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Are Holiday Price Hikes Fair on Families? And Tips on How to Avoid Them | This Morning

**Are Holiday Price Hikes Fair on Families? And Tips on How to Avoid Them | This Morning**



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Could you be paying £1000’s more just to take your children on holiday in August? Well, with new reports showing that British families are paying up to 124% more for holidays outside of term-time, it seems that a summer holiday might be off the cards for many. We’re speaking to father of three, John Platt live from his home in the Isle of Wight who believes children should be allowed term-time holidays, and journalist Toby Young, live from Heathrow Airport who argues education must come first. We’ll also be joined by travel expert Simon Calder as he shares his tips and tricks on how to avoid the holiday hikes.
Broadcast on: 09/07/19

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recent reports reveal that parents are paying up to 81 percent more to go abroad during the school holidays but with the alternative being your child out of school and face a hefty fine and what is the right thing to do well in a moment we're going to talk to travel expert Simon colder but first let's hear from father of free John Platt who believes children should be allowed term-time holidays and journalists have Young who argues that education should always come first thank you for joining us today so John we've sort of followed your story an awful lot that you went to the Supreme Court you lost your case there since then you've moved your daughter into private education so you can bypass what you call an unfair system that's true yes Ollie so I mean if this is a nun it's an unfair system but would you therefore say that you know you're lucky enough you're fortunate enough that you can afford to do private education you're sort of taking part in it all being unfair well I'm just not prepared to be subject to such draconian rules and children in private education or the parents of children of private education can take their children right whenever they like they've facing criminal sanction I think that should be true for all parents I don't think that it's fair that some parents you can afford to go on holiday at any time of the year and pray to be educate their children like I can and become exempt from the criminal law just because they have more money than somebody else I think it's dramatically unfair you say there's more like more to life than school well of course there is for them you know you guys take your kids in holiday you know how important it is you know parents 20,000 parents were prosecuted last year 260,000 parents were fined of the 20,000 parents who were prosecuted 71% of them were women you know people know that there's a quite a serious consequence of taking their children on holiday all right you frozen there let's jump over once we get John back we've got Toby you were listening to those comments there tell you what term what what do you think I disagree with John I've helped set up for schools and I know how disruptive it is if parents take their children out of school before the school all of those begin its disruptive because teachers spend a long time thinking about the sequence with which to teach the particular syllabus is they're teaching children they want to teach all the children at the same time if one child misses out on a critical lesson that creates extra work for the teachers they have to catch that child up in break time or after school or prepare additional work for that child to take home it's not fair to burden teachers with that just to save a few pounds on a family holiday the other big reason I'm I don't think that parents should take their children out of school is that we have a problem with absenteeism in this country it's increasing in schools and all the research shows that if children are taken out of school by their parents they don't do as well as those children that remain in school and unfortunately disadvantaged children are more likely to be absent than non disadvantaged children so if you make it easier if you take away the fines for parents we do take their children out of school it's disadvantaged children who are going to suffer and you're going to increase the attainment gap between disadvantaged and non disadvantaged children so for those reasons do you think it would be fair to say this is the fault of the travel companies and if they didn't have these huge price hikes over the summer this wouldn't be an issue we wouldn't be talking about it well I'm I'm reluctant to blame the travel companies I think there are many benefits to dynamic pricing it's the law of supply and demand afterall than government's when they try and regulate marketplaces often get it wrong and there are all sorts of unintended consequences I think the solution to this problem is to encourage schools to stagger fair term time schools completely easily do that they can have children break up a little bit earlier come back a little bit sooner if they all do it it's slightly different times and not stalled at the same time then that would solve the problem you've got a big issue in the many single parents groups online saying that this is desperately unfair because there are deals available for families which we can't take and so essentially there are many single parents who are prevented from taking their children on holidays that does seem unfair and that is something that some the travel industry should look at I didn't think single parents should be penalized because they miss out on family package deals but I don't think that excessive regulation of travel pricing is the solution I think that will have unintended consequences it usually does I think the solution is to stagger term times that'll solve the problem all right thank you also thank you to John as well so it's an argument that we're not going to settle Simon has got advice now what parents can do to make the best of this situation you start with something I had not heard before though so what is the anglo-scottish anomaly well you take advantage of the fact that already in Scotland the schools are on holiday and therefore if you're in Scotland the prices have gone through the roof from something I was checking out to Lanza Rossi going out on Thursday 380 something pounds from Glasgow same holiday 130 pounds cheaper if you go from Manchester because English schools still haven't gone out but Scottish once has you take you can take advantage of that and you can do the anglo-scottish shuffle in the reverse direction in late August so for instance if you want to go across to Orlando virgin of 13 Atlantic will fly you there from Gatwick for about a thousand pounds returned in late August you go from Glasgow it's down to 700 so across the across the border what about weekday holidays right well this is quite straightforward you might think it's obvious that if you go from Saturday to Saturday it's going to cost you more than going from Monday to Friday but actually you can save more per day if you do that just looking at a jet to holiday going from Stansted to albufeira staying in the hotel al penis you've got a two thousand pound policy for a family of four that comes down to fourteen hundred and fifty-two pounds so effectively the cost per day is reduced you're also going to avoid all the airport crowds and I've done tried all of these by the way I've got two school-aged children so I've done them all including their grab-and-go so most schools or many schools break up on the 19th of July and the Saturday the 20th of July is going to be incredibly busy if you just take them in the afternoon have the car running outside the school gates take them straight to the airport you're gonna save well typically on an example I found from Bristol to Malaga 50 pounds per person just by leaning up a layer yeah that's so much broken travel sorry broken travel so when you break up your trip yeah oh sure well if you in this in the sense of breaking up your trip into several components so for example on the 2nd of August my family's going out to Athens hooray we're going on a cruise can't wait except they have three cheap seats left on British Airways the price has now gone up to seven hundred pounds one way Wow so I have taken my Martin what I'm doing is said it's flying from Stansted to Dortmund in Germany getting a train going to Cologne flying from there to Sofia in Bulgaria from there I hop on a bus go across the car Vella in Athens miss moon oh no I'm starting off a couple of days earlier it's going to cost me 100 pounds all in and I think it will be quite an adventure rather than paying 701 Oh fly holidays then surely they must be people that you would hope so and certainly the insurance policy for every family has to be if you're lucky enough then if maybe in the southern half of Britain and you've got a car just pack everybody in their car find a cheap channel crossing from Dover or Folkestone across to Calais within an hour you'll find some great campsites we've done that it's really good really cheap and you're not going to pay a peak prices and of course it comes back to the holiday industry why do they put up the prices that's because they lose money for most of the year and if they didn't put up the heart their holiday prices or they were banned from doing so by the government they just pack up and go home thank you very much thank you thank you very much indeed you

