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Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard

**Travel Life Hacks! Save Money, Time & Space! | Aspyn Ovard**



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Hey guys! Today I am sharing my top 10 favorite life hacks for traveling! These tips will save you guys time, money, and space in your suit case! Thumbs up this video for more life hack videos!

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10 Moneys Saving HACKS For Your 20's

**10 Moneys Saving HACKS For Your 20's**



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These are my 10 money saving hacks that I have learned through out my 20’s so far, that are frugality based. It’s extremely important to try and save AS MUCH as you can in your 20’s, that turns into so much more later on in life.


1. FREEBIRD: and enter my promo code ka290 for a FREE $10
3. ACORNS: (get a free $5 with my link)
4. REFFERAL CODES here is an article on several companies with them:
6. CREDIT CARDS! The Points Guy article on the best travel cards:
7. evaluate what beauty services you can do yourself for cheaper.
8. $2 breakfast: carton of eggs, bread, avocado. healthy & good for you. Make enough dinner to have left overs for lunch. these are no brainers but one of the most useful lifestyle tips to save $$$
9. wow. I skipped nine and just realized it. OOPS.
10. Going out and being social is a large part of your 20’s, this can get expensive. if you MUST go out- buy beer, its cheaper than cocktails. Or, suggest to your friends that you stay in and host something (sounds lame af I know, but its actually SO fun, and much cheaper with no service charges!)

As much as people love to say, “Money doesn’t buy happiness”… Money really does make the world go round, whether you love it or hate it- it gives people power and control, happiness to an extent, and security. I am a 24 year old millennial, I am NOT an expert in anything financial, but I have been able to save over $100,000 at this age. In todays video I am giving you money saving hacks all about being more frugal, because every penny does count. There are SO many ways to save money, I think your mindset is the most important of them all, I didn’t touch on that in todays video- but let me know in the comments if you’d like a video about my thoughts on the psychology of money.

