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The Points Guy: This Is The Best No-Fee Credit Card

**The Points Guy: This Is The Best No-Fee Credit Card**



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Brian Kelly, founder and CEO of The Points Guy, recommends the Chase Freedom Unlimited if you’re looking for a credit card with no annual fee. With this card, he says, you can maximize rewards and minimize costs.

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Kelly, who has 25 credit cards himself, typically steers clear of no-fee cards. They “generally offer less perks,” he tells CNBC Make It. Compared to cards with a fee, they “may not be the most lucrative in the long-term.”

But “if you’re dead set on a no annual fee card, I would recommend the Chase Freedom Unlimited,” he says.

The Freedom Unlimited offers 1.5% cash back on all purchases, which is “a decent earn,” says Kelly. It also offers 120-day purchase protection and extended warranty protection.

What Kelly particularly likes about the card, though, is that you can also earn your rewards on this card in the form of points. That will come in handy if you ever upgrade to a premium Chase rewards card that has an annual fee, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve, because you’ll be able to pair them.

“Here’s the deal,” explains Kelly: “If you get a card like a Chase Freedom Unlimited, those points are technically cash back, but, if down the line you get a Sapphire card, you’ll be able to transfer those cash-back points into your Sapphire points … and you can get a ton of value.”

If you end up combining your points across your Chase cards, you’ll have great redemption options, says Kelly: First, you can use them to book travel through the Chase travel portal. With the Chase Sapphire Reserve, every point you redeem on travel is worth 1.5 cents. That means its 50,000-point sign-up bonus can have a value of $750.

With the Sapphire Preferred, points redeemed on travel are worth 1.25 cents.

“In either case, you’re already getting more value per point than the 1 cent each you’d get by redeeming them for cash back,” TPG explains. Chase also offers 13 transfer partners, so you can trade your points in for United MileagePlus miles, for example, and find a seat in business class.

In general, if you’re new to points and miles, Kelly says, “starting off with a no-annual-fee card from one of the big banks, like Chase, is a good way to at least get your foot in the door.”

You can build up valuable travel points with the no-annual-fee card, and then, he says, if you switch cards, you’re going to be able to “upgrade those points to get as much value out of them as possible down the line.”

Whatever credit card you settle on, make sure you pay off your balance in full every month. Otherwise, the interest you end up owing by carrying a balance could negate the value of any points, benefits or cash back you earn.

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The best no-fee credit card, according to The Points Guy | CNBC Make It.
So for starters, if you're
dead set on a no annual fee card, I
would recommend the Chase Freedom Unlimited. It offers 1.5 points on everything you
spend, so you don't have to worry about
all these categories and that's a decent earn. But here's the trick:
when you see the light down the road of
getting a card with an annual fee, if
you have Chase Freedom Unlimited points and then later
on you get a Sapphire, you'll be able
to transfer those cash back points into
your Sapphire points, which can then transfer
out to airlines and you can get a
ton of value. It's good to build
a relationship with the big banks and then
later on have those points that you can then
upgrade to the more valuable points program
within that same bank. When it comes to no
fee cards, I know they're easy to get, but there's
a saying, "Cheap is expensive." And what I mean
by that is the no annual fee cards
generally offer less perks and less
valuable earning. So sometimes you have to
look at your spend and how much you're going
to spend in a year and look at the annual
fee and see if you're gonna get value
from those perks. And there's no easy way
to do it, but look at the card and
there's a lot of unadvertised perks that can
save you tons of money. So whether that's
saving money on checked bags, free in-flight
Wi-Fi and also purchase protection, use a
card that offers purchase protection. I bought a expensive winter
coat and lost it in Iceland. Long story, it was
an accident, but AMEX, because I used an
AMEX platinum card, immediately took the
two thousand dollars right off of
my statement. Sometimes it may make sense
to use cards for big purchases that
offer purchase protection over earning a couple
extra points per dollar. So it takes a
little bit of time to look at what your goals
are and what you're going to spend money on
and make sure you're aligning it to cards that
offer you the most value back. I'm not saying that cards
with no annual fee are bad. I'm just saying they may
not be the most lucrative in the
long term.

Who actually pays for your credit card rewards?

**Who actually pays for your credit card rewards?**



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Here’s why you’re paying for credit card rewards — even if you use cash. Help us make more ambitious videos by joining the Vox Video Lab. It gets you …

‘Points Guy’ Explains How To Get The Most Value On Airline Tickets, Flyer Miles | Megyn Kelly TODAY

