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Chicago Gun Violence: How Some Teens Are Learning To Save Lives | NBC News

**Chicago Gun Violence: How Some Teens Are Learning To Save Lives | NBC News**



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Activism is helping the youth cope with violence in the South and West sides of Chicago. The youth-led anti-violence organization, Good Kids Mad City teaches teens how to act as first responders to gun violence that may happen right in front of them and Future Ties is an after-school program that teaches survival skills to kids as young as six years old.
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Chicago Gun Violence: How Some Teens Are Learning To Save Lives | NBC News
Somebody got shot. Timer starts now. What do I do first?
Timer starts now. What do I do first? Analyze him, analyze him. You said he was shot where? I need an ambulance, she's been
shot in her leg, she's bleeding out. They won't stop the violence like, They always kill people, they never stop. They just keep going on and on. In Chicago, young people
aren't able to be young people. Walking around with PTSD,
learning how to treat gunshot wounds. These are things that soldiers
are being trained on in the war. When my brother got shot,
it had a heavy impact on my life. Not growing up without one
of my big brothers is hard. One day I was playing outside with
my friends, they just started shooting, it almost hit me but I ducked down, then
we have to run in the house, I was scared. I hold pressure or her neck because
how long does it take to bleed out? Five to seven minutes. Does everybody know how
to find someone's pulse? Yeah.
Chicago, you think, okay, that's just normal and
it shouldn't be normal. Chicago is a tale of two cities. On one side, the tourist attraction
that many knows downtown Chicago
Chicago is a tale of two cities. On one side, the tourist attraction
that many knows downtown Chicago from the Riverwalk to Navy piers. And then there's the other
side of Chicago. I grew up on the south side of Chicago
where many lives are lost because of the lack of support and resources. Last 72 hours in Chicago,
52 shot and ten killed. At least 38 people were shot,
seven of those victims have died. Dozens of shots fired just down
the street from an elementary school. People feel like they
have no other options. So that's why we started GoodKids MadCity
as an urban movement to provide resources for young people who might be dealing
with violence in their communities. What this fight means to me! And what's something over
the last year that you're proud of? With GoodKids MadCity? Yeah, something that you
whatever you were a part of or anything like that. The Africa trip, man. That and the sugar boy. Sugar boy. Man.
When we started the group, basically after Parkland happened, then we
had a lot of young people who were scared because when these mass shootings happen
in these predominantly white communities, they get counselors, trauma services,
and at the same time, our state is calling out for us to have
more police officers in our schools. And these are things that
are criminalizing, killing us and we need something different. And we were able to meet
with Parkland students. And it was a powerful moment for
those students to say, this is the most traumatic thing
I've ever dealt with in my life. I've never been through
anything like this before. I got people to say, yeah, we understand
that we deal with this on a daily basis. I'm basically, like a mentor and ally, an
organizer to help guide the young people and their vision for what is that they
wanna address and bring to the community. How many people here lost a loved
one to violence under the age of 21? The climate of the city, this that
we're fighting is, right, violence, and we're fighting for
how has it affected you personally. Lost our cousin, he was running
away from home when he was nine and he got caught and he got shot,
I forgot how many times. I don't want other families going through
the same thing that we went through. I lost my brother to gun violence. Last night 19-year-old Delmonte Johnson
was just outside his brother's basketball practice when CPD says someone inside
a tan color vehicle fatally shot him in the chest and stomach. Every time you turn around mamas is
crying, mamas is crying for their babies. I actually found out because I was
walking to one of the stores when the store, he got killed by was down
the street from where I was at. Then I actually heard the gun shots. One of my other brothers
was there when he got shot. He really couldn't talk much
because he was traumatized. It hurt me so much that he was laying
in my hands, but he's still with me. He's still with me to this day. I had just had a training for
young people on how to treat gunshot wounds. They taught them how to stop the bleeding,
what to do when waiting for the ambulance to arrive. And then his brother came to me and
say, I wish I had came that day. Understand that for some people
the difference between having somewhere to be and being standing outside is
the difference between life and death. This is my neighborhood I was born and raised, it's not really safe around. We hear gunshots almost every day, every day. Hearing it broadcast on the news a lot, knowing that
is close to my area basically makes me go outside like, oh is this going to
happen to me if I walk outside? At the age of 18 I was shot at my
community and it was broad daylight. That was the last time I
walked in my community for a long time because I was scared. Every time I heard a car stop, every time
I heard footsteps too close I panicked and that's something that you have
to deal with on a daily basis, being afraid to walk
through that community. When I had to do this stuff myself, it didn't really like sound like nothing,
right? When everybody in the room
we did it together, we made a whole thunderstorm in the room,