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so today I want to share with you guys all my tips things that I do things that you could do to directly start saving money hi guys welcome back to my channel my name is Monica Church if you're new here be sure to subscribe if you clicked on this video and you're in your 20s you're probably a millennial are kind of on the brink of being in a millennial you just got a job and you're making some money that's a really good news about our generation the job markets so good it is like the best it's been in over 50 years I personally live with four girls and they all just graduated college and all got jobs we've got jobs we're making money life's good except not that good because life is so expensive I live in Seattle the median home price is seven hundred and sixty thousand dollars how is anyone my age supposed to afford that smoothies are twelve dollars so although we're making more money and living in a time where jobs are super plentiful things are still so expensive it is really easy for that money to just slip right through your hands so today I want to talk about ten money-saving hacks that you can implement to hopefully help you save some money first I want to talk about some apps I think this is something you should definitely be utilizing that is the one advantage we have there are some very useful financial apps for us that are great tools for learning how to invest your money or budget your money or just save money on my cash back rewards so these are my three favorite apps I'm not sponsored by any of these apps just so you know I just actually think they're very helpful and that you would like them I'll have them all linked below number one is Freebird Freebird is the coolest whoever made this is such a genius so Freebird is an app that has a bunch of restaurants near you listed and then if you order an uber to that restaurant through Freebird you'll get cash back I'm about to go meet my friend for a happy hour and I don't want to dry so I am gonna order an uber through three birds I have app here you don't even have to put in your card info because it links to your eBay account it's so easy confirming pickup it's a minute away let's go and aveer de Freebirds it's this app that gives you cash back when you order an uber to a restaurant in its app it's really cool and now it has $5 in my queue yay so it's perfect if you're planning on uber to go to a happy hour with your friend it's like a restaurant you were gonna go to anyways and you get 4 dollars cash back they make their money by advertising and I think the restaurants pay them to to kind of let incentivize people to go to those restaurants but it's just super cool cuz if you are gonna go to one anyways you're getting cash back so that's awesome because then the restaurants winning the apps winning and you're winning because you're getting money back too number two is I bought it this one isn't for everyone but it's good if you're someone that's really pinching your pennies preferably this could be great for college students it's a cash back app for mainly grocery stores they'll have things like Target Safeway and basically I'm gonna get some groceries for the week and specifically I want to make smoothies and on ibotta they have this nonfat plain yogurt which would be perfect and you get a dollar 50 back so I'm gonna get that coffee over then I go add offer check product barcode yeah there and you just hit upload receipt and then you just take a photo of your receipt that's what I verify purchased sweet dot I have a pending earning of a dollar fifty it's so easy to do so sometimes it's only like 50 cents sometimes it's two dollars but over the course of a grocery trip you might save like ten dollars and then over the course of like a month's grocery trips you might have saved like forty dollars so it's kind of up to you if you're willing to put in the effort it takes to do that it's a little bit tedious but it is a cool app that will save you some money number three I think everyone should have a corns it's a great app if you're just learning about investing I don't know about you but I didn't know anything about it you don't really learn much about investing in school unless you went to like business school then you're a different story good for you but most of us don't know very much about investing in acorns is a really cool way to learn I feel like this app is super popular but if you don't know acorns is an app invest your money and makes it super super easy so you connect it to your bank account and anytime you make a purchase they invest the extra change that rounds up to a dollar so let's say you bought Starbucks for four dollars and fifty cents acorns would then take that 50 cents left that rounds up and they would invest it so it's taking all of your extra change and putting it in a portfolio where your money is growing so it's pretty cool because it's all these small transactions that you really forget about and feel like isn't really taking money away from you you can also choose to force save so you can set up an automatic twenty dollars coming out of your bank account a week or a month hundred dollars once a month that's over a thousand dollars in a year you know like it really adds up it'll show you the portfolio it's in you can learn about like if you want to be aggressive with your investing but it's a cool app and you can learn a lot and I think it's really awesome because it turns pennies that you never noticed into a lump sum of money that you're saving number four tip anytime that you are shopping check to see if there are referral codes it started as a trend with travel uber and lyft and Airbnb that's how they got really big they would do this word-of-mouth marketing where you'd invite your friend with your code and you get $20 off and make it $20 off well over an Airbnb and lyft and all those people still do that a lot of other companies are getting into that too which is just great for us cuz then you can genuinely like refer a friend that you know and get money off and they'll get money off always check you just kind of look through the website maybe there's a little tab that says like earn more store credit just look out for those sorts of things typically this is with more startup companies anyone can make an account and have a referral code and if you refer a friend so there's so many brands doing this number five join a bank that gives you the best interest rate for your checking and savings account when I first opened my business account for my youtube channel I literally just went over to Chase Bank in the neighborhood because you know you always see it around it's a huge Bank it was just the first one that came to mind Chase Bank that sounds cool let's go let's go to Chase Bank and open a business account that's gonna have cash flow going through it that they're gonna collect all the interest and make a bunch of money and there people that fucked up the economy like 10 years ago and let's just keep supporting them ya know nowadays there's actually different banks that don't have physical locations and because they cut the cost that way they give you the higher interest rate on the money in your account so I'll have some of these banks linked below but you definitely can join a bank that'll give you like two percent back the money that's in your account compared to Chase Bank gives you point oh one percent yes 0.01 percent or you could be getting two percent if you had a hundred thousand