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How To Coupon Beginner Back To Basics Coupons And Extreme Couponing

**How To Coupon Beginner Back To Basics Coupons And Extreme Couponing**



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How to coupon for Beginners. I will be trying to put out more how to extreme couponing videos and just ways to save money. if you have any questions about couponing leave them in the comments and i will do my best to help you with them

Here is the beginner couponing play list. Just start here and it will play all the videos for you.

Here is my kids channel StopThatAnimation

ShopKick free smart phone app.
is a phone app that pays you to walk into stores. just two of the things i do for extra money and stuff.

Also check out Swagbucks for more ways to save when couponing.
It’s a fun and easy way to make some money. you can print coupons from the site and get points for them that you can turn into money and you can also watch videos to also get swagbucks.
what are you guys doing here hi I know I haven't been around in a while but just so you guys that don't know for my new subscribers my name is Jeff and this is living pork and I was just gonna sit down take a look at my coupons and stuff but I thought I have so many new subscribers lately and asking all kinds of questions I know I've answered a lot of these questions before I know a lot of my friends who coupon and have channels have answered a lot of these questions but you know there's new people all the time so I thought we'd go back to basics and things have changed and I have been running low on some stuff I still coupon here and there I don't do big deals and stuff anymore that's why pretty much that making videos on couponing hauls and stuff but you know there's a lot of new people so I thought you know maybe I better get back to basics and I guess the first thing you need is your coupons when getting your coupons you want to try to find a a newspaper that has your coupons in it for the best deal so I found a place where I can pick my newspapers up for only a buck fifty and get them next thing you want to do is you need to to newspapers so you have two sets of coupons and when you've been couponing a while you'll understand that but the bigger your family the more coupons you're gonna need but for a beginner start out with two even one would be fine but start with two because you have to learn to coupon first get used to using your coupons flipping through them and seeing what coupons are ones that you're gonna use and stuff so that you get a feel for it but start off slow and I think that's the biggest problem with a lot of people is that they they try to do these big deals if you've watched any of my videos you've seen some of the bigger deals and stuff and I tried to keep my hauls fairly small even though you didn't see and I didn't show like massive hauls the really big ones I did them but I didn't really like to show them because I don't want people to get frustrated and I still see it people getting frustrated with couponing it's not extremely hard but it can be time-consuming and that's why I try to show shortcuts so I'm gonna leave a link in the description make sure you check out my other videos I've done I put them in a playlist so you just turn it on and watch them learn all that you could learn and then start couponing but now and even myself I need to go back and start reading the coupon policies for the different places that I coupon at and every store is different just because it's Walgreens and they have a Walgreens couponing policy you need to learn your Walgreens where you shop and find out which Walgreens are best because I can tell you right now from experience I have four of them just in my town and they are different and I have my preference to which one I go to I actually have one that I pretty much try not to ever go there just because it's such a headache over there the way they understand the couponing to policies to be in this and that so don't get frustrated when watching other people's videos on couponing and how they did it because there's maybe different than yours so always remember that a big thing is when you're new take your time I can't stress that enough do very small deals as possible and I will try to get back into doing that but as most of you know that that follow me and know me and have seen other videos of mine I do have another channel that is the kidses channel we've been growing it and it's growing fairly fast and it's just like keeping me so busy with that and I work a 12-hour shift and I'm up all night you know it's the middle of the night here but to me it's daytime for me because I'm getting ready to go back to work starting on Monday so but if you have kids definitely I'll leave a link to my other channel to the kids channel it stopped that animation we make all kinds of fun videos for kids we open a lot of different toys and stuff like that like I said it's very time consuming my play-doh eggs some of them literally take hours upon hours to make these huge play-doh eggs they're really cool so definitely if you have kids grandkids nieces nephews whatever go on over there and check that out I think they'll enjoy it we have a lot of fun over there Gary just got done doing a big play-doh egg and he was so excited those who don't know my son Gary who had a seizure at a very young age struggles with a speech yet today at 7 years old now so he but he loves doing these eggs and and he's opening these boxes and stuff of surprises and we actually get fan mail from people who have sent us really cool boxes of toys I mean it's just amazing how many nice people Huff they're you know want to give us stuff to open on Cameron so definitely go check that out but anyways when it comes to let's get back to the couponing make sure you read all your policies of your stores and learn your stores again I can't stress that enough either I'm running low on some stuffs but that's why I thought you know I got to get back into this and show the beginners how to do this so make sure you watch all of my videos I put them in a playlist make sure you watch along because from organizing them like a lot of people like to cut them out I don't I don't like to cut out my coupons because most websites most couponers that you're watching like myself we're I tell you what paper it was in and whether it was a smart source of PNG a red plum we're gonna tell you like that and if you cut your coupons then you now you're having to label each and every one of them it's it's very time-consuming and you'll see from there I just show you how to take these and you'll label them into a regular folder and put them into a box is all I use it's a file cheap file cabinet box put them in there and now all I have to do is look up on the tab what month and what paper it is and I'm I can pull out my coupons and look and see now remember not everybody has the same coupons they're very a lot of them can be very regional especially the really good ones and we are here in the North it's ice where we get some of the worst coupons around I know Florida gets some really good ones so if you live in Florida you're fortunate but again we're having a lot of problems with things like that I like to print out a lot of my coupons so let's definitely make sure you check online to coupons calm and stuff like that to get your coupons I just noticed that my store my local grocery store now has a computer base light system that it has smart source or I'm sorry coupons come right on it I can scroll through it pick the coupon I want and it prints it right there for me that I mean that is so nice I don't know if any you guys seen these things before like I said we just got it so very cool another thing make sure you use the smart apps if you don't have a smartphone man they really come in handy for couponing I'll leave a link for the shop kicks is what I use make sure you check that out I'll leave a link for it I get points literally for just walking through a door I get that I can then redeem for money and I've gotten literally hundreds of dollars off of this program it costs me nothing it's a free program it's free to sign up it's everything it's totally free it and it just goes on your phone and like I said you need a smartphone but when you walk into a store like Target especially targets everywhere I have them a Walmart now just started getting them I know our local Walmart doesn't it doesn't work there as far as walking through the door but the other ones that we go through do and I get points for walking in the door then there's things I tamil' to scan and you'll use your camera on your smartphone and scan that item and you'll get certain amount of points for different things and you can rack up points that way so again it it starts adding up quick and I I know I've made other videos on it too where we had like five hundred dollars worth of stuff that I purchased including this phone this phone was with the deals and everything else that was going on it ended up only cost me $40 but it actually did cost me nothing and I bought two of them one for Diana and one for myself it cost us nothing for these phones because I had saved up the points to buy them so really good deals out there so I will be back try to do some simple deals and whatnot but make sure you go check out our my other videos that will get you started and get you going in the right direction on how to coupon and stuff and for your make sure you go check out my other channel with the kids and stuff for your kids I hope you guys enjoy all that and I will be back and I'll see you guys next time at living poor bye guys

