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Cash Envelope Stuffing // July Paycheck #2 // Bills, Savings, and Sinking Funds

**Cash Envelope Stuffing // July Paycheck #2 // Bills, Savings, and Sinking Funds**



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Happy Friday, Happy Payday, and Happy Cash Envelope Stuffing Day, y’all! I am so excited to be stuffing my cash envelopes today and adding some money …





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Description Hey guys welcome back!! Budget with me, Dave’s Ramsey Zero Based Budget. So I’ve inspired to start budget. Track where I am spending the most …

Why We Don't Use Cash Envelopes & What We Do Instead

**Why We Don't Use Cash Envelopes & What We Do Instead**



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Lots of people swear by the cash envelope system but we don’t and here’s why. This video is sponsored by Fetch. Click here to learn more and start saving …

May | Cash Envelope Stuffing Pt. 1

**May | Cash Envelope Stuffing Pt. 1**



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Envelope Stuffings are my favorite! It is a great way to visual see the hard work you’re putting in to reach specific goals. Enjoy!

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hey everybody welcome back to my channel I'm doing my cash envelope stuffing for the month of May so I have all of my envelopes here as you can see I made a bunch of different ones and I didn't make enough so there are some odd balls of my old pattern but the new one is this like watercolor pastels sort of vibe going on and I felt like it was perfect for spring and instead of making labels I just wrote on the tops of each of them and so yeah these are my envelopes there is a ton and so they are basically all sinking funds I do not use cash for my groceries or anything like that I'm eating out etc I use that all on my card and I track it that way it just works best for me and I utilize these for special occasions birthdays clothes things like that and honestly it just works great for me so I'm gonna put these suicide really quickly I have pulled out believe it is two hundred and eighty-five dollars in cash so I have twenties 110 and then a ton of fives the reason why I have so many fives and 20s is because I don't go into a teller I typically just go to the chase ATM and it allows you to take out five dollar bills twenties and hundreds weird doesn't take lets you take out tens or fifties I was breaking change because I had more 20s so I was breaking changing my envelopes that's why I hid there is this like oddball ten dollar bill in here but I am just gonna put that to the side really quickly and then show you my sinking funds for last month so what I do is create my categories my starting plus minus and ending I have decided to do this twice a month this this set up here twice a month so one for my first paycheck and one for my second and that's because I'm adding money from each paycheck so what I used to do was create one for the month but then I'd have to look at those numbers and think okay I'm only putting half in now half later and it just got a little tricky this is telling me like this is exactly what I'm starting with for the month and this is exactly what I've put in so this is wrapping up the end of the month as you can see I did not spend a ton of money I spent my home decor I spent some on events Easter and then James birthday all of which are those two have past events I think it was some went towards like a tip for brunch and then something else and then home decor I had gotten some candles and these like mirrors to put up on my wall behind my couch but what I'm gonna do now is basically transfer my ending balances and putting them as my starting balances on a new sheet for the first half of May I didn't do totals I got lazy just keeping a row with you and then you'll see I had missed categories that's why this is like all funky but there's a section of them that do not I do not pull out cash for I keep them on a separate card I use a chime account and that's because things like my car maintenance and vacation those are things that like especially car maintenance I feel like if my car were to break down and I didn't have the cash on me like what would I do I mean I could use my cushion but I just like having the money readily accessible for car maintenance it's just how my brain works so those who do I transfer directly from my account over to my time account so those who do not get cash but everything else does and so I'm gonna go ahead and set that up no I'm gonna stick with that same theme that I had last month which is that last month my last video so the set up for Mays budget with this washy that I've gotten and I was doing kids before and I just am no longer doing that there's no like specific reason other than you know I just feel like I am budgeting right now and I don't want to spend money on stickers I do know I do know that the new Erin Condren planners are coming out that has been the talk of the town from all the videos and posts that I've seen and so I will plant I do plan and purchasing a new planner whether it be Erin Condren or not but I just would rather spend the money on the planner and have something like that that I can write in because I use the planner no matter what kids does that make sense first the stickers and I wanted to find stickers it's just right now I figured I don't want to really see I think what I will do is just write on the top and say like me Thank You friends and usually I take more time on this but I just don't really feel like doing that right now partially because it's just late I'm filming this like later in the evening and I'll just put like a number one and that's just to signify this is like the first half of my