dollars in your bank account you'd be getting two thousand dollars for literally just it sitting there obviously you know you probably don't have a hundred thousand dollars in your account but you get it it's better than getting one dollar that Chase would give you number six just get a credit card and spend all your money on that it's like free money right no I'm just kidding obviously no but it is a really good idea to get a credit card because you want to build credit with credit cards and you can get some awesome perks there's a website out there that says like what the best credit cards are I'll have it linked below I think when you're choosing a credit card you should choose one that gives you perks that you wouldn't usually buy I always get emails from chase for them wanting me to get their credit card and their incentive is they'll immediately give me like $200 cash back and I just think that's dumb like I can just earn $200 I'd much rather get a credit card with an airline where they're gonna give me a free upgrade to first class or something which I would never buy myself so personally I think travel credit cards are the best especially if you're a millennial that just loves to travel like we all are trying to go to Bali again this is not sponsored but if you live in Washington or the west coast I guess you could do this anywhere in America too but mainly this is great for the West Coast ski Alaska Airlines credit card seems to be the best one actually like wins awards being the best one and I'm really mad because I got the Delta SkyMiles one because I like Delta I think it's a great airline but it's so big that it's really hard to gain status and it's really hard to get upgrades and perks like I've had my Delta credit card for two years now and I've never gotten an upgrade ever but I have friends that have the Alaska Airlines one with like less status than I have on Delta that get upgrades all the time because it's a bit of a smaller airline there's less competition with like when you're trying to put in for that upgrade but most importantly they do their famous companion fare so every year they give you a companion fare so when you're booking your flight you then get like a second person to add to your flight for $99 and the taxes and the fees so if you go to Hawaii every year and the flights like $800 you're saving hundreds of dollars on that companion flight for that person which like obviously maybe they'd pay you back or whatever maybe it's like you're married or it's your friends and cover you want to Tippie that out that's an incredible perk and I'm just so salty that I don't have that one I'm definitely gonna switch to it for the last four tips these are gonna be lifestyle changes that you could make to cut back and save some money number seven look in the mirror and evaluate those Beauty surfaces you pay for everyone pays for something whether it's a haircut or Botox or eyelash extensions we all pay for things to look better if you're really trying to save money do it for cheaper negotiate with yourself what are you willing to cut back on them what are you not willing to cut back on at all I never get my nails done I just think that's a waste of money I can paint them with a bottle that I got for $8.00 that's gonna last me for like a year but I always get my eyelashes done and that's like ninety dollars each time and I do it twice a month so one hundred and eighty dollars a month that's a lot but sometimes if I don't have anything big going on I'll only get it once a month you know just like cut back it's January it's snowing outside and I don't really give a shit how I look you know what I mean like I don't really need to look that good this month another thing I used to get spray tans and those are like $30 every time you go I got really sick of paying that price so I actually bought a 42 dollar bottle of self-tanner and it lasts me like a year so that's definitely a good way to cut back I'm just like doing it myself gym memberships do you go to those like boutique workout places like Orangetheory or pure barberries boot camp I mean I definitely go to them to it and I like them but I know I'm paying for the atmosphere and I know if I really wanted to cut back I could just do it at home I there's so many good out workouts number 9 I have a few go-to meals that really keep my grocery spending a lot cheaper and I'll share those with you so I'll go to the grocery store and for breakfast I'll get a loaf of Ezekiel bread a carton of eggs and then a bag of avocados and it'll last me all week the Ezekiel bread was 539 v6 count of avocados was 349 and the eggs were 299 so that's a total of eleven dollars in something cents it's gonna last me five days which means each breakfast will cost like two dollars and 37 cents voila two dollar breakfast so delicious saves you money and then anytime I'm making dinner I buy enough food to make enough to have two servings so I can have lunch the next day I'll buy a pound of salmon a bag of broccoli and then a packet of rice and I'll be able to make two meals out of that I'll have dinner and then lunch the next day so that's the other thing I do to like really save money always have the same breakfast cuz I don't care it's breakfast and then make lunch with dinner that's like huge for me and that'll save you so much money and my last tip number 10 for you is if you're in your 20s one of the biggest expenses you have is going out every time you go out to a happy hour or you go out to a bar and get a bunch of drinks all that stuff adds up try suggesting to your friends that you all just like stay in look literally I saw an article today that was like Millennials hate going out and I was like why is that so me like I'm so over going out and pay so much money for this stupid stuff when I talk to the same people the whole time and I could just do that at home host little events with your friends so this last weekend I actually hosted brunch with my friends and we all brought different things like croissants and champagne oranges berries all that and we had tons of food and overall it was way less expensive than if we all just would have gone to a restaurant for bran but I know sometimes it is really fun to go out and just have the atmosphere so that if that's the case and you don't spend that much money just always keep in mind beer is the cheapest alcohol that you can buy so just get like a corona and hopefully it's like five dollars at the most and that to that so those are the 10 things that I like to take into account when I'm trying to save money which is always always trying to save a little bit of coin thank you guys for watching if you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe to my channel and let me know what you want my next video to be I'm thinking either one of those money diary videos where you get really in-depth about like the purchases I made or just tracking my finances for a week so I would just go day by day and show you like I spent this much this much this much just like live my life and like let you know every time I spend money I don't know I think it'd be kind of interesting to see I do have one video already like that so I'll have that linked below where I tracked my finances for a day follow me on Instagram and Twitter and all that stuff subscribe like I said and watch you know all my videos so that the YouTube algorithm wants me and I can make a bunch of money alright bye you're probably like we're not doing that okay whatever to do you okay bye