Coupons 101 - Part 3: Know your stores coupon policy

**Coupons 101 – Part 3: Know your stores coupon policy**



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www.iamthatlady.com is a site to share beginner tips, inspiration, and organization in this crazy world of coupons. Stay with me through my Coupon 101 series, here is part 3 talking about the importance of knowing your stores coupons policies.

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hi everyone its Lauren from my net lady calm uh today we're gonna talk about topic 3 then our coupons 101 and this isn't gonna be a very long video cuz I it's not very descriptive but I just want to talk briefly about ok so now you have your coupons now you haven't organized now what do you do so the biggest thing is is that you want to make sure that you know your store's coupon policies you can usually find them on their website or you can actually go into their store and usually their customer service desk will have a copy of them my local Price Chopper has them actually laminated up on the wall at the customer service desk so you can ask for a photocopy of those but it's really important to know your store's coupon policies because if you don't first of all you can get very stressed out second of all you could be missing out on deals and third of all it's just you know it makes shopping so much harder and so what I recommend you do is go to your favorite stores as you know one of my favorite is Rite Aid here is their coupon policy and I keep this in the front of my coupon binder at all times if there becomes a problem with a transaction if one of the employees doesn't know their coupon policy I have this in my folder so that they know what their coupon policy is so real quick Rite Aid one of the the best things about their coupon policies they will take two coupons for buy one get one free items so they will take a free item or coupon off the free item as well as off the full price item so that's really important to know they only accept printed coupons up to five dollars in value so that's another good thing to know so just to keep track of that they also will take a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon and that's called what we call stacking and so when you stack a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon some stores will let you do that and some stores won't so you want to really make sure that you do that another place that has great store coupons as Target look like this you can print them off of target.com I will alert you when new ones come out they also allow stacking so if you see a sale item that's two four five and you have you know a dollar off special k tart coupon and a dollar off special k manufacturer coupon and they're two four five you're gonna get a box for fifty six so it's really important to know what coop what stores allow you to stack coupons and also what stores don't so so that's another great way to save yourself money when you're starting off couponing is do your research before you go in to a Rite Aid a Walgreens or CVS you know their coupon policy you should know everything about it and have a printed off and put it in your coupon binder or your accordion file or whatever you like to do but I highly recommend that because if you miss out on those you're gonna miss out on a lot of useful information so so that's just a video on step three part three of this coupons 101 series next week we're gonna dive headfirst into how do you feed your family obviously I'm not eating dishwashing detergent and oatmeal every day and so my next session is gonna be how do we fit this all together we have our coupons we have them organized we know store policies so how do we actually save money with coupons because remember I said the number one reason why people don't continue using coupons is because they say that they spend too much money when they start using them and that's what the coupon companies want you to do they want you to spend money they want you to come in and buy their products but we're smarter than that and we want to make sure we hold on to our coupons until we see the item on sale and so you might see my grocery trips throughout the week and you might say how in the heck did she feed her family off of that but the key is that to stock up on the items when they're on sale so that you just have to fill in the blanks during your menu shopping and that's what's gonna keep you spending the least amount of money in the grocery store so stay tuned for next Saturday as we go about who my printer just fell on it scared me as we talked about how to make this all work together so I hope you're having a great weekend and if you know have any questions just look on I am that lady calm have a great day bye