singing funds so then I really pulled out my pens not like last time where I ended up having like pause filming top them down I'm just gonna create this like yellow border where I can write category and I am NOT gonna focus on making this the most perfect like the straightest lines I'm just kind of liking this whole maid thing does that make sense alright you're still in frame you are okay good I'm gonna write category and before I make the mistake of writing the plus minus start and etc I'm just gonna write out the categories I would love to hear how many cash envelopes you guys have or if you even use them at all you know some people just don't not their thing and I I get that I respect that so I kind of wanted to do extra and draw lines in pink and I just feel like I'm really gonna regret that decision so I'm not gonna do it in pink I'm gonna do it in this color right here black for this color and hope for the best what do we see okay why don't I just make it that line that was a pretty straight line I'm kind of oppressing myself I'm right starting here it's got terrible crap what I'm adding I don't want to jinx myself because I feel like I'm getting hype over how good I'm doing and then it's gonna end up looking terrible in the end so I feel like I could have a little extra space in that end but this is not bad and then let me write totals here and then I'll put these totals okay so I'm quickly gonna write these in I'm just gonna like fast forward to that so I don't want this video to be eight years you guys are here for the level up stepping okay so those are and now i'm gonna fill in the numbers of what i'm adding for the month so i'll quickly do that as well okay so those numbers are in and then come just before my next paycheck i will fill in what i've spent and then that gives me my editing which is my starting for the next half of the month some people might think it's a little too much to do too but it's just four I'd prefer and so here it comes the moment we've been waiting for the actual envelopes happening the actual let me repeat myself envelope stuffing so st. Patrick's Day of getting another James birthday is getting and so let me actually pull my money out try to make this like somewhat decent looking let's see so you can hear my chair I'm just trying to set this up so James is getting ten you have Easter and that's getting nothing mother's day is getting 15 so 5 10 15 I'm like obsessed with these envelopes they are so good and if you're wondering this is just a pad of paper for Michaels and I used the outline of one of the budget mom's envelopes and just cut these out there's a video that I posted though of me doing that with the envelopes that she uses and then i google-searched found another shape tested it out and it worked just fine so if you want aren't interested go ahead and check out that video let's see Father's Day is getting 10 so 5 10 my birthday is getting 10 it will be a miracle if I don't mess this video up because I feel like every cash envelope something that I've done so far I have miscounted something so I hope that I have broken that curse mom's birthday $10 Canaan's birthday it's gonna be 5 dollars and the difference is depends on the difference in amount can depend on just like the timing like if there's a lot of longer time to someone's birthday than I have to put then I can put less in it each month that make sense Halloween is getting 10 the reason why I'm putting so much away for Halloween is because return of costume we might do like a family costume I thought this was a nice one cuz the orange for Halloween see Thanksgiving only 5 that's because we have a long ways to then and we don't host we're not gonna host Thanksgiving and like you know people are gonna make other things it's not gonna just come from us Christmas is gonna be if so that's 40 45 and 50 and look at this by putting $50 away every paycheck I am at four hundred and fifty dollars and you might be wondering okay well this is a lot of money to be storing in envelopes and you are raped and that's why I put them away securely in a safe and so it is not you know easily accessible for New Year's ten dollars and why am I putting so much away ten years now well we may wonder broader the future all right for New Year's why not Mario's clothes Oh nope Mary's birthday I'm sorry it's gonna be 40 so 2014 all facing different ways it's killing me so my eyes birthday is 40 it is getting late John I get my ass to sleep Valentine's Day is a five Amara's clothes will get 10 my clothes is gonna get 20 home decor will get 25 and then these are my old envelopes cause I didn't make enough so for family photo we're putting 10 for other birthdays we're putting 15 oh my gosh I actually fit this right for Abby first time this is absolutely amazing events 20 all my cash is going where it's supposed to go alright so that is it thank you so much for watching here is the hefty gobble ups I had where I need some around someone's birthday I'll keep the one on me just in case I'm out and I see something that they might like that's kind of how that works but this is it thank you so much for watching I hope you tune in to another video if you like this video please actually like it subscribe head over to my Instagram which is stuffs budget I was gone for a little while now I am back I hope you enjoyed have a wonderful day evening whatever time you are watching this thank you I

Episode 2: 2019 Money Saving Challenge - How to save money when you're BROKE

**Episode 2: 2019 Money Saving Challenge – How to save money when you're BROKE**



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Are you too broke to save money? Well, today we’re going to talk about where you can find extra money TO SAVE during this money savings challenge for 2019 without working extra!