How to get free Makeup  Samples

**How to get free Makeup Samples**



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Thank you so much for watching today! I hope you find this information helpful!

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hey guys alright so I have a very fun video to share with you today it's been a long time since I have done one of these how to get free makeup videos if you're new to my channel or you haven't seen these before I will put a link down below I have a playlist basically what these videos are all about is just some ways that I go about getting makeup for free and this is actually the reason I started doing YouTube is I wanted to share with everybody how I get free makeup because I get a lot of my makeup for free and it's really easy to do and I just wanted everyone to be able to access it and know how to do it as well so I've done probably I think 10 videos so far about getting free makeup in different different ways that you can go about doing it and like I said I have a playlist for those which I will link below but today's video is dedicated to getting free makeup and beauty samples which I'm sure a lot of you already do a little bit there's many many many ways to get makeup samples for free and some of them are really really simple as simple as walking into a store and asking for free samples but there's a lot of different ways that you can do it and I want to share some of the ways some of my favorite ways with you guys so first of all like I said you can't just walk into different stores and ask for free samples and a lot of them do not even require a purchase to get a free sample I know the Aveda store is always giving free samples no purchase required Sephora you can get free samples but you do have to make a purchase and anyways macy's and stuff like that there are free samples available in stores just don't be afraid to ask but I'm going to share some other ways with you – a lot of these I get from the mail so first of all I am going to talk about free makeup samples inside of magazine if you watched my house tour you did probably notice that I have an enormous amount of subscriptions to magazines I do not pay for any of those by the way and I am planning to make a video very soon about how I get those for free but I always anytime there's a freebie for a magazine I do sign up for it because you can get all kinds of samples for free inside magazines plus it's always a really good resource for keeping up on trends and knowing the latest of you know makeup that's coming out and everything like that so I love magazines and these samples here all came from magazines so as you can see there's a really good they're usually packet sized ones that you get for magazines but there's some really good ones in here that ones from L'Oreal this is the Maybelline fit me foundation samples this is a ponds BB cream sample Jerkins original scent lotion sample Garnier min a miracle blur sample so like I said most of the time these are packets actually just came from Sephora sorry put that in the wrong pile okay and then this one actually is one that you see stuff like this sometimes in magazines this one came in a magazine and it's for Clarins a for free sample but you actually have to take this postcard into a Macy's to exchange it for a free sample there's no expiration date on this particular one which is really really nice because I don't have a Macy's near me so this is something I'll have to hang on to until I'm near one but definitely if you get any magazine subscriptions or if you're picking up a magazine at the grocery store make sure to search through it for free samples and coupons for makeup and beauty products because they are packed full of them so that's the first place you can get free makeup and beauty samples the second thing is from online resources there are so many websites dedicated to free samples for all kinds of products not just beauty products some of my favorite ways to find these are two things I either go to a blog which my favorite blog is hip to save and I will put links for all of these sites down below to say if she does all kinds of couponing deals and things like that on her blog so you can find matchups for current grocery shopping there or she also posts really good online deals and things like that but she has a section specifically for online freebies and that is where you'll find any posts that she does regarding free samples online so I like it because it's a quick easy way to see what's out there right away and she always gives links and everything so it makes it a little bit easier you don't have to do the work of searching the internet yourself for these deals there's other blogs that are also good resources for for freebies and those would be freebies for Mom and also the crazy coupon lady hip to save is my personal favorite but all three of those are really trustworthy good resources they update frequently and if there is a freebie out there they will be posted on those vlogs so those are all good resources the only thing about getting free samples online is usually they have a limited amount and they usually go very quickly because they're very popular so sometimes with the blogs the only problem with using those is and they might not update it immediately so you might not hear about a deal in tell it is expired or close to expiring and you might miss it especially if you're not on the blog constantly so I also like to find my freebies from a couple other websites the first one is called free flies calm and I'm sure you guys are familiar with this one they're advertised constantly on Facebook so it's hard to miss it for a long time I would see it and think that it was some sort of a scam and what wasn't participating but I checked it out and I have gotten some really amazing things from there so I would suggest if you're gonna check out free flies to do it on a desktop computer the problem with using your iPhone or an iPad or any mobile device is that a lot of the links do not work through mobile devices and will only work on a desktop computer so to save yourself some time of clicking links that aren't going to work I would just suggest when you go on to this website to definitely do it on a desktop computer if you can and they have some really good information on there so it's similar to like the blogs that I told you about they're posting these deals that you can find but the difference is free flies is only for free samples so whereas these other blogs are doing all kinds of other deals as well and so they might not be catching on to these free samples that immediately when they're available free flies is all about free samples so as soon as there is one live they know about it and they're sharing it with their subscribers so I'm gonna show you guys what I've gotten from free flies in the last few weeks just you can see what kinds of deals are available so the first thing is this little packet of Nivea lotion I've got this like three pack of Kate Somerville uhm actually as therefore in here oh no there's three Kate Somerville products so you got to actually pick which ones you wanted and I picked these these three I also have this packet of Pantene the Burberry Brit Cologne sample and the Katy Perry Killer the Queen's Day well a lot of these fragrant samples are just kind of like what you get out of a magazine they just rub on this one is called loved love another one of the Nivea ones a couple of those so this one is actually called a marvelous hair oil and there's actually quite a bit in there so you know you don't need a lot with these hair oils so that one's fun I also got in the mail a coupon from stay free for a free full-size product I think it was like up to $6.99 or something so I picked out these okay so this Lipsyte inside there was just a few little panty liners and probably a coupon that looks like so that's what I've got from free flies over the last couple weeks and like I said it's similar to the blogs they will tell you about where to find the deals and post a link so you can go sign up for these free samples most of these are from Facebook a lot of them are these companies are offering these samples on Facebook and you just put in your information and they send you the sample so anyway so that is free flies another one that I really really like is called pinch me calm the only downfall with pinch me this is the latest package I got from them when I first started doing it it was really easy to get samples on pinch me and they are directly offered through pinch me so it's not like this is not a website where you're clicking a link to go to another site to get these freebies that this company is directly sending these freebies to your door so the problem is it's gotten a really really popular to the point where they post their freebies on Tuesdays I think it's every other Tuesday at I want to say noon Eastern Time I believe and they are gone in like 10 to 15 minutes so if you are not remembering to log in right when these are posted you are gonna miss them so the last like five or six I've missed and they've been really good stuff so I was bummed but I was able to get this sample which is from dove it is the oxygen oxygen moisture shampoo and conditioner set and I love these kind of freebies these are the perfect size for traveling and I actually just got back from a trip with my family to Tahoe and I was out of the little sample things so I had to bring my full-size shampoo which is a pain in the butt so I'm really glad that I got these they were sitting on my door when I got back because they like I said are perfect for traveling and they were free so you cannot beat that so anyways definitely sign up for pinch me and check it out but like I said you on this one you have to be really diligent about logging in right when these are posted or you're gonna miss it so the next thing this is kind of in this free sample category so I thought I would mention this while I'm on the subject of free samples but this is kind of like a rebate so if any of you ever eat special K products you might have noticed that they're doing a deal right now on their packaging if you buy three products that have the special deal with free OPI nail polish you buy three packages and then you enter the special codes inside the box on the website and you get free nail polish three codes will get you one free nail polish and five codes will get you tuned free nail polishes well I had entered five codes and went ahead and cashed them in and I got these two nail polishes from Nicole by OPI for free this one is a really nice coral and this one's a really pretty blue there's also like I said for that third nail polish that I am going to be cashing in soon it is a red color so these kind of deals do come up quite often and a lot of I think people miss out on them because they think it's too much of a hassle but it really literally took me like five minutes to put these in and I love Special K cereal that's what I eat so so I already had the cereal in my pantry and all I had to do is go online and enter in the codes and submit it for free edit making anything for shipping I didn't pay any taxes or anything and they sent me these really quickly actually a lot of times that these rebate types of offers it takes a couple a month or two to receive but this this one only took me two weeks which is really fast so if you see those in the store make sure to check it out okay so the last thing I wanted to share with you guys I'm sure a lot of you already do this but when you order online from a lot of retailers including Sephora or Ulta you get to pick out free samples and for quite a while I just like kind of skipped over it not thinking it was that important but some of these samples are really good to luck size samples and I think it's totally worth the time going through and picking out some free samples when you place your orders also with Sephora you have the program where you can cash in your points to get free like to let samples and stuff and if you save up your points you can usually get a better product if you save up to like five hundred point mark and then also they have different codes that you can enter especially if you order on the mobile app they have before you go shopping there's a little page that it takes you to that has a link that you can click that says mobile offers and if you click on that there's always some sort of freebie in addition to whatever points you have to cash in and whatever three free samples you pick out you usually get another deluxe sample of something or you can get a percentage off some sometimes so definitely always check that out if you are purchasing online but I'm just gonna kind of share what I have on hand a lot of the free samples that I've gotten from Sephora and Ulta and ordering online I give away in Listia options if they're products that I already own a full-size or things that I'm not really interested in or if it's just a small packet that doesn't seem worth the time so I'll post those on list yet and those two really really well so if you are active on Listia and looking for something to post an auction for collect your free samples and put an auction together for those because those do really well on there but anyway so let me get into it and I have this Dior Addict fluid lipstick sample which I'm really excited about I've benefits stay flawless foundation primer this is a becca primer this is a buxom eyeliner sample and comes with some shadows too I think yep this was an HD makeup for ever sample Josie Argan milk sample a lot of these are just packets here's a second one of those Josie did I say Josie Argan I meant to be Maren hourglass this is a liquid powder one I recently just turned in my points for this little NARS kit that was five hundred points but it had some good products in it so it came with like five or six products and they're all deluxe sample sizes this is one of them it was the satin lip Tran it also came with a mini blush in deep throat this is the size of it which I actually like these sample sizes sometimes better than the full size because they're so convenient for traveling they don't take up a lot of space and how often you go through plus size one anyway got so many perfume ones I get these perfume ones all the time in fact I have this little container that I heat all of my free perfume samples in and it's a good way to try out new perfume his perfume is so expensive and you don't want to buy something that smells nice in store and then you bring it home and doesn't smell right you know when it combines with your skin so I love doing those free samples and then if it's something I like then I'll go buy exercise anyway I can't even go through all this – guys there it clearly is so much in here these are all just like free gift with purchase samples that I've gotten over the last month or so and it is crazy ridiculous how much is in here this is like an old hen ryntsyn' face peel this is part of that gnar skin I thought this is hope in a jar from philosophy Evita always does really good once – this is from Evita and yeah benefits fake that so anyways as you can see I have a ton of free samples so many here and I didn't pay for any of it so hopefully you guys found this information useful and I hope you enjoyed watching this please make sure to check out my other videos in the series if you haven't already and if you have any questions please leave them below I'd be happy to answer anything that you guys have questions about so thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next time

