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3 MONEY-SAVING TRAVEL HACKS for visiting Saint Lucia | Tips for Tourists & Visitors Living Caribbean

**3 MONEY-SAVING TRAVEL HACKS for visiting Saint Lucia | Tips for Tourists & Visitors Living Caribbean**



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3 MONEY-SAVING TRAVEL HACKS for visiting Saint Lucia | Tips for Tourists & Visitors by Living Caribbean

These are a few quick tips and bits of advice for anyone planning to visit the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Lucia who wants to save a little bit of money.

Some of these tips may seem kind of obvious but it’s easy to forget that you don’t /have/ to eat at your hotel…

Clarification: somewhat local food I mean places that serve a mix of local and other food will usually have affordable local food.

One of the main ways I’ve saved money traveling is also by traveling in a minimalistic way (not always possible if you’re hauling items for relatives back and forth). Saving on tickets during off-season is another way.

If you’d like me to detail more ways to save money traveling, comment down below!


I’m a location independent indie author living on the beautiful island of Saint Lucia (in the Caribbean). My channel is about sharing snippets of my life as well as helpful travel and lifestyle videos.

Besides writing and YouTube, my hobbies include photography, watching Star Trek re-runs, and coming up with hair-brained business ideas with my bae!

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How To Travel With Hand Luggage - Save Money + Time =D

**How To Travel With Hand Luggage – Save Money + Time =D**



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Save your money on check in luggage and travel with just hand luggage! You save time & money and still have plenty to wear if you follow my easy tips.

7 HACKS to Find Cheap Flights Around the WORLD - Travel More 2019

**7 HACKS to Find Cheap Flights Around the WORLD – Travel More 2019**



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Providing you with 7 Hacks to find Cheap Flights around the world. Save money to travel more. If you or a friend is planning to travel soon, share this video with your friend so they too can save money by looking up cheap airfare.


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I'm gonna show you seven hacks to save you hundreds to thousands of dollars on your upcoming flight and we're starting right now what's up travel head Brian your life a beauty bring you the best travel hacks ant it to prepare you for your upcoming travel so if you're new here consider subscribing so traveling is an expensive hobby and you're wondering how people are able to afford those plane tickets out of country I'm here to provide you a 7 hacks so you can afford those plane tickets out of country number one VPN if you ever feel that you're not getting a good deal on the flight that's because websites track your locations and charge you based on the demand of your location IP address html5 Wi-Fi mobile data I'll track your location for example if you live in California like me and you're planning a buck from California to London let me cut a few hundreds more than if you were to book from California to London while at Colorado try using VPN to set your IP address to a lower state or country and then compare prices you may save hundreds of dollars using our VPNs to set your IP address before booking a plane ticket number two cookies and no we're not talking about the cookies we bake and eat as a snack 99% at the time when you're planning your trip you browse the internet to compare prices on flight but you hold off on purchasing the ticket and then what do you know when you're almost done planning your trip you decide to put a ticket to finalize the trip and you go back and check but the price has risen like five to ten percent for that plane ticket the day after and you're wondering how what you may not know is cookies may be the reason why your price raise cookies are message that your web server passed to the browser as you surf the Internet and that causes you to panic because now you're afraid is it gonna raise another five to ten percent it's gonna jump more and that precious you to purchase that plane ticket to avoid this you have to delete your cookies every time after you're done surfing the internet number three weekday the average people working Monday through Friday there are time off is really just Friday evening to Sunday evening if you know this booking a plane ticket or in ten airy during the days that people have time off is like two to three times the price compared to it if you were to book at a Monday to Thursday and what's even cheaper is booking a plane ticket around Tuesday or Wednesday I can't recall a time where I'd booked a plane ticket from a Friday to Sunday that would cost me a few extra hundreds of dollars if I ever did that before holiday personally I don't travel during holiday season because I want to spend time on my family and also because price for everything is like three times the price or even more and most things are sold out of you folk late and the crowd factor is just so crowded it's like times three the crowd and that is why I don't have much interest traveling during holiday season number five flight aggregator when booking a flight I'm not loyal to one travel browser they are not lawyer to you and they'll spike up the price once they know your flight and in ternary if you don't book right away just like what else talk about a lot of cookies on number two I like to compare prices from different travel sites like Expedia Skyscanner Google flights and even the chase portal which I'll be talking about more on my next video next week so subscribe now you can easily save hundreds of dollars booking a plane ticket out of country by looking at a few different sites and comparing the prices number six buy in advance if you're purchasing a plane ticket one or two weeks before your travel date you're asking for a more expensive plane ticket compared to if you're booking own plane ticket six weeks to a few months in advance okay plane ticket one to two weeks before your travel date it's like checking to see if there's a limited amount of seat left where most of the seat or book so that's one you have to raise the price if you were to post six weeks to a few months in advance that meter so many available seats that they have to sell some so they can guarantee that they'll have almost a flu flight when they're taking off that's why price will be cheaper than if you were to book one two weeks before your travel day and the plane is almost full you can save half the price on airfare if you book in advance number seven incognito whenever I've booked anything related to travel I use incognito at my web browser incognito erases your history and your cookies every time you close your window your cookies will reset so whenever you open another window incognito it's a new browser and airfare and intinerary won't change and pricing unless over time the price fluctuates due to the demand of the plane right similar cookies price will gradually raise if you're not using incognito over time using incognito can say you tend to 30% on your flight or intinerary and that's how you can save hundreds of dollars by falling off seven hats heck of it you don't have to follow all seven steps and you'll still save hundreds of dollars for your plane tickets or in ten airy did I tell you if you visit a country like Europe or United States and you follow all seven hack you to save hundreds of thousands of dollars guarantee so what are you waiting for go delete those cookies now and start planning your trip by the travel dates don't forget to put on a Monday to Thursday away from holiday use a VPN to set the IP address before using incognito to search your travel site and booking that plane ticket what do I feel how can you apply to save money on airfare let me know in a comment below if you find this video helpful don't forget to give it a thumbs up subscribe and hit that Bell button and I'll see you on next week's video and tell then are we still on oh yeah and if you want know what's in my solo travel backpack I'll have a checklist go check out now down the link below thank you and this time until then

