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how to save money fast on a low income

**how to save money fast on a low income**



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Low Income Budget — A guide

It can be hard living for a family to live on a limited amount of income. While life may throw some hardships to make life move ahead, there are ways to be able to pay the expenses and get the necessities required for living. Here are some tips to learn how to live on a low income budget, and still enjoy a comfortable life.

 Life insurance is not only for the wealthy! On the contrary, a person with low-income need should also buy a policy just as a well-off person. There is no reason to postpone purchasing a policy even if one is on a low budget. The benefits of some low premium insurance policies offer a decent coverage and financial protection for the family. Term life insurance policy is a simple policy for tight budget persons.

 Household budget is a good practice for a low income family because a budget helps to give a financial picture of how the family is doing even when your financial picture looks the darkest. The income and the expenses need to be balanced. If the expenses are more than the income, expenditure has to be cut.

 The needs and wants of the family have to be distinguished. There are some obvious items are cell phones, housing, electricity, water, telephone, TV, groceries, education and other household expenditure. Entertainment should be a part of living, but decision should be made by enjoying at the minimal cost and by using discounts or free passes.

 In case, after reducing all expenses still the budget runs above income some steps need to be raise income. Working from home or taking up a part time work can be helpful to a certain extent.

 Cut back on the amount of energy you use in your home. Use energy efficient light bulbs, and always turn off lights after leaving a room.

 Shop at second hand stores for any clothing that your family may need and buy only what is required.

 Collect some money in a fun jar by putting in the small change… This money can be used to treat for dessert, dinner, a movie, or something that the family would like to have. While income may be low, you can still enjoy something fun and entertaining along with the life’s hardships.

Tips for low income budget

Distinguish between needs and wants.
Save a small amount regularly
Prepare and follow the budget Thanks for watching. Please help us grow.

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Hi! Blair with Professor Savings here, with tips
on living with a low income budget. It can be hard living for a family to live
on a limited income. But, there are ways to pay the expenses and
have all the necessities required for living. Here are some tips to learn how to live on
a low income budget: • Distinguish between needs and wants. • Save a small amount regularly. • Prepare and follow the budget. Read more tips on living with a low income
budget in the article below. And, be sure to subscribe to our channel for
more of the financial tips you need.

Practical Ways to Save Money

**Practical Ways to Save Money**



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Lynnette Khalfani-Cox aka “The Money Coach” says you don’t have to go
extremes to save money. Check out these smart and easy ways to save cash.

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Wow let me just let's talk about some practical things that people allow you these are the extremes people are not going to do nor do they want to but but you got some good practical exactly well a lot of what they seem to be concerned with is saving money and energy resources water especially so let me tell you a couple of things that anybody can do very practical very sanitary ways as well to really save first of all here's a little device called a faucet aerator it's a very simple thing that you put on a faucet in your kitchen sink in your bathroom it's very easy you just snap it on to the faucet head it only costs you like two bucks online but here's the thing this one little device can save you over five hundred and fifty dollars in five years the reason is because it has a it makes the water pressure that come out the exact same but a reduced amount of water comes out so you're really saving money with this a faucet aerator that's a great is very easy yeah now about the toilet just please let me tell something bout the toilet yeah okay hello so we've all seen we've all seen these you know these little things inside the the toilet that you have in the top part of the basin this is called a toilet flapper again very low cost only a buck to buy but the idea is that if you don't change these and you're not flushing very often so I often you're changing the toilet flapper you're supposed to change them once a year because it's plastic so it can break down very easily and cause you a leak that can make about 200 gallons a day literally in water but what does the flapper do it actually helps your it seals in the water okay and then when you flush the toilet it opens so that the water that you flush escapes okay but you want it to stay sealed most times okay but having a new one every single year is very important again it's only a buck online in home improvement store etc it'll save you a hundred and ten dollars we'll put links on our website to where to get these products you have another one is there a couple of other things too energy is a big one right you guys are talking about saving energy go to my energy com anybody can do this they do essentially a personal audit of your consumption your electricity your energy your water uses they'll even tell you how you compare versus your neighbors etc and give you tips on ways to save energy my energy luxuries because a lot of us want to money on groceries understand you don't have to dumpster dive you can do you can use a couple of really neat apps one is called get locavore and it's an app that'll show you about in your area of places where you can get local exactly food that's fresh and healthy and frankly a lot cheaper that's a really good way to save money and the last one I was going to mention is a plate an app called grocery IQ again it's a great one you actually scan the items you want right from your own home they put it in a barcode fashion they create a list for you and they'll tell you hey there's coupons on these if it's meat produce poultry vegetables whatever it is you want you can save money literally right from your home so there everybody wants to save money but you've got to do something that's sustainable that's healthy that won't crimp your lifestyle or hurt your relationships and your potentially you know upset other people in Gregg there are a lot of people who don't like the idea of their you know as you said you're paying good money for something brand new and you've been out running around in it that's not very understandable you know I realize if I want to date someday I'm gonna have to give up someday right I'm gonna have to you know change my way significantly but for now you know it's it's hard to impress girl there really is you know I mean you you have to have nice clothes you have to have you know all these things that really should come first and that's my biggest concern is I'm the well-being of others Israel not catching something right I'm sure they're waiting you can impress girls without Bill's expensive well yeah medically are we gonna succeed unless you find a woman like me I couldn't agree more I mean yeah but it's not unfortunately come up please

Free bids use two promo codes - Beezid.com

**Free bids use two promo codes – Beezid.com**



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52 Week Challenge *update* Week 34

**52 Week Challenge *update* Week 34**



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This is the update video for week 34 of the 52 week challenge!

