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TIPS | 13 Ways To Save Money on Groceries

**TIPS | 13 Ways To Save Money on Groceries**



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In this video are my favorite tips and tricks to save money at the grocery store! Save money and still eat healthy.
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hey guys today I'm going to share with you some tricks to save money at the grocery store I know all of you love my budget haul videos so I thought that you would appreciate knowing my secrets to saving money at the grocery store let's start with number one eat in season right now it's summertime and berries nectarines grape tomatoes yummy vegetables and fruits are in season right now and for that reason they are cheaper at the grocery store I also find that they taste better when you're actually eating them when their season appropriate number two coupons I'm not really into clipping out my own coupons but you do have the option to go onto coupons calm red plum calm there's a few other websites where you can actually go on and print out coupons for foods that you are already buying at the grocery store you can also go on to your favorite brands Facebook pages and sometimes they have coupons for you to print out there too 3 make a list duh but don't just make a list meal prep and create a menu if you do this you're going to know how much you need of each item so that when you go to the store you can get enough so that you don't have to do midweek trips that often include impulse buys so create a list create a meal plan and get after it number 4 don't shop hungry if you're like me and you shop hunger you buy everything the store everything looks good so before you go to the store eat a meal have a nice lunch have a nice breakfast and then go shopping before dinner there's always a million people there especially on Monday and Tuesday's and you end up buying way more than you need so eat a meal before you go don't shop hungry number five go generic some of my favorite foods to buy like Oh cereals frozen vegetables by buying the generic version you're really not sacrificing any taste or quality you're just going to save money so don't be afraid to buy generic number six is something I do I shop around I know what stores have the best prices so when I need to do some staple shopping I'll go to Aldi because I know that they are the cheapest there four other things I like to go to Trader Joe's for some of my sauces in different condiments and frozen vegetables and then there's hopefully taupe it's actually has some great deals on things but also same with Target Sean's stop and shop we all have different grocery stores and I liked shop around to get the best deals possible which brings me to number seven use your iPhone when you go shopping I love this new app called grocery pal you enter in your zip code and then it lets you know what the sales are at the stores near you so if you know you love to eat Greek yogurt you can go and see what store has Greek yogurt on sale that week it also will let you know if there are $1 great tomatoes when Aldi has this week near me $1 for grape tomatoes I wouldn't have known that if I hadn't downloaded the grocery pal app but you guys can download it it's free and you guys can save some money by checking in to see where some of your favorite products are being sold at a discount number eight buy in bulk especially when things are on sale now if you're worried about them going bad preserve them using either canning freezing or even drying if you have a dehydrator I love buying things in bulk especially meat when they're on sale because you can get them from cheaper prices and then I just put them in the freezer so each week when I figure out what I'm having I can take them out so that they saw number 9 buy your meats with the bone in or if you're buying seafood with the shell or bones still in if you buy chicken bone in it is way cheaper and it actually does taste better you have to roast it a little bit longer but just remember to take the skin off to remove some that excess fat you don't need if I were to buy shrimp at the grocery store without the shell it would cost me more money so take a few extra minutes yourself to buy it with the shell on and just do it yourself to save some money number 10 go vegetarian for some of the meals that you eat during the week beans are extremely affordable and so by factoring in a few vegetarian meals each week you are going to end up saving yourself some money number 11 avoid buying prepackaged foods or pre sliced produce grocery stores are charging you major dollars to do some of the dirty work that really doesn't take that much time so avoid buying the prepared and pre place number 12 pick a credit card that actually rewards you for shopping at the grocery store I have one that gives me points depending on how much I shop at the grocery store that month I then get to use those points to redeem for travel credits on my credit card statement so if I fly to California for work I can then use some of my grocery points to reduce that cost between like 100 and 200 dollars every credit card has a different rate as a different point system so shop around and pick the best one for you and the last one is to take bigger trips when you go to the grocery store when you go up to the register you might have a little sticker shock like oh my gosh I can't believe how much money I spent but I kind of mentioned this earlier by reducing the amount of times you go to a grocery store each week you're going to reduce the amount of impulse buys that you make at the store each time I go I'm guilty of this I at least five two or three things that I really didn't need but either I see them on sale or they look good or I'm in the mood and then I just end up spending more money than I needed to so by doing bigger grocery shopping trips each time you're going to reduce the amount of visits that you make and then reduce the amount of impulse buys and overall money that you have hopefully you enjoyed my tricks to save yourself some money at the grocery store if you're curious what a thirty dollar grocery haul looks like for meals for the entire week stay tuned to click on my thirty dollar grocery haul for the entire week see you guys soon you

$60 Aldi Grocery Haul | Budget Friendly Haul for Family of 4 | Frugal Living Food Haul

**$60 Aldi Grocery Haul | Budget Friendly Haul for Family of 4 | Frugal Living Food Haul**



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This weeks Aldi grocery haul is in collaboration with Carla Mackenzie, who is doing a Walmart grocery haul over on her channel, so make sure to go check her out!