Cheap Travel - Groupon Getaway Part 2 - Intertrips living social

**Cheap Travel – Groupon Getaway Part 2 – Intertrips living social**



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This is part 2 of my groupon getaway.

Hi, my name is Dream. My channel is all about Travel, Luxury, and Inspiration.

My Instagram Is @BeyondPlanes you can follow me there to see more of my day to day posts.

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we don't have anybody out here to pick us up so we're like calling lots of numbers trying to get someone to pick us up and it was to be somebody here waiting on us there were several other tour groups that came and they had the people there to pick them up so we're just like seriously so anyways I'm gonna give you guys the rail unless you guys know how this trip really went hey so this is part two and I'm so happy you made it this far but you really really seriously ton because of information about this story you want to go on it and I don't blame you so we're gonna get into detail which you've probably been waiting for is the prices and how much does this cost how am i spending money to bring what really is included you know they talk about everything that they say hasn't put it so I'm gonna give that to you really quick before we get into this part two video all right so let's start with the price the price of this tour which is the ten-day China tour including the flight hotels a lot of you all all of your breakfast is breakfast every breakfast that you eat this also include a few lunches – so this price that I paid was six hundred and forty nine dollars per person so $649 now one thing that you have to take under consideration is if you go as one person you do have to pay an extra fee and I don't know how my said key is that they have it you know in the information I'm Groupon and LivingSocial things like that so one benefit to going solo if you're thinking big on a section money if you go solo then you are not on a group single entry visa and I heard don't quote me on this but I heard that if you apply for a single entry visa as one person and not as a group thing your music and last up to ten years don't quote me on that though so that is a little bit of a benefit so if you want to go back you don't have to reapply since I apply it as a group then mine is only good for that one trip and have to reapply if I go again to China so now 6:49 now here's the thing I was looking at this tour for a long time and I saw it I saw it I want to say the lowest I saw it was like $4.99 then I was like this is so good or 401 49 or maybe for 449 something like that so great great deal no I kept looking at it kept looking at it I do recommend that you go incognito or something because if they see you looking at it the prices fluctuate they go up and down and it's really hard to get that low price again and I couldn't by the time I purchased it it was at 649 and I just bit the bullet now 69 flying out of LAX that's out of coming out of LAX you're going to have a lot of lay overs I want to say one of your layover this in the city this starts with a J once you get there and then you go to hang Jo you have a layover there and then you go to Shang do and you have a layover and then you'd end up in Beijing so beware with the LAX you might get an itinerary with a lot of layover I do feel like I want to say that when a trip I talked to some people came from San Francisco and they didn't have something don't quote me on that either but um next I want to talk about budgeting budgeting so the amount of money that would be necessary for you to successfully take this trip and not have to worry about going broke doing the trip which is it possible yeah so I always recommend people we recommend to people if you're doing international trip bring more than enough money but a lot of people you know they're they're on a budget that's why you're picking a trip like this because you want to save some coins so I recommend such a bare minimum minimum for this trip that you bring at least thousand dollars that will give you a $100 a day budget now there's some days where you spend $0 because you lose a day mm-hmm traveling and then there's some days where you're gonna go over but it's gonna all equal out there were a lot of days where I only spent like $60 so you know you never know now the next one that when I recommend is 1500 now $1,500 is gonna make you a lot more comfortable you're going to be on a budget budget if you do a thousand if you do 1,500 you're gonna be a little bit more comfortable and you're going to be able to spin more so there's lots of factories it's gonna go to you when they go just so factory you're gonna go to the chief actor you're gonna go to a jade factory and you're also going to hit up it's a soap factory may I say so comedy this one I'm missing but you if you want to do some shopping in these places you're gonna end up spending money also on the days that you have to so if you miss the money also didn't want to stick with the group you know same when you don't see extra excursions so 1500 is gonna push you at a nice comfortable spot now 2000 is why I recommend for you to just be in a really great place because you never know what might happen as far as missing flights and happening we booked it and done it off so and so forth the travel company that you're with is gonna be to help you a lot with those things when it comes to flight issues so it's nice to have a nice little cushion and a nice contingency plan so with that being said I recommend Mike me personally recommend 1,500 to 2,000 dollars per person I my spendin ended up in that range between 1,500 and 2,000 dollars when I went out there but that's because I made some big