Be sure to check back next week for the next episode of the series we’re going to be sharing how to find money to save when you’re low income or one income!

Thanks for tuning in! #debtfree2019! #2019savingschallenge #newyearnewmoneychallenge

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hey guys this is Bella budget Belgium welcome back to my channel so today we're going to be talking about episode two of the money saving challenge series so last week we just did a brief introduction of what the challenged about in the principle that will be below for you guys to print out so today we're going to be talking about how you can save some money when you're broke and you don't have enough time to you know pick up another job second third or whatever the case may be so I'm gonna give you guys some tips and tricks that I use in my own life that allows me to save more money effort looks effortlessly okay first things first that I usually do is I ask myself do I need it do I need it I sleep on it I take a while to sleep in and I sleep on it and I kind of let it just marinate so I absolutely need whatever it is that I'm thinking about or wanting and most of the time I don't so I end up saving money because I don't buy it um as you guys know this channel is a budgeting channel in a planning channel so you know I'm gonna talk about this you have to budget one way to save money guys is to know where your money is going by tracking your spending in expenses so if you want to follow along because I wrote a blog post about how 30-plus ways you can save money this month the link is in the description box and that's where I'm gonna be taking some tips and tricks to share with you guys today okay so as I was saying budgeting is absolutely vital in order to save money and pay down debt so tracking your spending is essential I recommend this free app it's amazing like absolutely amazing it's so a personal capital it lets you see all of your expenses student loans credit cards checking account for 1k accounts all of them all at once so you can have like a like a you know you can just see everything all at once I don't know you know anything okay so while budgeting when you're budgeting going over your current bills is vital sitting back and looking at three months prior how how was your spending gives you a rough idea actually could give you a pretty good idea of what your budget could be for the upcoming month and even an upcoming year so yes this one's very very serious because I have this issue my god so you guys know what I'm about to talk about maybe you don't but you will soon dining out I know it's a huge thing for us of Millennials we love going out to eat it's fun it's great whatever whatever but it is expensive in it's costly so if you can limit the amount of times you dine out and the amount of times you buy beverages out because buying coffee tea water soda beer a wine really can kill your budget if you can limit the amount of time you dine out and buy um purchase beverages out that can really really help you budget for example with the beverages right if you're buying a latte or water bottles on a daily basis that can easily be between four to six dollars a day if you do the math and you June that five days a week that's over $120 a month easy just right there and just in beverages so if you feel like oh my gosh well I'm too broke to save money I can't join this challenge because I don't make enough I don't have enough money but believe it or not sometimes just watching watching how you spend for a week you can find money to save so if you're our coffee drinker tea drinker beer wine drinker and you do that often if you can just scale Jaques just a little bit that will like to great things to your savings just scaling back a little bit you don't even have to stop if you can stop even better but if you scale back just a little bit it'll be amazing so get back to the dining out part to resolve that because we love going out to eat who doesn't it's fun you know you don't have to cook you don't have to clean you just order and boom food arrives you eat you're happy or what not what I am going to start doing in the month of February for our family is milk prepping by using a weekly menu so this is something I've ever done before but it's something that I would love to incorporate into our household because I feel I feel like oftentimes I get super anxiety about what we're going to have for dinner what we're going to have for lunch what we're going to eat period so in order to reduce that amount of anxiety that usually filled a daily basis I'm gonna sit down um with Daboo and we're going to figure out what we want to eat for the upcoming week and another token that can really help you guys out is by like planning out your menu rate for the week also while planning out that menu using your local grocery weekly ads to save some money there for example if they if you're meat-eater and they have the sterlin beef on sale this week for whatever they go for you can say we're gonna have sterlin be Tuesday and Thursday this week because it's on sale for $9.99 at the local grocery do you understand what I mean by that so you can definitely do that and the way to really do that is by having a menu a weekly menu and then sitting down and kind of like going over your local grocery weekly ads if you have time but in order to succeed at anything that you do in life you have to give it the necessary time that it needs I know sometimes you guys you know you don't have enough time to do a lot of things but if you're going to save if you're going to pay down debt you have to make the time for it the energy for so there's no going around it I know it's like oh gosh you want me to set up the menu and you