How To Extreme Coupon Money Maker & Printable Coupons

**How To Extreme Coupon Money Maker & Printable Coupons**



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How to extreme coupon money maker and printable coupons

Here is the link to my coupon page

Make sure you check out It’s a fun and easy way to make some money. you can print coupons from the site and get points for them that you can turn into money.

Also is a phone app that pays you to walk into stores. just two of the things i do for extra money and stuff.

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How to Use Coupons to Get Free Stuff at CVS - Guide to Couponing - GuidetoCouponing

**How to Use Coupons to Get Free Stuff at CVS – Guide to Couponing – GuidetoCouponing**



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Want to Learn How to Coupon? Buy Our Book:

Swagbucks: Use code “GUIDETOCOUPON” when you sign up to get 70 Swagbucks in addition to the 30 you get when you complete your profile, etc. #couponing #coupon #guidetocouponing
I just got back from CVS and I wanted to share with you guys what I bought and kind of the couponing strategy behind everything so all of these items that you're looking at were on sale it is a Saturday right now and on Saturdays at CVS the ad changes from the week prior to the next week and you can access the prior week on CVS calm and then for the week ahead they I think they published that on CVS calm on Thursday the week before I mean the Thursday before the sunday of the new ad so I think all of this was on the new ad and I was just I like to plan my trips when I'm in that neighborhood or when I know I'm gonna be going by a CVS so I wanted to go through and to kind of tell you what I do with all this the Pampers were ten dollars each and then when you buy when you buy $30 worth you get $10 back so I had to $2 coupons in a one dollar and fifty cent coupon and so I got those for my niece my brother's little girl I get diapers for her and then there are five twelve packs of coke and right now at CVS if you buy $15 worth you get five dollars back so those are three dollars each gain was eleven dollars and ninety-four cents and shave gel was 349 plus two dollars back when you buy it buy one the all May was one was $4.99 one was $5.99 and if you bought ten dollars worth you got four dollars back I think and then crest ProHealth was two and get five back the complete isolation was $8.99 L'Oreal was $2.99 and then this little pile here I'm gonna send in for a rebate so I wanted to go through and show you guys kind of how I do this and hopefully you can see this well enough so the crest white strips were 2149 I had a seven dollar coupon now when I put cash this is the Excel spreadsheet that I make that I take to CVS and when I put cash I mean that is what I am going to cash out from that those CVS white strips so I will sell this on eBay after I cut out the UPC to send in for the rebate and the Pantene and the Crest Whitestrips count for a fifteen dollar rebate that's all right now you have to buy fifty dollars worth and you get fifteen back so that is why there's that fifteen dollars there so there's one two so far and I you know I might get less than fifteen bucks for that on eBay but it's around there and and that's okay so then we go to the Pampers and as you can see I'm not gonna get any money back because those are you know donated to my brother and his wife but I think that what I wanted to touch base was the swag bucks that's what the SB stands for there I use a coupon that I printed through swag bucks it's really important it's coupons coms system but through swag bucks if you have an account through swag bucks you go to the discover tab that just recently changed and then it drops down to coupons and that's what you want to choose and then you print them from there and every time you print and redeem a coupon that you print it off from swag bucks you get ten swag bucks so that was that's what that column is for is all the swag bucks that I got the gain 1194 I told you about that had a dollar coupon and I just sold the same size gain on Craigslist for $10 then the coke I have a regular buyer of coke so I take off the codes and if you don't know that coke has codes every coke product has codes and on the 12-pack they are located right here where you tear it off and put make it into a fridge pack so what I do is I take a piece of clear tape and tape it over here so