purchases and you know that's end up happening because of that attitude spa went to the spa couple times the luxury dinner you know so you know that in also this is including my time in LA before I left on the trip in my time in LA after I came back and it's also including my uber from my home to the airport you know just everything so I don't think that's that at all to have a trip and possibly come out only spinning 1600 ish dollars to $2,600 ish that's not bad to go my national trip so that's that i'ma let you roll into this footage I've already talked way too long and thank you for watching the video check out this footage oh yeah if you can't like comment and subscribe and yeah check out all of the stuff that I have in store next role so we're at the Jade factory this is one of the stops that we take from the bus host our factory that sells Jade so kind of us excited um alone annoyed because we didn't go to the Great Wall first we came here first but it's okay we're going to get to the Great Wall later it's all good well this is how the inside look all right so they got me y'all think I mean I came here and I was like I'm gonna buying anything I know it's a swindle anyways I love getting something tell about stories and that's what stores do we're at the 101 GJ garden anyways it's been the purchases for $58 USD and as you can see I love little charms and necklaces like this right up my alley one of chemical a puppy's mother so that's my look is very cute it's supposedly Jade you know San supposedly because like you never know but it has a really nice chain is supposed to be a silver plated chain here's hoping to civic leaders and then this is suppose to be silver plated also what it stands up there is happiness so is happiness so I tried to negotiate I would not let me negotiate because supposedly this is a sale counter and they don't go down in the time several times I'm not discouraging you to try if you decide to come here definitely try you never know who you had whom I work with you move up I'm saying it doesn't update the network needles all right so that's it from the um Jake museum I'm about to hop back on the bus and then hopefully who we will be going to the Great Wall in China I thought we were gonna go to the Great Wall in China first in the end up here it's a lot of time here and now the Sun is out and it is warm so again we are in like the beginning of May so the temperature is like perfect gonna daytime nice and warm it gets really chilly at night but it's chilly in the morning anyway that's it for the day all right so we've just arrived to be grateful nah I don't know what I'm thinking that you over here girl China is the answer trips flag boom right there so yeah the whole gangs your whole group is here and will do me some good footage when we didn't try so we are down here and we're trying to go all the way up there which is love please please please so just to give you idea how steep these steps are I don't even know if you can see but look how I go straight up in the air alright so this is as far as I'm going on the Great Wall mm-hm so say it's kind of sort of how much I have to go it is a feat goodness I can hear me like breathing all hard but I'm gonna get it done okay I can barely breathe update number two on the great wall so over here is how far I've come up walked up I got this I'm messing my domain I'll make sure it's a look at this job great wall right here we had to chop no stop Kate Sun won't stop roc-a-fella records we get down we get this is ridiculous this was this was a toughy so I already skipped the update cuz I could have updated you guys I think it's good – I couldn't update you guys down here could update you guys here I just go ahead and push it out so our bus yeah we got to get our bus before 1 o'clock we have like 30 minutes to get all the way back down to the street which is a ridiculous my stuff is deep and it's crazy so I'm up that you guys probably halfway mark down and then back when we heard the ground alright and it was at this very moment I was thinking man I'm at the Great Wall of China this is crazy hey so I'm like a super addicted ice cream probably have a few of these videos so this is how it looks um exactly what is I don't know I'm thinking this vanilla down the sides and chocolate in the moment it looks like no so this is very light I don't have much weight to it let's just see how it looks to be a bat Wow okay so it tastes like this is that I like it so yeah banana cool whipping light airy alright so we came back to the Jade Museum and factory date factory and we're here we came up these steps from the bottom the bottom is all jewelry store come up the steps and then they have this restaurant so this is how the restaurant liquid is not filled with people that's pretty much how the restaurant looks right here they have a bar and over here they have like some ice cream which I'm probably gonna get some because I'm addicted ice cream and like a little knickknacks that you can pick up some really really cool Asian snacks over here I might get some of these before I leave – all right so anyways this is where we were sitting you were sitting on this side and they walked us in the whole group they set it on they gave us a free meal so this makes me feel a little bit better about spending money on the jewelry that I have boy earlier so how me a nice free meal so anyways um I'll show you the style in which they do it so you all sit down around the table as like a group and then they put your food down on this roundabout here and then you can turn the roundabout and you can move the food to another person so it's really cool the way they do it they give you top 6 of course I give you a fork they give you something for your