HOW TO TRAVEL ON A BUDGET [MY cheap travel tips]

**HOW TO TRAVEL ON A BUDGET [MY cheap travel tips]**



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Traveling the world on a budget? I’ve got some tips to help you travel on the cheap!

If you follow me on Instagram 👉 you know I travel A LOT. And you’re probably thinking, how does she afford all of that?

In this video, I’m pulling back the curtain on all my favorite travel savings strategies to share how I travel on a budget including…

– How I save on LODGING
– How I save on AIRFARE
– How I save on TRANSIT
– How I save on FOOD
– How I save on travel ACTIVITIES… and MORE


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What’s YOUR favorite travel savings strategy?

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hey everybody's Stephanie here and today I'm talking about one of my favorite things travel on a budget so if you follow me on Instagram you know I'm on the road a lot and you probably think how does she afford this well that's what I'm here today to answer I am breaking down all of the many ways I've travelled on a budget there are times it's been an itty-bitty budget there are times it's been a more flexible budget but whenever I travel my top goal is always to maximize the value so hopefully some of these tips will help you do that on your next trip now I have to start out with the not so sexy truth or the sexy truth depending on how you look at it many of the most amazing places I've traveled have been a direct result of my work meaning I not only had my expenses covered I also got paid for the work I was doing there so my first job out of college was actually as an actress on the tour of the musical Cinderella and that job took me to the Philippines all over China Hong Kong Singapore and Thailand I've also gone to Egypt for a show and I've toured almost all of the contiguous 48 states with shows I also spent some time working as a singer on a cruise ship so that gave me the opportunity to circle all of South America and parts of the Caribbean now I know this is not a practical option for everyone but there are many ways to work while seeing the world whether that's through working on farms with sites like wolf or getting a gig through work away or by teaching English abroad in the last few years I've also been able to fund travel not just through work but by being able to work remotely because I don't have to stop earning an income just because I'm not at an office I can and have done it from the mountains of Colombia to the beaches of Mexico my final work related travel saving strategy is to piggyback on business trip so if you have to fly somewhere for a conference and your work is going to pay for it maybe you tack on an extra couple of days to enjoy and explore the area obviously you would have to cover all of those added costs but by already being somewhere for work you don't have to worry about the big cost of getting there so I did this when I was working in Manila in the Philippines I had five days off and I used the time to fly to the island where rakh I also in the Philippines it was super cheap since I was already in Manila but it would have been totally cost prohibitive had I had to buy the flight from New York one of my other biggest travel saving strategies has been to rent out my own place when I'm out of town now this obviously won't work for everyone and you have to know the local laws in your city and in your building before subletting or renting out your space but it can be an enormous ly effective cost saving method I've covered the cost of entire vacations with the money I've made renting out my own place while I was away no speaking of housing let's talk saving on lodging planning trips around friends and family you can crash with is obviously a big way to save on these costs the Thank You dinner or gift you buy them will probably be significantly less than the cost of a hotel now I know this strategy might ruffle some feathers but I've done it and it's been great and really effective at saving me money on travel couchsurfing I would say don't knock it till you try it but I do understand why it might not be for everyone that said I've done it many times traveling alone in places I didn't know well and I never had an issue so that's my endorsement for couchsurfing if you want to take a step up try a hostel I actually just stayed in a hostel last year when I was traveling in Colombia which brings up another major saving strategy travel to cheap destinations my dollar went really far on that trip and I wasn't even really trying to be frugal anyway back to housing one of my absolute favorite savings and travel strategies in general is just Airbnb not only can you find great deals but you can get access to really unique spaces I stayed in an air B&B in Saint Maarten that was literally on the beach I stayed in another Airbnb in