Dorm Haul Pt. 1: Ft. DISCOUNT CODES! | A Bit of Bee

**Dorm Haul Pt. 1: Ft. DISCOUNT CODES! | A Bit of Bee**



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– Slim Grip Hangers:
– Sleep For Success Pillow:
hi guys my name is Abby this is my first ever YouTube video on this channel and you're watching a bit of the first starters welcome to my channel my name is Abby um this is actually my second YouTube channel but I wanted to start fresh going into college so I figured what better way to start off my youtube channel than to do a college dorm room I'm going to be showing you some of the stuff that I'm bringing to my dorm obviously I don't have everything I don't know I'm just I'm grabbing it but I will definitely be showing you what I have so far kind of describing what I'm compiling to look like and I'm not gonna be sharing where I'm going to college just because who knows who's watching this video before the video starts feel free to comment what year of school you're going into or you're in hit that subscribe button and feel free to turn on my notifications belt that way you'll get alerted whenever I post a video and you can be the first to comment this video does have a discount code so but people are throwing up I were super nice and got me a discount code that I can share with all of you if you're not decorating a dorm you're just decorating your room of whatever they have gorgeous pillows and bed sheets and so yeah without further ado let's get into the video so first in the video I have this awesome comforter it's in like backpaki thing but it's massive and it's a really cute Heather right and this is just for our twin bed the beds of my dorms are twin beds but it is so soft you guys I was like where am I going to be spending most of my time anyways and motherhood's believe it I kind of excited I wanted a black white great theme just because white kind of stands easily and I feel like my comforters are cute but they're not very I'm not realistic but you know I've seen but I also came with a gray pillow sham that matches a pillow sham is just a fancy way and I totally forgot to mention this but all of the products in this video or all of the things I bought will be in the description down there Lowe's next up my roommate Heather and I agreed we wanted to get a wax melter so that our room smells good and really quick just because she's the greatest here you can find all of my roommate Heather's information she's an awesome blog and a really cool Instagram yes she is as cute as she is a great hugger so definitely check her out and has my recommendation and under if you're watching we bought it from Target this little white wax melter and you can kind of see the design on this side but this is just super cute it's from a place called home scents and you play it into the wall and then you put in a scent and I'm going to show you guys the sense we got well I got to a tiny six-pack wax melter so Heather really like to smell mahogany and men's cologne so mahogany was super hard to find so I had my boyfriend Nick pick which wax he would actually wear alone and this is how we decided on and it smells amazing it's such a cool it is that your boys cologne so definitely check this out it's called Mountain EU and its front target it really wasn't that expensive but I'll be posting that off somewhere around here so before we get into the craziness that is that back in eons I wanted to say that this background music is from st. Valley which is an awesome and you should definitely check them out on wherever I post their information but my friend Gatlin is one half of Sweet Valley and she's absolutely amazing incredibly talented so please check out their stuff if you're liking this background music because I certainly love it so you should do okay so now we have the absolute craziness that is Bed Bath & Beyond and I warned you this was going to be insane this is alone bag number one and I feel like it's like an external argument at first I have this mesh shower it's toast and it's just a see-through feature it's literally a master shower bag it's black this is just a massive shower coat this one is a little boring this is just some white sheets I bought one pair of white sheets and this is just the twin sheets I got them in white because again my room is going to be like black gray and white so I figured I might as well incorporate the white a little bit since I don't want a white comforter and so I have my grade so