boom. Once I realized that, the more people we
get to join not whether we can make us- In Chicago, you need to know what
different gangs are where, I had to walk through plenty of
gangs just to get to school. I know this block is full with them,
I know this block is full with them So you know what?
I'm gonna just take the long way even though I'm gonna be late,
okay I'm gonna be late to school but at least I'll be safe.
though I'm gonna be late,
okay I'm gonna be late to school but at least I'll be safe. And then you get to school, they manage if
you've got a tendency for being late but you're just trying to be safe. Tell her we're coming
around the corner. We're coming around the corner. Your mom said hi. I know,
I see her car out here, hey mom. Hey mom. They say, hey mom. We're headed to our
first responders training. Part one of to teach you how to what to do in a situation where
someone is bleeding out, and how to potentially save their lives
while waiting for help to arrive. For us, GoodKids MadCity, our solution is giving people
what they need to survive. If we have job opportunities,
real job opportunities, with a livable wage,
you wouldn't have folks out here stealing, you wouldn't have folks out
here robbing each other. Hurt people hurt people,
healed people heal people. I really commend just
you all even leading, just trying learning this skill that
they're teaching soldiers in Iraq, how to save somebody's life when they're
bleeding out, you know what I'm saying. For Dareon, you especially, I appreciate
you even being here in this space. You all went through this six months ago. I just wanna go and give you guys
the opportunity to say why learning how to treat a gunshot wound
is important to you guys. I might have the situation where
I'm on the sidewalk with a friend, and that friend might get shot or
I might get and I know how to do it. I was eighteen when I
was actually shot, and most of the friend who were with me in
the moment were around the same age. None of us knew that so the fact that it's now being
given to youth is very important. You said you were shot where? In my left shoulder and right leg. Is that two inches above her wound? This is Parkway Garden apartments here. This is the complex where
Michelle Obama grew up. Many of the kids in the community
have to grow up faster because of the situations
that surround them. Future Ties is an after school program inside of Parkway Garden. Couple of the survival skills that we try to put in place at Future Ties for
one is the meditation. Yoga, conflict circles,
but this is like therapy for them to make sure that
they are mentally stable. Well, you're not really protected
because it's very harmful and you gotta watch out what you're doing. Yeah, I have, my mama was waking us up. She was telling us not to get by the
window or nothing cuz it was gunshots and again it was going back and forth Office of community affairs, this is officer Maddox,
how can I help you? Currently I am an active police officer. I've been with the force now,
it will be 23 years in May. There's a lot of distrust
between the police and the community because they
are fearful of each other. So it's not just a police problem,
it's not just a community problem. Knowing your rights. So can anybody give me an idea of what
that kinda means to know your rights? Yeah. It's to know is to be able
to get out of trouble you say? We talk about what to do if you
are stopped or detained by the police. So they need to know what their rights
are, especially until their parent comes to the police station or the attorney
shows up at the police station. The last you come across the police
who isn't like how most police should be like, they're not friendly and
they don't like this, young people say it. The officers that take us to the
station don't let us use the bathroom or get some water. When we do these trainings, we don't
want you guys to be fearful of the police, that's not what this is about. As long as we're serving our future
leaders in this space, it takes the ties within the community to making sure
that our young people are succesful. I'm always hopeful, or I wouldn't be here. I think there's still a lot of
work that still needs to be done. They're like soldiers to me, they get
through most that many probably couldn't. Like me growing up what
you think you need to know, is need to learn how to write,
you need to learn how to read, you need to learn how to do math, and
I don't know things is what you think of never once crossed your mind and
what you need is this right? So what you're gonna wanna
do is if you can't find a pulse, or if what you're gonna wanna do is CPR. You're gonna take both of your hands and
you're going to interlock them, just like this. Cuz one of my brothers
actually got shot, and my other brother was right there. The one that was right there when he get
shot could have actually helped saved his life from the gunshot wound,
I know how to treat a gunshot wound. Now that I know this training,
I could teach them this training in case somebody just
decides to just come shoot. And then one of us gets shot, and
then they can know what to do and not gonna know what to do to
help the person that got shot.
And then one of us gets shot, and
then they can know what to do and not gonna know what to do to
help the person that got shot. Instead of just dying on the scene. It felt good because I wish I would have learned it in earlier years so
I could be able to save my cousin. But I learned it now so if something
happens to a person I'm close to or if I don't know them,
I could be able to help them. Timer starts now. What do I do first?
Timer starts now. What do I do first? Need to hide, try and take cover. You need to check yourself. Okay.
You need to see if he's conscious. Okay. See where he's shot at. Okay.
Apply pressure. And try to stop the blood by
applying pressure to the wound. Okay. And you call first responders. You just saved somebody there, bro!