**‘Points Guy’ Explains How To Get The Most Value On Airline Tickets, Flyer Miles | Megyn Kelly TODAY**



View Time:7:50Minutes



Brian Kelly of website The Points Guy joins Megyn Kelly TODAY with tips on how to get the most value out of your airline bookings and frequent flier miles. Among his recommendations: Use Google Flights to find the best flight deals, and book through foreign websites (using Google Translate) to save money. Also: Be nice when talking to travel personnel – it can pay off!
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‘Points Guy’ Explains How To Get The Most Value On Airline Tickets, Flyer Miles | Megyn Kelly TODAY
Kelly it's great to have you here today we have got one of the most famous mentalists in the country owes Perlman this guy is going to blow your mind and make you believe in psychic powers plus Elizabeth – Elizabeth High School she's gonna be here with some New Year's Eve cocktails for you maybe a hangover cure as well we'll see and low cash is gonna be performing live fire miles yeah and and have no idea how to cash them in no idea I feel like they make it intentionally hard you know with so many airlines travel websites blackout dates restrictions of up about using those points can be very confusing and here to help us get a little bit more bang for our travel bucks is Brian Kelly he's the CEO and founder of the website come on over first of all do you believe as I believe that is by design that is so hard to cash in those points it is hard to cash in the points but definitely not impossible I mean I I think this year I've saved $70,000 on flights just by redeeming for her Wow that's it anyone can do it too I mean I think the thing is people just give up you know people think oh I can never use my points but you can and they're so valuable all right number one you say that there's some website that can really help us what's that well I think so there's two different things I want to talk today one is saving on airfare right because even if you don't have points who hates paying too much money to the Airlines for airfare right so the biggest thing and searching for airfare so there's just a website it's free I'm obsessed it's called Google flights and what Google flights will let you do who here has ever been like I just need to get away I don't care where it like if it's freezing cold you're like I just need to get to a beach so Google flights has a map feature where you can say ok I'm leaving from Chicago and it'll show you all the cities where you can fly and the prices that you can go so you may see a city in Florida that you've never been to and my tip is go somewhere new go don't you know don't keep going to the same old spots that are really expensive even Puerto Rico it's back up for business it may not be exactly what it was but let's support Puerto Rico you [Applause] also say I know that we should we should try booking on on foreign websites is I would have websites for an airline so this is the crazy thing ok so here's this is like an insider tip and it may take a second to wrap your head around it but there are websites the u.s. dollar is really really strong right now so if you book in foreign currencies so here's an example say you want to go to London New York to London on Norwegian air so they fly to tons of places where we just like one of the top like expanding Airlines in the u.s. they've got really cheap fares so it's three hundred ninety dollars if you booked in US dollars if you click that your country is Norway and it will change the website into Norwegian you can save 20 percent by paying in Norwegian Crona and this is totally legal like this is totally legal people always like trust me done it so literally a $390 ticket drops instantly same exact flight to 322 do you navigate the language Oh Google Translate it's actually pretty simple it sounds crazy but it's like saving money it's like putting you know it's like saving 20 percent that is very good to know yeah all right what about the the dreaded non-refundable ticket okay that you know you're gonna lose money if you can't no but sometimes you have to cancel so here's the thing with airline tickets so the airlines are gonna charge you $250 to change your ticket it could be more than the actual price I've actually called the airline they're like you owe us money to cancel the ticket right I refuse but what I've done is so I booked flights all the time never if you know your tickets gonna get cancelled wait because if there's even so the airlines can change the schedule around they do that all the time even if they change the schedule by five minutes you can call and be like no that five-minute change doesn't work for me and they'll refund you so then if there's a but you're playing the odds and you know you have to cancel you're not gonna show your trip you're betting that they're gonna do so if you're gonna cancel and lose all the value you've already lost so watch that flight if there's a big Blizzard coming you can call and say hey there's this Blizzard coming do you mind canceling and you would be shocked and especially I mean my main tip today is be nice if you're a jerk I mean that's in life right but you would be I've called airline agents you know you charm them a little bit and you just say look I know today's been crazy for you but if you ask it never hurts to ask and the same thing in the airport like if your flights cancelled I know you want to just scream at that person and I see it all the time but the nice people win if you're actually nice to those people who work so hard they don't get paid a lot of money and trust me they don't want your flight to be canceled you know so change your mindset and you can get that last seat on the next one time my husband and I are checking into a hotel with our kids our young kids and they had given away our room even though we had paid already for the night in advance we'd already paid and we had so we have three little kids we don't know where we're gonna go what we're gonna do and I got a little rude with the woman who was rude with me she was not apologetic and eventually they found us some other room whatever so we went to a room it was good we got in I went back down I said I'm sorry I just dressed out my three kids and I didn't mean to be and then she was nice it was like I felt better and she felt better sometimes you know you you're better angels aren't there when you need them and then they come they come later it doesn't matter who you are hotels can still walk you from that's what we call it in the industry you're getting walked so if you're checking in late at a hotel always call and say hey I'm checking in late because that's the day goes on they think oh this person's not going to show up let's charge someone else let's talk about points yes points because that's what I don't know how to catch them and it's overwhelming to me yes so points you need to think of points as currency right so when you fly everyone here like put your frequent flyer count on your flight right so then a lot of people I'm not saying you're a points hoarder a lot of people have poison that's what we call people who have crew points and then never use yes but points are really valuable and the thing is there's a lot of myths around them people think they can't use them they won't even check but even when you check an airline websites you use your miles airline websites lie that may come as a shock but they're not showing you all of the award availability so airlines have partners so they have alliance partners and all these other partners but the systems don't talk to each other so if you're searching on a certain airline website to go to Hong Kong you know there may be an Asian carrier that has award availability but it doesn't show up on that Airlines website how do you figure that get up and call I know it's crazy to think about in this day and age calling an airline but being nice and calling an airline and specifically say can you please search on partners and here's the crazy search on partners so call up and say I would like you to search I'm trying to go to Hong Kong can you search on your partner and as nice as you are and the more information you can give them so if you do a little bit of research and you know who those partners are to begin with and here's the kicker when you book using miles on partners it's always at the lowest level possible so that's another reason why you think well why aren't the airline systems talking to each other because they don't really want you to know that it's the cheapest using arrows so I think what we've learned here today is you should probably have a glass of wine before you make a call you should put on some good TV to ride you through the three hours it's gonna take to get through it and maintain you happy yes thank you so much that's really helpful yes thank you I appreciate it hello today fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking that button there and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives