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How To Stop Spam Calls and Texts | This Morning

**How To Stop Spam Calls and Texts | This Morning**



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Martin Lewis explains the best way to get rid of spam calls and texts.
it's one of our biggest bugbears mountains of unwanted messages and post arriving through our letter boxes and inboxes every day so just how can you put a stop to it all matters here with them spam busting tips guaranteed to lighten your load let's start off with those nuisance phone calls yeah so lots of people get phone calls they don't want and it's very difficult to stop them and it drives people up the wall now the way that you stop this the official way is the telephone preference service many people will know about that on their landlines 83% of people have signed up to it so you sign up to it you can do it online you can call them on your landline and then takes 28 days to activate after that it's a criminal offense for legitimate EU companies to get in touch with you if you haven't requested that they do say what most people don't do though is sign their Mobile's up only 3% of people sign their Mobile's up so a few weeks ago they launched a new number that you could text now the first one they launched charge people when it shouldn't so there's another one now that it's meant to be totally free let me know if you do get charged for it you shouldn't be if you are charged it's gonna be 12 P so let's not let's not go overboard on this type thing and that number is 8 509 5 and you add TPS just those letters and then your email address because they need to legitimize that it is you and then your mobile number will be on the telephone preference service too but note what I said legitimate EU companies that means companies from outside the U u can call you and that means scammers from inside the EU will call you and as in two years time everyone can query well we're not sure what will happen yet on that we don't know where we'll go I suspect you're right that would be my guess on that but there's a couple of things you have to understand first of all if some scammer gets your number and once you're on their database they're gonna keep calling you if they don't care about the TPS then that will feel like the TPS isn't working the other thing and this is what people find you know you do those online forms and it says tick here if you want to opt out but one might say tick here if you want to opt out and the one underneath it will say tick here if you want to opt in and the next one else so they make it very confusing if you tick one of those boxes then you've given them permission to get in touch with you even on the TPS so many people say how can this companies getting in touch with me I'm on the TPS because you ticked a box and you might have thought you were ticking a box to say no when you ticked a box to say yes so you've got to be careful in those but if someone calls you and you're on the TPS from the telephone preference you say I'm a member of the telephone preference service you shouldn't be calling me and legitimate companies will go away that works for text as well as text is somewhat different because okay the first warning on text this gets really confusing if a legitimate company texts you when you don't want the text you text back stop and that should stop them if an illegitimate spam attacks you texting back stop tells them that you're a real mobile phone number and will often mean you get more spam not less so legit companies you want a text stop illegitimate companies you don't want a text stop and you if you don't know the company you've got to assume it's illegitimate so if you get a spam text this is the number to remember 7 7 to 6 it spells spam on most alphanumeric keyboard 7 7 to 6 forward your spam text to that with the phone number that called you what that does is it goes into a database and enough people forward the numbers then they they get blocked so we all have to work together to stop this but also then block that number on your mobile phone and if one is continuing to pester you get in touch with the Information Commissioner and you look at it specifically but we've all got a foreword to seven seven to six don'ts don't reply stop to illegitimate companies or companies you don't know we will put all these numbers on there on there also when

How Can I Save Money On My Bills? | This Morning

**How Can I Save Money On My Bills? | This Morning**



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Martin Lewis offer’s financial advice to callers.
Dominic says how can I save money on my gas and electric bills on playing 200 pounds each month on gas electric I'm struggling how can I save their money for Chris well 2,400 pounds a year is over double what you would expect to pay on average two things you need to do one make sure you're on the cheapest bill seventy percent of people aren't on average people are overspending by twenty thirty percent I think you could probably cut six hundred pounds a month off that by going to do a comparison to move yourself from a standard TAF which is what I'm guessing you're on seventy percent of people are to the cheapest on the market do it now before winter gets here and frankly with the exchange rate issue that never would have read about prices going up I i would give you 5050 odds on sometime around late December January being announcements of energy price rises so you want to go lock in a cheap deal now and most people are massively overpaying so if you're on a standard tariff typical average standard tap is 1060 a year cheaper still on the market 760 you're over double that so double the saving and then go and look at your energy efficiency as well walk around the house see what you're using that you shouldn't be using have you got draught excluders where they should be are you making sure you're switching the energy off warmth is probably the most important lag tank all of that go through all of that but I suspect you're on the wrong tariff go and do a comparison on an off Gemma proof comparison site 600 quid bang a year save like that okay

What's the Best Savings Account for Students? | This Morning

**What's the Best Savings Account for Students? | This Morning**



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Martin Lewis offers financial advice to callers.
hi Jamie hi Marsha I just got a quick question I'm two years in the progress of my degree I've got one year left and I'm basically looking to Bank a lump sum of money into a savings account and then continue doing that after graduation so that I can get a house deposit can you recommend like a specific type of savings account that will benefit me as a student you either want to help to buy ice ax or a lifetime icer they both work in the same way that any money you put in there gets a 25% bonus added on top so if you put a grand in when you come to buy your first property issue and you've never owned a property before you'll have 25% added on top you can put less in a help to buy ice ax 1200 pounds in month 1 than 200 pounds a month in after that more in a lifetime I saw 4000 pounds the big difference in a help to buy ice ax you can get the money out whenever you want and you don't pay a penalty in a lie sir a lifetime aye sir you'd lose 6 percent if you took the money out for anything other than buying a house so that's the big difference and you have to wait a year before you buy a house with a lie superb that's not an issue for you if you definitely go to buy a house with it open the life so the only problem is their only investment lysis stocks and shares ones at the moment Skipton Building Society in June we'll be opening the first saving slicer I'd probably wait til that once that sake when I put your money in there if you've got 5 grand you can put 4 ground in in the first year at the end of the year you'll have an extra gram from the government put the next grand in the year after that and basically 25 percent added to whatever you save go do your reading on it though it's a bit complicated but it'd definitely be life time I saw helped by ITER no question no brainer in that scenario thanks Jamie Jamie cute