adjust that I need to put waiting Nevermore as I'm pulling out this white robe link it and I really just really super comfortable Mecca it doesn't matter of the chickadees thing but I thought that this white throwing of the super cute next up I got this stupid sponge bath mat it's great it kind of matches the rest of my room but my since like I said I share about their I had to talk to these sweet face and figure out what everyone had and didn't have and so I got to the back mat and this just goes outside of the shower and it's like when you're standing there dripping but trying to find the towel um this just absorbs the water that drips off of you next I got these super thin hangers and my mom has done this already one at the same University actually my sister and I are going to school together my hazel but I'll do a video about that if you use poppy to so she knows that these hangers are the best hangers if you get anything from this video it's that your hanger should be super thin so this is actually 16 hangers and you can see they're so big the last thing I got from that Bath and Beyond is this sleeper success pillow I went to Bed Bath & Beyond in my mom's gonna try out some pillows so I went around and put my house on different colors use my head you know my head on different clothes ultimately I just won it is it's just nice it's hemorrhaging but yeah oh my gosh like I said comfort is the vast red dorm yes you remember that not only should you drive me to cute and something to live in but also you're gonna be living in there so if it's not comfortable and you're like why don't I get so many pills and blankets you should rethink that okay so the code that you guys can use until July 30th this Sunday is summer 17 and all caps on the website so def will use that code to get 20% off all site right on the things that includes the clearance and sale item so definitely check that out and send your love to Durham fi because they're an awesome brand from Dharma fight I got the essential freeze hello I feel like everyone has one of these in their rooms but I think they're super cute so this is I don't know what this is called but I'm sure I'm gonna post it somewhere again super nice super soft and it's super cute so like – it's mine it's got a great personality thanks pillow is one of their most popular items on the website it is these shot eye pillow you may see this all over Pinterest but I got this for my room to incorporate those colors of blacks and whites and gray but yes here is the super cute pillow it's going to be getting a lot more sleep than I'm actually getting at college because I will be working hard ok so the next two items are not from Durham fi but they are pillows and are super fun so I thought I would include those if you know me you know I really like Star Wars so these next two items are Star Wars space and yeah this is just a like fluffy Darth Vader pillow and it's literally like a like an action figure but it's just a soft Darth Vader that you can actually squeeze because it's super soft and yeah if you know me you my favorite characters so the next item was a gift from my sister Morgan Oh super awesome and I'm not gonna tell you where it's from because I don't know which so sorry about that it's super cute you can find very similar things online if you just search start your pillow but this is what Morgan got me it is a stormtrooper pillow it's so cute you're so soft I love it I love the black rim news I feel like that makes it looks nice and clean but like I said I'm a huge Star Wars fan I love Star Wars so this is awesome for my room and I'm going into motion pictures so what better way to say to everyone that goes in my room hey I like movies okay guys so that is it for the video this is my first video but yeah I hope to post a lot more in the future I'm actually gonna try fingers crossed to film something tomorrow and have that edited and posted whenever but I'm trying to post more frequently as you can imagine I'm super busy this lower because I'm going to be a brush College so there's lots of preparation to do I leave next month yeah so that's a great exciting but also very drippy so if you liked this video like I said feel free to drop a like and comment down below also be sure to subscribe if you like this video and turn on my notifications it'll notify you whenever I post you can do that by clicking that little bell stay tuned for my next yeah and yeah thank you so much love you guys bye