If you’re new to my channel, welcome! We do a frugal living / budget grocery haul most weeks for our family of 4. I hope you enjoy and consider sticking around!

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Grocery Haul 2/4/18 | Frugal Living | Dave Ramsey

**Grocery Haul 2/4/18 | Frugal Living | Dave Ramsey**



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Trader Joe’s: $14.06
Aldi: $28.52
Fruitful Yield: $6.69
Total: $49.27

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hey everybody welcome back to my channel so this is a gross and this is my weekly grocery haul this is what I got a Trader Joe's there two items that are not showing cuz it took one – my parents and um the other ones like half empty I don't want to put it on camera but that was a sparkling Clementine that I usually buy but I do needed more butter this week some chocolate milk and I always get the Trader Joe's on almond milk it's 20 cents cheaper than the almond breeze one and I don't think and I still have one left over from last week and I don't think they have chocolate milk for Trader Joe's if they do I haven't seen it and so I wanted some chocolate milk this week so I bought some total spent at Trader Joe's is $14 and six cents so let's move on to Aldi alright here's what I got from Aldi and again it's pretty um Norma's this is pretty normal for what I usually get strawberries bread carrots like I said I've been craving bacon lately so I got some of that and this is actually garlic salt and I'm running low on that side to get some more I decided to just get two of the cinnamon crunch cereals I still have some of the honey crunch and oats left from last week plus I like the cinnamon crunch better I got some bananas and some potatoes and normally I get crackers from Trader Joe's but I decided to try some Aldi crackers this week I'm not sure it had to do price comparison these crackers were the pita crackers were a dollar ninety-nine so on the Left those savor its garlic and chives pita crackers for dollar ninety-nine and the snack crackers the savor its original buttery round crackers or a dollar forty nine I don't know the cost of the Trader Joe's crackers off the top of my head so I will need to look at those prices next time I go but I do think Ollie would be cheaper so I had one more stop a fruitful yield Oh Polonia total spent at Aldi it was $28 and 52 cents so that's around normal so I had one more stop at fruitful yield it so let me get that out and I'll be back okay so my last stop for today was fruitful yield and I only got two items I got some corn starch and I was actually gonna go I I was at all day I was looking for corn starch and I had to ask somebody they don't carry it anymore so I had to buy it from fruitful yield but it's not it was only 2 dollars and 87 cents which in my mind that was cheap doesn't I'm in my experience fruitful you'll tend to be a little bit more expensive and then my Parmesan cheese is three dollars and 67 cents and that's actually vegan Parmesan cheese dairy free so total spent at fruitful yield was $6 69 cents I forgot to get the cheese that I was gonna buy this week but I mean that doesn't really matter I didn't have any plans to use it it's just nice to have it in the house in case I decide to make something where I need it however the next time I go to fruitful yield I will get $5 off my purchase so they've got this program where you get points when you buy stuff like a loyalty program and when you reach a balance of five dollars or it's like 500 points then you get five dollars off your purchase so the next time I go I get five dollars off yeah so that was my grocery haul for this week I will see you all in my next video bye

CHEAP GROCERY HAUL | Money Saving Tips When Shopping at Food Lion

**CHEAP GROCERY HAUL | Money Saving Tips When Shopping at Food Lion**



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In this video I am showing you guys my awesome CHEAP grocery haul from Food Lion. I will be sharing money saving tips that I use when shopping at food lion and sharing with you guys the amazing deals they have going on right now. I scored a ton of groceries for UNDER $105.00 and am super happy about that. If you have any questions about any of the items I didn’t mention, feel free to comment and ask. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you can be a part of my YouTube family! Thank you for watching!