that it doesn't you know fall out or anything and I take the codes and enter the codes and then the regular buyer that I have of Coke Zero just wants to coke doesn't care about the code so that works out great and speaking of codes there's also a code for pampers and my sister-in-law coupons but not terribly much so I cut out the Pampers codes because I'm the one that bought them first of all but second of all because I'm going to make the most use out of these so usually you can feel it on top of the package and then I just you know cut with a razor blade to get it out but these I couldn't so I had to cut them open to see where they were located but they're I don't know which one that was from and so you can see they're just on the back of the plastic wrap and then on the boxes these codes are on the the plastic portion of that the diapers are wrapped in and that's what the code looks like and then you go to gifts to grow calm and you enter those codes and you know these add up and eventually you can get free toys puzzles more coupons for pampers you know whatever you want there's a whole rewards catalog on there okay getting near the end here l'oreal was $9.99 i had a free coupon for L'Oreal hair color and then l'oreal also has a rewards program called gold rewards and there is a code inside of this box that I will use to enter to get another L'Oreal hair color for free you need 5 codes and you can only enter two a month so it takes you know two and a half months to get your free box and you can only do that two times a year so I will take that code from that one and then the all may I had a coupon for swag bucks for that one so I got ten dollars five bucks now you'll see that I have highlighted in pink items that are going to qualify for the CVS beauty club and the beauty club it added up to fifty five ninety seven so that means that I got the beauty club works that for every fifty dollars you spend on you know Beauty CVS beauty club qualified products you get five dollars back and so this will print the next time I go to CVS it will not print right after the purchase like the $10 for the $30 worth of pampers and the you know the edge like it's a totally different thing so it doesn't print right away so you can see that today I got thirty four extra care bucks back plus the five that I'll get my next trip and I think it's like two business days that it takes for that to accumulate in their system so I got a total of thirty nine extra care bucks for all of this I ended up spending twenty seven dollars of my own money because I didn't have fifty two dollars and six cents of extra care bucks so I did it ended up spending twenty seven dollars out-of-pocket but you'll see that I will earn so in cash I will earn $50 and then I've got the 39 for the extra care bucks and then that 80 swagbucks counts for 89 cents and that's based on the fact that 450 swag bucks gets you a $5 Amazon card and I count that as cash so in total I profited 57 dollars and 89 cents and spent 27 that's a pretty good trip if you have any questions about what I've covered in this video please don't hesitate to ask if you're new to couponing you might be interested in my book couponing for the beginner a guide to the guide to couponing for the uninitiated I cover this kind of approach in chapter 12 and it goes through you know how you save times 3 how you to save times 4 times 5 etc there is an electronic version and then there's this paperback version and the paperback version I think is about 954 right now on Amazon and the e-book is $4.99 right now Amazon right now being March 2013 lastly I'll have links to my Swagbucks referral link and then a link to the book so if you haven't signed up for Swagbucks please feel free to click on my referral link that will help me and hopefully if I get to it I can explain in a other video how that all works and it doesn't hurt you at all just you know click through my referral link thanks so much for watching if you like this video please give it a thumbs up it helps our channel improve and please consider subscribing and telling us what you're looking for what questions you have what can I answer we'll see you next time

How To Clip and Use Dollar General Digital Coupons!

**How To Clip and Use Dollar General Digital Coupons!**



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68 cents for Rachael Ray Dog Food:

Don’t Make this Rookie Couponing Mistake with the $3 off $15:

