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Roof Dormer Costs - Building Design Money Saving Tips

**Roof Dormer Costs – Building Design Money Saving Tips**



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Click on this link to learn more about construction architecture and home building. Watch this video to find a few different ways to cut building costs and save a few dollars, while designing a new building. I realize that some things look great and really at a lot of character to a building, but these things also increase your financial burden, especially if you’re the owner. If you’re looking for a few more tips about home design or construction, visit the few of our other websites and watch a few more of our videos.
here's another architectural design money saving tip that you should be aware of if you're building or remodeling and what we're looking at here is a roof dormer and they could be costly the building you're looking at here has about 20 of them on the roofs and it's a commercial property of course a little shopping mall and they look great I have to say that they do look nice but people are still going to come to this to the shop and they're still gonna buy stuff whether these things are on the roofs or not but you as the Builder need to realize a few things and then of course is these things can be costly I would imagine that the bare minimum you could that you could build something like this for it would be about a thousand dollars but I would imagine that's the minimum minimum probably more like between three and five thousand dollars to build one of these now like I said this thing has about 20 of them on there you're looking at between forty and sixty thousand dollars to build these things then that money can be used elsewhere or could actually go into your pockets so if you're a builder try to point this out to the designer or the architect do we really need these things on there and if you're an architect or designer make it aware to the property owner that these things are going to add a couple extra bucks to the building and so again just want to give you guys an idea when you're designing a building or planning on building a building maybe you're gonna build your own building things like these cost money and realistically if you don't need them you want to save a couple bucks get rid of them I mean let's face it people are still going to come and shop at the stores or visit your building with or without these on the roof another thing is – sometimes these things can create roof leaks which eventually are going to add to your roof repair bills in the future

How to drill, plug and screw into a brick wall

**How to drill, plug and screw into a brick wall**



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A basic but very common DIY job is to drill, plug and screw into a brick wall so in this video I show how I do it. If you would like to help to fund this channel and …

How to Build a Website: Squarespace 7 Pt 3 DISCOUNT Code for Paid Sites

**How to Build a Website: Squarespace 7 Pt 3 DISCOUNT Code for Paid Sites**



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Just a short mid series tutorial to help you save some money as your free trial runs out and you have to pay for your Squarespace site.

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hi and welcome to the latest tutorial by cooler and motorsport on how to build a square space website so firstly apologies for the wait from the first two parts we've been pretty busy preparing our electric vehicle for a world record attempt we are going to try and drive as far as possible on a single battery charge that's really put us behind on creating our own website which I was showing you the steps before and as a result my free trial has elapsed so I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you how to upgrade your site to a purchase site and also to use a discount code that I know of to get yourself a temp cent discount so I'm just going to go and log in so once we log in we're going to see a little bar come up at the bottom telling us that we've run out of our trial there you go so expired account so it still allows me to access the website and see the point that I'd gotten up to but you'll notice that pages has um has disappeared from the side here and so i need to actually subscribe to open all these um that access back up again so click fix now now you've got two different plans in u.s. dollars I'm going to convert it to us u.s. dollars or urine and gives you two different options so either twelve dollars per month build annually or eighteen dollars per month for the twelve dollar one it's great if you just want a landing page or if it's just showing yourself off like a resume does offer ecommerce but you've only got twenty pages and two contributors whereas with our business you've got unlimited pages it's optimized for mobile you've got a custom domain it's only a two percent transaction fee rather than three percent and in the United States they'll help you set set yourself up with um Google Apps for work and a hundred dollars of google adwords here it says the offer is only valid in US and canada so we'll select 18 dolls now you can pay monthly but with the annual payment is really nothing to lose you save thirty-one percent and you will get a prorated prorated our refund if you cancel halfway through the year so without having to go through and put my payment details in i'll show you firstly the discount so it's two hundred sixteen dollars at the moment down here click on enter an offer code it's actually quite hard to see and type in GI mmm a ten give me ten apply and you'll see now goes to one hundred and ninety-four dollars 40 so just saved ourselves temp sent for the initial payment and you can actually get a further discount if you're a student so using an educational email from a verified or institution such as my university will get you fifty percent off the cost of hosting your website on Squarespace to do that um try and use your student email when you're doing the trial and then when it gets to the end hopefully it will come up saying that they recognize your university or school and then it will send you a verification email once you've done that you'll get your fifty percent discount so that's it for today pretty short video i just thought i'd show you how to upgrade your site get a bit of a discount at the same time and as i get a little bit more time we'll finish off our website and help you with yours all right join us next time and don't forget to like and subscribe for more helpful tips