stuff like that periodically especially diapers I'll put the link below if you're interested so anyway this these are different things that I got off of my registry um the big pile which is the stuff right here plus the stuff right here altogether the order was originally a 127 and I paid 58 for it and then I got the baby clothes for super super cheap with their awesome deal that they had last week so I'm just gonna give you a couple tips and pointers and show you guys how I did this and now I'm just rambling so anyway the first thing is your registry whenever you register within so many days hour weeks before your due date you do get an extra 15% off now most places do this I mean Babies R Us as this everybody knows this but with Target they also send you target coupons that you can use with the 15% off plus you can use manufacturer coupons if they are made to use with these so I took advantage of that also and I got awesome deals um another thing is sometimes they'll have really awesome clearance stuff like 70% off clearance and you can use the coupons with those which is really awesome plus if you are an extreme couponer that like I am you can you put your diapers on your registry they will send you target coupons for the diapers plus you can use manufacturer coupons and use them all together sometimes they have really awesome promotions like this week whenever I bought a whole bunch of stuff it was if you spend $125 on baby stuff you get a free $20 gift card so it was $125 before your coupons so I got I got to $125 total I've got to use my discount for my registry I got to use all my coupons and then I ended up paying like 70 something dollars that $20 back so that was a really awesome deal another thing excuse me another thing that is awesome is sometimes they have a pair of wheels like last week whenever I got the Gerber apparel the onesies and stuff those were if you buy $25 an apparel you get $5 back and that $25 was before discount sometimes they have cart wheels Gerber prints out coupons on our website they print out $1 off of these any of their apparel packs and there are sometimes cartwheels and there are Target coupons at Target actually send me a coupon for two dollars off two and then I had a dollar off for each one so I ends up saving some money there which is really awesome but um yeah I definitely definitely recommend trying the cartwheel app if you don't have it because you could save like 25% sometimes even more on baby clothes and on baby stuff like formula and diapers and pretty much anything this is a look at the coupon where I got the extra five dollars off because I spent $25 on baby clothes it was a simple mobile coupon and then these are this is a look at my printable coupons plus my target coupons that they sent me and then they also gave me a dollar off any Starbucks beverage as long as the Starbucks was in a target because I signed up so I got $1 off of my caramel macchiato yes those do come in decaf if you want D cap these Playtex bottles Playtex is awesome they send you free coupons like a $5 coupon so that bottle ended up being completely free and these um we're actually buy one get one free these formulas and then I ended up paying less than a dollar for these Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo because I got 15% off because they were on my registry I got a $3 off to coupon that targets at me because I registered and then I printed off a dollar off to manufacturer coupon so target is my favorite place to get baby stuff and then of course I got other little items like things I needed different things for the car like the baby mayor and the shades they have awesome sales there and then if you are there on your registry you can just you get 15% off so I definitely love that because sometimes some of their prices are cheaper then Babies R Us plus they have the awesome coupons to stack this is my son's thing hi and then this is just a picture of what I paid $58 for and it was originally a hundred twenty seven dollars and this is a picture of my little girls car Sita cannot wait to bring her home I'm so excited I actually got a really great deal on the car seat at Burlington that link is in the description bar below also but yes these are the Gerber onesies there normally I think ten dollars for a five pack and then the pants I think are six dollars for a two pack so with my $2.00 off coupon I got the Target coupon was two dollars off – I saved a dollar on each one of the onesies plus I had a dollar off each one that Gerber gave me so I saved two dollars off each pack that made it down to seven dollars and and then I was able to even stack that with another coupon where I saved five dollars off a twenty five dollar purchase so even if you're not an extreme couponer at least sign up for their Target coupons because there is some really awesome deals plus you get 15% off of us on your registry I also love Carter's of course and Children's Place I have a couple videos on children's plays I just want to show you these cute little onesies that I got at Carter's they have coupons pretty often and then they have different for sales and this was 40% off and it came with a pack of five and I just think they're like the cutest cutest little things I'm so excited have a growing's guys like I love my son more than anything he's a mama's boy but I'm just loving buying the pink and for and then I of course I found him the Big Brother shirt I'm so excited now I'm just rambling but I don't care because I just want to show you these cute little flippin shirts but anyway that that's my tip my far those are my tips for Target definitely sign up for the registry if you're interested in seeing what you get in the gift registry I do have a video for that and I will also have that linked in the description bar and yeah they have a really awesome registry plus you get a pre 2000 gift card whenever you register just for registering that's even better than Toys R Us which is amazing I also have the yep a couponing channel again if you're interested in couponing for diapers and stuff that link at the description bar below as well um but anyway thanks guys so much for watching if you find any awesome deals for anything a baby please let me know because I got about a month left and I am super excited just to have everything ready but there are links in the description bar below and yes they get guys so much for watching subscribe for mom tips and baby stuff and just nonsense I don't know what I'm saying by Elevens





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In order to get these savings you must have a Dollar General account.