soup if you have a soup something for tea and then they also have a tall cup that's not on the table and they get that word to you they give you something soda so together T for soda so I'm gonna show you like I was so hungry I already ate y'all so I'm gonna show you the remnants of the food that they gave us we already like sorta actually there's a little bit more food at this table so I'm gonna show you this that's kind of sort of how it looks dish but yeah we pretty much ate the food so this is how it is so this is pretty much how our room look is very basic nothing glamorous but if you're thinking about coming on this tour I want to give you like a real true idea of what you should expect when you're doing this so I was a start here so um this is the door pretty basic standard what do you expect with you come in America he was in a basic hotel the bathroom is not too small is not big at all either so is this enough so here's the showerhead I did have some issues with this um you know who that my once the pressure comes on it'll like go up a little bit but you have to adjust it a little bit anyway so this is the tub here is how the toilet looks now obviously you'll probably know plugs are different so you need to get a nice adapter so you can plug to your hotel this is typical in a lot of Asian places if you've been AJ you're like duh but you have to have your key in here in order to use any electricity once you take your key out then electricity goes well mainly because on the tour is open always you take the key out then electricity goes off and then you get water changed out every day so you don't have to worry about water but typically almost every Hotel you booked they're gonna give you fresh water everything in the bottle so here this again I'm checking out so the beds are done but these are how big the beds are another standard which you would know if you've been to Asia before but if you haven't know that the beds will be hard they're gonna be firm beds most hotels and agit have firm business very where you run into one with a nice plush soft bed like they are in America um so I mean there's nothing you can do to get around that obviously if you're gonna be here for a while like say you're gonna be out here for over a month two months three months then you should probably get a memory foam topper so this is the view right here we go mm-hmm it's because it's a little bit of the view over here is the it's like a part of the Olympic Center okay get my nail but you see where I'm pointing that's like a part of the Olympic Center we're very very close to where the Olympic Games were held and well they will be held again the Winter Games are coming here so they're doing a lot to fix it up again for the Winter Games so a lot of over here's a lot of them and big stuff I don't know if I'm good enough time to show you guys the Olympic Stadium it looks like a little birds nests is very very cute but this is a room closing Tariq she in fact if you come on this inter trips for so we are at the shoe Joe Beijing hotel I mean train station and we have been left to be all stand out here and we're waiting for a bus to come so we had an option to do a flight or to do a train and we were told that the train would be quicker we were also told the train would be four hours and turns out but the Train end up being six hours so just letting you know that if you're gonna go from Beijing to Xu Zhu horseshoe zone then it would be a six hour train ride don't doesn't tell you anything different it'll top of that once we got here we don't have any um we don't have anybody out here to pick us up so we're like calling lots of numbers trying to get someone to pick us up and it would be somebody here waiting on us there was several other tour groups that came and they had the people there to pick them up so where the despite seriously anyways I'm gonna give you guys the rail unless you guys know how this trip really went now complete and total damper unless they leave it out here for the night I'll give you update and let you know and I'm also gonna let you know how our hotel looks were supposed to be going to the Panthers that steak Hotel this you Jim and I'll give you update later fine okay so I never really filmed a proper update about what ended up happening so just to let you guys know how everything panned out we were out there between 40 and 50 minutes with no one to pick us up stranded yes I finished stranded because it's pretty much what it was like there was a lot of elderly people on the tour with us and it was just really not a good look for them we didn't get settled in our hotel to almost midnight it was just a really bad scene but when they picked us up they pretty much said that we were supposed to go from Beijing to Shanghai in last minute somebody changed our tickets to get off at shoes you and that shoe Joe and that's why it was six hours instead of four hours to because we have way more stops getting off his shoe Joe than if we wouldn't went the streets of Shanghai so that's pretty much to just do what happens crazy thank you so much for watching part 2 I hope you enjoyed it please make sure you come back for part 3 part 3 is going to be epic we're gonna go I don't even know how they got this hotel but we're gonna I'm gonna show you this footage of this amazing hotel 100% luxury 1000% new it was beautiful so I'm going to show you guys that also there Shanghai coming up Shanghai is off the chain make sure you come back and tune in for part three thank you so much for watching this video it means so much to me this is a new channel so every single watch every single like every single subscribe I do a happy dance thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video