Double Your Customer Base with Groupon Merchant

**Double Your Customer Base with Groupon Merchant**



View Time:1:53Minutes



Chicago Bouldering Collective doubled it customer base in its first month of running a Groupon campaign after experiencing troubles growing with word-of-mouth marketing. By providing a unique bouldering experience and excellent customer service, Bouldering Collective customers keep coming back for more!

Introducing Apple Card — Coming Summer 2019

**Introducing Apple Card — Coming Summer 2019**



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This is Apple Card. A credit card created by Apple, not a bank. Built for simplicity, transparency and privacy. Coming this summer.
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Why I Love Working At Groupon

**Why I Love Working At Groupon**



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Why do people love working at Groupon? We asked the people who spend their days turning local heart into global impact

Everyone has a different reason for working at Groupon. Hear directly from the people who do it every day why they bring their passion, energy and heart to this company.

Music by Soundroad from Fugue
what I love most about Groupon the mission is to make communities better this is not a place that's boring at all given the opportunity to show the things that I can do I don't have anyone breathing down my neck it's just something totally different every single minute not even every single day honestly I think would have to be my team I work with a really great team that I come in every day and I get to make laughs they make me laugh I'm just having that support system is definitely a plus I think that it's a company that allows me to be me the freedom to be my full self and everyone I feel like is just themselves the ability to be myself and to have fun as well as you know making sure we're getting a lot of work done I love the people I work with I love the co-workers they're all willing to help each other a lot of high-energy action oriented people definitely believe in you here I mean it is true the biggest part about Groupon is it gives you an opportunity to not only be you but it also gives you an opportunity to develop you I love that your success is in your own hands it's very possible to get a ton of autonomy and responsibility early on in your career this is the place that if you want to make a big impact this is where you want to be like I never believed that I would be doing the things that I'm doing now at this point in my career and then the day I got a firm feel that I'm adding some type of value so knowing that you can start at a very entry level but you can see not just a linear career path but a multitude of other options for you actually I like I like exploring the unknown because it is such an amazing environment I work with people who are constantly encouraging me to be better even if it's a bad day I come in and just feel great and I have great people too I've made my best friends my best colleagues met the best people I really have a family here a member of the Cooper for the denotes employee resource group everyone's you know always willing to help you can collaborate across teams I had to slam my door shuts oh I wouldn't have read Gatorade all over me we became friends instantly after that everyone's very understanding very helpful I love the opportunity that I get to come in every day and make it a little bit better than it was the day before yes I love I wearing a Groupon take the laptop that is throughout all the hope that's pretty awesome the fact that I've been in for six years it was testament to how I feel that my piece fits into the larger picture okay this is exciting I know I feel like we should have come more prepared you