want me to it's not easy but it needs to be done so that's what I'm going to be doing and I'll let you guys know how that goes for the next month and I hope it works out for us because I you know I've heard good things okay hmm oh this is a perfect one save around the home um saving around the home is that that that goes up for anybody whether you live in a tiny house an apartment a mansion or a boat you can save some money around your home um one way to do that for cross the board for everyone is turning off unnecessary lights which will then reduce your utility bill which would then save you some money that you can then apply to the savings challenge or pay down some debt turn off the laptop of computer if you're not using them just close them down unplug them off of the outlet don't have them sitting in there all day because that sucks up energy hang clothes to dry instead of using the dryer if you have a wash and dry at home and certain things actually recommend that you you know naturally dry anyways so they'll you know that could work out like certain sweaters you don't want to dry them in the dryer you wasted a it all I shrink and and they don't look as pretty as they used to oh this one is huge because you know we love our Netflix or Hulu or gym membership or spa membership whatever the case may be you know we love and we we got a habit but definitely cancel unnecessary and unused subscriptions if you're not using it get rid of it period cancel cable I can't stress that one enough cancel cable cancel it get rid of it you don't need it you probably don't spend enough time at home to even enjoy anyway so definitely cancel that cable because canceling that cable average cable bills now I think are about 150 I'm gonna say cuz I haven't had cable only 7 or 8 years so I've been I'm gonna say 150 so if your cable bills 150 a month times 12 that's $1,800 so you're saying bill I don't have any money to save I can't come I can't say $5,000 this year I can't favor thousand dollars this year look just by canceling cable that's canceling cable that's it you know so if you can do that with just canceling cable think about what you would could do canceling the gym that you don't use and canceling you know other softwares that you don't need because they're unnecessary staples $5,000 right there so just so basically just look around your house look around the things that you have like hmm hmm what am i spending on that's unnecessary and before you know you will find the money that you need to save whether it's a thousand dollars two thousand three thousand five thousand ten thousand even twenty five thousand dollars you can find that money because you're probably spending somewhere that you don't need to spend at so yeah cancel cable sorry cable companies you guys had your run but you know we got a say for retirement we got a safer ask um our kids college there's that needs to be done so cables not one of them oh this one's I don't know how many of you guys use cash on a regular basis but this one's a huge one ATM fees try to avoid ATM fees late they're like three dollars sometimes even ten dollars a pop so um either do cash back at your local grocery store that's usually free over there I think Walmart does it for free so there's a Walmart pretty much every state I believe right so um yeah limit ATM usage because that's money you don't get back you know I don't know how many tips I just shared with you guys but I think it's more than enough for you to get the ball rolling just by cable alone it's 1800 hours and I know with limited beverages that's about a thousand dollars a year so we're already almost at three thousand dollars just with two things so imagine if you take all of these tips that I just mentioned and you do them you will have so much money um so yeah so the question of the day is going to be what are some things that you cancelled in the past that has allowed you to save money and how much did you say let me know down below and let's get talking and chatting so this was Bella Bella Bella comm this was fun until next time be sure to tune back in for next week on episode 3 where we're gonna talk about how can you how to live on one income if you're if you're someone that's living on one income um and how to budget for couples so until next time cut see you later this was Bell this was fine um yeah and the natural hair ladies out there any tips on how to get my supress looking a little bit more fuller because I have 4c hair when it's like you know in its natural state but when I get up still press or wash and set or blow out its it looks then and I I guess I want to take it up so until next time thank you for joining me today umm oh yeah let me share my books with you guys so I picked up some books from the library and my sister said she started reading this but this one's called habit why we do what we do in life in business so this should be interesting I picked up Tony Robbins unshakable your financial freedom playbook and since I read the Total Money Makeover and you really helped our family out immensely I decided to pick up the legacy journey by Dave Ramsey all from my local library I didn't I didn't buy anything cuz the one of the goals that I have going for is not buying any books because I noticed that you know you buy you don't finish reading it interests it's on the shelf but someday I do want like a like a beautiful library but right now as we paid out that and um get rid of some stuff that's not my focus but until next time guys thank you for joining me like I said oh I forgot I had oh yeah the science of getting rich alright I must say I I'm not really enjoying this one that much I felt like it it had more to offer than it did to real until next time bye guys