Breckenridge Colorado on the mountain you just get access to so many more types of housing options when you Airbnb so I'll post a link to my coupon referral code in the description below if you want to check it out finally for housing you can always go with a good old fashioned hotel search for deals on sites like Hotwire hotels calm and trivago there's always some way to save the other big budget item for most travel is transit so when I can I use public transit to get I've also used super cheap options like the mega bus to travel regionally but when it comes to air travel I have a bunch of different savings strategies one is to make use of airfare savings at hit lists is one that makes it easy to monitor fares and alerts you when there are good deals showing you how good the prices are based on historical fare data similarly hopper is an app that analyzes flights to help you find the best deals and the best times to fly finally skip lagged is an airfare savings app that finds you deals based on hidden city ticketing for example I was searching for a flight to Charlotte but I found it was cheaper to buy a ticket to Atlanta with a connection in Charlotte than it was for me to fly to Charlotte as my final destination obviously you can only do this kind of maneuver if you're booking a one-way flight and you're carrying on your luggage now speaking of checking a bag I rarely do it maybe once a year and even then only if I really really have to I spent two weeks in Spain in March and I still packed a carry-on I don't just like to save on baggage fees though it definitely adds up but I find that waiting for luggage it's just such a hassle so forces me to pack only the things I need which I think in some way also helps me save my biggest cost saver on flights though it's definitely my airline miles so whenever I travel on business I make absolutely sure I'm enrolled in any applicable loyalty programs airlines hotels rental cars etc but the majority of my miles probably come from my credit card rewards now I don't want to dig deep into the depths of travel hacking here as it's called but if you're a responsible credit user meaning you always pay off your credit card on time and in full you might want to check out sites like the Points guy and the flight deal to learn about the ways you can maximize your good credit habits for free and low-cost travel I probably only pay for about 10 or 20% of my flights for personal travel out of pocket the rest I cover with miles I've also redeemed my miles for some pretty sweet hotel rooms all over the world so my miles served me really well now beyond lodging and transit savings hacks my other favorite Travel saving strategies include traveling in the offseason the Caribbean for example during hurricane season obviously there's a risk your travel plans could be derailed by the weather so that's the trade-off I usually never book my trips more than a few days or weeks in advance so I can usually be informed about any bad weather before I book now speaking of last-minute booking I'm a big fan of cashing in on last-minute booking deals which you can find on pretty much any travel site I know it's not possible for everyone but if you have some flexibility last-minute deals can be pretty incredible I booked a 10-day cruise from Spain to the Canary Islands for $664 on a last-minute promotion I also booked the round-trip airfare on three nights in a hotel in Barcelona with my airline miles so my only extra costs were food and drink now speaking of food and drink I have a few saving strategies for those too breakfast I almost always grab from a local grocery store so a couple bananas peanut butter and some bread and I'm set for the week you can also do this for lunch and dinner but I admit I like to splurge a little bit there so I usually make lunch my most splurge worthy meal of the day so I can cash in on that cheaper lunch menu pricing I also like getting recommendations from locals when possible because they often know of the most fun and cost-effective vines finally activities whenever I travel I do a lot of research on things to do when reading through the reviews on TripAdvisor I almost always find some insider savings tips for example how to save on parking or a strategy for scoring a major discount on tickets or free hours at a particular attraction doing your due diligence in advance can lead you to so many more cheap and free opportunities I know that there's always a time cost to doing all this research but planning my travel is an activity I genuinely love so I don't mind spending the extra time to dig up the best deals and for me the payoff is worth it that's all from me for now if you have any favorite strategies for saving on your travels let me know in the comments and don't forget to hit the subscribe button for more money talk and tips for affording a lifestyle you love thanks for watching

