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4chan /biz/’s Top 10 How To Save Money Tips

**4chan /biz/’s Top 10 How To Save Money Tips**



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Courtesy of 4chan /biz/, these are the top methods on how to save money. If you want to cut expenses in an extreme way, check out this tutorial on how to drastically reduce the amount of money you spend.

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Taken from frugal living threads on /biz/, I will show you the top 10 ways you can stop wasting money today. You need to save money for the future in order to have a baller funeral, and if you are serious about saving money this step-by-step “How to” guide will show you how to save money. 4chan /biz/ is the best place on the internet to learn ridiculous penny pinching methods and frugal living practices. Saving money is only one third of the money equation, and that is what is being covered in this video. You also need to generate income, but we’ll save that for the next one. If you are sick and tired of not saving enough money, follow each of these top 10 methods and you will be on your way to financial freedom! You can use these frugal tips to save money for a wedding, save money for college, or save money for retirement. Enact each of these steps into yourself, follow the money saving program and you will be wealthy in knowable and in cash! Tip #1 reveals the way to get the most out of investing in stocks. Tip #2 will show you how to save money on food! Nobody wants to waste money on free things like water and food. I will show you how to get your food for free to save money. Kids are expensive, so how do you save money while raising kids? Tip #3 will show you how to cut down on your children’s economic impact. Tip #4 will show you how to save money on your housing costs. Stop wasting your money on expensive mortgages just to impress dumb people. You can save money and have a comfortable life. Tip #5 is going to show business owners how to cut costs. What if I told you you can save 25% on your labor? Business owners can cut their expenses and save money with this one easy trick. I will also show you how to get free flowers! Tip #6 shows you how to use freebies while being romantic. Tip #7 teaches you to stop wasting money on vacations. You can save money on expensive vacations while still showing off on social media. For tip #8 I show you one simple money saving hack to save money on electricity. Stop wasting money on carpeting! Tip #9 shows you how to cut your carpet costs by 99%. You can even do it for free. Tip #10 is all about saving those precious electrons in your car battery. Don’t hemorrhage money while you are in your car. Instead, save money with this tip.
You're probably wondering how I got myself
in this situation. Let's start from the beginning. Do you want to save money? Here's 4chan /biz/'s top "how to save money" tips. The number 1 tip I have to give you is: Make
your money disappear. Take all the money from your bank account
and put it in your stock brokerage. You can't spend money if you don't have money. Choose a really long and confusing password
like this. Forget the answers to your security questions. Lock yourself out of the account and you can't
possibly spend money. Alright, here's my #2 tip. You're five biggest expenses in life are gonna
be the 5 C's. Cassa. College. Car. Kids. And food. Food is free. You don't need to spend a single cent on food,
and I'm gonna show you how. Before you eat food, drink a whole bunch of
water and you'll be less hungry. You never need to pay for water. Just take some water from a free water fountain. Fill up your jug, you're good. For eating, you can go to your local church
and get free food. Just tell them that you make less than $12,000
a year and they will give you free food. Church will probably not give enough food
to survive. So, you can go to fast food places and get
free condiments to supplement your nutrition. Look, I'm at Starbucks right now and we got
free mocha, free chocolate, free cinnamon, free vanilla, and we got free sugar right
here. That's important calories right there. If you start feeling light-headed, have an
ice cube. Or a ketchup packet. If you want to splurge, and go out to a restaurant
or fast food place, you still don't have to pay for the meal. Here's what you do: you go on tinder, or you
go on Plenty of Fish, or on /soc/. And you know, you make a date with some desperate
girl. You go, you eat your food, you eat like a
king, and then you make her pay for the date. If she gives you crap for not paying for the
date just be like "oh my god, I'm sorry I didn't bring my card, can you pay for this
one and I'll pay for the next one?" And that's how you get free food from any
restaurant you want. Kids are one of the top 5 expenses of your
life, and you can cut them out completely by not having kids at all. But, if you simply must, unavoidably have
to have kids, here's what you do. Make them go door to door selling products
like cheap popcorn that you buy from the store, or subscriptions to magazines, or anything. And with this method you can even profit from
your kids, it can even be profitable to have kids. You can even have the pyramid scheme of families. Have your kids have kids, and have their kids
have kids, and have all of them go door to door and get a percentage of the revenue from
all of them. And just be at the top of the pyramid of your
own family infinite money chain. These things come in handy all the time. If you're a business owner, I'm gonna show
you how to save 25% on your labor costs. People say that women only make 75 cents to
every dollar that a man makes. If that's true, you'd have to be absolutely
insane to hire a man. Go with the cheap labor, hire a woman. Anniversary? Here's how to get free flowers when you're
feeling romantic. Look, this guy doesn't look that important. Here's how to go on expensive vacations for
a fraction of the cost. So first thing you're gonna do is take some
3D glasses and push out the lenses on them. Next you're gonna print off an image of the
vacation of your choice. You can use color or black & white. I'm using black & white to save money. And you just tape these on the inside of the
glasses just like this. And it's as simple as that. Now you can bring these glasses wherever you
go and you can have a vacation wherever. Whether you're watching a stupid movie with
your stupid friends, or waiting in line at the social security office. You can even post about your vacation on Instagram
like this: take your glasses, flip them the other way, hold them up to the camera. I posted this picture on Facebook and I already
got 7 likes! To cut down on your electricity bill, turn
off your doorbell before you leave the house. Don't waste thousands of dollars carpeting
your house. Take two squares of carpet. And you tape them to your feet like this. Look at that, and you're all ready to go. This is what being smart looks like. Save electricity by driving without your headlights