Sign up here, it’s free!

Just enter your phone number at check out for these deals.

Purchase the following items:

75 oz Gain
40 oz Gain
41 oz Gain Fabric Softener
16 count Gain Flings
9.7 oz Gain Fireworks
(2) Febreeze Air Effects w/Gain

Total $30.45

Download the following coupons:

$5/$30 Gain products OR $5/$25 DG coupon
$3/1 Gain detergent 69+ oz
$2/1 Gain detergent
$2/1 Gain fabric softener 48-50 loads
$3/1 Gain/Tide Pods
$2/1 Gain Scent Booster
$3/2 Febreeze w/Gain

Pay $10.45!




hey guys and welcome back today I am doing a second scenario for the Dollar General all-digital coupon deal guys if you saw my post about two weeks ago maybe three I think it was about two weeks ago then you would have seen the deal that I did at Dollar General I did not click one coupon I only use digital coupons and today I'm doing the exact same thing but it's even gonna be a better and sweeter deal because I'm gonna get over thirty dollars worth the products and it should come to a little over $10 if I figured correctly so come with me into Dollar General and of course I will share with you guys every digital coupon that I downloaded and what my total came to okay so let's go into Dollar General they have plenty of gaming products of the story so happy okay guys so I just came out of Dollar General and I'm just gonna go ahead and do this hall right here in the car because once I get in the house it it can get crazy okay so this is what I got today so I did the let's see the fabrics not the game fabric softener it was the 40 1 ounce fabric softener I got one of those bear with me I got one of the game flings and I'm sorry about the lighting I'm trying to do this a little bit better but I got to get one of the game flings that's a little bit better right there and this is the 13 ounce gangplank got one of those I got actually two of the airfix I got two of the game the Febreze with game FX I got this one in I'm on my breeze and I got this one in island brush okay so I got two of those I also got my absolute favorite you guys I don't know if I'll try this but I love these fireworks scent boosters I got one of these and this is a nine point seven ounce game fireworks and that's the most important part of this haul in my opinion what I really want for was the game detergent I got one game detergent in island fresh and guys this is the 40 ounce size in island fresh and then I got the big one oh my I'm so tired now I get the big one and I'm sorry about the glare I'm not trying to make it better I got the big 75 ounce one in the moonlight breeze and this is the 36 ounce I'm sorry 36 low one so this is the big one I also get that so guys that's everything that guy in my haul and I know yeah no if I came in at my ten dollars and some change what I thought I was gonna do well let me show you right here okay so this is everything that I got right here okay and as you guys can see for the the gain one of the games I used a $2.00 off for the 75 Alice when I used a $3.00 off I use one I had one for everything I had $2 off for the game flings I'm sorry for the the pots a $3 for the game flings and the Febreze I had a $3 off okay and of course you guys all will link all of these coupons in the comment section so that you guys will know everything that you need to download again these are all digital coupons okay you do not have to clip any coupons you add them to your phone and you go to the store so no paper coupon folks just all digital coupons okay so looky-looky-looky my total all he came to ten dollars and forty-five cents i paid $8 and 53 cents worth of tax and he came to 1198 folks yes you heard me right $11.98 with tax for 30 dollars and 45 cents worth of detergent and laundry items so this is a great deal guys my total before coupons was 3045 I spent ten forty-five plus tax so this is a great deal and go out and do it okay again all coupons will be linked all you need is to use your phone number okay so you can't beat that you guys you cannot beat that okay so guys make sure you go out and get this deal just so you guys know what I did not I forgot to mention with all the coupons that I did use the five off of 25 digital coupon this coupon is only good on Saturdays I'm gonna say that again this coupon is only good on the Saturdays so you either got to go out and do it today or you cannot do it until next Saturday okay so on top of every coupon that I use for the game products I also used a dollar general five offer 25 digital coupon that is good for Saturday's only okay thank you guys so much for watching if you guys love these type of videos please comment below and let me know give this video a thumbs up please share and subscribe and I will see you all in my next video bye guys

Frugal Living




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Thank you for watching, subscribe for more vlogs every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. Trying out new frugal ideas. New plates, bowls, and cups. Daddy …