Travel Etiquette: 3 Basic Rules Eating on a Plane

**Travel Etiquette: 3 Basic Rules Eating on a Plane**



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If you’ve ever been on a plane where someone thought bringing egg salad was a good idea then you know they were gravely wrong! Lindsey Granger met up with etiquette expert Miss Lora to get a list of do’s and don’ts of in-flight dining.
airlines can use some etiquette tips these days but so can fellow passengers when it comes to minding their mule manners etiquette expert miss Laura is giving us the do's and don'ts of in-flight dining first up no fast food now I'm sorry I love chick-fil-a so I brought my own board is this appropriate or not appropriate we know what everybody else on the plane is gonna get upset that they don't have their fast food and so they're going to be wanting it or resenting you because you have it and suddenly you've smelled up their whole area and B we're best food could lead to screaming babies and the kids lose their minds because that smell it's like boo boo you took all right no fast food next the softer the better and you're trying to tell me that you made a more appropriate airplane choice than I have absolutely because I have the soft gummy quiet chewy choice you have the loud obnoxious crackling choice many people find the sound of crunchy chewing annoying there are people who have what's called misophonia and they have a sensitivity to loud noises especially things like that where just crunch crunch crunch drives them crazy and I got the enormous size bags I'll really make them head in the final rule cold over hot first of all I think you're living dangerously by bringing hot soup onto a plane because if you don't spill it on you you're probably gonna spill it on the total stranger sitting next to you miss Laura suggests staying away from most hot foods in flight the hot tends to smell more what I do is I make a sandwich just know not all cold food is okay I can't tell me people bring sushi onto a plane people are bringing in these huge tuna rolls everything a definite in-flight dining don't sensibly snacking in the sky on the to-do list you