Best Cheap Travel Tips And Tricks - How To Travel Cheap | Cheap Flights And Best Travel Budget Tips

**Best Cheap Travel Tips And Tricks – How To Travel Cheap | Cheap Flights And Best Travel Budget Tips**



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Book on www.yourdreamdestination.org for the best rates on flights and hotels all over the world! Subscribers win a free trip to Orlando, Florida or Las Vegas, Nevada!

best cheap travel tips and tricks – How to Travel America on a budget · Read More · Top 5 Clubs we recommend when visiting Miami

Смотреть ✅ How To Travel If Youre Broke Af онлайн в хорошем качестве на устройствах Android или iO
“But how can you travel the world without money, Son best cheap travel tips and tricks 2019. When done well, budget travel has little to do with sacrifice or compromise and a lot to do with inventiveness and flexibility Table of Contents: How to Travel on a Budget
How To Find Cheap Flights to Anywhere Sign up for our newsletter for cheap travel tips, deals, and thrifty inspiration

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so you're sick and tired of the same routine same job you don't really like that much but then it hits you what if you take a break from all that boring stuff and go on an adventure like pack your stuff right now and get ready to leave as soon as possible welcome to you the best travel agency in your local area with us it's all really simple it doesn't matter if you want to go to an exotic island go camping sail around the sea or go from place to place on a world tour we got you covered don't forget your camera because once you're on that airplane traveling halfway across the world you'll want to take a picture of the clouds from your window seat the view from 10,000 feet is amazing or take a selfie when you get there and post it on social media or really just sit on the beach enjoying the Sun and relaxing that's why you're there aren't you so give us a call and book your dream holiday today you

How To Travel For Cheap This 2019 | Step By Step

**How To Travel For Cheap This 2019 | Step By Step**



View Time:11:44Minutes



I wanted to share how i was able to book my round trip flights to china for under $370 from phoenix! I use apps like skiplagged, kayak, google flights, airbnb, hotels.com. i hope this can save you money in your 2019 travels! lets have fun and save money!


