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Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard

**Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard**



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Hey guys! Today I am sharing my top 10 favorite life hacks for traveling! These tips will save you guys time, money, and space in your suit case! Thumbs up this video for more life hack videos!

Packing Cubes:
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HOW I GREW MY HAIR! | + my platinum blonde routine

**HOW I GREW MY HAIR! | + my platinum blonde routine**



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you guys have asked lately when the heck my hair got so long. for me, this is the longest and healthiest its been in 5 years! here’s the products i use for it & my …

I MIGHT Boycott Bath & Body Works RANT!

**I MIGHT Boycott Bath & Body Works RANT!**



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This situation did happen. It is the truth, the whole truth, so help me baby Jesus!

Update! Bath & Body Works sent me both candles for free because of the bad service. They did NOT fire “JEN” as far as I know. 🙂

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hello everybody this is going to be extremely explicit so if you don't like swearing or angry people from Wisconsin then turn your mother effing camera off now I just got back from Bath and Body Works and I am going to start from the very beginning I'm so mad right now you guys literally have no idea I was shaking like for the past hour I have been shaking to the point where I couldn't even make a video because it was so mad so let me backtrack if you guys have been watching my videos you all know that I have been searching high and low ever since they had the candle sale armed to 420 candles at Bath & Body Works I have been searching for two cents I have been searching for the winter candy apple and the ice gingerbread this is the last day of the sale Sunday I have been calling my store in Appleton Appleton Wisconsin I want everybody to know this happened in Appleton I have been calling my store every day for the past week wanting these two cents I want winter candy apple ice Gingerbread they were supposed to come out they were launching in the stores October 29th so they were supposed to be out I've been calling Green Bay Appleton Fondulac and the outlet and Oshkosh all four stores don't have them that's not what makes me mad took me off a little bit but I thought yeah they'll eventually come in no big whoop so I have to calm down because this gets really bad here so I've been calling calling calling they don't have them this morning well actually yesterday I called my Appleton store and I said you know I hate to bother you again but I'm calling about these candles and I said you know if I'm not asking you or anything in any way please let me know I'm like because I can be quite persistent I said so if you want to take down my name and number like go right ahead and do that because that way you guys can call me when you get them in the Appleton store I gave her my name and number hadn't heard from her I went to the Oshkosh store today but before I went I called my Appleton store again I said I know I gave you my number and everything I've been looking for these two candles I'm going to the Oshkosh store and if you guys have my two candles I'll hit over there I was amazed she said guess what we have him in I was like what I'm like please please put put one of each on hold um I bought two peach Bellinis a while ago actually I bought three so I was just going to take these two peach Bellinis back and exchange them and I thought oh my gosh that's awesome so I said I'm gonna go to Oshkosh first then I'm gonna head and because I live in Nina I said I'm gonna go to Oshkosh first and I'm gonna head all the way to Appleton to get these two candles because I want them and I know that once they get them and they're going to be gone I said please hold a three wick iced gingerbread and a three wick winter candy apple she said we'll do okay everything's fine I get to Oshkosh my mom and I are shopping around at the outlet mall there um just to let you guys know um traffic wise and things it was a really busy day because the Packers were playing this is the only good thing that happened I think the Packers won I don't know I've been busy taking care of bitches all fucking day okay so I'm like I'm seriously really upset you guys are not gonna believe what just happened to me okay so my mom and I are at the outlet in Oshkosh and all of a sudden I get this call I'm like oh that's weird I missed a call so I called the number back and I'm like who is this someone just called me and she's like oh this is bath and Bodyworks she's like I was just wondering what time about you were coming and I said well I'm in Oshkosh we're leaving in about 15 minutes and then we're headed to Appleton and we will be there right away just gonna go in and out and that's it okay she said I just want to let you know that those two candles that I said that we had they're not actually in our store they're in an off-site store like an off-site store and she's like yeah it'll only take us a few minutes to go and get them but I just want to know where you were abouts at the time I said okay I said um well I said I don't really want to inconvenience you I said if you're just going to this off-site store just to get my two candles and she's like oh no no no she's like we'll just grab all of them and bring them on over and I said okay I said well I'm leaving in about 10 to 15 minutes I'll be there in a half an hour okay no problem right