Martin Lewis' Advice For Avoiding Scams | This Morning

**Martin Lewis' Advice For Avoiding Scams | This Morning**



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Martin Lewis explains how to avoid being scammed.
we've got Martin Lewis is our money expert and Martin there are some things that will never happen when you are approached yeah I mean this is known as courier fraud in' and you've been so brave cyril because this is very common that i'm afraid and it's a call from Scotland Yard or the police or HMRC or the police or even morning my name is being used people are calling up using my name to defraud people as well you can imagine how I feel about that having spent a years building a reputation to try and be trusted that these scum try and use my name to defraud elderly people look there are things you need to do they're not going to call you and ask you for your password no bank ever does that no official organization ever does that plus then this is where it gets really tricky one of the things they sometimes do is they say now call up to check the it's official but they don't put the phone down so you put your phone down and you pick up think your redialing and they go hello and they're still on the line with somebody else on there to make you think it's official so what you need to do is put that phone down call back on another phone and you always cut if you can you check and if you're not sure and you don't know how to do this speak to somebody who knows if you know and speak to a friend who may be able to help you out here you need to go and whoever the organization is go and call their official number they will never mind if they are official if you say I need to put it down and check that you really are who you say you are going find Scotland Yard's number you know call up Scotland Yard yourself on a different phone do it properly nobody else ever should be asking for your password or asking you for money and the idea that the bank is in on it too it is you know it's very plausible and I understand why you believed it and many elderly people are being targeted so there's a responsibility for all of us to make sure they know about it there are some elderly people who actually believe scammers more than their own family and there's a wonderful charity called think Jessica that deals with that that is worth looking at but we just have to get the message around that there are lots of people around the country now trying to do this with elderly people and the banks also find it very difficult because if Sarah wants to take his money out well they can't stop stealing his money out and they ask the right questions they did the right things in my money and mental health charity at the moment we're looking at how without going to power of attorney you have an intermediary who could just be alerted that this is happening before it happens just someone else to say yeah this is fine don't worry or hold on what's going on here it's a it's not the fact that it always necessary you know some 91 LT gentlemen it happens to people we've had people here have been in their twenties thirties forties and fifties golden who are more trusting and who are less sophisticated with the technology that's an overgeneralization and there are some people who are you know who work it well but tends to be the much older generation haven't been used to the way the technology works yeah and come from a different type of background brave you've spoken out about this and there will be people watching this today that you would have helped today just by telling your story yes by all well you've been brave your whole life here because we we spent in the commercial break before we spent a good couple of minutes having looked through your incredible medals of the medals of bravery than LaShonda nair from france all sorts of things burma and so work so you remain a very brave man because of what you're doing now so thank you for what you did then and thank you for what you're doing now I hope I can get that thing over to people that they'd must be very wary of everything they do thank you I said if they will defend me or just easy in hindsight well thank you thank you Amy it's turned out all right in the end thankfully well thank goodness being here will help other people as well it's a very big thank you to all those people who don't did donate the money yeah I thank you all well some charities going to really benefit from that yeah thank you thank you thank you yeah

Should I Stick With My Help to Buy ISA? | This Morning

**Should I Stick With My Help to Buy ISA? | This Morning**



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Martin Lewis offers financial advice to callers.
hi Gemma hi this is I sir help you would like yeah yeah am i open to help to buy i sat in february and i paid in a lump sum and then shouldn't have been paying in months where when I heard about the lifetime I saw and I've been told that it's best to use the lifetime access to buy some bits on whether to switch over to that one I was doing my road trip for my show last few days and that's the number one question I've been getting from people helped by a lot eisah verses lifetime I said and it's complicated so let's go put money in both of them if you're a first-time buyer under 40 lifetime I sister under 40 helped advice for anyone and they've both that 25% on top when it's used towards a mortgage deposit so the amount that you get out of them is similar there helped by I so you can put less in a year 3,600 in the first year and it must be done by the month 2400 after that the lifetime icer 4000 pounds so if you've got more money lifetime I see as a winner lifetime I see you can also buy a house worth up to four hundred and fifty thousand anywhere helped by ice are only 450 in London 250 outside of London so on the surface the lifetime ice is looking a lot better here and you put four thousand in a year but here's the two issues with the lifetime icer number one when you put money in it you have to have had it open a year before you can get that bonus towards your house their help to buy I see you sounds like you've already got enough you can use it tomorrow so if you're not back are you planning to buy within the next year not in the next year now okay so you're okay in a lifetime I so the second thing you can take your money out of or help to buy a house or whenever you want no penalty take your money out of a lifetime i sir you take an effective six percent hit it's complicated why just go with me so you take a hit to take you money out or you definitely double definitely no questions going to buy a house yes within the next couple of years yeah if you're going to buy a house within the next couple of years then I would transfer your help to buy money into the lifetime aye sir while the rate is lower and just a check you can put over the two thousand four hundred in a year can you yeah right in that case put your money in a lifetime I say it you're gonna be able to put more money in while the interest rates skipped and building societies the best here at half a percent Barclays is two point two seven percent and the help to buy i sir but while the interest rates lower the fact you can put more money in outweighs it and as long as you've got more than a year and you're definitely buying a house then I would transfer it into the lifetime I sir