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hey what's put on team it's Ritchie with techno solutions and in this video I'm going to be talking about how you can travel the world on a budget so for those that are not familiar with food is there my name is Ricky I run the largest YouTube channel for those two investment stock mark you've heard a browser on my youtube channel to become more familiar with my investment style in the stock market so let's go I think get started the reason that I'm making this video is because of the amounts of suggestions after talking about this with the learn plan profit group it's the group that I trade with live every single morning and a common question after I made the comment of guess how much I'm going to be able to travel to China for round trip this is not with any travel credit this is not with any special point based system credit card this is not with any type of sponsorship or any type of incentive due to my following this is something that anybody that is proactive within the series of applications that I'm going to talk about can experience I mean this is why I think it's so important to talk about because even if I say to you like let's say we get 10,000 people to watch this video which i think is very realistic 10,000 people right and we save you on average of 10 dollars the amount of money that the people watching this video the next time that you travel with these different series of websites that you guys can use that's the whole point of this you know not just just because you do well doesn't mean that you have to spent a ton of money there's nothing wrong with being a ball on a budget so let's go ahead and get started the first thing that I want to talk about is about flex that's usually what people do you ask one of the most expensive things in my experience traveling to Miami round set for less than a hundred dollars being able to travel to California round-trip for less than a hundred dollars being able to travel to New York round-trip for less than $100 all I use and this is because of my friends as well all we used to find good deals is just like you look on let go and offer up and Craig's List for good deals when it comes down to maybe like investment in cars or maybe trying to flip certain things on the side we do the same things when it comes down to traveling there's no question that you know a very common and very favorable past time that a lot of people enjoy is traveling so why not do it effectively I use app applications and again in no way is this video sponsored there's not gonna be no links you guessed and feel free to you know use these applications or not use them but it's Google flights I'm not too sure if you guys are familiar with that literally Google it Google flights this is one of them favorite tools when it comes down to being able to identify what dates I want to travel the most effectively when it comes down to cost and what I mean by this is Google flights has a tool as you guys can see in my screen that allows you to adjust the dates that you leave and the dates that you land and the really cool thing about this tool is it gives you this calendar format that tells you according to the day that you leave and according to the day that you land what your overall flight cost will be this makes it super effective to be aware of the other dates for potential departures and for potential arrivals that can adjust your price the perfect example that I can give you is when we were using this specific tool to plan our trip to China our trip was ranging anywhere from the 367 dollars that we were able to purchase the trip for round-trip from Phoenix right because I'm in Arizona not driving and flying to LAX and then taking off to China but literally from Phoenix International Airport to China and I had to go and adjust those series of dates and it literally took me like 5 to 10 minutes to find dates that best accommodated my specific kind of schedule again this could be very in a sense just beneficial for someone that wants to plan out a trip 2 or 3 months in advance you can first identify what dates are most affordable based on you know this is this Google tool that you can use and and see what dates you want to take off that are the cheapest and what dates you want to you know arrive that are the cheapest according to your schedule and then you can let your work now two weeks ahead of time a month ahead of time two months ahead of time and let all your friends know that you want to travel with that hey these are the dates that would be most affordable these are the dates that we're going to leave and now this can accommodate our specific works gentle it's a beautiful tool and it's something that I find the most beneficial on the Google flight platform yet other than that I personally like to use kayak kayak is an application on my phone that I can put hotels action book flights I never put car rentals do that but the really cool thing about this is that it allows me to be able to see and very easily from my phone different flies and then on specific dates and highlight certain things with a little like green dot that lets me know that those specific dates are good tools one little thing that I try to do is just to make sure that I'm doing the best deal I first tried round trip to see when's the best time to like leave and arrive so again the two platforms that I use when it comes down to booking my specific flights are Google flights now I do that calendar format and also kayak which is the application that I use on my phone this there's also this application that I want to talk about on my most recent trip and again feel free to use it according to like your own terms it's called stippling and it's actually an idea that my friend Caleb came up with that we were going to create ourselves but we actually saw that it already existed they received this huge backlash which is in pretty much a ditch some of your connecting flights and again this is up to you if you guys want to do it but my trip that I recently took to visit California was going to be $552 round-trip from Phoenix to LAX the next day come back from you know LAX back to Phoenix stip liked booked me a trip from Phoenix that a layover in LAX but its final destination was Canada so what that meant was that I would fly to LAX and I would pretty much just ditch the second flight which obviously was to Canada and by being able to do that that flight from you know Phoenix LAX was only a hundred and two dollars now on my way back there was a flight on my way back from LAX to Dallas but it had a layover in Phoenix the beautiful thing about that is that again that flight cost me $77 so altogether I was able to take that trip round-trip for $180 cut my cost in half less than half right and then save all that money and again there's no reason just because you do well that you have to spend a lot of money there are some certain things that you have to be aware of when it comes down to skip light that it's a little bit difficult to kind of like book your flights and you also sometimes need to take your passport if you're going to be like