Money saving for millennials with Money Medics

**Money saving for millennials with Money Medics**



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Can you be a millennial and buy a house? Or have your dream wedding without going into financial ruin? Mark sits down with MoneyMedics to find out!
majority millenniums care about getting onto the property ladder career advice by the same time they but the importance of their social life so when you look at our approach is very much taking a lifestyle approach to money management Eve thank you so much for coming on the show money medics our money medics UK is what I've been calling it but it's just money medics that's correct yup yeah okay you guys have started and I'm gonna say with an Instagram page where you were giving advice on I first thought about the wedding well I see you've also given advice on other things as well will you tell me where the whole idea for this started yes just to say we're covering our backs it's more of financial guidance because yeah because so while speaking from experience yes because I think as the industry is quite heavily regulated so I think you were regulated under giving financial guard as opposed to advice like a products yeah but I think the idea came from I think from us like interviewing friends and family in terms of how they feel financial services was approached towards them in in general in terms of like Millennials particularly and then we found that is that the target audience that you know specifically Millennials and we found that a majority millenniums care about getting onto the property ladder career advice by the same time they but the importance of their social life so when you look at our approach is very much taking a lifestyle approach to money management and we found the response has been phenomenal phenomenal so far I think going a step further is that I'm sure is you aware we've open banking there's lots of fintechs coming into the market an ongoing basis but there's a lower amount of awareness of some of these solutions out there so we formed a hub or where I'm currently migrating from not just being or Instagram on YouTube actually creating tech enabled services of some of these brands online when I first bought my home a few years ago I just found it really hard to find information I think everything was really jargon heavy and quite hard to understand it wasn't really aimed was this on when you work where to get a mortgage yeah how to get more mortgage how to save up for a mortgage how much your income takes part in the mortgage application process I found everything quite Jotham heavy and not really aimed at Millennials or people around our age and in fact a lot of the information was almost saying Millennials can't get mortgages it's too expensive like don't bother I just forget about it so that's part of the information and why we wanted to create this to just put more information out there so why the audience as well it has been tricky though what was a tricky for you to get a mortgage at the time well well because I was originally based in London I had to find a way to move out so I moved to Bristol and that's when I bought my first flat in Bristol so it wasn't as straightforward as it would have been back in like 1999 where people could get mortgages in London for two hundred thousand pounds on the 18k salary you can't do that anymore but everything is a three and a half times just how do we go a little bit well I'm really comparing to Ireland which I know obviously harlem's three and a half times your salary thanks to those four it's four point five years okay yeah average sometimes some mortgage advisers recommend the lower amount but yeah so you just kind of have to like find out little hints and tricks on how to get to the best places or how to for example increase your salary if you need to do that in order for you to be able to buy a house so what type of response have you been getting because you you're building a following now I think it's seven and a half thousand followers on Instagram yes I say we've only been on there for a year now and I think the response has been phenomenal I think not just from a consumer perspective also from a business perspective in terms of the the fintechs that are taking interest in terms of this is how you engage an audience yeah it's been phenomenal in terms of as I said we don't give financial advice it's very much guidance yeah I think tips and tricks tips and tricks and I think over time where we're not just using our personal use cases by working some of these fintechs actually creating offering to actually scale what we've done I'm so you can actually replicate that I see that you've broken it down which means everything is like you guys are getting married soon that's good congratulations but it's not to what till February next year that's correct so plenty of time in the planet you're gonna disagree you're a bit too much for your open quite a big wagon wedding no society to 250 so that's small it's more of a there's a traditional aspect to it as well so because we both come from really big families we have to 200 reviews actually scaling it down and a lot of our friends as well you have to invite everyone you do have to invite everyone you do have to invite a lot of family members as well so for us having a wedding that's as well as small but we would say always big you know as we want it to be but still under the national average that people spend on weddings which is our aim which at the moment is like 31 thousand pounds which best then that's the national average member for for weddings yeah but we're aiming a lot significantly left them and so yes for us to be able to have a wedding that we want and still have it very nice relatively glamorous but within a reasonable budget as well where we don't go into debt for it where we not happen to borrow money etc that's another thing that people are really interested in people responding do you think that what is the biggest response because I saw that you were also giving advice are on dates are not advice sorry guidance I keep saying advice con thinking financial advice and you're giving guidance on on dating right and I thought that got the most views are on YouTube anyway right and what has has been something that has stuck out in your guys minds that you've gone oh my god I didn't even think people were gonna be needing advice or guidance um um say mortgages are Daisy did you expect it to be that big I'm dating I don't know actually because we found that with