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hey guys so it occurred to me that I'm always posting videos about Dollar General and talking about their digital coupons and yet I've never really explained how you get these digital coupons because some of you guys might have never used digital coupons before you don't even know what I'm talking about so so I'm on a Dollar General website right now now I'll tell you guys typically I do all my couponing my digital couponing on Dollar General I do it on the app but it's very similar looking on the app I'm just going to show you how you can do it on your desktop or laptop or whatever I'm literally just at Dollar General calm and I'm going to click right over here see it says sign up or sign in so I'm going to click on the digital coupon part now since I already have an account I'm going to sign in right here but if you've never done this before you click sign up and then it will just have you put in your cell phone number right here and then it will send you a code and you'll like verify that that's your phone number and then I'm not sure exactly what step is after this but don't think there's much to it after that you might give them like your email or something like that but it's very simple all right so I just signed into my account so you can see that I've already got some things going on here there are 169 available coupons I've already got 44 of them clipped to my account I'm going to show you how you clip coupons to your account like I said it looks a little bit different on your phone if you're going to be using your phone to do this but it's pretty much the same principle if you're on your phone or your laptop whatever but for example first off the bat here we have the five off 25 so this one says it's valid on Saturday so it's five dollars off your purchase of twenty five or more if you want to have this coupon in your list see this Add button you click that and then now it's got a check mark by it and it has added it to my list you had added it now I have 45 coupons that's basically all it is you're going to scroll through all these coupons there will be several of them like I said how many are there 168 you're going to scroll through all these look at the deal see if there's things that you like to buy even if there's something that you're like maybe I would like to buy that make sure you clip them because while you can I mean I just all the time if I'm in the store and I find something on sale I'll go through and scroll through the coupons really quick and clip ones that maybe I hadn't already clipped but the best way to do it is just clip them if you're like me I like to dial so I'm going to add that I mean just like clip things that you think is possible you would want to buy so they're there in your list and they're available to you so honestly right now I don't think there's any more that I need to clip I don't really haven't seen any new ones on here in the last couple days so I'm not going to clip any more out we've actually I might close this Palmolive line just in case you know you never know so the coupons are all in your account so then you go to Dollar General you shop around you get your deals whatever you're wanting to get and then you get to the checkout so what do you do it to check out how do you use your coupon first I want to say this if you're going to be using a three off 15 survey coupon if you don't know what that is so for example here is my receipt from the other day when I did my dog food deal at the bottom of your receipt there is typically a thing it says say three dollars off your next visit DG customer first com tell us what you think about your store visit today and receive a coupon for three dollars off your next purchase of 15 or more so I'm covering the code right here as my fingers but basically you put in this code blah blah blah and at the end of the survey you print out a coupon that is three dollars off if you spend 15 or more I just wanted to warn you guys if you're going to be doing the 3 or 15 bill don't do what I've done before since 3 or 15 is a paper coupon you will want to hand that that coupon to your cashier first because if you put in your digital coupons first and then it takes your total below 15 and you're like oh I've got this 3 or 1538 coupon you hand it to them your total is going to be under 15 so the 3 or 15 isn't going to apply does that make any sense so I know it's kind of a lot to think about when you get the checkout but make sure that you hand them that three out 15 first unless you're just buying like a lot of stuff and no your total is going to be well over fifteen dollars but that's just your own discretion I always like to hand them the three or 15 first then if you're not even doing that if you're just using digital coupons I want you guys to see when you're checking out this is just a picture I found online a little screen like you know where you swipe your card or all that kind of stuff there will be a button that says DD digital coupons sign in or join this is like a touch screen thing so all you do is touch that little screen and then the next thing that pops up will be this and all you do is type in your phone number and with the little keypad or whatever and then whatever coupons you have clipped to your account will apply you know they'll run it runs through the list through this little magical computer brain and applies the coupons to the items that you are purchasing and it's that simple you know you don't have to like hander all your paper coupons in sets all digital after that all of your coupons will go through hopefully and that is it so it's pretty simple I really like the way Dollar General those are digital coupons I'll I think it'd be cool if like Walmart came up with some kind of system like this where you can just type in your phone number and apply coupons that was really cool I just want to let you guys know how to do this in case you've never done it before if you've never done digital coupons before I literally just started using digital coupons and couponing in general I just started it like in February January or February so I'm still very new to this myself I just would recommend starting out with small deals because I don't know I'm doing here just like changing the background for you guys start out with small deals if you're a beginner because you don't want to get like overwhelmed with too much all at once like I'd say the first time you go in try to just use digital coupons you know just have to enter your phone number at the checkout you know whatever and then after that maybe try stepping it up and using a three off 15 on top of your digital coupons and just work from there and you'll get more used to it and yeah and then also you can you paper coupons on top of all of this as well on top of three or 15 and the digital UK newspaper coupons as well at some stores I've heard some people he pant but if you guys have any questions let me know in the comments below and I think that's it I hope you guys liked the video if you did please give it a thumbs up and please subscribe if you haven't already because I post a brand new video every single Friday so I'll see you guys next week I hope you have a good Memorial weekend and I'll talk to you later bye