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everybody's welcome back I am so happy to have some more money-saving tips for you guys today on groceries I not want to put this many videos up so soon but I couldn't wait to share the amazing deals that I got yesterday at Sue's on with you guys so I wanted to go ahead and let you guys know check your food line ads breaks now they are having a deal now where when you buy two you get dessert item free on select items so this is regional how many stores at the end but it is excellent I'm going to go ahead and show you guys a haul of everything that I got in food line and then we'll come back and talk about some of the specials all right guys here is my massive food line haul I am so happy with this I'm just going to go through and show you guys what I got the string cheese was by sue to get the third one free and they were 2 for 6 so 2 bucks a bag then this Chobani yogurt over here was on closeout for 90 cents each and it doesn't go that until the end of July and then the craziness back here was actually on closeout for 60 cents a bag and they don't go back to like 2018 so check those out then the tasty cakes are buy one get one free cereal is buy to get the third one free then you just say I have some odds and ends milk etc the SunnyD was 2 for $3 buy to get the third one free so of bucks each on SunnyD that's a great deal and then I just got some sour cream some cheese's sausage that Sargento was on closeout for a dollar ninety eight and then the Chex Mix they were two four four by two get the third one free so all three of those for $4 you can tell I had a sweet tooth then the TGI Fridays they were two for six by two get the third one free then these Foster Farms frozen chicken back here was the deal of the day $5.99 a bag by two you get the third one free I popped the hole in this meat but it's okay I'm going to separate it but nine dollars and 45 cents for a little over three pounds of hamburger meat got some apples the hamburger helper was buy to get the third one free and they were on MVP for $1 18 each got some macaronis the tokino by sea to get a third one free they were cheaper 602 bucks a bag the craft was 2 for 4 by to get the third one free the orida potatoes back there we're also on the deals they were 2 for 5 by 2 to the third one free so cheaper than off-brand there's a scene fresh veggies over there for $1 each and I had a coupon for $1 off of 2 so $0.50 each is what I paid for those you cannot beat these deals you guys these were amazing amazing deals this week and I needed all the stuff suits and some stuff that I didn't mean then I'm just going to show you guys the receipt so you can see everything that I got and wow you guys it was a great great shopping trip I am very pleased with food lines to build this week all right guys we're back I showed you guys the hall I showed you guys an own review of the receipt and I have it right here with me the total spent was a hundred and four dollars and 15 cents and we saved $55 and 31 cents and that is an amazing still so I'm just going to go ahead and quickly go over some of the deals with you guys so you can kind of get in your head how much you can save now mind you I paired these with coupons and I also use my ibotta apps and with Food Lion and I bought it what you want to do is download the I bought an app go ahead and put your MVP cart in there and load your deals to the MVP cards that way whenever you go to sue Lyons when you use your MVP card it will load your deals within the next 24 to 48 hours that's when you'll get your cash back on there so make sure you do that before or while you're in the store so you don't miss out on those deals keep in mind that you need to look at your coupons because you're getting three items you can use three coupons some of the examples of this is the cereal was two for five dollars I had two different coupons one was $1 off of any toast crunch cereals and the other one was $1 off of any to General Mills cereal so I ended up getting all three boxes for $3 that is $1 each for name-brand general middle cereal and that is cheaper than the off-brand cereal so definitely look for these deals carry your coupons these stream cheese coupon for those but let's just go ahead and look at the seal it is two four six by two get the third one free it is already marked down on MVP because usually it is over three dollars a bag so you're getting them two four six then you're getting the third one free so that is two dollars a bag the biggest deal the reason I went was the bagged Foster Farms frozen chicken that was all different varieties and those were on MVP already for $5.99 a dollar cheaper than they usually are buy to get the third one free and that is an amazing deal and for someone like me I took for my family each and every night and nine times out of ten minutes with fresh meat but I love to see do like this because on busy weeks like it has in the past couple of weeks with doctor's appointments and this at the other it is nice to have some things that you trust a brand you trust the quality you can just throw those into the oven and have a meal ready in 30 minutes and tear those with the TGI Friday deals if they say going on and you guys have an Applebees grade meal now and do line is notorious for these types of deals they do the bites you get the third one free the stock and save with the five five save five so check your local ads check your food lines check all of your store ads every single week because this one crept up on me and I had no idea was going on if you don't have coupons let's go back to the cereal that would have been three boxes of cereal for five dollars so you're topping out at about a dollar $16 seventy four box which is still cheaper than the offering so you do not have to be a coupon cutter to save money on these deals you just have to go in your food line get an MVP card and take advantage of these deals and having two funds makes it all the better because you see how much that we save and that is a load of food to feed my family and we go into your food on right now guys if you have any questions on any of the items that you've seen in the hole that I did not mention leave them down below I'll be glad to let you guys know my systems and what I didn't think I will let you guys know does the third Lane website register yourself register your card and you can actually load coupons directly to your MVP cart and these are 100% the same coupons that you would get in the circular if you were cutting coupons out of a paper or if you're printing them on because then if you do not get a paper if you don't have a way to print two times you can just load those directly to your card from your phone or computer and they are ready to go and you will see those on your receipt as coupons hub savings and they'll be like right under the item and that's how you know that some money came off for that so if you guys like this video don't forget to give it a big thumbs up and subscribe on your way out I would love to have you guys as part of my YouTube family and that way you'll get notified every time I post a new video I will see you next time bye guys