when it comes to property that got a very very big response on it yet on the property ladder yeah very big response we were reached was at Daily Mail the son contacted us quite a few other newspaper articles contact stuff about that as well and so it depends because our target audience is like we said Millennials they range from like early 20s yeah it's quite a wide variety of people people in completely different stages of your life yeah early 20s you're thinking of like university or your first job starting your career and mid-thirties you're thinking like starting a family or you know moving to your next home etc so I think yeah I'm not surprised because as we mentioned before it's about taking a lifestyle approach and I think that's what's missing in the offering of some of what the big players or fintechs are trying to offer in terms of what if you dug delve down in terms of just giving budget hearing current account what is it about their lifestyle so that's the approach we always take so in terms of Millennials like to go out I have a car don't Oh store or dating so how can you find innovative effective ways to allow them to enjoy those things but still allow them to paint a pension to invest or to figure out a long-term CD plan to get onto the property ladder if you have all those ingredients Millennials are going to be pretty engaged that's what we found has been has been quite interesting so what's the plan for this are you both working full time on this or you you do still have job consultant I dare working investment banks use plumb cysts okay is the plan tier to move fully after this so what's gonna happen it's do you know I think I'm not gonna I'm gonna say yes and no because I don't know I think the focus is is that we're trying to build something that's scalable that whereby we can still do other things by the same time if the demand is so much it's something to consider in terms of doing full time on this have you looked down the route of how you can monetize us yes yeah so to is essentially looking at the way some of the banks are in terms of some of the fintechs I'm gonna sweep off to this particular point in time because there are freemium based model but in terms of focusing more business-to-business lens so actually working with those fintechs to Crane offering for the consumer and your your fees based on that partner of row on reaching your user base so there's there's different things we're working or in discussions we have in terms of monetizing and scaling it and how how do you decide what tips and guidance you're gonna give like how do you decide right this week or or this month we'll talk about mortgages or dazing or or getting getting married and tips on that how would you decide what you're gonna what you're gonna talk about well there was an article in the FT not too younger and that's what we base our topics on and it was basically a list of things topics that millennial was a mainly millenials Millennials I felt like they didn't know much about or enough about and that included things like I'm guessing on the property leather and pensions investments yeah credit how to make large purchases so we've started off based on that but it's just been involving because like you said we've had a lot of responses from fintechs recently as well so we have been spending some time developing and working with our network in FinTech so so really yeah I think it's like what happens as like as in terms of like I've learned quite a few wealth management methodologies in terms the full circle of how you you and board a client and you take a client through and it's applying that to our our business and our approach in terms of when you board a client in terms of understanding their liabilities and assets and understanding if you're gonna grow your wealth the importance of credit and then taking that approach and then delaying and then always understanding that okay there's mass information there's so much information out there on credit scoring but then how do you apply a lifestyle filter and that's how we apply our own two cents and thoughts and get engagement along those lines you must have at least one person that sticks out in your mind that has reached out to you guys thanking you on the tips that you've given them is there anyone in particular and what what was it or if they're just so many you know actually I think it was a particularly de who who is quite interested in saving for a child and she was quite shocked when I told her you can have an open at the pension for a child or I gave you the figures that if you opened up a GC for your child it was 5% per annum growth and that's quite modest by time that child is 18 they could be sitting on one hundred and thirty seven thousand pounds based on compound growth and she was astounded and I said that liquid this way as much as there's lots of newspaper articles about tuition fees being nine thousand about Millennials being faced with mortgages and pensions if you made the decision now your child won't face that issue and I think she was so shocked when I said that I saw something mushy there I can't remember fully but it was all about how to save a million pounds right and it showed the different amounts that you need to say at Vermont depending on your age right so if you were if you were 10 obviously saving a million pounds by the time you're 60 and the amount that you'd put aside was very very little per week but anyway where's a 10 year old gonna get money alright so and when you got into one when you turned 18 and I almost kind of tell this as well work I started a savings account on the side it was only 150 a month or as putting in and like I of course haven't goes 150 more tests it's not gonna make anyone rich but I was putting it into gold and as I was putting it in like five years later I gotten so used to it just going in there when you look at an area oh my god it's gone especially with something that can go up as well compound interest is your friends so so guys thank you so much for coming on the show where can people find out more about what you guys are doing so of course follow us on Instagram money medics of course add us on LinkedIn as well and also subscribe to our YouTube page which is what Manya Maddox – UK yes and of course I think yeah just watch out with the pending update we have with potential contact what's the next one do we know if the national news let's go Nate Nick thanks so much for coming on the show thank you thanks so much you

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