How to Save Money?! Coupons, Deals, Apps

**How to Save Money?! Coupons, Deals, Apps**



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hey guys so I know right now it's the holidays and if you're like me you already bought presents for your family and your friends and just a couple other people so um your wallet probably has zero dollars and zero dollars in it like me so i'm going to show you guys how to save after the holidays not only can you just save after the holidays we can save year-round so let's just get into it so the first thing that I for you guys are apps i have an iphone most of these will be for iphone there's only one that I know is only for Android and I'll tell you guys about that so the first one I have is called geo coupons and what I use this for is for holes if you go to kohls often then this will definitely be your wife's paper I know holes does have like keyboards of a male and choose your house but let's say that you're out and about and you just need to keep on right now so i use this geo coupons and I search coals and it gives me a ton of options on what keep on they give me and stuff like that they do have other stores on this app but the main one I use is for holes the other ones don't really benefit benefit me as much because a lot of what they show and deals that they have in store already that you don't really need to show the cashier it's just there at the store their deals so that's the first app I have the second one is shop Uhler same thing if I don't like the kohls coupons on geo coupons I just use shop Uhler as my second choice and I searching coals and it gives me a lot of coupons for that the next one is called cartwheel if you go to target a lot like I do think our wheel is the best for you basically what you do you go to the store and if you pick up a product that you like let's say that it's a sweater christmas owner i bought a Christmas sweater and I are one from the men's department and it was I think there's like 30 bucks it was super sorry it was super duper expensive and i just cannot pay the full price on it so what i did i open up the cartwheel app and you go to the bar codes here and you take the bar code of the sweater and you scan it and then sometimes it can stick it with a coupon and it did it came up with I think it was 15 personal the next one on my coupon folder on my iphone is survey mini and i'm not even gonna like go there i should probably just delete that now but basically they give you surveys once every two days or however many days and you do a survey and you accumulate points and then after you came like so many points it's like twelve thousand points like it is so much like it it will take you like a year to actually get a gift card but after you might so many points you can get a ten dollar gift card or five dollar gift cards to the places that they have lifted but it takes so long so another um alternative for that serve a mini this one is only for android it's called the Google opinion rewards and basically they give you surveys and after the survey you get sent like a couple cents you just group them you get a couple cents in those sides you can use towards the Google Play stores so what my friend did is he did a couple of surveys and those sense add it up and he uses vscocam and what he did to buy the extra filters is uses you use the form opinion rewards to buy those filters so I can pledge it legitly is anymore i can truthfully tell you that that that app is real this one my servant mini and doesn't really work that well i wish they had a google play opinions but they don't so the next add that i have is not in my coupons app you want to slide over here and it's the pink nation app and if you guys shop at victoria secret this will be your lifesaver seriously um and I know it's not it's not at all a waste of space on your phone it's not like you can just search up products and do games and stuff like no you can find real deals on your that you cannot find anywhere else you cannot find it in stores they do not enough to anywhere else is but on this app so definitely get this app I've gotten free socks from this app I forgot in the 15-dollar leaded a phone case from my Christmas haul or with my black friday haul for 15 bucks out of 30 they don't come out daily but maybe like once a week once every two weeks they come out with a new deal that you cannot find in stores and you will have two shows it show the apt to them um at the counters to get your deals so definitely if you are a tortoise ecrire shopper why pink shopper definitely go and get this app trust me it will not disappoint the next thing that I have for you on how to save is email signups usually these email signups they will benefit you most from restaurants because if you sign up for an email then you can get like a free appetizer or free chips and queso for like a Mexican restaurant um I go to chilis almost every single week it's really bad but I do safe because almost once every three days chiles and summit a coupon for a free appetizer or free kids meal or a free dessert and I have gotten like seven free desserts from chilis just by using the email signups so definitely if you go to chilis often then sign up for the Chili's email because they will send you so many coupons and free stuff another way to get freebies is when you go to Victoria's Secret tell them your address your home address and they will send you coupons through the mail though give you ten dollars off dirty dog ten dollars on a thirty dollar bra and or they will send you a coupon for free on dates without purchase and let me tell you those are my views um I use those every single time i get them and i promise you i have like eight or ten undies from victoria secret or pink that i didn't even pay for and you're free and i have to purchase anything so definitely use that okay another thing about victorious together so many ways and get Victoria super deals one of them is snapchat if you follow them on staff that I believe they're snapchat is vs pink I'll leave it down below I'll leave everything down below in the description box vs pink um just once in a blue moon they will give you such a really really good deal they'll be like don't put the deal on here for like five or ten seconds and they'll be like screenshot is and you can do we got yo y'all don't give you an yup and that will be your deal I don't think there's any other stores that do like these deals on snapchat but like not a lot of people know about the deals on snapchat for victoria's secret so definitely at them during black friday they had maybe two of those where you could screenshot and show it to them but recently they haven't come out with any but just in case i would definitely add them on snapchat but if you guys know any other stores that do that on snapchat leave them down below i would love to know okay and then the last thing my favorite favorite favorite just savings deals whatever you wanna call it is free stuff finder on instagram this is an account that shows you a lot of different coupons deals freebies stuff they have in stores on sale all on this one account called free stuff finder and basically it's owned by a lady she's a mom i think and she is in extreme with coupon or i don't know if it's called him or whatever it's called but she updates her Instagram maybe like i want to say like six times a day household cleaning products to stripe like steals to flash tattoos to bet the body works and just everything you can imagine is on this instagram account um so I thought a two-dollar flashes from you they have a selfie stick promotion that went on during black friday um and they also have a website a twitter and i believe a facebook that doesn't follow and you can also sign up for their email of house or their email signup and i swear i told my friends about this app or this account and they follow the right away because it is such a great app it's not just for girls it's not just for guys for everyone well what others besides two girls and guys but they're for everyone and literally it saves so much money and you can just see what kind of deals are going on in the stores and i love it so so so much so that is basically all the tips and tricks i have for you guys to save up after the holidays i hope you guys enjoy it and if you have any other tips and tricks on how to save money then leave them down below i hope you guys enjoy this and i'll see you guys next time bye