Thank you so much to all of the viewers! I really appreciate the comments and support that you all give! It really means a lot to me and I Thank You for it!

I hope that at least one person finds this video helpful!. When I first discovered the 52 week challenge it really changed my way of thinking regarding money management. My goal is to help at least one person discover the same way that I did to learn how to save money, how to manage money, invest it in a better way, how to make money, or supplement your income, pay an extra bill, save for retirement,…all of these things we all think about, some more than others …

(to read more about my thoughts above, scroll down beyond this next section)

If you would have thoughts about any of the books or services that I have posted below, …please feel free to let me know in the comments section below so that we can all learn something of unique value that helps us all! I would be more than happy to share it with anyone!

As promised,… here are some products and services that you might find uniquely helpful! A portion of the proceeds from the products or services below go to support the channel. If you find any of these products or services unhelpful, please leave a thumbs down along with a comment. All feedback is appreciated!

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You can grab a bag to hold your savings in with this

The link to my first video update of the 52 week challenge is here

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….. ( continued from above section ) Money is a subject that we can all relate to…, we all have experience with it at some point in our lives and for some of us, a little more of it would certainly help go a long way.

If I could just figure out what this secret code is to unlock the cash flow….lol,

….I had discovered a glimpse of this secret code a few years ago when

you’re still reading huh????…

well comment below if you really want to hear the rest of the story and Ill do a video instead of typing it all out…
all right so what's up you guys so I'm doing my update video to the 52-week challenge and as you can see here I have a lot of ones you can probably guess by the bands that are wrapped around it how many ones there are and we're going to do a quick update so also I just like to say that my new favorite sound is the sound of money going through a money counter so if you guys know what that sounds like you probably will agree with me but that's why one of the sweetest sounds that you can get to your ears so anyway without further ado let's go ahead and get get on with the with the 52-week challenge update video all right look at that doesn't that look great alright so anyway let's get started alright you guys so so where were we we were updating the 52-week challenge video so um we are on week 34 so without further ado this is the part you guys want to see so we're going to start out counting alright so let's do it alright so we have week 1 like 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 all right so that's 34 weeks of savings alright so as you can see how to come upstairs and my bonus room to do this because it's quite a bit of money so anyhow as you can see if you start out from week one and continue to save each week even when you get down to to week 34 you're essentially saving 34 dollars that week 34 dollars that you wouldn't spend for whatever you're going to be doing so anyhow so next question is probably gonna be so how much is it all together alright so if you add up all your weeks one plus two plus three plus four and so on all the way up to week 34 you should have a total of five hundred ninety five dollars alright I have a chart as well to help me keep track of this so just give me one second and this is my chart here so I have you can see all your weeks if you guys want to pause and screenshot that you can certainly do that but you'll see on week 34 you should have five hundred and ninety five dollars so week 35 is coming up soon and you'll add another thirty five dollars to your pile and that'll put you at 630 so to be honest with you this takes a lot of work counting up all the money and lining it up and all that stuff but it looks cool it's got a good effect to it and these are all ones so anyhow this is what 34 weeks worth of savings looks like in addition to that this is 595 one dollar bills okay so also if you look at the chart again you'll see that when you get to your very last week week 52 you should have a total of thirteen hundred and seventy seventy-eight dollars so again this is the 52-week challenge update this is week 34 and I'm probably going to go a couple of weeks before I give another update video because again if this does take time to to count the money out and put it out and line it up and so on and so forth it's fun and also this room smells like money which is also awesome so that is the 52-week challenge and if you just if this is your first time hearing about the 50 week challenge if you'd like to check out my first video I'll put a link in the subscript in the description box below and you can check out the first video and that kind of explains what we're doing and how we're doing it and how you can basically get in the habit of saving money so that you can have a little bit of savings towards the end of the year without kind of stretching your budget so again this is the 52 week challenge this is 34 weeks worth of savings and this is the part where I clean it all up alright so we'll start the first week here that's always cool stack it all up all right I guess you'll get to see at the end what $595 and ones looks like stacked up in a pile come on settle down settle down all right all right League 30 what's the best part of the video right here alright and last but not least week 34 all right so that's five hundred ninety five dollars in once and you can see it's a handful of money literally so stick it in my trusty rusty piggy bank where Bank and as you can see stick this in here alright that's alright I'll fix this another time get in there alright alright you guys 50 week challenge so until next time see you guys later peace