you know like my first flight was going to Canada they make you checked in with a password that's something that you have to also be aware of and also if you're gonna check-in luggage you can't really check it in because we're gonna try to ship it to your final destination and guess what you're gonna be ditching that second flight or the third flight or whatever it is to get to where it is that you want to do so again I always just travel very light with a backpack so again it accommodates my specific lifestyle so those are the three platforms that I would encourage for you to explore if you don't like them then again feel free to share your own opinion down in the comment section but I just wanted to make sure that you guys were aware that those specific applications were out there the second thing that I want to talk about are the hotels so from my people that don't care about exactly where you stay and all you want is the best deal possible there's a feature within hotels calm and again this is not sponsored this is because I'm super frugal when I stayed in Virginia when I went to go visit a couple friends out there I wanted I didn't really care what it where it was that I was staying because it just did not matter to me and again that's the type of like position that I was in I know that this is not for everybody because sometimes you need to stay in this specific position or specific area it would give me a general area of where this hotel is going to be and the rated number of stars at this hotel and what it had to offer it did not tell me what Hotel is going to be all it told me was that these hotels normally sell for 159 and I could get it for $60 a night again it's a feature that called hot deals with in the hotel's comm platform again if you don't care about the area as long as it gives you this general area you're alright with the premise or the perimeter that it gives you and again that's something I could accommodate your lifestyle and really cut your expenses in half the other thing that I want to talk about is I like to use kayak and I like to use Airbnb for my travel on my trip to China we explored the different options for hotels calm we explored the different options for kayak but the best deals because we're traveling with five people Airbnb it's what worked best for that specific travel and again this is not something that's always going to be like a perfect road map for you because there's a lot of times that I have to bug it either through hotels.com or through Airbnb because of the kind of position that I'm putting if I'm there for a meeting I mean I have to be in a specific area then I want to make sure that I have really good Wi-Fi and I'm not sitting at a random person's house and not and become unfamiliar with kind of the amenities that it's going to include again if you have more specific type of things that you're going to want at your state and hotels are obviously you know the best alternative but if you're a little bit more relaxed and you don't mind staying with a couple of friends in a three-bedroom you know Airbnb and then it obviously makes sense just to put into perspective because five of us are doing and we're going to be going for seven days so we ended up booking a series of trips our first stop is to went to be Shanghai then we're going to be visiting Beijing and then we're gonna go back to Shanghai within those three destinations and the number of dates that were going to be staying in China per person it was under a hundred and twenty dollars so he has to do the math again it's five of us and were able to split the cost effectively and efficiently that accommodates our travel oh yeah now just recapping the three platforms that I talked about where hotels comm kayak and Airbnb again there's so many different platforms out there that you could become more familiar with that I would encourage you to explore if you have anything that you want to share again about what are the best applications or stop for us to use to find good areas to stay up you're free to comment down in the comment section now the last thing that I want to talk about the reason that I'm making this video is you don't have to spend always a ton of money B just because you do well and you want to travel I think one of the most beautiful things that we like to empower our following here in the tech book Solutions YouTube channel my youtube channel is that there's nothing wrong with being a baller on a budget and what I mean by that I'm just trying to make you guys laugh but it's really just empowering people to be proactive and to find good deals you work really hard for your money so why not just dedicate a little bit more time and effort and planning against something that normally not a lot of people do to save some money especially if you're gonna be traveling with friends family or just for fun one of the things again I wanted to give both options sometimes I have to travel for business and it's very short notice and I have to in a sense book somewhat more pricey flights and yes that sucks but when it comes down to something that's premeditated and planned why not just dedicate a little bit more time to prepare in advance right and make sure that you get the best deal possible you're aware of now how to book your flights how to book your hotels and how to have fun in the different areas in which that you can visit it just takes a little bit more time a little bit more planning to be a baller on a budget so again thank you guys again so much for watching this video I hope that it's a minimum I hope that this video save each and every single one of you $10 if you guys are looking forward to traveling this 2019 please give this video a thumbs up we really appreciate it again if you just would like to learn more about investment in the stock market we're the largest youtube channel out there we would love to be a part of your success only if you see down in it so feel free to browse around my youtube channel I have daily life videos I have my story videos and I have daily recap videos today as you guys can see right here I closed a little bit over five hundred and ninety dollars profit and it's something that I do every single day with our learn plan proper gift they get to watch the trade live and if you would like to stay connected for free join our free Facebook group the first link in the description we have over a hundred and ninety one thousand members and we would love to be a part of your success just to let you guys know we're also the largest Facebook group for those joining us in the stock market my car's gas continue working hard continue falling James let your passion to a giant success learn something new make someone smile today on like always let's make sure that we in the year 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5 Unique Money Saving Travel Tips and Tricks!

**5 Unique Money Saving Travel Tips and Tricks!**



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Here’s how to save money on and stay on your travel budget by saving money on luggage, hotel rooms, fees, seat selections, and all the little things that add up …