hang up the phone I get to Appleton my mom does all the shopping she spent probably like $60 I would say I'm getting stuff so my mom gets stuff and I go up to the register with my two candles and my mom did her transaction first and I'm like hi I'm like I was the person who called um can you please um you know get my candles because I'm just gonna exchange them and the woman looked at me really funny and she's like she's she was really a bitch to me the woman the first woman who helped me out she had blonde hair I don't know her name but she was kind of rude to me and she's like um I really don't know anything about that and I'm like oh no there's no problem I'm like I'm sure the manager know is not a big deal and she's like okay well I'm gonna help the person in back of you first and she's like just wait a minute so then she leaves and goes to get the manager comes back and says they're not in the store and I'm like oh no no no I just I just talked to somebody like a half an hour ago and they said that they were gonna get them right away and come back she's like we didn't leave yet and I'm like you didn't leave yet I'm like I called about a half an hour ago I'm like they should be here and she said we've just been really busy I look around there's barely anybody in this frickin store there's barely anybody in the store because Packers are playing today and everybody is at home watching TV where I probably have been so I said okay she said let me talk to my manager so she goes back get talks to the manager comes back out and she's like okay well the girl is leaving right now to get your candles um so yeah the girls leaving right now and I'm like okay I'm like wall I'm not going anywhere else in the mall I'm here just for the sole purpose of getting these candles so I'm gonna wait right here she's like okay well I'll just help the next customer and back of you and I'm like okay so I'm waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting waiting but 15 minutes later miss Jen manager Jen comes out and says I am so so sorry I honestly thought that we had your candles at our off-site store but we only have the small for ouncers in and I said very calmly you're kidding me right and she said no she's like um what I can do she said is I can call around to the up and I said no I said I've been calling Fondulac gosh gosh Appleton um where else Green Bay I said I've been calling all the stores no one has them and I'm like I was just so relieved when he told me this morning that you had them and I came all the way from Oshkosh to get them and I'm like what do you mean you don't have them and she's like we just don't have him she's like I'm sorry it's my mistake so that I'm like okay I'm like well I guess I'll get my peach Bellini candles back and then she's like okay so she walks all the way around gets my candles as she's packaging them up I'm like okay I'm like I don't want to be rude or anything I said but I think I deserve something I'm like if it's a free item or a gift certificate or something for what just happened here I said because I have been on you guys for a week to try to get these candles and with you telling me that they were here and I came and I carted myself and my mother all the way to Appleton to get these mother effing candles that I didn't say that I'm thinking this in my head this is all going on in my head and I had a very pleasant face when I was talking so you know what you know what Jen says to me you know what this goddamn Jen says to me I can give you some coupons and put these in your bag and I said Jen I have every single coupon that Bath & Body Works has I said I have about ten of them I don't need any more coupons I said can you give me something else something she takes my original receipt from my peach Bellini's takes it out of the bag and says there's an 800 number on the top of this receipt and when you call you'll get a live person and you can explain to them what happened and I'm sure they'll be able to help you with something and I said a live person who the fuck do you think I'm talking to now am I talking to you who is not really here are you reality because I thought you were a live person are you not a live person I left out the f-word and she looked at me and said I'm sorry ma'am I can't help you and I said give me my candles now and she kept on apologizing and I said I want to leave this store give me my candles now meaning my peach Bellinis so she gave me fi peach Bellinis and I was on my my merry fucking way and that bitch Jen you know what I'm going to do Jen I'm calling your district manager I'm telling them what happened and what you did and how you fucked up and I'm telling them how that other blonde girl was rude to me I'm telling him John Oh John your ass your ass is going to get reamed it was just a really really bad situation that ended badly and I'm done No thank you for watching please share this video with everybody so we can know have everybody know in the state of Wisconsin and around the whole United States that Jen from Appleton needs to check her shit out

Save Money, Sis! DIY Blonde Lace Frontal Sew-In Weave ft. Ali Grace

**Save Money, Sis! DIY Blonde Lace Frontal Sew-In Weave ft. Ali Grace**



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How to do Your OWN Blonde Sew-in with No Leave Out! Lace Frontal Edition. In this video, I’m using hair from our sponsor, Ali Grace Hair on AliExpress.

How I Style My Short Hair | Emma Mumford

**How I Style My Short Hair | Emma Mumford**



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Remington Air Plates – Don’t Forget To Subscribe x ————————————————————————————- Welcome to Emma …